Canadian Pacific (1949) Movie Script

The Canadian Pacific Railroad,
Two steel lines that run
one of the most territories
spectacular of the Earth.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific, a powerful
way of communication and transport
that links the two oceans.
The northern passage of our days.
The construction of this modern
is synonymous with construction
of a nation, Canada.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the future
of Canada as an independent nation
It was uncertain.
In the British Colony, isolated
by gigantic mountain ranges
there was talk of secession.
Only one railway line could
unite this distant western province
with the rest of Canada.
The explorers went
in the mountains,
They climbed steep summits
and they crossed narrow gorges.
The government spent millions of dollars
in the exploration.
They discovered and built maps
of regions of indescribable beauty.
But the great barrier
of the Rocky Mountains
he jealously guarded in its silent immensity
the secret that would make it possible
this railroad.
A path through which I could pass
the train.
Then the crisis came. The
workers threw the tools.
The work was paralyzed.
The materials were abandoned
in the middle of the prairies
and the advance of the tracks stopped.
The government emergency committee
convened an emergency session.
From the beginning the project
I was doomed to failure.
The idea of building a railroad to
through those mountains was crazy.
There is no practicable route,
has never existed
and it is unnecessary to say
that there never will be.
The representative of Ontario.
The mountains are not everything,
there are also human obstacles.
The settlers, the Indians, all threaten
with bursting this railroad balloon.
Many people will die,
many homes will be ruined.
The representative
of the British Colony.
The British Colony begins
to lose patience.
We have heard too many excuses. We are isolated on the other side
from those mountains
about which we discuss so much.
I warn you, gentlemen, that,
if that railroad is not built,
the British Colony will become
in an independent domain.
We will separate!
I think our guest will be able to
clarify the situation
if you are given the opportunity
to talk
I'm sure that when
have heard
they will have a different vision
of the project.
let me introduce
to Mr. William Van Horne,
general director of
Canadian Pacific Railway.
There are things that some men
they can do and others can not.
Your job is to run a country,
Mine is to build railroads.
But since we all have an interest
special in the Canadian Pacific,
it would be better if we all go up
to the same train.
I know that there are many obstacles.
Human and geographical obstacles.
We hope to overcome them
when they arise.
I do not know how to do miracles, I'm just
a simple railroad builder
that can be wrong
like any man. But in this case, I assure
that this railroad is going to be built.
Mr. Van Horne,
Can I ask you a direct question?
Is it possible to cross those mountains?
If Hannibal crossed the Alps,
we will cross the Rockies.
To your question will give fulfilled
and soon a man,
He is the explorer, gentlemen.
A famous man on the border.
At this precise moment he is plotting
a way to cross the Rockies.
I promise you that this man
You will find a step.
Do not!
I just want you to feel harassed.
Is Dirk Rourke here?
Do not.
Do you know if it will come?
- No. Is it about furs?
- Yes. Fur.
What's up, Tom?
This is already working.
Where have you been, Tom?
So you're back, huh?
Hey, Tom!
- Mike. How are you?
- All right. Are you still with the same crew?
Yes, less any
I did not want to wake up.
We were waiting for you to arrive.
What are we going to do?
Are we going ahead or is it over here?
That depends on Van Horne,
Are you in the camp? Yes. He's in his car right now,
and wanting to talk to you.
Tom! Hey, Tom!
- See you later, Mike.
- See you later.
Tom, how are you, old fox?
Dynamite Dawson,
I'm glad to see you.
I knew that they could not build
a railroad without you
I thought you had a naughty hung
of the neck the last time we saw each other.
They did it, but when we arrived
with the rails to civilization
it started to get boring, so I
I shook it off and came to Canada.
Oh, Tom, how are we doing?
to go on this line, huh?
No, I'm going to shake this
rail above right now.
Do you retire before you start?
What can you have in your head that is
more important than a railroad?
- You do not even imagine it.
- But you can not do this to me, Tom!
Think about the fights
that you're going to lose
You are softening.
Where did this bird come from?
I hired him this morning,
Why, what has he done?
What can he do?
Get him out of the camp.
Long, go see the cashier and to pay you.
Let me in, please.
You've heard, Brannigan,
Get up and go, hurry!
Wait, this man
it's hurt.
And if it is not, it will be.
Out, and say hello to Dirk Rourke.
I am a doctor!
- Doctor?
- Yes it's correct.
What kind of man are you?
I have seen everything. He has attacked him
without giving him an opportunity to defend himself.
That's it.
I do not know what disagreements they have, but
Sure they can be solved without violence.
As you will see, Mr. Brannigan, hiring
quarrelsome workers like this man
will create problems in the camp
and will slow down the pace of work.
Just a moment,
Does he not know who he is?
I can not help it, doctor.
I was born with violence inside. Every time
I see a rat with a red shirt,
I go crazy.
Tom, what happened? Why
Did you crush that nose?
- And who is Dirk Rourke?
- It's a personal matter.
- Dynamite, when did that doctor come?
- He came with the hospital car.
And if I tell you the truth, I do not trust of the bushes without sideburns.
It depends on how bad you are.
You will see how there will be many sick people
in this camp shortly.
It's a pity that you do not stay
to head the parade.
From Parliament, Mr. Van Horne,
they want to know your opinion ...
Yes, I've heard it.
We will give you long ones.
Send this
The exploration continues advancing.
It's all under control.
- He's back.
- I'm back.
- It has been delayed three days.
- You're lucky he came.
I'm lucky?
Parliament again. They order me to
Send a man on horseback to look for him.
Are you hiding, Mr. Van Horne?
Hey, Ibex with hat,
I've been lying three days
to cover it up to you, lying to you
to the president, to the Parliament,
to Ottawa, even myself.
And you appear here waddling
and says "Hello." Very pretty.
Can I invite you to a cup of tea?
It's true, I've been delayed a bit,
I was not exactly sitting
in a luxurious private car.
Leave us
That tells me? What route will we follow?
This exploration has supposed
a great personal risk.
- I guess you'll pay me what you agreed.
- The route, Tom, the route.
It is a very difficult terrain,
full of all kinds of obstacles.
Speak clearly once.
Do not tell me you have not found a step.
Yes, I have found a step.
They will have to make bridges and tunnels,
and more than once circling 90 degrees.
But that is your way to the Pacific
and you can do it.
Do not give me coba, it's not necessary.
I will draw the maps and detail
the route before leaving.
Tell them we found the route,
that my personal explorer, Tom Andrews
has found a step and that
all the routes previously proposed
They are impractical.
- They are what?
- lmpr ... Make impossible.
Tom, what did he say about leaving?
You have the step,
my work is over.
Oh, no, it can not.
He has to stay until the end.
Maybe on another occasion.
That of personal explorer
It has touched me.
But for the moment
enough rail I have another project west of
Calgary I committed myself last year.
- You are even more a liar than me.
- I'm not lying. I have another commitment.
What's more, I'm tired of leaving
the knuckles in other people's fights.
From now on I will be a man of peace.
If he keeps talking like that
I will think he is a saint.
Good morning, Mr. Van Horne.
We have made the list of medicines
what do we need. I would like you to see it.
We'll examine it later, doctor.
I would like to introduce you
Mr. Tom Andrews.
Dr. Mason and Dr. Edith Cabot,
They are our medical team.
Oh, Tom Andrews!
It's as if I already knew him.
Mr. Van Horne has boasted
so much of you ...
Enchanted, doctor.
Dr. Cabot.
So you are
the famous explorer.
I'm something else, I'm the famous
personal explorer of Mr. Van Horne.
That must be funny,
but I am denied for jokes.
It's not funny, Edith, many believe
which is the best explorer
and knows how to solve problems
in this business.
But you can not say make it funny
Solve problems?
He's quick with his fists
and with a weapon.
Many saboteurs and rowdies
they go to the camps.
It takes a man
that is responsible for expelling them.
That's right, doctor, I spoil them
and you fix them.
You're right, Mr. Van Horne,
it's not funny.
I have verified that
your work perfectly.
But I can not be in favor
of violence as a solution.
You will have seen a lot of violence.
I could experience it at the border
with my father,
Dr. Mason was his partner.
They killed my father, Mr. Andrews,
for trying to use a weapon against
a man instead of reasoning with him.
I would still be alive
If he had not brought arms.
I'm sorry about your father,
but I have learned that in this country
if you draw fast you live more.
Force never solves anything, only
It brings more resentments and more violence.
What do you suggest then,
- I would not hire gunmen.
- Thank you, Miss.
His words give me the reason in the talk he kept
with Mr. Van Horne, there's no place
here for a man like me.
- I'm very grateful.
- You're welcome, we'll be back later.
I should not talk to you like that, it's a
good doctor and a great woman.
She is beautiful and crazy.
It says a lot of nonsense.
Then why does it leave?
I have already done a job and well,
Now I'm going on vacation.
Oh, vacation!
I thought it was a new project.
Mr. Tom Andrews
hunted by a woman.
Of course, a more human one,
not so angelic.
Good luck with construction, and when
Stop by Calgary, touch the whistle.
- Mom, it's here!
- What?
- Tom!
- Cecille!
Oh, Tom!
I sensed that you were going to arrive today.
Hey, my little savage ...
I have dreamed and prayed
and you're here
Mom, look what I found.
- Welcome, Mr. Andrews!
- How are you, Mama Gautier?
She's prettier than ever, more
that all I've seen out there.
Mom, you're blushing.
I will prepare dinner.
I will give him one brushed the horse.
What girls have you seen out there?
Many, in British Columbia
I met a very attractive squaw.
- One meter high by one wide.
- You're kidding. I should ...
Oh, Tom!
So you say now, but someday
you will miss the railway
- and you will go back.
- Oh no!
Even the mounted police would not take me
back there
You can do exploration work
without having to risk life.
I'm so happy
that would make me cry
Dad said I was going to be cross-eyed
from both looking at the road
- why you were going to return.
- Where's your father?
He had to go to a meeting.
Have you seen our lake?
The one you told me about.
And it's more beautiful
than the first time I saw it.
Now they call it Lake Louis.
But it's too wild
for a honeymoon. Bears, lynxes ...
By your side I am not afraid
nothing in the world.
Do you know something, Cecille?
Me, yours, either.
- When I gave you this ...
- The night you asked me. Tom, there will be nothing more wonderful
than being married to you
You will have to change, you will make me food,
You will serve me as a squaw ...
Of that nothing.
That would have wanted Dirk Rourke.
When we are Married
will stop bothering me
- Dirk Rourke?
- Yes
It has a supply warehouse,
or so it says.
But it's the excuse he uses to come
to see ... dad, as he says.
Did it bother you again?
I told him that very clearly that time
and it was quite
You should have seen his face when
I told him I was going to marry you.
I would have killed you
If I had seen you then.
He has already wanted to do it. He was
shooting at me there, in the canyon.
Do not...
And you are the reason.
If dad knew, there would not be
I went to that meeting with Dirk.
Dirk has called that meeting?
they were going to talk about something
of the railroad
- Where are they?
- In the barn of your warehouse.
Tom, Dirk has not bothered me again
since that first time.
But it has bothered me.
Do not intervene, do not go, all your men will be there.
Please, stay, you have been
so long away ...
There will be shots. Dirk has
little patience and you too.
I do not want to lose you, Tom.
Maybe it's better to go unarmed.
I want to talk to those men.
Tell them that I have come
to stay.
Tom! Tom!
- What's wrong, Cecille?
- He's going to the meeting.
He will be safer without this.
They will lynch him, Dirk is capable of everything.
It will kill him!
The railroad will bring the end of our
freedom and our country.
This earth is our
and we will defend it.
- Maybe they can not finish it.
- They say they stopped work.
The work goes on
and I can prove it.
Do you remember Tom Andrews?
He was here last year.
- You know him, Gautier.
- Sure, he's going to marry my daughter.
He has cheated you too,
as everyone.
You will be convinced when you hear
what I'm going to tell you
There is a step through which
You can cross the railroad.
I know him, but I did not say nothing for the good of all.
But Tom Andrews has found it.
I saw him there last week.
Work as an explorer
for the railroad!
- He has not told me anything about that.
- We're going to have to chastise him.
Why do not you tell them everything,
That you followed me and tried
put a bullet in my back.
But we'll fix that
after alone.
I want to make my position clear.
I plan to stay here,
get married I like this land
and its people, I want to be one of you.
But if you believe the garbage that Rourke
is telling you, maybe I change my mind.
I do not want to have to pick up a revolver
every time he leaves my house.
Are you going to deny that you have found
That step for the railroad?
No, but if it had not been me,
I would have found another.
The railroad will get here,
nobody can stop it.
And of course, things will change.
But Rourke is wrong when he says
that will harm us.
The railroad will bring many advantages that you do not know until now
The first is that you will leave
to live isolated
- You will be part of the world.
- Everything is a lie!
They have sent him the railroad
to deceive you.
I do not work for them anymore.
And if I'm going to stay here,
I have so much interest in what
the railway may mean
like any of you.
I say you have to stop
the railway!
Friends, please, for your
families, for your homes,
do not start something
that you will be unable to finish.
We will finish it! Do you want to lose
everything you have?
My only interest is you!
Your only interest are your stores
of supplies.
Because the benefits that you are
getting from these people
They will disappear.
The trappers will not have
that sell you their skins,
they can send them directly, and the same
It will happen with the farmers and the settlers.
You are the only one who will harm
the railway.
The railroad will bring
an avalanche of people! Hundreds of men who will hunt
the animals that belong to you!
They will take you
your crops!
That is the man you will have
thanking your children
die of hunger
I've been swearing, Rourke, that
someday I would adjust the accounts!
Are you going to marry Cecille with an employee
of the railroad
He will not marry my daughter!
Stop! Stop!
- Stop fighting.
- Right now, father.
Tom, you should be ashamed.
I would be ashamed if it was him.
- The railroad again.
- Yes father.
You are wrong if you go
to these meetings.
They can only bring you problems.
I beg you to go to yours
houses and meditate on this calmly.
- Yes father.
- Tom, I want to talk to you.
- Cure Rourke.
- Yes father.
Rourke will never forgive you this.
The end of a long friendship.
This is the first opportunity
I have had to welcome you.
Cecille was waiting for you one of these days.
He says you've left the railroad.
It is not a place to take
to a wife Do you know I'm going to the camp
of the railroad tomorrow?
No. To what?
Mr. Van Horne has called me.
Think that my presence
It would be good for men.
And where did he get that idea?
You've seen what Dirk Rourke
is causing.
The people are nervous,
and this could end badly.
I trust that among all we arrange it
peacefully before it's too late.
- Good, goodnight.
- Good evening, father.
Oh, Tom!
Please give this to Cecille.
He left it at my house.
- I was waiting for you.
- Yes?
- What happened at the meeting?
- Everything went well.
- Why? You were afraid?
- Of course not.
I felt very lonely out here
waiting for you.
It's cold, but I did not want to go
until you came back
By the way, you forgot the shawl
at Father Lacomb's house.
It does not matter, you're back.
We'll be together...
We will go to our lake.
Cecille, listen,
Things have changed.
Our lake will have to wait. I will go to the camp
of the railroad tomorrow.
- No, Tom! When you arrived, you told me ...
- Yes, but I have not finished my work.
If there are complications,
I must be there.
- That war is not yours.
- Yes it is.
Trains ... Nobody talks anymore
of another thing.
Is there no other important issue
to talk about in the world?
- Yes ... There you are.
- I'm!
And you are going to leave me to go back
to the camp!
It will only be a year longer at the most,
try to understand it
I understand!
I've waited a year, now you ask me
wait for another, and then another.
I have to agree with Dirk,
the railway only brings misfortunes.
It is the only thing that has brought me.
My countrymen do not want it, nor do I ...
And I do not love you either!
To have left this business,
It seems he still has an interest in him.
Why can not you get
nothing without your personal explorer?
There is Mike.
Stand aside.
All right. We have done many
There are no fights in the camps,
not even a broken little finger. At this rate, we will reach the step
before winter
Let's wait Anyway,
I will be alert.
It will never change, Tom!
I leave.
I'm going to inspect the new section.
What do you mean, fly the wagon?
Horses are valuable.
Tom, how I was glad when
You showed up this morning.
- Even the horses were happy.
- Thanks, but be careful with that.
Men are not used
to that material like you.
I've been trying to see you alone
all day.
This is the best way
to get it.
What do you want to say to me?
They are stealing dynamite.
Last night half a box.
- Last night, a whole box.
- Did you see someone?
Footprints around
of all the powder magazine.
Indian moccasins. But Tom, the Indians
They do not know what dynamite is for.
- Who else knows this?
- Only you and me so far.
Do not talk to anyone
I will find out what happens.
See you later.
Two of your men
They do not seem Indian at all.
They look white.
White man has sharp eyes. It would be better for you to have them closed.
Those two stay. Take yourself
your men to your camp.
- Again you, I should have imagined it.
- Yes, doctor.
Until now, until you
He has returned, there has been tranquility.
With you they return the weapons,
the fists, the violence.
Doctor, has not it happened to you?
the head that I can have a reason
- to shoot against these men?
- What reason?
Calmly, guys.
Take him to the hospital car
as soon as we can move it.
What are you looking for?
There he is right.
You two, come with me.
Get up!
And you too!
Take them to Calgary,
accuse them of murder.
14, 15, 16 ...
You have looked for a good shack.
When we get to the mountains,
I'm going to need another one.
You will continue playing at another time.
How many cartridges are you missing?
Almost a thousand cartridges.
108 cartridges per box, make
almost ten boxes.
And with that you can go to hell
to the whole camp. - Tell me about your assistants.
- I've thrown them two.
But not like you do now.
Tom, you disappointed me.
When I was a sheriff in the territories
of the Delaware River ...
The last time you told me,
You were judge.
I shot one man,
and that was it.
You to those two
you only cut their wings.
I'm trying new tactics.
I see, you want to look good
with the quack.
In short, in other times you were good.
But when a man like you
begins to soften,
- It ends up like gelatin.
- It's just that I'm getting old.
- Hey, I'm going to need your car.
- For what?
It is another new tactic.
Tonight bind my horse with others,
where everyone can see it.
Take your blankets to my store,
turn on the lamp and start reading.
- If you know.
- Read? I studied at Harvard.
I thought it was Yale.
Well, in college.
Well, start reading. Have to
It seems that I am in my store.
Why can not I accompany you?
For whatever it is. It has to be done by only one man.
It's my thing. lndians
lndios ... Well, I once
I lived with a squaw that ...
Hey, do not go messing with one.
Let's see, where did he go?
Oops, I lost the account.
- Do you know what dynamite is?
- Yes
Missing railroad dynamite,
stolen. It's dangerous.
You friend of Father Lacomb,
to see you on an iron road with him.
It is true.
I have not come to accuse you, boss,
You understand?
But white men pay some
of your young people to steal dynamite.
Those white men
They are not your friends.
They have not told you the truth.
Come with me.
I feel.
- This will not happen again.
- Thanks boss.
Unleash the horses
and feed them.
No wait.
It's like shooting the target.
It has occurred to me ... something better.
One of the boxes on the floor, huh?
Aim well.
Leave me,
move away from the middle!
Bring a stretcher, fast!
Has died?
No, but I do not understand
how he is still alive
Yes, they are things of dynamite. I was too close.
If it had been a couple of meters,
I would have blown to pieces.
I did not know, I did not know it!
We have to wait until
get to the hospital.
We should not give him a transfusion
You need blood, if not,
he will not arrive alive to the operating room.
I warn you, you can die.
If he could choose,
I would risk it.
Now it's up to you, friend.
Stay put for a while.
Will you live now, miss?
Sorry, doctor.
Do you know how to pray?
What do you say?
The settlers of my valley
they are with us Almost every.
The same is true of mine.
All will be ready
when necessary.
Good job. The railway
It is lost forever.
How dare you to meet
in this house?
There will be many more meetings
in this house.
It's my will, and it's my house.
You too
have you put yourself on their side?
Your father is now
one of my assistants.
Cecille, sit down,
I'll tell you everything
- Thanks, I'd rather stay on my feet.
- As you like.
We are organizing
for the action. When winter comes
they will have to stop work,
That will give us time.
I have been to the camp.
They will not reach the step
before the snows arrive.
They have had some accidents
that have delayed them enough.
That's. A couple of cartridges are missing
of dynamite to fly a gorge
and make them lose many days.
When you come back, tell the rest of
our friends who remember it well.
And I have new ideas for
when spring comes
that will make things very difficult for you.
They will not be able to do a kilometer a day.
Give me the carafe.
Let's drink by the fall
from Van Horne!
Next week
I'll go talk to the Indians. Yes.
Before winter comes
we will have all the tribes
from here to Vancouver
up in arms.
The accidents delay the works,
but an Indian uprising
will end them forever.
- You first, Dad Gautier.
- I offer for Dirk Rourke!
- You will not do it in this house!
- Cecille, get out of the room! You have all gone crazy.
You can not stop the railway.
If you believe his lies, you will die.
There is nothing bad
on the railroad
I traveled by train when I was going
to school in Montreal.
They are wonderful,
they will bring us civilization ...
Shut up!
Shut up, I tell you!
You are a girl,
You will do what we do.
- You will think like us!
- I do not want to do it!
Do you stir up against your own people?
My own daughter ...
You are no longer ours.
Go and think about it,
You are still on time.
Pass me the decanter.
I have spoken with your father.
I said you feel it
and he will forgive you.
You must be thinking about Tom Andrews,
otherwise, you would not talk like that. You speak like him.
- Tom Andrews is gone.
- Of course he's gone.
I was playing with you.
There is a doctor in the railway
which seems very enamored.
That's why he came back with them.
Liar! Liar! Liar!
Right now he is taking care of him
in the hospital, if he is still alive.
He is sick! What happened to it? Tell me!
I'll tell you, a bullet popped
Several boxes of dynamite.
He did not die at the time,
but anyway he's going to die.
It is better that you forget him.
That man did not suit you.
- I can make you happier than him.
- How do you know about the bullet?
- You know because you shot her.
- No, Cecille, I did not shoot.
Do not deny it. Do not deny it!
Assassin! Assassin!
You will end up in the gallows!
Assassin! Assassin!
He has been on the verge of death.
I do not know how he has done it.
But he has come out of danger.
Will live
Of course he will live! I was sure,
This man is made of steel.
Now he has to sleep.
Nature will be your medicine.
It's a miracle.
He has not left his side
Not five minutes since it happened.
The miracle is you.
- Tom Andrews, where is he?
- Number six, miss.
- But he can not enter.
- Wait, it can not happen there.
I have to see him,
I have to enter...
Wait a minute, miss. You can not pass. You must be Cecille Gautier,
He has told me about you.
I'm Dinamita Dawson, Tom's friend.
- Nap...?
- Yes, it will be fine. Do not worry.
Then why can not I see it?
Because he is sick,
No one can see it at the moment.
You see it, whenever you want.
No, miss, you can not see it.
He has already heard the doctor.
Who did you think it is?
For her, she is more than a patient.
- Please no.
- He does not want to let me in
because he is afraid.
She wants it for herself.
Miss, why do not you use
common sense?
I have to tell Tom
something you should know
- No, miss, you stay here!
- Let me go!
What I have to say to Tom
You can tell me.
He already warned me that he had a lot of genius.
Come with me.
Sit down and calm down.
What should Tom know?
Dirk Rourke blew up the dynamite
that caused the wounds. I know.
Cursed bastard!
He has organized the people to
fight against the railroad.
And he has plans for spring. I do not know which ones.
- I tried to stop them, but ...
- The snake hides in the grass.
I have come to help you however.
He still loves Tom Andrews,
- What does it matter now?
- Import and a lot.
He has to go home,
for Tom and for his own safety.
If he abandons his people now,
they will consider her a traitor,
They could kill her.
You should not take that risk.
If you want to help Tom,
stay with them,
Find out what you can.
And do not worry about the doctor, even
It has not given you any loving filter.
- What's wrong, Mike?
- They've released the rails again, boss.
- If this train had gotten there ...
- Have there been more explosions?
Not for days, but they have attacked the
saves and have returned to steal in the powder magazine.
- Anything can happen.
- Has that dog reappeared?
Nobody has seen him since he left
of the camp two weeks ago.
Now they have hurt us.
Come, boys,
let's clear the way!
Go back to work, come on, to work!
We are weeks late.
Sabotage has prevented
the arrival of materials.
We will not be able to afford the expenses.
The men's pay will not come
on time. There will be complications.
I wish i was there.
When will the jobs stop?
One of these days, the weather gets worse.
Well, at least
it will give us time to reorganize
and we will have all the winter
to find the formula
to end sabotage.
- I have some personal matters ...
- We will get it.
We have to do it.
Edith has told me that for spring
It will be like new.
A great woman. If I had not given
his blood on the train that night ...
but anyway, it has already happened.
- She gave me her blood?
- I did not know, I did not know it?
Yes, and he saved his life.
Goodbye, Tom.
- What's up, Mr. Van Horne?
- Where have you been these weeks?
Over there, private matters.
My poor grandmother broke a leg
I have splinted it myself.
Good job.
You also have work in the camp. If you do not return, you will stop having it.
- How are you, mate?
- Worse when I've seen you.
What is that story of your grandmother?
I did not want to tell you what I've been
doing really.
Tom, have you stopped to think
Why did that dynamite explode?
I thought I heard a rifle shot before
of the explosion, but I'm not sure.
Well, you can be sure.
And I know who did it: Dirk Rourke.
- How did you find out?
- I've been researching there.
It occurred to me to keep track
to Rourke through the mountains.
I thought about adjusting the accounts
for what he did to you.
- You killed him?
- No, damn it.
- I could not reach that dog.
- Do not do anything, Dynamite.
If Rourke is behind this,
I will take care of him.
Of course he is behind this,
From the beginning.
And he has other plans
cooking in the pot.
We are going to have a lot of work
this spring.
Rourke is a demon!
I'll go on that train to the camp,
In the spring I will not be around.
- Take care, Tom!
- Thanks for coming, - and for encouraging me.
- Man...
I hope those men will not have
bothered with bad news.
Not all it's rigth.
I will change the bandage.
Do you always treat your patients
as if they were poor little animals?
I do not understand what you say.
They told me about the blood
what he gave me
Why had not he told me?
I did not think it was important. I would have
made by any other man.
But the important thing
It is that he did it for me.
Thank you.
Now that I have your blood, do not you think
that we have something in common?
Of course not.
Edith, you should have feelings
because we are going to be isolated
for the snow enough time.
Hello, Mr. Van Horne.
- He has a very good face.
- I'm new. Sit down
Thanks, it will only be a moment.
I want you to return to the camp
as soon as you are able to travel.
What happen?
We have already resumed the laying
of the road, but things go wrong.
It's not about sabotage,
It is in the same camp. - Men do not want to work.
- The pay has not arrived?
The funds are withheld
for the bureaucracy.
I'm going to Calgary to solve it.
But the promises are no longer
to reassure men.
They have always had
Much respect, Tom.
If I could be there at least
a few days and calm them,
I would have time to get
the money.
- Edith, what happened to your hair?
- I've changed my hairstyle, why?
It is prettier.
Much more!
How I love you, Tom! I've been
looking for the reason, but I can not find it.
You are extraordinary, Edith, never
I can pay you what you gave me.
You have already paid me, giving me
to meet the other Tom Andrews.
The other?
The one in here, the one who left
his home and he went to the border
so as not to forget beautiful things
of the life.
That is the man
what I admire and respect
No to Tom Andrews
that I met with those revolvers.
I only cleaned them. Do you think that
Have I ever wanted to use them?
- But you've used them. - There are times that a man ...
There is no excuse to direct a weapon
against a similar.
And if you feel for me what I believe,
you will never use them again, ever.
Well ... they are a bit heavy
and I'm not as strong as before.
I was sure you would say that.
Now you are my patient
and you will do what I tell you.
The hospital wagon
will return to the camp tomorrow.
That fits with my plans.
The sick and convalescent
they will stay here, including you.
But I have to go back.
The doctor says no,
You need to rest another week.
We will be separated,
but for a short time.
What I send, doctor. But what if
Do you need the old "Buffalo Bill"?
You are neither old nor "Buffalo Bill".
Go, a stowaway.
It is violating the rules of the railroad.
No, I just need fresh air
and have fun.
I have not released you yet.
I can force you to stay in bed.
Under surveillance.
You are anxious to get back to work.
Come down and help me check the material.
Right away.
Sit down.
Taking. - 20 dozens of surgical gauzes.
- What's up?
Write them here.
And I say no. Never!
The steel monster will devour you.
You have seen the buffalo disappear.
Soon the earth itself will disappear.
Unite your peoples
and expel them from your country.
Look at them, did not I tell you?
If we manage to launch them against
the camp, we will finish them.
Yes, we will shoot those thieves.
My plan works. I have flooded
the whiskey camp
and I have also set up a living room
to drink and play.
If those imbeciles want to leave
the tools, they have it very easy.
When those warriors go
by them they will fall like flies.
There is no remedy. The bosses
of the tribes have fallen into the trap.
It's the war!
That madman of your father,
He does not know what he is doing.
He does not realize that it is our
blood that will run,
Not only
the one of the men of the railroad.
I told you to stay
inside the house.
Dad, do not you understand? You must stop Dirk Rourke.
No reason. And you should
be with us, with me
I was, but look!
Do you know what they would do with you
if now you opposed them?
Belongs to the tribes,
it is your earth!
Talk to them, see if you get
convince them
Bosses, my daughter wants to talk to you
of the wonders of the railroad.
Talk to them. Come on!
Destroy the railway.
Get him out of your land!
We will be with you
to death!
Calm down, it's not time yet, come back
to your tribes. I will warn you.
We'll talk when they leave.
- Are you satisfied with me now?
- Much.
I heard you
What you have done is terrible.
Put some food here. I will warn
to Tom now that I can still.
He is not your man anymore
You have seen him with another woman.
Yes, someone who does not know anything
from all of this.
But it does not matter,
I have to warn him.
You spoke well, Dirk,
You have convinced us!
If you leave, it will be forever.
You will not be able to return with us. Never.
Bye, Mom. I love you There goes the last of the bosses.
- For the hair hunters!
- Cheers!
Come on, to work! It seems that
You have not seen a train in life!
Yes, but I do not see the office car.
- Where is the money car?
- That, where is it?
Let's find out!
Let's see what he tells us now
Van Horne.
- What's up, friends?
- Wow, it's Tom Andrews.
Welcome, Tom!
- And Mr. Van Horne is in Calgary.
- Where's the pay, Andrews?
What are you going to spend here
the money?
Mr. Van Horne promised you
what would you charge?
- We're tired of promises.
- You will be charged within a couple of days.
We are also fed up
to hear that!
I understand that you are impatient,
I would be the same if I were
working in the sun all day,
and I did not see the pay.
I am not a liar,
and almost everyone knows it.
And I tell you not to worry,
the money is on the way.
I'm tired of hearing promises.
They are just lies.
Let's destroy this!
- Be careful what you do! - Give them their due, Tom!
Let's go.
Let's go!
But Tom,
What are you waiting for?
What you break will be
discounted from the pay.
Go back to work and do not do nonsense.
You have to build a railway!
A tough guy! With pants
ironed and well combed!
Have you forgotten your weapons?
What's wrong, Andrews,
is that you're a coward?
Let's go guys,
to the Bailey's joint.
Listen to me, the construction
of this line is more important
that personal problems ...
You've done what you can, Tom.
No, I should have done
that swallowed the molars.
- Tom, can you know what's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
You do not carry weapons, take and give it your due
that scoundrel, son of a bad mother.
- The times change.
- What did that woman do to you?
Do not you see that you can not handle a
herd of beasts with good words?
Maybe yes.
Hey, hey, tonight the house invites,
There are five barrels of whiskey paid and you just have to open them, so to drink.
- Tell them the truth, Bailey.
- Shut.
Tell them that the whiskey has given it to you
our friend.
- That's why you give it away.
- You shut up.
That's interesting, have you heard
What Mallis said?
He sent the whiskey for us to drink
and we destroy the works.
Shut up!
You are not going to cheat me!
To the one that takes out a weapon
I leave it dry.
That's better.
The house is still inviting.
Tom, they just hurt Mallis
in the Bailey gambling den,
- I think he's going to palmar her.
- I have to go!
Edith, wait!
But Bailey has killed Scott,
You can not go like that, you have to wear ...
Now you look like a man!
They have hurt a man here,
to Mallis.
He just left
By the back door.
- I'm a doctor, if he's hurt.
- He's not hurt, he's dead.
A drink?
Come, sister, let's dance.
Take your hands off!
- Get out of here, Edith.
- Mallis is dead.
Go back to the car.
- Are you Bailey?
- Yes
Well, you're going to close.
It does not have to be like this, the fight is over.
We were going to pray a response
to friend Mallis.
- A drink?
- You're going to come with me.
I'm going to lock you up for murdering
to Scotty and Mallis.
You saved yourself once, Andrews,
This you will not tell!
Did you want to pray? On knees!
Dynamite, collect the weapons.
To avoid more shootings, for now
I'm going to keep my weapons.
When you get drunk,
think about what you have seen here.
We'll talk tomorrow morning,
and this time you are going to listen to me.
Are you sure the cable will resist?
Yes, damn it, it will resist.
Tom, listen to me, throw it down
with dynamite.
And fly the whole camp?
Oh no!
Ready, Jim?
- Ready?
- Give him pressure!
- Ahead.
- Very well.
Good job, Jim!
Are you going back to base tonight?
- Right now.
- If you see Mr. Van Horne
tell him what happened,
tell him he does not have to worry.
- What's wrong, Dynamite?
- That's it, I've already released the cable!
- See you, Tom!
- Good trip, Jim! Dynamite, we have work,
It's time to open the room.
I once read a sign in a bar
from Montana that said:
If you want to know who is in charge here,
look for a fight
Well, I do not want to send,
let alone fight,
but someone is looking for it
and does not plan to stop
until I finish with this railroad.
Everything that has happened,
the accidents, the Bailey thing,
everything is part of a plan
to take away our work,
Are we going to spoil it or are we going
to finish what we have come to do?
Build this line
I say that if what you said
of the pay is true,
- then right now to work.
- Is right!
I will not allow anyone
I took my job.
This is how it is spoken, boys!
I'll tell you something else, there is a man
behind all this and I know who he is.
If you all go back to work, I'll go
to look for it, and I will bring it alive or dead
so you can see it
Who is that viper?
It is not so easy to find
and it is a personal matter. But once I have it in my hands
everything will go perfectly.
Well, what do you say, guys?
Tom, if you devote yourself to politics,
you would become president.
Hey, wait!
Tom, the Indians are going to attack
the camp
What had he told you?
They have rifles, there are hundreds of them.
Dirk Rourke has driven them crazy.
You have to flee from here!
We can not run away,
We do not have a locomotive.
So that Father Lacomb
talk to them,
- He will make you see reason.
- Father Lacomb has returned to the base.
Boys, are you listening?
We are going to have to defend ourselves.
Quick, you have to bring the car
Hospital up here!
Here is OK!
- Hey, Mike!
- Yes?
Put naughty around
to make a barricade.
Hank, gather all the weapons
and ammunition there is.
Dynamite, repeating rifles.
Cecille, come with me.
Jake, telegraph to the base,
the camp is going to be attacked.
Attacked? I can not communicate
for an hour
They have had to cut the cables. - Then go out and use this.
- Yes sir.
Your help has allowed us to prepare,
but you've got yourself in the worst place.
I do not care,
I could not let them do it ...
You are a very brave woman.
Tom, I ... Listen ... drums.
Are getting closer!
- Is it true what they say?
- Yes, climb the two to the car.
- I want to help you, Tom!
- Inside. You, too, Dr. Mason.
Come on, guys, behind
of the barricade!
- Tom, does Van Horne know?
- No, they've cut the wires.
- I'm going to warn Van Horne.
- You can not go away.
No, stay, you're a good shooter.
And a good rider, once I won
the one from Kentucky, on a mule!
- Bye.
- Good luck, Dynamite!
There are snipers,
They want to eliminate us little by little.
If you want to help,
the bandages are there.
I would help more with a rifle!
As in a fair shot.
May your men remain hidden,
We will keep the siege until nightfall
then I will give the attack signal.
And the one that has galloped
A while ago? It will not get very far. I have put
Indian lookouts on all roads.
In case anyone wants to go and tell them.
You're casting lots, huh?
Let's see who is the lucky one
that pulls my hair
Well that's not right,
It is not being civilized.
Boss, will you let me smoke the last cigarette
before going to the great meadows?
Do you also want?
Well, I have many.
We are going to be friends. One for you,
another for you, there is for everyone.
The best tobacco you've ever tried.
Take fire, boss.
You will like it, boys,
chupad strong.
If you do not have fire
Ask another, huh?
They're up to something, Mike.
That some of your men climb
to the wagon,
the others that hide underneath.
But do not leave this barricade.
Tell everyone
Be well,
do not waste ammunition.
Thanks, Cecille!
Be careful, do not come near.
It's hurt!
They are very treacherous.
Help me, you have to get him out of here.
Open the door.
Relieves suffering first
of ours. Compassion does not make distinctions.
You started this. The violence
It always brings more violence.
Are you blaming me?
To you personally clear that no.
I blame the ideas you defend.
I thought you had changed,
but it takes a lot of courage to
give up spilling blood.
We have caught one of them, it came out
running from among the trees.
Cecille, mom told me
that you came to warn them.
I did not think it would be so horrible ...
Horrible ... I was wrong.
What does Rourke plan?
It's up there,
next to the dry pine, the big one.
When I give the signal
the final attack will begin.
They are too many.
You can not ... resist.
Already! Turn it on, Cagle.
Stay there!
Take, fight!
Do you want to die?
She is crazy or she is a saint!
He says he can not go faster,
Mr. Van Horne
if it gives you more pressure,
the boiler is going to burst.
I could not stop them from giving the signal.
Rourke is dead.
Did you kill him?
Why would not he do it?
He was responsible for everything! - I'm glad, Tom, I'm glad.
- You are injured!
They attack us!
The train, Tom, the train!
Fire at will!
Hey, Tom, what do you think?
of the work of the railroad?
As your personal explorer,
most of the time it's very hard,
But I like it.
Father Lacomb!
Mr. Von Horne, Dynamite
He has behaved like the good guys.
By the way,
Why have you taken so long?
Because I entertained myself by smoking
the cigar of peace with some Indians
and certainly rest in peace.
Money money money!
If money is the root of all evils,
give me a car from those roots.
Your father will recover
Soon, Cecille.
Do you come with us?
- I'll accompany you on the next train.
- Goodbye.
For all the saints,
what is this?
Oh, mother, we have problems.
What do you want, boss?
What it says?
They want to sign peace
with the white man.
They want to return to their tribes
in peace.
They will stay there
and they will not attack us again.
Tell them that I agree
to your wishes.
The white boss says he grants you everything you have asked for
I ask you to believe me, not like
priest, but as a white man
that understands whites
and the Indians.