Camp Pleasant Lake (2024) Movie Script

- You know what
this reminds me of?
That joint you were supposed
to spark up two exits ago.
- Ah, all right, all
right, all right!
Just give me a second.
- Come on, come on!
- What are you doin', man?
Why you stoppin'?
- I wanna see if
this guy needs help.
- At 2 a.m.
in the middle of nowhere?
- Ah, you're just high.
- I'm always high.
What does that have
to do with anything?
- You're paranoid, too.
Don't touch anything.
I'll be back in a second.
- If you're not back
in five minutes,
I'm leaving you, man!
I'm telling you, man,
he's probably a killer.
- Hey, there.
You, uh, need a hand?
- Oh, my gosh, yes!
That would be great.
Thank you.
I am, I am not good
with cars.
- Uh, did you call anybody?
- No service.
- Yeah, I got nothin' either.
You mind if I take a look?
- No, please!
Thank you.
Where you headed, um?
- Hunter.
We are headed up
to Camp Echo Lake.
- The old Camp Pleasant Lake?
- Yeah, new owners bought
it, the Rutherfords,
and they're turning
it into a horror camp.
- A what?
- A horror camp.
Adults pay good money to relive
the legendary horror events.
And this week's
theme, Camp of Terror.
- A camp of what?
- It's the story of
the Meadows family,
happened 20 years
ago this weekend.
Camp of Terror is
what the news call it.
John and Ruby Meadows
dropped their kids,
Echo and Jasper,
off at the camp,
and Echo was kidnapped.
And they ended up
closin' the lake.
To top it off,
John and Ruby were
brutally murdered
by some crazed maniac
on their way home.
- Uh, um, what happened
to the little girl?
- She was
never seen again.
- And the little brother?
- I don't know.
I think he ended
up in foster care.
So we were hired to come up
and do the special
effects for the camp.
- We?
- Yeah, Adam, my
assistant and I.
So he's back in the van.
He's pretty sure
you're a serial killer.
- Come on, come on, come on!
What was that?
- How many kills
do you have to do
to be officially
labeled a serial killer?
- What?
- Don't worry,
I'm not gonna kill you.
- Okay.
- Who's there?
- Ugh.
- What was that?
Adam, goddammit.
I told you not to
touch anything.
- Hey, where you going, man?
What the fuck?
- Hello, and welcome
to Camp Pleasant Lake.
- Hi there.
- Hey!
- Hope you're all ready
for a weekend of terror!
- I'm excited to see blood.
- Glad to hear it.
- When's the terror start?
- Relax, my man, soon enough.
- Awesome!
- Hey-
- How was your trip?
- Not bad.
Do you know where I can
find the Rutherfords?
- Yeah.
Hopefully, it's
better next time.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, I have had better.
- He was snorin' the whole trip.
- Hey, do you know who I am?
- No one cares, bro!
- Loser!
- Look, I am puttin'
this in my report.
- I've been waiting
for this all week.
- Only a week?
- Well, my wife's mad I came.
- She hates horror movies.
- Oh, this ain't a movie, man.
This is the real thing.
- Aren't you that guy from,
it's that that blog, right?
What's the name of it?
- Yeah, yeah, that's the one!
- Yeah!
- I think that's the, is it?
- Yeah.
Look, it's been a long trip.
Do you know where I can
find the Rutherfords?
- Yeah, they're right over
there by registration.
That's where I'm headed.
- Awesome.
- Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford?
- Yes.
- That's us.
- I'm so excited
for this weekend.
- So are we.
- When do we get to see blood?
- The entire weekend.
- I can't wait.
- Jesus!
These people make me nuts.
Jonah, you made it.
- Ah, Mr. Rutherford,
Jonah Perrigo,
- We know exactly
who you are, Jonah.
- How was your trip?
- Well, it is going
to go in my review.
- What do you need
from me, Jonah?
- Sleep.
Where are your cabins?
All right.
Well, before I go,
you got time for
a quick interview?
- Jonah, we are so busy.
I don't want to be late, okay?
Listen, you get settled in,
and then we'll find time
for a nice, little
talk later, okay?
- Quick question, where
will the first kill be?
- Wouldn't you like to know.
- Mmm.
Yeah, very true.
Fair point.
- Have you seen Hunter?
- Darlene, why would
we want him here?
- We're paying him enough.
- We put him in a
cabin in the woods
so the other campers
wouldn't see him.
- Well, have you seen him?
- No, but we've exchanged texts.
You gotta calm down.
Look, everything is
set for tonight, okay?
It's all in place.
- No, it better be.
We sunk a lot of money
into this damn camp!
- And that's why we're
here tonight, campers,
for the Camp Echo Lake
Camp of Terror experience.
- They don't wanna
hear that shit!
Get to the good stuff.
- What's that, Mike?
- The story of what happened
to the Meadows family
20 years ago, the
kidnapping, little Echo,
and the brutal murder
of her parents,
John and Ruby.
- Tell us the rest of the story!
- Yeah, that's why we're here!
- We paid extra money to
be the first campers here.
- Yeah, a lotta money!
- Give us some excitement!
- And it better be scary.
- Okay.
But you asked for it.
So here goes.
The story supposedly
says that 20 years ago,
on this exact night,
Halloween weekend in 2002.
- What are you humming, Big Sis?
- My favorite song.
It drowns out their arguing.
- I know you don't like
it when they argue.
Mom and Dad are going to
camp this weekend, too.
Grownup camp.
- Wanna see my costume?
- So what are you
supposed to be?
- This year for Halloween,
I'm going to be happy.
- I think I'm gonna
be a werewolf!
- I've gotta show Mom and Dad.
- John, this is my last
go at this marriage.
If you want it to work,
you're gonna take this
retreat seriously.
I mean it this time, okay?
- Mommy, Daddy, just be happy!
I thought you weren't
going to argue anymore.
- See, John.
I told you the
children could hear us.
- Just let me handle this.
Sweetie, Mommy and
Daddy were not arguing.
We were talking about
how excited we are
for adult camp this weekend!
- Why are you so loud then?
My friends at school said
you and Mommy are going
to get a separation.
- It's called a divorce, honey.
Don't worry.
Me and your father
love each other dearly.
Right, hun?
Now, why don't you go
finish getting ready, okay?
We're gonna leave in 30 minutes.
- Hey!
You forgetting someone?
Where's my hug?
Did you help your little brother
pick out his costume yet?
- Jasper, I have
to go help Jasper!
- Yes, you heard your mother,
we leave in 30 minutes!
Be happy, my little princess!
- Jasper, Jasper,
come on, get ready.
We're going to camp!
- Dammit, Ruby, you
missed the turn!
We're gonna run outta gas now!
I told you to get gas
at the last rest stop!
Now, we're gonna be stranded
in the middle of nowhere!
- Quiet, John, you're
gonna wake the kids.
- Just get out and
let me drive, Ruby!
- I'm not getting out
and waking the kids.
There has to be a gas station
around here somewhere.
We're only 10 miles
away from the camp.
- I really wish you would
just listen to me, Ruby.
- John, stop fighting with me!
I thought you wanted this
relationship to work.
We need to be a good
example to our kids.
Let's just get a bite to
eat, find a gas station,
then drop the kids off at camp.
Then we'll go to
marriage counseling,
and see if we can
make this work.
- Fine.
- May I be excused?
I need to use the bathroom.
- Go with her.
I'll stay here with Jasper
and take care of the bill.
- I'm a big girl, Dad.
I don't need Mom to go with me.
- Go with her.
So little buddy, you
excited for camp?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, finish your lunch, okay?
I'm gonna go pay the bill.
I'll be right back.
- Did you wash your hands, Echo?
- Yes, Mom.
- Okay, Jasper and
Daddy are waiting.
Let's go.
- Where's, Echo?
- Right behind me.
- I don't see her, Mommy.
- Jesus Christ,
you left her inside
the bathroom alone
again, didn't you?
- She was right behind me.
- Stay with Jasper.
- That's my favorite.
- You want it?
- I'll be
right back, Son.
- Okay, Dad.
- But my parents said
I can't have any candy
until Halloween night.
- Listen, my name's Lou,
and I work here.
I don't see anybody around
us right now, do you?
- Echo?
Echo, sweetie, where are you?
- That's my dad.
I better go, Lou.
- Hey.
You save this for later, okay?
My sweet little princess, okay?
- What have I told you
about talking to strangers?
- But, but-
- No.
- Sir, she wasn't
talking to a stranger.
My name's Lou.
I work here.
- All right, thank you,
but we really gotta go.
We're gonna be late for camp.
- Camp?
Which camp?
- Yeah, I
forget the name of it.
- Camp Pleasant Lake, Lou.
It's the Halloween camp.
- Sorry, we gotta go.
Thanks again.
- You're lucky.
My boy, Lou, here is a good man.
Next person comin'
along might not be.
Keep an eye on your
little girl now, ya hear?
- Ouch, that hurts, Daddy.
- Let's go.
Now, we're definitely
gonna be late for camp.
- Yes, sir.
- And I want my
goddamn belt back.
You give me that back-
Yo, yo, excuse me, sir!
Watch it mister!
- Sorry, apologies.
Didn't see you.
- Okay, that's fine.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
- Some folks don't take too
kindly to be bumped into.
- Better keep an eye
on your little girl next
time, too, huh?
- Let's go.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
That's no way to
speak to your wife.
- Not nice at all.
- We's nice around here.
- Very nice.
- Watch out
for that little girl
and that little boy.
- Better watch out
for that one there.
- Move, please.
Get out of our way!
- They're right, mister.
The next person
may not be so nice.
- You aren't that nice.
- Is that so?
- You don't know what you're
talking about, little boy.
- Hey, kids,
some children are better
to be seen than heard.
- Good thing we raised
our boy right here.
Not like you!
- Dad raised us right!
- What's your name, little man?
- I'm Jasper.
This is my sister, Echo.
- Aren't you a cutie pie?
- Just move out of our way.
We really need to get going.
- Dad, that hurts!
- Treat 'em right.
They won't be around forever.
- Come on, go, go, let's go.
- Tim, be a dear,
and get the sheriff
on the phone for me.
- Yes, ma'am, right away!
- You know what to do.
- Yes, Esmeralda.
- Oh, Ezra, it'll be worth it.
- The sheriff's on the line.
- Sheriff Dean here.
- It Esmeralda.
- Always a pleasure.
What can I do for you?
- Lou's following a family
of city slickers
straight into camp.
You know what to do.
- Say no more.
I'll keep him covered.
- Thank you, Tim.
- Yes, Esmeralda.
- Jasper, wake up.
We're at camp, sweetie.
Go ahead, honey.
It's only for the weekend.
We'll see you on Monday.
Take my phone.
I'll call you tonight
from Daddy's phone.
- Hello!
Welcome to Camp Pleasant Lake!
I'm Mr. Corbin.
- Hi, I'm Jasper.
I'm a werewolf for Halloween.
- That's a great
costume, Jasper!
- Nice.
- Cool costume!
- And I'm his
older sister, Echo.
- Where's your costume?
What is that supposed to be?
- Happy.
- That's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
- What an idiot!
- Look
at me, I'm happy!
- You have a problem with that?
- What a loser!
- Loser!
- Loser!
- Don't worry
about these losers.
- There she goes!
Aren't you supposed to be happy?
- Oh, you're
gonna cry to your mommy?
- Look at him!
- Stupid mask!
Nobody wants to
hang out with me.
It's you, the, the, the...
- The man from the restaurant.
I'm Ezra, Lou's father.
- You work here?
- Hmm, uh-uh.
I work at Camp Hope.
- The other kids were
making fun of me.
I hate it here!
- There's that smile.
You know what?
My camp's right down the road.
Lou's there, too.
- I like Lou.
He gave me this.
It's my favorite.
- Well, that's a good thing,
'cause there's a whole
bunch more of it at my camp.
You wanna go?
- Yeah!
Wait, where's Jasper?
I don't wanna forget about him.
- We won't forget about Jasper.
We'll come back and get him.
- Promise?
- I promise.
- Okay.
The kids don't like
me here anyway.
They broke my costume.
- That's a shame.
But it's all right.
We're gonna make you
another one at my camp.
- Okay, let's go then.
- Boys, boys, break it up!
- Say that again!
- She's a freak!
- That's enough, guys!
Come on!
- Where's Echo?
- Looks like she
finally found a friend.
- Echo!
- And little Echo Meadows
was never seen or
heard from again.
- And rumor has it,
Echo still roams these woods.
- I heard she comes back
every Halloween looking for him.
And if we're lucky,
she'll come back tonight.
- I love this shit!
- Shit, me, too!
- Wait, you don't actually
think this shit is real, do you?
- Come on, man.
The Rutherfords made this
shit up just to make a buck.
- What happened to him?
- What happened to who?
- Echo's little brother.
What happened to him?
- Neither him or his sister
was ever seen again.
You asked what happened.
- Hoo!
Hoo, hoo!
- The fuck's wrong with you?
- He probably wasn't
hugged enough as a child.
- Camp of Terror,
you really wanna
know the real story?
- Yeah!
- Of course!
- Now, the legend goes,
that Echo Meadows was kidnapped
by a very evil man,
because that evil man
and his wife, Esmeralda,
desperately wanted
a little girl,
but they just couldn't get one.
- So then, when John and
Ruby Meadows left the camp,
they were brutally murdered,
and the killer was never found!
Locals say Echo
returns every Halloween
to these woods
looking for family.
- If you get in her way,
she will slash you,
and leave you with a sad,
bloody frown on your face!
- So then you can
feel the same pain
she once did!
- When does the terror start?
- Tomorrow!
So you may all want
to turn in soon,
and get a good night's sleep.
- Actually, the terror has
already started tonight.
Supposedly, Echo
Meadows went wandering
in the forest the night
that she was kidnapped,
the very same night that her
parents were brutally murdered.
- Any camper that
gets in her way,
well, you know.
- Now, you wanted the extra
Camp of Terror experience.
Well, you have got it!
With the VIP experience,
you will be the first
campers to relive the horror
that happened that
night 20 years ago,
right here, right now,
in the all new Camp of Terror!
- And how 'bout
that interview now?
- No, sorry, Jonah.
- I see.
- Grab the original crew.
Let's meet at the
tunnel in a bit.
- I got you.
- Whoa, what's that?
- This place looks awesome!
- Wonder how long
it's been here?
- What,
tryin' to scare us?
- Is this
part of the camp?
- Are you ready?
- Let's act surprised.
We gotta put on a really
good show for the campers.
- Let's do this!
Let's hear you, man!
You guys wanted a show.
- You all wanted the Camp
of Terror experience?
Well, here you go!
- Let's go!
- We all saw what happened.
- We didn't know she
was being kidnapped.
It's not our fault.
- I'm his big sister, Echo.
- What an idiot!
- She's a freak!
Aren't you supposed to be happy?
- Echo!
- Look at him!
- Echo!
- Jacob's right.
We all saw what happened,
and did nothing about it.
- We had our chance
when the cops came.
- They asked us if
we saw anything.
- And we all said no.
- We-
- Should've told the cops
what we saw!
- But we kept our mouths shut!
- Look, we're all
in this together.
- We stick to our
original story.
We saw nothing.
Got it?
- Who's that?
Who's there?
- "Who's that, who's there?"
Calm down, dude!
You're always freakin' out.
It's probably nothin'.
- That, or...
- Echo Meadows!
- Stop it.
- What's the matter, Jacob?
You scared?
- In all seriousness,
the Rutherfords are payin'
us good money for this,
so let's give those
campers what they came for,
a weekend of terror!
- And remember,
starting tomorrow,
we will all be getting
killed off one by one.
The Rutherfords will
be telling the campers
Echo took us all.
- And that's why they won't
be seein' our dead bodies.
We meet back at the
counselor's lodge on Monday,
Halloween morning, and
do it all over again
for a new batch of campers.
- It's easy money for everyone.
- Now, let's get back to
our tents and get some rest.
It's gonna be a
long, bloody weekend!
- Ahh, fuck!
Ow, what the fuck?
I thought this shit was
supposed to be fake?
This isn't funny!
What the fuck, Hunter?
- I guess
Jacob is still bent
from last night, huh?
- Maybe he's hung over.
- I'm surprised.
His big ass never
misses breakfast.
- Let's go wake his lazy ass up.
- Like Mike said, we're all
in this together, right?
- Right.
Let's go.
Guess you got axed
first, huh, buddy?
Hey, come check this out.
- Wow, it looks like
the Rutherfords started
the party early.
- This looks fake.
We need to tell the Rutherfords
to make it look more real.
- It's not too bad!
- The Rutherfords are
cheap as hell, man!
- What do you think, Mike?
- Remember what the
Rutherfords said,
"They're gonna make it
look as real as possible."
These campers paid good
money for this shit.
Hey, what are you doin' here?
This is the counselors'
You should be with
the other campers.
- Mike, Mike, did you see this?
This Hunter did great work, huh?
- Who?
- Hunter, the guy we hired
to do the special effects
that would look so great.
- Not in front of
the other campers.
- What are you talking about?
- What the?
That little fucker
was just here.
- Who, who are
you talkin' about?
- That weird camper, he was.
So who's gonna get it next?
- Who the fuck are you?
Jesus Christ.
What the fuck?
Mom? Dad?
Where the fuck did you get that?
Who are you?
- I heard Jacob got it first.
- Which one was Jacob?
- You know, the chubby one.
- Oh, that guy.
- So how long you think
it took to kill him?
- Shit, long enough.
I mean, he probably
tried to talk
the killer's ear off first.
- Seriously.
- This is bullshit.
We didn't even get to
see any of the carnage.
- Yeah, I mean, we
paid extra for this.
- They should have come got us.
- Look, why don't you guys
just enjoy your lunch
and stop complaining.
Nobody wants to hear it.
- Fuckin'.
- This guy.
- Yeah, what is wrong?
- Yeah, we paid good money for
this horror camp experience.
- Just give us what we want!
- We wanna see.
- We wanna see blood!
- People, please,
take it easy here.
I can hear you arguing all
the way down the trail.
- Why didn't you come get
us when you offed Jacob?
- Jacob was a, was
a bonus, right?
- Yeah.
- Correct me if I'm wrong,
an unforgettable, most brutal,
horrifying Camp of
Terror experience.
- Right?
- Yeah.
You kinda forgot the
bloody, horrifying part.
- We wanted to see Jacob get it.
- Yeah, not be told about
a fake pool of blood.
- Yeah, we didn't
even know how he died.
- Rick, give us what we want.
- We want what you promised!
- Yeah, the Camp of
Terror experience.
- Are you ripping us off?
- What's going on Mr.
and Mrs. Rutherford?
- No, come on, please, people.
Look, today is gonna be epic.
I promise you we are
gonna have blood, okay?
What happened with Hunter?
He didn't even tell me
he was gonna off Jacob.
That was scheduled for today.
- I just saw someone
over by the fire pit.
Looks like they're setting up.
- You again, the weird camper.
What do you want?
- It's only day two
a shit show.
- Listen, I'm gonna
go check on Hunter.
You get them all excited
about tonight, all right?
- Tell Hunter if
he fucks up again,
I'll be the one killing his ass.
Okay, campers, listen.
- Hey, how about
that interview now?
- Sorry, Jonah, I need to
get the campers excited.
You wanna see blood, campers?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Now you're
going to get it.
- Can I quote you on that?
- Go back to your
cabins and get ready.
We meet at the fire
pit in two hours.
Let's go.
- Hell, yeah!
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- Hey, you okay?
What's wrong?
- I don't like when the
campers make fun of me.
- Who made fun of you?
Who are you talking about?
- All of you.
- I heard what Mike
said to you back there.
Don't listen to him.
He's an asshole.
What's your name?
I'm Gracie-
- You were part of it.
- I could kill Hunter right now.
I can't believe that little
prick screwed us over like this!
You told me that he
was top notch, Darlene.
- He came highly recommended
on their company site.
- Well, we have no killer now.
And no killer means
angry campers.
And angry campers means refunds.
Every camper paid $10,000
to be here this weekend.
And we have a whole nother bunch
of 'em coming in on Monday.
We're gonna lose a ton of money,
and I don't like to lose.
- I called the company,
and they said they're
trying to send someone out
as soon as possible.
- Darlene, it's
Halloween weekend.
They're all booked,
for God's sake!
Now, all these campers
are gonna gather here
in an hour and 30 minutes.
We have to figure
out something fast,
or we are fucked!
I'd put on the Echo
costume myself,
but I'm not five five, dear.
- You.
- Oh, please.
- Mrs. Rutherford.
- Yeah, yeah, hold on.
- How's your husband?
- Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- He's late like usual.
- Yeah, what's going on?
- This is supposed to
be a camp of terror.
- Yeah, not a camp
of nightmares.
- I wouldn't call
any of this terror.
- It's been more like
camp of nap time.
- Camp of nap time.
I like that.
- So Mrs. Rutherford,
where is your-
- He'll be here soon.
Don't worry.
- How much longer?
- Man, we've been
waiting for like an hour!
- Be patient.
He'll be here.
Where the fuck are you, Rick?
- There he is.
- Let's get the show going.
- Okay.
First of all,
I want to thank you all
for showing up this weekend
for the Camp of Terror.
I don't know quite how to
say this, but here goes.
- There he is.
- Get him, Echo.
- It's show time!
- We wanna see.
- Blood!
- Yeah!
Get him, Echo!
- Hunter,
you son of a bitch,
you fuckin' made it.
- Let's do this.
Let's give 'em a show.
- Get him, Echo.
- You think I'm afraid of you?
- Bravo! Bravo!
- Now, that's what
I'm talkin' about.
- Holy shit!
- He's killing the campers too.
- That's more like it.
- Hey, that's what I mean.
- Awesome.
- Gettin' better.
- Great death scene, Hector.
- You too, camper girl.
- You wanted blood, you got it!
Welcome to the new
Camp of Terror!
- That's what
I'm talkin' about.
- Great job bringing
Hunter back.
- I know.
- I want you to go
and find Hunter,
and have him send
his assistant Adam
to clean this shit up, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
That Darlene, she puts on
a good show, believe me.
- Hunter?
Rick is not mad at you.
He thinks you're
doing a great job.
Come on, Hunter,
where are you at?
Where the heck are you?
Enough of these games, Hunter!
Stop messing with me,!
Ha ha, this isn't funny.
I'm telling Rick
you're messing with me.
Stop messing with me, Hunter.
We're paying you good
money for this gig.
Rick was right.
That's it.
Who the fuck are you?
- Opa, oh.
- You shared the shit out
of those campers earlier.
- Literally to death.
To death!
- Hey, Mr. Rutherford,
where's Mrs. Rutherford?
- Huh.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
But she should be back now.
- Talk to me.
- I sent Darlene
to gather up Hunter
for the second show
tonight, right?
The last thing I want
is anyone to think
that there's
anything going wrong.
- Yeah.
- Mike, you could
do me a big favor
and go look for those two.
I'll get everybody here ready.
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
- One more, and then we go back.
- Mrs. Rutherford?
Where are you guys?
We got a big night planned out.
Mrs. Rutherford?
Hunter, is that you?
What the fuck?
Who is that?
Who's there?
Wait a minute.
I know what's going on.
It's my time to die.
Oh, they want a show?
I'll give 'em a show.
Come on, guys, where are you?
I don't like being alone
at night by myself!
I knew it.
Hunter, let's give
'em a real good show.
Echo, is that you?
Don't hurt me.
Please, don't hurt me!
I'm sorry for what happened
to you and your family!
Please don't kill me!
Hunter, I'm gonna kill you!
Hey, get back here.
I don't get paid
enough for this shit!
Fucker, now you're mine.
You're mine, Hunter!
What the fuck is this place?
Who the fuck are you?
- Ugh, fuck.
Behind you.
- All right, all
right, all right,
now let's listen up.
We are gonna give these campers
the greatest show of shows ever
because tonight, we
all die by the hand
of our very own
little Echo Meadows.
Little Echo Meadows, sha.
Woo, woo, woo, woo!
- All right, now, I want
you all to go get ready,
and we'll meet at
the fire pit in...
You thought I was
gonna spill, right?
We'll meet at the
fire pit in an hour.
See you there or be square.
- You're going in the wrong
direction, Mr. Rutherford.
- I am not.
I am going to find
my future ex-wife
because I believe she's fucking,
fucking Mike in the woods.
Darlene, where the?
Where the hell are you?
Stupid bitch.
There you are, you fucker.
Where's my wife and Mike?
Don't fuck around with me.
You got a big show to do.
Now, come on.
Don't you fuck with me.
You understand?
You do your fucking job,
and we won't have.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Ooh, have me kill, Hunter.
- That's some good shit.
- And where did
you get that from?
- These fools got it from
one of the counselors.
- Which one?
- Who cares?
- Where the women at?
- I'm not good enough?
- I mean.
- Did we invite any
other ladies over?
- Man, you ain't got a
fuckin' shot with them anyway.
- Man, he said you
ain't got no game.
- Man, I got more game than any
of you motherfuckers combined.
- That burn.
- Come on, man,
pass that shit over.
- You can't handle
this shit, old man.
- Let me have it.
- This camp sucks.
- They better kill off at
least one counselor tonight.
- Yeah, I
wouldn't hold my breath.
- Shit, I thought this
Camp of Terror would
be more exciting.
- They killed
off campers earlier today.
- Knowing Gracie, she
probably paid extra
to have Rick kill her.
- I know, right.
"He's behind you.
He's behind you."
How much you think
that ho paid to get killed?
- For that death?
500 tops, that shit was whack.
- Obviously.
- Obviously what?
- I mean, she knew
exactly where to go.
She was definitely in on it.
- That doesn't
prove anything, man.
- Sure it does.
- How so?
- She was clearly jealous.
- Jealous of what?
- I was getting
all the attention.
- Yeah, she's got you there.
- Epic?
It takes more than
one kill to be epic.
- Yeah, you got that right.
- Well, how many do you need?
- At least three or four.
- Or something really memorable.
- Yeah, like-
- Yeah, with lots of blood.
- I wonder what the
Rutherfords have
in store for us tonight.
- Well, whatever it is,
it better be good.
We paid good money
for this shit.
- Yeah, and we're just
sitting here doing nothing.
- In this shitty-ass RV.
- Bro, we should just leave.
- And go where?
- Hey, anywhere's
better than here.
- Let's go.
What you doing?
- What the fuck?
The door is locked.
- What?
- Hey, somebody
open a fucking window!
- Come on!
- Hurry.
- Is that fire?
- Hey, somebody open!
Hey, somebody open
a fucking window!
- Come on, come on, hurry!
- Help!
- What the fuck?
- Hey, somebody open
a fuckin' window!
- Come on.
- Where's Rick?
He's late.
- I don't know.
- This better not be
another disappointment.
- Calm down.
I'm sure it will be
here any second now.
- The show was supposed
to start 30 minutes ago.
Don't you remember?
- He's just a little late.
Don't worry.
Tonight's gonna be epic.
- It better be.
- Finally.
- It's about damn time.
Let's see some action.
Let's go.
- I guess we're
starting without Rick.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Ooh.
- Yes!
- Oh, yes.
- I ain't scared of you!
- Oh!
- Oh, yeah!
- Epic!
- Holy shit.
Come give me a try.
- Hey, what about me?
- More! More!
- Let's go, fucker.
- Get 'em, Echo, mm hmm.
- Let's do this.
- Ooh!
- I'm gonna ask
you one more time
who the fuck are you?
Who's that?
- Our last day of camp.
- You know what that means,
Echo's last day of terror.
- Yeah.
- Who do you think is next?
- Does it matter?
As long as it's gruesome.
I hope they double up the
blood on the next one.
- This is the best
camp experience ever.
- Mm hmm.
This is gonna make
for such a good blog.
- First Jacob, then Darlene,
then Mike, then Rick,
the new campers
arrive tomorrow, so...
- So then it's our turn
to die next then, right?
- I am so glad the
Rutherfords didn't tell us
when we're gonna die.
- I'm starting to
feel a little nervous.
This shit's starting
to feel kind of real.
- Come on, let's
go meet the campers
over by the fire pits.
- Right, it is our
last day, right?
- Let's give 'em one last show.
- I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Will I get out of this?
Who the fuck is that?
You don't understand!
No, you don't understand!
I didn't want to do that.
I didn't want to do that!
I did that for...
- Why are you turning here?
I know you hear me.
- Yes, I heard you!
- Then why didn't you answer me?
What the fuck, John?
- I just thought
silence would be better
than yet another fight.
- Well, that
clearly didn't work.
Where are you going?
We're supposed to be
going the other way.
- Why is this asshole
flashing me down?
- Just let him pass you.
- He's not passing us.
- Just keep waving him by.
- I'm already, I'm
already doing that!
I'm just gonna pull over.
What's this asshole doing?
What the heck?
Ruby, where are you going?
It's you.
Let's go, Ruby.
I said let's go!
- Hey, easy with
the little lady.
Back off.
- Brother!
Mom and Dad always wanted
a sweet little princess.
- What the fuck are
you talking about, Lou?
You're scaring my wife!
- Hey, hey, easy, mister.
Actually, we're just
messing with you, man.
We just came by to
apologize to y'all
about what happened
earlier at the restaurant.
So don't shit yourself.
Let's have fun.
- It's okay, we
were just leaving.
- Hey Ruby, I'm sorry,
but you ain't going anywhere.
- You don't have to do this!
- It's not what
we wanna do, John.
It's what we have to do!
We have to do this!
I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Mom wanted a little girl.
So Dad kidnapped her that day.
- She had a name.
Echo Meadows!
- Jasper, is that you?
Wait, there's two of you.
- Echo, sweet little princess.
I knew, I knew you
would come back.
I knew it.
But you shoulda never
to done what you did!
They loved you!
And you killed them.
- Why?
Why are you doing this?
We love you.
- Uh!
You're not my father!
- Ezra?
Are you in here?
No, no, no, no!
You're supposed to
be our daughter!
- I am not your daughter!
- Don't say that.
Come to mama.
- You are not my mother!
You took me from her.
- Yes, I am your mama,
and that, that's your papa!
We love you.
- No, no!
You had your dim-witted,
brain-washed sons
murder my parents!
- Miserable, ungrateful
little bitch!
I thought you loved me!
- Mom? Dad?
Jesus Christ!
No, Dad, Dad, Dad,
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!
No, Dad!
I love you. No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, Mom.
They loved you!
And you killed them.
- They took everything from me.
You took everything from me!
- We killed your brother,
and now we're gonna kill you.
- See you in hell, Lou.
- Come on, guys.
It's our last day of camp.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Yeah, you guys
still got to die.
- Don't worry.
You'll get your show.
- Hey, you all came
to camp to hear the story
of Echo Meadows and her family.
Am I right?
- Yeah!
- You
all paid big money
to see a Camp of
Terror live show?
- Yeah!
- Yes, we did.
- Sit back, relax,
and enjoy the closing act.
- Mike?
- Holy shit!
- I thought he was dead.
- Oh ho, that's what
I'm talkin' about.
- I love this camp!
- Wakey,
wakey, eggs and bakey!
- Run!
Run! Run!
Jasper Meadows!
Jasper Meadows is a killer!
He's a killer!
- Oh no, what are we gonna do?
- Ooh, Jasper's
gonna get you, Mike.
He's gonna get you, ooh.
- This is boring.
Kill him already!
- Look out, Mike.
- Run! Run!
It's him!
It's really him!
He's alive!
- He's alive.
- You're in on this too?
- You don't remember me, do you?
- What an idiot.
- Aren't you
supposed to be happy?
- Now do you remember?
- Oh, shit.
- Don't kill me.
- Encore!
- More, more!
- Yeah!
- More blood, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Let's go, fucker, come on.
- More blood, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Please, no, no, no!
Fuck you.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Woo hoo!
- Holy sh-
- More blood, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Hey, hey, hey!
You know what I hate
more than counselors?
- What?
- Fuckin' reporters!
- I'm the last to die.
- Wrong!
Mike is.
- Let me go, please.
- Shut the fuck up!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Help! Help!
I'm sorry, I swear.
I swear, I swear I
won't say anything.
I swear I won't say anything.
Let me go.
Let me go, please.
- Real good at that.
- Help!
- Real fucking good at that.
- Help!
I'm sorry, please.
We were only kids.
We were only kids.
We were only kids.
- You had your chance.
You said nothing!
- We were kids.
We were kids.
We were kids.
- Yeah?
So was she.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
- We're finally here.
- We're finally off
that shitty bus.
- You'd think the
Rutherfords would have
a more comfortable bus.
But I guess the rich
get richer for a reason.
- Ah, come on, this
is gonna be awesome.
- I wonder who's
gonna die first.
- Her.
- Yeah, the bimbo
always gets it first.
- It's always the stoner.
- You guys are way off.
- Man, you scared everybody off.
- Not everyone.
- Do you see that?
Over there.
- Yes, I do.
- No, no, over there, the ones.
- There it is indeed.
- Loser.
Who the fuck are you?
Great, another loser.
You used to hide in the group.
And now I have you all alone.
All alone!
- Help!
- Help!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Ha ha!
- Hello?
Holy shit.
I don't remember this cabin.
Holy crap.
That's cool.
Oh, cool.
Nice touch.
Oh, you're.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
What the fuck is
wrong with you, huh?
You should smile more.
- You are all the same.
You don't remember me, do you?
- No.
Okay, okay, okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
The new campers are here.
- You know what we have
to do, little brother.
- They
say you cross paths
with at least 20 killers
over your lifetime.
You don't even know it,
except for this time.
'Cause I know you see me.
- Breaking news.
A pit of bodies has been found
on the premises
of Camp Echo Lake.
- In a scene eerily
similar to the events.
- 20 years ago to the day
that hit Camp Pleasant Lake.
- Authorities were called in
after concerned family
members contacted the police.
- The only trace left behind
was a cryptic message.
- Written in blood.
- Smile more.
- This has got to be
a publicity stunt.
- A horror camp where all
of the campers disappear?
- That were murdered.
- Where's the proof?
- And where did they all go?
- This seems like
something straight out
of a video game.
- What kind of video game?
- I don't know, Horror Fan 69,
kind of like a real live
"Friday the 13th" game.
- Yeah, I mean, everyone,
literally everyone,
is on Twitter right now.
- Please.
- I love this shit.