Camp Hell (2010) Movie Script

Camp Hope
Holy Mother, the soul of my father
rest gives Romeo Garbollato.
May the tortures of purgatory
spared him ...
and must be received in the bosom
of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
- Amen.
Praise the Lord.
Are your things packed up, boy?
- I have your asthma medication.
Yes, I'm almost done.
- Is grandpa in heaven now?
I hope so, sweetheart.
But, every day ...
we should count our blessings
and say our prayers ...
so he can leave purgatory
and can go to Heaven.
What is purgatory?
- Tell your sister what purgatory is.
Purgatory is a place where those suffering
that sinful dead.
Or who have not atoned for their actions.
I do not understand what he just said.
Thank you, dear.
Neither do I.
Purgatory is like prison.
A place where you go
to cleanse his soul ...
so we are ready to meet God.
I also have to purgatory?
- Everyone goes there.
No, honey, you're a good girl.
You are God's girl.
In the world outside people want
take away from you.
Your right to go to heaven.
Therefore, every day kneel ...
Tommy goes to hell.
- Rose, that's not nice.
It's true. If he needs me to fit
if you were to meet ...
I asked him to bed so
He can talk with his girlfriend.
And the community says it's a sin
to have a girlfriend.
He does, I swear.
- Shut up, Rose.
Do not say 'shut up' to your sister.
And no cursing, young lady.
It's no sin to a friend
to have.
Your brother is just too young.
When can I go to camp?
- If you're older, but now to bed.
I have yet to pack.
I hate you.
Hello, Father Phineas McAllister,
I come to see Daniel Jacobs.
Yes, Father.
Father McAllister is here,
for his appointment with Daniel Jacobs.
Department of Psychiatry
Unit 3
Hello, Daniel.
How did it go this week?
Have you eaten?
You can not hide forever for me.
It is now more than six months.
Can you hear me, son?
The next two weeks I am gone.
I go to camp with the kids
of the community.
Daniel? May I see?
May I see your book?
Daniel, listen to me.
There is hope.
I told you several times
Take help of which you are.
I'm doomed, Father.
And you, my priest, have failed.
As you have always failed.
- Yes, you have failed.
You have failed.
You leave no impressions on the world,
only scars.
You have failed yourself and your sister betrayed
because you do not trust in God.
Are you happy with your life, Father?
Are you proud of your achievements?
I am a servant of the Lord.
Nothing happens on earth without
God's permission?
I hate God.
That you should also.
I read the Old Testament,
the book of Tobias.
The devil, Asmodeus, seven killed
men's intervention before God ...
archangel Rafael and sends Asmodues
Seven men.
That is the will of God.
There is no hope.
There is only the will of God.
Daniel, please.
Your time is over.
And you will see me, after today,
no more.
That is the will of God.
It is God's will.
Goodbye, Father.
Did you this, folks?
These extremist, Islamic
fascists ...
Using children as a distraction ...
to pass military checkpoints
light, and then their car bombs.
These are the kind of animals we
And it gets worse every day.
Do not ask me, just look ...
Thank you.
Go to hell.
God is a loser.
Camp Hope
Okay, we're there.
Come here, I will pray for you.
Jesus, You are our hope.
Please find your way to the heart
my son.
Make a man of him,
a fighter for your Kingdom.
Keep the Devil and all his demons
far away from him ...
and protect it for sin
of meat.
We ask all this in Your name.
- And, please, Dad, watch over him.
I'll give it to the nurse.
You do not go to jail.
What's going on?
It goes well.
- Just try to have fun.
It is simply camp.
Concentration camp.
They still have the camp party, right?
Maybe one can dance with Melissa.
I love you.
Hello Brother Jack.
Hey, brother, how are you?
It goes well.
How are you, John?
- I've lost all my clients ...
tell your friends about us.
- I'm sorry for you.
Thank you, Dad.
Behave you.
-Be good, boys.
We love you, sweetheart.
I'll sit back saddled
Is that a problem, brother?
It looks as though we
bunk areas, Tommy.
There would appear so.
Hallelujah, brother.
- Hallelujah.
Welcome again to serve one year
and learning at Camp Hope.
I'm Christian Bonderman,
I am your pastoral service.
Some of you know me already,
as a youth leader from home.
Everyone here has high school
Everyone has done volunteer work
for young adults.
We all know the rules that
we should stick ...
but just to be sure.
Signs or symbols of youth culture
are not allowed.
Rock music is not allowed,
nothing that looks like.
No magazines that are related
with youth culture.
Your cell phones, better known
hell if phones are strictly prohibited.
When I hear such a popular ring-tone,
I turn your neck.
There are no special boy-girl
relationships allowed.
No one-on-one time with someone
the female sex, ever.
And you wear a pair of trousers, at any time.
Except during ...
swimming, then neat swimwear
The girls do not worry, be
to do the same.
They should wear dresses at all times.
And finally, leave the camp
is strictly prohibited.
Violation of these rules leads to
expansion of this camp.
Is that clear?
Yes, no food, no fun, no girls.
I get it.
I'm here to help.
And if you live according to those rules ...
in the time you're here, bring your
closer to the Lord Jesus.
Say Amen.
- Jack ...
To begin with I,
Check all your stuff ...
to ensure that we all
same thing.
Unity, brothers.
Open your bags
and keep them ready for inspection.
James, we start with you.
What do you have on you?
Just off this road.
What have we here?
Let's see.
Why do you need it?
You do not even shave.
It's ...
Wait a minute ...
What is this?
The Haribo factory.
That's nice.
This is not a good start.
- I sometimes get hungry.
Jesus got hungry in the desert,
for 40 days and 40 nights.
I'm disappointed. - Sorry.
- I am also sorry for you.
Tommy, what about here?
You read this? From yourself?
- Yes.
That's great. Very good, Tommy.
You would also have to read Dante.
Jack, how about you?
What is this?
- No Spawn nine. Very good.
Look at this.
- It's Angela. Very tasty.
I can not let this hold.
This is a sinful place.
I take this space.
- No, you can not make.
You know what else I can do?
What are you doing?
Are you going to test me?
Pick it up and pray for God's grace.
Pick it up.
Christian, my things are here,
if you want to take a look.
Sit down, my brothers and sisters.
This is the day.
Which we are at war,
brothers and sisters.
At war with the world.
At war with the body.
And at war with the Devil,
Satan and his dominion.
From all indications show that
the end of the day is near.
And make no mistake, the Devil is real.
And what is worse, he knows he
So if a cornered,
wounded animal ...
will increase and possible strike
of you grabbing ...
before descending into the pit of fire,
The beast moves.
And what do we know about Satan
and his demons?
He rules the world with all its
much better than we know.
So he'll imagination against you.
And he'll like that against you.
He will proudly use
to trick you and your sharing.
And why are we so blessed,
brothers and sisters ...
to be here in this camp,
at this time, this moment.
The Kingdom of Heaven is yours,
if you seize the opportunity.
Do you think not, you are incredible
torture your destiny, for all eternity.
Jesus gives us no choice.
So, rise up brothers and sisters.
Arise children of God
and take what He offers you.
Help me, Jesus, protect me.
Protect me.
Jesus, protect me.
Protect yourself ...
Lead us not into temptation, but
deliver us from evil, Amen.
Breakfast, morning at seven o'clock, exactly.
Brothers and sisters, go in peace.
You okay?
- Yes.
Has Tommy back candy
from the liquor cabinet?
You said that time had been.
Are you okay?
- Yes, why?
I do not know, it looked fierce
from net. I was worried about you.
Yes, it was strange.
It's good now.
- You are fortunately not injured.
We need to clean chairs,
not socializing with the sisters.
Jimmy, it's good.
- He has an attack.
Jimmy, is this a joke?
Open his mouth.
- Somebody get Christian.
From what the guys tell me ...
it was probably a slight
clonic seizure.
What is that?
An attack, caused by sudden
light and a startle response.
Apparently they wanted a joke with him
We contact with his parents to
to see if he already had ...
and we take him to the hospital,
Just to be sure.
I'm sorry Jimmy,
that I had never imagined.
I'm sorry. It was very stupid of me,
I just wanted to scare him.
You should know better, Tim.
Remember next time to ensure
for your brother.
Yes, of course.
- Yes, Thomas, what can I do for you?
I was hoping we could talk, I have ...
We have time, I seek you on.
Yes, sir. Thanks.
I have our schedule for today.
Immediately after the morning prayer, we divide
us into groups.
The distribution is done based
of you sleeping.
And after lunch we have recreation time.
The game today 'Stratego Alive'.
Thus, group A
Timothy, Jack, Thomas and Jimmy.
We gather as a group,
at the baseball field.
And because Jack thought a sarcasm
good way ...
the kitchen crew to thank for
breakfast this morning ...
do you have maid service
this evening.
The sin of one affects many.
- The sin of one.
Does anyone have anything that he wants to share?
What about your vows,
this summer?
What? Do you have enough time to make them
all to discuss?
I have a confession,
I've broken a vow.
I found a CD, a rock album.
I do not know why, but I
Listened to 100 times.
Did you still have it?
- No, I'm wasted.
I noticed the effect on my mind.
- Good.
It is good that you recognize that
rock music you can influence.
I mean, before I found the Lord
and came to this community ...
rock music is me
along dangerous roads.
It started with going to concerts ...
those concerts were drugs and alcohol.
And people who had sex,
without being married.
He wanted that fixed too.
- What did you say?
- I have a question for you.
I understand why your comic
I torn?
Frankly no, but you
established a very good explanation.
Is it not clear to you that this comic
a part of youth culture?
And it contributes nothing to with
to get closer to the Lord.
No, but even if it is ...
gives you no right to my
personal belongings destroyed.
Jack, if you give in to the temptations
of this world ...
makes it easier for Satan
to find a weakness, a vice ...
and then he crushed you.
Why has so much power?
Who gave him that power? God?
- Of course not.
Why does God allow Satan to exist?
Why does He allow us to risk?
Why, if he loves us?
It is because of us. Our sin.
The sin of Adam and Eve.
We have given power to Satan.
It is because of us.
My deceased grandfather last month.
- I know. I'm sorry.
It does not matter.
I just want to know where he is now.
Is he in hell?
He dies?
We suffer in purgatory so
we are cleansed of our sins.
Before he died, he told me
way to go here ...
away from the community,
as fast as I could.
He loved me.
Perhaps we should call
with your parents there, after this camp.
What he, Christian.
What do you do in this forest?
My name is not a Christian,
I am of the camp.
Yes? The Christian camp?
What's going on?
Take care, Christian.
And remember to whom this forest.
Inbreeding acorns.
- Jack, your language, please.
Tommy, let's hang the flag back.
Well you have one.
Even Judas was popular for a while.
I have joy in my heart.
- In my heart, in my heart.
Good work. Really.
- How you doing, guys?
Christian, how likely is that we
allowed to park in that city?
Zero point zero.
I like corn on the cob good.
It's been years since I went to
an amusement park have been.
You hear that, Christian?
Tommy has not been there for years.
The last time was with my grandfather.
- His dead grandfather, Christian.
It's pretty funny because he always said
tell my parents we went to mass.
But then we went to Coney Island.
And they still do not know.
Is this the same grandma that you said here
far as possible to stay away?
I understand now what impact
He had on your life.
Stop, it goes too far.
- Should it be encouraged? Shame?
I did not say it, it is
his grandfather, have a little compassion.
Why are you so
negative, Jack?
I know what your father's bitter new psyche.
It's not just my father.
All the leaders agreed.
And not just here.
Communities around the world
adapt to the new rule.
That is best for the community.
-But misery for us.
Jack, it's ...
- Look over there.
The statue was moved.
The first was to the right.
Scary things are happening here.
Let's go.
The last wish of an important figure
is difficult to overcome.
We need guys like Thomas.
We can not let him go.
Protect your.
This happened when my grandmother was with us.
My father's mother.
She was dying.
She had Alzheimer's.
My father spent every night at
her rosaries and prayed.
She then became worse,
They spat and cursed.
Such things.
One night he took holy water
to sprinkle on her.
Just when he wanted to do ...
the phone rang.
He recorded and heard a
voice he did not recognize.
It was the voice of a child.
High-pitched, excited.
As if marbles
were in his mouth.
And the voice said:
Leave her alone!
My father asked who
I spoke.
There was only one
grudgingly sound.
And the voice became
even more excited.
She said: "We warn you.
Leave her alone. "
My father hung up the phone.
He blessed the room with holy water.
He sat down and began
a Rosary.
And when he did this the phone rang.
I let it ring.
It rang and rang ...
until I became frustrated and
threw the phone against the wall.
And then it was paused.
And he sat down.
And once he made the sign of a cross ...
the phone rang.
I was in my life has never been so scared.
It happened every night.
My father disconnected all phones
Before entering her room.
And once he made the sign of the cross ...
the phones were ringing.
All of them.
This went on until she died.
I have felt them earlier.
Brothers, time to get up
and serve the Lord.
Let's do it, guys.
The Lord must be served.
I'm excited.
Come, Holy Spirit
Blessed Creator
and in our hearts ...
Take all of your retirement
Come with your grace
Heavenly and air ...
our hearts heal
that you have made
our hearts heal
that you have made
Brethren, I can not do enough
If your sexuality is not subject
the will of God ...
can and will be your downfall.
It starts with your imagination ...
fantasies that ultimately
lead to masturbation.
For you to completely dominate
resulting in sexual perversity.
These are serious,
reprehensible sins.
You're not welcome
In the Kingdom of Heaven ...
if you masturbate, even if only
once, without to confess.
Or if you intimate caresses with a sister ...
or a brother.
If you're an orgasm is the same
as sex before marriage.
Stay on your guard.
Stay chaste.
Your very souls are at stake.
Hi, how are you?
Let us thank God for
this delicious meal ...
prepared with love.
Give each other hand.
Dear God, thank You for
this meal is here.
Thank you for the person who
prepared for us.
Bless them for
selfless sacrifice they make.
And bless this congregation,
this community ...
Now as we celebrate your goodness.
Father, I ...
- You wanted to see me.
Yes, I wanted to talk ...
Come to the chapel after dinner.
Thomas ...
Come inside.
This is the cup of my blood.
This cup was a gift.
The thirteenth birthday
of my initiation.
Come on, hold it.
Stick with it.
It is the divinity.
In your hands hold up
the holder of the divine.
The blood of our Lord.
And the altar, God is here
His flesh, His blood.
Through me, His priest.
It's pretty intense.
- It's a well-chosen word. Intense.
A good word.
How does it feel?
In order to consecrate the Eucharist?
It feels like when
shared a secret with you.
A glimpse of the sublime.
Something that we do not fully understand ...
but we know that it's bigger than us.
Humbled to be part
this piece of magic ...
this mystery.
Every day when I do my part
in the consecration of the Eucharist ...
is new.
Like the first kiss of a couple.
This is the miracle of the priesthood.
It's a wonderful life, Thomas.
Have you ever thought?
- I?
No, I do not think
me that she would be admitted.
What is it, Thomas?
You'll think I'm crazy.
- I think not.
I have these dreams ...
actually nightmares.
It's like I'm being ...
a demon.
This is in your dreams, you say?
But when I wake
it's still just me.
It's like my
sense loss, Father.
I know of cases of
demonic possession.
It's rare but it happens,
and it can be frightening.
If this happens again,
you come to me immediately.
No matter what time it is,
you understand?
Yes, Father.
Bend your head.
Come on, let those two beat.
Do more.
Come, walk like you mean it.
And then, what then?
That's it, come on.
Come on.
Everything okay?
- Your turn.
It hurts.
I go to the infirmary.
Do you want me to go with you?
- No, I got it.
I go for it, Jimmy.
You can get a little rest.
Here you can be a little sleepy.
But the dance is tonight.
You will be there.
Rest now first.
Lord Jesus, bless this child.
Heal him, Lord.
Welcome to the dance.
Brothers and sisters, tonight will
you are so happy because ...
Tonight we
The folk dance.
Shortest to longest. We put David's here,
and Goliath's there.
Jack, put your shirt into your pants.
Jack, come on.
This will be great.
Where's Tommy?
He came to the ward.
Folk dance evening.
Do you like the Folk?
I know you love.
Tommy ...
Give everything!
Where were you?
I had another asthma attack
and I fell asleep.
Is it going?
I missed you.
It looks like you have a good time.
I would do anything for me
you have fun.
Lets make a deal.
Come to me.
Jack lets your alibi.
Are you crazy? You know what
happens when we are caught?
I know.
I do not care.
I want to see.
Come to me.
Okay, at half past eleven.
See you at the stables.
What are you doing here in the dark?
We were talking.
He was sick and ...
Just go back to your cabin.
You're acting like a tramp.
Excuse me?
- A whore.
You're acting like a whore here in the
pitch dark, with a young man.
People will think you
're a whore.
Good night, Melissa.
I am extremely disappointed
in you, Thomas.
I thought I would not make it.
A few judges were
on the balcony and blocked the road.
I thought the horses
would betray me.
Where's Tommy?
I think the nurse.
Have asthma, you know.
FYI, Jesus is your
savior, not your friend.
Funny. How would
the Inquisition you, Christian?
My father told your parents about
thought of leaving this place.
Is it true?
How do these rumors as soon as the round?
Oddly, this community, with all
her dedication, gossips more ...
than people in a supermarket.
So it is true?
Yes, I mean,
they just think about it.
Let's sit down.
But why?
Nobody knows this but,
My father is in the AA.
Before his conversion
He was a real alcoholic.
My parents were so
almost divorced.
I did not, sorry.
With this new rule they've
ordered not to go ...
and my mom would not.
But if you leave ...
- I know how it is when someone leaves.
How they are treated.
It means that my parents
lost in this world.
The flesh and the devil.
And how will their slutty daughter perish?
I can not believe
he called you so.
Neither do I.
Why did you say anything then?
By Father Phineas?
Are you crazy?
No, not if you believe
that he was wrong.
It was so wrong to me
so to speak.
I know, I had something to say.
Sorry, Mel.
Remember how much fun it was?
When we were kids?
There were prayer meetings, followed by
picnics that lasted and lasted.
We had so much fun.
It was fantastic.
I met you for the first time
in such a picnic.
You were eight or nine years.
Yes, I think eight.
You were so cute.
You always had such an effect on me.
Oh God, Mel.
Oh God, Mel.
Tommy ...
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Father miserable ...
You failed.
As you've always failed.
Time's up.
God is with me.
I can not believe this
Neither do I.
Are you ...
We have this summer
barely touched each other.
It was intense.
Did you hear that?
- Yes.
We can not
caught in this way.
Stay here, stay.
I can not believe we just did.
Say this to anyone.
Tommy, I have no regrets.
Please, do not
it feels bad.
I give a lot to you.
I will not tell anyone.
I can not even imagine
I would say to them.
I'll wait here a few minutes
and then I follow you.
I do not want them coming home to see us together.
That is a bad girl.
That is a bad girl.
That is a bad girl.
Why are not you
with your campers?
Because someone is missing.
Thomas Leary.
- Come on.
This is the path.
This is the path.
Sister, what happens?
I get nothing but tatters.
They have the same nightmare.
- Father, what happened?
Sisters, keep the peace.
Be calm, nothing will happen.
Father, protect these Sisters.
Take all the bad thoughts away.
All fear of the enemy.
Melissa, why are you
still dressed?
Tommy, stop.
- Stay here.
My God.
The inhaler.
- Where is he?
In the infirmary.
- I'll get him.
Carol, is he okay?
He is better. He was afraid.
Asthma can be very frightening.
Yes, it is.
I must see him.
Sure, but he is very weak
and can not speak.
The drugs must do their job.
Can not this wait until tomorrow?
I do not see why not.
Thanks for your help tonight.
God bless you.
I will stay here with him
and go pray for him.
Then I'm gone.
Good night.
Good night, Father.
Do not speak, Thomas.
If you're better tomorrow
we should talk.
I know you're not responsible
are for the desecration of the chapel ...
but there are certain
things happened tonight.
You know what I speak.
You will tell me.
Got it?
This is my body
that you will be sacrificed.
He took the cup, saying 'Thank You'.
He handed the cup to his disciples
and said ...
This is the cup of my blood.
The blood of the New and
everlasting covenant.
Do this in memory of me.
This is Melissa. I received it via
one of the girls from her cabin.
Gotta go, the mass begins.
Are you okay? What happened?
Everything is fine.
I'm going to shower.
We'll talk later on.
Yes, I'll tell it later.
Can I read?
- No.
Tommy, if you're ready ...
and if you can, come back to me.
What were you doing outside your cabin tonight?
- I was sick, I had asthma.
I know but there was a girl
not in her cabin last night.
Were you with her?
- Do not play games with me.
I do not know what you have it, Father.
All right.
What were you doing in the chapel tonight?
I saw it, Father.
- What did you see?
The demon.
When did you first felt?
I do not know, it started
after my grandfather died.
Is this the grandfather you
brought to amusement parks ...
instead of going to church?
Were you good friends?
- Very good friends.
My condolences at the loss.
Am I crazy, Father?
I've seen this before.
And what happened to him?
Where is he?
He stays in a mental institution.
He tried to commit suicide
and his sister to murder.
Why would God allow this?
God can not be questioned
our weak minds.
And this is God's will?
Nothing on this earth is done without
God's permission.
He tests us
within our own borders.
He gives us the resources, sacraments
and the grace to fight enemies.
Because the enemy is cruel.
But you choose whether you accept
what he offers.
I can help, but then
You listen and do what I say.
I do what is necessary.
Here, sit down.
- Yes.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
Forgive me Father,
for I have sinned.
When was the last confession?
A few months back.
- Go on.
After my last confession, I lied.
I've lied to my parents.
- And the sins of the flesh?
Yes, Father.
I have impure thoughts.
- You masturbate?
Yes, Father.
- How often?
So every day.
I do not know.
You invite the Devil in your imagination.
Every time you masturbate you open a door.
Do you understand?
- Yes.
And Melissa?
Were you with her?
You can not honestly confess if you
suppresses a sin that you know ...
thus reach forgiveness.
So, were you with her?
- This is a serious offense.
Got her a sin?
A kiss, that's all.
She is a good person.
Are you sure, others not?
Sin remains if you do not confess.
I know.
Good. If you take more punishment
not participate in the camp.
The remaining time you spend here
to pray and serve ...
and I have to tell your parents
what you did.
But as you said in this
a confession ...
I must ask your permission.
Can I tell them?
- Rather not.
Thomas, none of this will
easy, nothing.
You're disgusting.
Do you have any idea about the shame
You've caused me ...
in my name, your mother? Well?
I'm sorry.
- That means nothing. Just empty words.
You sorry means nothing,
these are empty words.
Empty words.
Listen now to the Father.
You must change, otherwise ...
Stand up for God.
Your mother wants to talk to you.
I'm here.
- What did you do?
- Yes?
Mom, please ...
Tommy ...
- Enough.
Try not to get sympathy.
That you will not find here.
You did this.
Listen to the Father.
Be a man or you will not come home.
No Hope For You
I'm so sorry.
I've got my glove needed.
- What is happening, friend?
Maybe I'll sneak into the park
During the stage tonight.
I love the cream waffles
and they have a crazy rollercoaster.
Go you, "Padawan?
- I'm grounded.
Really? What?
I am caught.
- By Melissa?
Was Father Falic evil?
Yes, you could say.
- Damn.
It's not fair.
- What?
Only if it is against the rules.
- Calm down.
Are you okay?
Pray for me, Jack.
Can I help you, officer?
Is this one of your campers?
- Yes, what happened?
He came into contact with a pair of
our local young people at the park.
A few elements of our poorer.
They've beaten him properly of
what I understand.
He was lucky.
A good Samaritan intervened.
He caught some of those guys,
and she quite frightened.
One of them known vandalism.
Agents are looking for the stolen
That's good news.
We made our concerns. One child
his age, outside unattended.
We called his parents and
who told him to bring back here.
Thank you so much.
Help me with the latter.
I'll let you go for tonight.
It'll be fine.
She put me and marked me with this clip.
- What happened?
Inbreeding which figures you encountered
in the forest.
Who jumped me in the park
and beat me up.
Now you know why we have rules
that we use.
Those idiots had earlier problems
experienced one of the brothers ...
In a restaurant one year ago.
They wait for us until we came back ...
because their parents said they
would go to hell.
There will be nothing much to do here.
- You should be happy ...
the fact that you could sacrifice yourself
for your brothers and sisters.
Are you kidding?
I do not care about them.
How can you say that?
After all we have done for you.
What have you done for me?
You turned my back on family and made
my father a sort of medicine?
For years, demanded the leaders of these
community, his father, my father ...
That's not fair.
- Fewer people outside the community helped.
So he had more time for
the brothers and sisters.
But when you decided to go brainwash.
What are we now?
What should my family now?
Jack, you're going too far.
- Shut up, Christian!
Should I listen to you?
Are you my example?
A 23-year-old follower who does everything
what he said.
You have no fucking idea
of yourself.
Look at yourself, look at your nails.
Come on, show them.
You bite it like a little girl.
You allow yourself as influenced by their use ...
Chris, stop it.
Jack, stop.
What are you doing?
Get out of here.
Go away.
You belong here.
- Since you're absolutely right.
What time is it?
- No idea, about two hours.
I'm outta here.
What? How?
My father is here, my parents ...
I think we are tired of this camp.
Shut up there.
You come through here.
Is it right?
- Yeah, right.
They can beat me down but I come
just back stronger than before.
Take care of yourself.
See you on the other side.
The world is us, use our pride,
our greed ...
secular humanism is his church.
And the flesh is weak for us ...
lustful temptations.
But the Devil uses both
our brains to attack.
The devil knows our psyche,
and how it works, better than we do.
He uses the weakness of our brains,
for us to drive to anger ...
to fear, to despair.
John of the Cross ...
was often oppressed by the Devil.
And in his dark night, he discusses
the tortures of the devil.
This is what he says ...
If the spiritual communication is not
fully provided to the mind ...
but also on the senses ...
then the easier the Devil mind
disrupt and irritate ...
Terrors by the senses.
The pain and anguish it causes
are enormous.
And sometimes impossible.
Since direct transfer takes place
between mind and spirit ...
The evil spirit causes a horror
in the right spirit ...
sometimes for the good spirit
Holy Mary, Mother of God pray
for us sinners ...
now and in the hour of death.
Thomas ...
I came here looking for you.
Are you free from sin?
Yes, Father.
No more masturbated?
Wonderful, you are a sincere
and faithful servant.
I'm proud of what you have achieved.
Thank you, sir.
Go back to the prayer,
See you later.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with You ..
You are blessed among women.
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Hail Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners ...
now and at the hour of our death.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with You ..
blessed is the fruit of thy womb ...
I'll get it.
- Wait for me, Rose.
And Dr. Jack. John there.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
Hi, John.
- Patricia.
Jack, what happened to your face?
Why are not you at camp?
My son has something
that you need to hear.
When Tommy first told that
I thought he was crazy.
I do not always agree with
community ...
but I still believe in God
and the Devil.
What do you mean, Jack?
Jack, wait for me in the car,
Tommy is my best friend and
I'm really worried about him.
You must first listen to me, Michael.
I've seen this before.
Phineas is a good father and husband
done a lot for the community, but ...
I fear that he is here to participate
I know you have problems with
the leaders at this point ...
Michael ...
- But it suggests ...
Please let him speak.
There was a boy, Daniel,
an altar boy for Father Phineas.
He looked a lot like Tommy.
But the boy had problems,
serious problems.
Phineas father sent him to me ...
because the boy claimed he
chased by a devil.
Our brains can be amazing
But what I saw was this guy ...
it was something I never want to see.
Then I knew that the torment of Daniel ...
far more psychological than anything,
it had to be spiritual.
So when working with Father Phineas
the spiritual part and I helped him greatly.
The way he took care of Daniel,
how he focused on debt ...
sin, but only gave the demon
more power.
More control.
- What happened to the boy, Daniel?
Your Tommy is a good boy
and he has both of you.
What happened to Daniel ...
- Just tell us.
One night, he shut himself
and his little sister ...
that was not older than Rose,
in the bathroom of their home.
He cut her wrists and then ...
their own.
And only by some miracle,
They were found on time.
That never forgive myself.
And the church?
The church could do nothing?
No ghost exorcism?
She did not.
Daniel was suppressed.
He was not possessed.
The church has very specific definitions
for possession.
Certain criteria for Eviction
to take place.
Daniel did not meet these criteria ...
So he was left to the care
Father of Phineas and me.
And we failed.
What does this have to do with my son,
I fear that the same demon success
wishes to obtain, such as Daniel ...
the same strategy to
for Tommy.
Father Phineas and he
found an unwitting accomplice.
Open the door.
What is it, honey?
It is good ...
It's OK ...
Brethren, I know that the last day,
in this camp have been difficult.
It is now clear that the Evil
his work is doing in our lives.
Tonight we will fight against him.
Tonight we will expel him.
Let us pray for one another.
Choose a brother and ask him
to pray for you.
Lord, banish Satan
the name of Jesus.
Dispel Satan in the name of Jesus.
Pray for me, Tommy.
Pray that I will be strong ...
let me holy.
We drive out Satan in the name of Jesus.
We drive out Satan in the name of Jesus.
We drive out Satan in the name of Jesus.
No, stop.
Tim, what is it?
- Make it stop. No, stop.
Timothy, what is it?
- God, what is that smell?
I saw the Devil, a demon ...
I do not know what I saw.
It was so real.
A prediction of the Lord.
Fear not my children,
for I am with you.
I make sure nothing happens to you.
I love you.
But evil has no ...
What happens?
- I hate ...
What was that?
What happened?
What happened?
- I do not know ...
Go to my room.
Calm down. I'll protect you.
Why did you not tell me?
Father, I lied.
You gave us all at risk.
You go with your sin,
without taking account of the Devil.
But he keeps in mind.
He does.
I wanted to hurt anyone.
I blame myself.
- Confession.
What happened to you
and Melissa in the woods?
You did not tell me the truth.
What happened?
Have you had sex with her?
- No, Father.
Tell me.
We gave each other an orgasm
with our clothes on. That's all.
That's it?
You accept a sin in your life.
You ...
devils spawn.
James teeth are broken.
Timothy is in his own feces.
Daniel is in a lunatic asylum.
And all those roads lead back to you.
Tell me now, when ...
If you had to sin
in your life?
Was it your grandfather?
- No.
He put the door?
- No, he was a good man.
He gave you to the devil.
- He loved me.
I love you.
Tommy, stop.
Calm down.
Where is Father?
Where ...
It must be so.
You promised to protect me.
Protect me.
Be my servant.
Tommy ...
Help me.
A sinner.
I do not want.
Can you hear me?
You hear me, Tommy?
There you are.
Do not talk.
You're in the hospital.
You had a severe asthma attack ...
We were almost lost.
Where is Father Phineas?
- He is also here.
He had a stroke, he ...
How are you?
You got me scared.
You look good.
Father is here, I found it on
in the hall, he makes his rounds.
Would you thank him the blessing?
- Of course.
The body of Christ.
Tommy, get it, son.
- No.
Maybe I should ...
- No, Father.
Your son has been through a lot tonight.
Maybe it's better him alone
It's okay.
I want to anymore, Mom.
If it is really the body of Christ ...
it is too much to suggest.
And if not,
it's all a big lie.
I can not believe Mom.
I can not and will not.
I can go to your school,
and I can follow your rules, but ...
You can not make me believe.
It's too terrible.
I need them redeemed.
My God ...
Sweetheart ...
We can not pull the plug.
God can heal him.
See you soon.
Based on a true story.