Candy (1968) Movie Script

I Miss Christian!
I Miss Christian!
And well, Miss Christian...
-O--...we are waiting
for you, Miss Christian.
-O--sorry, I have not
heard the question.
-O--What? -O--I have Not heard the question.
Yes, I see.
-O--You have not heard the question, right? -Yes, dad.
-O--What? -O--Yes, Mr. Christian.
Very well. Now it seems that we will get somewhere.
Miss Christian, espreme in the hallway, at the end of the class.
Tomorrow we will submit a work,
...on the subject "the duties of The citizen to the government,
...the Church, the School, the parents, the community...
...and the local police."
I feel me angry, Candy. Oh forgive me!
Sure, dad!
You must think I'm a little weird...
...and a dad very rare and plated to the old one.
-O--Huh? - Just a little! -O--Many thanks.
-O--Dad, I... -No, I have already understood. You don't have to say anything.
I know what you mean. I don't need to explain anything.
I know as I called students to my back.
No one says anything about you behind your back, dad.
That is precisely what I say.
All the other teachers of the School I nicknames;
...but to me just call me Mr. Christian.
Oh, don't take it as well! All of them landing very well.
-O--what is the truth?
-Of Course.
Believe that you are a prof very nice.
Thank you, sweetie.
Oh, that makes me feel good!
O my daughter, I'm glad we had this talk!
A girl and her father must be good friends, us. -O--Oh, dad!
What do I do!
-O--Hello! - Oh, Excuse Me, Mr. Christian! What happens, Harold?
I just came to tell Candy that is given in a hurry. You will be late. Come on!
-O--Is a good boy! -Always.
-And a good student.
-O--oh, Dad, I have to leave! -O--You see to often, right?
I just want to be sure that you will not make any madness.
-O--I have to go. -Very well. Then we will have a talk from man to man.
-O--Very well. - Will you come to my Sociology class of the 5?
-O--We'll see you there. -Very well. -O--But, what's wrong with you?
It Mac Phisto!
What Mac Phisto?
It Mac Phisto!
"The life that burns and bleeds,
" my triumph days sieved sleep,
" that I towered brilliantly, the dream sustained...
"...the vision of an eagle...
"...that transports us between the knobbly pores,
"...that surround our meat, clean words,
"...and that throws its cry bitter and nameless,
" a scream for ice cream,
"...shaken with passion by a wind,
" which my weariness is rampant,
"...overflowing with this liquid...
"...of my lust.
The poem that I just recited was composed... a hospital in Burma, which lay, near death,
...after you have been savagely attacked... a rampant horde of belgian tourists.
You can find this poem in my collection of verses entitled:
"Forests of meat".
Here has not been published yet,
...but you can find a private edition,
...signed personally by its author, which is me,
... $ 3, or by transfer...
Po Box 2723,
New Jersey.
Mac Phisto, Po Box 2723. Lemington. New Jersey.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Rolling Stones,
...I say, Rolling...
...the Rolling Fields Center,
...and the student Council supervisor of this School
...who had the courage...
...and, I would say, the intelligence...
...invited me here.
As you know, my work has been banned...
...and my books burned in 27 countries are already consolidated...
-...and 14 emerging nations. -O--I'd like to see him at once. Me.
Why what are you afraid of me?"
...should one ask.
Because exult the virtue, the beauty, the magic...
...and the supreme and ineffable desire...
...ecstasy of the human spirit.
Or Dulcis Imperatrix! ((Oh, sweet Empress!))
I mean that's what it is!
My poems have the innocence of the young and innocent children, only children can understand the freedom...
...and the virtue of giving one's self without restrictions,
...without inhibitions and without shame.
And I wonder.... many people here have the gift of being able to sacrifice.
I think that perhaps some of you;
...ten or twenty,
...three or four.
...only one.
Miss Quimby, who exactly is that Mac Phisto?
Do not know You, who is Mac Phisto? I'm surprised You Mr. Christian!
Do not read You poetry?
I don't have time for poetry. I teach Sociology, not Humanities.
Because it is one of the most celebrated poets of the TWENTIETH century.
I've devoured mountains;
...I eat the Sky and drink the Ocean,
...until I have become the Universe.
The Universe I am! Me! Me! Me!
Where are you?
In the Mercedes.
This time leading me. You will need to use your hands.
...I am a Mac Phisto.
Hello! My name is Candy.
Candy Christian.
Oh Candy! A beautiful name with echoes of the Old Testament.
Thank you.
I would like to that would allow me to escort her home.
That will be great.
Where do you live?
In the 8357 1/2 Schweitzer Terrace.
-O--Zero, can you find the 83...
-57 1/2
-57 1/2 Schweitzer Terrace. -O--I Received!
Oh that was Zero!
-O--what driver? -O--No, my friend.
Some years ago I was travelling up the Congo.
One day, after having recited one of my poems... an audience of at least 700 warriors Gonori,
...a tribe of cruel, thirsty for poetry,
...I could see a clearing in the forest to a poor indian,
...that was being attacked by a giant python snake.
The man had already been half devoured when I arrived...
...and you grabbed it from the jaws of that beast that threw foam.
Then, I ended up with the animal with a single and sharp blow of my...
...ballpoint pen.
After sixteen delicate operations on the feet and the brain,
...Zro was able to walk again.
From then on, we never separate.
I've seen this story Tuesday night on the Tele.
Then let's say...
...I saved Zero of a lynching,
...three years ago in Shreveport,
...Louisiana, when he already had the noose around the neck.
And then I began to recite one of my epic poems:
"The Brotherhood of Man", first in English and then...
...and welsh.
That changed their minds and their lives.
And now there's a system full of school integration... Shreveport, Louisiana and...
...Zero and I...
Are they living together since then?
And now...
...I want you to tell me things of you.
Tell me about yourself.
What is it that you're looking for? What do you believe?
I believe in what you told us before.
-O--Before? -O--Yes, in College.
When we spoke of all those who felt free to give. Ah, yes, to give!
Those few,
...those few and incredibly privileged that...
...that are free for you to take.
But, what for?
Be one in the same.
Yes, but to whom?
-O--all that I need. Oh, yes, they knew and forsaw it!
From the moment I saw you, I knew that you alone were able to understand my great... great...
...need. I need! I need! I need!
My huge and gigantic need!
My huge and overwhelming need!
My huge and irresistible need!
I need it!
I need! I need!
I never deny the need! I need! I need!
I need! I need! I need!
I never deny the need!
Do not deny it, only that I am still not prepared.
Never forget that the need can't wait.
The need is here!
The need is for now!
The need, the need is for now!
Don 8357 1/2 Schweitzer Terrace, guys!
I get out of here, you're impeding my need!
My need! My huge need!
Oh, no!
Oh, that's not good!
I need! I need!
Oh my god, look at that!
It's disgusting!
Well, that is love!
Is completely drunk and has wet everything.
We must do something.
Help me to take it home!
We will remove the pants, to the dry.
Very well.
Oh, that is not good!
It is necessary to live happily!
That guy has wet his pants!
It is horrible! Is soaked with liquor.
A poet as famous as Mr. Mac Phisto.
Is to be made to think, don't you think?
Oh, that's not good!
This people do very bad things.
Do you think that you can walk, now?
-O--Not to worry. We will try it. -O--Are you sure? - Sure!
What is going on here?
If you go down the stairs to the games room,
-O--...I'll go get the iron. -O--Not to worry.
I'll take care of it.
What have you done with my need?
Come on, old man!
Come on! We can do it.
Come on! We have almost arrived.
-O--O Emmanuel! -O--Yes, miss.
Please, come in. I want you to do something.
What Does The Inside?
If you please.
Inside, no! I know that Mr Christian will not like that.
Doesn't matter to me, Emmanuel. I need you.
Do you need to Emmanuel?
Yes, right now.
But is that Emmanuel is a good boy.
-O--I Want you to go to the kitchen to get the plate. - Do the ironing?
-O--Yes, the irons. And I want to be the bring to the basement. - What in the basement?
Yes, please. I have to change this dress now.
She wants me to do it!
-O--Let's go, friend! I'm going to take off now for the pants. -No, go!
How can you dare?
Do you think that a possible candidate...
...the Nobel Prize for Literature... unable to take off the pants by himself?
Hey, old man, you told him about it when you saved me from the slave market...
O Emmanuel, quick, I need the iron!
Please, give me the pants!
Yes, to give!
I give!
-O--The miracle of giving. -Is the title of one of his best sonnets.
Emmanuel, leave the ironing board here.
Oh, that is not good!
This is the house of the devil.
((recites some verses in welsh))
You, that have a face of Aztec,
...the only survivor of the massacre of your proud race!
Well said, boy!
It seems like that it is cotton!
What is saying this man?
It is a poem.
It is not a good idea! Use the language of the devil.
No, No, Emmanuel. Speaking of life, of love and of giving themselves to each other.
-O--What Happen? Do you realize what? -O--self.
Emmanuel is a good boy.
Since then. You're a good guy and a great gardener.
-O--bring Honor to Mexico. - Remember that you have a client Latin blood!
Emmanuel is a citizen of the united States.
Remember The Alamo!
-O--That I do. -O--Remember the Revolution.
The Revolution! The Revolution! The Revolution!
-O--The Revolution! -But that is not what I wanted to say.
O Emmanuel, also wants to give now!
O Emmanuel! Don't, please!
-O--o gives himself! -O--oh, Now, not! -Now.
-O--oh, not Now, Emmanuel! -O--Now!
Oh, and she also gives it to him!
Viva Zapata!
Let it go-the-go!
My house is your house!
Oh, my God, it's dad!
You are my brother.
Say to me what I have done wrong!
-O--Let's go, tell me! -O--do you Know, what is your problem?
You can not live only.
You'll see how you'll love New York, Candy!
It is full of young great like you,
...who are not afraid to follow his instincts.
The only thing that I feel is having to let my dad,
...precisely now that you're so angry.
Thou oughtest to give thanks to God to get out of this town, full of idiots.
What do you think of the scandal?
Just because you were surprised and to do it with this latino?
It doesn't matter.
Listen, when I was your age, I had a japanese lover.
We were so ardently passionate to one another,
...that I had to go over cold water.
On the pool table, right?
It is a pity then not to have my Polaroid!
Please, you're talking of my daughter!
I already know. But it is useless to cry for a little fault, in matters of love.
Well, I'll take you to the airport.
Please do not respond. Must be one of those nasty anonymous calls.
Good! He speaks to the brothel of the Christian.
Thank you very much.
By the way: your sister is here, and it has already earned 200 turkeys.
-O--Hey, are following us! -O--Who do we follow?
A group of bikers we are following the heels.
Yes, I wish it was me he followed.
Hey, guys!
Isn't that, Emmanuel?
I don't know, sweetheart. You know him much better than I do.
Oh bitch, stand up!
Stand up!
It seems that you are looking for a fight.
Have you seen the girl out of the first moto?
It seems out of one of those magazines that you have.
How"whips and Chains"?
No, the other: "Women of leather".
Yes, you're right. She is.
Maybe you just want to talk with us.
I prefer to talk with the mayor.
I have No doubt that you would.
But I assure you that we have not come here to talk.
Maybe what you want is to give them a kind of citizenship Education.
Not funny, Livia. Our situation is anything but funny.
Down there, there is your plane.
Hey, gringo! Do you have a lot of hurry?
Yes, we are about to catch a plane.
How about to catch a plane?
You must be in a hurry, right?
Do you try to flee from something?
Oh No; of course not!
Oh listen to me!
My daughter has to go to School in New York and just try to...
For the blessed God! Why don't you tell us what you want from us?
We want to pollita!
-O--What? - What for? Do La pollita?
What the hell are you talking about?
Give us the pollita!
I Dnosla!
What? In the name of... oh, hearken to me a moment!
This is not a lost zone of the border,
...where you can catch innocent people and make...
Let me me fix this issue!
Oh wait! Oh wait a moment!
I think that we will be able to find a solution that will leave us all happy.
All can be arranged between friends.
I have this wrist watch that has a great value.
It is automatic and water resistant.
We don't want your watch!
You can calculate up in tenths of a second...
We don't want your disgusting watch!
...and also the phases of the moon.
Oh wait a minute!
We're going to ease us all!
Do not do harm!
What are you, Emmanuel?
O Emmanuel, come here!
Emmanuel, what is it that is happening?
Do you know him? Do you know our little brother ?
-O--Well, I... -you've disgraced our family.
-O--In the name of God, what are you talking about? - Oh, Emmanuel, di...
Emmanuel is a good boy.
Emmanuel was a nice guy...
Don Emmanuel was a virgin!
Emmanuel was studying to become a priest.
I did not know.
I tell us who it was that did those things with you!
I did not do it on purpose!
It is absurd! We are in the TWENTIETH century and in the united States.
Ladies, a bit of spanking is fine. But are switching from the stripe!
Don't you dare!
You will have given to him to lose, and we will do the same thing with you!
Oh for the love of God, ladies! We are all fellow citizens.
Don't, don't, hurt! This woman belongs to me.
Click here!
I miss Christian, stay with me!
Oh wait!
Go up, dad!
Oh stay with me!
I need to get up! Attend to a wounded man.
Oh Uncle Jack! You're hurt!
Oh my god! If you are not in a mission of service...
...would crush these maggots with my own hands.
Has lost the knowledge. We must do something.
Who were they? I have not been able to see great thing,
...but I'm sure they were just garbage.
How Were Albanians?
No, it was just something personal.
I'm sure they had the face of albanians.
Not only were mexicans.
Mexicans, albanians,
lithuanians. They are all the same.
I was never the first in my class,
...but I know recognize all of these clandestine groups.
Listen up! I think that my brother is injured. Could you not do something for him?
Okay, let me pass! Let me pass!
Oh and do me a bit of the site!
I watch those hands, Charlie!
Inside, there is still a beating heart.
These cockroaches have not yet been able to kill us.
Can I do something?
I can hope and pray, young lady, and You do the same.
They still have not been able to take this!
Everything has been my fault.
I don't doubt it, but I've already seen in my life many wounded.
This man is in a very bad state. Let's stick to the facts.
That liquid, which flows from its head, it is blood!
Oh dad, say something!
No, No, tears now.
Soldiers don't cry.
Is there a doctor on board?
To a negative!
Fantastic! What kind of squadron is this?
We fly fast, we attack and we go back to the base.
Forsake the fallen. That is the price we pay for democracy.
Just wait! I have friends who are very influential in Washington.
I have no doubt of it.
Sure are a bunch of leftists.
I would bet that you know many communists are well located.
Well, let me tell you one thing:
Here these gentlemen don't send anything.
Just wait a moment! I wasn't trying to say...
Do You, perhaps, a Political Science professor?
What stock broker?
Can subscriber to the New York Times ?
Do you see foreign movies and even, sometimes, eat caviar?
What does that have to do to eat it or not?
Let me tell you something, mister, lover of the caviar...
...and now the one who speaks to him is this simple mono!
And why I relate to all of you!
Special order of the Army n 902783.
All those going to board this device, are my orders.
To the orders of R. A. Smight, general of brigade.
Special unit of Paratroopers on reconnaissance mission.
I am responsible for the success of this mission,
...which consists in flying over continuously, except when you have to refuel or stock up,
...until the General Headquarters, at any time, we are told to throw...
...and to fulfill our work. Understood?
-O--But that man... -O--Oh, That man! "That man!
I have in my charge, 24 men! Do you understand it?
-O--I 24! It numbered!
-1, 2, 3, 4, 5
&, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18
-19, 20, 2, 22, 23, 24.
It is impressive, isn't it
I would say that your men can count up to 24, without being wrong once.
-O--What's more they know how to make their guys? -O--What You like, lady.
Don't tempt him!
Are you ready to do any thing.
Eighteen months of flight, not have off - do not turn off, repeat - his ardour of combat.
Oh look at this!
Oh my god,
...if this is not again proud to be americans, that I don't have blood in your veins!
Look: you have done a great dance number,
...but let's be realistic: my brother-in-law is in a coma.
Yes, you are losing a lot of blood.
You need a transfusion.
-O--What? -O--A transfusion.
-O--do A transfusion? -O--oh, General, please!
I will do whatever!
Don Fischer! Chester! Bring the first aid kit.
Prepare this man for a blood transfusion!
-O--He loved this jacket. -O--Let Donors! We need donors.
Just wait a moment! Don't move!
-O--That man is your brother, right? -Yes.
-And what all of You are family to him? -Of course.
-So, tell me in the name of God what is what you plan. -I do not understand.
What I want to say, my lord, is that...
...can not give blood to a member of your own family.
Why not?
Why not?
-O--why not? -O--that is what I ask.
Because it is... incest.
Am I wrong?
-O-General-... - O--Yes.
-O--Come here for a moment. -O--Yes, what happens? What happens?
Let me explain something!
That what You speak happens when...
Do you understand?
"For God's Sake! What kind of people are you?
How is that not respect anything?
Oh, please!
Don't worry, little one. We're not going to let your dad die.
Generates, why their men don't sell us your blood? We would pay for it.
Our guys can enter in combat at any time...
...and need all your strength. You, the white hat,
That you, a relative of him, come with me!
-O--Moveos, boys! -O--Yes, sir.
Back, there are a seriously wounded person who is bleeding from the head.
If you do not want to go to play at the Casino in Heaven, you must receive blood from a good american.
-O--what I have understood? -O--Yes, sir.
-O--I command you that ye should go and you do a blood transfusion. -Yes, sir.
-And now, let's go to the grain. -O--But, general,
-O--... don't think it should go back... -O--Let you Rest!
Let's look at the situation as I see it.
A man like me has no time for speeches or pretty words.
What I have to say, only I'll say it once and will listen to me carefully.
I never had time to lead an easy life do you understand Me?
Most of us have not had anything of "dolce" in our "vita".
And what can I do?
-O--I would like that...
I Desndate!
But, in general, that respects the range that has...
Let's stop the blather! What I need now is not respect.
-O--I Am asking for something more. -O--I see that you must feel very alone.
This has nothing to do with the loneliness!
A man can not be only,
...when you live surrounded by 24 soldiers, day and night.
I have been in this appliance
...Oh God, six years ago!
Six years moving from one side to the other, on the belly of this monster,
...spent among the enemy, in search of some big fish.
It six years no movies, no outings, no shows!
-O--oh, Six years without a single woman! -O--That is a record!
That's why, now, I ask you, the name of the most sacred that there is in the free world; the name of all those,
...that support this pernicious wave of totalitarianism;
...on behalf of those of us who are standing, with your back on the wall...
...and his fingers full of grease:
...I ask of you,
...that if you love your country,
...I let you take a look.
It makes Me feel proud to be american!
But, general, You said that you only wanted to look.
Sometimes, a look is not enough.
Get set!
What is it that you want?
I want to have a son of yours!
I want to have a child!
I will be strong, loyal, and blonde!
It will be like the two of us!
I will take a uniform like his father!
I will show you the manual of the soldier.
Will go to the Military School.
On the way, small! Is on the way!
You will learn what is freedom.
I will teach you to be a man of truth,
...not a child's weeping,
...or one of those pacifists of the fourth.
It will know be upright,
...feet and with the chest lifted!
Oh, it's horrible to see you leave all these handsome young men with their bayonets!
I retreat strategic!
Don retaliation massive!
It truly, war is hellish!
Where have it gone? Where are they?
Oh my god, they have gone without me!
If you hurry, you can catch them.
I Esperadme, boys!
I can't get in on the action without me!
I Esperadme, boys!
I wait for dad!
Please, you can call for an ambulance, when we land!
You can be well proud of, Candy.
What amount of public to view your old!
New yorkers richest, most respectable and most depraved...
...are here, this evening.
Don't worry, sweetheart. If something happened, provided you could live with your uncle.
Yes, you could teach it all!!
What you mean if something happened?
"Well, you have to be realistic!
Nobody wants to see your father more than I, Would give my right arm for him.
You're right-handed!
But, going with the grain. What I'm trying to say is...
...that I am sure that everything will turn out fine.
But, if not, know, such is life.
How can you say that?
Well, whatever happens, there is to go on living... and loving.
Dr. Krankheit is the best surgeon in the world, in their specialty;
...but even he can make mistakes.
To say that da bad luck.
Only to the patient.
The patient suffers from a severe and massive displacement of its nodes intracorticales.
There is a considerable risk of lock-glandular.
Hopefully successfully overcome that risk particular.
But we have to be very careful in avoiding more serious injuries... the phase post-op because of the lymphococcus.
As you know You, well, that could end up degenerating in the syndrome of Rathner, which case the patient continues to live, able to use almost completely your muscular system.
But your mental capacity will be reduced...
...that you can have a cretin of middle age.
All of this offers us a range of interesting possibilities.
We could make the traditional and classical fusion, removing two-thirds of the skull...
...and exposing the patient's brain to a strong level of D. A.
Waste atmospheric.
Two. We could atravesarle carefully a shoulder blade,
...following the technique developed by Brett Sullivan and John Hawkins, their experiments with monkeys of Papua.
But, let's be realistic:
...we will operate a human being, not a monkey of Papua.
If there is someone here who is not in agreement,
...with this technique, you get out of here, immediately!
Let's start!
What are we going to do exactly?
What Dr. Harris?
I would start by making an incision in the brain.
What is now going to get to say stupid things?
I just wanted to suggest that...
You'll be in lectures redundant!
It seems to Me that this operation must be...
You'll be nonsense, Harris!
I'm going to tell you exactly what we're not going to do.
We're not going to use the old methods are already very experienced.
Not at all, that's what we're going to take out...
...and throw it!
You have to do it again!
It's a human being...
...and not from a method of literacy!
I'm going to give still one more minute to achieve this.
Oh my blessed, look at what it does!
O you are a surgeon, not a gynecologist!
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
...we're going to get to the end!
No, Bullock, not now!
Ladies and gentlemen, the occlusion has disappeared.
My left index finger...
...has managed to slip seven centimeters, inside the head of the patient.
With a single slight movement, could erase twenty years of memories, easily as you erase a whiteboard.
Only that he now had the hiccups,
...could return to the patient is not only unable to pronounce the letters:
L, R, D, y or F,
...but also make you unable to dial any phone number.
But, that's not going to happen,
...I know precisely...
...what is there to do.
I carried you to your room!
I forgive you! Do you know where I could find Dr. Krankheit?
-O--I Would like to know...? -O--Close door!
Could you help me?
-O--How To Help You? -I'm looking for the Dr. Krankheit. - What?
Do you know where I might find him?
Be careful!
-O--Can anyone help me? -O--Mom!
I'm looking for the Dr. Krankheit.
I want to leave you in peace!
Dr. Krankheit. Oh precisely, he!
Because I am his mom.
What is You Ms Krankheit?
-O--Krankheit, not. Fingolini. -O--Let Fingolini!
Abraham Krankheit is actually Mario Fingolini.
I changed her last name.
Because a doctor rich of New York may not be an immigrant.
That is why, not to mention that he is target in trouble
...with a girl who is called Christian.
If you again see you here,
...sneaking around him,
...I will take this brush and...
This hospital is full of very sick people.
What you said?
He said that...
It doesn't matter. You've heard it before.
You said "sick".
But I...
I don't give a damn what you wanted to say. This people...
...also has feelings like any human being...
...and not have to endure your aires of superiority.
I just wanted to find Dr. Krankheit.
Oh! What for?
-O--To ask a question. -O--If, that is not what I doubt.
But, listen to me, lady of the eyes so vivid!
I am the personal nurse of Dr. Krankheit.
Bullock, here Krankheit.
I Want you to come immediately! Come on!
She wants me to go!
Oh Candy, you always manage to maximum fun!
It's the best reception post-operative that has never attended.
Here it is! It is he of whom I have spoken.
-O--Not to touch you. -O--The doctor has said that we will not touch.
Do not forget that our hands are full of germs and micro-organisms,
...spirochetes and who knows how many other forms of infection.
-O--I Just want you to know that I'm here. -He knows it.
How can you say that?
How can I tell that?
He asks Me how I can say that.
Put those flowers in ice.
He knows because he is a doctor, tontita!
Do you think that will be ok?
Look at it this way:
...your father will live.
Oh, thank God!
-O--The question is: For how long? -You mean...
I don't want to say anything!
You should know that, scientifically speaking,
...the only difference between life and death... that death lasts much longer.
Just look this! Don Max has brought his radio!
-O--oh, Yes, let's dance a little! -I have to find where to plug this.
Do you suffer any pain?
That is an interesting question.
Let me try to contestrsela.
The pain is very difficult to measure. For example...
What have you done?
You have been hurt, right?
-O--Yes of course. - How much? -O--I don't know.
-O--do More than a punch? -O--Yes.
But not as much as being run over by the wheels of a truck.
Of course not.
Well, that will give you an idea of how to measure the pain of his father.
-O--let Me explain something! -O--What is that?
It is one of my personal findings.
A tremendous progress in the field of neuroencefalografa.
I've called electrodegenerador subcutaneous Krankheit.
The patient's brain is a storehouse of energy.
We implemented a small plug in your cranial cavity.
The plug connects here...
...and so we eliminate the excess of electrical energy.
Without this safety circuit, his father would have a serious short circuit.
In popular parlance: "you will melt the leads".
...this will not happen.
Oh honey, come and dance with your uncle!
Wait just a moment! Wait just a moment!
What's wrong with you? Don't you like the party?
I sit here, near your father!
I Muvele a bit!
It is very comfortable,
...and family,
...lying one next to the other.
So should be always!
I'm so tired!
Ah, I see! Why don't you take off your shoes?
Yes! Already is.
Perhaps you would be better if you loose a bit of the dress.
And now we taparemos with this sheet.
Now, you just have to put your head on my shoulder...
...and try to sleep a little.
How much I wish that you were my daughter!
I know how hard that can be sometimes life.
Living with your father must not be easy.
But that will change with the aunt Livia and me.
We are a people with much less formal.
We treat everything as if it were something familiar.
What is going on here?
I animals is what these are! A gang of wild animals!
Come on, if you spend all your time carving up people!
It is she who organizes all the scandals!
I hope, miss, you have a good reason...
...we're caught in the bed of a patient in a critical state,
...with his body half-naked, wiggling and writhing,
...under a passion so foolish as shameful.
I just wanted to sleep for a while, next to....
I'm at the front of this hospital. I'm Dr. Calvin Dunlop,
...general manager of this establishment.
And I think I should intervene, when in one of my rooms, conducted a shameful and disgraceful orgy.
Truly I say to you, that there has been no orgy!
Don't tell me!
I am a doctor and not a psychologist of people upset...
...and I know to recognize in an orgy, when I see it.
And also what are the depravity and indecency.
And even more, when you catch someone "in flagrant delicto".
I don't know what that means.
It means that you must leave here immediately.
I don't want to see my hospital converted into a brothel by people degenerate like You
For me, You are a pelandusca,
...a harlot, joins furcia, a...
...a young girl.
What are You doing, Dunlop?
Why is it on the floor this girl?
It has been dropped.
Because of Newton's laws, right?
I guess the psychotic abuse that You usually exercise...
...has nothing to do with it.
You don't need to take as well, Krankheit.
Let me remind you, doctor, that this is a patient of mine...
...and this is your room...
...and she is the daughter of my patient. Do you understand it?
It help me to lift it! Come on!
It Bullock!
Try to keep a little order in this room.
Mr. Christian, just You out of a operation very serious.
I think that you are mistaken Mr. Christian, miss!
Let me or I hit him a kick on their parts!
Good! Do you any suggestions, doctor?
It seems to be unconscious.
That's a great diagnosis!
And now, how do you propose You look to this situation?
Can you think of something?
-O--Is young and apparently in good health. -Very well.
We are practicing physicians.
I Examinmosla!
Oh Behave, Dunlop!
Why can't we examine it a little?
It not going to know.
He suggests that you return to your office,
...take a tranquilizer and then take a cold water bath.
I have not examined any patient.
Good night, Mr. Manager.
Good night to you, kind Mr. Prevaricador.
I have happy dreams, Mr. Wallet!
And You the same, Mr. Cazamoscas.
Thank You, Mr. Sacadineros.
Nothing, Mr. Bloodsuckers.
There is what, Mr. Gains.
Very well, Mr. Mammon.
I Jdase, Sr. Merdoso!
-O--I must have fainted. -O--Yes.
And I have to find the cause of your fainting. It stand, please!
Fainting is a notice of our nature that we must control.
I breathe!
Give yourself the back, please!
All of this could be the symptom of a dangerous disease.
-O--let's Take off the clothes! -O--What?
Oh the clothes! To remove clothing!
Do not understand what I was saying. I have to examine you.
But if there is nothing wrong with me.
It is not You who has to say it.
You are just a kid that has not gone even to College...
...and your Coefficient of Intelligence, sure that is not that of a genius.
And, however, dares to discuss the diagnosis...
...of a surgeon renowned with many titles as for wallpapering the walls.
Is well.
... Of course that is fine!
-O--When we did the last? -O--a month Ago, in College.
I mean to have a medical examination.
-O--what You said that You had a deviation of the spine? -No.
Then, he was only a charlatan.
Without a proper treatment, when you turn 42 years old
...your body will look like a bag of clothes.
Now, take the back!
Go bowing slowly!
Because I'll tell you when you have to say: Oh!
-O--But, doctor. Are you sure that, You know...? -Slowly.
-O--O Slowly! -O--But, Dr. Krankheit...
Wow, this has to end already!
Let's go, follow pitch! You should have a little more humanity.
"This is not the patient!
... Of course not, you idiot! It is his brother.
If not, I would not have lasted so long.
Who has been to the patient?
Don Bullock, many times I have to tell you not to interrupt my queries!
If you interest...
This query already are ja finish.
Oh my god, she already has done it again!
Oh dear, put a counter up and we will be rich!
Well, I don't know about you, but I have much work to do.
Let me pass, Bullock!
Let me pass!
And warn him to stop once to follow me and spy on me,
...whoever you are.
Espreme! I have to talk with You
Don't lie. That's not going to serve anything,
Why would they lie?
Oh listen to me! We know what you're looking for and what are your intentions.
Because they all think that...
The doctor is not available, do you understand? It is not available!
So try to sell your charms on the other hand,
...because the doctor has already said what he had to say.
And now,
You will not notice anything.
I guess you don't care about anything,
...but during your medical examination, your sick father has disappeared in the middle of the night.
Oh dad! Oh dad!
Oh ladies, show your charms!
Hello, my dear!
You will be the next.
I Detnganla!
Oh stop that girl!
It Bullock!
Oh stop that girl!
A Coca Cola, please!
I'm afraid that I don't have money.
I can't pay.
Thank you. Oh my god, all for just ten cents!
If you let me your address, I'll pay.
Forget it! The Big Boss wants to see it.
Who is this Big Boss?
Does The Big Boss? All of you know. It is...
...the Great Chief. Come on in!
Well, to me I love to meet new people.
This is the Big Boss.
Delighted to meet you.
-O--Hey! Be careful. -O--let us know what all you have.
What is this doing?
He has paid me a Coca Cola, but that does not authorize him to take...
...these freedoms
Did you hear what that says? It freedoms!
I'll show you what is taking liberties.
No! Don't, for a moment! Just because I'm not from here!
You should try behaving well.
-O--What? -If not, you can have a small accident.
We're going to hammer a nail in the foot...
...and then we're going to get burned a little hair.
That is what happens here to the girls who do not behave well.
Oh my god! And they call this the City of the Fun?
Fantastic! That's it.
It is perfect!
Don't have any photos!
Don't we want photos!!! Let's go down!
Great! Great!
I just shoot a door in the wall.
And now, I'm going to look at the door, on the wall.
My eyes are going to see, one by one.
The left eye...
...and now the right.
My mouth, my teeth, gums, my lips and everything else.
And my throat.
-O--Oh, Excuse Me!
-And now, you! Just do it!
-O--Do It! -To do what? -O--again!
-O--What Is G3? - Yes. - What does it mean?
I am, G3, G of the cube.
G. G. G. Gian Giovanni Gemini.
What is called You so?
-O--does it sounds familiar? -O--I have Just come.
-O--have you Ever seen my movies? -O--Well... Not.
-O--Wait! I'm going to shoot your answer. -No.
-O--again! -O--No.
I have filmed 112 people saying the word "no".
Because this is all part of life,
...and part of being, living and understanding.
Have you seen someone film this?
No. 113.
-O--Have you heard of "Campbell"? -O--What? -Campbell.
The I shot last year in both color and black-and-white.
Two hours of soup,
...beans, rice, lentils, and carrots.
The essence and the spirit and the intimate entity of the soup.
Oh I already got it!
Man going through a door.
And now I'm going to take care of You Come on in!
-O--where are we going? -O--I have an idea.
I don't understand what it is that you want it to do.
I want you to be you! (TOILET(GENTLEMEN))
Listen! I want you to become part of the great human experience.
I baths, crowds, trombones, rubbish!
Oh listen to me!
I was looking for. You're going to be my next film.
Stay with me and you'll be just as famous as...
How is it called?
-O--What About Elizabeth Taylor? -O--Who? Oh, no!
-And now, let's start. -O--Action!
But it is that I know nothing of interpretation.
And the Grand Canyon either and, however, all go to see it.
Don't move!
Girl sitting on the throne.
And now I want to see all the pores of your skin. So!
That's it. Good!
And now; now I want to see your pupils.
Where are they?
Where are you, cretin?
Beware! This with a type that has a camera.
Just perfect!!! Just perfect!!!
Now shot your arms and your legs!
It is everything that I needed. And now...
How beautiful!
And your sex!
I would say that they are doing something forbidden. What do we do?
And now your face. Look at the front!
-O--don't move! -O--Do something that is haraam or not?
The door is closed!
Get ready to intervene!
Whatever you are doing, stop!
-O--In the name of the law! -O--oh, The thighs!
Oh show me your thighs!
-O--Is something forbidden. How we broke down the door? -Yes.
Perfect, two cops! Control immorality.
I come near! I come near!
"This is going to be your last plane, man!
What crime we accuse?
Filming without authorization.
Illegal employment in public toilets...
...and flooding is not controlled.
Where is gone girl?
Do you know that has happened with the girl in the blue dress?
Who is that movie?
Man fainting.
-O--do you Have money? -O--No, I'm sorry.
I'll play if you give me something.
But it is that I do not have anything to give her.
-O--o give me your ropopompn! -O--What?
See. We will win some money and then ropopompn.
-O--don't you want to ropopompn? -O--I Would like to put on a dress dry.
I will give it and then ropopompn.
Did not you come?
I don't know.
-O--what Is this? -O--No, not really.
It is always for this!
Oh poor man! Should not think that.
Is it here where you live?
I'm sure that the music is one of your hobbies.
-O--Could you play something for me, while I dry? -Yes.
Are you sure that you know what you are doing?
You have an exquisite taste.
-O--Who is she? -O--Where are you?
-O--Where is the Boss? -O--What is going on here?
-O--What kind of guardian are you? -O--What is your mission?
Hello, chief! We bring it all.
Have reached their friends.
I can not understand you.
What do you want?
It shouldn't bite people, very ugly!
And now, ropopompn!
Don't you think...
Do you not want to?
I appreciate your hospitality, but...
What is this?
-O--No, that has nothing to do with it. -O--Yes.
-O--what Is this? -O--oh, No, No, really!
Why? It is not nothing. It's like having torticolis.
It's always so!
Oh, poor boy, you must not think that!
What is this?
I don't know that to do here, but they seem to some panties.
Oh my god, is a 507!
Let us go to make adjustment to the accounts!
Let no one move!
And what does this who it is?
We have won the lottery!
Is the visiting card of the little man.
-O--What little man? -The hunchback most dangerous criminals of today.
You have three seconds to drop your weapons and get out of that Steinway!
That is one of the old tricks of the crosses-walls.
-O--We'll catch him! -O--Yes.
I had not told you how it was called.
Go! If what I see, I hope to be able to recognize it.
Let's see if I calmis back there or I'm going to give you a beating!
What do they do?
I don't know. But whatever it is, should be illegal.
-O--can I look at? -O--Not!
-O-- ' Shut up and drive! - Are we going to the police Station? -No.
I find me a nice site!
I want to get rid of these nasties and get some pleasure!
But if we have not done anything wrong.
Listen, I don't know what is your game,
...or to engage You and your gang,
...but I'm going to teach them to re-tuck in my district!
But, if I had not seen nape of the neck to that people!
Everything you say may be used against you.
-O--But if I don't... -O--against you. I understand!
I would not mind to be against it.
You, watch where you're going!
Do you carry hidden weapons?
... Of course not!
What drug? What pills?
-O--What About Amphetamines? What marijuana? -O--Not!
Oh, that's not going to serve you, small slut!
Put the hands in the back!
What are you going to make me?
We're going to register for, miss, you've never been before.
I record it, sergeant!
I score it!
And now we present, for your amusement,
...newcomer to any site, Ahmed,
the magician!
Let us run over!
Gross polis!
O murderers of children!
Let's get out of here!
This is a nest of queers!
Fire at will!
Monster fascist!
Bromeas? I'm irish.
Why not fighting like a man?
Do you want even more?
Yes, yes, hit me more,
...putn of blue eyes!
Oh sergeant!
Oh sergeant!
I've broken the heel!
What I can bring?
Stop! You have to take your shoes off!
Oh, I'm sorry! I thought that maybe...
This sanctuary is well above this material world. It is a sacred place.
The light, the walls, the water, and these hands; everything is sacred.
I've already seen!
-O--oh, keep your shoes materials in the sacred water! - And what do I do?
I throw them to the material world!
But if you are the only ones that I have!
I pull them!
Give me that material corruption!
Out! Out!
Don't need them, or anything else that is material!
You must strip yourself of everything that is material. And let's go!
-O--what's your name? -O--Candy.
What Candy? How do you write?
-O--Be careful! O tell me the truth!
-of Course, so I call. - Wait!
Wait, don't repeat it! It is a sacred name.
A name that can not say.
I don't understand.
C-A-N-D-Y. Five letters.
Five, the magic number.
Five, the pentagram is sacred.
The first letter of your name is C.
C is the sign of the sierra eagle, the sign of masculinity.
The last letter of your name is the Y.
The sign of the Yoni,
...the dispenser of all good.
And in the middle AND (and).
C and Y.
Do you understand, now?
I'm not sure. I...
Wait, don't talk! Don't move! I have more evidence.
Oh, my God!
-O--I Thought... -what better, you thought that hung in the air.
So it would seem.
It is a plastic seat.
Appearances are always deceptive.
To float in the air is a trick very easy.
In my country, all this is only used as a public entertainment.
Disappear by the end of a rope, walk on hot coals, with poisonous snakes. Are games only for children.
How can You do all of that?
My dear and innocent girl, when I was nine years...
...he could do things that are incomprehensible to the western mentality.
He lifted huge weights only with the tongue.
I could see, through seven layers of zinc.
And, it is not by vanagloriarme,
...until, until I could speak with the vegetables.
Oh, that is wonderful!
No, that is not nothing.
Only a grain of sand, compared with the mountains created by the gods in the past;
...compared to what you and I are going to do together here.
Do together?
Yes, of course.
Together we will find the path of selfishness; I say not-selfishness;
...beyond the valley of the material concerns...
...and the cliffs of the negative feelings,
...clambering and fighting...
...until we reach ... the vacuum. - The vacuum!
Beyond time and space,
...beyond one's self,
...the vacuum,
pure energy and light.
What god?
God has nothing to do Come!
Where do I start?
-O--First, I'm going to teach you to breathe. - What?
As a typical american, you must believe that you already know breathing.
But, let me tell you this. Only know one mode of breathing.
-O--Inspire and breathe. Do you deny it? -No.
But the truth is that there are other thousand ways of breathing.
Forward and back; up and down,
...breathing like a camel or like the grass.
Do you want to say, as the photosynthesis?
-O--What? - Do you know, when the carbon...?
No, No. Forget about all that and take it off of your mind.
Leaving aside the science, that it is something corrupt.
I forget everything they taught you in School!
I forget the formulae and theorems,
...of prefabricated houses and of the gum of rubber,
...of the lacquer to the hair, credit cards, Wall Street and...!
It cast!
What does it say?
It cast! We're going to start breathing.
-O--Oh, that is gorgeous! -O--Oh Cast!
Just wait a moment!
When I arrived a little while ago it was day and now...
It's midnight!
What I have done?
To you, nothing. But at the time, a lot.
Now we have to find the appropriate site. It cast!
-O--What we call the centre of all breathing. - Are my lungs?
No, it is not so simple.
Is the site in which it is to be immutable.
We must seek it.
Let see! Will it be here?
No, I don't think so.
Maybe, you should be here!
No, I've gone back to being wrong!
-O--Or here? -No, I'm sure that here is not.
I think yes.
What we have found very fast. It must be a good sign.
-O--I Am sorry to take you the opposite, but... - oh, throw yourself!
Who is the guru, here, you or me?
-O--do More breathing? -O--No, this is just the first level.
You must move forward, now.
How many levels we have to take?
Seven. The first is to be able to feel the rhythm of the cosmos.
I hear you, a moment!
Don't talk! We can't wait.
Oh my buttons!
Your buttons, as you call them,
...are not more than the reflection of that self that you must leave behind you.
Don't mean anything and are somewhat corrupt.
Without those buttons, you're going to move on to levels 2, 3,
...4, 5 and 6 and, finally... the last level. Good!
And now, let's get ready to address the second level:
...the body has no value.
It's not worth anything!
It or this!
It or this!
It or this!
It or this! And now we will pass to the level...
-O--To... -O--Do Two?
Don't think I could breathe so much more time.
So keep patience! The road is hard, but worth the effort.
The escolopendra, in my country, it has thousands of legs, but can't dance tap dancing.
I don't see that has to do that.
Well, you always lose something when translated.
I wonder where we can be.
That does not matter.
The space is just an illusion.
It is curved in on itself like an artichoke.
Oh, an artichoke, I would be very good! I'm dying of hunger.
What is that you can only think about it?
What in your body and in your poor desires?
I can not help it. I'm hungry.
We are traveling beyond the thirst and hunger.
It's like the legend of the pig and the flower.
What is the legend of the pig and the flower?
Is a legend that my people sing and dance.
A pig comes up to some bushes.
In the scrub sees a large flower of violet color.
It is the only one in the surrounding area.
Then, the pig falls in love with the flower.
The pig confesses his love to the flower and she says:
"You're a pig and you're very dirty, even to be a pig".
Then the pig starts to cry...
...and the flower is pity, the dirty animal, and he says:
"I'll love you, when you get to be clean."
The radiant heart of joy, the pig drops to wash herself at the river.
It gets in the water...
...and is devoured by a crocodile.
What is the meaning of this story?
I have No idea.
What level are we now?
-O--In the third! -O--How is it called?
The level of positive non-being.
I can not grasp the difference between one level and another.
It will be better for us to stop.
Look, snow!
If you don't mind, I would like to now take a little rest.
Look like stars floating in it.
-O--Look! Oh listen to me! -O--is There anything not going well?
It is not only that...
You're going to resfriarte!
That is impossible.
The flesh does not mean anything in the way of the realization.
-O--we Live in the vortex. -O--what is The vortex?
It is the fifth level.
What has happened to the fourth level?
-O--I've jumped. -O--can You do that?
Do not follow every one of the levels in the way everlasting?
Yes, but I am a mystic reformed.
This can be something serious.
Do you not have a thermometer?
It seems that you have not learned anything. Our bodies do not exist.
We are on the threshold of the last level.
The injection of the universal spirit.
But if that is the level 6!
What happens in the # 7? And what about the vacuum?
I don't I can carry to the edge of the void.
A teacher wiser than I...
...will lead to the end of the trip.
How will I recognize you?
By the sacred bird.
What is the holy bird?
-O--No matter what. -O--Hey, the door is open!
The police!
Take a look back; I'm going to talk with the driver.
-O--do you take fruits, flowers, plants, weapons, or alcohol? -A guru.
-O--What? -A guru. - Is that a fruit or a plant?
Hey, George! What is prohibited to import of gurus frozen in California?
Oh Charlie, get me out of here! Do you want to?
-O--Oh, Charlie! - You're well? -O--I've lost all my pocket change.
Let me out of in here!
The sacred bird!
Is it You who will lead me to the vacuum?
Have we arrived already?
Say that You are able to...
...give me the answer?
I don't understand...
...which means all of this!
The statue is coming towards us!
What has happened?
What are we going to do now?
Are you not going to tell me your name?
Oh my god!
It is dad!
Oh dad!