Candy Corn (2019) Movie Script

No, see, that's what I'm
We don't need to drive out to the middle of nowhere.
The big ogre got a job at the freak show this year.
So you just want to do this out in public?
I don't know, man.
Why don't we just do it at his house like we always do?
Yeah, I'm with Steve on
this one.
I mean, I don't think it's worth
spending a night in jail over.
No, we're not going to do it
in the fucking Midway,
and we're not going to do it
at his shit-hole of a house.
We've done that too many times.
This year, it's going to be
bigger and better.
I've already scoped it all out.
We're going to wait for him
back behind their trailers.
When he gets there,
we'll rough him up, strip him down,
and then let him run down the
in his shit-stained underwear
like the freak show faggot that he is.
Everyone'll get a few laughs,
he'll run home to mommy,
and we'll be back to Steve's
house in time
to celebrate another
successful Halloween.
You guys are unreal.
Aren't you a little old to be fucking with that kid?
I mean, you know he's not
all there, right?
Can't we just go back to your
and find something a little
more productive to do?
This is tradition.
We've been doing this since we were kids
and we're not stopping now.
But why, Mike?
Because, Carol...'s fun and it's easy.
I'll be in the car.
You better not pussy out on us,
Don't worry, man. She'll be
We're not going to miss this.
You cool?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, let's get the fuck out of
I'll catch up with you guys
that's what I'm trying to tell you!
Why don't you call your sister
and the three of us can do
this thing together?
I'm out of here in an hour,
I can pick her up.
Oh, you're killing me, man!
Alright, then.
Let me know.
You know where to find me.
Well, lookey here.
You fellas off to find
some trouble or what?
Oh, just the usual Halloween
Oh, now that's what I'm talking
Details, details.
I don't think so.
We just need to get that stuff
you owe us.
Ah, come on, let me in on
some of this action.
I'm dying in this place.
Okay, well,
how about I don't have "the stuff", pal?
Did you ever think about that?
Fuck off, man, come on.
Look, guys, I don't ask for
You know that.
Just do me this one solid.
Let me come with you tonight,
would you?
I need this.
You double it, I'm not paying shit,
and you're driving.
Shit yeah, that's a deal, my
We meet back here at 7:00.
Right on, fellas. I got ya.
Oh, hells yeah.
Back in business, baby.
This place is
I can't believe these freaks
actually pay for this stuff.
This place definitely
gives me the creeps.
Steve, do we really need to do
I have a bad feeling about it.
Come on, Carol.
There's nothing to worry about,
Let's go.
Jacob, you're late!
What did I tell you, boy?
You're lucky the stakes aren't
as high this weekend,
but if I'm going to take you
on the road with us,
you've got to get your shit
...come here, big guy.
Now, you know I wouldn't put you
in any situation
I wouldn't put myself in, right?
You are one of us now.
Don't you forget that, okay?
Now, go on.
Let's give these freaks a show!
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage,
your host of the evening,
the world famous Dr. Death!
Ladies and gentlemen,
boils and ghouls!
Welcome to the grisliest
show on earth...
...Dr. Death's Sideshow
Spook House Spectacular!
I am your host, Dr. Death,
and I just need to know
one thing from you
before we get started...
...are you ready to scream!?
Hey, fella,
you wouldn't happen to know where
I could find a little action, would you?
Hey, big guy, Happy Halloween.
The freak at the freak show,
how perfect.
Oh, don't worry, man,
we're not going to hurt you.
We just want to make sure everybody gets all the freak
they can handle tonight.
But it looks like you got
a head start on us.
Hey, chill out, man.
Well, it looks like the freak
grew some balls this year.
Listen here, you inbred,
toothless fuck.
We just came here to have a
little fun,
but if you're going to go
and get all tough guy on us,
that could change our plans
real fast.
Jacob, wake up.
Get him inside!
Motherfucker had it coming to
It's not like we went there to
hurt him.
He threw the first punch.
That's right, it was
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Carol, calm down.
- No, fuck you, Steve!
Fuck all of you!
Where are you going?
I'm walking home.
For thou who puts the hopeless
soul too soon unto the underworld,
cast your eyes once at this sign.
Your teeth and bones,
they shall be mine.
For thou who sleeps
in stone and clay...
...heed this call!
Rise and obey!
Pass again through the mortal
Come to thou and walk once more.
Give me that old time
It's good enough for me.
Well, it was good for Paul and
It was good for Paul and
It's good enough for me.
Give me that old time
Give me that old time
It's good enough for me.
Dispatch to Sheriff Bramford.
Yeah, Marcy, go ahead.
Sam, Mrs.
Hoffstat called twice since you left.
Copy that, dispatch,
I'm driving down lovely Ms. Hoffstat's road
as we speak, and I do not see
a single case of lewd conduct.
Not a one.
We certainly
appreciate your bravery,
big, strong Sheriff Bramford.
You know what, Marcy, I like it
when you get jealous like this,
but let's face it, there's--
I just saw your sneaky ass.
Now show yourself.
Sam, do you copy?
Yeah, I'm here, go ahead.
Thank God.
You know I hate it when you do that.
I'm sorry, Marcy, everything's
I wouldn't get ahead of yourself there, Sam.
You need to get down here right away.
We have a situation.
Okay, on my way.
Sheriff Bramford,
Miss Sapirstein has something she
would like to talk to you about.
Hey, Carol. What's wrong?
Is it Mike?
Go ahead, honey.
Tell him what you told me.
No. I mean, not really.
Look, I don't know what I'm
doing here,
I just didn't know who else to go,
and my dad's out of town...
It's fine. Just breathe,
and tell me what's going on.
A few of us went to the carnival
last night.
They didn't mean for things
to get so crazy.
They were just messing around.
Did someone get hurt?
That kid, Jacob Atkins.
They play some stupid prank
on him every year,
and, last night, he hit Mike
and they all attacked him.
I should have told
someone sooner.
I just didn't know what
to do.
I was just scared.
And then Bobby called me
last night, and...
That's fine.
What did Bobby say?
He said he thinks
they might have killed him.
Well, first off, nobody reported
anything about this.
And I can assure you,
I'd be the first person to know
if there was a murder in town.
That's true.
Now, what the boys did,
on the other hand,
that was completely out of line.
I'll be having a talk with Mike
right away.
No, you can't tell them
I was here.
This is so stupid.
I should go.
Hey, I won't tell anybody
you were here.
Now, get on home
and get some rest.
Guess I'm going to the carnival.
Well, have fun.
Yeah, yeah.
Good morning, Sir,
I'm Sheriff Sam Bramford,
Grove Hill Police Department.
Do you have a minute?
No, not really.
Well, I'd like to talk to you
about an incident
that happened here last night.
Oh, you mean, my employee
getting his brains kicked in.
Jacob works for you?
Look, Sam, was it?
As much as I appreciate you
coming down here
to deliver justice to
your local hoodrats,
you're a little late.
Jacob took one hell of a beating,
but he's just fine.
I see.
Okay, well, thanks for your
that's what I love about you guys.
You see, I take this show
all over the country,
and over the years, I learned
two things about cops:
they never prevent the bad things from happening,
they just show up
after the crime's done,
like glorified garbage men
with a badge.
Is that a fact?
And what's the second thing?
I don't fucking trust any of
Ya'all have a nice day.
What did you do?
Sam to dispatch.
Dispatch, go ahead.
Yeah, Marcy, I'm just leaving
the fairgrounds now.
I just talked to the guy that
runs the carnival down here,
and he confirmed Miss Sapirstein's
story about the boys
pounding on that Jacob kid.
But he also informed me
Jacob's alive and well,
just beat up pretty bad.
And, get this...
...apparently, he's got Jacob
working for him.
That seems a little weird.
My thoughts exactly.
So I'm going to head on over,
and I'm going to pay Jacob a
see if I can't get his side
of the story.
Something doesn't feel right
about any of this.
Copy that, Sam.
It's Sheriff Bramford.
Hey, Jacob, are you home?
I just want to speak to you
for a minute, buddy.
I know what you did.
You're a dumbass.
You almost gave me a heart
What, I was just trying to scare
you out of those little shorts.
Fat chance of that ever happening
if you pull something like that again.
I was just having a little fun.
What are you so wound up about?
Wound up? Why am I so--
Do you remember what I watched
you do last night?
Look, Carol, I'm sorry, okay?
But Jacob's fine.
Mike's dad went down
and checked it out himself.
What do you mean?
Did they call the cops?
I don't know. Look, I'm sorry.
Just come over here and kiss me.
Well, don't do anything
like that again.
I won't.
You're so goddamn cute
when you're scared.
I'll pick you up after work.
Order for Carol.
Hey, Carol.
Mike, you scared me.
You know I really didn't
appreciate the way you treated me
on the phone earlier.
That was you?
Very funny.
You know,
I actually wanted to tell you
I had an interesting talk
with my dad this morning.
Come on, Carol.
I know you ratted us out
for what happened last night.
But why?
I thought you were cooler than
I don't know what you're
talking about, Mike.
But I have to go.
What are you doing?
I know you ran your mouth because you're a scared,
little bitch,
and you care about that big,
retarded fuck for some reason.
But the idiot is alive and well,
which means no one had to say
a damn thing.
So why don't you do us all a
and just keep your fucking mouth shut from now on?
Can I help you, man?
Hey, buddy.
Hey, you're late, asshole.
Yeah, look, man.
Your boy Gus here
had a really wild night, okay?
Type of stuff you couldn't
even dream about.
Oh, yeah?
What the hell happened, brother?
Tell me about it.
Let me put it to you this way:
there was a lot of asses last
Some of them got kicked,
and some of them got sticked.
You picking up what I'm laying
you're the coolest, brother, you know that?
Hello, Grove Hill,
this is your favorite radio host,
Max "The Wax Man" Taylor.
And I am coming to you live from the
spooktacular Halloween carnival
at the Grove Hill fairgrounds.
Now, people,
this place needs to be seen to be believed.
They've got freaks,
they've got treats, they've got fun,
they've got games for everyone.
So bring your sister,
bring your mother, bring your dog,
but you better hurry,
because this freak show is packing up,
and leaving town after tomorrow
So don't you dare miss it.
I had a dream last night,
That filled me full of fright,

I dreamt that I was
with the Devil, below,
In his great big fiery hall,
Where the Devil was giving a
I checked my coat and hat
and started gazing at
Gus. It's me, Shirley.
Can you open up?
Well, hello, Shirley.
What could big Gus do for you?
I heard about what you did last night,
and I just...
...well, I've never met a man
like you before.
I want you to do everything
you want to me.
I caught a glimpse
of my mother-in-law
Dancing with the Devil,
Oh! The little Devil,
Dancing at the Devil's Ball.
I swear to God.
I can't get five fucking minutes
in this place.
It wasn't long before I
ordered a fan
And before the break of dawn
I put my overcoat in pawn
At the Devil's Ball.
Fuck is your problem, man?
All right, calm down,
calm down.
I was just...
Wait a second.
Yeah, I know you.
Shit, man, you're the guy
from last night.
Look, I didn't even know those
They needed a ride--
At the Devil's Ball.
...saw the cute Missus Devil,
so pretty and fat,
Dress'd in a beautiful
fireman's hat
Yeah, come in.
I said come in.
Jesus Christ.
What are you doing here?
I thought I said I'd pick you up
after work.
Just wanted to surprise you.
It's a great surprise.
What's up?
What's going on?
Mike cornered me
at Cooper's today.
He told me he thinks
I went to the cops.
Right before he threatened me.
Hey, Mike's all riled up
because his dad laid into him.
Don't worry about it.
I'm going to talk to him,
and it won't happen again.
Well, he's a prick and I hate
But what do you think about me?
Hey, did you guys hear
what happened?
I know this is unbelievably
difficult for you.
It's quite literally a shock
to all of us.
But we're going to get
to the bottom of it, son.
Hey, I need you to go down
to the station,
and give a report to Marcy.
Anything at all could help us catch whoever did this.
Can you do that for me?
It's going to be okay, son.
Is he going to be all right?
I don't see how he could be.
Conrad, I need you to take Chet down
to the station and file a report.
Probably not going to say much,
but I want you to get anything
you can out of him.
Yes, sir.
But I want you to get anything you can out of him.
Yes, sir.
Sheriff Bramford,
what's going on?
What are you doing here?
We heard Gus was killed.
If you two know something,
you need to tell me right now.
So Gus drives you out there,
turns up dead the next day.
I can see why you guys would be
freaked out,
but I'm telling you,
there's no connection.
Look, Gus was a bit of a bad
We don't know the kinds of things he was into.
So, what,
you just want us to go about
our lives like nothing happened?
Like it's just some weird
I want you to stop worrying,
because there's nothing
to worry about.
Come on, Carol.
I'll walk you guys out.
See, this is why you need to
carry a gun.
I don't know why you don't.
Because things like this don't happen in our town.
It's a fluke.
All right, Fox,
you and I will go to the
carnival and check things out.
Conrad, you're on patrol.
You'll know where we'll be if we
find out anything interesting.
Okay, let's roll.
So what kinds of things do you
think that Gus character was into
that would warrant that kind of
Who knows, Fox? Could be any,
old thing.
If I had to guess, I'd say
I just can't believe it.
I haven't seen anything like this in my entire life.
I mean, the time it would take
to do something like that--
- Fox, Fox, Fox!
- Who would even--
I don't know.
Holy shit.
And Mike's dad is certain it had nothing to do
with what happened last night?
Seemed pretty confident about
So what's the big emergency?
Gus was murdered, asshole.
Yeah, I know, Carol.
My dad's the sheriff, remember?
So what's that got to do with
Look, man, we're just kind of
freaked out.
Don't you think it's sort of
No, Bobby, I don't think it's
People are saying he had candy corn
shoved down his throat.
Isn't that a little
Jesus Christ.
I think we should consider the
fact that...
maybe this isn't a coincidence
at all.
Maybe it's something
Oh, really? Like what?
Like Jacob killed Gus and he's coming for all of us?
The guy can't even spell his own
and you think he's the fucking
Zodiac killer?
Look, man, maybe she's right,
maybe you're right.
We don't know.
But it's not going to hurt anything
if we're just a little bit more careful
And what do you think, Bobby?
I don't know, man, maybe--
That's right, you don't know.
None of you do.
So my suggestion is you all take
a fucking chill pill,
and forget about it.
Fuck Gus, and fuck Jacob.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe it's nothing.
Yeah, maybe.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, it'll be all right.
I swear to God, man, if you're--
Well, look who it is!
My old, pal, Sam.
What a treat!
And look! He brought a friend.
What can I do
for you fellas?
- We need to--
- No, wait--
Shrunken head.
No, no, no, no, that's not it,
is it?
Wait, how about a candlestick
made from a hangman's fat?
Where'd I put that, anyway?
- We need to speak with--
- No, wa-- Shh.
Why didn't I think of this
There's no doubt in my mind
you two gentlemen
came for one of these.
You know, they're normally
six dollars a piece.
But I want you each to have one
as a personal thank you.
A gift from me
for being so welcomed to your
vibrant little town.
Here, take it.
We need to speak with you
somewhere private.
Anything for you, Sam.
So you think I had something
to do with this?
Is that what you're getting at?
I'm not saying that. Not yet.
We're just trying to get
all the information we can.
I'm sure you can understand
No. I can't, actually.
Where is Jacob right now?
I'd like to talk to him.
I told you, I sent him home
to get some rest.
After the gang bang your boys
pulled on him...
It's funny you should say that.
I drove out to his place
after I left here this morning.
Wasn't there.
Well, I wouldn't get your
panties all in a bunch, Sam.
I'm sure you've been turned down
by better looking guys than Jacob.
I've about had it with your lip!
Is the sheriff in there?
What is it, Conrad?
Sheriff, there's been another
Don't look at me.
I've got a rock-solid alibi this
This is the--
This is the same exact...
Fox, go call the coroner.
How'd you find out about this?
The neighbors were out walking
their dog and heard screams.
They know what happened?
Good, let's keep it that way.
Meet me back at the station.
We've got some work to do.
Oh, Sam, there you are.
Is everything okay?
No, Marcy, it's not.
There's been another murder.
Bobby, one of Mike's friends.
Think I was wrong about
who killed Gus.
I need you to contact the local news and
tell them to put out an announcement.
No one's to be out after dark.
Okay, um...
Anyone caught on the street
after the sun goes down
will be arrested on the spot
and put in jail.
I want you posted up on 71.
No one under any circumstances
enters or leaves this town.
Fox, you stay here and you help Marcy.
I'll be back.
Yes, sir.
Everything's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
Oh, hello,
I was just doing an experiment.
I left the receiver
That's what I thought,
but I kept...
Mike, we need to talk.
...the maid had been bitten by a bat,
and she's afraid
it might be rabid.
What? Oh, all right.
Tell her I'll be right over there.
Look, son, I need you to be
crystal clear with me.
What the hell happened last
Jesus Christ, we've been over
You listen here.
I've about had it with you!
You're getting too goddamn old to
be pulling this kind of shit.
And this time I think
you went too far.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
It means I'm starting to think
that those characters
down at the carnival
are behind all this.
Behind all of what?
Behind what happened to Gus.
This is insane.
Look, I can't explain everything
to you right now.
I just need you to trust me on
I need you to stay put,
lock the doors,
don't even think about going out
until I get back.
We're putting the town on curfew
until i can figure out
what the hell is going on.
If you talk to your friends,
you tell them the same thing I'm telling you.
Call Marcy if you need
anything at all.
She'll patch you straight
through to me.
Andy, we're in
Wendel Hines came in
to pick up $350,000...
Don't answer that.
I'll be right back.
Hey, man, what's up,
I'm a little busy.
So what's that mean?
All right, it's still early,
maybe the curfew will be lifted,
and then we can have the party.
All right, man, well, call me
if anything changes.
Sorry, that was Mike.
Party's off.
Yes, I understand Mrs.
but that's all the information
I have right now.
- Everything good?
- Yes, sir.
Just stay put and wait
for the Sheriff's word.
Marcy, I know you're swimming in it right now,
but just keep with it.
We'll be back soon.
Where are we going?
We're going to Jacob's house.
Grove Hill Police
Yes, those are the orders.
Yes, yes, thank you.
Grove Hill Police Department.
You forget that I had you in
charge when you were a very sick man.
When you raved in
And I heard you talk
about a hidden room.
where else could you put a hidden room,
except in that mansion you built?
Jacob. It's the Sheriff, open up
Stand back.
Check upstairs.
My God.
Sheriff, I think
I found something!
What is it?
It's under the bed.
I'll be right back.
What's all the chatter about?
I said, what's all the chatter
People want to know what's going
When is this going to end?
I'm sorry, but you'll have to help me
better understand your question, Bishop Gate.
When is what going to end?
Tell them.
Excuse me?
I said, tell them!
Tell them the truth
about you, about Jacob.
You're not going to come out
on the right side of this.
Not this time.
You want to be a hero,
then tell them the truth.
At least let us die with
a spec of dignity.
Bishop Gate...
...I will never die.
Sit the fuck down.
Very funny, Steve.
I guess you don't want to see
what happens next.
Despite what gossip has made its
way through your trailers
over the last 24 hours,
I want you all to remember
one thing:
that there is a world
outside of this place,
and she is a mean, nasty,
evil bitch.
That wretched whore came in here
last night,
and she took one of our own.
What I've down the last few hours isn't wrong.
And it's not to be thought of
as shameful.
In fact, I'm proud.
You should all be proud.
Now, we know how this is going
to end.
The same way it's ended
too many times before.
So as this event comes to a
...I don't want you to feel
anything other than pride.
This town has created a witch
and they are coming for the
So, let's give them what they
came for.
Just trying to set the mood?
Steve! Steve! Steve!
Please, oh, please--
Jacob, Jacob!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not done yet.
Goddamn it!
We're almost there.
So, do you think Jacob
killed his mother?
I don't know, Fox.
I really don't think so.
I mean, she'd been dead a long
- Her body was all rot--
- I said I don't know, Fox!
Look, Fox,
I'm as terrified and confused
about all of this as you are.
I don't know what the hell's
going on,
but we're going to figure it out,
I can promise you that.
Goddamn it, what the hell is
This is Steve Benson's car.
He's probably in the theater
fooling around with his girlfriend.
Steve, are you in here, son?
I'll check in here.
You in here?
It doesn't seem to be doing anything to the plant.
And the second step is my Z-ray.
Steve! Carol!
Oh, Jesus Christ, no.
Mr. Davenport!
...the door unbolted,
the chain off, and you asleep on the job.
Mike, it's me,
is everything okay? Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine, why?
Listen to me, son.
There's something I need to tell you,
and I didn't know how.
Come on, Fox, let's
I'm taking you back
to the station.
Hey, Dr. Freakfuck!
Where are you,
you little cocksucker?
What... what the hell is going
We need fresh blood.
Well, we got company.
Jacob's not ready yet.
Have the others keep
our guest entertained.
We're going on a little trip.
I know you're here you little
piece of shit!
Show yourself!
Mike! Come on, son, let's go.
How'd you get in here?
Where's Mike?
Calm down, Sam.
No need to get excited
and hurt yourself.
You tell me where he is right
or I swear to God I'll end you
right where you sit.
Come on, Sam.
Where the hell is he?
All right, if that's how you
want it.
Goodbye, Sheriff Bramford.
Everybody's got to be a fucking
This is too much, Lester.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boils and ghouls!
Welcome to the grisliest show on earth.
- I am your host...
- I'm your host.
Dr. Death.
And I just need to know one thing from you...
Are you ready to...
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
You dumb motherfucker.
So, what, you're like
a summoner of spirits?
Something like that.
And these are real human teeth?
As real as real gets.
So that's it?
You just pried out some
asshole's teeth,
and made a necklace of them?
That's your thing?
Oh, no, no, no, no,
it's much more than that.
You see,
everything in my shop here has a story,
similar to the one
that necklace has.
I've been doing this a long
and this cruel world doesn't get
any nicer as time goes on.
So as long as those freaks
are out there,
holding people like us down,
I'll be right here...
...keeping the balance.