Canaries (2017) Movie Script

Ah shit.
Lieutenant Randall.
Yes damn it.
Wilson sir, RAF.
Hey do you mind?
Sorry sir.
Which way?
You know why I joined
the US Air Force Wilson?
No sir.
To see my beautiful
country, and to be in the air.
Instead I'm walking through
a freezing English forest
because one of your guys
said he saw a light.
You're commanding
officer felt somebody
from both countries
should investigate sir.
My commanding officer is a dick.
Shine it over here.
Resin, trees been
exposed to heat.
Camp fires?
No sign of one.
Shine up.
Branch is broken
up in the tree-line.
Something came down, your
man might have seen something.
Okay, let's move off this,
shit what the hell is that?
We have a body sir, looks
Vietnamese what's left of him.
I think I stepped
on some of him.
We're close, I think,
that's what the map says.
That's where the lady is.
Why you want
to talk to this lady?
Plenty of nice girls in Hanoi.
No, no, no thanks, ah this lady
witnessed an abduction,
her friend was taken.
So we go to police?
Oh I don't think so,
she said a craft appeared
as big as three of those
mountains up there.
UFO right, sightings in Vietnam
are actually quite common.
Urgh, oh God, I think I
got a fly in my mouth.
That's disgusting.
This is her.
Hello, don't be afraid.
Where was her friend standing?
And where was the UFO?
Yes, I can confirm that,
that's a definite, yes ma'am.
Several, at least 10, they're
all in separate containers.
Well some are mac and cheese
and some are sandwiches.
Because she likes them Patrice,
there's fruit in there too okay.
Look, I got to go, yeah, yeah
I'll be home late
tonight okay, bye.
Agent Kendrick.
I don't really have a
title, just call me Kendrick.
Yes sir.
Up island.
Scene secure.
Private beach, owners
don't come til August.
Not much to secure really.
Oh let me get this.
Estimated TOD.
Uh hi, who are you?
This is agent,
this is Mr. Kendrick.
I'm estimating time of death
is when he hit the ground,
six o'clock this morning, in
front of two 15 year olds.
One of them my stepdaughter
who's now grounded.
Small community.
They claim they
saw flashes of light
and then Ben Murphy and his crew
disappear from his boat
a little ways off shore.
A local fishing crew.
The boat?
Pulled it in this morning,
no sign of the crew,
nothing suspicious on the boat.
The girls had ingested several
office cleaning products.
The wounds indicate?
He fell from pretty high
up, as in from a plane.
Found this in his pocket.
Kurt Nesbo.
Says he's from Oslo, also
found this in the wallet.
Ticket to a gala show or
something, Oslo opera house.
But it's dated April 30th 2013,
that's almost a year from
now, he must have really
want to see that show.
This ticket's been
torn, he saw the show.
He, sorry he what?
ID was confirmed, Kurt
Nesbo of Oslo Norway.
Cause of death,
injuries from a fall.
All flights that evening were
grounded due to the storm,
over one year later we track
reports of a Kurt Nesbo,
same ID, disappearing from a
gala at the opera house at Oslo
during intermission.
Sorry, DC Metro sucks,
why are we in a hotel?
We own it.
ID, Stanley.
DOD owns a hotel.
Sit down.
The same time the body dropped
that image was sent to us.
Sent in the mail,
on a phone that hadn't
been invented yet.
Well, they don't know
how to spell happy.
We got IDs on any of these guys?
One of them's MOD.
Ministry of Defense UK.
Yes, thank you I
know what it means.
Do we have a map?
You show up late to
an eyes only briefing
and you, you would like a map.
Like a really big map
that we can put pins in.
Do you see a pattern?
Let me save you some energy,
we know where it's
gonna happen next.
Okay how?
They told us.
They told you?
What did they say?
They have a proposal
and they want us
to see it happen again.
Lower cumtrch, lower coom,
lower cum, lower cumtwa,
how do you even say that?
Huw Richards
has called in, saying there's
a New Years Eve party
in Lower Cwmtwrch.
Not to be confused with
Upper Cwmtwrch of course,
where the special DJ
host, sponsored by
Selwyn Reese, the fishmonger.
Nothing fishy, just delishy.
Might want to think about
hiring a new marketing
team Selwyn, just
kidding, or am I?
Welsh language radio
is coming up in a mo,
but first here's
the new classic.
Hi there, you're
through to Steve Dennis,
the Microphone Menace,
do you know what to do,
oh I think you do.
Oh Steve where the fuck are you?
You told me to meet you
here, it's your party in it,
give me a ring back
alright, it's Huw bye.
They're mine.
You're fit but
you're not that fit.
Yeah right.
So is this where you
give me the speech.
What speech?
It was fun, but
you're a famous DJ,
need to get back to
London, don't have time
for anything remotely
serious, blah, blah, blah.
No I, I wasn't gonna say that.
No what I was gonna say was,
if I'm honest I'm
not a good person
and that nice guy
veneer from the radio
is easy to sustain
on the airwaves
but let's face it, we were both
just in this for ourselves,
you know, for personal gain.
So I think it's best
if I just leave.
But although we only
had a few hours,
we had the passion
of a lifetime.
That's from a film, that
last thing you just said,
that's from The Terminator.
You couldn't even be
bothered to watch a Rom com
and steal something from that.
You decided to quote a
film about a killer cyborg
who travels through time.
It is romantic to be fair,
no it is, at the end...
Fuck off Steve.
Okay good, I never
liked you okay.
Thank you for that Steve.
Good, well thanks
for everything.
Thank you.
Take care.
You too.
I'll get dressed downstairs
so don't worry about...
Bye Steve, thank you.
Bye then.
Hi, sorry I missed your
call, I was in a meeting.
Yeah, yeah, you told me
to meet you here at eight,
it's your party mate.
Yeah, how many takers?
A few, not many.
Just a few.
There's a big New Years
Eve thing at Cinders,
a lot of people going to that.
Look I've got an investor
coming from London,
I need more people
there, please Huw,
just get me some
more fucking people.
Miles, Sunita, whenever
you don't call me
for this long I know
something's going on.
So I am moderately
concerned, call me back, bye.
There's something about
this guy you keep calling.
Who says it's a guy?
Because your voice goes funny.
It's work thank you.
Yeah, well you're
always on the phone.
Am I, do you wanna
try and take it back.
Go on, do you wanna try...
This is a holiday
alright, so we need to stay
away from technology.
That's bloody Steve.
Hello Steve.
Why did I come back to Wales?
You tell me.
Someone's nicked my fucking car.
Hi Steve.
Oh is that Suny,
how's she doing?
Still my sister.
Half sister isn't it.
She has my full protection.
I was just checking
mate, how far away are you?
About 45 minutes.
Call me when you're
five minutes away,
I'll tell you which pub.
What, nothing happened Naveen.
Oh that's a big screen, nice.
Would have been nice
if we had it earlier.
Excuse me.
I mean that's not just
in the movies right,
they do have those situations.
They do have those yes,
do you know the budget
that gets allocated
to this department?
Seeing as how it
officially doesn't exist.
You want to be in agriculture,
they get a lot of money.
You should see the size
of the TVs and conference
rooms for them.
I hope I'm not out
of line here sir,
that file implies that
time traveling aliens
are doing experiments on
humans and making a power play.
Isn't this an imminent threat?
Not to us, they come at
us, you'd be seeing that
on a very big screen.
Weather reports.
Cloud and rain up in
Scotland, but due to blow north
not south, you wanna tell
me what we're looking for?
You'll know it when you see it.
Steve Dennis, good job I
hid you could have been
someone coming to rob the place.
Not me, I just broadcast
criminally good entertainment.
You remember me
from school Steven?
I tried to teach your geography,
I failed, but I tried.
Mr. Jones, Robert Jones.
Yes of course, Bobby
J, Bob the Bones.
No, I just made that name up.
Alan Thomas.
Yeah, Mr. T.
Made that one up as well.
Yep, Mr. Jenkins.
Sergeant Jenkins.
Got my old job as a copper back.
Plus I own the pub.
Right, well congratulations.
I'm on duty tonight.
Oh I'm sorry.
No, I love it,
feel of the streets.
Well it's just the one
street really isn't it,
and a few lanes.
Parties, noise
complaints, I'll be on that.
You're having a party
aren't you Steven?
Just a little
shindig, nothing um,
warming up from about 3
PM, mellow stuff initially
before we kick into
the drum and base.
Might have to stop by.
Yeah do when your shifts done,
I'll save you a few drinks.
Check on the noise, bye bye now.
I actually just fancied a pint.
Nice to see you sir.
So how you been Suny
everything alright?
Yeah, good, you?
Yeah great, really
great, good thanks.
Now to Steve
Dennis the microphone menace.
Hey it's me, it's the show.
Not live obviously
because we're in the car.
Pre-recorded that's
what we call that.
Soon I'll be menacing again
when I phone some feminists
to ask for their bra sizes,
if you're gonna burn 'em,
got to earn 'em.
Now we've had lots of
emails in for Steve's...
There he is.
What is your favorite hole?
You can park over there.
That's Naveen.
Didn't you used
to work the Viceroy?
No, no, no he didn't, no that's
a mate of mine from London
with tons of cash and
that's his sister.
So no, none of
your jokes alright.
What jokes?
Any of the ones that you tell.
Burned by my velvet dreams
He's not using a turn table?
Well turn tables were
out, and then they were in,
and now they're, well
actually they're still in,
we just couldn't get
one, could we Tony.
And you know Steve how?
Friends of his moms,
and we run the local B&B.
If his venture gets
off the ground,
then we'll give his
guest DJs a discount,
won't we Ton.
His venture?
Yeah, Valley Palace.
VIP Nightclubs in the valleys.
He wants to set
something up back here
what with them probably
firing him in London you know.
Oh my fucking mouth.
Hi, is there a
corkscrew anywhere?
A corkscrew?
Yeah, yeah, I bought some wine.
Yeah I know what it's for.
Don't say anything will you.
Of course not.
Stick some 90s stuff
on Steve, oh, oh.
So there is a corkscrew yeah?
No, sorry.
Ain't got much money,
Got some David Bowie,
Now the whole damn bar's
singing bad karaoke
Like oh you pretty things
Does anybody in here
wanna buy me chicken wings
Enough about supper
all I need is
Barkeep pour me another
Back to the club would
you take him for a sucker
Hey there.
Still at the travel agent?
Valley Palace.
No, fucking Ryan.
Is that why I'm down here?
What do you mean?
Because of Nav, he could invest
and it would seem
odd not to invite me.
I thought you both
might like a nice weekend
out of the city.
I don't know why you act
so weird around me Steve.
Is it because
something happened,
or because not enough happened?
Here's the thing
Suni, you, me, we,
had a great few
moments but ultimately
each person had to protect
their own interests.
When you think about it
we were both just in it
for ourselves.
Thank you.
You said the same thing
to me the next morning.
The funny thing is you
probably don't even remember
what happened, would you
like me to remind you?
No, if I could potentially
not be full of shit
do you think it might
be possible to...
Excuse me can you turn
the music down please.
Ah, hello again.
Agnes, Agnes Dee.
Very good, Agnes
Davis, it is printed
on all the red gas
bills in the hallway
so you're not exactly Sherlock.
Go back inside shall I.
I'm comin' in.
Agnes D, see told you
I remembered your name.
My dad lives on the next farm,
he wants the music off.
Can I do anything
to change his mind?
He's a raging alcoholic,
I could take him
a bottle of vodka to act
as a sort of sedative.
But in return I would
require a bottle for myself
and an invitation to this
doubtless amazing party.
Oh go on, I'll even
throw in a cover story
about how we're just
platonic friends,
so you can try and
shag the Indian bird,
she's very pretty.
We're just friends.
We're all just friends.
This way.
So all that...
I thought you were
in the hallway.
No you're mistaken.
Just had a large cloud
mass form over Calais
within seconds moving west.
Here it comes.
Smells good, what's on it?
Vegetarian, thanks for checking.
Huw, stop drinking
now, alright, that's it,
nice big smiles,
one, two, three.
Happy New Year.
Happy new Year.
Give us a look then,
give us a look.
I know you love me for a
Bit quiet for New
Years Eve isn't it?
Normally packed in here,
fucking Steve Dennis.
Another shandy?
No I'm fine with
this one thanks.
Well, I'm fine with my scotch.
Can I ask you a question?
Is anyone round
here having a party?
Do you recognize
any of these people?
Never seen them.
Okay great stuff,
And it wouldn't be new
years eve without some odd
phone calls, here we
have some listeners
reporting UFO's in Neath.
Mr. Barnes, you gonna
pay for that shandy.
Alright, I love what
you've done with the place,
really nice, tinsel,
Happy New Year.
Fucking weirdo.
If this is Huw having
a girly giggle,
I will plant mushrooms on you,
fucking will as well!
What the fuck are
you playing at?
How you doing?
It's the microphone menace.
That's right it is me.
So boys grab your girls,
boys grab your boys whatever,
I don't judge, almost
that time of the evening
where I get to wish
you a Happy New Year.
Alright let's do this,
let's start this countdown.
10, nine...
Whoa, whoa you're
30 seconds out Steve,
it says on my app.
Oh, I'm 30 seconds off,
that's fine, I can fill,
I can do this.
Thank you's I guess.
Nav, Suni I love you
guys coming all the way
from London, you are
brilliant thank you.
Ryan and of course
the gorgeous Tommy
offering wonderful deals
at the Peacock B&B.
Go and stay there if
you're gonna stay anywhere.
And who else, oh yes,
there he is, the main man,
Selwyn Reese and his fried fish.
If you want a piece of
skate, get to my mate,
I think have I
done it, that's it,
okay let's go, let's
countdown proper.
10, nine, eight, seven.
Happy New Year.
Alright, alright,
everyone calm down,
that's fine, just stay in
doors, don't go outside,
we'll work out what this is.
I'll be back with you
soon, thanks, thanks.
Sorry, sorry.
What just happened.
Come in Steve, it
might start up again.
I'm a valley boy Rye,
not afraid of a few drops.
If you're such a
proud valley boy,
how come you changed your accent
the minute you moved to London?
You used to sound like me.
What's up there?
Can you see anything?
Fuck me.
Is that a spear?
It's in Ecola, it's
short for close attacks.
African Maasai tribe,
see the blade has
a distinctive fish shape.
Masters in anthropology.
Yeah well don't take it inside,
I've only rented the place.
Sunita, you're
keeping odd hours.
Sorry to disturb you sir.
I take it this
isn't a drink and dial
to say how much you appreciate
me as your new boss.
We may have a
Canary incident sir.
May have a what?
This would make it the
second after Rendlesham sir.
Do not mention Rendlesham.
Rendlesham was a long time ago,
it's probably best forgotten
two soldiers from two
countries disappeared,
we had to tell their families
they died in a train accident.
Oh the Yanks kicked up a fuss.
It has a similar MO
sir, foreign corpse,
sudden impact, no
sign of aircraft.
How can you tell?
It just fell on
the party I'm at.
On the house.
Bit weird in it?
That's putting it mildly.
Oh look at me with my red wine
and my long words.
Have you got a problem mate?
Yeah I fucking have actually.
Why don't we step outside.
We are outside.
And what can you
confirm about the body?
I can't quite yet sir,
it's still on the roof.
It did drop this though.
There's something on the roof
that may or may not be a corpse,
and you have a
funny looking stick.
Oh I knew
you should never have
lead me to the Yanks.
They filled your
head with spaceships.
A Viennese boatman dropped
on Rendlesham in 1980,
then disappeared in 96, they
tracked him, definite ID.
Yes, says your
friend Miles Kendrick,
who for some reason only
has a level five clearance.
Sunita listen,
aliens don't exist,
time travel does not exist.
Happy New Year.
Get a towel, you don't
mix red and white...
Oh you're fucking
asking for it pal.
Yeah I'll knock
that little smug look
right off your face.
Alright just back off man.
Yeah you back off.
Huw, Huw mate please.
Oh what so it's fine if
you're a famous fucking DJ
or a rich knob but
if you work in a pub
you can fuck off is it.
He's not gonna give
you his money anyway,
your Valley Club
ideas fucking rubbish.
Fucking hell I'm so
sorry, that was me again.
What is that?
What the fucks going
on here in Wales?
Is this normal?
Fuck sake.
What now?
Observe and report.
That's it?
I can't do my
job if I don't know
what the objective is.
You've been told exactly what...
What is your job title?
Same as you, analyst.
Really, you look
like you analyze people
who are tied to a chair.
What are we doing here?
Listen to me.
Can you hear me, hello yeah.
My names Huw Richards, I'm
a barman at the Cross Keys,
that's not important,
look a dead black man
just fell out of the
sky onto my house.
Well it's not actually
my house, I'm renting it,
and also there was
this rain right,
and then it just turned
off like it was a big
fucking tap in the
sky or something.
So can you send coppers,
an ambulance, hello.
Oh I got cut off.
Yeah or they've hung up.
I'll try calling them.
I need to make
sure my dad's okay.
No one's going out there
til we know what's going on.
I've seen the body, that's
not gonna hurt me is it?
Yeah but Agnes seriously.
Look, if one of those
has fallen on my dads roof
he's gonna freak out.
I'll go with you.
We should all go,
it could get worse.
Uh, it could get a lot
worse outside actually,
besides we don't want
to see a dead body
thank you very much.
Look the other way
then, scaredy poof.
Do you want a fucking beating?
As if you could.
I'm black belt in Wing Chun.
What's that, fucking
flower arranging.
Boys, Nav what'd they say.
I don't think they believed me.
You're a nutter sis.
We'll be fine.
We stay together,
we stay together.
There's nothing out there.
We stay inside.
There's nothing out there.
Wing Chung
There's nothing out there.
We stay inside.
There's nothing out there.
We stay together.
There's nothing out there.
Win Chung.
We stay inside.
So how do you know Steve?
Is he really
worth talking about?
No actually, what
do you do in London?
Travel agent.
What about you?
I work for the local paper.
Oh, a journalist.
Councils Binbag
Blunder, hardly Watergate.
I can tell when people
are lying though.
I still can't get signal.
Just gonna check Lisa
hasn't burnt down the B&B.
Your phone is shit.
Where's yours?
In the car.
Be careful it's muddy
Love you.
Yeah whatever.
Are you from Scotland,
nu, I am from Wales.
Alright mate.
Fuck off.
Are you from England, no
Are you from Scotland, no
Are you from Ireland, no
I'm from fucking Wales.
Ah there you are.
Got you, you little fucker.
Do you mind if
I go in on my own,
my dad might be?
assailant wore a yellow mac...
And appears pale and crazed.
I don't think he's
anyone's catch of the day.
Dad, you awake?
Gerrant, come too, it's
a party, it's a party.
Let's get drunk and
make some mistakes.
Slightly inappropriate
time to be taking Es.
NHS, when did you
call the police?
Half an hour ago.
Brilliant, hardly anything.
You know this isn't
exactly how I planned it,
and Huw and everything I...
Did you really used
to sound like him?
Yeah a bit, but
no London station
wants a DJ sounding
like that now do they.
Suni's always sounded the same,
but I grew up
sounding like my mom.
I got picked on big time,
kids doing impressions of me,
they sounded more
Welsh then Indian.
I changed the way
I spoke to fit in,
Suni'd never have cared though.
I suppose that's why I'm
so protective of her.
Not that she needs it.
Pale and crazed.
Pale and crazed.
Getting some
reports on the ground.
We have people there?
Just the local police,
reports of bodies
falling from the sky,
civilians with stab wounds.
I want as many feeds as we
can, satellite, HCL, traffic,
whatever we got.
It's a party, it's a
happy, happy New Year party.
2015, and all the
Londoners coming down,
ooh look at me
I've got nice hair
and my sister's fit.
Hey, cork it.
But I haven't
finished my set yet.
Why haven't we
had any complaints?
The neighbors,
and where's Tommy?
I don't know mate, I do not
keep track of all the gays.
I've been working on a
series of adventure novels
about this sort of DJ explorer.
I could write you one.
Have you seen my
waste of a boyfriend?
Not for a while no.
If he's found the
weed in the car.
Maybe I could write
like a chapter where...
Stop talking Steve.
Yeah, happy New Year.
Thomas you found the
fucking hash didn't you?
Come on!
Come on.
What the fuck.
This isn't a true
representation of Valley Palace.
Shut up Steve.
You know, Huw promised me
like 600 guests, honestly.
Shut up Steve.
You alright Sis?
Where's the key for the door?
Something's chasing
us, it just killed Tommy.
Fuck I'm gonna hide, see you.
We need to stay together.
There's nothing out there.
We stay inside.
I don't know what
all the noise is about
but I'm going outside to
get myself some more beer.
I see the rain falling down
Get it please, get it.
Shit, shit.
Jesus, fuck off.
This is my hiding
place, fuck off.
Where are I gonna hide?
Not my problem.
I'll give you a fucking
problem, budge up.
Fuck off.
No go.
Jesus, fucking, fuck.
There was a fucking corkscrew.
Come on, come on, come on.
I got him, I got
him, get the spear.
Get the fucking spear.
I can't find it.
I can't hold him,
I can't hold him.
Oh fuck.
You cunt.
Fucking touch my
mustache you fucking prick.
Found it.
What the fuck are they?
I don't know, just
want them to go away.
We've been attacked.
If you would like me
to call them terrorists
instead of aliens I will.
I believe you, a
corpse similar to the one
you encountered landed
only two miles from here.
We are in lockdown, I've
got no agents within
a 20 mile radius of you,
but I'm tracking you okay.
I'm tracking you and I've
informed local police.
Police are otherwise
occupied sir.
Sunita listen, listen,
it seems the higher ups
haven't been entirely
honest with either of us.
Rendlesham wasn't
the first incident.
Hey the phone
reception was rubbish
and now it's totally gone
because of the weather right.
That relies on transmissions
through the air.
Internet is mainly
cables underground.
There's no Wi-Fi here, but
I'm picking up a signal
in another house, really faint.
You wanna what,
email the police?
No I want to get hold of someone
who might know all about this.
Oh yeah, like hello we've
been attacked and killed
by vampire fisherman, do
you have an opinion on that.
Only my friend Sunita
thinks it might be
your area of expertise.
Shut up Steve.
Look we all know at this point
that I don't actually work
for a travel agents right.
Yeah, I was wondering
when you were gonna tell me.
So what are you then?
You've got a Masters
of Interior Design?
Ministry of Defense
you fucking knob,
where's the I in that?
Piss off, do I look like
I belong in a spy thriller?
No, no I don't, no my job is,
and hopefully will
still be to provide
quality and slightly
adult entertainment
to an impressively large
number of London listeners.
And yes, actually, I
did think that working
in a travel agents was
beneath Sunita's skill
and intelligence level but I
didn't want to point that out,
did I, no because I
thought it might be rude.
As opposed to
suggesting that you, me,
and the girl from the radio
station have a threesome.
No, no, no.
No I didn't say that.
Yes you did, you
just don't remember.
I will destroy you.
Off topic, off
topic, slightly fucking
off topic everyone. Tah!
So, Ministry of Defense.
Field agent, I was
on loan to the Yanks,
there's someone over there,
an American version of me
but a bit more senior, he's
the guy I need to get hold of.
Right so we email him?
I can try and secure a web cam,
DOD scrambles the
signal well enough
so no one can peek in.
So we can Skype him then?
Only in a top
secret sort of way.
Great, who's got a laptop?
I have.
Where is it?
Why didn't you bring it inside?
Who brings a laptop to a party?
Besides we need to get to
where the wireless signal
is strong enough,
wherever this house is.
Let's look, pinkywoofwoof85,
that's Lisa Bevan's house,
it's only a little walk away.
How far is a little walk?
Not long, probably
will feel longer
in this context though.
Why can't you just
webcam him from your phone?
Because the signals
not strong enough,
it doesn't have a
booster like the laptop.
Alright, me and Nav
go, you two stay behind.
Well I should go,
we'll get there quicker.
Which leaves me here
alone, so no thanks,
I'll come as well please.
Yeah, but someone has to stay
and hold down the fort Steve.
This isn't a fort.
You know what I mean.
This is a rented
holiday cottage which
I've almost certainly
lost my deposit on.
Oh for fuck sake Steve.
Alright, we all go.
I go to the car first with Nav,
Steve and Ryan you stay
behind, keep a look out,
give us the all clear.
Then Steve you join us
at the car, then Ryan.
Two and one, one
cover formation,
then we find this house
with a signal understood.
I'm sorry about Tommy.
I was on the rebound with
him, he wasn't the one.
I feel a bit bad that
I don't feel badder.
Probably just the shock or
something, I don't know.
I'm sure you'll
meet someone nice.
I did meet a bloke
actually, down the pub.
He looked a bit, I'll tell
you some other time shall I.
Oh for, yeah that's
brilliant that is.
Hurry up.
Yeah alright!
Got the keys.
Chuck them then.
One, two, three.
The fuck was that?
Steven Dennis did this.
You tell that little
shit he's under arrest.
What's that?
Oh it's so that I can
see and keep my hands free
for fighting.
You look like a tit.
I'll be the tit who survives.
Here we are, this is it.
It's a post office.
They live upstairs.
You guys stay down here,
Steve and I will check upstairs.
The signals strongest up here,
I'm gonna try
calling, keep watch.
Alright look away,
I'm entering passwords
protected by the
official secrets act.
Stop showing off,
I wouldn't let you
see my pin number, it's
basically the same thing.
Give me any DOD satellite
we have in the area,
I need as much coverage of
I need to take this.
The cloud cover has
grown to twice it's size.
I'll be as fast as I can.
It's spreading.
It's what?
Cloud cover.
It's moving outward.
They wanted us to see this.
Shock and awe.
You don't just attack somebody,
you show them what
you can do first.
You rattle them, you scare them,
then when you do go in,
they're not fighting back,
they're negotiating.
He may not answer.
Anything's worth a
shot at this point.
Is this secure?
I tried calling,
all phones are out.
What are we looking at?
I can't tell you.
Which means you know,
that's why you didn't
return my calls.
Trust me I wanted too.
We're getting
slaughtered here Miles.
Men in raincoats,
discolored skin, they can...
Did they look like this?
Who are they?
Crew of a fishing boat,
disappeared from an island
in Massachusetts two years ago,
they may have been replicated.
What cloned?
It's possible,
I've seen it myself.
You could have given
me some kind of warning,
tell your friends to
stay out of Wales,
something like that.
You were meant to be there.
What are you talking about?
This was sent to us in 2012.
Hey that's me, that
was taken tonight,
how did you get that?
You shouldn't be
talking to me Steven.
He's right, you
shouldn't see his face.
Yeah too late, who are
you, how'd you know my name?
Who is this knob?
Ex colleague,
tell us about them,
we need to know everything.
We don't know what they are,
but we know they're
doing experiments
and they've contacted us.
Don't bother it's
classified isn't it.
I shouldn't even
be talking to you.
Yeah listen mate, you're
US government right.
One small section,
a section that doesn't
officially exist but yes.
Whatever you can help us okay,
I want you to send
helicopters, jets, anything,
better still...
We've been ordered
to observe and report.
Nothing more.
Look, this is above my pay grade
but it seems a deal
has been struck.
They get to do their experiments
anyway but the US
and we let them.
In exchange they do us no
harm, and they stay away.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, what about
our special relationship?
The way you need to look at it,
and I mean this, we're
not good enough for you.
Our two countries may
have allied for a time,
but you always knew that
we were both in this
for our own gain, I
guess you could say
it was fun while it lasted.
Now we've clarified
that, any handy hints.
The rain.
What about it?
Every time these events occur,
there's always
been a rain storm.
We had the labs
analyze the liquid,
it's not water, not
strictly speaking.
Some of the chemicals
that we found are...
Look we haven't
got much time so.
The fisherman are the first
humans to come down alive,
if you can call that,
they had the same liquid
in their lungs and in
their bloodstreams.
They're prototypes,
like baby sharks,
still learning how to kill.
And you better move fast
because they will adapt.
So they've been injecting people
and now they've perfected
the dose they're sending them
down to kill us.
We hadn't confirmed that
that was their intention.
Yes it is, I can state
100% for the record
that it is, it's bloody
is, it's confirmed.
They are alien human
hybrid killing machines.
This guys a real wanker did
you used to go out with him?
I can hear you
man, I am right here.
I wish you were right
here, I'd fucking...
You'd what, DJ me to death?
Oh you are so bloody dead.
Look I have to go, this
call will have been monitored.
If it were up to me...
But it's not.
No, good luck.
Yeah I'm never eating another
hot dog again, fuck off.
The storm front's covering
most of Wales at this point.
You can see the other
weather is moving north east
with the wind, but this is
just hovering, it's static.
What do you think?
I think we're
approaching plan B.
I made a new years resolution
to stop eating these.
What is that?
It's a tennis racket
with knives in it.
Sis, we've got to go.
Whoa, what about your laptop.
Not a laptop anymore.
Alright, out the back, no noise.
What the hell is that?
It's a tennis racket
with knives in it.
You'll have someone's eye out.
That's the idea.
I'm older then you.
Why aren't they
crossing, is it the water?
Are they allergic to it?
Rain coats, whatever
liquid they were using
it was too strong and
people came down dead.
Like the African man.
They were overdosing
them, but the raincoats
protected them just enough
and now their test subjects
are surviving they're
giving them to everyone.
Like armor, or a condom.
You know for me,
it's that photograph.
The fact that it
was taken tonight
but the American's
had it two years ago.
Forget all that other
freaky shit we've seen,
it's that that gives me the
willies more then anything else.
Does this ever come to an end?
I, I don't know, I just remember
coming here to get drunk.
Any ideas.
This is usually when
we call for air support.
You know what we used to
do when we were in school
and someone would
make fun of you.
You'd look at the
bastard, remember.
You'd look in his ugly face
and you'd fucking charge.
Don't be stupid.
Come on!
Come on you fuckers!
Steve I've decided not to
invest in your Valley's
club scheme, it's
a rubbish idea.
Suni, take care of
Steve, he's an idiot.
Leave him, it's too late.
Come on.
Suni come on.
Let me stay, Steve.
I can buy you some time.
No Suni, come on listen.
Let go.
Suni Nav stayed so we
don't have too, now come on.
Get up there.
I gotta join a gym,
I gotta join a gym,
I gotta join a gym.
Steve, Steve!
No benefit, no, no, it
won't make any difference.
What happened?
Nothing, I fell, come on.
Oh for fuck sake.
Alright then.
So what time
shall I pick you up?
For tea.
I'm gonna take you
for tea tomorrow,
there's a great
place in Llandilo
that does tea and cakes.
Sounds nice.
It really is, it's brilliant.
Really strong Earl Gray.
I'm more of a Darjeeling girl.
Uh, they do that as well.
So what time?
Shall we say 10,
I'd like a lie in.
Okay, 10s good.
Let's deal with
this first shall we.
Sunita Chowdra.
Come with me.
Come on.
Hold this will you.
You're not MOD, black ops, CIA?
Special branch, I'm
a friend of a friend.
Mr. Kendrick you've been
assigned back out in the field,
they've sent someone
else here to supervise.
Someone higher up you mean.
They're not telling us anything.
Take care of yourself.
That's gonna cost you.
I thought we agreed
to meet in private.
Oh I can't think of
any place more private
then a hotel owned by the DOD.
Saving the girl
has altered things.
We had requested
that you not do that.
You requested that
we change nothing
in the United
States and in return
that you would not
conduct anymore
of your experiments here.
Seems like we're both liars.
Takes one to know one.
I have a report here of
storms and bodies in Hawaii.
Oh that didn't have to happen.
I thought everything
had to happen,
you've seen it happen.
This is just one
possible outcome.
You end up as me.
Let's be clear, you are not me.
You have my body,
the rest of you,
God knows what that is.
God has nothing to do with this,
you know those people in
the temples had it right.
What did you call them,
the ones that drew
all those maps, they predicted
a cleansing rain would come
and wash the world away.
The Mayans, that's it.
The last people who
used the word cleansing
we kicked their ass.
My superiors may think that
they can negotiate with you
but I know a take
over when I see one.
We're not done.
It won't make any difference.
The government has declared
a state of emergency,
inbound and outbound flights
too and from the UK
canceled indefinitely.
Civilians are encouraged
to remain indoors
or proceed to emergency
rendezvous locations.
Those with any military
or combat experience
are encouraged to make
contact with the armed forces.
If you can please volunteer.
Britain has repelled
invasion before,
and it will do so again.
We shall fight on.
Can you get us somewhere safe?
No, there's
nowhere safe anymore,
we'll have to fight our way out.
Oh for fuck sake.
I see the rain falling down
On your lips
I can see it on your face
And I all hear
Is this voice synthesized
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Most importantly
I know you will see in time
Then you can decide
To hold onto
These arms of mine
But what hurts most of all
Is that we'll
never see the sun
And you can decide
To hold onto
these arms of mine
Our shadows run
Through the pain in the dark
Dav, this is Griff,
did you find them, over?
That's an affirmative Griff,
returning to base
with four survivors,
including the woman
with the spear.
Repeat, returning to
base with four survivors.
Have you had any luck
finding anyone, over?
Yeah, I've found two soldiers,
one British, one American,
pretty out of it.
They said they were in a
forest at night in England,
five minutes ago, I asked
them what year it is,
they say it's 1980.
I'll believe anything
now, honestly, over.
'Cause I've got
a drink token
I want a big old pie
All the friends
with the same motive
Being struck down
to that local pie
We came to get stupid
At the spa with the
with the victim inside
Belly up with the tap open
Just in nice
Um deer club
I don't know what's up
But I don't really
care about drinking
Out of red cups
But I buy a shot
of rum for 15 bucks
Even the Captain
himself be like
Rush, rush, rush
Say what you want but I
call that bad business
Rather drink in a pub that
smelled like fish sticks
Sweat and cigarettes
and dirty misfits
Naked in the photo me
But can you picture it