Can't Buy My Love (2017) Movie Script

Called it.
- Nick.
- No time to talk.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Let's go.
Hey. Good to see you.
You look good.
Fifteen-year-old girl, broken ankle
from a collision on...
...the soccer course. Hang in
there, you're gonna be all right.
You'll be back on the soccer field
in no time.
I was up all night with the baby.
Baby Everett?
How is the sweet little guy?
Sweet little guy is turning Mommy
and Daddy into sleep-deprived...
The motion passes unanimously.
And moving on to the next order of
business, a motion to approve...
...the research center funding
for $1.5 million...
Hey, Jeffrey.
Let's go down to the beach.
...was made by Chairman Rex
Alexander, secondly by his son...
...Jeff Alexander.
Let's make that two.
Very good.
$2 million for the research center.
We'll get right on that.
...this concludes the
board meeting.
What a shift.
You made cookies!
No. Those are for my class's
field trip tomorrow.
I'm out of chocolate chips.
Would you go to the store for me?
- No...
- Please?
- No.
- Please, please?
All right. All right.
Just let me change first.
Best roommate ever!
Hey, Veronica.
What are you cooking?
That smells, good.
We're having an early dinner.
Kale salad, baked salmon,
no butter, no salt.
You know that your dad is on a
strict diet for...
...his high blood pressure.
He's taking his health kick he's on
to unhealthy levels.
He's obsessed.
I heard that.
You deserve a raise if he's making
you eat this way too.
I think it'd be a good idea
if all of us ate healthier.
- Couldn't agree more.
- Where you going?
To eat a pizza.
Will you please pick up your
dad's meds?
Hey, excuse me.
You can't park here.
This is a no-parking zone.
Excuse me?
You can't park here.
It's for emergency vehicles only.
I'm only gonna be a couple minutes.
Hey! That's not the point.
It doesn't matter.
Are you the police?
If there is an emergency, an
ambulance and a fire truck can't...
...park here.
If there's an emergency,
I'll move my car.
No, you don't understand.
Every second counts.
Jerk. Okay. Fine.
Cam, we need a hook-up at
the Food Mart in the Plaza on PCH.
We're on it.
Vehicle was...
I'm sorry, sir. It's, I'm here.
I'm leaving. I...
Sorry, man, it's too late.
What do you mean it's too late?
I'm right here.
I sympathize, man, I really do.
Okay. You know what?
Just take, here.
There's $500. Just take that
and lower the car.
No can do, man.
Look, I got to keep it honest.
Fantastic. It's a new car!
So... Watch the paint.
Be careful with it.
You got it!
I told you you shouldn't
park there.
So you, what,
called a tow truck on me?
No, I called the police and
they called the tow truck.
You called the cops?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
What if there had been an
There wasn't one.
So you think that because you drive
an expensive car... don't have to look for a
parking spot like the rest of us.
Was there one?
If there had been an emergency, and
this is the part that you can't...
...seem to grasp, every second
Nothing happened!
And who made you the parking
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to
go to the impound to...
...pick up my car.
So my dad is gonna have to wait for
his blood-pressure medication... I hope you're happy.
That's not the point!
And you deserve to be towed!
Some people are just unbelievable.
What happened?
Just this rich, entitled guy at the
store thinks he's better than...
...everyone else just because
he has money.
Jeff, is that you?
Are you all right?
- No.
- What happened?
My car got towed. I had to call
Jonathan to come pick me up.
Why couldn't she just mind her own
This infuriating goody-goody with
nothing better to do than to... the cops on someone for
parking in a parking spot.
I had his car towed.
Girl, you don't mess around.
She's infuriating.
And self-righteous. And...
22, code 3, 186 Patton Road,
Cross street is...
You've been refreshing your email
for over an hour.
I'm supposed to hear back from my
med school applications...
...any day now.
- Don't worry, you'll get in.
Charlie 8-12. Charlie 8-12. You
have a code 1 at 101...
...Ocean Drive.
Charlie 8-12, copy.
Go ahead with the call.
Adult male, 63, home fall.
Possible trauma.
Older man, home fall.
Let's do this.
The ambulance is on the way.
Try not to move.
Son, I don't need an ambulance.
I just need some ice.
Is your husband conscious?
Yes. Though Rex isn't my husband.
I'm the house manager.
I've been with the family since
Rex's wife past 12 years ago.
Can you tell us what happened?
He tripped over a dumbbell doing a
Zumba workout.
I'm afraid he broke his arm.
I told you I didn't need,
I just need some ice.
Hi there. I'm Lilly.
I'm a paramedic. And this is Nick.
Look, this isn't necessary.
- What's your name?
- Rex Alexander.
Okay. I'm going to shine this light
into your eyes.
Do you know where you are?
101 Ocean Drive.
My home.
Eyes are PEARL.
Do you know what day it is?
My goodness.
It's the twelfth. Enough!
Alert and oriented times three.
So what's your pain on a
scale to ten?
Can you open and close your hand?
Thank goodness.
Here you go. Thank you for getting
here so quickly. I can't... You.
So, tonight's your night
to pick a movie.
I'm sorry, babe.
I can't tonight.
I have to finish making cookies for
the sixth grade field trip...
- You're a great teacher.
Thanks, babe.
Well, before you go, there's
something extremely important...
...I need to talk to you about.
- What's that?
What exactly are we doing for your
birthday this year?
I'm not having a birthday
this year.
Are you kidding me?
Baby, you love your birthday.
I'm serious. I'm turning 30.
No party, no presents, nothing.
Baby, your birthday's gonna come
whether you want it to or not.
You might as well celebrate.
Look at the time.
Come on. All right.
But this discussion is not over.
Yeah, yeah.
If Rex exhibits any symptoms,
dizziness, pain, please don't...
...hesitate to call us again.
- I can't thank you enough.
You're welcome.
I don't know what I'd do
if something happened to him.
Thanks again.
Excuse me?
I wanted to thank you.
I really appreciate what you did
for my father.
Well, that's what we're here for.
We haven't been properly
introduced. I'm Jeff.
Lilly. What do you say to dinner,
Friday night?
Thanks, but no thanks.
Wait, what?
She said no.
No, I'm serious.
She wasn't playing hard to get.
She really meant it.
Everyone goes through the pain and
humiliation of being rejected.
You'll survive. I think this'll be
good for you.
So how is Baby Everett?
Everett screamed for about five
hours straight last night.
Poor boy, crying all night.
Yeah, everybody was crying.
I have a delivery for
Lilly Springler?
Those flowers are beautiful.
Someone has an admirer.
Thank you.
"How 'bout that dinner?
Call me."
Could you please put those
at the nurses' station?
You don't want the flowers?
I don't want the admirer.
Any word yet?
She'll call.
Delivery for Lilly Springler.
Your admirer strikes again.
Thank you.
"Forget dinner. How about dessert?
You have my number. Jeff."
He didn't seem that bad when
we went to his house.
I have no interest in
Jeff Alexander.
You've complained in the past about
dating guys who didn't put in...
...any effort.
This guy's putting in some effort
at least.
Okay, then I'll write him a note to
thank him for the candy.
But I'm not going out with him.
- Hey, whoa-whoa.
It's sacrilegious to chocoholics
around the world to throw...
...those away, you realize this?
- You're welcome to them.
After the meeting with the
veterans' group, we have dinner...
...with the president
of the animal shelter. Jeff?
Yeah. Veterans' group,
animal shelter, got it.
You know, Lilly called Veronica
to check up on me?
That was thoughtful.
I was extremely impressed with
their professionalism and their...
...response time.
We should do something.
To thank the medical center.
Excellent idea.
I'll check into it.
Duncroft Advertising,
Vince Rossmore's office.
Hey, Meggers, how are ya?
Yeah, sure.
Your luminous lady on line one.
- Thanks, Finn.
- Anytime.
Hey, babe.
Hey. I have a couple minutes until
my next class.
Hey, babe I'm so sorry,
I need to take this call.
I love you. Babe, I'll call you
right back. Hey, Keely.
Hey you.
How are you?
Insanely busy.
But I definitely have time for you.
So when can we meet?
How's tomorrow?
Yeah, Megan will be at school
so that works for me.
I'll see you soon.
All right.
There you are.
Lilly, Nick.
What's up, Dr. R.?
I received a phone call yesterday.
Thanks to you and Nick, the medical
center is getting an extremely...
...generous donation.
That's wonderful!
That's fantastic news.
I invited our patron in today to
get a tour of the facility.
May I present Jeff Alexander of the
Rex Alexander Foundation.
We are extremely grateful
for your generosity.
Well, thank you, Dr. Richwood,
for having me come down today.
We just wanted to show our
appreciation for the wonderful... of my father, Rex.
- We appreciate it.
In fact, we wish we could
adequately show our gratitude.
Well, I've never gone for a ride
in an ambulance before.
It's a childhood thing, just,
it's silly. I, you know...
Well, why don't you go for a ride
along with Nick and Lilly...
...this week?
- I couldn't.
No, I think we could make that
happen. Right?
I don't think this is a good idea.
We're not breaking any rules
or laws with a ride along.
In life or death situations, having
a person like Jeff around...
Like Jeff?
He's not trained.
He's not certified.
If we're transporting a patient,
he could get in the way.
Lilly, let me just remind you that
the Alexanders are extremely...
...generous patrons in our
If Jeff wants to go for a ride
along, I don't see the problem... indulging him.
Yes, ma'am.
And don't worry Lilly,
it's only for a few days.
So we took the G3 to London...
...for this big charity event.
And she asks if in England the
pilot has to fly on the wrong...
...side of the sky.
Well, that was the end of
Miss October.
Miss November?
Completely different story.
She says she can't wear the
Christian Louboutins because...
...she's not religious.
And now this guy is invading
my work life.
Are you kidding me?
Dr. Richwood was so impressed with
his donation that she would let...
...him move into the medical center
if he wanted.
And this is the guy who sent you
the flowers and expensive...
This is the guy who threw a public
tantrum because he had to follow...
...the same rules as everyone else.
You know, nothing annoys me more
than someone who just pays their...
...way through life.
What are you doing?
Your hands are a dead giveaway of
your age because the skin is...
...thin and wrinkles easily.
Come on, now let me to see
this guy.
Don't touch my computer.
Why would I touch your computer?
Your guy's Jeff Alexander of the
Rex Alexander Foundation?
You know him?
And he's not my guy.
They're huge contributors to the
arts programs at school.
I don't know, maybe you should
give him a chance.
What, no?
I have worked so hard to get where
I am and for everything I have.
I have zero respect for someone who
was given everything on a silver...
...platter and therefore has no
integrity and just expects us...
...all to cater to his whims.
- That's some speech.
Do you remember
when I was short-listed for...
...Barnsley Medical College?
That was your dream school.
You were number one
on the wait list.
You know why I didn't get in?
Carlton Strand. His parents made a
huge donation to the school.
That's so wrong.
Yeah. Carlton was 22 on the wait
list. I was number one.
Guess who got in.
It wasn't me.
I wouldn't mind the lifestyle.
I buy day-old bread and shop the
sale racks, and I have enough...
...student debt that I won't pay it
off for a decade.
Jeff Alexander and I have nothing
in common.
You can always moisturize.
Yeah, give me some.
So I'm explaining to the triage
nurse, and she asks me if the...
...patient had explained to me
what happened, right?
I said, "No, she was just a little
He always tells this story.
You need new material.
I didn't know you could cook eggs
in a microwave.
You can cook anything
in a microwave.
And then there's the chainsaw guy.
This is a true story.
That is not a breakfast story.
Lilly's right. I'll tell you
at lunch. 1138. Code 3.
Let's go.
- What's a code 3?
Means we have to hurry.
Are you coming?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm driving this time.
Darn it.
Take the jump seat in the back.
Let's go.
- Where's your mom?
- In the kitchen.
You did well calling us.
Hey there. I'm, I'm Jeff.
What's your name?
- How old are you, Carter?
- Seven.
Wow. You're a big guy.
Is your mom diabetic?
She's always testing her blood.
Low glycemia.
Get the D-5.
On it.
Want to play catch? Yeah?
Easy does it.
I started feeling faint and
it all happened so fast.
You were lucky you were wearing
your medical bracelet.
How did, how did you...
Your son called 911.
Where is he?
You know, Lilly and Nick helped
my dad when he was hurt.
Is your dad sick like my mom?
No. He's okay.
But when I was your age?
My mom got really sick.
Were you always worried
about your mom?
Were you always really scared?
I was always worried about her.
It's tough when you're worried
about the people you love?
Go long, all right? That's it.
Ready? Here we go.
What a catch!
Come here. Yeah! Yes.
Hey, come here. Hey.
We need to go. Now, Carter,
your mom is going to be okay.
But we're gonna take her to a
hospital where a doctor can take...
...a look at her, all right?
Do you want to ride
in the ambulance?
I bet you if you ask real nice,
Lilly might let you turn on the...
- Can I?
I'll even let you
turn on the lights.
- Hey, Finn.
- Meggers, hi!
- Is Vince in?
- Yup.
Thank you.
Knock knock.
What are you doing here?
Half day for teacher conferences.
I thought I'd surprise you
and we could get lunch.
Sorry, babe, I can't. Actually, I'm
supposed to be at lunch right now.
I'm gonna be working late all week.
Yeah. Sure. Fine.
You're the best, babe.
I'll see you later.
I owe you an apology.
I understand now why you were so
upset about me parking in the...
...emergency zone.
Every second does matter.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for your apology.
Didn't have to tow my car, but...
Maybe you did.
What do you say we start over?
Clean slate?
Clean slate.
You know, I feel for Carter.
Been there.
Your mom?
I'm sorry.
Kids shouldn't have to deal with
adult issues.
I agree.
Hey. We agree on something.
How do you feel about sushi?
Sure, why not?
Hey you.
Nice car.
- Thank you.
- It suits you.
You like?
You ready?
- Yeah, come on.
- All right, let's go.
You sure about this place?
Okay. I know it doesn't look like
much from the outside, but don't...
...judge until you see the inside,
- All right.
- All right.
I got you, I promise.
I got it.
Thank you. Let me get the light.
So? What do you think?
Well, I'd like to place some tables
over there.
I'd like to place
the dance floor here.
And there's a space over there
for a DJ.
Well, you were right.
This place is perfect.
I could get you a 15% discount
if we book today.
You rock.
I knew you'd find something great.
- It's what I do.
Well, all that's left for us to do
then is, meet with the caterers.
And we need to book a DJ.
And I'm gonna need your
final invite list.
This is gonna be the
best birthday ever.
Yeah, man.
- You did it.
- Thanks, Vince.
Thank you.
Let's go eat, my friend.
I can't believe I let you
talk me into this.
My money's on Veronica.
- You need a break.
- Water.
Here you go.
You got a good workout.
- How's the ride along going?
- Fantastic.
And the girl?
We're going on a date
tomorrow night.
What? What's that look for?
Jeff, you know I love you.
But if you're doing this because
you want the challenge, or...
...because your ego can't handle
the rejection...
What? No. I mean, maybe at first
it was a bit about that, but...
Just make sure you're doing it
for the right reasons.
All right.
Let's get juice.
Why did you agree to go to dinner?
He caught me off guard.
I said yes before I had a chance to
really think it through properly.
You look like you're going to a
business meeting.
You know what?
I'm just going to text him and I'm
going to cancel and I'll say...
...that I'm unwell.
You should go,
but not in that outfit.
He probably already reservations
and it would be rude to cancel now.
I hate it when you're right.
It's just dinner. It's not like
you're marrying the guy.
Is there something else going on?
Vince has been acting strange
He's working all the time, but when
I called his office he was out...
...for the day.
Well, has he ever mentioned someone
named Keely?
Do you want me to cancel dinner?
I can stay and talk.
No, no.
You're going on this date.
Wear your blue dress.
It's gorgeous.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Jeff Alexander.
So wonderful to see you again.
Thank you.
Allow me.
Thank you.
I'm Harper. Anything else you need,
Jeff, just let me know.
Thank you, Harper.
Looks amazing, doesn't it?
Looks expensive.
You know, it's my treat.
Anything you like.
Well, you have to try...
One, he used to talk,
now he clams up.
Two, he disappears for hours
to do a simple task.
Three, he starts working overtime.
Four, he lies or evades
your questions.
Five, he buys you guilt gifts.
Hey, babe.
I'm just wrapping up here
at work right now.
This Tokyo account is running me
ragged. You want to grab a bite?
I already ate, but you can
come by my place.
Okay. All right, great.
I'll see you soon.
Alcott Elementary.
First grade.
Matt Smyth fell out of a tree and
broke his arm and he wouldn't...
...stop crying. And there wasn't
anything I could do to help him.
Poor kid.
Well, I wanted to be a doctor
ever since.
And I've applied to some
med schools.
LA Medical School is
my first choice.
My fingers are crossed for you.
So do you enjoy working as a
Sure. My philosophy is life is
short so enjoy it.
My job is to help people enjoy
their lives too.
I've never heard anyone describe
philanthropy quite like that.
Well, a lot of people
obsess over the money.
Money doesn't matter.
Only someone with money would say
that money doesn't matter.
Fair enough.
It may make life easier, but money
by itself never made anyone happy.
Doing what you do, how do you not
become emotionally attached to...
...every patient you treat?
Well, if I did,
I couldn't do my job.
But for every paramedic, there's
one or two cases that stick...
...with you.
Where you wonder what if the call
had come in a minute earlier or...
...there'd been a little less
It's much easier to write a check.
I never get to see the faces
of the people we help.
This whole ride-along thing's
really, it's really opened... eyes.
I'm glad.
I can't stop thinking about
Carter though.
You know, I know what it's like to
have a sick parent.
Well, his mom's back home
and doing much better.
That's good. But I want to do
something for kids like Carter.
An organization, a foundation,
That would be wonderful.
- You think so?
- Absolutely.
So last piece.
I'll, chopstick-battle you for it.
Three, two, one, go.
Organic, non-GMO air-popped popcorn
seasoned with herbs.
Veronica. You're a gem.
Tonight's your night to choose.
What do you think about
Lilly and Jeff?
I think she'll be good for him.
I hope so. But it's only the
first date.
Well, sometimes when you know,
you know.
Hey, babe.
These are for you.
- Number five.
- Pardon?
They've lovely. Thank you.
What's the occasion?
Does a guy need a reason to buy his
girlfriend flowers?
You tell me.
Look, I feel guilty. I've just been
working such long hours.
Called your office yesterday.
I thought you said you'd be in
meetings all day, but your...
...assistant said you were gone for
the afternoon.
You know, I had a couple,
meetings off-site.
That's unusual for you.
Tokyo guys wanted to see the town
so I took them on a tour.
You want your coffee?
So who's working
on the Tokyo account?
Ben, Aaron, Jackie, Brad.
Is everything okay?
- Why wouldn't it be?
- I don't know.
I'm fine.
We're fine, right?
Yes. Of course we are.
Come here.
Thank you. That was the most
amazing meal I've ever had.
That was the most amazing chopstick
battle I've ever had.
I had a lot of fun.
- So did I.
Crystal, this is Lilly.
Nice to meet you.
Lilly's been kind enough to put up
with me at the medical center...
...this week.
You're one of his charity projects.
How lovely.
Jeffrey, we missed your gorgeous
face at the polo match for...
I had a previous obligation.
How'd it go?
We raised 500.
I was hoping for 700.
Promise me that you won't miss
my gala?
Remind me?
We're raising money for CDH.
Where's your phone?
Crystal, hey. I'm so sorry.
Crystal, my phone, please?
Crystal, this is not okay.
Now you can't forget.
What are you doing?
What is that outfit?
I'm trying out a new look.
I'm pretty sure
Vince is cheating on me.
I don't believe it, no.
I know him well enough to know
when he's lying.
And he was lying about where he was
and who he was with.
Okay, that doesn't mean
he's cheating though.
You don't know that.
I'm pretty sure her name is Keely,
and she's probably 22 and does... yoga and drinks
kale smoothies.
Have you talked to Vince about
this yet?
No, I'm not ready for that.
What about you?
How was your date?
It was fine, but Jeff lives in this
complete other world.
And I don't want to be
a part of it.
I want to just focus on getting
into med school and that's it.
You know, I can always give you
a list of what else we'd like... know, if you're gonna
And what is going on here?
Well, Jeff has catered breakfast
for us.
That's awfully kind of him.
I couldn't take another day of
Nick's microwaved eggs.
Gourmet as they were.
I'm gonna bring my family's
cold spaghetti pie.
That ought to get us a steak
dinner, you'll see.
Dr. Richwood to the ER.
Nick, come with me.
Will you take that?
What are the sirens for?
Multiple car crash coming in.
Lot of people texting and driving
these days, and not just kids.
Yeah. Hey, listen, I had a really
great time the other night.
I was hoping that maybe we could...
Welfare call. Code 2.
70s female.
What, what's a code 2?
An elderly woman hasn't been heard
from in two days.
On scene, over.
You go that way.
- Is anyone home?
- LA County Sheriff!
- Ma'am?
- Hello, is anyone here?
LA County Sheriff!
Is anyone here?
Ma'am, are you home?
Ma'am, we're here to help you.
Is anyone home?
Is anyone here?
LA County Sheriff.
Did you find her?
No, but I found this.
This is Charlie 8-12.
70s female has gone on vacation
in the Rockies.
I repeat: 70s female is on vacation
in the Rockies.
She'll be returning March 25th.
So this woman is safe and happily
traveling through Canada.
We're all good.
So, you get many false alarms?
A few. I'd rather have a false
alarm than a fatality.
Good morning.
Hey, good morning.
I am here to see Vince Rossmore.
I'm his 11:00.
Give me one second.
- He's ready for you.
- Perfect. Thank you.
Your 11:00 a.m. is here.
Hey, Keely. Come on in.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Well, if the client is too busy to
come to the caterer, the caterer...
...comes to the client.
- Yes.
- Voil.
Megan loves chocolate.
I have all the chocolate choices
for her.
Let me see, let's start with,
we have a Belgian milk chocolate.
A fudgy chocolate with ganache,
my personal fave, yes.
And a raspberry-filled
dark chocolate.
And, lastly, a coconut chocolate
with cream cheese.
- I'm glad I skipped lunch.
- Yeah.
- Did you bring the milk?
- Did I bring the milk?
What's in my bag of tricks over
I'm not even gonna go there.
- It was on sale!
- Yeah. Knowing you...
Bang for my buck.
Let me get you a fork.
Hold on, let me see.
Here we go.
Thank you.
All right, let's see.
That's the one.
That's the one, right there.
Our clients die for Becky's Bakery.
Hey, Finn.
Hey, Meggers.
He's in a meeting right now.
You can't go in.
Sorry, doll.
What's going on in there?
Just a meeting.
Just melts in your mouth.
With whom is he meeting?
She's not a work client.
Her name is Kelly, Kylie...
- Keely.
- That's it.
That's the best.
That is the best right there.
Don't tell him I was here.
Nice form, Pops.
What do you call that move?
Lunge curl.
What do you got there?
It's Veronica's vanilla milkshake.
You want some?
Keep that away from me.
How's everything at the
medical center?
Intense. I don't know how they do
what they do every day.
- It's a special calling.
- Yeah.
How's Lilly?
You know, I just can't
figure her out.
She's impossible to read.
Son, I'm gonna tell you the secret
to understanding women.
I'm listening. What is it?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's the secret.
A woman will tell you everything
you need to know if you just...
Morning, Doc.
380, copy.
I can't believe you're still awake.
Well, we introduced solid foods
this week and Everett started...
...sleeping through the night.
Which happily means Mommy and Daddy
started sleeping through the night.
En passant.
- What was that?
- Look it up.
Nick hates to lose.
I do not.
En passant?
It's ridiculous.
I got an email from the
Los Angeles Medical School.
"Dear Lilly Springler...
Informing you that you..."
Wait-listed. Again.
Means you still have a chance.
If a buy a new wing
for the hospital.
I can't keep doing this.
Doing what?
Getting so close to my dream and
then having the door slammed in... face.
Charlie 812, pediatric trauma.
1915 North Tamara Avenue.
Support. LAFD on scene.
Now, asthma is difficult to deal
with, but your brother's gonna... okay.
Lilly wouldn't tell you that
if it wasn't true.
That's right.
I'll go with them.
I will stay here, and I will take
care of the paperwork.
I hate paperwork.
She's the best.
Yeah, so I'm learning.
Got a knack with kids.
Well, that's because I am one.
I can see that.
When was the last time you were
on vacation?
I can't remember.
Or had fun?
Does the cardiac science
symposium count?
No, definitely not.
Saw you're off Saturday.
Any plans?
Laundry. Errands.
Loads of fun.
Get your errands done early 'cause
I'm picking you up at noon.
What for?
You'll see.
Trust me.
What do you think?
Ixnay on the sneakers.
Jeff won't tell me
where we're going.
I want to be comfortable.
Is that Vince?
You know you're gonna have to talk
to him eventually.
I know.
I just can't right now.
Are you gonna be all right?
I'm sorry to be such a bummer, but
this is not the way my life was...
...supposed to go.
By 30, I was supposed to be a
professor, not a single...
...substitute teacher
living with a roommate.
No offense.
Peoples' lives don't turn out the
way they planned.
But you have family and friends
who love you.
And you have plenty of time to
achieve all of your dreams.
With or without Vince.
Thanks, Lil.
I can't leave you here.
Come with us.
No. No, I'm just gonna lie here and
contemplate my wasted existence.
I'll be fine. Just go. I'm gonna be
mad if you don't go and have fun.
You look beautiful, as always.
Promise not to have me towed?
If you park in the right spot,
I won't have to.
You know, you were my inspiration
for this whole thing.
What thing? Jeff, what is it?
Watching you at work, you inspired
me to want to be more involved...
...with the people we help.
So you are standing on the new
Rex Alexander Kid Camp.
That's wonderful!
When my mom got sick, I had a hard
time dealing with the sadness.
My dad sent me to Camp Calston
for the week.
And first I didn't want to go, but
then I ended up having the time...
...of my life.
We swam the lake.
We camped out under the stars.
Played games.
My counselor helped me understand
that it was okay to feel sad...
...about my mom and still have fun
with the other kids.
That I wasn't alone.
You were just a boy when you went
through all this.
I want this place to be for kids
what Camp Calston was for me.
You know, a place for them to
process their grief and do what... should be doing,
having fun.
Well, I'm really proud of you.
And it does fit your personal
philosophy, helping people enjoy...
...their lives.
You remembered. I want you to be a
part of it.
I want to be a part of it too.
Well, everyone has to bring
something to the table.
What do you got?
I can teach first aid.
Knowledge empowers kids.
It reduces their stress to have an
action plan in case of an...
Anything else?
I can make a mean s'more.
Now we are talking.
You are hired.
Megan, I don't know what's going
on, but it would be great if you...
...would just call me back.
I love you.
Thank you. Hey.
Sorry I'm a few minutes late.
Have a seat.
You okay?
My girlfriend, Megan, is having a
tough time with this birthday.
Well, 30 is different for everyone,
I don't know why.
It was fine for me.
It's just another number.
Maybe it's not about the number,
but what it means to her as a...
- What do you mean?
Okay, well, some people have
certain expectations for...
...themselves, personally and
professionally, right?
Of course.
Well, if those things haven't been
reached by a certain age... triggers a crises.
- Look at you.
- Did you like that?
Dropping gems.
Yeah, I guess I never thought about
it that way.
Yeah. I majored in psychology.
Don't ask how that led to a career
in party planning.
Something went wrong.
I think throwing her this birthday
party will probably be the best...
...thing to do to cheer her up.
Let's go over the final details.
All right.
Let's do it.
So we got the place you wanted.
All right.
And if we don't hit any snags, I
think we'll be up and running by...
...early next year.
But enough about that.
I've got something for you.
Jeff, what's this?
You'll see.
Close your eyes.
No peeking.
I made these myself.
Veronica was a little concerned
about you eating my cooking though.
Well, I'll go with PB&J
just to be safe.
They're delicious.
- Success.
I could tell this medical school
thing was stressing you out so I...
...wanted to take you somewhere
where you could relax.
That's really thoughtful.
I propose a toast.
A toast to enjoying life.
You know, it's true what they say.
The best things in life,
you can't buy.
I think I owe you an apology.
I'm trained to quickly assess a
situation and make an accurate...
...snap judgment.
Lives depend on it.
But I may have judged you too soon.
How so?
Well, I just thought you were some
rich, entitled, spoiled, shallow...
...brat who just bought his way
through life.
Any more adjectives?
No, I'm serious.
I thought you were just coasting,
without care or regard for...
...anyone else.
Please, don't sugarcoat
on my account.
Now that I've spent some time with
you, I can admit that I was wrong.
Well, maybe not entirely.
Before I met you, I was coasting,
in a way.
You made me really look at myself.
What I wanted to do,
who I wanted to be.
And it turns out it's helping kids.
Thank you for today.
My pleasure.
Well, I'll see you at the
med center tomorrow then.
I meant to tell you.
Rex has meetings all next week
in London.
And I'm traveling with him.
London? Nice.
You know, foundation business.
Well, enjoy.
I don't know if you remember what
Crystal said about the CDH gala.
I remember.
I was, wondering if you'd be
interested in going.
Are you sure Crystal wouldn't mind?
I don't mind if she does mind.
What do you think?
I'd like that.
Me too.
- Good night.
- Good night.
How did it go?
And what about you, are you feeling
a little bit better?
A little.
But you're right.
I still have plenty of time
to achieve my goals.
And I'm not getting any closer to
my dreams by moping around or by...
...putting on wrinkle cream.
That's the spirit.
And what are you working on?
Grad school applications.
Megan, that's wonderful.
Thank you for being
such a good friend.
And for putting up
with my craziness.
I wouldn't trade your craziness
for anything.
So, Jeff, tell me about
this new charity of yours.
It's a camp for kids dealing with
chronic illnesses within their...
They do typical camp things with
the added benefit of having...
...peers they can relate to.
Like, one I wish I had
when I was a kid.
I love it.
I'm proud of you, son.
Founding your first charity.
Your mom would be proud too.
Thanks, Dad.
When that ambulance came for me,
I remembered how short life is.
And how important it is to let the
people you love know how much... care about them.
'Cause one day it might just be
too late.
I love you, Jeff.
I love you too.
I say we go party.
- Crystal.
- Thought that was you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Crystal, you remember my dad, Rex?
Of course.
Lovely to see you again, Rex.
Always a pleasure, Crystal.
What are you doing in London?
Calandre here is starring in a
fashion show tomorrow evening.
Jeffrey is the philanthropist
I've been telling you about.
You should come to the show.
I don't know.
I think we have some, we have some
business we have to account for.
Our last meeting's at 4:00.
Then it's settled.
All right.
We were you guys headed?
- Boy.
- They're everywhere.
From now on, wear a helmet, dude.
How many times do we have to tell
these kids that it's more cool... wear a helmet than to end up
in here?
- They still don't listen.
- Yeah.
Everett's never leaving the house
without a helmet.
And a full-armored body suit.
Where's our philanthropist today?
You can say it's none of my
business, but you're like my...
...sister and I don't want to
see you...
What is it?
- Be careful.
- Thought you liked Jeff?
I do, but he lives in an entirely
different world.
And I don't want to see you
get hurt.
Jeff is far more down-to-earth
than he seems.
Hope you're right.
Look, I appreciate your concern,
but I know what I'm doing.
But if he hurts you?
He's gonna go for an ambulance ride
and not in the jump seat.
Okay, deal.
Megan, this silent treatment is
getting ridiculous.
Would you please call me back?
I need to talk to you.
It's important.
I love you.
The Tokyo copies you wanted.
Dude, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You sure?
You don't seem it.
What's the problem?
Maybe I can help.
All right.
Megan won't return my calls,
and I don't know why.
She did seem quite distressed
last time I saw her.
When was that?
You were locked in this office
with that, Kelly, Kylie...
- Keely?
- That's the one.
She thinks you're cheating, dude.
She thinks...
Finn, I would never.
- I know, I know.
- Thanks.
Anytime, man.
Hey, can I wrangle an invite to
that birthday shindig of yours?
Guess not.
We're home!
Welcome back, boys!
How was your trip?
Would have much rather been here
with you.
I brought you a little something.
My favorite tea and biscuits.
You remembered.
Thank you. What about you, mister,
are you happy to be back?
Yeah, I can't wait to see
Lilly again.
You must really miss her.
You should do something for her.
Something that only you could
do for her.
Something she wouldn't expect.
The patient had a pre-existing
heart condition.
Okay. Then it looks like this is
Yeah, go ahead, take it.
Thank you.
Ms. Springler?
Yes, this is Lilly Springler.
You applied to LA Medical School.
You've been accepted.
Will we see you at orientation?
Yeah, yes, yes.
Look for an email.
Thank you.
I got accepted to the
LA Medical School.
Thank you.
What's all this?
It's for you.
Veronica, you've been
my friend, my rock...
...and my companion
all these years.
You've loved me like
I was your own family.
And it's taken me all these years
to realize you are my family.
And I want to make it official.
...I want you to know how deeply
I cherish you.
Will you marry me?
Rex, I don't,
I don't know what to say.
Say yes.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Thank you.
"Any med school will be
lucky to have you.
You're going to be the best doctor.
Can't wait to see you. Love, Jeff."
What is that? Gift from Jeff?
It is a med school survival kit.
There's coffee, pens.
There's even a stethoscope.
That's so sweet.
A congratulations gift?
Well, I haven't even told him yet.
I was going to tell him
at the gala today.
That's right, that's today.
What is the future doctor wearing?
I'm wearing my black dress
from graduation.
Absolutely not.
Well, I like that dress.
Why not?
So many reasons,
I can't even begin.
Get your keys.
We're going shopping.
But it's cute.
So what is this place?
- It's a high-end thrift shop.
They have amazing designer dresses
at affordable prices.
Well, what about that bridesmaid
dress I wore to CC's wedding?
You might as well wear scrubs.
No, you're not wearing scrubs.
All right, all right.
Come on, I'm gonna make sure you
look like a million bucks.
You look beautiful.
But those shoes?
No, no, and no.
What's wrong with my shoes?
What isn't wrong with those shoes?
They're comfortable.
Try these.
I'm gonna fall flat on my face in
front of everyone in these.
No, you're not, princess.
Just walk slowly
and take small steps.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
That's what friends are for.
Hey, that looks like Jeff.
What? What?
Is that Crystal?
And what's this other article?
"Alexander's Million Dollar
Donation to the...
...LA Medical School."
They made that donation yesterday.
Guess you know who to thank for
getting you off the wait list.
That's why he gave me
the gift basket.
He already knew I'd gotten in.
I refuse to let anyone buy me into
medical school, especially not...
...Jeff Alexander.
It would make me a hypocrite!
I don't want to be another Carlton
Strand, taking a place from...
...someone who actually
deserves it.
I don't know anyone who deserves to
be a doctor more than you do.
Are you still going to the gala?
Yeah. I'm going to confront Jeff,
find out what's really going on.
He can't lie to my face, right?
Have fun.
You girls look good.
Good to see you.
Have a great time. Name?
Lilly Springler.
Sorry, you're not on the list.
I'm a guest of Jeff Alexander.
There you are.
They mistakenly listed you
as "Spinster."
Go ahead, enjoy the gala.
It was Calandre's first day out,
and she crashed the super yacht... Capri!
And then she jumped off
and tried to swim...
Wow. You look stunning.
Tonight, again.
I need to talk to you.
I hadn't finished my story.
Crystal, you remember Lilly?
Hello. That's a lovely dress.
Where did you get it?
I had one just like it.
But I gave mine to charity.
Mine had a little...
It is my old dress.
- What's so funny?
- Nothing.
It's the funniest coincidence.
Lilly here chose my dress that I
gave to a consignment shop to...
...wear to my gala.
You won't believe this.
She's wearing my old dress.
Excuse me.
- That's embarrassing.
- I know.
Lilly, wait.
Lilly, would you stop?
Good afternoon.
What was that all about?
Guess my first impression of you
was right after all.
Is that so?
I know about the donation bribe.
What donation?
Lilly, I make a lot of donations.
You're gonna have to be
more specific.
Look, I don't need your bribes
or your charity or your pity!
What are you talking about?
Someone help! Call an ambulance!
Call 911!
Out of the way. Move.
Step back. Everyone, get back.
She's a paramedic. Give her some
room. Back! Come on, back.
You guys, move, please.
He's all right.
He's going to be okay.
Thank goodness.
He's okay, everyone. Move.
Give him some space.
Okay, buddy.
Let's get you up slowly.
Thank goodness you were here.
You saved his life.
I can't thank you enough.
I'm just glad I was here to help.
Thank you.
That dress looks much better on you
than it ever did on me.
I should get back to my guests.
You okay?
Let's go get a drink.
I believe these belong to you.
They're not even mine.
- Lilly...
- Jeff, I...
Our worlds are just too far apart.
If that's how you really feel...
...guess there's nothing
left to say.
Everything okay, son?
You haven't eaten a thing all day.
What's wrong?
It's Lilly.
She says our worlds are
too far apart.
Can't fix that.
I remember when I first came to
work for you.
I was so overwhelmed,
the first day I nearly quit.
I didn't know that.
But you didn't.
Yeah, why is that?
Because I saw a heartbroken boy.
And I thought I could add something
to your lives that had nothing... do with money or fancy cars.
If Lilly is the right one for you,
she'll find a way to close the...
D-Day. 30.
Everett is a comic genius.
You should see the faces
that he's making.
He's got one that's like...
It's just...
But you got to see it in person.
Calling Jeff?
No, I am calling the LA Medical
School Admissions Committee... decline my spot.
I know you're upset with him right
now, but don't do anything rash...'re gonna regret, okay?
- Nick, give it back.
- All right, I'll give it back.
- It's so childish, just give it...
Vince, what's wrong?
Well, today's Megan's birthday and
I've been going crazy for the...
...past three days, trying to get
in touch with her.
Think she blocked my number.
Do you know that Finn thinks that
Megan thinks that I'm cheating...
...on her?
Excuse me.
Now, I am not at liberty to speak
on Megan's behalf...
Because that's absurd, all right?
I have never and would never
cheat on Megan.
Okay. Okay, come on, sit down.
Come on.
Now I feel dizzy.
So you're not cheating?
No, are you...
Look, I have been planning a big
surprise party for Megan's...
...birthday tonight.
Okay, look, all right, I understand
how my behavior might have...
...seemed suspicious, but I was
just trying to keep the party...
...a secret.
Okay, that makes sense.
But let me ask you something.
Were you going to invite me
to this party?
Well, I couldn't exactly mail you
an invitation.
I was gonna tell you at the last
minute so you wouldn't have to...
...keep the party a secret.
But look, it doesn't even matter.
There's not going to be a party
once I tell her.
Leave it to me.
What on earth are you doing?
I'm studying for my CSET.
I'm gonna ace this thing and get
into UCLA's education program.
You're studying on your birthday?
You're even sadder than I am.
Also, good news.
According to this,
40 is the new 30.
So I don't have to worry about
turning 30 for another ten years.
Well, that is good news.
Now go and get ready.
It's your birthday.
I'm taking you out to dinner
to celebrate.
You don't have to do that,
especially after everything that...
...happened at the gala with Jeff.
Look, tonight is not about me.
It's about you.
And I won't take no for an answer.
Okay, boss.
All right.
Go get dressed.
Look at us, two single girls
hitting the town.
Is this it?
Are you sure you have the
right address?
This is the address they gave me.
Come on, birthday girl.
Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Careful, careful.
This is just weird.
Give it a minute.
You didn't!
It wasn't me.
Happy birthday, babe.
I have someone I want you to meet.
This is Keely, an old college
friend and the party planner who...
...helped me pull all this
- Keely?
- Yes.
Party planner.
It all makes sense.
Happy birthday, Megan.
You look very beautiful.
Thank you.
You guys enjoy.
Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- These are for you.
Babe, you're my whole heart.
You always have been
and you always will be.
I am so sorry I ever doubted you.
It's fine. Come here.
Happy birthday, Meggers!
Come on, everyone,
let's get the party started!
Here, give me those.
So you enjoying your
birthday party?
I am.
I can't believe you pulled
this off.
I almost forgot your present.
Marry me, babe.
With all my heart,
of course I will.
Way to go, Vince!
I love you.
I love you.
30's gonna be a good year.
The best.
I'm gonna get Lilly, okay?
Your turn.
No, no, no.
You did great.
What a day.
So how are the camp construction
plans coming along?
We're planning to open
early next year.
Well, that's good.
Son, come on.
I mean, if you feel this strongly
about her, just call her.
Lilly made her opinion of me
extremely clear.
This was her decision.
I'm just biding by it.
Guy's napping in his car.
Someone thinks he's dead.
It was a good-intent call.
He was snoring. Loudly.
Hey, you all right?
Yeah, sure.
I just want to clean my gear.
Here's some hot chocolate.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I still can't believe you and Vince
pulled that off.
It was all Vince.
Have you heard from Jeff?
I'm surprised.
I may have told him I didn't need
his pity or his charity.
Money's no issue for Jeff.
It's an issue for me.
Your issue, your problem, not his.
I'm not gonna let someone
pay for my life.
He's a philanthropist.
I mean, what's his crime, really?
He made a donation to help your
lifelong dream come true?
If you don't work through your
prejudices and deal with your...
...own insecurities, you're gonna
lose a good guy.
Maybe the best guy
you've ever known.
I know you've been feeling down
lately, and I thought I'd make... a special lunch.
Nick, that's really sweet.
My famous cold spaghetti pie.
It's supposed to say "smile," but
I ran out of Parme.
You really didn't have to go to
so much effort.
It's the least I could do.
I know you've been having a rough
time of it lately.
I'm going to call the LA Medical
School today and inform them...
...that I won't be
accepting the spot.
I still think it's a mistake.
I keep thinking about the applicant
who earned that spot and how...
...they're being unfairly pushed
aside the way I was.
You're crazy, but I admire
your integrity, kiddo.
What am I hearing about you not
accepting your spot?
I was only accepted after a bribe,
a donation was made to...
...take me off the wait list.
I cannot accept that spot
in good conscience.
Lilly, you were accepted after
I made a phone call on your behalf.
You did?
I thought you knew that.
I spoke to the admissions committee
and I told them about your...
...passion for wanting to become a
doctor and everything that you... here at the medical center.
Well, what about the donation from
the Rex Alexander Foundation?
That's an annual donation
they make every year in honor of...
...Jeff's mother.
Is Jeff here?
I'm afraid he's not.
Did you try calling his cell?
I wasn't sure
if he'd answer my calls.
What I have to say
should be said in person.
I think he's got a meeting with the
foreman at his campsite today.
Thank you.
Good luck, Lilly.
Let's put a ropes course
over there.
Hey, guys, can you check out that
slope and make sure we're okay...
...with the bridge?
What are you doing here?
Veronica told me you'd be here.
She did?
How are the plans
for the camp going?
You wanted to talk?
You're not going to make it easy
for me, are you?
Okay, guess I deserve that.
To do what I do, I have to
disconnect emotionally.
Not because I don't care,
but because I care too much.
If I feel everything,
then I can't help anyone.
And sometimes it's difficult to
come out of that shell.
I have worked so hard
for every penny.
And that I've done everything
by myself is a matter of...
...personal pride.
I'm sorry I accused you of
buying me off the wait list.
I was wrong.
You know I would never do
anything like that.
I know.
And I'm hoping that you'll forgive
me and that we can start over.
I don't want to start over.
I don't want to start over 'cause
I'm already in love with you.
I'm in love with you too.
The first time I saw you
at the grocery store...
I thought you were the most
handsome man I'd ever seen.