Cannibal Diner (2012) Movie Script

"Hey, hey, hey... this is Mele and Jill
doing their favorite work, their calling."
Girls, this suits you much
better than the catwalk.
Maybe you should start advertising
for camping requirements.
Come on, give me a smile...
This is awesome weather, isn't it?
We should have picked up some guys... Now
we have to carry all that shit on our own.
Dahlia, would you put down the camera
and start helping us?
You are used to cameras and again,
don't cry if you have to work
hard for once in your lifetime.
Stop it. You don't know
what real work is like.
Well, we are finally done. What shall we do
until the others arrive?
Where is the wine?
Where are the snacks?
I'm getting hungry...
Dahlia, stop eating so
much. Your ass won't fit in...
Hey, hey, let's start the party!
Not on me, not on the camera!
Ah okay, that's what it looks like.
All right, girls.
Do you want some, too?
What was that?
That was the answer to good shit.
I don't hear anything.
There is something.
Where is it?
They are standing in
the bushes and staring.
Come out, you stupid fuckers!
This is a private party here!
Mele? Mele, come on, let's leave.
I don't see anything.
Wanna see tits? I will get you some!
Mele, come on, you don't
know who is out there.
Get out you fucking bastards!
Damn, the engine died again.
Great! And now?
Let's take out the bags.
Get me the wrench.
- This one?
- One moment.
Hey sweety.
Hey, how is it going?
We've had a little break-down, but we
will arrive on time. What's up with you?
I have finished the model
job now. It was awesome.
I need to tell you about that soon.
I'm dressing myself up and then
I will meet you guys later.
Not this one, the other one! I don't think
your little sister will become a mechanic.
Hey, abandonment to her.
Could you get her the phone for a second?
Happy birthday sweety!
Did you get the present?
Yes. It is very nice. I really like it.
I'm sorry that I couldn't
be there yesterday.
But we'll make it up today, okay?
Oh, that's going to be awesome. Cool.
And Celine? Do not put up with everything
Tanja says, okay?
No, I won't do that.
Great. See you later.
- Bye. - Okay, we are finished now.
Come on and pack the stuff up.
Come on, pick it up.
Hey Celine, it's me. I have a problem.
I lost my way and I am
in the middle of nowhere.
Could you tell Tanja to call me back?
Okay thanks, see you.
Excuse me?
Excuse me, can you help me?
I lost my way and I have no idea where I am.
Can you help me?
You city slickers... you are too
stupid to read a simple map.
Can you help me or not?
Yes, sure.
Well, I have no idea where you are
planning to go to, but you are wrong here.
Damn! And now?
Listen, okay? You turn around and
drive back to the crossroads, okay?
And there you turn right and then
keep driving straight ahead.
You will get to a restricted area
where you just drive through.
Restricted area?
Got it? Just drive through
the restricted area.
What are you talking about?
The factories. They contaminated
everything over the years.
But there was one factory... one...
where they had accidents with
chemicals and stuff all the time.
Some say, that the employees went nuts because
of vapors and killed themselves in the end.
And such a sweet little thing like you
should drive through that place quickly.
So you guys should take a deep
breath when you pass through.
What guys?
You and your friend in that car?
Fuck! Asshole!
So here we are.
And this is the location?
Sure, you can see the girls 'tents over there.
Come on, we will get the bags later.
Come on!
Girls! Where are you?
Are you sure this is the right place?
Of course. These are their tents.
Damn sure, they were here.
Well, I don't see any one here.
It's ringing.
It's Mele's cell phone.
Why did she leave it here?
Is someone here?
I call Kati.
Kati? Hello?
What happened?
I don't know.
- Damn.
- Come on, there is something wrong.
Look, the map over there.
That is Kati's map.
- Really?
- Yes, she must have been here before.
Come on, let's have a look.
- But why would she go in the woods alone?
- I have no clue. Let's check it out.
Kati, where are you?
What's that?
That can't be true. Why
is everything locked?
Fuck it!
I'm tired.
Listen, we've been walking around for hours
and I don't think she's here.
Well, I think she's here somewhere.
It would be the best if we
split up to find her quicker.
We can't split up! Hello, it's just
like in all those scary movies...
something will happen.
Don't be such a coward, you're an adult!
You go this way, I go that way and in
five minutes we meet up again right here.
You can call me if something happens.
God damn forest!
Celine, is that you?
Kati? Where are you?
I'm not scared... Shit!
I need to hurry up, I need to get away!
What's this?
What do you want?
Oh God!
Are you our new mommy?
You are our new mommy, aren't you?
No, I'm not your new mommy.
You are our new mommy, 'till
the next one arrives!
Let me go!
Hands off me, you bastard!
I've got something better for you.
I guess you have never seen a sexy girl like
me naked in front of your camera, right?
The show is over!
How do I turn this thing on?
...not! Damn!
Why is there no exit?
Where is the exit?