Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) Movie Script

We lost it.
We do not, look!
- Yes?
I think it is better to go back.
- But ...
Wait a minute.
I hear net, zvui as ... women?
We go from here.
- No, do not be a
coward, examine.
Look at them, are beautiful.
Are not the most beautiful, most challenging
sensual women, who have ever seen?
We go from here.
- Are you crazy?
Look at them only.
Are dangerous.
- Do not look to me dangerous.
... They look lonely.
Well, I go from here.
- And I'm going to
introduce myself.
Soup, ladies!
about girls
The Turks did not hand his hand?
Throughout history, dominant
pole is exploited weaker.
As the Chinese tied feet of young girls, to
dismantle them in order of submission.
So are the Amazons broke legs
mukih to them uinile poslunim
Is it possible to Muki
and female co-exist?
This will be the theme for
the next treatment as.
Dr Hunt, I really liked your ass.
- Thank you Bani,
moe call me Margo.
- So I like that I
thought I go with,
domainstva in feminist studies, but I was not sure
if you have cooking lessons for feminists?
I do not believe that we have,
an interesting idea.
... Just tell the girls while in nursing.
- Bani, I think you still
need a few lessons,
from feminism, rather than
decide to retrain ...
But Dr.
Hunt, for sure I want to fight for
women's rights, oseam in heels ...
Moe be due to tight beyond our grasp.
- Margo.
Dean Stockwell.
- Margo these people from the government
would quite like to.
This was Ford Maddox from the Ministry
of Agriculture, and Colonel Metel,
National Commission for Trade avocado.
- Trade avocado?
Gospoice Hunt, this is a matter of
dravnom level, we need to talk.
Dr. Hunt, 98% of avocados produced
in the U.S. comes from California.
The largest part comes from the landscape
of jungle, Bakersfield to Mexico border.
The so-called. ,, Avocado belt''.
- I am aware of that,
but what has me?
Dr. Hunt, I do not understand the point, the avocado
is of national importance for the country.
The communists already controlling Nicaragua, Guatemala
and San Salvador, are devastating revolution.
California is our only supplies avocado
from throughout the world.
On the way we have to a large
avocado conflict with USSSR.
The Kremlin, Gorbaov
just rubbish.
I still do not see what
this has to do with me?
The doctor did you ever sworn in on position?
- Pukovnie, I assume the ...
As I said, the biggest part
of the avocado in the USA,
comes from the avocado belt, but they are
harvested only on a hillside jungle.
Because as we all well know, the territory
was completely wild and neistraena.
Everyone surprising avocado
jungle, never to return.
This is a very good
question bani.
Perhaps to Dr.
Hunt wants to answer?
It's just a legend really ...
- Ubeeni have the right ...
,,''Piranha women.
- Women piranhas? Who are they?
They are antique
feminist commune.
So radical, so militant, so depressed, they eat ...
(fuck) your mukarce.
And so, I met almost a character ...
- No, I eat 'people by Bani.
Vie like, black widow ', bangs with
mukarcem, and then kill him.
Chopped them thinly and
eaten with ginger.
Or at least so the legend kae ...
- I vie of legends
but the great ag
icultural problem.
Earlier it was safe for workers to collect
up to 20 km inside the jungle hillside.
But lately it satire women piranhas, no
one is safe inside, avocado belt '.
If this is a problem, why not uploading
troops to calm down.
Pukovnie Metellus?
- We try, we have sent three
divisions the best people.
- Were wiped out.
Not fought fair, our people
are trained for modern war.
A woman piranhas are used Noev and
spears, people were confused.
We found this on a
jungle hillside.
- See Blie, are covered,
Gvakamole zaino '.
Now do you get it the doctor?
Your sister in the jungle
to eat,''muketinu.
Controlling the pukovnie.
Sluajte, usually rely on
the military reenje.
But frankly USA army had
sree dzunglakom war.
So I am forced to negotiate with the
piranha women, and there you're off.
We want to go into the jungle and
try to reason this,''mukojede.
I can not do that mr. Madoks.
- Just want to be, women piranhas'
shift from an avocado jungle.
The Con Malibu.
Deluxe counting.
Pool, sauna, parking,
total luxury.
Even we in the triangular dravnom
can adjust vebaonicu,
that they can continue with their
bizarre sacrificial rituals.
To make a long afford, we do not
care to eat their mukarce.
This is a problem mukaraca
We just want avocado.
Sorry but the answer
is still always no.
Instead it is Drita together, Kaite us the real
reason why you do not go into the jungle?
USA want to be poniena of
communist avocado prices?
Would probably wished me now to eat right?
- Dr. Hunt does not eat garbage.
Dr. Hunt is a feminist potovana
I'm sure will be srena to cooperate, especially when you consider
how much the university depends on the Ministry of Defence.
Because of its space weapons.
And if gospoica Hunt, Dr. Hunt,
still does not see the
logic to help us?
Well, I'm sure it is Dean Stockwell
explained, is not the deans?
No, Wait a minute.
New tolerate any tactics.
The university is a bastion of intellectual freedom,
and I want to Protecting that freedom.
New tolerate my professors to be pushed
into any such against their will.
No matter how much political pressure
to have to suffer personally.
Margo, uinie exactly as you said, or to write
off all Moes financing, understand?
Here's the real question, whether the
project is worth nae institution?
What Kaes Margo?
- Then I go into the jungle ...
Great, nice to see you there.
- Thank you for your
assistance deans.
Mr. Madoks, net I
do not speak ...
So do you think?
Do not expect me to believe that I was the first feminist,
they send to negotiate with the piranha women?
What is actually happening in the jungle?
- I believe you are entitled
to the truth ...
2 years ago we sent a major feminist, Dr.
Dr. Kurtz?
Known international author of the book, Stupid
bezduni mukarci and smart women '?
Objanjava to its disappearance
from the talk shows.
What happened to her?
- We have no idea, fashion is
a fashion shot the prisoner.
But shortly after her expedition,
piranhas are women wild
Well, now that you know, you
probably refuse the offer?
Ba contrary, now I
know I have to go.
No Bani, not moe to go.
- Dr.
Hunt, therefore I
can not with you?
Bani case, no one ever returned
from the avocado jungle.
Bie myriad dangers on the road.
Can not lead Starters in the wild.
There is no experience
or ability.
In addition you spinning or general preparation,
so I'm sorry but isuvie is dangerous.
Bani duo, what is beauty?
- Ao aki.
Super guys in, Delta Y ', making
super urku on Friday night.
You're not busy?
- Well, I wanted to do but net,
it appears that neu.
- Odlin, this will be that
urka and unlimited drink.
A special girls like to you?
Rule, wet T-shirt 'takmienje.
- But all my shirts are dry?
Witty you are, do not worry, guys from
the fraternity is to take care of you.
Have you ever wrestled
with him in the mud?
Go with me ...
Bie safer in the jungle!
Patria whether the things
I came naruila?
No, the waiting already 2 weeks.
It does not matter.
I go to court, so we will
need some supplies.
3 ljepe for Muic, 10 bags enema, seksofon,
and Mitar Miri on tape.
Maeta, first aid, rope,
gun and sheath.
1000 rounds of ammunition.
- Full armor or obloen Teflon?
Which you recommended,
for suoavanje in nerpijateljski raspoloenoj jungle?
- It is recommended,
Zepter 'steel,
also have pojaanu and defensive
and offensive readiness.
Oh Bani, you could net more convenient footwear?
We're going to
eistraenu jungle.
I took a Jadranka (Papua),
in his case.
It does not matter, I borrowed
a net from his clothes.
I took a nice accessory for
ruavanje when we ate.
Because women piranhas eat their mukarce?
Well, primitive culture
frequently used methods to prevaziene
Rail within the tribal conflicts.
Women piranhas are probably realized that the problems that
arise, inter mukaraca and women, is best ree ritual murder.
Do many feminists with mukarcima viaje?
- No Bani!
At least not many.
Must understand that
women piranha,
primitive radical
postobojina women.
Many feminists, like me, Dr.
Kurtz, I believe in equality rather
than dominance of equality.
And there are not many modern feminists
upranjavaju cannibalism.
At least not from the 60's.
San Bernardino, waste of civilization,
at the beginning of the avocado belt.
Otiiemo there to naem a plaenika,
to carry us through the jungle.
I've never been before
in San Bernardino.
Do not worry, Bani, Biu OK.
Hey drunk, you Piem barrel?
- No thanks.
When I offer a chicken pie, I expect ...
- I'm not a chicken.
I am ethno historian with a doctorate in anthropology, that clear?
- To the doctor.
I understand that you kompulsivan
to verbal vreanju women.
Because you're constantly izloen violent
and sexual images through the media.
Therefore, neu prosviro you pumpkin.
- Thanks.
I am the department feministikih istraivanja
the Sokobanja University.
I want to hire plaenika
a very dangerous job.
I am a white middle bivi
crazy Vietnam veteran
and I work who is black,
who maximum bid.
Can ruim, crime, and Popal
drove jednokrilnih closet
And s'jednu hand.
What I'm Knight, majkin ninja.
I wash my own already, I am
the master of his socks.
And if you need someone
to popegla already?
I work on Saturdays.
Huj huj HA HA
I am the grandson of Zorro!
Champion rope skipping
And picking corn!
I do not need someone
to clean and wash,
because you never wear GAME!
Epilating breasts!
Without wax!
Dry with a depilatory?
Watch out now!
So? What's the deal?
Hoet to burn a small town?
To break the impenetrable tvravu?
- To trample the enemy army?
I need someone to take me to the avocado jungle.
- Avocado jungle?
I want to make contact with
the piranha women.
Piran women?
Sorry, we zakoree lunch, eat 10
small blacks, healthy tea.
I'm busy, I have to go to
school in Leskovac, ao.
I'm a little left out, I need some creatine,
I'm going to sipam drugs in cocaine ...
Let that be a lesson Bani, a bunch
of oxen and all the tits in dui.
Moe iivljavaju to the less fortunate,
but one thing it kills the concept,
and this is a strong woman.
- Not so fast Dr. Margo Hunt.
Gospoica ethnic istoriarka.
Jo has a real mukaraca
in this world
Despite the fact that I was castrated
years of feminist propaganda,
that corrupt school system,
and daily television.
People who believe that nature created
women to cook, raise children,
and pose for Penthouse magazine.
- Real mukarci its role
in the world can see,
in the sense of loving, protecting, and not
ashamed to add, is dominated by women!
Iiuu avocado jungle with you.
Takes you to the women piranhas
I muko enough to suoim the dangers
that lurk in the dark jungle
No plaim the piranha women,
as it is not even plaim
ethno istoriarke that plai own
weakness and yearning for love,
napustivi their feminism in a bizarre
Aradi scholarship and science.
Jim, what you doing here?
- Do you Dr. Hunt?
Of course I know Bani, Dr.
Hunt and I are old friends.
Well ...
- We were in love again,
Oajno passionately in love.
But that was long ago
is not it, Margo?
At a time when your mind was poisoned bizarre
feminist beliefs about beznaajnosti love?
Then you were most passionate
woman I've ever met.
You turned my world upside down, we
share thoughts and some feeling,
We had plans, big plans!
Plans to spend our lives together.
And then me utnula,
because it did not fit the feminist blunders,
where these zaluedli your professors.
It was kres for larger!
I was half-drunk
I have gone a good immediately after sesko,
not even three words exchanged,
a larger whole of you called
me, Mica iparica '.
Ha! Watch out that you do not count words Dr.
Hunt, it does not understand is,
some feeling that some are
not expressible words,
Some moments last veno,
You broke my heart, and after that I started
to drink and since then I have not stopped.
She went the next day you're in Hawaii
with that dronfuljom the cafeteria.
Yes, but I arranged
a week earlier,
and then when I doao from Hawaii, I crawled
into flau since then do not take off.
Let's Bani.
- Wait!
You need water, I'm the best.
I changed my mind, going
without water.
Brown cap, it will not even 10 minutes
izdrati in the jungle without me.
I can take care of themselves.
- Not in the Avocado
Jungle Book.
Do you know weeds for a snake bite?
Do you know the way around,
the White Water of death '?
Do you know the way to the secret labyrinths
peine, below the cliff, Veal '?
Well, no, I do not know.
And you?
I do not know, but I
have this handbook.
Buy your own handbook.
- Interpreted?
You like water? How?
Is not it nice?
Treat me like Igol,
After all, we ...
- How?
$ 25,000
- not moe.
50 dinars?
- Moe.
Bie 50, plus the expenses of.
Jim, I do not care what happened
earlier, it is past.
I hired you as a
guide, and means
that the relationship strictly
Whatever Kaes eerlemo.
Get out!
- OK, you're right,
I slipped, bie strictly
I believe that sleeping in the
same vrei tends to happen?
This is, avocado jungle.
Does not look like a jungle ...
This area is not quite ingrown,
but it becomes gue that moves.
Had to leave the jeep
here, and keep piece.
Drita the girls of my back, I would
not have someone to stumble.
Are you okay?
- Yes, I was just ...
checking the tires.
Check the oil later.
Fucked up are my nails.
Here she is, avocado jungle.
Look around Bani.
Before us the lush, unspoiled theater of
the mind, the last remaining primates.
And behind us, shit contaminated
Western civilization.
Way of the world dominated by mukaraca, and
we are entering a world dominated by women.
What trtlja?
For several days there to hook
the gourmet burger ...
You just hook the shit that mukarci related
stuff, but let's be realistic,
who else could have invented, the
flag 101 ', or any model, Fie'?
What are you, women invented?
Beer and pasta, all are
invented mukarci.
That, s hard to imagine that female invent nuclear power plant.
- Exactly.
And where would be without them?
- And Nazz blitzkrieg
seems sick idea
Not to mention the Holocaust and what about the First
World War, Krstaki wars, the Inquisition ...
Elvis Presley.
- Janis Joplin
Theme Baker
- Jim Baker, Jerry Falou,
Jimmy Sveger
Bora Drljaa, Dragan What Keba
Joan Rivers.
- Joan Rivers?
I love Joan Rivers, I think the shift.
- E I do not think
the dismissal.
Jim, what's he doing?
- Crimea time not zaginam.
The track is the same, only
the coils with my branch.
Poto I took maetu, it would
damage not to use it.
Good training when you become a dense jungle, Zaman
couple of times as long as up and running.
I think you're really handy with maetom.
- Thanks, Bani.
Ajdete bilmez, we have to vie
preemo, before it gets dark.
We follow her voice.
- No, go to female muko,
so it is in the jungle.
Want some?
- Yes.
What is it?
- Pina Kolada.
Where's Bani?
-Bani, it was just ...
Good Pussy, have been lost?
Where's houses?
What he likes to eat?
Her cosmetics.
- Yes, and its Indiana
Jones lunch box.
Hey see all these things,
biscuits and okoladice.
I knew it was from us.
I found just a big hole.
- Where were you?
Known to be dangerous in the jungle.
- This is a stack of friends?
Have an idea where we are?
- Of course I know.
We are ... aaaa ...
- Let me see it!
Duo, duo, duo please!
I know that thinks he knows everything about everything,
but for reading maps, I am an expert.
OK, the best chance to naem women piranhas,
if we go near Velika Morava.
Because when you combine June and
the West, gets the uu, Morava.
Perhaps we may to make a
raft, and go downstream?
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
According to my preraunima,
Star severnjaa in the north, the
moon is raising to the east,
stvarajui fifth factor of wind,
and it would be approximately
23.6 miles away
We needed about 2
days to arrive.
23 miles?
But the jungle is vegetative and dense,
are you sure it's not Blie?
Alo Women's, easy bit.
If the net I know I do,
it's reading folder.
Now excuse me, I'm
going to piam.
And you can hire a little,
you know, women ...
I think the naao river.
Perhaps it is not
Star Severnjaa.
It is now dry, but
how to iron out.
Fashion to the bay at the military markings on the pants and jumpers ...
- Of course.
You are the domaica Bani.
- Thanks go to domainstvo,
2 years already, but the ancestors
of feminist studies.
So it worked?
- I want to proir horizons
- I do not know.
Fashion one day become the
first woman president.
I followed the river a half mile,
has broken AMACA along the coast.
Are useful, we may use them
for the trip down.
I wonder what work this deep in the jungle?
- Antecedents.
Know them?
- Yes, I know.
It was a very long time
ago, I was young.
Very young, and stupid,
very stupid.
I made Greece, with the natives,
tricky business.
Uspaniio I, I She went to
the military trgovita,
next 3 years I have traveled the world,
in an attempt to overcome.
Sorry, I do not want
to talk about it.
- After that I crawled
to the bottom flae.
About Jim, do not
turn on flai ...
See, Jim has ator.
Bani, Biu OK, that's
just one larger.
Case, is not it beautiful?
Very good
're A little rough with him.
- Yes.
He said he loves you.
I doubt he would never
have succeeded.
He egoistina, o
inistika eprtlja.
I think it's kinda cute.
Well, fashion a little
too harsh with him,
Bani, it is my failures.
Failures? You?
- Of course, all they have.
Ispriau you a secret to anyone
that I had not a story.
For part of which
is Jimmy's right.
My relationships were much
larger than for one.
I drink a little, give yourself
an excuse, and subconsciously,
to punch the jerk, who know
that the neu emotional tie.
Oseaj is empty, and the poor.
I believe that deep inside
the plaim, never be a nee
respect and compromise
between the sexes.
I avoided tying, because I was afraid
to be emotional potinjena other.
Or equal oseaj, that
I dominate him?
Probably a bit strange to zvui.
- Can I do you, Dr.
Hunt to Qaem secret?
Bani course, I am glad to
this we may be divided.
Sometimes when I'm with character, that
I started to vee with red garters,
and then slapping me, and
then he ate the ropes.
And then get me free.
And then the kresali while Philharmonic
Orchestra playing Bolero.
Thank you Bani, really
makes me to imagine.
And I oseam better.
Hoe sweet?
- No thanks.
Hey Bani, meal on your part,
so the naem in the middle.
No thanks.
- Ponuen who poaen.
Let's insert it into the water.
Over here on the left have head hunters
and traders, today there are special,
2 for 1, 2 of his
head for a bow.
This is incredible, remember the whole speech,
from, The Jungle Book 'at Disneyland.
This will be useful.
- Can and Tiki to imitate.
Manage amcem!
I know these gorges as your palm,
although not much different.
What was that?
- Net was hit in Samac,
net wholesale.
Probably the stone.
Hippopotamus, look!
- Hippo? In California?
Hippopotamus from Palm Springs, easy version of his
relatives, because of low holesterolne child.
But just as deadly.
- Pokuava to hit amac!
Do not let him roll
over us, Jim!
evrdaj clockwise by the hour.
It bee goes to the
left or right?
Is he dead?
- I think so.
Have you seen how mrtkao Uima when we are approaching?
- Yes, mrdaju Uima when
they are angry.
This is no smell at Disneyland,
Let's be serious, almost to die.
Net is bunja.
Net points.
They attack us!
Does it hurt?
I'm not sure, I think
I'm in the eye.
This led me life end? Stone?
Spear? Stick?
To me it seems like the
patch to the courts ...
Patch for the courts?
One woman piranhas are sillier
than I thought.
They attack us toilet paper,
towels and akalicama.
Women today are not
what I oekivao be.
I think that women are not piranhas.
Whoever you are, by
now wiped out.
Let's explore.
- Wait.
Fashion has kaiku,
moe be dangerous.
That's why we were attacked uopte?
- Maybe they did not
want to attack,
fashion they wanted us zaplae?
- Zaplae?
He knows that ...
- Yes!
Let's go back to the AMAC.
- No, we may back.
We may to be the first who
have ever made contact.
Are disgusting!
- Who?
Not disgusting, I think
anyone who chooses to
live differently from you, immediately
becomes sickening.
Well, otherwise way of living, implies
otherwise traditions Jim.
The thought of storing the worms doruak,
we turn your stomach upside down.
These are just legends, but in
the Avocado Jungle Book there
muko tribe separately from women piranhas.
- What are the kukavino color.
Have drugaiju Jim culture, and
worry about the kernel to it.
But they are a bunch plaljivaca!
- The right clothes
for the courts.
Well, fashion eye odeu, fashion
items and turn right,
Women piranhas do not eat.
Some kind of symbiotic
Prior to be an idiotic
As they are called?
- Foxhole.
Izaite, neem nita you ...
I am an ethnographer
About Boe, pekirii!
- It is a culture otherwise Jim!
I think they are sweet.
Beit from me a pussy,
beit from me.
Do not fall on my knees, they
are only a few female!
No thanks, I stuffed myself.
'Ajduk evap?
- No, thanks.
I will, thank you.
Ajduk evap is the dream
of every girl.
Knock a cow in the forehead with
a hammer, and after it cooked.
However these are pikica, that's what they are.
- Because you so much
to see mui mukarce,
how to cook and work in domainstvu?
Sreno look.
Behave as if those concerned tua mukost because
other muko perform female duties.
Be it you are, and
do not touch them.
So, sorry Drue.
Therefore, it no moe
muko not be sreno
as domaica muko-derim.
Cooking and ivenje not
Mukim hormones.
These poor fools have no idea, because
they have no role model.
As it was John Wayne, Stallone,
Bata ivojinovi ...
Would be violent, emotionally
and suena consciousness.
Ba as my heroes.
Miiavi strong and potent!
Hey Drue, is there
still kiwi sauce?
Oh Boe, wonderfully!
You have made yourself?
- It's beautiful, but
my apartment is so
small that I ...
I could not really, but
it is nice indeed.
I had many fantasies about wearing and throbbing,
bass and it is not liberal is not it?
What fantasies are feminists?
- Bani, please sleep!
We have to get up early ...
- What kind of fantasy
women have piranhas?
Eating mukaraca probably
live or weak?
Take a little sip sip gut gut.
Odlin, felt fine to me pie.
those who ...
hot chocolate? About Boe ...
Mukarci not bring hot
chocolate mukarcima.
Guys, this is not live.
I know for sure that the
depth of each of you,
potent macho-man.
And I'm damned if I sit skrtenih hand gledajui you
to discard the lives of a bunch of seka persi.
Naui you how to become mukarci.
Show you how to do it.
Beer! Behold!
See how it is to be muko!
Take! Do it!
I know it Hoet!
Be mukarci! Do it!
Come on you're their leader,
showed that forest!
Beer! Beer!
So the guys, just smite,
it still has.
Now a little quiz to
check knowledge.
What is it?
- Beer!
What is it?
- Penthouse, yes!
What is it?
- The key to, evija '(cars)
To repeat the entire scenario.
For instance, in the street
are, in his Corvette.
One hand is behind the wheel,
one eye watch ma police.
I krajikom eye observing whether manu,
endowed with a quality iparica.
You know already, dronfa?
Women? Pika? Bambolina?
Women! And what do you do?
bre Wait, wait! DEET cattle!
What do you do? No! No!
Do not offer them mentolske products,
houses there, houses!
They yell!
Yell, hey sexy mama!
Hey love Maine!
Father to my transit, veto '?
Pokuajmo ...
Hey sexy mama! Hey ...
sexy ... Mom!
Hey love Maine!
- Hey .. love .. Maine!
Father to my transit, veto '? Oce ..
driving .. Veto ..
To bre!
Now drmno even at a time.
Hey guys, give it a rest.
Sorry. Hello.
I heard a noise, I could not sleep, so I
thought that we save one hot chocolate?
Women! Pika!
Sexy mama!
- What?
Ej mala, father to my
transit, veto '?
I do not know where parikarana?
Maino Hey love, let
him do a dirty!
Love Maine?
Fashion I am sometimes
zbzvbzvzbvbz ...
Dr. Hunt!
Let Bani!
What does it here?
Case, sorry, seriously,
I'm sorry.
We just had urku, and guys
are a bit lost control.
Lost control?
They wanted to mass rape Bani!
- I did not get hot chocolate.
<. <
Mass rape?
I did not know that they
are capable ...
You idiot!
- What? I did not think so ...
Bani, knows what I
mean is not it?
I guess ...
- Only ..
Considering how they
behave pederski,
it was somehow wrong to see them so
interested in the female gender.
About Boe.
With you is a healthy
interest = violent.
Yes, like your women piranhas
do not resort to violent,
and eat only rasporavaju mukarce.
- That's right, and begins
to think they are right.
Fuck, propeller is entangled.
Previa is the grass in this zone.
- Then we transfer them
into deeper water.
To carry it?
- Yes, to carry it
you are us in this and gotten.
Do I have to water?
I did not bring any shorts.
What is it? Leeches?
- No, Aran.
Aran? They do not bite.
I know, but gljetavi
are some articles.
I hate them even from childhood,
are disgusting and gljetavi.
What if we gaei www ...
- Shut up!
If a hoe in Samac, go to Samac.
Margo, I think you're
previa transparent.
What do you mean, so it now?
- You're always angry with me,
always yelling at me ...
I think a doctor like you realize that
actually hides some feeling right.
And that ...
That I really like.
- I love you!
Even I do not like.
And because you are the voice shakes when it pronounced?
- My voice is not shaking!
Always figure out when the female in love, because
their voices when they speak flashing.
My voice is not flashing!
- So then uzbuuje?
Uzbuujem not be!
- Again flashing.
I did not uzbuena or flashing!
Margo, do you delay your period?
No, neu get at least another two weeks.
So you get this priam?
So to me the hell cares!
- Jim, you leech on the neck.
Hey, if it tuete in the water?
- No, no tuemo in the water.
So I have decided to start their own business.
They all accepted
or I'm crazy but
nareenja to hear from my mother,
I isuvie dangerous for it.
Hey Margo, try a little
this, gvakamoli ...
Of course it is gvakamoli,
I prosrala of gvakamolija,
I'm sick of avocado.
Ou meat!
I told you that you can
eat hamburgers here.
Perhaps one soan steak, or ufte,
What do I look so
Hoe me to eat right?
- I did not say.
But I thought you so!
In the eyes you see wants
to come eat me!
Just one bite.
Modern feminists, all
you women per se,
a few days out kuei
mmediately goes wild!
Only trtljate of equality, rather
than what it really priate Hoet!
Domination and consumption mukaraca!
- Sorry!
I was hot, I'm tired, and for
a moment I lost my head.
Maybe you nala law itself,
see the Bani!
Well see, hoe to eat me!
Look what the women's movement
in the right light!
That's enough. You're dead meat!
ibe brother, ibe!
Pis mako! c!
ovinistika pig!
It has to, and put it on raanj!
Do not eat it too Dr. Hunt!
About Boe, I'm losing sanity.
In this jungle
Easy to lose mind
Fashion is the vaeg
PMS, and more ...
We need to go back, go back.
We are too far gone a good
A little late for that Margo.
I think that we drew.
Odlin nonja!
Somehow we do not act friendly.
Do not worry.
- This is, a grenade? Not?
'Net that all feminist cultural understanding,
regardless of radicalism and primitvnost ...
My lanske map in the library!
the laprda this?
ta kae?
- I'm not sure.
Some strange and teak language.
Traim Dr.
Kurtz, do you understand me? Dr.
Kurtz? Yes, Dr. Kurtz?
To me you can take to it?
Pick up things.
Secret temple, women piranhas.
The architecture of their
surprisingly advanced.
Looks like the Legos?
This must be the altar, where ...
- Eat mukarce?
Hey, look, swimming pool filled
with cranberry juice,
this must have been good for kou.
- Jim, do not!
Bani, add me an ips.
What is it?
- Piranhas.
The right ones.
It is probably disposed the
fat and bones of victims.
Very well, Dr.
Hunt. I totally spontaneous.
Francine Kurtz, means you're alive.
- Is one of those cute outfits.
I have to vie from
the garment Bani
Women piranhas are nominated
me princess avocado jungle.
I am the supreme leader.
- Voa?
I knew that e Avocado Board of Directors
for uploading someone for me,
but I oekivala that will
be another feminist.
After what I uinila with their host.
- You're a piranha led against
women soldiers?
Of course, desecrated the nae
svetil, they had to die.
They were also very tasty.
- Dr.
Kurtz, I do not known the academic
rules of Radcliffe.
but I think each university, declaring war on the United States, and eating of prisoners considered krenjem ethics.
<. <
Ba si knjiki moth is not Dr.
I'm not here to izuavam women piranhas,
but that will bring them!
Future of feminism treated
here in this temple.
Says that the future of women in cannibalism?
- Suoi is the truth,
we are at war!
The war between mukaraca and women, all less
than cannibalism is mlaenje empty straw.
It is obvious that the Avocado Board by pogrenog
scientist to suoi with piranhas women.
And you're ba was the right one.
Academic naive,
gullible that you actually believed
the lack of an avocado.
That's what they said to me,
but I IstraII doubts.
It is true that the USA
has too many avocados,
throw tons of avocados in Santa
Monica to get rid of it.
But if this is the case, so they sent me?
- You are the ethno-historian,
head of muni.
It is not here on avocados,
but the piranha women.
Reakcionistike pain organizations
are terrified of them.
Terrified as an example of strong women,
moe to guess the rest of the country.
After it stopped
Dragan Mirkovic.
Amid weakening of feminist power, they wanted
to zbriu piranha women for all time.
But what about the provisions for Malibu?
- There are, of course,
and I IstraII.
Deluxe suites, swimming pools,
sauna, total luxury ...
Only these are not mentioned, that is the
mass of photographers Cosmopolitan,
that portray women piranhas when they arrive.
Not to mention,
teams manikirstva classes,
which would be taken away.
They had a secret plan to
uutkaju women piranhas.
It's much meaner than division
naoruane peadije.
Kulturoloka assimilation?
- Yes.
For 5 years, women piranhas would zece
bikini, and hopped to the Malibu,
lasting good sui bar.
- I know odlian sui bar in Malibu.
(Blah blah)
See, everything would zavrile ...
like it.
Now that you're here moe just
one, that we are joined by,
women become piranhas.
- I can not
Although I am discouraged, I can not give up
hope, to be equality between the sexes.
I can not allow to leave the jungle, and discovers
a secret about the piranha women.
Or email to join,
or die together.
Then kill us.
For the rather die than betray
ethics conviction.
Hey, priaj for myself, I'm sure
we may encounter reenje ...
Poto you muko, will die anyway.
Acts Ilava, but if well udinstamo ...
Take it!
Heart it is unhygienic, Bani!
Jim! Upomo!
Leading and Dr. Hunt.
Nadbrojnije we Margo.
There are thousands of women piranhas
in this temple, there is no chance.
If we take friends
and ucmekau first.
Go ahead, fell by
feminist buddy.
Declined by another anthropologist, fashion
does not agree with my tactic,
but he knows that my goal is to
ouvam naslee women piranhas.
Go ahead and shoot.
- Shoot it!
Give Women What hoe!
Will take a little while we make preparation
for your initiation into the piranha women.
I give you until tomorrow
to decide.
If I join us, sacrificed
his first muko.
And without layers, bie baena in
a pool with piranhas and die.
- Take her.
Make the empty-headed.
Bani do not worry! He saved me!
Knows that it was ranging from ALA,
it's trip, the madness ...
Have you ever told to look
good in that dress?
enstvena is a feminist,
it's really a bomb.
For example, I think Milka Cani when kae, well-vee '...
- You will ba nice to Krka.
Push it among other mukarce.
Tomorrow is that it ized.
To know that I almost
had diarrhea ...
Only one that suggests not Qaem
this just to save his kou,
but because of Your POSSIBLE
nutricionistikih problems
instead of eating mukarce, you
can eat basic to grow ...
Ba bikonja you to Laodicean
Solid body.
Of course, we are all in the same cauldron
when they come back women's,
and offered to choose accessories
for frutti di mare.
It has a cigar?
I've brought you some food.
- Who are you?
I am an Pier, your sacrifice
for tomorrow.
The tradition is among the piranha women, the victim
also serves his lady, but before the ceremony.
You speak English?
- A little.
Naui him sluajui Dr. Kurtz.
You must be very clever when you
ukapirali without prior vebi.
Intelligence in mukaraca not significant
in women piranhas.
Only miii.
There are plenty miia.
Force us to diem weights, so
the meat is more tasty.
Please, eat.
- Thanks, I'm hungry.
It is very good.
- I'm glad.
He was my good friend,
the sculptor.
This chicken is Odlin, little
zvakasta, but delicious.
What kind?
- Ak
Is it to substitution for beef?
Whatever it is, it is very good.
Rib mii.
Is it still there?
Sae I drilled another nicely,
so it is easy to die.
I would like to speak with an Pierre.
Where is an Pierre.
And, he is your friend, do
not worry neu to kill him.
God knows that neu eat it.
Here is your victims!
If a woman wants to become a piranha
must first odzume his body,
and then his life.
these are relative?
I refuse to kill another
human in cold blood bie.
However, regardless of cultural differences,
I would have sex with him.
Forget, if hoe ice cream,
not moe just to lie.
If he did not let the blood from the Naomi,
germs, in a pool with piranhas.
New to pridruiti your tribe.
I ulaem protest as a member
of the Academy of Sciences,
To release me and my friends,
and let us go.
No! I want to be a
woman piranhas.
Bani, what the piss?
- Women want to be a piranha.
I knew I should not have, and
take out, not enough aces,
You deceived by the philosophy
of simplicity woman piranhas.
Not exactly!
Just want one of those
suits cakanih.
Bani, case me.
Utiajte it!
Are you sure that Ellis be women piranhas?
- Yes.
Are you willing to accept
the initiation of blood?
If we mean to have sex with
him and then kill him?
Moe, I worked on things
udnije urkama.
Moe to become a woman piranhas,
but on one condition.
He will be your victim.
Now you're too far Dr. Kurtz.
I am quite good rasuujem
human nature,
And that they Bani, there
is little crazy after me.
She never ...
- Of course, ubiu it!
Prepare them for sacrifice.
- AOS.
- Only do so!
victim bei! Kill him!
Over the fence, Skai!
Try to stop them due to ...
- Oh, no, go with me.
There are many Vanier to escape.
- An Pierre,
ceases to be a victim,
and poi with me.
Damn, the first decent
guy who ...
Mean piranhas because women have red hair?
A? A?
A little bit namastila hair, you
do not have any conditioner?
actually I thought it was a little
short, if slaete with it.
Or if my hair color to red,
to stay long because
so I looked like Indira, and I thought
to deal with singing and ...
Did I say that you girls look beautiful?
Meunoje nice.
What are you doing?
- Wait a little eh ...
I prefer to kill me, but
to become peovan ...
Is that we may be reasonable about this?
We are all people here,
piranha and piranha ...
Hey, what's this?
Some action in the bathtub?
I have incorrectly assessed, fashion,
and I like it here ...
You know, fashion and
not so loe ladies ...
We all had steered
his childhood,
Problems in high school, the parents
were divorced, etc ...
It is well, we bit ...
Now the circuit ...
At least a few female knows how
to treat muko in this temple.
So to you women piranha, probably
you've never met a true ....
And I bet they cook Odlin, as
brilliantly reconciles net!
Is that the bath?
This lii as zaprku for
frutti di mare ...
Hey deals, which you the devil?
About Boe, you do gormandize,
leave me alone!
We are women barracuda, sworn
enemies of women Piran.
If you're Beale of them, you're
probably on the friend.
For thousands of years, women and women
Piranhas barracudas were one.
But then we broke up, because
ideolokih difference.
And what are they?
Piran women are believed to mukarce to
kill and eat with gvakamoli zaino.
And you think this is incorrect?
- Yes!
We believe that they
should be eaten;
with Perun.
- That's it?
- It is a fundamental principle.
You people are divided over thousands
of years because of Perun?
It made me really angry.
That is why women always argue
over petty differences?
Mukarci always Sloe
rugby and beer.
I've had enough!
Let's go back to the temple
women piranhas.
Women of the jungle must unite, and I was
in that izvrljim a certain ethnographers.
I think I svia to be
a woman of Piran.
You need a committee sainjen of equal numbers
of women and women Piran Barracks,
meet up a week due to not
reenih questions ...
and so it was simply ...
Quiet! Prle!
Forward women!
These are zabeleke
There ukrtene words.
In order to summarize,
make love with me,
it's good ...
but kill me and eat ...
and that the loe.
Because of moe never
be completely good!
Here's Bani, drinking an
elixir women piranhas.
Some sacrifice sometimes!
Bani, please prone to that but,
I do not know what does.
Few are zablesavela of the jungle.
- I know what I'm doing.
I want to become women of Piran.
- Boe.
Your eyes!
One strange elixir you changed
the color oiju!
It does not change the context you idiot,
now hear when you sacrifice.
I'm sorry to have to kill you
I always thought you
were somehow cute.
Bani, please do.
I have
What would Margo said?
Kill him! Now!
Kill him!
- I can not
Do it!
I can not.
I love it.
Throw them both in a
pool with piranhas.
I have no cup costume.
- Stop!
What is it?
According to tradition, women piranhas, I challenge
vou avocado jungle to fight for the throne!
It is your right.
But I warn you Margo,
has no chance.
- Video.
Jay Leno is.
I Izuavala anti oruije
at Berkeley.
Professor Harris?
- No, Professor. Johnson.
I thought it was Dr. Johnson at Stanford?
- Only orally.
Why not say the real reason women Piran
why you became their leader?
What blebee?
- Nala I have records.
Proitala I have zabeleke.
The title for your book?
You do not care about women piranhas.
Just want to write a book
about his experiences.
That's not true
'My life with women piranhas' author Francine Kurtz?
It would be a best-seller,
media propraeno,
but should net you new to substantiate
an interest readers ...
and this is better than detection of
the private life of women Piran?
Hoe if Margo wins?
- Yes ...
well you wear a condom?
Yes, in pederui.
- We needed to later ...
You wanted to eksploatie their lives and
traditions, for cheap popularity ...
Okay, who hoe to bet on Margo,
the odds are 3:1 for Dr.
Kurtz. A? Oe a?
Women's ...
The truth is, I planned
the book.
But it should be educational work.
- Teko Kurtz.
You spent Preview jungle, and
you become very primitive.
Proitala I have zabeleke, your
field istraivanja are none,
your conclusion as incorrect generalization
of reported observations
You did better than chauvinistic
yarns that we were sent here.
're Piranhas exploit women
for their own advertising.
I do not understand ...
Francine, watch pool ...
- Back!
You do not understand ...
I had to do it ...
I was the talk-show 6 months
advocated feminism, endured
every joke on your account.
I do not know what it is like standing in front of David
Letermenom with all his passion neoseajnosti ...
It took me a net vie,
I thought ...
Piran women, cannibalism ...
Who would I be laughing then?
- About Francine ...
Piranhas have exploited
women ...
I do not know how to ...
David Letterman ...
Uasan ou.
You are very wise Dr.
Hunt, now will be to unite
all women jungle.
Now that you are united, fashion to consider
relations with mukarcima the tribe.
There are ways ophoenja differently to
them, other than placing on the menu.
Considered that you mentioned, and discussed
at the weekly gatherings.
Cardiac time.
To get safe home with you.
- AOS.
OK, let's go.
Where's my pitolj?
- A pistol ...
Let me carry pitolj, at least until
the end of the jungle ...
Come on, you poteii else,
but I to wear it.
Know, look at our female
piranhas ...
Hey, is not charged right?
After a medical examination
and evaluation,
Popie tea with Nancy Reagan,
the second day
imaemo seminar on
relations office.
Then go policy orientation.
Yes, imaemo them all
the students.
I hope you still nee take long before Dr.
Hunt line up all those girls ...
I admire you, use the feminists
against feminists ...
How to turn it wisely.
But, as the women?
It's over.
- A.
Dr. Hunt, how long coverage,
formed there?
You have not heard ...
- Nita, I did not
know it already.
Francine told me all about
inside your subject field.
Kurtz? Nala did you?
David Letterman called non-stop, and
we do not know what to him Qaem.
I am afraid that Dr.
Kurtz nee vie working talk-show.
She's dead.
Dead? How?
She died in the attempt to tamper cultural
naslee primitive community.
Not so fast Professor.
We have not yet zavrili
with you.
Your University ...
- Nita, Philips comes with
my university ...
Besides, it is the Ministry of Defence to provide
velikoduan gift feminist studies ...
For istraivanja on uveanju women's
possibilities in the military.
You're crazy!
- Otherwise, go alone in
ou David Letterman.
I ispriau him about the Marines, and millions of dollars
lost equipment in the Avocado Jungle Book.
And not to mention fraud Payment options for housing
in Malibu, and painting for Kosmopoliten ...
I can only imagine sarkastian look
at David's face when he learns ...
Do not get it done ...
Iskuavajte not me!
Dr. Hunt! We need to quite.
Bani, what is going on?
- We need to get married to Jim for 10 minutes,
but do you think that doing the right thing?
I mean, this is better, to get married and be
domaica, breed children, and uvam whole life.
Or to complete school and become the first female president?
- Well, Bani ...
It is exclusively personal
Well, I'd be kuepaziteljka,
but I do not want to after you Rzoare of Your lessons ...
- Bani,
does not have to live
life ugaajui me ...
Most important is that you srena,
and I've learned that good.
I have always believed that every woman
should be educated as much as possible.
And it needs to develop mental
possibilities, to the maximum.
But in your case,
simply no point.
- Really?
Then you should marry him!
- If so elis, yes.
Is it my understanding as your blessing?
- No preteruj ...
Then in to marry Jim, but
Somehow you came, you live here forever,
and you lose one of the best students.
- Me.
Do not worry, Bani, biei
other students ...
Then it was, to Dr.
Hunt, ao, zvau you ... Catch!
AOS, thank you for everything!
- Ao.
Oh, an Pierre, it's nice to see you.
Have been to all the classes?
Yes, I iao all that we
have proposed the.
Introduction to feminism, an understanding
of human relationships, oseajno muko.
Thank you very much for your assistance Dr. Hunt.
- It's my pleasure!
Call me Margo.
Translation by ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kampfar