Campton Manor (2024) Movie Script


[breathing heavily]

[exhales sharply]
Good morning, Miss Danner.
'Morning, Teddy.
Nice to see you here
early first thing.
Any appointments?
Mr. Lasitz is already
waiting in your office.
In my office?
He didn't want to stay
in the holding area.
I tried talking to him
about it, but...
-Uh huh.
-You know how it is.
Not paid enough to deal
with a hard ass.
Not paid enough to deal with
you, let alone the hard asses.
Thank you.
You know, Jack,
you're gonna have to start
being nicer to my employees.
I simply can't afford the ones
that would put you
in your place.
Looking for your notebook?
Uh, yeah.
No, it's, uh... here on my desk.
No worries.
I'll just use this
to take notes.
So, I was thinking, um...
not really sure if I have
much time, so, uh...
thought I'd run
something by you.
I can trust you to tell me
the truth, right, Teddy?
Of course, you can.
Authors can't get the story
if we're not above board.
Sadly, there's no
Pulitzer Prize for lying.
But you're not really
a journalist, are you, Teddy?
A journalist slash novelist.
I pride myself
on being able to do both.
So, Jack, let's get back to
what you're doing in my office.
I want to, uh...
I want to know more
about your gift.
Now, c'mon, Teddy.
Your horror novels are obviously
based on real-life events.
I mean any reader can tell that.
The truth will
set you free, right?
That's what we all want.
I just want you to confirm
for me what I already know.
I, uh... don't like
to talk about it.
We all have things
we don't want to talk about.
What is it that you want
to know, Jack?
You see the dead.
Yeah. Kind of.
For how long?
Uh, ever since I was a kid,
shortly after my father passed,
when it started.
So he would visit you?
No, not him. Uh...
Actually, things far worse.
I didn't like the whisperers
who didn't have the guts
to show themselves.
Always in your ear,
though, you know?
And then?
And then, uh, I could
see people.
It started with older
but as I got older,
I could see other people,
and people would show themselves
to me if they wanted.
So, all this build-up about you
cracking unsolved cases was...
Was because I could speak
with the deceased, yeah.
So let's get back to why
you're in my office.
Why'd you become a writer?
It's... who I am.
I saw no reason to, uh, change,
because of the gift.
So, you use your gift
for your own benefit.
Yeah, pretty much.
And how do you feel about that?
My accountant
loves it. [chuckles]
So back to what it is
that you're doing here--
Ahh... really? Again?
[inhales, exhales]
Good morning, Miss Danner.
In my office, really?
He's been here all morning.
Two days in a row.
That's some kind of record.
Perfect. Thanks.

Jack. In my office,
making yourself comfortable.
What can I do for you?
Campton Ball.
I have information on it.
Well, that was a long time ago.
Yeah. It was a big New
Year's Eve party.
Fancy rich people.
The rumour is
that everyone died.
Yes, everyone died. Very tragic.
It's unsolved.
Well, it's hard to solve
murders without any wounds.
You know, no reason
for their deaths
outside of their hearts
That's good enough
reason for me.
So, what is it
you're trying to tell me?
I'm not just trying
to tell you something.
I'm trying to show
you something.
All right, what's that?
That the dead don't stay dead.
There's nothing dangerous about
people that have passed.
Well, we'll have to agree
to disagree on that.
Fair enough.
Uh, so, back to the party.
Not everyone died.
Really? I didn't know that.
Yes, it was a big fancy party,
right? Important people.
And... where did they
all end up?
It's New Year's, so you drink,
you kiss at midnight,
you go home.
Okay. But many stayed.
Yeah, the real movers
and shakers stayed.
See, there's always one more
tale to tell,
there's always one more deal
to make,
there's one more girl to chase.
See, the others,
they're just pretenders.
They're more interested
in screwing
than moving up the
societal ladder.
Mm-hm. And what's your point?
There's a reason
all those people died.
Yes, of course. There always is.
This is not just fodder
for one of your books.
I'm trying to get you
to understand
what happened that night.
And I'm trying to appeal
to your journalistic side,
not that bloodsucking thing
you do for money.
Uh, easy. All right,
I'm interested.
I like mysteries.
Go on.
This is a lot darker
than a normal
murder investigation,
and you have to treat it
that way.
'Cause if you don't,
there is
nothing I can do to stop--
[lamp buzzes]
[breathing shakily]
I don't need sleep
anyway. [groans]
So you know it's 3 a.m., right?
I'm aware.
And you understand
it's the middle of winter,
and I don't drive?
It's a very, very cold walk --
that's all I'm saying.
That and I could've
froze my dick off.
It's not that cold.
It's that cold. Ugh.
Listen, I'm... I'm sorry
for asking to come over.
I'm just... I got spooked.
You got spooked?
I don't buy that, man.
You do spooks for a living.
Yeah. This is...
this is different.
I've been, uh... getting
contacted about an incident.
Okay. Um... I'll bite.
What happened?
[sighs] Well, nothing
that I know of.
He won't tell me anything.
He just... he shows up,
he comes and goes when he wants.
And I've been having these...
these dreams.
It's like... you know, I just...
I can't tell what is real
and what is unreal.
The fuck you doing?
I had to make sure you're real.
Of course I'm real.
Do that again, you're gonna
have to buy me a drink.
Oh. We should go get a drink.
[music on stereo]
I don't know how Greg
can keep this place open
so late at night.
Not giving a shit mostly?
And all the other drinkers
are off-duty cops?
I think you like to come
here for the spirits.
And I don't mean
the ones you can drink.
Greg, can I get
a refill, please?
Yeah, no problem.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
I've been sitting here watching
you stare at that empty chair
for 30 minutes.
What are you looking at?
You remember, uh...
Annie Lenmore's kid? Alice?
Yeah, that cute blonde, right?
I took her out once.
Is she...?
Car accident, maybe?
-[Jerry exhales]
-Couple hours ago?
So, what's she doing here?
Greg probably over-served her.
When death is sudden,
they, uh...
stick close to a person
or a place for a while.
I mean, what's she doing?
Right now, she's walking
over here.
Don't even joke about something
like that, okay?
I'm not.
How close is she?
Five feet?
Okay. How about now?
Now she's about
to touch your face.
Will I feel it?
No! No, this is...
[exhales] No, this is too much.
I've had too much fun
for one night.
Too much to drink, too.
I'm gonna get going.
Appreciate it.
Hey, uh...?
Is she still here?
No. No, she's gone.
[Jerry exhales sharply]
She's pissed at me.
Hey, Jerry.
If you could, uh...
change the past, would you?
[Jerry sighs]
Well, I think that's
a pretty interesting question
to ask a guy who's on his way
out the door
after he's had so many drinks.
But to answer your question,
I guess...
it would depend on
whose past you want to change.
Good night.
I don't think you went out
with her just the one time.
-Oh, Teddy!
Don't go yet.
This... just came for you.
What is it?
No idea.

An invitation
to the Campton Ball.

[scoffs] Really?
I talked to your secretary.
I wanted to catch you
before you left.
Okay? What can I do
for you, Jack?
You going to Campton House?
No. No, I don't think that I am.
Why not? You seemed
so interested in it before.
Come on, let's go.
[sighs] I have a dinner tonight.
Look, we'll zip up,
we'll zip back.
Worst case scenario, you'll be
back before your dinner, right?
Why is it that you want
to go so bad?
I have my reasons.
Was it you that sent me
the invitation?
I have no idea
what you're talking about now.
You know, most of what I found,
I found myself on this case,
Let me go with you.
I promise I can help.
I like to work alone.
You'll barely even notice me.
I'm gonna regret this.
Most likely.
If you're coming,
you make yourself useful.

[crow caws]
Well, it certainly
looks abandoned.
Nobody's been here in years.
What's that?
It's the invitation I was
talking about earlier.
Maybe there's a broken window
somewhere that we can get in?
I don't know.
[door creaks]
[crow caws]
Huh. Maybe someone
was expecting us.
[floor boards creak]
Well, I guess that answers that
question as to whether or not
we're in the right place.
I'll go look for some
candles. Electricity.
[electricity buzzes]

Have you always been
in the habit
of touching things
that aren't yours?
I, uh... no, I'm sorry,
the door was open.
On the guest list, I presume.
Yes, um... I have
an invitation somewhere.
Jack must have it. I can--
I do believe you...
Teddy. [chuckles]
You know who I am?
Of course.
Do you know who I am?
Uh... well, I'm guessing...
Lawrence Campton?
[chuckles] So, you don't find
it odd that you know me,
but strange in that I know you.
You have had too many
to drink, my friend.
Perhaps you should find
yourself a cup of coffee
to straighten yourself out.
No, no, I'm just, uh... I'm
just a little discombobulated.
Hm. Well, if you're not drunk,
perhaps you'll join me
in becoming so.
[chuckles] I have a nice
old whisky here.
Actually, older than I am.
Which is... saying something.
Well... to the New Year.
[glasses clink]
To the New Year.
Oh, well done, lad.
I've yet to meet a writer
without the hidden talent
to be able to drink
a great deal of alcohol
when the booze is free.
Why not sit down?
[Lawrence sighs]
So, what do you like
to write, Teddy?
Uh... scary stories, mostly.
A man with a dark heart.
A lover of Poe, are we?
Yes. Among others.
He was certainly the most
original amongst them.
"Deep within that darkness
long I stood there,
wondering, fearing,
doubting, dreaming...
dreams no mortal
dared to dream before."
Yes, yes. Yeah.
He had a lyrical quality
to explain the darkness
I'm not sure we've seen since.
Mm-hm. He was mad, you know.
I've heard that.
"Men have called me mad...
but the question still remains,
whether madness is or is not
the loftiest intelligence."
Well done.
You are an aficionado.
I've been here a long time with
mostly books for company,
and I think you'll find
that I've memorized
most of that library.
Poe being the most ironic
of the authors there.
Oh, are you looking
for your friend?
Uh, yes. He went to go
in search of candles.
[chuckles] I think you'll find
you will no longer need them.
Well, it was quite dark
when we came in
and there was no power, so...
Well... there's darkness
everywhere, Teddy. [chuckles]
It's whether you engage
it or not.
Do you know why I'm here?
I know why you think
you're here.
But I'd be a poor host
if I didn't remind you
that some
things should not be written.
Not all stories should be told.
[distant laughing]
You have guests?
Of course! It's New Year's Eve.
What is the date
on your invitation?
December 31st. But that's...
Well, there you go.
You arrived on the date
your presence was requested.
How strange.
Why don't you go off
and enjoy yourself, son?
Uh... you're not gonna
come with me?
Why spoil the ending when
you're only on the first page?
I see you found a light.
Yeah, in the basement.
I was, uh... just talking
with Lawrence Campton.
Really. How is the old codger?
He's a man with secrets,
I can tell you that much.
And we all have our secrets,
don't we, Teddy?
You have secrets, Jack?
You can't impugn a man's
for showing what we all have
buried deep inside us, can we?
You know what's funny?
The smoking room is so well-kept
and the rest of the
house is so...
What the hell?
Oh, what the hell?
I was just here.
It was just clean and beautiful.
I even had a drink
with him here.
This is my glass.
Well, if you drank out of that,
you did it a century ago.
You sure you're not
hallucinating, 'cause, uh...
you definitely didn't drink
from that.
Something isn't right.
Where's that coming from?
Sounds like it's coming
from everywhere.
All right, you go upstairs.
I'm gonna look over here,

[rhythmic tapping]

[door creaks]


[female singer on recording]
I wonder why it is
I love to look at you
I can't imagine why,
I only know I do
[male singer]
No other dream...
[window clatters]

[Jack] Hey!
[breathing heavily]
I told you the dead
are dangerous.
[Jack] Agh, God...
[Teddy] What the hell
got a hold of you?
It's not a matter
of what, but who.
How'd you get away?
Who says I did?
She let me go.
[breathing heavily]
And what makes you think
that it's a "she"?
Just a hunch.
I don't know too many guys
with nails like that.
Let's get the hell out
of here. [groaning]
[Jack sighs]
I saw her as clearly
as I see you.
I mean, she was dragged
off into the dark.
It's a big yard,
so who knows where.
I didn't see anything.
No footprints.
No proof that she was real.
I think the scratches on your
leg prove that she's real.
Question is, why is she
reaching out to us?
Well, you're the dead seer.
I'm the person
just investigating
the Campton murders.
Campton deaths.
There's no evidence to prove
that they were ever murdered.
Mm hm.
All these spirits hanging around
don't make you think something?
Sometimes, when people pass,
they stay close to a person
or a place, right?
These people died suddenly
-- we know that much.
But who knows how they died?
They do, I'd imagine.
It's like I'm picking up
on a psychic imprint, right?
You know, violent events
can sometimes leave a mark,
kind of like a psychic mark.
It's like... a moment
frozen in time.
It's like I'm tapping into that.
So... you're seeing what
happened that night.
Grab a seat.
What are we doing?
For what?
Well, if we just sit and wait,
maybe Lawrence will show up.
And what if he doesn't?
Uhh... it's the best
idea I have.
If you have anything
to add, please.
[laughs] Does he just appear
like magic or...
Just... sit. Quietly.
I think I'll read a book
while we wait.

[clears throat]
People always wanting to
look at my books,
but no one ever bothers to ask.
Politeness seems to have
skipped your generation.
Come and join us, Jack.
[chuckles] So... how's
the party, Teddy?
I haven't seen anyone yet.
Oh, that's a shame.
I know they're all here.
sometimes it takes people
a while to come out
and want to be social.
What about the girl?
Was there one specifically
you're talking about?
I'll talk from here, Jack.
Lawrence, what's today's date?
We've had this discussion
How does one forget
New Year's Eve?
Are you aware of what happens
tonight at your party?
Um... whisky, anyone?
What happened at your party?
Well, it's only just
begun, uh...
I think we'll know a lot more
when it gets closer to midnight.
And what happens then?
Well, the New Year.
New lease on life, if you like.
You were being coy
with me earlier.
Was I?
And you're being coy
with me now.
I think...
your writer's imagination
is getting the better of you.
Would you like another drink?
I think maybe we should leave.
Why would we do that?
Because someone's playing
games, and I'm nobody's patsy.
Oh, it's no game, Teddy.
It's a festive occasion.
Look, we are barely
and perhaps I misread you.
I meant no offence, but you
came with someone unexpected,
and perhaps I was somewhat rude.
A lot of people die,
here, tonight.
That's an unfortunate twist
of fate, isn't it?
Do you not know?
Do you not want any help?
My... whew, you must
be quite the writer.
I am on the edge of my seat.
[chuckles] I was told
you'd be entertaining,
and now I can see
that I will not be disappointed.
But seriously... why don't you
go and enjoy yourselves?
Thank you for the drink.
Uh... there's one thing.
Um... I have a mistress.
You won't be able to miss her.
She's... she's quite lovely.
But she's very emotional, and,
uh... prone to making scenes.
Bit of a bad upbringing.
So, if you see her, please,
send her back my way --
with discretion, of course?
Of course.

What the hell you think
that was about?
He's testing us,
that's for sure.
I told you on the ride up --
he's accused of killing
his girlfriend.
Maybe it's true.
Well, we know he dies tonight
along with
a lot of other people.
When does he have the time to
do it, right? And bury them.
Maybe somebody else
kills them all.
[piano music]
What's that?
Well, it seems the party
has started.
You wander around if you want.
I'm gonna go and chat
with the bartender.
[guests chattering]
What can I get you, Teddy?
Uh... ginger ale?
It's New Year's. Ohh, how about
having a real drink?
Uh... vodka soda.
You, uh... you work
for Mr. Campton?
I do tonight.
Small party for such a rich guy.
There were dozens earlier,
but there was a ruckus.
Didn't get to see it.
There's always a ruckus
at these things.
What happened?
Rich folk bring their wives,
but their girlfriends
eventually follow.
Never the twain shall
meet, as they say.
But this time... the mistress
brought her boyfriend,
who had no clue about any links
with the old man.
Disaster in the making, Teddy.
A disaster in the making.
Huh. So, who is this mistress?
She's the one that's dancing
with your friend.
Feisty girl, that one.
[Teddy] Mr. Campton was right.
She's gorgeous.
No use in having a mistress
if she isn't a step up on the
old lady, wouldn't you agree?
Hard to, uh, argue
with your logic...
Unusual name.
I'm an unusual guy.
You need anything else
before I go?
Where are you going?
It's not even midnight.
When your time comes...
the time comes.
You all right, Teddy?
Had one too many, I think.
No, no.
What happened?
You gulped your vodka,
then proceeded to land your head
right there on the bar.
Damnedest think I ever did see.
Didn't you just try
and kill yourself?
No. Was I supposed to?
Ever get the feeling that
you're going mad?
"That which you mistake
for madness
is but an over-acuteness
of the senses."
Everyone's a Poe fan, I see.
Huh. An excellent quote,
Madness isn't something
to sneer at.
More often than not,
it's wasted... on the weak.
You think so?
I know so.
How many people go mad
and just end up in a sanitarium
somewhere, huh?
What a waste, when they're
so close to touching God.
Yeah, I'll have to take
your word on that one.
I don't think I have what
it takes to be a madman.
Madness is a gift.
Don't mistake it
for anything else but.
How often is greatness achieved
when insanity is removed
from the equation?
I think I'll leave that
to greater minds than mine
to decide.
As you wish.
Did you see my friend?
I believe he left, uh...
shortly after you passed out.
Did you see where he went to?
[door slams shut]

[distant crow caws]

[guests chattering]
Hey, what's going on
with you, man?
Where is she?
Campton's mistress.
Where is she?
I saw you dancing with her.
I don't know where she is.
Look at this blood.
It goes all the way
from the house to the lake.
Where is she?
What do you want
me to do about it?
Everything that
you're saying right now
happened decades ago.
We're just here to find
out the truth.
Nothin'. You've got nothin'.
What is it?
Why did you insist on
coming along?
Why does everyone know my name?
Why are you always--?
Why do you think
I brought you here?
I think you're dead, Jack.
I know you're dead.
And I think you had something
to do with tonight.
I think that you sent
the invitation.
I think that you're
the guilty one.
I think that all of this
is a part of your plan
to clear your conscience.
Well, the game stops here.
I don't know who
or what you are--
What I am is the only friend
you've got here.
Stay away from me.

[Lawrence] Who in the hell--?
[Edward] It's not a question
of who at this point.
[Douglas] Edward's right.
The visuals on this would
be catastrophic.
Your shareholders would be
jumping ship
at the first mention
of a dead woman.
I didn't have anything
to do with it.
You both have been within
eyeshot of me all evening.
Allowing her to come
to your party
in full view of your
friends and family?
Completely arrogant.
[Douglas] Do you think
for a minute
your wife wouldn't run
off with all your money?
This is a disaster!
Where's the woman now?
She has a name.
And I don't give a rat's
ass what it is.
Better for Edward
and I that we don't.
I got Carrick to put
her in the pond.
The body ended up there.
If she's found, they'll assume
that she's drowned.
[Edward] If there's a God,
he'll let it snow to cover up
all the blood.
The bartender?
We always have a company
man, Lawrence.
Unfortunately, he didn't monitor
your extracurricular activities.
When did the murder happen?
An hour or two ago.
After this evening's incident.
Fortunately for you,
most people have gone home.
Those that are left are drunk,
therefore manageable.
And for the price to build
this place,
you could've ensured
proper wiring.
I'll look after it.
Should I follow him?
It's probably a good idea.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna talk to our host,
see why they're trying
to bury the body
and not find the murderer.

[water splashing]
[Carrick humming "Auld
Lang Syne"]
Frozen over already.
It really wasn't your day.
[twigs cracking]
Who's there?
What the hell are you doing?
Get this done.
You scared the crap out of--
Oh, my God.

[Edward panting]
You're alive.
Help me.
I don't know what deal
you made in hell.
No. No, please.
I don't know what happened.
No, please.
Please, you have to help me.
As God is my witness,
you're an abomination.
And if the dead do rise,
they need to go back
to whence they came.
[Douglas] Ah!
Please don't...

Your fear is ever so tasty.
Beg for my mercy.
-[Zoe] Anything?
Then die, my love.
[Douglas groans]
I know you're out there, Jack.
I might save you
to the very end,
so I can watch the life
drain out of you.
What the hell happened?
You should know.
You've been here all night.
If you are trying
to torment me...
Look, I don't know
what's going on,
but I'm trying to understand.
So let me help you.
[sighs] Who would
do such a thing?
Well, let's start
with who found her.
Edward, I believe.
Edward? I don't know him.
Do you think that--
That Edward would
kill my mistress?
Nonsense, nonsense.
He's an old man.
Well, plenty of old men
throughout history
have done horrific things,
especially to protect
their interests. So...
His interests are to protect me,
and I highly doubt
that he would have committed
such a heinous act.
But I'm not saying
he's a saint, but... no.
Where is he now?

Oh, good Lord.
What in God's name are you?
I wasn't the one who killed you.
I had nothing to do with it.
If it's vengeance you
want, so be it.
But you'll get nothing here.
Who was I to you, Edward?
You were Larry's whore.
Yes. Whore.
What were you thinking,
bringing your man
to your benefactor's home
with his wife present,
flaunting in front of everyone?
So, men can have two women,
but a woman can't have two men?
Oh, Edward.
It was your man that
did this to you.
The whore killed by her
jealous boyfriend.
Thanks for the heads up.
But I was too busy being beaten
and strangled to notice.
Yes, well...
That will be your undoing.
Well, you're assuming
that I'm not already undone.
[Zoe sighs]
You're a wonderful dancer.
Now, let the life
in you bleed out.
Feed me, Edward.
Let me take the light from you
just like you all took from me.
I can't see.
I see... only darkness.
Don't let me suffer! Please!
"Never to suffer is never
to have been blessed."
That's Edward, I'm assuming?
What on Earth is happening here?
Seems you have a murderer
on the loose.
Or a very pissed off ghost.
Do you have any weapons
in this house?
Uh, none. Uh, aside...
from an old revolver.
But that's in the master
chambers in the night table.
But, uh...
-I believe...
That my wife might
have ended up there.
I think it's highly doubtful
that she would've left the house
after the debacle earlier,
no matter what the others
are saying.
But she is emotionally fragile
and difficult to deal with...
at the best of times.
You mean to tell me
that you have a murderer
on the loose in your house
and you haven't bothered
to go check if she's safe?
Have you all gone mad?
Well, perhaps the house
induces madness.
I do not know.
But I would advise you to use
caution if you look for her.
And why would anyone be afraid
of a 70-year-old woman?

[rocking chair creaks]
Mrs. Campton?
Mrs. Campton, are you all right?
Uh... ma'am, uh...
there was an injury
to one of your guests tonight,
and I just
came up to check on you.
[Mrs. Campton] Was it serious?
I'm afraid so.
Someone died.
Ohh, dear.
A dreadful night.
Yes, it is. Look, do
you need anything?
Would you like to leave?
[Mrs. Campton] Leave?
No, no. This is my home.
I'll still be here well after
all of you have gone.
Well, did you see anything
weird tonight
or did you hear
anything unusual?
Was it the young girl who died?
One of them.
Hopefully, it was the bitch
that was screwing my husband.
I beg your pardon?
Mmm, so it was.
But, ma'am, a woman
died tonight.
In your home.
I was told a long time ago
not to say bad things
about the dead.
She's dead.
You look disappointed, son.
Don't be.
Human nature allowed her
to do what she did,
and God's good grace gave me
the right to despise her for it.
Well, there's something darker
going on here,
and I think you know that.
Darkness follows
the human soul...
in this life and beyond.
I'm comfortable
with the choices I've made.
How about you?
I... I don't know.
Mmm. The killer looked an awful
lot like you, didn't he?
No, that's not true.
We all meet the maker,
one time or another, Jack.
It's just that some have
a better story to tell.
[laughs diabolically]

Who are you?
I'm a friend of Teddy's.
How'd you get in here?
No, he wasn't that
hard to track.
I talked to his secretary.
Well, I guess you could say
I'm attached to the guy.

Maybe you could tell me
about your books.
Many a first edition
on those shelves.
I began collecting in my youth.
Is there any one that's
your favourite?
Oh, many.
Words are God's greatest
gift to man.
Please, feel free to peruse,
if you wish.
Yeah, a real who's who
of the written word.
Oh, yes,
and you'll find yourself
on those shelves, as well.
Me? No.
Maybe some day.
No perhaps, lad.
I believe it was
one of the novels
you pulled off the shelf
Theodore Russell?
[Lawrence chuckles]
That can't be.
A little lyrical for my
liking, but, um...
the prose is
strong and true.
Very good first work.
You should be proud.
No, I'm a horror writer.
Horror? No, no, no, no.
There's nothing of that kind
of trash in there.
No, I'm a journalist.
No, you're neither
of those things.
Enough with the drink.
The night is raging on as it is,
and I don't need a drunken
author in my midst.
Especially one
with a goddamned temper.
No, no, I... I'm investigating
all of the deaths
of everyone at Campton House.
Everyone at Campton House.
Yeah, my invitation,
it was real.
Why wouldn't it be?
It's a party.
We like to invite noted authors
and businessmen.
But had I known that you were
dating my mistress,
I might not
have extended the invitation.
And then knowing your reaction.
I've always been told that the
line between genius and madness
is a fine one.
And you are living proof
of that, my friend.

So you're the ghost guy.
Yeah. I'm the author
that's investigating
the Campton murders.
No. You're the guy
that's got him all crazy.
You know he thinks
he's you, right?
He's the investigator.
You just couldn't leave well
enough alone, could you?
This is an important
historic event.
No. No, it's not. It's hell.
It's like living in hell.
As a matter of fact,
it could be hell.
You know that I'm tied
to him, right?
That we're all tied together
in some universal, karmic
bullshit way.
And now he's gone mad,
and has no memory of it,
but he gets to leave.
Which means I get to
break out, too.
I'm just trying to find the
guy a road home, man.
Right, right,
and make a little bit of money
off your bullshit book?
Yeah, of course.
It's what I do.
But listen, I had no idea
what was going on here.
But you can still leave.
You can still go back
to your bullshit existence.
I can't -- we can't.
So, believe me, if I can't go...
you're not going
anywhere, either.
[Jerry grunts]
[whispering female voice]

Hello, love.
Come to finish
the job, have you?
[Zoe] Seems like a fair deal.
I am not the moral arbiter
here, Zoe.
Who knows what's fair
in God's eyes.
I've done a good amount of bad
in my life to go with the good.
Ha. My demise will neither
improve my lot --
nor yours, I suppose.
But, uh...
there's something really juicy
about revenge, isn't there?
A feeling of power one gets
from returning the hatred
you feel was directed at you.
And I was not responsible
for your death.
Nor were the many people
I'm afraid you killed
all in your vain
and impossible search
to silence the voices
in your head.
Hate binds the souls
of people together.
This may not be what
they teach you in the Bible,
but it's a fact, nonetheless.
Wars are fought for nothing
more than a slight
between one madman to another.
Take me if you must.
But our souls will be forever
entwined, always connected.
For even if your evil
haunts me for eternity,
my good will haunt your soul.
[Lawrence grunts]
Sounds good to me.
See you on the other side.
[Lawrence gasps]
[Jack grunts]
I told you I am not
staying here.
I'm not staying here.
You understand me?
[Jack grunts]
I'm not staying...
[Jerry and Jack grunting]

[gun shot]
[Jerry gasping]
[Jack breathing heavily]
I only grazed him.
He's got a hole in his chest.
Yes. Hm.
Like I said, I grazed him.
Well, I'm not sure what your
definition of "graze" is, but...
thank you.
He's not dead.
So, get yourself to wherever
it is that you need to go.
I can shoot him again,
if you like.
Just get to your room,
it's safer there.
She's gonna come after
you, you know that.
Well, this kitty has claws, too.
I have no doubts about
that, ma'am.

I don't remember this.
I gotta get a couple of bottles
out of the cellar.
Can you guys keep an eye
on things for me?
Absolutely. Of course.
You're gonna get yourself
into trouble doing that.
This stuff's all free.
I mean, c'mon, who's
gonna see it?
The old man?
The guy never comes
out of his room.
That is kind of odd, isn't it?
I never understood rich people.
I mean, I live
two classes below,
and sadly I'll never have enough
money to be that eccentric.
If you don't dance
with me soon,
I'll find someone else who will.
Your lady is quite the stunner.
Yes, she is.
[She's quite a beauty,
isn't she?
Mr. Campton's a lucky man.
That's the boss's mistress.
That girl, Zoe?
Edward was all upset
about it earlier.
He's one of Campton's partners.
Was furious that she showed up
here tonight.
The old man is hiding out
in the study
to avoid a confrontation
between her and the wife.
What are you gonna
do about that?
She let you bring her here,
and he screws her here.
You gonna let her get
away with that?
I guess not.
[guests chattering]
Oh! What are you doing?
Let me go!
What kind of game
are you playing?
I'm sorry, he's had
too much to drink.
What, are you playing
me for a fool?
What are you talking
about, Teddy?
You and Campton.
What, are you sleeping with him?
I did in the past.
Now, please stop it.
It's long over.
And you let me bring you here.
What kind of a twisted...?
This was important for you,
and maybe I wanted to show him
that it was over,
that I've moved on.
I don't need him anymore.
You used me?
[scoffs] I can't believe it.
Are you a child?
When did this become about you?
Has jealousy eaten up all
of your common sense?
You came here with me.
You're leaving with me.
What I did in my past is none
of your goddamn business.
[guests gasp]
Stay down.

No. You stay down.

What are you all looking at?
You deserved that.
You are just like your father.
What did you just say?
A bully with smallness
between the legs.
Now you're finally Daddy's Boy.
Like father, like son.
Shut up.
Shut up? I'm not gonna shut up.
I'm gonna scream it
from the rafters--
I am not my father!
[scoffs] No, Teddy.
You're worse.
You're a man so afraid of his
father, that you became him.
Now, he might have been
an asshole,
but you chose to be one,
and that's the difference.
You're a weak little man...
I am not weak.
I am not weak.
I am not weak.

I'm not weak.
I'm not weak.
What are you looking for?
Now, as God is my witness,
I don't remember killing her.
What do you remember?
I remember hitting her.
I... I did that.
You can't connect the dots
between hitting a woman
and killing her?
It's against my nature
to have even hit her.
That's what they all say, Teddy.
"It never happened."
"It was my first time."
It was my first--
There's always a first time,
That's the fucking point!
There's got to be more to it.
There's no way I'd throw away
so much for so little.
Yeah, what if there's
not more to it, huh?
What if the reason
that all of this is happening
is because
you can't handle the truth?
The truth?
You have no right to talk
to me about the truth?
You're the one who fooled me
into thinking that I was you.
My truth is not what's keeping
you all stuck here.
You know what the madman
and the dead man
have in common, Teddy?
They don't know that they're
dead -- or mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm not.
Then tell me what happened!
Nothing. Nothing happened.
I need you to remember,
or else this is gonna continue
to happen
over and over and over forever.
For God's sake, Teddy.
[clang] Agh!
[metal clatters to the ground]
Hey. [breathing heavily]
Don't just stand there.
Grab a leg. C'mon.
[exhales sharply]
Why are you here?
You know, Teddy,
I don't think you're thinking
straight anymore.
And to be be honest with you,
you were much more interesting
when you were completely mad.
-Did you kill Zoe?
Why the hell would I kill her?
You just... you just
tried to kill Jack.
Oh, buddy, that's called
"self preservation".
And he's not dead, he's just...
he's just down for a bit.
Is she... here right now?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, she's always here.
So, I'd mind your Ps and Qs.
I mean, you know we're stuck
in this together, right?
Over and over again.
One continuous loop.
All the time.
I don't... I don't believe you.
You don't believe me?
No, you're just... you're
just as bad as he is.
You knew who I was.
You let me go on pretending
like I was somebody else.
Yeah! And you know what?
It was a nice break
from living
with the evil in this house.
You, my friend,
need to take responsibility
for your own insanity.
No. You can't put this on me.
She was my girlfriend
and there's no way I would've
killed her. But you--
Oh, ho ho! Ladies and
gentlemen, Mad Teddy is back!
We'll be back at the bar
before you know it, right?
No. I'm not mad.
Oh, yes, you are.
Fully and completely.
And you know what?
Between friends?
That was your most endearing
It really was.
-Shut up.
-Shut up.
-No, no, no.
See, I'm not gonna shut up.
Because you're the reason
that I'm here.
So, I'm gonna talk
as much as I want to.
Shut up.
All of you, just shut up.
All the voices just
need to stop!
Just shut up!
There you are! Keeping reaching.
You're almost there, man.
Keep reaching.
Just reach for that door.
You're almost there.
What are you gonna
do, Teddy, huh?
What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill me?
Yeah! I'd like to see you try.
You're just a pathetic...
little worm.
[indistinct whispers]
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut! Up!
[Zoe shrieking, whimpering]
[Teddy] Come here.
Agh, come here, come here.
Stop, please!
[Zo coughing] Please, stop!
Stop it, Teddy!
No! Teddy, please!
Oh, my God, Teddy. Stop, please!
Oh, oh!
[Teddy] Happy New Year!

[Jack] You done yet?
You have no idea what it's like.
What? To accept my own madness?
You're right, I don't.
But we've come to a conclusion,
haven't we?
Mystery solved.
The world goes on.
Why show me this?
Why are you trying
to solve a mystery
that happened decades ago?
A lot of people died, Teddy.
A lot.
And if you don't see that--
That's not on me.
I didn't kill those people.
That's on her.
I didn't ask for any of that.
If you don't start the chain
of actions,
then nothing else happens.
Everyone lives.
The evil that's in this place
was created by evil, Teddy.
That's how it works.
What are you gonna do, huh?
How are you gonna punish me?
Punish the, uh, dead?
The universe has far worse
to offer than anything I can do.
I did what a thousand men would
do -- and have done.
That still doesn't make
it right, Teddy.
-[Jack] I can't.
Your fate was sealed long
before I was born!
Please help! Jack!
Jack, please!

Good morning, Miss Danner.
Good morning, Jack.
Welcome back.
Thank you very much.
Any clients?
Ah, that's exactly how
I like it. Nice and quiet.

[typewriter clacks]