Candy Stripers (2006) Movie Script

You are listening to Radio KWUK
in beautiful Wucaipa.
Do you see bright lights in the sky?
You're not alone.
We get calls from across the region.
So if you see little green men,
then this is for you.
That's a good song.
-to Well.
Would Chris there?
-You Really should forget him.
I forgot him.
Yes, I see.
What is it ?.
-Jesus Christ.
I smell smoke.
My goodness.
That's Bobby & apos; s car.
I'm going.
No, wait. I'll be back.
Eris an accident.
O god, Sue.
I am.
Everyone is dead.
Start now.
What happened?
-There Is something there.
I do not understand.
-You Think I get it?
Start now.
Look what I have for you.
Thank you.
-No Thanks, though.
Is it better now ?.
I had promised candy anyway?
Day, Dr. Bradley.
-Day, Sweet.
My name is Janine.
I know.
-O Yes?
Do you know why I call you candy?
Because you say that to every girl?
No, because you've been a sugar grain
It's gone.
-I Wanted to do it for you.
Call for Dr. Bradley.
Why always at the wrong time?
Where's the other?
Examination Room C.
She's in shock.
Doctor, you must come.
Someone with respiratory arrest.
Note the monitors.
Warn me when they rise.
What? I do not understand.
Kiss me.
I'm dying. You have to kiss me.
Come on, guys.
I'd told you had to drive.
A captain should be with the boys.
Maarik'm your girlfriend.
I -Know.
Hi, Mom.
Matt, someone gave me this and...
No problem, though.
Who you talking to?
Hey, where are the bags?
Guys, come here a moment.
If they increase the pressure, I find...
Why should we adjust our strategy
? Which operates year all
Come here, boys.
We will have our hands full.
The Panthers are strong.
But we can get them.
There will be scouts
so do your best.
You do that so well.
I can again.
Why not the real thing?
And pregnant? I thought not.
First married.
This is not planned.
M & apos; n girls waiting.
My boys are waiting for you.
-What You are still coarse.
Then go to your girls.
I'm sorry. I promise it will be worth the wait
Okay, I gotta go.
Okay? I heard screams.
She's dead.
Come drink.
Your first?
Whatever they say, you never get used to it.
You do not understand.
-Of Course though.
I'm so scared.
Hold me, please.
I want you.
I do not even know you.
-You Want it too.
For this you become fired.
Only if they know.
Okay, but not here.
I know a place.
What is it, wimp? Want to go to your mom?
I know your mom very well.
Stumper, m & apos; s mother is dead.
Take that jerk.
Do not push away. Stand up.
-What That no offense?
Come on, it.
That was a violation.
-According To me.
What do you mean?
Stop. Hold on.
That was a violation.
Okay, we're going to put that leg.
Can you hear me?
We're not giving anesthesia
because of that bump on your head.
See you double?
That's a shame.
Does this even pain. We need him back
z & apos; n run place.
But you're so old self again,
is not it?
Almost. One more time?
-ready, Doctor.
Did you see that? Did you see her?
What are you a lamlul.
Not lamb... You know.
You miss everything.
There was a crazy girl along.
She stared at me.
A nurse's aide. My dream.
Looks like you who do need.
-She Was horny.
You make me awake for that?
Who sent that fruit?
-You Father.
He send me fruit?
Yes, he called... somewhere.
Waat is he?
-I Do not know. Bangkok, I believe.
Look who we found.
Annoying, man.
Your season is over.
And you?
-Hersenschudding. Moisture in m & apos; s brain.
Did not you already?
Do they try to that little breast yours
still in rags, sissy?
How you doing, baby?
-I'll Be fine.
You always do that.
I can not stay long.
I have m & apos; s hair done.
Sorry, but I do not look.
-So I have planned this wrong.
This is nothing more this year.
Goodbye, scholarship.
What are you common. Let him anyway.
She takes it for you.
Joey, your sister is a cute little tart.
I can stay.
No, you better.
So, what are you doing here ?.
Does ma you do not need?
No, okay?
Matt needs rest.
We should go.
Why do not you bring me back to
m & apos; s room? I take care of her.
What do you do?
-It Was an accident.
I'll find out if you need anything look.
We were looking for you all -Why
Time for the lower sheets.
It will be in Room C.
What is it?
I want to show you something.
Go ahead.
I fall if not girls.
-But We have on you.
Hello, open up.
Thank you, Dr. Dickson.
-We Were stuck here.
You saved our lives.
They need you on the second.
-I'll Be.
Until later.
We want to
not wake your roommate?
I dream, huh? This is a dream.
Hey, sweet...
What are you doing?
I was looking for you.
Yes, I see.
Come on. You're not jealous?
He's just a boy.
You are a man.
You're hot tonight, huh?
-You Have no idea.
Look one more time...
There's no one. -Allows
I do not care.
If I'm not mistaken, is here...
Save some for next time.
I do not know what you have with yourself
done, but I like it.
What do you do?
What are you trying to do?
I think you can go home today.
How about that?
I think...
Thank you.
Let's see if you can stand.
M & apos; s back.
I let someone come
for photo & apos; s making.
What could be wrong?
-I So strange dream.
I can not remember,
but it was weird.
I thought you had a sore back?
I think I'll stay a few days.
It's full of girls, look.
I'd like to, but I'm in
In m & apos; s dream I got a turn.
I believe it was a dream,
but it seemed so real.
Asshole. You get the nice
drugs and girls.
You were here tonight.
-Herinner You me?
Yes, I remember you.
You tried...
to take your temperature.
One of m & apos; s many talents.
And now needs a note to Rntgen.
I assume it's you.
I need kid gloves.
-And Danish pastries.
All on.
You will need to eat healthy,
This is no time to panic.
-When Then?
Ten killed in two days.
They are in isolation and examined.
Can not ebola be?
-We Do not know what she's infected.
We have centers for epidemic control
We need to keep them informed.
They said there is no reason to panic
Easily said.
And all those dead then?
Charlotte is right.
We do not want government interference.
They make a mess of it.
We handle this yourself, making sure
that the infection does not spread.
Back to work.
Hey, how are you?
Depressed. What a rotzomer.
Sorry, stupid question.
Where is m & apos; s brother ?.
He makes a wise nurse
that he is disabled.
Ironic, huh?
-About & Apos; n month you're back on your feet.
Too late for a transfer.
Do not go away.
-Thank You.
It's probably nothing, but there is here
something strange going on.
You mean it.
There is some virus
and the doctors turning.
And that nurses are scary.
Or am I imagining it?
No. They have some candy
Such girls do not gorge themselves
Not in public at least.
I get here the nerves.
We must leave here. What do you think?
I? I think the same.
I did the same.
That's sweet.
I felt a bit lonely.
Do you have your phone with you?
Krystal Can you call me?
Should I call Krystal for you?
Yes, tell them to take away me here.
Can not I better call your dad?
-Similar not me.
And nobody complains better than Krystal.
-That's True.
Well, I call her.
He told me to call you.
Do not start with me...
You can not call here.
-Tell Me about it.
The battery is exhausted.
I hit at least three
before they threw me in the stands.
That does not surprise me.
-O No?
No, you are strong and brave and...
your aftershave is delicious. Sweet.
That I do not have to.
-O No?
You have after is delicious.
Cut it out.
-What An old, say.
This is a small town.
Yet, she must be desperate
if she chooses you.
Look who's talking.
Do you?
Afraid that he finds out?
He ??already knows the
Did you tell him?
Of course not. It's too embarrassing.
My sister who pile on him?
You have no chance with Matt.
He has Krystal.
Why would he want you?
What does she have?
-I Told her the truth.
That's what you need too.
You're jealous, huh? Because they see me
sit and not you.
You can not have
Mr. basketball captain.
Seriously, Joey. Eris something wrong with her.
Are you m & apos; s dream yet?
Dream but do not touch. You do not get it this time but I
Careful, your wrist.
How did you... I did not hear you.
I -Liet scare you?
So & apos; s big strong basketball player.
It does not.
How's your back?
-Prima. Well... not so good.
Maybe you have a little
physiotherapy required.
Yes, I could use.
Wait, stay so down.
Otherwise they never believe me.
Beware of your back.
Joey, open your eyes.
What is going on here?
-He Was the case when I came.
The bell is only for emergencies.
Go back to bed.
Nothing to worry about.
-Not Everything is a joke.
What do you do?
-I Try...
Are you okay?
-What Are you a dick.
You have the best sex eight
I have never had ruined.
That chick was not human.
Pull your shirt up.
She did.
It is rash. Of frustration,
because it has become nothing.
I have saved your life. Thank me.
-What ?.
Because he bothered me when I went to the net
do with a hot nurse.
Really, man. Take a look.
Do you have to m & apos; n sat phone?
-Keep Your head, Joey.
You going home?
Yes, m & apos; s parents come. Fortunately.
It is there weird, man.
Tell that seducer but.
What did you have?
-Die Long.
Huge tits, great ass.
-What Are you doing?
You should be in traction.
-Not More.
You do not help me.
Where are you going?
-The Hall.
Tof. If you think it's good, Captain.
Yes, I want to leave here.
What did I tell you? It's crazy here.
This is strange.
Where is everyone?
-Good Question.
Hey, come here.
Joey, faster.
Wait, asshole.
Brian, help him.
Let us through.
Yesterday we had enough glucose.
-Allow Then what is to come.
It seems safe.
-Why Do not they followed us
They know where we are. They wait.
-How Do you know?
I know nothing, I feel it.
Come on, guys.
It seems another hospital.
-They Do not sit on this floor.
Why not?
-They Have no business here.
What is that? -Don't Touch
. It is from them.
Why them?
-That Girl. She did it.
First the rash and now the web.
It's stuck on me cases in the hall.
You have the infection.
-No One survives the infection.
Joey is nothing wrong.
-Only The web and rash.
They talk as if I'm not there.
Look, it is so off.
We get out of here.
Joey can go to the hospital later.
Me best.
Move down?
Until next time.
Let's take the stairs, but again.
-M & Apos; s parents pick me up... for now.
No one should look like.
-What Now?
Stay calm, sir.
You can not leave.
-You Can not hold us.
I can do that.
There is an unknown virus outbreak.
It is not yet succeeded
to prevent new infections.
Now we are in quarantine.
Nobody is allowed in or out, only
people under 12 and over 65.
The virus seems to save them.
I'm sorry, I have to handle this.
Sorry, no one should look like.
Hands up.
Did you see that?
Close the door.
The basement, a floor should be there.
-Always The boss, huh?
Do you hesitate upwards.
-Keep On, you guys.
We need to stick together.
You do not want to go there, man.
-Believe But us.
This elevator goes up.
-Serieus, Man. Put him quiet.
Yes, on the third floor.
What are you wearing?
-Pull Sweets.
Joey, stop it.
Quiet, Joey.
Come on, sweetheart.
You're not afraid of me?
No, leave him alone.
Hey, that is not just.
-Who Of you stop me?
Men can be so heartless.
-Give It to me.
What are you doing here ?.
Your buddy told me to come.
What is going on here?
There are here seem to be everywhere.
It runs completely out of hand.
This is not just a hospital morgue
I have to practice this afternoon, and I'm stuck here
. I can not even call.
What do you have on your face?
It's filthy.
There must be a back door or a freight entrance are. Walk through.
Stay away from m & apos; n her.
Did you, Brian?
Yes, walking. It's heavy.
Let's go back.
There's no turning back.
Why not just tell them
we're here? Hush now.
They are still alive. They live.
-I Have to puke.
We have to help them.
-We Can not do anything.
How do you know?
You know more here.
You're one of them, huh?
He brings us to them.
We leave no one behind.
How can you think that?
He ??is your best friend.
That was before he was infected.
Okay, he can stay.
What is it, man? -I Can not...
It seems... -We do not wait forever. Tell me.
What do you do?
-It Seemed they...
Create something in the world.
-What Then?
What do you think?
Oh, my god.
We need along.
-We Never make it.
Well if we go one by one.
I go first.
No way, you're in a wheelchair.
I go first.
What do you do?
-What Do you think?
Forward, Cherie.
-No. Forward, Krystal. I push Matt.
I push Matt.
Ready ?.
This way.
Hi, doc. I do not interrupting
-No Though. What can I do? Voorje
I've missed you.
Do you have a new hairstyle?
You smile... -No.
You look different.
-I Also feel different.
What is going on here?
We still had agreed on anything?
Sally helps me with m & apos; s administration.
-I Have first found him.
He's mine, you know.
-Keep Well on...
There's plenty for both of you.
Come to daddy.
Relax, stud.
I'll be back.
Everything good?
Matt, it was Stella?
Now it's enough.
I'll walk.
-Not Doing, the doctor said...
We need to barricade the door.
I believe they're gone.
-They Come back.
Shoot well on.
This is all your fault.
I do not feel good.
We solve it, okay?
Joey, what do you think?
-Ask You think of him? Amazing.
It's too late. If they once you have
, let not them go.
Listen, Joey. It's not too late.
We're out of here.
We take care of you, you know that?
Of course, I know that.
There is an exit in the southwest corner
. They have not yet.
They have nothing to look for.
Okay, let's go.
What was that?
See it.
Do not be ridiculous.
I no longer flight. I send those crazy bitches
back to where they belong.
Brian, seriously...
Shut up.
Come on, Brian.
What you see, man?
There's nothing.
What do you do?
They also give me some.
They will do me anything.
Eris more than enough.
-Keep On.
It is sugar for the baby & apos; s.
-Baby & Apos; s?
My god, it's the maternity ward.
O Jesus, we have to leave here.
Not yet.
-Hoezo Not yet?
What are you looking for?
To Latvian deadly.
You go baby & apos; s still not murder?
-What Do you think?
-Then They are only pissed.
Insert the careening fire.
This you can not do.
-Have You matches?
I do not smoke.
-Krystal, Your lighter. Specify.
I told you he was one of them?
What do we do now?
We must go.
What are you?
Do not take your injection?
-What Injection?
I can & apos; s not find insulin.
That does not sound good.
How hard do they need it?
Very hard.
-I Save me, okay?
Cherie and I take the next room,
you take.
What now ?.
-The'm Sorry, okay?
I know I'm useless.
And you're wrong...
Do you have to see me,
I can be a bigger loser?
I'm just scared.
-to Well, Krys. It'll be fine.
Do you really?
Excuse me, I wanted to
you do not disturb.
It's dangerous here
but take your time.
She's right. Cherie...
-Let me alone.
I am ready.
You know.
Yes, here and now.
And Joey and Cherie then?
-Can I do not care.
We are alone and all that red light
turns me on.
You wanted to keep your virginity for marriage
Maarwe all die.
I do not want to die a virgin.
What do you do?
-Stay Away from me.
My god.
Do you really think that I as & apos; n'm nasty alien?
The you found?
I have to go upstairs.
No, I go.
You can not stand on your feet.
Look at us now.
What misery.
I'm fine. And Matt and Krystal?
-Die Are busy with something else.
Rot for you.
-Displays Not, I'm already over it.
Is completely over.
Krystal is so & apos; n bitch.
Who her will, must be crazy.
Jesus, Joey...
You should now really are not alone.
-I Still say it is?
I'm going upstairs, okay?
That looks terrible.
I can do it better cushion.
Why are you being so difficult?
It's just a kiss.
Do not Either you're never kissed.
My god. This is your first kiss, huh?
Do not worry, I'll do it gently.
Sorry. Admit that it's weird.
-I Have nothing to admit.
Bag. I can not believe you rejects me.
When this is all over...
That you had dreamed.
Are you okay?
Look, she's totally hot.
She must be an alien.
She has brought them.
Here, you make useful.
Let's go. Where did you say, Joey?
-The Southwest corner.
No, we wait here
until someone comes looking for us.
Someone? With a long green tongue?
It's not just about us.
Now we know how to kill, they must
we do. It is our duty.
Are you a boy scout or something?
Should they infect the whole city?
The whole planet?
How many we kill,
there can be more.
If other men come in the top
hospital, it's over.
What do you mean?
-We Can not a few deaths there.
They must all die.
Let's go.
Here, take some insulin.
Look at that.
What is it?
-An Air injector. Go off on contact.
It is not loaded.
Where did you learn that?
-Cable TV.
Okay, I'll take the first floor,
you two and three. And Joey...
I'm staying here.
-We Do not leave you alone.
Someone should monitor the basement.
Those things should not come back here.
Joey is right.
-Find Not you... He's one of them.
Fuck you, you.
I'm going upstairs.
Take the stairs. They were expecting us.
Go along with Krystal.
-Definitely Know?
We were looking for you
I have a small alien voorje.
I, Matt.
-How Do I know you're not infected?
Shoot me.
Where is Krystal?
I do not know.
Joey is dead.
Only you and I are left.
Hi. I'm not dead yet.
Should we stuck together
for you trust me?
Go on, shoot.
We must leave.
Is that wise?
I came down with no problem
Matt, help me.
I'm stronger than you.
I do not agree but Krystal.
-Schiet That muff death.
Yes, shoot.
Thanks, I needed.
She was Krystal anymore, okay?
We have insulin.
We can not do this alone.
There are too many. The building must destroy
We need to find the boiler.
We're trapped.
It's our only chance.
This is going to hurt.
-Yes. And you?
Do you know where the boiler is?
Yes, I saw him when I was looking for insulin.
This is used as a fuse.
Walk through, I'll get you in.
They're coming.
-Of Course. Keep moving.
Go on, I'll do it.
No, I.
No, you can not run. I have.
That's teamwork, remember?
I see you in the southwest corner,
such Joey said.
These are exclusive images that were made today...
when Wucaipa Hospital
Bea Rodriguez is on the spot.
What can you tell us?
Thank you, Ann.
Rescue teams search the rubble...
while family members are collected in a local school
There is a continuous search for survivors.
Eris little hope and the death toll is now at 119.
We have found one.
Calm down.
I thought we were dead.
Here is another one.
Relax, it's all good.
I want m & apos; s mom.
-We Find her, sweetheart.
Mommy... -What did you say?
Kiss Me, Mommy.
Kiss me.
Insert your head up for a close-up.
And back down.
Up for a close-up.
Relax, stud.
I'll be back.
Close the door.
Can close the door?
That hurts.
You're not afraid of me?
Leave him alone.
Hey, that is not just.