Campfire Deadbydawn (2024) Movie Script

- Beautiful
- Patience.
I can't because stupid.
And if I'm dreaming, want
to take it all the way
because you're making me,
All in.
- How am you gonna be
writing that story of yours?
I mean, it depends.
I must finish the story out,
because this might be a big hit
for publishers and agents to pick up.
I didn't mean anything like
that, sweetie. Of course.
I want you to have a successful
career as a writer and all.
It's just that, well, it's
kind of Father's Day today,
and you don't say anything to me.
Happy Fathers Day Dad.
I'm sorry if I didn't mention this before,
but today I'm supposed
to be going out with Mac
and Dylan into the wild, you
know, have some time together
with friends having fun in the woods.
- Yeah. Yeah. That's fun and all.
But you call going into
the woods at night. Fun.
Also, I thought you told me, Mackin,
I had been really messed with you.
You said that they don't like you
because you're kind of
like a geek to them.
- Yes. I might have
mentioned that a few times,
but no, they hate on me
because I'm a published writer
and I go places in life and they're not
- Okay.
No, you're not gonna understand this.
But if they're gonna hate
on you for trying to be
so great in life, why
even hang out with them?
- What, Jerry? Let's go.
- You're right. But eventually
I'll dispute that she,
- No, I got this.
- Do not knock on my door
and yell so loud. I have neighbors here,
- Idiot.
Sorry, sir. I didn't mean
to upset for nothing.
Happy Father's Day, by the way.
- Well, thank you Mac. Jerry, come on out.
- No, I was gonna bike there.
Good to see you. Hey, how
you big? I'm good. You good?
Hey, Jerry. How are you?
Y'all ready? Let's go. Go.
All right, y'all, let's go. Let's go. Go.
- Beautiful. Patience.
- I got nothing for you.
- You look,
- I got no for you
- That I got I,
- Hello?
- Hello? Yes. Yes. Jared is here.
- Hey, baby. I don't know about you,
but I am having the most boring
Father's Day in the universe.
Jerry's never been gone on Father's Day.
She's always been here with me.
Yeah. I guess she went out with her.
So-called friends on a
camping trip out in the
forest at night.
She doesn't know her way
around the woods, but I do.
- I hear you. But kids will be kids,
you know, she'll be fine.
- They're not kids.
They're young adults in their
mid twenties slash early
thirties, and they're
irresponsible as hell.
- All right. Well, you know what?
I have a feeling that you're
just feeling a little down on
yourself because it's Father's
Day and you're all alone.
So I've come to surprise
you. Come open your door,
- Huh?
Alright, I'll be right there.
- Okay. I don't know about y'all,
but I'm ready to get this
shit popping out here.
Get my radio out.
- Yes. I
- Damn palm.
Are you, you really can't dance.
- I, it is better than you can.
- I just love pop rock.
- It's not gonna,
- What's wrong, babe?
- You're acting like you
don't want this. I I do.
I just Not with our
friends listening in. Yeah.
'cause it's daylight and all
of our friends can hear us.
Look, I'm outta of war.
I don't just have sex
right next to our friends
who are listening in and are gonna hear us
and think, oh, I wonder
what they're doing in there.
Come on, babe. They don't care.
- I know you won't me.
- I do. Just not in public.
- Bye. Whatever.
Jerry behind you.
- Shit.
- You're all fucking Ruth trying
to disturb my peace while I'm
over there trying to sleep.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you.
All I want you to do is leave.
- Okay? Wait a minute, man.
You can't tell us to leave.
You don't own these fucking woods,
okay? I mean, you're literally
- Homeless, right?
- Yeah. Man. What the fuck
you talking about? You crazy,
- Huh?
Fucking Bob.
- Guys, get back behind. Have a gun. Guys.
- You guys are chicken shits.
I told you I want peace now.
I need another dollar for
another beer for the nugget
- Chicken.
Shit. What the fuck's you call me. Hey.
- It's okay. It's okay. I I have dollar.
That makes me feel better.
- Thank you. I'll leave you alone now.
- Good Ritz,
- Right?
- I think an apology
for you for talking rude
to me the way it did back at the station.
I mean, you know, I didn't
mean anything by that.
And you've gotta stop feeling
your feelings hurt every
single little thing that
ever happens to you.
I don't, it just seems like
you bash me every time.
And all I've tried to do is be nice to you
as a friend, bash you.
I am supportive of you. I
bought one of your books.
Jerry, if you did, then tell me
what was the first chapter about?
Okay, listen. I bought
the book. I really did.
Jerry, then that's supportive of you.
I, to answer your question, though,
I have not read the first
chapter of the book just
because I genuinely don't have time.
I know. Because you didn't
just stop lying to mely.
Be a real friend.
Now, it's funny, Jerry,
I am your real friend.
In fact, all of us are here.
It doesn't seem like
it, but you know what?
Let's just forget about it.
Just enjoy our night and tell
creepy stories to each other.
- No. No.
- Oh, shush. It's just
an accident. That's just
- Like Palmer, honestly.
- Okay. Okay.
So everyone feel like
telling their stories.
So who wants to go first?
- I guess I'll go, since I have all
the scared tales in mind.
This one goes like this.
There's this sick psycho freak.
He rapes his victims in the
woods in broad daylight.
Not the night. Get a lot of this.
What's a man named?
- That's a fucked up story.
Mac. I mean, I'm, I'm sorry.
Who's ready to tell their
story? Next? Come on.
- No, Jerry. I think you
have enough stories to tell.
We'll let other people tell them. No.
Hey, don't do her like that.
Just give her a chance.
Especially since Mac
just told an awful story.
What her tell her story.
- Well, if no one's gonna tell
a story, then I guess I will.
So this story is about a madman
that becomes a unrighteous sinful.
Even he was a farmer
with a family, a wife, two children.
But he was an evil man.
Ugly mean.
- What did he do? Quiet,
- I'll tell you.
So this man would come
home from the tavern drunk,
probably finishing up one of his fights.
He would brutally beat his wife,
- He,
- And punish his children.
He once had his nose bitten
off in one of his bar brawls.
And he didn't feel a thing.
- Well, - Shit, this guy's
dangerous. Sorry. Continue.
It was actually on a night,
much like tonight, which
I come to think of it.
It was exactly like tonight.
The woods were quiet
and dark tensions were building.
And the farmer just went stark raving mad.
That night. He returned
home with an ax in his hand.
He came up to his bedroom,
his wife was sleeping,
and he stood over her.
He took his ax and drove it into her neck.
But that wasn't enough. He had
this insatiable blood list.
So he continued down to his son's room
and continued to hack away.
And that wasn't enough. So he went down
to his little girl's room,
looked down upon her, and
drove that ax into her bit
by bit until she was in pieces too.
And as if nothing ever
happened, he went to the tavern.
He walked up to the bar,
put his bloody acts on the
table and ordered a beer.
Well, the townsfolk had soon
found out what he'd done.
And let's just say it wasn't so good
for the mad farmer, or so they thought,
- I don't know you guys,
this kind of sounds
like a true story.
- 10 men dragged him kicking
and screaming to the nearest tree.
They had hoisted him high up in the air,
and one of the men grabbed his bloody ax
and drove it into the side
of his face, leaving a deep
bloody gash.
They left him there hanging for dead.
It was then that the
next morning they come up
to find him when he's gone.
And not only that, but his wife
and his children had
also ended up missing.
And they were never to be found again.
So you think you're a master
of horror, huh? Come on.
How could the bodies never
be found? I don't know.
Mack, all I do know is
on nights like this,
when the moon is full, he's
out there stocking the woods,
looking to cut someone's
head off with an ax
or hang them from the nearest tree.
Are you trying to be funny
or something? Dylan Palmer.
I have a reason. I
haven't told you his name.
Yeah, I know the name. It's
from a movie called Madman.
You made that shit up you crazy ass.
I'm glad you noticed. And it
was a good, scary story. Right?
Fair enough. Let's hear for
somebody we haven't before.
Linda, you're up next.
- I'd love to tell you my story, guys.
I'm the real storyteller here.
Oh my God, Jerry, we don't
wanna hear your story.
Let someone tell a story
that's not a published author.
- You know what?
- This,
- It's getting late.
She still hasn't called me back yet.
So you know what I'm gonna
do? I'm, I'm gonna go go
to the fourth drag arrest
- Back here.
- Okay? Okay. I hear you. You're right.
Maybe we should try calling her again
and see if she answers.
And don't worry,
we are gonna figure it out.
Okay? I mean, I can even come with you.
Do you want me to come with you?
- No, no, no. You, you,
you really don't want it.
It's the woods. It's dangerous.
- Just let me handle,
- Just hoping.
- Well, you know what? Let's just relax.
Like I said, guarantee you
she's gonna call you back
and she'll be back wasting than anything.
- We'll,
- All right.
Well, you know what? I should get going.
It's gonna late and you're gonna
have to leave soon anyways.
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Are you sure you're gonna
be safe? It's, it's late.
It's really far away.
It's like four hours away.
And you're gonna meet her
out in the middle of nowhere.
- Oh yeah. I'll be fine.
I'll be fine. No problem.
I'll probably make it there
before the sun up since
it's midnight already.
Oh yeah. Listen, I'll be,
I, let me get the keys.
I'll be right there. I'm
on my way out too. Anyway.
- Hey Jerry, where are you going? Okay.
Who's there? Go come out,
show yourself who's there.
Show yourself
- Who
- Come out.
- You guys hear that?
- Yeah. It sounded like Jerry
- Guys, she could
- Be getting mauled by a wild
- Bear.
It's not funny, Dylan. She
might actually be in danger.
Listen, we might have
to split up the stairs
here, don't you think?
Listen, I think we need
to split up the search
mirror, don't you think?
No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We are not splitting up like
we're in some horror movie.
Mac. I mean, I think he's right. Mac.
I don't think we should split
him. I think we should find
together why someone else
might find her Before I do.
Rose, you come with me, Palmer.
Jerry, Jerry,
Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,
Jerry, Jerry.
I really hope Jerry's okay.
Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- Help me, please. Who's
out there? Please help me.
The boys hurt me.
- Who hurt you? Hey,
we're, we're here to help.
Come on. Show yourself.
Come out. Come on out.
- It's,
- It's not safe out here. Just come out.
- Oh, you know, you know what?
Hey, just guys, this may not be Jerry's.
- Who else's hand would it be?
It's obviously Jerry's hand.
- Watch out.
- Help me.
- Ah,
ah, ah,
- Wait.
Can y'all hear that?
- I think it was Linda.
- I mean, maybe
somebody's getting fucked up.
We should probably go back right now.
- I mean, what if it's not Linda?
What if it's the killer fucking with us?
I mean, everyone's just
dropping off one by one.
I don't wanna fucking go back.
Okay? I don't wanna go back,
- Rose.
I don't know if that's the killer.
That's Linda or fucking Jerry.
But we're not gonna just leave
them and abandon our people.
Now you're gonna come with me
and I'm not gonna let shit happen to you.
Do you understand?
We're to get our friends
and we get outta these fucking woods.
- Okay?
- Okay. Let's go back.
- Please,
please, please, please.
I didn't even like him. I swear
son of a bitch. Hey,
- I told you you'd have to
split up and look what happened.
Dylan is dead. And maybe Linda too.
Back the fuck up, Palmer.
Now listen, it's your fault
that we split up in the first place and
'cause of that, Dylan's dead.
And Linda May be too. Now he
ain't. Shit. Come on, Palmer.
You're a tough guy, right? Come on.
- Hey guys. Stop. Rich. Max, max.
Stop Palmer. Guys, stop it.
- Stop me, Dylan. Palmer. Get off me.
You listen to me. We are
not splitting up anymore.
You hear me? I'm in charge now.
- No. Fuck this idiot. Fuck both
- Of you. All You all
- Stick.
I'm out of here. We
- Anyway.
Oh yeah. Really?
Oh my God.
Fine, fine. Okay. May,
maybe it was my fault.
No shit, Sherlock.
- You,
- You're right.
- Yeah.
- Let's just get
- Outta,
- I'm gonna be six.
You've slaughtered shit, man.
How do you know
- Leader?
- You guys stop arguing
for once and put your heads together.
Can't you tell we are in a
very dangerous situation here.
- You're right. Gross.
Sorry. 'cause of me.
I hadn't split us up. Maybe
this wouldn't have happened.
- Keep moving and look for Jerry.
'cause she might still be alive. You know,
- Let's move along.
- I mean, maybe that homeless man from
earlier has something to do with this.
He's the last guy we've seen.
- What do you mean he's
homeless for God's sakes.
How could he have done it?
Chris, I think I hear something.
Did you hear it?
- Okay.
- Show yourself.
- Hey, show yourself.
- Oh
- My God.
- Oh my God.
- Palmer,
come on, fucker.
You and me. Come on. No,
- Please don't.
- Please, please, babe.
Please don't do, stay
- Back.
- My God.
- Where you going? Chicken Shit. Matt,
come on out.
You son of a bitch. Come out
- All fall before him.
All love him.
No way.
- You're dead.
- Not quite. No.
But do you wanna hear another story?
This one's real is you.
- It's not be real. It's, and now you die.
Help help somebody.
Help you. Can't hard iMac.
We'll always fight
Where'd he go? Where'd you go?
Fuck. Getting the fuck outta here.
I made, I made it.
I made it. I fucking made it.
Get the fuck out.
I gotta go back.
- Fuck.
- I am not gonna leave her.
What the fuck do you want, man?
Who the fuck is that
- Shit?
- It's fucking insane. Is
stay the fuck away from me
and just leave us the fuck alone.
Stay the fuck back.
I warning you, you stay the fuck. Back.
Mac Rose.
If this is a joke, it's not funny.
- Fuck you
A fucking killer of the loose man.
I quit.
- Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
- Hello? Where to go?
No, I hit somebody now.
Shouldn't even be driving.
- Ra me
- Father,
- Take us.
And being dead is just so
better than being fucking alive.
'cause there is just no feeling or thought
- Or
- Ache.
There is simply only pain.
- What the
- Fuck are you talking about?
You're, you're dead. How?
How, how the fuck did you come back?
Join us and you'll finally
see what I say.
Just darkness. Just darkness.
- This
- Can't be true.
- Fucking
- Die. Bitch.
Fucking die.
You are not real.
- At least if dead. I won't have
- To worry about
- Fuck.
No. It's okay. It's okay.
Rose. It's me. Palmer.
It's Palmer. Her. Oh, shit.
I, I, I heard an explosion and
I, I was just looking around
and I, I saw, I saw a, a creature
with, with a burning
body right below me. And
- What I, I heard that explosion too.
I thought you were dead.
- No, you left me for dead. And Mac too.
Where is he, by the way?
- I'm so scared. I'm so scared.
Linda was just back for the night
and she was trying to kill
me just a few seconds ago.
But, but I had to really
that it wasn't real.
'cause as soon as I opened my eyes,
she finished into the darkness.
I don't, I'm so scared.
- No, no. Rose. Where is Mac?
- Oh my God. Oh my God.
- Oh fuck.
- Oops.
- Oh my God.
- God, come on. Yes,
- We gotta go. We don't have
- Time.
How do we know you're
not the killer? Yeah.
- I would be here talking to you.
If I was the killer, I would
be killing you right now.
Right? You have to trust
me. I'm here to help.
I know these woods. Come on.
- I trust you. I trust you. Okay,
- Listen guys, this is where
we should stay for the night,
you know, until morning anyway.
- Wait, are you
- Insane?
I ain't sleeping here until morning.
What are the killers out there
about to kill us in their
- Sleep?
- No, you fucking
idiots. I'm here to help.
Instead of running around these
woods like fucking morons,
waiting for the killer
to kill us one by one.
We stick together. We have to
stick together until morning.
Okay? Okay. Now come on. Let's sit.
What do you think?
- I think he's right. We
should stay here until morning.
Okay? Okay. Come on.
- Trust me guys.
I know these woods. We need
to sit here until morning.
Okay, Tom, we will leave.
Okay? Trust me on this.
I know this place. It's my
home and I'm tired too.
- Well, pleasant dreams. Okay?
Just, just get some sleep, okay?
- I find myself alone again,
all alone with you.
I can see behind the things
that I, if you,
I wanna know what you are thinking.
There are some things you can't hide.
I want know what you are feeling.
Tell me what's on your mind.
I know I could break you down,
but what could, would it do?
I could that
say true here,
I'm silent.
nothing else to say.
I what you thinking.
There are some things you can hide.
I what Feeling.