Cancel Christmas (2010) Movie Script

Ho, ho, ho!
You're late!
Where is Fred?
And Natalie, Harry,
the whole board.
I'm Constance.
What couldn't wait until after
Christmas, Madame Chairperson?
The board is not pleased with
the current state of affairs.
Namely the selfish attitude
displayed by the world's children.
The board is of the opinion that
you share some responsibility
in this erosion of the
true spirit of Christmas.
The true spirit of Christmas
is the giving of oneself.
That message is being lost.
Children today worship money.
They only think in terms of
give me this and give me that.
I don't understand.
Children sit
on your knee.
And tell you
what they want.
And you give it
to them.
Course sometimes you
choose not to.
Is this
about the pony?
It's Constance...
And that has nothing to
do with my feelings today!
Changes need to
be made.
What kind
of changes?
It's time for you to
step down.
Ho, ho ho ho ho!
Who will replace me?
No one.
You're canceling
Just the Santa part.
Of course the board
will retain all rights to
your image for merchandising
purposes and so on.
But your actual services,
will no longer be needed.
Paragraph four of my
contract clearly states
that I cannot be
forcibly retired.
I'm well aware
of paragraph four.
The terms also state,
that you are to foster
an attitude of holiday
cheer year round.
And engender the spirit of
Christmas in all the young.
Yes, well we'll
settle for three.
Farley Morgan, and his best and
only friend, Steven Rojack.
Two students at Riverbrook Academy,
an exclusive private school.
Two uncontrolled
and uncontrollable hellions.
This one is
a little different.
Adam Claymore.
His mother is a teacher
at Riverbrook Academy;
he was put into a wheelchair
last year after a car accident
that also took
the life of his father.
His anger has shut him
off from Christmas,
and what's worse,
from his mother.
Provide verifiable proof that your
influence has inspired an attitude
in accordance with the
true meaning of Christmas
and you get to
keep your job.
And if I don't?
Christmas is cancelled.
You have thirty days.
Thirty days, that's right
up 'til Christmas Eve.
I'm well aware.
Oh and
one more thing...
You're prohibited from revealing
your true identity to them.
What's this?
It's a phone. Don't tell me
you're that far behind the times.
I know it's a phone. Why
are you giving it to me?
If you should succeed, at any of your
three tasks, this phone will ring.
Good luck.
Thank you. Merry
Christmas, Connie.
Merry Christmas,
Three rings.
Randal. You were eavesdropping.
I thought you might
need backup.
This Constance woman
is a real, a real...
Bah Humbug?
Failure is not
an option.
What in tarnation
is this?
While she was speaking, I was doing
research on Farley and Steve.
I hope you find that
very useful.
What do I do
with this?
You plug it into
your laptop.
I have a laptop?
Okay, let's go.
Time is a wasting.
You're in charge.
Oooohhhh! Now that
wasn't so bad, was it?
I still prefer traveling
by reindeer.
I miss the
old chin warmer.
You are going to
get used to it my friend.
I understand that we
have to be incognito.
I know the importance
of not being recognized.
But why the
ridiculous clothing?
Randal, you know how we look
on the outside doesn't matter.
It's what's inside
that counts.
What name are you gonna
use when we're here?
Kris Frost.
Ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha!
You think about that
all by yourself?
You're going to love yours, Mr. Elfman.
Ho, ho ho ho ho!
Hey, Farley.
Hey, what's up,
Thanks, boy.
Go, go.
Hey, catch ya
later, Kip.
You got it?
I got it.
Let's do it.
Hi, Mom.
Mom this really isn't
the best time right now.
Love you.
Ready? One, two, three.
There ya go.
I can do it myself!
Careful, it's gotta be
centered in the bowl.
This is gonna be
We will go down in
the history of this school.
Let's go.
Good morning,
Mrs. Claymore.
Good morning,
Mr. Johnson.
How's your boy
As good as can be
These things
take time.
I know but it feels like
it's taking forever.
He's a good boy.
I think most kids
are basically decent.
Oh here, Miss Claymore, let me.
Oh, thank you.
I am so sorry,
Mr. Johnson.
I'll make sure whoever
did this gets punished.
I don't know how you can stand
working with kids like that.
For two cents
I'd quit this job.
Farley Morgan and Steven Rojack,
principal's office. NOW.
What did we do?
You know very well.
Go. Now!
My dad has given a zillion
dollars to this school,
Principal Barnes will
believe what I tell her.
We'll see about that. I hope you
two put as much effort into
your science projects
as you did this prank.
Impressive resume,
Mr. Frost.
Thank you.
Candy cane.
You're the janitor,
Let me see. Coveralls, surly disposition,
intense dislike of children,
yeah that makes me
the janitor.
How long have you been
practicing the custodial arts?
Twenty-two years.
Seems like you're
in need of a change.
You just talkin', or you
got something in mind?
Good pay, frostbite
insurance, free hot chocolate
and two weeks winter
vacation in Boca Raton!
The community
for all seasons.
How soon
can I start?
Well how about you get changed
and hand in your notice?
I would love to
hire you, Mr. Frost,
but I'm afraid we
already have a janitor.
I'm happy to keep your resume
on file if anything comes up.
Oh, excuse me.
What do you mean he quit?
A job opportunity up North?
What does that
even mean?
Never mind...
Thank you.
Um, it appears,
we have an opening.
I hope you have room
for my assistant.
We don't have money
in our budget.
Mr. Elfman works
for free.
You're hired,
both of you.
Joy to the world.
Mrs. Claymore.
Mr. Frost?
Nice to meet you.
And you.
Rough morning, huh?
Typical morning when dealing
with junior high schoolers.
Ah, it can't be
all that bad?
Have you ever worked
at a school before?
First day.
Wait 'til you meet
Farley Morgan,
you will rue the day you
took Mr. Johnson's place.
Thank you
for the warning.
My associate tells me that Mr. Johnson
was renting a room from you?
Yes, was is right. He's
moving out this afternoon.
Is it big enough
for two?
It's a room
above the garage.
There's only room
for one bed,
but it does have
a sofa that pulls out.
Ha, ha. It's hardly perfect.
It's cozy.
Would you like to come
over and have a look?
No need. My associate and
I sorely need a roof
over our heads,
we'll take it.
That's wonderful. Ha, ha!
Wow, I didn't know what
I was going to do when
Mr. Johnson left.
To be honest, I need the rent
money to make ends meet.
Somebody must be
watching over me today.
Somebody must.
I'll see you
after school.
Thank you.
Good to
meet you, Kris.
And you.
Come in!
I just wanted to know what you
decided about Farley and Steven.
I gave them
a warning.
A warning... I think
a month's detention
would have been
more appropriate.
They promised not to
do it again.
And you
believe that?
There were other
factors to consider.
I get it, Farley threatened
to call his father.
And he hasn't made his yearly
contribution to the school yet, right?
The boy lost his mother
three years ago.
I know that, and believe me I
have bent over backwards to
cut him all sorts of slack.
But he's getting worse.
Somebody has to
say no to him.
It's just matter of time
before he hurts somebody,
or himself,
with all these pranks.
I promise you. The next time he
acts out, I'll deal with it.
I ran into Jeannie Claymore.
She's a very nice lady.
Look at this stuff.
It's pathetic.
Oh, it's fine.
This is supposed to bring Christmas spirit?
I can't do it.
Sure you can.
An artist is only
as good as his tools.
Give me something to work with,
tinsel, bubble lights...
Cranberries and popcorn
strung together on a string!!!
You'll do fine
with this.
I won't do fine with this. I
have a reputation to uphold.
I have people that look up
to my decoration skills.
I don't do second-class
Why don't you
call Mrs. Claus
and have her send down
some of the good stuff?
I can do that.
Here we go.
Look who we got here. You must
be Johnson's replacement.
And you
must be Farley.
He knows
your name?
I know a lot
of names Steven.
I'm Mr. Frost,
and this is Mr. Elfman.
You know my first name, but do
you know my last name as well?
It's Morgan.
As in
Morgan gymnasium.
And the Morgan Reference Library,
and the Morgan Public Park.
My father donates a lot of money
to this school and the community.
That makes me
a V.I.P. around here.
Ah, you hear
that Frost.
We're in the presence of a
very important pipsqueak.
Farley, have you ever donated
any money to this school?
Or to anyone else
for that matter?
My bad.
Why don't you go
down to Santa's square,
sit on his knee and ask him
for some new decorations?
I remember when you sat on Santa's
knee and asked for a puppy.
How would you
know that?
I know a lot of things
about you boys.
I know Steven wants to
be professional drummer.
He's got a set of Slingerland
classic five drums in his garage.
That his father bought for him
that he's paying off very slowly.
Farley Granger Morgan.
Before I'd laugh, your
middle name is Rolob.
Ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha!
You're named after a movie star
that your mother had a crush on.
And you've never paid
for anything in your life.
Who are you?
I'm the janitor.
There goes an angry
and troubled boy.
Who could put an end to
Christmas as we know it.
Yes... I'm gonna get a broom.
Well, here it is.
Like I said, it's not
much, but it's cozy.
We'll take it.
Wonderful, I'll go get
the rental agreement.
You sure this is
such a good idea?
It's all part
of my master plan.
Oh, you have
a master plan.
Well, I have
a plan.
A plan.
Just a regular plan?
Downgraded from a master plan.
Oh, that wasn't
so hard.
I hope you don't intend for us
to live with Farley Morgan too.
Oh no, he's a wreath
of a different colour.
But I, I wanna do some
more research on him,
where's that inter...
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What do I do
with this?
You plug it into
the USB port.
Which I will do
for you.
Okay, now what?
Click on
Farley's name.
With the mouse.
Don't, I will do it.
Farley Morgan,
age fourteen, only child.
Farley lives with his
father, Charles Morgan.
Farley's mother died of Lou Gehrig's
disease when he was thirteen.
I remember her.
I liked her.
I got her the dog she gave
to Farley for Christmas.
Athletically, Farley
excels as a swimmer.
Academically, his best
grades are in science.
For more information click the
appropriate icon in the drop down menu.
Come in!
Quick question before
we sign the papers.
Would you like to join
Adam and me for dinner?
I'm an
excellent cook.
We would love to.
Great, I'll set two more
places at the table.
Thank you.
Dinner's ready,
Thanks, William.
Is my dad back
from San Francisco?
The conference went
longer than he expected.
He will be back for my
science fair, won't he?
I can't wait to show him
what I've been working on.
He assured me
he wouldn't miss it.
Hello, Adam.
Welcome. Adam, we're having
guests tonight for dinner.
Why don't you come
in and wash up.
I'll help.
I can do it myself!
Adam doesn't
like that.
I want to put in a wheelchair
ramp to make it easier for him,
but with all the medical bills I barely
have enough to pay the mortgage.
Since the accident,
that's where Adam sleeps.
It was a utility room, as you
can see it's really small.
He used to
stay upstairs?
I tried carrying him up and down the
stairs for a while but he just got upset.
Eventually I just decided
it was easier to
move everything down
to the first floor.
We never know all the
things that are going to
cause us problems,
until we have the problems.
That's for sure.
Adam, you've hardly said
anything all dinner.
Adam's a little shy
around new people.
Are you excited
about Christmas?
Have you asked Santa
what you want?
I don't believe in Santa.
He's just a fairytale.
Fairytales don't prepare
you for the real world.
I think there are a lot of
children' literature teachers
who would disagree
with you on that.
Well, as a teacher, I don't
think it's healthy to
fill a child's head
with misinformation.
And I'm bothered that he's always
portrayed as fat and Caucasian.
Santa represents all that's
best in the human heart,
what he looks like on the
outside doesn't matter.
Maybe Santa looks like whatever the
children want him to look like.
Tell me, Mr. Frost,
do you think Santa exists?
I believe Santa exists as long as
there are people who believe in him.
Well I'll believe that when
I meet him face to face.
Oh, ho ho.
Anyone for dessert?
How 'bout some
milk and cookies?
I'll have whatever
anyone doesn't finish.
I've been thinking about my
whole responsibility in this
gimmie gimmie syndrome, and
Constance may have a point.
I should see what
I can do about this.
You sure you have
time to do that?
And converting the three boys to
the true spirit of Christmas?
Well the only thing I can do with
the boys is to play up the idea.
I can't change them, they
have to do that themselves.
With a little help
from us!
By the way, could you set up a
little Santa mall session for me?
I really want to get a
lap side view of things.
I'll set you up in one
of the malls.
First things first. We gotta
decorate that school.
Oh, I got an e-mail
from Mrs. Claus!
That's great!
She said the packages should arrive at
Riverbrook first thing in the morning!
ho ho ho ho!
Oh, joy to the world!
Joy to the world!
good morning.
Good morning.
Um, where's your car?
Don't have one.
Well how do you
get to work?
We take the bus. Come on,
Randal, we're gonna be late!
Don't be silly, catch a
ride with Adam and I.
Oh, thank you anyway, but
we can use the time to
plan how we're going to decorate
the school for Christmas.
Ah, okay, well don't
say I didn't offer.
Drive safe.
Ride safe.
Nothing like a little holiday atmosphere
to create a little holiday cheer.
We've only got fifteen
minutes until they come in.
How did you?
Fast bus!
Very fast!
It's magnificent,
Mr. Frost.
I didn't realize we had so
many decorations in storage.
Well, we didn't...
They were in the very back
of the storage closet.
It looks like the North
Pole threw up in here.
That tree does sort
of kick butt though.
Some broken ornaments
might ugly it up.
All right, everyone!
Let's move on, shall we!
We still have
class today.
I wanna know
who the janitor is.
What do you mean?
Who is he? Where'd he come from?
How does he know so much about us?
We need his info.
How you gonna
do that?
I'll handle it.
Farley and Steve, step in
here for a minute please.
Uh, we're gonna be late
for class.
I heard the principal let you
off with just a warning.
She didn't think
it was any big deal.
I do and you both should have apologized
to Mr. Johnson before he left.
Too late now.
It's kinda hard to apologize to
somebody who's not really here.
Maybe next time.
There better not be
a next time.
Well who knows what the
future has in store.
Yeah we're not really
psychic, Miss Claymore.
Okay, you can go now. But I'm warning
you, if there is a next time,
I'm complaining all the way
up to the school board.
Yeah, okay.
Hello, is this
Charles Morgan?
Hi, this is Gene Claymore.
Farley's teacher.
Oh hello, Miss Claymore,
what can I do for you?
I'd like to set up an appointment
with you to talk about Farley.
What about him?
He's acting out in some
pretty major ways.
I'm sorry to hear that,
Miss Claymore,
he's working through
a lot of issues.
I'm aware that
he lost his mother.
He's coping
as best as he can,
I think you should
cut him some slack.
I, I am, but...
You're his teacher,
not his therapist.
I'm not trying to
be his therapist,
but I still think we should
meet teacher to parent.
Fine. I'm away at the moment,
when I get back in town,
I'll call you
and set something up.
Maybe tomorrow
after the science fair?
Um, no, no,
that's not good.
Um, I'll get back to you.
Thanks for calling.
You're his teacher,
not his therapist?
It doesn't take a doctor to
know that that kid is
going to make life miserable
for a lot of people.
Farley, shouldn't
you be in class?
I'm doing a report on Mr. Frost
and I need some background info.
Such as?
Where he worked last, what's his
first name? Stuff like that.
Kris is the first name
you're looking for,
but I'm sorry Farley, I can't
give you any other info.
Why don't you ask
Mr. Frost yourself?
The assignment is to find out as much
as you can from outside sources.
How 'bout where
he worked last?
It'd be great if
you could do that much.
I talked to my dad yesterday
about the gym renovation.
He said he would talk to
his accountant first thing.
That's wonderful.
He's pretty forgetful,
I might have to call and remind him.
Or not.
True North Industrial is
where Mr. Frost worked last.
That's all you get.
Thanks, Principal Barnes. You
rock, I'll make sure my dad
talks to his accountant
first thing tomorrow.
Nothing, nada.
Not even a True North
Industrial Group?
They're for real, but there's nothing on
Mr. Frost or that dorky friend of his.
I'm thinking lying on his
resume should get him fired.
Maybe even a crime, especially working
with all these innocent kids.
We got him.
How can I help
you boys?
There's something
I want to show you.
Look what we've
got here.
Isn't this where you said you
worked last before coming here?
Did I?
I hacked their site, there's
no record of you working here.
There's nothing on
Mr. Elfman either.
What's your point?
I'm sure Principal Barnes
will think of one.
Not to mention the
school board, the cops.
Well I hope you spelled my name right.
It's one S.
One S, try again.
I'll wait.
Oh, look at that.
If you'll excuse me I have
some work to do. Steven.
What the...
I'm telling you.
The dude wasn't there
when I looked this morning.
That's way freaky.
Come on.
Ha ha ha ah ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Who's first?
what's your name?
Heather, that is
a beautiful name.
Tell Santa what you're going to
get your mother this year. Hmm?
You know how good you feel
when you get a present?
You'll feel even better when you
give one to your mother or father.
and you know why?
Because giving a gift to your mother
or father is saying I love you.
But I don't have
any money.
You don't need money to
give a gift.
You could give your mother ten
days of helping with the dishes.
Or making your bed.
Or a month's worth
of hugs and kisses.
I could do
all those things.
Yes, you could. And remember
that a gift form the heart
is more valuable than
a gift from the store.
Now tell me what you're going
to give to your mother.
Ho ho ho, that's a wonderful gift!
She will love that!
Merry Christmas to you!
Here ya go, here ya go.
Bye bye.
What do ya think, Kip?
Isn't it cool or what?
It's your father.
Hi, Dad.
I'm just finishing it now,
I can't wait to show you.
Oh... Yeah, it's just
some dumb science fair.
Yeah, next week.
Sure, okay.
This is Eric Simms,
reporting for WALQ,
from Santa Square
in the downtown mall.
I came here this afternoon to
report on what I thought would be
just one of those
heartwarming holiday stories,
we always see
this time of year.
But, it turns out this story
had an intriguing twist.
One which may change the way
we feel about Christmas.
A few days ago
the regular Santa here
was replaced by...
well, we're not sure who.
You may want to
see this.
Uh, I'm still trying to compile
my naughty and nice list.
Instead of asking the children
what presents they wanted,
our mystery Santa asked them
what gifts they wanted to give.
This is a big story.
And believe it or not,
the children got excited.
And so did the parents. The
story of this mystery Santa
has been racing around the
blogisphere for the past few days.
Then things started
getting a little strange.
I asked to see the photos, taken here
of the children sitting on Santa's lap.
You won't believe what
you're about to see.
The mall photographer
swears these images
are all taken
of the same Santa.
If it turns out that these
images are not the result
of some technological trick,
then we may be looking at
the first physical proof that
Santa Claus isn't a myth.
He's real
and walking among us.
Eric Simms,
How did you
do that?
It's the magic
of Christmas.
People see in Santa the
best parts of themselves.
You think that reporter
can give us any trouble?
We've got
bigger stockings to stuff.
I'm still gonna keep an
eye on that Eric Simms.
We should focus
on Farley.
The classroom circuit breakers.
Hold this.
Are you sure this
is gonna work?
Trust me, one drop of super
glue on each circuit breaker
will freeze it when they
turn it to the off position.
By the time they
can fix it,
the science fair
will be history.
What is that?
Ahhh. That's a little welcome
we had planned for you.
You might have
killed us!
Oh, they're just some
harmless fireworks.
Scared ya, though,
didn't it?
Not me.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Right, Mr. Toughguy.
Are you gonna tell
Principal Barnes?
She'll probably
expel you for this.
Not unless you can prove we were here.
Let's go.
It looks like in all the excitement
you squeezed that tube of glue.
I wouldn't worry though,
the police have solvent.
The police?
Don't you run out
on me!
I suspect you'll be charged
with malicious vandalism.
With intent to
do bodily harm.
We, we weren't trying to
hurt anybody.
It was just a goof.
You think, uh, Farley's father
is gonna feel that way about it?
I don't think so.
But if Principal Barnes
and the police.
And his father.
Don't hear anything
about it.
Then that's a reindeer
of a different colour.
Yes, it is.
Superglue solvent. A janitor's assistant
never leaves home without it.
I'll make ya a deal.
What kind of deal?
You do something for us and
we won't tell anybody.
And we'll unglue
your hand.
What kind
of project?
I'm in.
What about you,
Tomorrow morning.
First thing.
This is Eric.
No, let me guess.
They claim to know who
the mystery Santa is.
Okay, okay. What's
the name and number?
Steve, I'm about to
go home.
Did you catch any
of the science fair?
Um, yeah a little.
Not a lot.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, perfect. Never been
better, well, I gotta go.
Steve, wait. Come
here for a minute.
It's hard to find time
during the day to talk.
And I wanna
ask you something.
Why do you work
so hard at trying to
convince everyone
you're a bad guy?
I don't do that.
Yeah, you do. You know
studying works two ways right?
When you're in
my classroom studying
the material I give you,
I also study you.
You are?
Yeah. And every other
kid in my classroom.
And when I look at you,
I see a basically nice guy
doing everything he can to
disguise it.
It's just that I like to
have fun.
But it's a mean kind
of fun, hmm?
Practical jokes,
that sort of thing.
Like the catapult you and
Farley used the other day.
I know you were aiming at me.
And if that had hit me,
I probably would have
balled you out
and sent you to
the principal's office.
And I probably would've
excused myself
and gone somewhere
and cried.
You would have?
Yeah, Steve, I'm not just a
teacher, I'm a person too.
And it hurts when
someone humiliates me.
I, I didn't mean to
humiliate you.
I don't think
you did either.
I think it's something
Farley talked you into.
He can be
pretty convincing.
And let's face it. He can
buy anything he wants.
That's very intimidating.
Don't tell him this, but it
even intimidates me sometimes.
It does?
Yeah, I'm a person
too, remember?
Anyway, I think Farley
talks you into things
and you don't think
about what might happen.
I just want you to know I think you're
a better person than you pretend.
That's all.
Good night.
See ya tomorrow.
own, Steve.
What numbers?
The number of Principal
Barnes' cell phone number
that I'm gonna call
if you don't pay attention.
Forty-eight and three
quarter inches.
That's right. Farley better show up
if he knows what's good for him.
He'll be here.
It's awfully nice of you
Steven to come over and help.
The boy has
a big heart.
Can I pet him?
his name's Kip.
My name's Adam.
You're Farley Morgan.
How'd you
know that?
I was at the ceremony when
they opened Morgan Park.
My dad
forced me to go.
Well, thank him for me, I
used to use it all the time.
Little league. I sometimes
used to play Frisbee.
I was getting
really good at that.
What put you
in the chair?
Car accident.
Is the chair
That sucks.
My dad died too.
I lost my mom.
Glad you like
the park.
Where did you come up
with the name Kip?
It's short for Kipling.
Rudyard Kipling.
He wrote this poem called
"The Power of the Dog."
Everyone's working
in the garage!
I'll be there in a second! I
need some water for my dog.
Sure, come on
Good boy, Kip.
Here, come here.
Good boy.
Why didn't you bring your solar
robot to the science fair?
That's your answer?
It broke... Besides,
I'm no scientist.
I figured it'd be stupid to try to
pretend to be somebody I'm not.
I don't know what's
going on with you, Farley,
but your father
and I need to talk.
Good luck.
Well he's coming to meet with
me at the school on Tuesday.
If he doesn't show up, don't
take it personal. I never do.
Here ya go.
Good boy,
good boy.
I dropped my book and he
brought it up for me.
My mom was in a chair just
like yours before she died.
We got Kip trained to do a lot
of cool stuff to help her.
Kip kicks butt.
Steve's in the garage.
Stay, Kip.
I'm comin'.
Hello, this is
Eric Simms.
I got a message that you had a
tip about the mystery Santa.
I'm so glad you got back to me, Mr. Simms.
Indeed I do.
So who is this guy?
I'm not at liberty to say, but I
encourage you to stick with this story.
You're onto something big.
Something very big.
Okay, well, well thank you very much.
I appreciate the tip.
Lower it, slowly. Slowly, slowly.
Ha ha ha!
How you doin there? Excellent,
it's looking very good.
Kinda taking a lot
longer than I thought.
Well, it'd be a lot better
if we had help from Farley.
What about Farley?
Speak of the devil.
Some refreshments
from Miss Claymore.
That is excellent.
Here you are.
Oops, my bad,
uh, that's mine.
Miss Claymore told me
you drink milk.
That's right.
Thank you.
Are you guys just gonna
leave those cookies there?
Cause I would like
every single one!
Can I?
You don't mind?
Are you gonna finish
your cookie?
Do you want it?
I took a bite of it.
That's not
a problem!
Oh, hello!
Wow, that looks terrific.
You've done an amazing job.
Thank you,
Mrs. Claymore.
Would you all like to
stay for dinner?
Would love to.
Aw, sorry,
we gotta go.
There's our ride.
Let's go.
See you guys
See ya.
Thank you both,
so much.
You're welcome.
Hey, you think you could
give me ride tomorrow too?
Yeah, sure.
Well I guess I'll
get dinner started.
I'll see you in,
um, about an hour.
thank you!
Now I know how
Andorra must have felt!
Hey, whoa, how did you get
this installed so quickly?
We're early risers.
Oh, my.
This looks great!
Adam come on out!
This is so cool!
Why don't you
give it a try?
Easy now.
Nice and slow.
Take your time.
There ya go.
Easy round the corner.
There ya go.
Adam, you got it.
So awesome!
This is so cool!
Thank you so much,
you guys!
You're welcome.
There ya go.
It's too hard.
I can't do it.
It's okay. It'll just take a
little practice, sweetie.
You can do it.
Come on.
I can't do it!
Here, watch this.
Come on, Kip.
Come on.
Good boy.
Ha ha ha ha!
That was so cool!
This is the best
Christmas present ever!
Well it was
all you, buddy.
Did you do this
for you mom, too?
Yeah, but with a rolling start
you can make it on your own.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Bye, Farley!
You coming?
Uh, naw, it's okay I'll walk.
I'll catch ya later.
Bye, Adam.
See ya.
You know I've been thinking
it'd be pretty stellar
if we could do more
for Adam.
It would be pretty cool,
if we could think of a way,
you know, to get Adam
up those stairs
so he could be in
his normal bedroom
and not be stuck
in that closet.
Did you see that little dude's face
light up when he did the ramp?
Giving feels
pretty stellar.
Yeah, it does.
I'm gonna start thinking of a
way to get Adam up the stairs.
Maybe make it like a Christmas
present for the little dude.
That would be
a wonderful present.
I'm gonna think about it.
See ya!
See ya.
You straight up about knowing
a cop that will do it?
Dude, I've got it right here.
Fingerprints and all.
Cool, I'll be there
I don't really feel
comfortable with this.
Aw, it's only for
a few minutes.
It's not the time that
bothers me so much,
it's the whole
dressing up bit.
He won't be threatened
by a grandmotherly type.
Where did you get
the dress?
From Jeannie's closet.
I'm gonna have to
let it out.
You told me his plane
leaves at 8:20.
You don't have
much time.
Flight 308 to Atlanta
will now begin pre-boarding...
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I didn't
see you there.
Oh, that's okay!
You know there really is a
wonderful article in there
on the best dogs
for retirement!
I haven't
read that one yet.
Why would ya? You don't look
a day over twenty-five!
Ha ha ha
ha ha ha!
I'm Charles Morgan.
Rand... ine.
That's an unusual
I've never met
another one.
Well it's nice to
meet you, Randine.
Are you retired?
Could be soon.
I'm sorry, I didn't
see you sit down.
Oh, I was
in the back worrying.
You look like someone I could
come over and talk to.
I hope you
don't mind.
Oh, I don't know if
I could be any help.
I bet you help people
all the time.
I could really use
a man's point of view.
Well, I'm all ears.
It's my twelve-year-old
What's his problem?
David has always been a happy
kid, smart as a whip too.
Two years ago his mother
died, he was devastated.
Yes, I um,
know the feeling.
Now he's doing terrible in school,
he's a real troublemaker.
Lies all the time.
Seems mad at the world.
I guess I can see why
you're worried.
The real worry is my son
Robert, his father.
What's he doing?
It's what he's
not doing.
What do you mean?
Robert is constantly
traveling with business,
for weeks at a time.
Doesn't attend any of
David's school functions,
even when he
promises he will.
I know for a fact that the
boy's teacher has tried to
set up appointments to
talk about David's troubles,
but Robert always finds
a reason not to show.
Well maybe the reasons
are important.
More important than
his own son?
No, no,
of course not.
I know that he's lost
the love of his life,
but his boy
is hurting too.
It seems to me that if Robert
would stop avoiding reality
and face this together
with his son,
so they can heal, move
forward with their lives.
Yes, well maybe
it's not that easy.
It won't be
that easy.
But it's what needs to
be done.
It's what Michelle
would want.
She was
my son's wife.
I don't know what...
Morgan residence.
it's Charles.
How was the flight to
Budapest, Sir?
I haven't boarded
my connection.
I'm cancelling the rest
of my trip, William.
I'm gonna hop on the next
flight, should be home Tuesday.
Farley will be pleased
to hear that.
I want you to tell Farley I want to
have dinner with him that night.
Yes, Sir.
Uh, what is Farley's
teacher's name?
Mrs. Claymore.
Claymore, yes.
Can you call this Claymore
woman and schedule
a meeting with her at her
earliest convenience.
I'll be happy to
do that, Sir.
Thank you,
What guy won't
talk to a grandmother?
I'm never doing drag
for you again.
My calves still hurt
from the high heels.
Ho, ho!
Hey, you know how we were talking about
a way to get Adam up those stairs?
Well, I have an idea
that is off the hook.
Off the hook?
He means that it's
a fantastic idea.
Oh so that's like
off the chain?
Same thing.
I'm really stoked
about this.
What is the idea?
It's called the 'Mobius', in
the wheelchair world it rules.
I mean how sweet is that?
It climbs up curbs,
stands on two wheels
and travels through sand.
A bunch of other
cool stuff too.
If Adam had one of these
he'd be one mobile dude.
If he had that he'd practically
be an all-terrain vehicle.
How expensive
is that?
I'm gonna level with you Mr. F,
it costs some serious coin.
But that's where
we come in.
How so?
We organize
and raise the money.
That's some beaucoup
dollars though.
You think you can do
it before Christmas?
It'd be one wicked present
to get the little dude.
Haven't got
much time.
I know.
How can we help?
You could open up an account at the
bank to hold the funds we raise.
Maybe even contact the wheelchair
people to get us a deal?
Have you thought about
contacting a local company?
And having them
match funds.
You raise half
then they match half.
That's an awesome idea.
Thank you, Mr. F.
Oh and don't forget
we gotta, uh,
keep this on the down low
from Mrs. Claymore.
Okay, see ya.
Think he can do it?
There's no comparison between that
which is lost by not succeeding,
and that which is
lost by not trying.
Our clock is ticking, there's only
nine days left until Christmas.
Chillax, Randal.
By the way, what does
on the down low mean?
And I was hoping
you would help.
Yeah right, what you
really want me to do is
hit up my dad for some skrilla
to pay for the chair.
That is so
not true, dude.
Okay, cause this is stuff I
want our class to do ourselves.
What about Mr. Frost,
he in on this too?
He's helping.
There's something weird
about him.
He's okay, man.
You trust him and not your best friend
you've known since kindergarten.
Look, dude... I am not mad
at the whole world like you!
Okay, I just thought that
because you've been around
a person in a chair you'd understand
what this could mean to Adam.
I guess I was wrong.
my precious boy.
By the time you
watch this, I'll be gone.
I know right now
this is hard for you,
but one day you'll
understand how lucky we were
to have shared so much
together in such a short time.
Farley, wherever you go, whatever
you do, I'll be with you.
I'll be at the swim meets,
cheering you on.
I'll be in the audience when you
graduate from high school and college.
I'll be there when
you fall in love,
and I'll be in that first
pew when you get married.
And I'll have my arms around
you in the hard times.
I have them around
you right now.
So what I'm trying to do is raise
money to get this wheelchair.
It's really cool, it's like this futuristic
wheelchair that climbs stairs and stuff.
Awesome, thank you very much, Sir.
Have a good day.
So you guys are gonna
take this way, right?
Okay, so we'll grab
some for you.
We are gonna go this way.
Okay, cool.
There you go.
You guys can share them all right?
See ya, guys.
And I was hoping that you'd
help me raise some money
for a charity to get a chair
for an underprivileged kid.
Perfect. Thank you very
much, have a good day.
I was beginning to think you
wouldn't be here to welcome me home.
I had stuff to do.
Well, I wanna know all about
school, how you're doing.
Is steak okay?
It's fine.
It's been a long time since we've
sat down at the dinner table.
And who's fault
is that?
Mine, of course. All that's
going to change, I promise.
Like you promised to be
here for the science fair.
I'm sorry
about that.
It's very good,
I'll tell Marion.
How do you like
your steak?
He likes it medium rare.
They'll be up shortly.
Pretty weak when William knows how
I like my steak and you don't.
Okay I get it,
you're angry with me.
I probably
have it coming.
Look, I don't
appreciate this.
I don't think your mother would
want it this way either.
How would you know?
What is that suppose to
She left a DVD telling us
a lot of things she wanted,
but you've never looked
at it, have you?
I know you lost your mother
the night Michelle died.
I lost my wife.
My friend,
my partner.
The woman I'd spent years with,
building a life together.
When you're an adult,
maybe you'll understand.
I'm pretty sure I'm
adult enough to understand
I lost more
than my mom.
Welcome home.
I see
a little improvement.
Although that's just my
own personal observation.
I'm not a psychologist
or anything.
I was completely
out of line, I apologize.
You're probably in a better position
to judge Farley than any psychologist.
You see him in action
every day.
So you see
some improvement?
Farley and his friends helped
build my son a wheelchair ramp.
That doesn't sound
like Farley.
No, actually
it doesn't.
I think the janitor
talked him into it.
The janitor?
I know it doesn't make any
sense, but somehow he did it.
Adam really appreciates
what the boys did for him.
Farley and Kip are welcome
at our house anytime.
I'll be happy to tell him as soon
as he starts talking to me again.
I've missed a lot
of events in his life.
I think the science fair
was the last straw.
All you can do is keep trying
and hope for the best.
Believe me
I speak from experience.
I find it hard to believe that
you have trouble with your kids.
Kid. Singular.
He's still coping with
his father's death.
I'm sorry about that.
Car accident,
a year ago.
My husband died instantly and
for some reason I was spared.
And your son's
in a wheelchair?
I'm sorry.
Adam just feels so helpless
with what's happened to him
he's just shut everybody
and everything out.
He doesn't want to do any of
the things we used to do.
He used to cook us
dinner one night a week.
It was a family event
for us.
That's all gone now.
All you can do
is wait and hope that
he'll eventually open
himself up to life again.
You move on as best you can,
in some ways you can't.
May I suggest
Talk to somebody. It doesn't have
to be a professional listener.
But you should have
somebody to talk to
about what you're
going through.
I'm not very good with
talking about my feelings.
Nobody is,
it hurts.
But sometimes it's the only thing
that'll help ease the pain.
So, find somebody.
Thank you.
I see you still
wear yours.
It's tough
letting go.
Tell me about it.
Mr. Morgan...
Remember, Farley wouldn't be so
angry if he didn't love you.
I suppose
you're right.
And you can
call me anytime.
Thank you.
Hey, Farley.
I won two free tickets on the radio
this morning to paintball extreme.
You wanna come?
Paintball is lame.
I, I thought you said
you liked paintball.
Maybe last year,
not anymore.
Well, I talked to a bunch of
kids about raising money to
get Adam's chair, still
sure you don't wanna help?
Man, you are full of lame
ideas today, aren't ya?
Lame ideas. No, dude, this is
really gonna help him out.
Why don't you go talk to
Mr. Frost, he's your new buddy.
Why do I have to choose
between the two of you?
Why can't I just work with
Mr. Frost and hang out with you?
Because I don't like him and friends
are supposed to agree on things.
Yeah, like paintball
not being lame?
You're like a one-way street, man.
You just snap your fingers
and expect me to jump?
You know what?
I don't care,
do whatever
you want, man.
Fine, I don't care! Just,
we'll do it without you!
Hey, I thought you might
like some company.
So how you doin'
on that ramp?
You were right. With a rolling
start I can go right up it.
Kipling's poem
about the dog's in there.
I thought you might
like to have it.
Thanks, Farley. Um, what
was its name again?
"The Power of the Dog".
Right, um, I'll get it back
to you as soon as I can.
Oh, no hurry, I know
that poem by heart.
"Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware
of giving your heart to a dog to tear.
"Buy a pup and your money will buy,
love unflinching, I cannot lie.
But, but then later,
it gets really sad.
About when your dog
gets old and dies.
"The spirit that answers to
your every mood, is gone.
"Wherever it goes.
For good.
"You will discover
how much you care,
"and will give your heart
for the dog to tear.
That's really nice,
I've never had
a dog before.
But I think I know
what he's saying.
Yeah, well
I gotta run.
I just wanted to
drop the book off.
I'll catch ya later.
Hey, um, maybe do you wanna
come over for dinner sometime?
I don't think your mom
wants me at your house.
I don't think she'd
mind though.
I'm a bad influence.
Just ask her.
All right.
See ya.
Gimme the ball. Come on. Ready?
Put the ball down. Put the ball down.
Ready? Ready?
Oh, nice catch, buddy.
Over here. Over here.
Whaddya doin? Whaddya doin?
How are ya, Kippy?
Jeannie. Hi, it's
Charles Morgan.
Oh, hi.
How are you?
I'm, I'm well thank you.
Um, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks.
Great, I, I was hoping to take
you up on that offer to talk.
Sure, it would have to
be after the school day.
That would be great. I have
some time tomorrow afternoon.
I could possibly come by
after your last class?
That could work.
Why don't you meet me in the science room?
No, absolutely.
Great, looking forward
to it.
Thank you.
See you then.
Bye, Charles.
Oh, looks good. What are
you raising money for?
Um, it is for a special needs
student from another school.
Oh, good for you.
Adam, would you like
a chocolate muffin?
I'll take one
of those.
What's the damage?
Uh, five dollars.
Whoa. It's a good thing
we're not buying a dozen.
Well, what goes around comes
around, Mrs. Claymore.
Thank you, Steven.
You're welcome.
I'll hold onto it
for ya.
See ya.
Um, Mr. Morgan...
Five minutes of your time
would be really cool.
All right.
It has to do with
Mrs. Claymore's son, Adam.
Oh yes, she told me about you boys
building that ramp for her son Adam.
Did Farley really
help you with that?
Well, we were kinda
forced by Mr. Frost,
but once we started it felt
really good to help out.
Well, that's
very impressive, Steve.
What can I do to
help you?
Well, um, we're trying to
raise money to
get one of these amazing
chairs for Adam Claymore.
Uh, this is my
business plan.
That's terrific.
Getting a company to
match funds.
That's uh,
that's very smart.
I was hoping you'd know of some company
that would be open to helping us.
Not that I'm trying to put
the bite on you, Mr. Morgan.
You didn't, I put the
bite on myself, okay.
Who's the adult handling
the business end?
Mr. Frost.
Well, tell Mr. Frost to
give me a call
and we'll work out
all the details.
Is uh, is Farley helping
you with this as well?
To be honest with you he's
not really talking to me.
Yeah, join the club.
He says the guy's working as a
janitor over at Riverbrook.
I know, Farley told me
when he sent the prints.
Okay, what is it
you want me to see?
This looks like any old fingerprint to me.
You're the expert, Neil.
Do you have
the prints up on screen?
Okay hang on
a minute.
Now zoom in on them.
Are those words?
That's right, it looks like
the kid pulled on over on ya.
No, no I don't think
the kid set me up.
I think I found
the real Santa Claus.
The mystery Santa Claus has been
visiting malls all over the state,
spreading his message
about giving,
and the people are
responding in droves.
Videotape shot
last night at this mall,
is being broadcast
all over the world.
This mystery Santa is changing the
way we think about Christmas.
I say mystery because no
one knows who this man is.
Once again, his message of giving rather
than receiving has become so popular,
that department store Santas across
the country are being instructed to
use the same approach.
Tune in tomorrow
when I reveal the identity
of the mystery Santa.
This is Eric Simms,
reporting for WALQ.
Please be bluffing.
Krissy Krissy Krissy
Krissy Krissy Krissy!!!
That's, uh, not good.
Oh boy!!!
I can't believe you know how to add
and subtract numbers with just a pen.
Well it's something new. Ho, ho, ho!
Yes, well okay.
Factoring in the money
we have coming in,
divided by the amount
of time we have left.
Right, right, right.
But, but don't forget
the wheelchair folks
are cutting us a deal.
So knock 25%
off the original cost.
Oh, we're still
$3,800 short.
But that's better than
we were doing yesterday.
Yeah, the trouble is we're
not playing horseshoes.
You're not giving up,
are you?
No way. You kidding me, I
just got my mojo working.
Okay, so what are you gonna do next?
Another bake sale?
Well half the kids in this
school are on sugar shock, so...
Oh wait, um, car wash. I could
get that organized in an hour.
That'd be great,
go for it!
All right.
I loved Kipling's poem.
The dude could write.
Do you think you're risking
your heart, as Kipling put it?
Loving a dog, and knowing
they have a short life.
I think there's a risk of hurt
whenever you love someone.
Yeah, I guess we've
both learned that.
I guess we did.
Hey, Adam.
Hey, you know I saw
an amazing thing
on television the other night.
A Santa in a mall.
And in every picture they took
of him, he looked different.
Yeah, I saw that too. Do you
think he's the real Santa?
I wouldn't be
So you think
Santa exists?
I believe he exists
if you want him to exist.
Whenever you do something
special for someone you love,
that's saying that you
believe in Santa Claus.
But I don't have
very much money.
You don't need to
buy anything.
You only need to give
something of yourself.
Giving your love. It's the
greatest gift of all.
See ya later.
Oh, car was...
Hey, oh car wa...
Car was... aw, come on. We
haven't had a car in two hours.
Well it's gonna rain
later on in the week
and maybe
people don't want to
wash their cars
if it's gonna rain later.
Well, I'll
catch you later.
Where are you
To see a man.
He went to see
a man about what?
My question exactly.
Where have you
Uh, okay. A cheque for $3,800.
That should put
us over the top.
You sold
your drums.
I'll get some more
I want you to
hear this.
We wish you
a Merry Christmas!
What's that mean?
It means you done good, kid.
You done real good.
Merry Christmas,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!
He's much better at it
than I am.
Adam? Adam?
Honey, what happened?
I tried to make you a Christmas dinner,
but everything fell out of the cabinet.
I'm sorry, mom,
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. You tried to
make me Christmas dinner?
Yes, and now it's all ruined.
I can't do anything right.
It's perfectly all right.
It's wonderfully all right.
It's the most wonderful present
anyone's ever given me.
I love you, mom.
I love you too,
Merry Christmas.
We wish you
a Merry Christmas!
We'll make it
together okay?
Two down, and twenty-four
hours until the finish.
I'll miss you too.
So many great memories to
tuck away.
Don't ever forget them.
And Farley, don't you let him.
Enjoy those memories.
But don't let them
consume you.
What a wonderful word.
Life is for the living.
So promise me you both, will make
room in your heart for new memories.
Now my darlings,
know that I love you.
And know that love, should
never be a solitary act.
It's for sharing.
So please, share it
with each other.
Farley, I uh,
I want you to give me
something for Christmas.
But it's Christmas Eve, there's
no time to buy anything.
You don't have to
buy anything.
I want ya to
do something.
I want you to give me
a second chance.
Oh, no, no.
I have done so many
wrong things this year.
When we lost your mother,
I was lost, Farley,
I was lost.
I ran to what I knew best,
I, I, I, went to my work.
And that was unfair.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
I'm gonna make it okay
From now on,
I promise.
Well I was acting
like a jerk too.
It happens
when you're angry.
And you can't show it,
I think you were
as lost as I was.
We know what to
do now, huh?
We know
what to do.
Quietly now.
Ready? Oh shoot.
Hope nobody heard that. It's
supposed to be a surprise.
Thank you.
Oh come on, Farley.
Show up.
Hey um, you're here
from TV right?
You recognize me.
Well no, but I see you
have a camera person
and a satellite truck
so I figured.
Are you here for one of those
feel good Christmas Eve stories?
Uh, no. We got a hot tip
that our mystery Santa Claus
might be making
an appearance here tonight.
Hey, all right.
This is what, this is what
we're gonna do. Okay.
The Mobius will
be here any minute.
But in the mean time, this
is what we're gonna do.
It was cold enough to freeze
the hot springs in Georgia.
through the snow...
What's that?
They sound close enough
to be right out front.
Why don't we go
check it out?
Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh.
Hey, what is all this?
Where's my ramp?
Steve has an
announcement to make.
Adam, all these dudes,
all these people,
have worked really hard in
order to make this happen.
You know those stairs
that you can't get up?
Well now you'll
be able to.
Adam, look.
See that
awesome chair?
That's for you.
Watch this.
Oh my goodness!
So cool!
There's no sign of Farley
and it's almost midnight.
Maybe you better
call Constance.
Oh, I suppose
I should.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas,
You need him
more than I do.
You mean you're
giving me Kip?
You have to come
and visit all the time!
I will.
I'm proud of you, son.
Your mom would be too.
I love you, Kip.
We wish you
a Merry Christmas!
Ha ha ha ha!
Job security.
Thank you all
so much, everybody!
I don't know what to say
except Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Ho, ho, ho!
Won't you all
stay a while?
Well uh, if Adam shows me
how those new wheels work.
This is so cool!
Thanks so much, Steve.
No problem, buddy,
glad you like it.
You're the best!
Thank you all
so much.
Merry Christmas,
ho, ho, ho!
I know it's last minute but, do you
have plans for Christmas dinner?
Well uh, nothing that
can't be cancelled.
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
As much as it pains me,
you have quite literally
saved Christmas.
Let me see the footage.
Pulitzer here I come.
Where is it?
Give me that!
On behalf of the board, I
am required to inform you
that your contract
has been renewed.
That means forever
and ever.
I know
what it means.
You seem
When you grow up, you learn
to live with disappointment.
It's the pony.
Please. My entire life
is not defined by
something that did not happen
when I was seven years old.
So you don't want
a white Christmas?
It never snows here.
It did in 1964,
so it can again.
His name is
White Christmas.
I'm sorry
it took so long.
Oh he so beau...
Thank you so much!
Oh he's, oh he's so beautiful!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas,
Oh you're so beautiful.
Oh, I'm so happy!
I always wanted a pony!
Are you seeing that?
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho!
Look, Sweetheart.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!