Campfire Christmas (2022) Movie Script

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Let's go together
Let's go!
uh, you guys are doing great,
and this is probably isn't
what you want to hear,
but you have
a few lights out in front.
Couldn't have told us sooner?
Just saw.
Dave, don't worry about it.
I brought plenty of extras.
You're my hero.
Are those the ornaments?
Oh, yeah. Hot from the kiln.
They cooled off, though, so.
Ooh, Thomas, these are amazing.
I made some
for your cabin and mine.
You guys!
Beckett, breathe.
What's wrong?
Chris Dreskin.
What about him?
He got the part
of the Christmas Prince.
In the pageant?
No, in the new Season of Lost.
Yes, in the pageant!
I mean, you did beat him out
last year for the lead.
Maybe it's his turn.
Peyton, this is theater,
not kindergarten.
It should be based off talent,
not taking turns.
[Peyton] Beckett,
you're super talented,
and whatever role they give you,
I'm sure you'll crush.
And in a few years,
when you're a big
Broadway superstar,
you're not even gonna remember
the name Chris Dreskin.
You're right.
I wonder
where you all will be by then.
Hopefully, not too busy
to come see my shows.
Oh, well,
Peyton will probably be
a prize-winning writer, so.
>Well, whatever we're doing,
I just hope
we all keep in touch.
Ooh, is that the new manuscript?
I'm just, you know,
waiting for the right time.
Thank you.
She beckons!
Good luck.
Did you send the edits
of the cookbook?
and they would like to schedule
a call for the new year.
No, needs to be sooner.
See if they're free next week?
On it.
I also need the contracts sent
for Danny's book
and I needed Blair on the line,
like, five minutes ago.
Okay. Will do.
I do appreciate you
working over Christmas.
your parents don't mind?
Oh, no, and they're coming
here this year.
Besides, our big
Christmas celebration
happens in July.
Oh. What do you mean?
Well, my parents own
a summer camp
in Cascade County, Montana,
and my great-grandmother
started this tradition
of celebrating Christmas in July
for the campers,
so it's this huge thing for us.
That sounds nice.
Make sure you let me know
when Blair's on the line.
Uh, Mona?
I know you are...
Well, you're super swamped
right now,
but would it be okay
if I left this on your desk?
Another one?
I think
you'll really like this one.
So, it's a deep dive
into the history
of the Shanghai Tunnels.
It has everything
from ghost sightings,
to murder, to...
Okay, well, put it on the pile
and I'll try to get to it.
Peyton, honey,
the lack
of Christmas decorations in here
is borderline insulting.
Well, I know, Dad.
I didn't get a chance
to grab much this year.
I think there's
some extra lights in the RV.
No, no, no, no, no.
You two,
don't worry about any of that.
Just eat, relax,
and enjoy yourselves,
and as soon as I finish
these emails, I'll join.
Before that,
your dad and I
want to tell you something.
[Dad] And we didn't want
to do it over the phone,
That's one reason
why we insisted
on driving down here this year.
is everything okay?
Your father and I
have made a very hard decision.
It's time for us to retire.
Oh, wow.
Well, that's...
That's great news, isn't it?
Now you can do that traveling
you've always talked about.
Finally put some miles
on that RV of yours?
You realize this means
no more Camp Evergreen.
Well, maybe you can sell it
or find someone else to run it.
I know you said in the past
it's something
you weren't interested in,
but maybe
you've changed your mind?
you've been working
with Mona for years now
without getting any closer
to becoming a published writer.
What do you say...
you come home,
carry on the family tradition?
Mom, we've been through this.
I love that camp,
and it's a part of me.
I just...
well, I don't want
all the responsibility
that comes with it.
We know that.
Right, dear?
Had to ask one last time,
just in case.
Well, the good news is
that in honor of us
closing the doors,
we're going to throw
one more Christmas in July week
for all of
the Camp Evergreen alumni
and their families.
[Mom] It's going to be
a huge reunion!
Everybody who has ever
taken part in the tradition
can come back
and relive it one more time.
That's a great idea!
Yeah. This means you, too.
Oh, I will do everything I can
to be there.
I mean, it's the end of an era.
End of an era.
Well, should we just order, or?
Oh, she said she'd be here
any minute.
There she is.
Hey, guys!
Sorry I'm late.
It is hard to get out
for lunch these days.
Trust us, we get it.
It's so good to see you both.
You too.
Hey, how was the conference?
Really great.
Adventurer Clothing Co.
Was voted
best outdoor gear company
by Trek and Venture magazine.
- Ta-dah!
- What? That is amazing!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
I mean, it's all Janice.
She's been killing it
in product development.
Aw, that's sweet of you
to say, babe,
but it's a team effort.
15 something years,
and you two are still adorable.
I agree. I agree.
Speaking of which,
I can't believe your parents
are saying goodbye to the camp!
I know, it's crazy.
I don't know, a part of me
just expected them to be
running that place forever.
I always pictured our kids
would go there someday.
Granted, if we ever have kids.
It's just impossible with
our schedule these days, but...
someday, though.
Please tell me you're coming to
the Christmas in July reunion.
Beckett already called me,
he said he's gonna be there.
Ooh, I'm not sure
I can get the time off work.
You know...
You guys know my boss.
Is that it,
or is it really
because of you know who?
Oh, Thomas.
Oh, yeah.
Should have known.
Listen, I talked to him
a couple of weeks ago.
He's teaching
at a summer school,
so I don't think he's coming.
Oh, yeah.
Apparently, he's an art teacher
at a fancy academy in Texas.
good for him.
Kelly, are you still cool
to cover me next week?
AKA be at
Mona's beck and call 24/7?
For you, I will do my best.
Oh, thank you.
Did she give you the go ahead?
Not yet.
I'm just waiting
for the right time
to remind her.
- Yeah.
- Peyton!
Come here!
Ask and you shall receive.
You won't believe
what just happened.
Everything okay?
Blair, the Savannah
travel guide writer,
just broke both her wrists...
Hang gliding.
Oh, geez.
We have to push her book,
which means
I need to find something else
to fill my slate, ASAP.
Do you remember my manuscript
on the Shanghai tunnels?
Maybe that could take its slot?
I do,
and although
it was well written,
I don't think
it's quite right for us.
But the history
of what's literally
underneath Portland
is fascinating.
Right, and if we were
a textbook company,
perhaps that might work,
but here, we publish books
that have a personal angle.
Blair grew up in Savannah,
the Civil War book
from last month
came from a descendent
of McClellan.
Your samples never seem
to have a personal connection
to the subject matter.
Well, I guess I always thought
the connection was just
shared human interest.
needs a little more than that.
But the good news is
you can have
that vacation time approved.
As long as I barely notice
you're gone.
Kelly will cover for me.
Get me a list
of all the projects
we have on deck.
Wait, so, if I brought you
a book idea
that's more personal...
then you'd consider?
I have to present
my project lineup
to the board in August.
Bring me an idea before then...
One I can't say no to...
And then maybe we can talk.
I will find something amazing.
Make it work on every level!
Thank you!
Don't thank me yet.
I can't make any promises.
Just the fact
that you're even considering
to give me a shot...
means a lot.
Make sure Kelly knows
how to work
that cappuccino machine.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun
it is to ride...
- The prodigal daughter returns!
- Sweetheart!
Oh! Welcome home!
[Dad] You look wonderful.
The place looks great!
Well, the same, but, you know,
that's why it's great.
Is anyone here yet?
- [car horn honking]
- Oh...
[crying out happily]
We're back, baby!
- You made it!
- Oh, it's so good to see you!
[car horn honking]
there's only one person I know
who would show up
to summer camp in a limo.
Surprise, surprise.
Is it?
The star has arrived!
Oh, Beckett,
do all Broadway stars
get limo rides
or are you just special?
Pey, you can say "Broadway star"
a little louder!
Oh, I've missed you!
[Beckett] I missed you!
Hey, Dave.
How's it go...
OMG, you've got
to be kidding me.
[Peyton] Is that Chris Dreskin?
Oh! Isn't he on TV now?
Like, some secondary character
on a soap in L.A..
Big whoop.
That's cool.
You guys are both actors,
both successful.
Well, yeah,
except I do live theater...
You know, I'm, like,
a real artist.
- Just a little different.
- Okay.
Well, glad to see
the rivalry has died off.
Hey, look at this, guys.
Whole gang's back together.
Well, I mean,
almost the whole gang.
- Uh...
- No, it...
Did I...
It's fine.
Welcome back,
Camp Evergreen Alumni
and families!
We are so excited
to have you all back here
this summer
to celebrate Camp Evergreen's
last Christmas in July.
Now, we've got a great week
all planned for you!
The schedules
are posted all around.
Tomorrow, you'll all start
decorating your cabins
for the annual
cabin-lighting ceremony.
[Mom] We will also have
some camp favorites,
like Capture the Wreath...
the Snowball Fight...
- Ah, that's you.
- I remember doing that.
and, of course,
our Christmas in July pageant!
Whoo! Yes!
Then on Saturday,
we will end
with a big
Christmas in July party!
[Dad] So, are you all ready
to kick this week off?
Then let's bring
our daughter, Peyton, up.
Ever when she was a little girl,
it was her job
to raise
the Christmas in July flag!
So, Peyton, for old time's sake?
Come on up!
[crowd changing] Peyton, Peyton!
Peyton, Peyton!
Nice job.
Uh-oh, uh-oh. Oh.
Well, I'll be,
if it isn't Peyton and her crew!
Chef Al!
It's so good to see you!
How do you look even younger?
Oh, hush!
Chef Al, you should be
on the beach somewhere
sipping a mai tai.
And give up
getting to serve you kids?
- How about some turkey?
- Yes!
Thank you.
Wait, who's at our table?
Oh, Peyton.
Tommy boy!
Hey! I thought
I'd save our seats.
Hey, man.
I thought you had summer school.
You're still in school?
Teaching summer school.
It got canceled...
There wasn't enough enrollment.
I caught the first plane out.
I wouldn't miss
the last Christmas in July
at Camp Evergreen!
I'm so glad you made it.
It's so good to be here.
Hey, Peyton.
Hey, Thomas.
I can't believe he's here,
and I can't believe
the only thing
he had to say to me
was "Hey, Peyton."
Well, that is a greeting...
and it is your name.
Same bunks!
What is that?
"Thought you might enjoy
a stroll down memory lane.
Love, Mom."
Oh, wow.
What is that?
All my old camp journals.
Every summer of camp.
Oh, my gosh.
Judging by these stickers,
I'm guessing we were 16.
"First day of camp!
We're finally
counselors in training!
This is going to be
the best summer ever."
"P.S. Thomas grew a few inches.
He's looking good,
but Beckett got frosted tips
and looks super cute."
Oh, my gosh,
I forgot about the summer
you came in hard crushing
on Beckett!
I know!
I thought our mutual interest
of Michael Bubl and shoes
meant we were soulmates.
"Lately, Janice always picks
the same activity as Dave
instead of me.
Pretty sure they're going
to be an item
by the end of the summer."
"I get it, though,
and, hey, it gives me time
to hang with Thomas.
Today, he helped me make
a prop for the pageant.
It was...
the journey our hormones
went on that summer!
Oh, I know.
If only I could warn
that young Peyton
not to fall so hard.
Have you ever thought
maybe this is your shot
to reconcile with Thomas?
I don't think that's possible.
Besides, I don't need
that kind of distraction
right now.
It's been years of me
trying to get my boss
to see me
as more than her assistant.
So I'm using this rare time off
to focus on an idea
that she can't say no to.
Well, I am going
to get ready for bed.
And I am going to use this time.
I am not sleeping
next to my husband,
who snores like a freight train.
I'm going to get
some really good sleep.
Hey, uh... is...
is everything okay with you two?
Yeah, of course.
It's just that, lately,
whenever I bring up
the kids thing,
he dodges it,
and I'm starting to wonder
if maybe he doesn't
want them anymore.
What? You know that's not true.
I'm sure it's just work.
And, hey, maybe you should
use this time off...
to try to talk to him about it.
Yeah. Maybe.
No ink stains.
Excuse me?
Back in the day,
you always used to write
with those gel pens,
and you had
ink stains on your hands.
Yeah, I used to have
one in every color.
I was heading to the dining hall
for some hot chocolate.
Can I grab you one?
No thanks.
You look good.
I mean, of course, you would,
just it's been a while
since I saw you.
I'm sorry.
I feel like that came out weird.
You look good, too.
About what happened...
Thomas, let's not.
I mean, there's no point
in drudging all that up.
I want to.
But I don't.
Let's just be civil,
enjoy the week.
So, I'll let you...
Okay, now this is
exactly what I picture
when I think of baby Peyton.
First one awake,
fresh camp air,
just so eager to raise
that Christmas in July flag.
Uh... no,
I don't think "eager"
is the right word.
I mean,
part of living here full-time
meant it was always
on my chore list.
Yeah, but you loved it.
Yeah, I did.
It made me feel
like the day was filled
with endless possibilities.
Aw, that's so sweet.
just the man we wanted to see.
Oh, yeah!
I get that a lot.
Since you are
a professional Broadway actor,
we were hoping...
We would be honored
if you would be in charge
of the Christmas pageant
this summer.
I am the one
who would be honored.
I literally got my start
doing these pageants.
You know I'm already
having all these ideas
for what it could be, right?
so you and Chris
can start right away.
Wait, I'm sorry, did you...
did you say Chris?
What does he have to do
with this?
We're putting you both
in charge.
[together] Oh, no,
I think they forgot.
Forgot what?
Beckett and Chris...
They were camp theater rivals.
That's just silly.
You're both adults,
you're both successful actors.
You're our camp stars.
Come on!
You guys are going to be great.
[Dad] Chris! Come on over
for a second.
Looks like you and I will be
co-directing this thing, huh?
You guys, we always rocked
at decorating this cabin.
If it was a competition,
you know we would have won.
Yeah, because you always had
Dave and Thomas over here
helping you with yours
instead of decorating our cabin.
It was a team effort.
The girls helped us
with ours, too.
Yeah, and thankfully,
because remember
the one year that we didn't,
and yours ended up looking like
a Christmas fun house...
Complete with
those weird mirrors?
It seemed like
a good idea at the time.
All right, creativity
pushes boundaries, you guys.
Anyway, it seems like you guys
all got this under control,
so I'm gonna go find
that "soap actor"
and start explaining to him
that we will be doing my vision
for the pageant this year.
All right, well, we're going
to go get some lights.
Are you guys cool
to start making ornaments?
Yeah, are you okay with that?
- Great.
- Totally cool.
- Okay.
- Okay. See you.
Is that who I think it is?
Hey, Ellen.
I get your Christmas card
every year!
I can't believe
you became an art teacher.
All thanks to you.
You send out a Christmas card?
Just to Ellen.
So glad you're home.
Oh, thank you.
Can you believe
it's our last Christmas in July?
It doesn't even feel real.
I know.
I've got a great idea!
Can I have your attention?
For those of you
who don't know...
this is Thomas,
one of my most prized campers...
Well, mostly because
he followed in my footsteps
and became an art teacher.
When he was a counselor here,
he used to teach the campers
how to make wire-star ornaments.
lead us in a demonstration?
All right,
everyone grab some wire
or pipe cleaners.
Perfect, yeah.
And then wrap the wire
around each peg...
Like this.
Hey, Teacher?
Am I doing this right?
And if you want this tighter...
I'm glad you became
an art teacher.
It suits you.
What about you?
You writing?
Oh, not professionally,
but, I mean,
I do when I can, but...
currently, I'm an assistant
to an editor
at a publishing company.
Do you like it?
At first, I thought it was
a good foot in the door,
but every time
I try to make my move,
I'm just faced
with more and more rejection.
I hope you never give up.
I always loved your writing.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All those letters
you wrote me between summers.
You always made me feel
like I was right there with you,
able to see things
through Peyton's point of view.
That's really nice
of you to say.
It's true.
I think I'm done.
You're ready to move on
to more complicated shapes.
You think?
I'll show you
how to make Rudolph?
You're the teacher.
All right.
Okay, so that's
when Santa comes out,
but he's dressed in more of,
like, a tropical look,
and then, bam,
the orchestra kicks in,
and starts playing "Copacabana".
You're joking right?
You want
a tropical-dressed Santa
to come out
and sing "Copacabana"?
And what orchestra?
The rec room
has a 30-year-old stereo?
Jeez, sorry for thinking
outside the box
and trying
to push us creatively.
Well, what's
your great idea, then?
The nativity story.
It is a Christmas pageant.
And we've seen that story,
like, a million times.
Let's do something new.
Okay, this is the last one!
Exactly why we should stick
to something more traditional.
You can't veto.
We have to agree on this.
Do we?
We come bringing
handmade ornaments.
Ooh, I want to see.
Babe, babe, babe,
hold the ladder, please.
- Oh, sorry.
- Pretty please.
You okay up there?
spending all day every day
in an office
has given him
a newfound fear of heights.
Hey, guys,
cabin's looking great!
Picked some mistletoe
off the hickories
if you guys want
to hang some up?
I love that
this is the one place
we welcome the invasion
of mistletoe on our trees.
[Mom] He's so adorable.
I got your note.
That's beautiful.
It's my favorite spot at camp.
It's better at night,
when everyone's asleep.
Well, now it's
my favorite spot, too.
You know, that garland, it's...
it's got some of
the hickory tree's mistletoe
on it.
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
Well. too bad it's around us
and not above us.
- Hello.
- Hey!
I thought...
we could put these up
before the lighting later.
[Beckett] Wow!
Official company merch...
I like it.
Where's your co-CEO?
He's on a work call.
Our job is not exactly 9 to 5.
I love that you guys ended up
an outdoor adventure company.
I mean, I should have known
with all the stuff
that Dave used to make us
carry on our hikes.
Do you guys ever think about
what you'd be doing
with your lives
if you didn't come to camp?
Like, would I have fallen
in love with theater?
I never thought about it.
Oh, come on.
You would have been
a hand model.
- Thanks?
- Yeah.
No, no, no.
Beckett is onto something.
I just realized
you all work in professions
that started here at camp.
I mean, except for me, but...
What are you talking about?
You work in publishing,
and you were always
writing in your journals
here at camp.
No, no, no.
Come on, a trained monkey
could do my job.
- No.
- Yes.
And I guess
I just always thought
I'd be a real writer by now.
You are a real writer.
I'm... I'm okay,
and I'm very happy
that you all found success.
you wanted more lights
for the side of the cabin, yeah?
I'm done eating,
I'll go grab some.
[Beckett] See ya.
I'm going to go help her out.
I'll get Alfie in to fix it.
What a mess.
Hey, is everything okay?
- Yeah.
- Not okay.
The roof is leaking.
Completely ruined the wreaths
for Capture the Wreath.
Game's tomorrow.
Everyone was
looking forward to it.
Well, don't worry, Mom.
I'm sure we can find new ones.
Honey, it's July.
None of the local stores
are going
to be carrying wreaths.
I'll make some.
You don't mind?
Not at all.
We're surrounded by pine trees,
I think I got this.
Yeah, and I can help.
Hey, thank you
for offering to do this.
I know it means a lot
to my parents.
They mean a lot to me.
Hey, how about your parents,
how are they?
I lost my dad a few months ago.
Thomas, I'm so sorry.
He was sick for a while,
still, when...
it finally happened,
it felt like
being hit by a train.
[Peyton] I'm so sorry.
One of the days near the end,
he sat down
and he told me...
about all of these things
that he wished
he had done differently.
It was really hard to hear.
But I think he did it
because he didn't want me
to live with regrets.
Have you?
But thanks to my him,
I'm going to change that.
That's why I'm here.
I want to make things right.
I forgot
how much pine needles shed.
Yeah, you do have a bunch
stuck in your hair.
They're all in there.
Now we're even.
Oh! You did not just do that.
- No! Not the glitter.
- No, I would never do it.
- It's really hard to get out.
- I would never do it.
Hard to get out!
- You're done.
- No, you don't...
No, you don't...
That's it! That's it!
[Mom] The very first tradition
my grandmother started
for Christmas in July
was decorating
each of the cabins,
and tonight,
we celebrate her legacy
with the last lighting ceremony!
[Dad] For one last time,
let's light this camp up!
8, 7, 6, 5,
4, 3, 2, 1!
How much you want to bet
Beckett ropes us into being
in the pageant this year?
Oh, I do not make bets
I know I'll lose.
So, there's an opening
on our publishing slate,
and my boss made it clear
that if the right idea
came along,
she'd consider it.
The only problem is
that she's turned down
every one of my manuscripts
I've ever brought to her, so.
What kind of stuff
have you brought her
that she turns down?
Expository non-fiction.
Sorry that I minored in history
and love documenting the past.
But she says it lacks
a personal connection.
So you need to find
a subject matter
that's personal to you
but still tickles
your history geekdom.
Easy, right?
I'm sure the right idea
will come to you.
I forgot how beautiful
this place can be.
You know, I think...
I think growing up here
I took it for granted.
It's easy to do that
when you're young.
To not realize what you have
until it's gone.
Great breakfast, you guys.
Hey, so what is
with all the boxes?
One of the hardest things
about selling the camp
is having to go
through everything.
We're not hoarders,
but we're not
minimalists either,
that's for sure.
And the silver lining
is finding some treasures.
Come, come.
You have to see this.
Oh, wow!
What was I wearing?
That was
your tie-dye-everything phase.
Oh, wait...
Was that the winter that
you guys rented the camp out
to the pastry school?
Remember everything smelled like
cinnamon for a year.
- Right.
- We loved it.
Oh, look, and there's you...
Christmas in July at what? 10?
Yes, that was the summer
that Janice and I got put
in the same bunk.
Instant besties.
Oh, I know.
I love this.
So many memories.
Not sure what we're going
to do with all of this.
Probably put it in storage?
No, it should be preserved...
in a book!
Wait, can I...
Can I take these?
Well, yeah!
Then we don't have to pack them.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Okay, thank you, guys.
Well, um...
well, I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
- Hey, guys, guess what.
- What?
So, the personal story
I've been looking for
is Camp Evergreen!
Our Christmas in July tradition.
That is the book
I'm going to pitch to my boss.
That's perfect.
It can't get
more personal than that.
Oh! Am I going to be in it?
I'm sure you'll all be in it.
I still have to pitch
the idea first, though.
[Beckett] Hey! You guys!
Beckett, you are going to be
on red team with Peyton and I,
just like old times!
[Beckett laughs]
No! Janice!
I know it's been
a really long time,
but I don't really play sports.
I have a designated
Capture the Wreath
sunbathing spot
right over there.
Well, too bad,
because we don't have
as many people this year.
Oh! Yes, well,
funny that you would
say it like that, actually,
because I might need
all of you this year...
And by "might,"
I mean I do.
For what?
Remember how much fun we all had
when we were up
on stage together?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.
I knew this was going to happen.
I knew this was going to happen.
I called it.
So barely anyone
signed up for the pageant,
and I really, really,
really, really need you guys.
All right, but only...
But only because we love you.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, I promise it will be
so much fun
and you guys will all be great
and you'll shine!
And I will just
do what I can with you,
All right, well, that means
you're playing
Capture the Wreath.
Wait, don't worry, Beckett.
I mean,
you're on the winning team.
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
If memory serves me correctly,
the green team always won.
No, no, no.
Remember that game
when we were, like, 16?
The one that we won
in the last minute?
The one we won
in the last minute.
Okay, trust me,
I remember that game
like it was yesterday.
No, I remember that game
like it was yesterday.
Well, it is just
too bad that there is
no documentation, play by play
of exactly how that day went.
Oh, wait.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay.
Nice try.
You know,
red looks really good on you.
You're not sweet-talking
this wreath away from me.
I have an idea.
Does it mean running past you
for the win?
No. No, no.
I will let you
get to the other side
you agree to become
my camp girlfriend?
You think I'm going to give up
red team dominating
this year's Capture the Wreath?
Well, I mean, it's a fair trade.
It's a win-win.
Oh, Thomas,
how little you know
the ways to a woman's heart.
And then you scored
the winning point.
Oh, and remember
what I said to you
when you came up
to congratulate me?
That we could become official
as long as I never
underestimated you again.
So you do remember.
See, I get why I thought
that we won that year...
I did end up
with the real prize.
Oh! That was really cute.
okay, well,
we should go take our spots.
I come bearing great news.
I just got us
four more cast members.
Oh, so you just
asked your friends?
Friends, fellow thespians.
Same diff.
Did you ask yours?
Mine are not performers.
Well, mine are
all very talented.
I've seen them act.
Remember the pageant of '07?
Dave had the line
written on his hands.
Oh, yeah,
you mean the summer
that I was supposed to play
the Christmas Prince,
but it somehow mysteriously
went to you instead?
I was better for the role.
You stole my audition song.
I didn't steal your song!
That was Maroon 5's latest hit...
The number one song that summer!
We all sang it!
Okay. All right.
What about the pageant of '04?
Remember that?
You were so upset
that I was the lead
that you switched out
the prop food's
green frosting for wasabi.
Luckily, I was super-profesh,
even back then,
and made it
part of my performance!
In my defense, I was 12.
Yeah, whatever.
You've always had
a problem with me,
just admit it.
I did not have
a problem with you,
I had a crush on you!
yeah, I, uh...
never mind I said that, huh?
I gotta...
go to that sports practice
Christmas thing.
I'm going!
it all seems fine
I'm so glad
you're spending it with me...
That's what I'm talkin' about!
...Underneath the mistletoe
Listen to the radio
Can't wait to go to having
some snow, snow, snow
- I'll give you this.
- Thank you, sir.
Spread the word
and smile about it
Get up, get out
And take in the feeling...
Still the best hiding spot
in the game.
I should have known.
So what's the deal
you're going to try
and make with me this time?
A second chance?
At tagging you.
Not if you can't catch me.
Peyton, you'll never guess
what just happened.
A little busy here, Beck.
Oh, right, the game.
Beckett, catch!
I did it!
I won the game!
Good game.
Sorry you were too slow.
Yeah. I missed my chance,
for sure.
Yeah, okay.
[Peyton] A crush?
I, like, legitimately
did not even know Chris was gay.
Did you?
- Did any of you?
- No.
He did always
compliment my smile, but...
That doesn't help anything.
You have a beautiful smile.
Thanks to four years of braces!
So what now?
Yeah, did it seem like the crush
was a thing of the past,
or, like...
still happening?
No clue.
You guys are going to have to,
like, feel out the vibes
at rehearsal.
Oh, yeah.
Wait, I hope
that's not this morning,
'cause I have to head into town.
- Oh, no, you're fine.
- Okay.
Oh, you guys remember
how exciting it was to go
into town when we were kids?
It was like
a mythical, faraway land.
It always felt so rebellious.
Well, I hate to disappoint
all of you,
but I'm going
to the Darlington Library.
Girl, what is wrong with you?
My parents
don't have any documents
from when the camp first opened,
so, you know,
I figured they might have some
old articles at the library.
If you want some company,
I'd love to see if that
ice cream shop is still there.
Yeah, if you want.
Oh, while you guys are in town,
do you think you could get me
some supplies for the pageant?
'Cause the props in storage
are not cutting it...
Especially with that leaky roof.
Yes. Sure.
Just make a list.
Actually, I have one right here,
so if you could just...
grab me everything right there...
In order of importance.
- Order of importance?
- Yeah.
Could you double up
on number three and seven?
Thank you!
- Yes, sir.
- Love you!
[Thomas] 1930.
It's an article about
the property being bought.
"Craig and Marion Baker
purchased 10 acres of land
just north of Darlington.
The couple has plans to build
a children's summer camp."
"With times the way they are,
everyone still needs a place
to come and experience joy."
I didn't realize
that Camp Evergreen was built
during the Great Depression.
Look, here's a photo
from opening day.
When did the Christmas in July
tradition start?
I... I think right away?
Oh! Here we go.
"Whoever thought Christmas
was strictly a winter holiday
has never met Marion Baker.
Founder and leader
of Camp Evergreen,
Baker has officially declared
an entire week of July
the new Christmas.
The camp will spend the week
the merriest season of all,
participating in traditions
and activities
typically reserved for December.
When asked her motivation
behind this new holiday,
Baker explained
that she noticed the campers
were getting homesick,
missing their families,
and she asked herself
how could she help them
feel more at home?
She realized
since the camp is a family
for the summer,
they need to bring
the magic of Christmas
to the campers."
I love that.
I knew it was created
to bring joy,
I just didn't realize
it was also
to combat homesickness.
There's an entire interview
in here.
"Baker says
that the key
to a good Christmas celebration
is to be with people
whose company you enjoy
against the backdrop of a place
that gives you comfort.
That is how she sees
Camp Evergreen.
Now and forever."
Well, it tastes just as good
as I remember.
This was fun.
Granted we only got one thing
on Beckett's list,
and I think it's a gnome,
not an elf,
and not made of ice.
But, hey...
we got some great stuff
for your book.
I'm excited
to share with the world
how much Christmas in July
meant to so many people.
You're melting.
Oh, um...
Thank you.
I know you said
not to drudge up the past,
but I do want to say...
You know, let's not...
spoil a good ice cream.
And besides,
we don't want to be late
for rehearsal.
- Of course not.
- Yeah.
I'm Santa?
I hate acting.
Why am I the lead?
The real lead is the head elf
played by me,
Right, yeah, actually,
there's two head elves
this year,
played by me and Chris.
We're both the stars.
Co-stars of the show.
Okay. Yeah. I like that.
[Peyton] Who's Betty?
And who is Skip?
[Beckett] You are. You two.
You're the other two elves.
You have less lines, so it's...
Chris came up with those names
and I think they're great.
Thank you.
- So shall we run the lines?
- Take five and learn the lines.
Oh, no.
[Chris and Beckett
talking at once]
No, you're right, we should...
You guys would probably
feel more comfortable
if you learned them before we...
No, no,
we should just dive right in.
Right, yes.
Great idea.
Okay, so, you guys, you good?
Rudolph... officially Rudolph?
- Yeah.
- Yes?
- No.
- Yeah?
- Hello.
- Hey.
Frozen eggnog?
Yes, please!
You even put in
a cinnamon stick.
Of course.
Oh, wow, look at all this.
Yeah, it's all just flowing,
you know,
how I want to arrange the book,
where it starts, where it goes.
I feel good.
I haven't seen you
smile this much in a long time.
I don't think
it's just the book, though.
What do you mean?
From not seeing the guy
for over a decade
to spending
all this time with him?
Well, he has been
really supportive...
and I forgot
how much fun we have together...
It's definitely
something I've been missing.
But, you know,
the last thing I want to do
is set myself up
for the same heartbreak.
Thomas and I don't work
outside of camp.
You know,
we already tried and failed.
Things can change,
people can change.
[Beckett] See, this way,
we get to take in the show
and are clear
out of the splash zone.
Are you sure we're out of
snowball jurisdiction?
You finding something
to hide behind?
Are those fighting words, Baker?
Oh, no.
I just want to give you
a heads-up
you're gonna get pummeled.
I think it's you who's going
to be the one pummeled.
- Nah, I don't think so.
- Oh, yeah. Watch your back.
All right, everybody,
who's ready
for a July snowball fight?
Not me.
the goal is to stay dry
and every camper for themselves!
[Mom] On your mark...
get set...
- Too close.
- No, no, no.
No splash zone, kids.
- Thank you very much.
- You promised me.
There should be a sign.
I don't see a sign.
No splash zone.
Oh, my gosh.
[phone ringing]
Sorry I keep missing your calls.
Please tell me
you've been trying to reach me
to let me know
you're on your way back.
Kelly's doing her best,
but she's no you.
No, I'm actually...
I'm not coming back till Monday,
This week is so long.
I was actually
trying to reach you because...
Well, remember when you said
that if the right book idea
came along,
we could talk?
Guess I did say that, didn't I?
Well, I have
a book proposal idea
I'm really excited
to run by you,
and I think
you'll really like it.
It definitely has
a personal angle.
Do you have some time
to chat now?
I have a conference call
in five.
How about you pitch it to me
this Friday?
Yes! That would be great.
You set it up.
Gotta run.
Snowmen s'mores time.
What's a snowman s'more?
Oh, come on,
don't tell me you forgot.
That's right...
I remember how messy these got.
[Peyton] Oh, yes.
It's the best part.
I invented them.
What? No, you didn't.
Well, I invented
giving them candy faces.
And I cannot wait
to teach your kids
how to make them one day.
One day.
[Beckett] Uncle Beckett's
going to spoil them so much.
Happy Christmas in July!
See, now, that I remember.
Please, gather round.
Welcome to
Santa's Christmas Campfire!
[Mom] This year,
we thought
we would have some fun,
by going around
and asking everyone to share
one of their favorite
Christmas in July memories.
[Dad] It can be long or short,
or sweet,
or embarrassing.
Anything goes!
Anything at all!
Not to put her on the spot,
but, Peyton,
you're the best
storyteller I know.
Would you care to start us off?
the first story
that comes to mind
happened the summer
we were all...
I want to say 16 or 17...
And that year,
we were tasked with making
gingerbread "summer" houses...
You remember, right?
Oh, come on.
Yours isn't that bad.
I think I'm just going
to put a sign on my house
that says
"property is condemned."
You just need to use more icing,
so it stays together better.
Thank you,
I've used half the tub.
Here, this will help
keep it together.
It's my own special concoction.
And I need some peppermints.
Do you guys want anything?
I guess I'll give this
another try.
What in the world...
what's the deal
with this frosting?
Why did you use your fingers?
Why would I not use my fingers?
Dude, that is glue!
It's a mixture
of the strongest glues that
I could find in the art room.
Why would you use real glue
for a gingerbread house?
It helps it last longer.
I thought we were
going to eat these?
What? No. I wasn't.
Wait, were you?
I mean...
You could have told me!
Okay, okay. Okay.
Everybody needs
to take a breath.
Should Beckett go
wash his hands?
No, no, no.
It won't come off
with just water.
No, no, no!
Don't pull it!
It'll peel the skin off!
Thomas! What do you mean
I'll peel the skin off?
This isn't funny!
I don't know
why you guys are laughing!
What is funny about this?
Does this look funny?
Beckett had that gumdrop
stuck to him for two days.
You are just so lucky
that I can laugh about this now
because I was so mad at you.
- Do you remember?
- Of course, I do.
Thank you, Peyton.
That was a delight!
Thank you.
Who's next?
[Thomas] I hope
the gingerbread house mishap
makes it in the book.
[Peyton] Yeah. Absolutely.
My goal is to make the reader
feel like they were
a camper here.
[Thomas] Good,
then I can revisit this place
anytime I want.
Christmas in July always felt
way more important to me
than any Christmas in December.
Of course.
It was
all because of you, though.
Don't do that.
Do what?
Tell you the truth?
No, because
if you really felt that way,
you wouldn't have ended things
so abruptly.
I was 18.
Okay, you...
You really want to do this?
because I came here
to apologize.
I hate that I hurt you.
Thomas, I tried so hard
to make things work
after we left camp.
I mean, I visited you at college
every other week,
I wrote you letters,
emailed, called,
and all you did
was just pull
farther and farther away,
until one day,
you called and said
you couldn't do it anymore,
and just blamed it
on the long distance.
I was terrified
of letting you down.
Being with you at camp
came naturally,
it made sense,
but out in the real world...
the future was so uncertain.
My parents got married young
and had a horrible divorce.
I didn't want that for us.
I thought I was doing
the right thing.
By not calling me back?
By just freezing me out?
It was your decision
to go no contact afterward.
Yeah, because I was devastated.
I mean, I loved you, and...
I mean, maybe I was naive,
but I just...
thought what we had
was bigger than camp,
but I was wrong.
I want you to know,
from the bottom of my heart,
I'm sorry.
Everything okay?
Yeah, just, you know,
a lot on my mind.
[Thomas] Look, see,
that's his arrow.
No, no, it's just his arm.
And his body...
It's more of a square.
Okay, do you see
those four stars?
Yeah, that's his belt.
No! It's not Orion!
It's Hercules.
Well, now you're just naming
Greek heroes.
Orion is visible in the winter
and Hercules is most prominent
in summer.
Okay, Miss Astronomer,
you know what,
I'll take your word for it.
You're the one
who reads way too much.
Well, how else am I going
to learn everything
about the world?
I want to learn everything
about you.
You already know everything.
There's still one thing
I'm not sure about.
What's that?
What you'll say to this.
To what?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Yeah, thanks, guys.
We'll make some tweaks
before the run-through.
Good job.
did not go well.
You realize
what's happening here?
We may be trying to stage
a $50-million production
for a camp Christmas pageant?
Well, that, yes,
but ever since I told you
I had a crush on you,
you've been agreeing
with everything I've said.
You've been agreeing
with everything I've said.
Which has created
the most confusing play
in history.
All right,
we need to be honest
with each other
if this is going to work.
You've tried to fit in the plot
of five to six '80s movies
in a very simple play
about Santa and his elves.
And there are
way too many dance numbers.
All right...
and I feel like
you want all of this
to be so straightforward
that you're gonna put
the entire audience to sleep.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- There.
- Yeah.
- We were both honest.
- Uh-huh.
I guess...
I'm a more traditional guy
you're better
at thinking outside the box.
Well, I do
sometimes have a tendency
to maybe go a bit,
occasionally, at times,
over the top.
I can cut a few
of the dance numbers.
- A few?
- Okay, all but the finale?
That makes more sense.
See, we can do this.
We just need to come together.
I'm in if you're in.
Good news, guys.
I found a smoke machine!
Great, Frank.
Thank you!
Where is everyone?
I don't know. Why?
Chris and I almost kissed.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!
Oh, Pey,
I feel like a teenager again!
I feel like I'm finally getting
that camp moment
all of you guys got
and I never had.
What do you mean?
Come on,
Janice and Dave
started crushing on each other
when they were, like, 10,
you got with Thomas
after puberty,
and I just never had
any options...
At least I thought I didn't.
Wait, I didn't...
I didn't know
that you felt that way.
I wasn't even out
to myself back then.
I'm sure all of you guys knew,
and I knew, too,
I just didn't want
to be different,
I never got that camp crush,
you know?
Or that camp flirt,
or that camp kiss.
Oh, that sounds crazy,
but maybe, finally now,
after all these years,
I'm going to get
a second chance at it.
You deserve
all the happiness in the world.
Thanks, Peyton.
So do you.
[door opening]
I was wondering
where you went off to
after rehearsal.
Wanted to finish this sketch.
I love it.
Just wanted to remember
last night,
the campfire part.
You just...
You put in
the constellation Orion.
Yeah, he's one of
the constellations
in the night sky.
No, he's not...
He's not visible in the summer.
Are you sure?
We have had
this exact conversation before.
I'm pretty sure
it felt like dj vu,
but I'm pretty sure
I was right the last time, too.
Okay, come here.
I'll show you.
[Peyton] Sorry,
can you say that
just a little bit louder?
You were right, I was wrong.
And what is that one
actually called?
It's funny the things
that I remember
versus what you remember.
I remember
all the important things.
You kissed?
And it was a good kiss.
I mean, it felt familiar
but also new.
This is wow!
What does this mean?
What now?
I don't know.
We... we said goodnight,
went our separate ways,
went to bed,
now here I am telling you.
I think this could be
the start of something new,
a second chance maybe?
I just... I don't know.
I mean, part of me wonders
if we're just caught up
in the nostalgia of camp.
I live in Portland,
he has a job he loves in Texas.
See, I feel silly for even
thinking it out loud.
A kiss might not mean anything,
and I don't want
to read too much
into a fleeting moment.
Right, but it's hard not to.
I mean, you once dreamt
about forever with him.
Maybe it can still happen?
But I can't let it take up
all my brain space capacity.
I'm pitching the book
to Mona today.
I have to get this right.
I cannot face
another one of her rejections.
You're right,
you need to focus.
Put the kiss on the back burner.
After you tell me
all the details.
Okay, okay.
You know, I just want to say
before I start,
I am so thrilled
to be sharing
this idea with you,
and I think it's exactly
what Lincoln Hill Publishing
has been missing.
Well, let's see what you got.
I do have a hard out
at 5:00, though.
I will jump right in.
Calvin Coolidge once said
that Christmas is not a time
nor a season,
but a state of mind,
and no one embodied
this idea more
than my great-grandmother,
Marion Baker,
the founder
of Christmas in July.
[Dave] Rudolph, your sleigh...
Your sleigh...
Your sleigh machine...
What is it?
No. You know what...
I'm writing my lines
on my hand again.
Don't tell Beckett.
He's going to freak out.
How did you and Janice do it?
Make it last?
You know, not let
all the insecurities
of young love creep in?
I don't know.
I guess I just never
let that overtake
how I felt about her.
You know, before I came to camp,
I always felt like
something was missing.
I met her, and it just...
that feeling was gone.
I know that's cheesy,
and I was young,
I also knew that it was rare.
I wish I could have been
more like you.
What do you mean?
With Peyton?
We kissed last night.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
It was...
it was incredible.
I came here
wanting to apologize,
instead, I end up
falling in love with her
all over again.
Isn't that a good thing?
Why don't you look happy
about it?
I'm scared,
just like I was the last time,
that I'm going to mess it up,
the way my parents did.
Thomas, you're not them.
You're you.
Maybe we should both
stop being scared
about taking the next step.
I'm afraid
I'm not going to be a good dad.
That is literally impossible.
You have always been the guy
who puts his mind to something
and succeeds.
Your relationship with Janice,
your company, everything.
This will be no different.
Pageant Santa,
on the other hand,
that needs some work.
- A lot of work.
- Yeah.
That moved me.
It did?
The way it began,
how it adapted over the years...
Oh, the traditions.
You're really
on to something here.
Now, who did you have in mind
to write it?
I'm confused,
I thought it was obvious.
I want to write this book.
I think you're a bit too green,
not enough experience
for something of this caliber.
But so much of the book
will be coming from my journals,
my memories,
my family connection.
You wanted a personal story,
this is personal.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, I gotta pop off,
but let me think about it, okay?
- Hey.
- Hey.
You weren't at breakfast.
How was the pitch?
well, it didn't go
exactly as I hoped.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, Mona said
she'd think about it,
but, you know,
that usually means no.
This time could be different.
I just...
I don't think
I'm cut out to be a writer.
Of course you are.
Well, maybe this is bad timing,
but I was hoping
that we could...
talk about the other night?
Yeah, of course.
[Beckett] All right!
Gather 'round, fellow thespians!
This is it!
You do need that many sparkles.
Don't even ask.
You guys,
just remember
to have fun out there, okay?
And if you do forget
any of the choreography,
I'll kill you.
Okay. Chris.
Anything you want to say?
Let's do
Camp Evergreen's legacy proud!
Rudolph, look!
We're at the North Pole!
Your time machine sleigh worked.
The only way we'll know
if we successfully closed
the time loop
and saved the elves
from the avalanche
in the North Pole
is if we see them
in the workshop.
I think I hear something.
That's the sound the elves make
during their celebration dance
after they finish making
all the presents!
[audience] Oh!
We did it!
We saved the elves
and we saved Christmas!
Cue the lights.
Best pageant ever.
These are for you.
That's funny...
because these are for you.
Your dance number
was spectacular.
You were the one who made it
all a coherent story.
What now?
Well, I guess we still have
the Christmas party tomorrow.
Tomorrow, what happens
between us?
There's something here, right?
But I go straight back
to New York after the party.
I just got cast
in a workshop for a new show.
I have to be back on set
Monday in L.A., so.
I guess that answers that.
If only we had
our own reindeer time machine.
could have had a camp romance
they'd still be
telling stories about.
Missed opportunity.
It's probably better
in the long run.
Yeah, totally.
Easy. Easy.
Why Beckett insisted
you glue on fake eyebrows
to match the beard
is beyond me.
I don't know.
He said it was authentic,
or method,
or some sort of actor word.
Here we go.
Did you talk to Peyton yet?
No. I haven't had the chance,
but I have given it
a lot more thought.
Long distance didn't work then
and it won't work now.
But I'm going to show her
I'm serious this time.
I want to find
an apartment in Portland.
Look at you, all grown up.
All right, back to work, doctor.
Save my eyebrow.
I don't know...
[phone ringing]
Peyton, great news!
I found the perfect writer.
Annette Doyle.
She did that book
on all those Amish farms.
Peyton, you there?
I really can't write it?
I just think you're too green.
But Doyle will be great,
and I'll include you
in all the meetings,
every step.
You can show her your journals.
You there?
Mona, I'm sorry, but I...
I can't work for you anymore.
I quit.
There you are.
I was looking for you
You disappeared after the show.
The book is a no.
Mona's only interested
if there's
another writer attached.
That makes no sense.
Well, it does in a way.
She doesn't want to take a risk,
and I'm a risk.
Maybe she just knows
I'm not cut out to be a writer.
Hey, hey.
Let's get some food,
and maybe a hot chocolate?
Let's talk about all this.
I can't.
I'm headed to my parents' place
to tell them that I'm ready
to take over the camp.
Well, it makes the most sense.
I love it here,
and it's my family's legacy.
But you want to be a writer,
you always have.
Yeah, well...
you of all people should know
that sometimes
things don't work out
the way we want them to.
I don't understand.
Did I do something wrong?
I thought we were going
to talk about the kiss?
I'll save you the trouble.
We got caught up in the moment,
you know, I get it.
We were always just a camp fling
and not meant to exist
in the real world.
I gotta go.
Well, I thought you two
would be non-stop smiling
after my decision last night.
At first, I was elated,
but then your father reminded me
that, ever since
you were a little girl,
you had a dream...
But that dream
is not to take over this place,
it's to be a writer,
to live in the big city,
to have a life of your own.
Yeah, but, Mom, it's just...
It's not working out for me.
It's a sign.
Besides, you guys know that I...
I love it here.
It's home.
Yes, it is home,
but it's also all-consuming.
Between the remoteness,
and struggling to make it
an event space
during the winter,
it's endless hours,
and I know, deep down inside,
you don't want to have to deal
with all of that,
you never did,
but that's okay.
Especially since
the reason that we're retiring
is we just can't do it anymore.
Then what is going
to happen to all this?
We got an offer on the land.
We're going to take it.
The buyer wants to turn
this entire place
into a destination
Christmas-tree farm.
That actually...
Well, that seems very fitting.
I think your great-grandmother
would approve.
I just can't go back
to being Mona's assistant again.
So don't.
You'll find a new path...
Your path.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Kelly.
I don't know if you heard.
No, I know you quit.
I overheard Mona talking
about it with Steve.
I'm so sorry
I didn't give you a heads-up.
It was all a bit...
Bit spur of the moment.
I get it.
I'm calling
because I overheard Mona saying
that the reason she kept
turning down your manuscripts
was because she didn't want
to lose you as an assistant.
Wait, really?
Yeah. I thought you should know,
and because
I loved your camp pitch,
and your Shanghai Tunnel
I couldn't put it down.
Don't give up.
thank you, Kelly.
That means a lot.
Coffee when
you get back in town?
Yes. My treat.
Oh, thank you.
I can't believe this is the last
Christmas in July party.
I know.
I hate endings.
Me too.
But maybe endings are just
a chance for new beginnings.
Are you breaking into song?
If it would help with
what I'm about to say next,
- then maybe I should.
- Please don't.
I didn't mean
what I said the other night.
I was just afraid of rejection.
I think we should date.
You know, at least go on a date.
I really want to try.
I like you.
A lot.
Probably too much.
I like you.
A lot.
Probably too much.
I'd love to go
on a date with you,
maybe two or three.
Finding love at camp.
Who woulda thought?
I miss that.
I miss us.
what if we took a step back
from our company?
Not permanently,
but hired someone
to do the day to day?
so we could start a family?
So you're not afraid anymore?
Oh, no, I'm terrified...
Absolutely terrified...
It's like
I'm the world's tallest ladder.
As long as we're together,
that's the only thing
that matters.
It looks like you two
are enjoying the party.
Oh, hey, I almost forgot.
This is for you.
- Who's it from?
- Thomas.
Wait, did you guys already talk?
Yeah. Yeah, we...
we talked.
So? You're going
to make it work?
I heard you backstage yesterday.
I know he doesn't think
long distance is going to work.
That's why he's looking at
apartments in Portland.
I think you should open
the envelope.
- First date.
- First date.
Why didn't you tell me
you were looking for apartments
to rent in Portland?
I didn't get the chance.
That's quite a commitment.
Losing my father taught me
that you can't
take things for granted.
If you have love...
hold on to it,
as tight as you can.
And what we had was love.
[Peyton] Beckett...
I love it.
I love you.
Okay, Thomas's turn.
I thought we said nothing big.
Well, it's just...
It's a little something.
It's done?
[Peyton] It's just a mock-up.
It doesn't officially come out
until July,
but, you know,
I wanted you
to have the first copy.
You used my drawing!
Yeah, of course, I did.
Pass it around!
Oh, that's so pretty.
I got a little something
for you, too.
I thought we weren't
supposed to do any...
Spend all your Christmases
with me?
- Yes?
- Yes!