Canyon Passage (1946) Movie Script

Give him a rubdown and
plenty of feed. Yes, sir.
Logan Stuart's the name.
Thanks, Mr. Stuart.
Damp day.
How's Jacksonville?
Credit to account?
I'll take that specie.
We're short of cash
at the diggings.
What time do you open
in the morning?
Tomorrow's Sunday.
Then put the specie
in the saddle bags
and I'll come by for it
before you close tonight.
You must have
around 7,000 here.
That's no trinket to be left
lying loose around a hotel room.
Gold is only yellow gravel,
Yes, but the yellow color
makes all the difference.
Butter's yellow, too, and
you can spread it on bread.
Ever try that with gold?
For a business man,
you've got odd ideas.
If I were a banker,
as I shall be some day,
I'd set you down as unsound
and lend you nothing.
A man can choose his own gods,
Cornelius. What are your gods?
Damp day.
Let me see that.
Yes, sir.
It's a beautiful little
locket. It came from England.
I'll take it.
A fortunate young lady, whoever
she is. Anything else, sir?
Yes, I need some dry clothes, shirt,
socks, everything from the skin out.
Hey, Logan! Come here.
How are you, McLane?
Fine. Just the man I want to see.
What are the Indians doing
down your way this year?
So far, quiet and uncertain.
Logan, I've got a consignment of
general hardware from the brig Alice
to be delivered to Clay
& King at Jacksonville.
It's cloth, rope,
tin dishes, buckets.
I'm shipping by boat
to Salem.
Do you want to
pack it from there?
How many mules will it make?
Oh, 20, I suppose.
What's your freight?
Three dollars a mule
per day.
It'll be in Salem on the
20th. Two more of the same.
Not for me.
I've got to see
if I can get a load of windows
hauled out to Gales Creek.
Windows with glass?
We're becoming civilized.
Oh, Bob. Bob Miller.
Lumber's selling sky-high
in San Francisco.
You sure enough will make
a handsome profit, Captain.
Miss Lucy Overmire arrived?
In Room 10. Just off the
Cascades boat. Thanks.
She's been asking
for George Camrose.
We got through all right.
But the train back of us, 50
wagons, not a one of them left.
Come in, George.
Why, Logan!
Hello, Lucy.
Oh, George had to make a
sudden trip to Crescent City.
He knew I was coming up, so he
asked me if I'd bring you home.
Will you mind having me
on your hands, Logan?
That was a foolish question.
You don't mind
having women on your hands.
Where did you get that?
George Camrose, I bet.
Oh, have you got
stout clothes?
I want to get started before
daylight and the weather's foul.
I don't mind.
How was your visit
up at The Dalles?
Oh, Logan, there were a lot of
cattle abandoned by the emigrants.
You could probably get them
for very little.
Did you see any mules?
Well, five o'clock then,
and dress warm.
We'll make Salem the first day
and Toms River the second.
We should be in Jacksonville
Friday afternoon,
unless that's traveling
too fast for you.
I suppose you're going down
to play a little poker now.
I guess not. Good night.
A woman, Logan?
I kept open for you.
I was just reading
in the Advertiser
they've completed
a suspension bridge
across Niagara Falls for the
railroad. Well, that's progress.
Out our way, we haven't
even got a stagecoach yet.
Well, you've got
to have the roads first.
Maybe it's
the other way around.
Get the stagecoaches and
there'll be plenty of roads.
Well, from
a banking viewpoint,
I'd want to be sure
there were roads there first!
What's that?
I said, from
a banking viewpoint, I'd...
Oh, poohdaddle!
Come in, Logan.
You see,
it wasn't a woman.
Why didn't you say so then?
You're marrying George,
not me.
What have you got in the
saddle bags? Gold coin.
You know, I was watching you
from the window.
There was a man standing
at the corner of Alder
as you passed
and he followed you.
Don't worry about it.
Good night, Lucy.
Good night.
Logan! What happened?
A bad try. He got away.
Who was it?
I have an idea it was Bragg.
He had an arm
like a chunk of oak.
You're hurt!
I'm all right.
Lucy, you better get
out of here.
Go on to bed
and get some sleep.
We're leaving at five sharp.
What makes you so sure
it was Bragg up in Portland?
He might have trailed me.
He's had me on his mind
for quite awhile,
ever since those two miners
were killed over at Evans' Ferry.
The ones
the Indians murdered?
I was out on the road
that morning
and I saw Bragg come out of
the willows running his horse.
A few minutes later, I
stumbled onto the two bodies.
I could've had him hanged
for it and he knows it.
Why didn't you?
That was rather careless.
I didn't see him do it.
You wouldn't want to hang a man
if there was the slightest doubt.
No, you wouldn't.
Things have got to be dead even
with you, is that it, Logan?
Ease up there!
Easy, easy.
Where're you from?
Salt Lake.
No good back there anymore.
Too populated.
Get over here!
Get over here!
Come on!
How are things along the way?
One miner was killed last
night over at Graves Creek.
Are you game
to make a night ride of it?
We'll reach Ben Dance's
by daylight.
Howdy, Logan! Come on in.
Go along in.
Hello, Mr. Dance.
Morning, Miss Lucy.
Breakfast is awaiting.
Asa, come out here
and get these horses!
Hi, Logan!
Hi, Logan!
"Hi, Logan"? "Mr. Stuart,"
you young varmints.
Now rustle off them horses
and give them a good feed.
Well, how'd you find things
on the way down?
Not too bad.
Had a little trouble
over at Graves Creek.
One miner was killed.
Yeah, Indians.
They got a Cavalry outfit under some young
lieutenant combing the canyon for them.
But I got a little bet
with myself
he'll get bushwhacked first
off. He don't know Indian style.
Why didn't you
tell him, Ben?
You can't tell them
army fellows nothing.
They got a little brown book.
If it ain't in that little
brown book, it just ain't true.
How was Portland, Logan?
A thousand people
and raining.
How can anyone live in such
a crowd? Come and eat, Lucy.
I couldn't eat a thing,
Mrs. Dance.
What she needs
is some sleep.
Well, hello, Caroline.
How are you, Logan?
Oh, I don't think
you two are acquainted.
Lucy, this is Caroline Marsh.
Lucy Overmire.
I've heard about you.
I'm so sorry
about your father.
I brought you something
from Portland.
Did you? What?
If you have on your best
Sunday dress around noon time,
I'll give it to you.
Will you fix a bed
for Lucy, dear?
We traveled all night.
And when you travel
with Logan, you travel.
Come along.
I thought maybe she'd be
on her way back to England.
What for?
Her folks come out here to
start a new life for themselves.
She's not the sort to give up just
'cause the Indians killed her pa.
It's a joy
having her around, Logan.
We always
wanted a daughter.
But like
all good-looking daughters,
it don't look like we're
going to keep her long, Ma.
Logan... I mean, Mr. Stuart, do you
think the Indians will break out?
It's always possible, Asa.
A peace treaty don't seem to mean
nothing to them Rogue beasters.
Well, it's their land and we're
on it and they don't forget it.
Things'll be all right,
I reckon,
unless some medicine man
stirs them up
or some white cuss
starts something.
You'll know it beforehand,
they'll get insolent.
That's the time to fort up.
Well, this is my fort
and darned if I budge.
That's right, Ben.
Ma is sending Caroline
over to McGarry's place.
Mrs. McGarry's
come to her time.
Now, there's everything
you'll need, dear.
You want me to send Dr.
Balance back from Jacksonville?
I can do
whatever's necessary.
Oh, for sure,
it's only a baby.
You stay at
McGarry's tonight, Caroline.
I'll be over tomorrow
and ride back with you!
Give my hellos
to your ma, Lucy.
Say I'm lonesome for talk.
Bye, Logan!
You ain't got much time!
Well, here's where
I leave you.
It takes me
back to England.
It's just like
my grandmother's.
Hey! Come on!
Thank you.
Oh, Logan, there's a
cabin-raising Saturday week.
Liza Stone and
Gray Bartlett are marrying.
I'll be there.
You'd have had your kiss
if I hadn't been here.
Yes. I'm sorry I caused you to miss it.
But what's any woman
to you?
You're never happy
except when you're on the go.
I guess I'm just stuck on this
Oregon or maybe I'm just ambitious.
I want to see a Stuart
& Company pack outfit
stringing along
every road.
And when stages come,
I want them to be my stages.
Is that what makes you so
restless and discontented?
Or is it a woman, Logan?
Must it always be a woman?
Take me to
the Rogue River Valley
Where the silvery
moonlight shines
Some one waits for me
in the valley
There among
the blue-tipped pines
She'll be by the river
Where all heaven beams
And there by the river
We'll find
the trail of dreams
don't you dare to dally
Can't you hear
the kill deer song?
Say, Hi. When did Honey
Bragg get into town?
Well, it looks like
he just rode in
the way
his horse is lathered.
Must've done
a little riding yourself.
All the way from Portland.
Don't tell anyone.
What was that song
you were singing, Hi?
Oh, I don't know.
Just a little song.
It sounded very romantic.
Well, Mandy
gets that way sometimes.
Silly, isn't she?
She'll be by the river
Where all heaven beams
And there by the river
We'll find
the trail of dreams
Donkey, don't you dare...
Steady! Whoa! Whoa!
Lucy! Hello, Logan.
Nice trip, Logan?
Did you enjoy yourself? Did
you have a nice time, dear?
Yes, it was fun.
Oh, we stopped by the Dances
and Mrs. Dance sends her hellos.
There she is, George,
there's your girl.
Thank you, Logan.
Did he behave himself, Lucy?
Oh, you're lovely.
I'd almost forgotten.
Not entirely
I hope, George.
Is that the best
you can do, George?
Could you do any better?
If I hadn't seen my girl for a
whole month, a whole lot better.
Same old roughneck.
No polish at all.
Did you mind my asking Logan
to bring you home?
What took you over
to Crescent City, George?
A mining claim. Looked like
a real strike, but it wasn't.
Another rainbow?
One day, I'll bring you
the pot of gold
from the end of that rainbow,
you'll see.
Are you glad
to be back, Lucy?
How was the trip?
Good night.
Good night.
Where's Morrow?
He'll be back Tuesday.
I sent 40 mules
on the trip.
Vane Blazier will take the
Scottsburg string in the morning,
20 mules.
Put this on the books, Clench.
Thirty mules to be at Salem
on the 20th.
Henry McLane's freight.
Where will you get the mules?
You're spread
pretty thin already.
Maybe it's time for us
to buy a few more.
Buy, buy.
Always buy, buy.
Hello, Vane.
Did you stop by at Dances?
How is everybody?
Caroline, you mean?
She's fine.
Do you realize you've got close
on $50,000 sunk in this place?
We must be rich.
You ought to have $10,000
laid by for trouble.
What trouble? The
trouble that always comes.
Why do you suppose I came here,
6,000 miles from Liverpool?
This is Jacksonville, Clench,
U.S.A. We sail with the tide.
All Americans think that.
They think the tide
flows forever for them.
But mark me, Logan.
Gold veins run out, crops
fail, men starve, wars come.
And businesses fail. Then we
get a new deck and deal again.
So you'll buy the mules?
What happened to you, Logan?
We waited supper for you.
I thought you and George
would want to be together.
Why, Logan, that's
a very tender sentiment.
George, when is this girl
going to marry you?
I doubt
if she knows herself, Logan.
When are you taking me,
George, do you like poetry?
Must I like poetry
to be your husband?
We will be married
when the leaves fall.
You see, Logan. She strings
me up and lets me swing.
You mean the maple leaves
that fall early,
or the pine needles
that never fall at all?
Come on, there's a fight. Fight? Who is it?
I don't know.
What's going on?
There's a fight at the back
of the settlement.
Come on!
You better
get up there, Logan.
It's your friend
Vane Blazer and Bragg.
Come on, George.
Don't never crowd me, boy.
Nobody crowded you.
Oh, you're calling me
a liar.
Stand up to him, Blazier.
Yeah. Let him have it.
I didn't call you a liar.
I'll bust you up
proper, boy.
Having a little trouble, Vane?
Hello, Bragg.
Logan, my friend,
how are you?
I hear you've been away.
I'm here and there,
I'm a restless man.
I've been away, too.
You have?
Well, you're a restless man
like me.
I notice
you're favoring your left leg.
A horse threw me.
It couldn't be you fell
through a window by any chance?
Oh, let's get on
with the fight.
See you sometime, Logan.
Well, by gum,
it was a freeze out.
Come on, Vane,
buy you a drink.
Never mind.
I can fight my own battles.
That was quite a surprise.
More of a disappointment
to the boys, I'd say.
What can you expect from
people living in the wilderness?
What's wilderness
got to do with it?
Everything, I think.
What do you say, Lucy?
Some men are more primitive
than others, I guess.
Some men
just fight it harder.
Put his weight on Honey Bragg
and he broke.
I'd say bent.
Well, broke or bent,
what do you make of it, Hi?
You're a lawyer, Jonas,
you figure it out.
I'm glad
you enjoyed the trip, Lucy,
but it's great
to have you back.
I missed you.
Thank you, George.
Well, see you tomorrow.
You ought to do your kissing in
private, George, and do it better.
I'll ask you again, Logan.
Could you do better?
You brought it
on yourself, George.
Good night.
Good night, Lucy.
Going to play a little poker?
I got to get some sleep,
Oh, it's still early.
I'm off on a trip tomorrow. I'm
going to look for some mules.
Another trip so soon?
If you're not careful,
one of these days
you're going to end up
being a tired millionaire.
Then I'll take it easy.
See you when you get back.
Good luck.
I'm riding on a silver saddle
The moon is my silver saddle
And long before
the stars skedaddle
I'll be with my love tonight
She'll be in the gloaming
Where all heaven beams
Oh, hello, Johnny.
Hi, Camrose.
Ah, say, I know it's after hours,
but I saw a light in your office.
Mind letting me have my dust?
Got some poker to play.
Sure, Johnny, but I'll have
to ask you to wait outside
while I open the safe.
Company rules.
Sure, I know.
The moon is my silver saddle
And long before
the stars skedaddle
I'll be with my love tonight
Me and my old Daisy,
up there in the sky
And my heart beating crazy,
but it's no wonder why
I'm riding on a silver saddle
To someone
who loves me right
The moon is my silver saddle
I'm riding the moon tonight
Hello, Johnny.
How were things
up the Applegate?
Oh, terrible.
All I got for my trouble
was this watch.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, the dandiest thing. I found
it hidden in an old Indian skull.
I'll trade you
a good fiddle for it.
What would I want
with a fiddle?
Well, all you can do with that
is clock the time.
With a fiddle
you can pass the time.
All right,
I'll trade you for that.
Oh no, not my Mandy.
Mmm-mmm, no.
Say, how long does it take
to open a safe?
Come in, Johnny.
There you are, Johnny.
Much obliged, Camrose.
Glad to do it.
Good luck with your poker.
Hello, Linnet.
Coming up to Lestrade's?
Oh, maybe later.
Uh, you feeling
lucky tonight?
I always feel lucky.
That's my trouble.
I'll see you.
King high straight.
Ace high.
It's too good for me.
And me.
That cleans me.
Of all the rotten luck.
You're a
cleaned chicken, huh?
I'll have to give you
my IOU, Jack.
With pleasure.
Marta, pen and ink
for Mr. Camrose.
Too bad your friend Logan
couldn't be with us tonight.
Oh, he's off
on another trip tomorrow.
Always on the move.
I wish I had his energy.
He came near using some
of it tonight on Bragg.
And Bragg backed down.
What did Logan
want to butt in for?
Well, maybe he didn't want to
see that young fellow butchered.
All you boys wanted to see was
a fight. Ever consider that?
Better tell Logan
to walk softly with Bragg.
Tell Bragg to walk softly.
Bragg is nothing
but a low-down skunk.
Oh, come, Dr. Balance.
Honey Bragg's
a sort of friend of mine.
You have
strange friends, Jack.
Well, I didn't say that I
like him or that I trust him.
What's your idea
of a friend?
Any man, I suppose,
who believes as I do
that the human race
is a horrible mistake.
Always damp. Always cold.
Isn't there any heat
anywhere in the world?
Good night.
Coming my way, Howison?
Good night, Marta.
Coming, George?
I hear there's going to be
a cabin-raising next week.
Some young couple who apparently
disagree with your husband's theories
about perpetuating the human
race. You'll come, won't you?
Why do you play so high when
the cards are going against you?
Oh, I'll get it back.
Five or six good hands
in a night.
Jack can't always be
that lucky.
You're a fool.
Censure on your lips,
solicitude in your eyes.
Is that really for me,
You're always reading things
in the way I look at you.
The things I'd like to read.
They're not there, George.
How's Lucy?
Good night, Marta.
Good night.
Hurry up!
There it goes!
There it goes!
There, I think
that's wide enough.
That's big enough
for anybody's fireplace.
Here's your other door.
You can get out either side
in case you have trouble
with the Indians
or your woman.
Oh, Mrs. Dance,
I just can't get over it.
All these people
coming from miles around,
people we don't even know
giving their time and all
to build a house
for Gray and me.
Yes, but don't forget it
means a lot to them, too.
For sure. A neighbor,
a new family starting up.
And another pair of hands to
stand off those red beasters.
Hold up!
If you want to catch a man,
you've got to work at it.
I want no man
I have to catch.
Why, sure. You catch him
and he catches you.
A man always figures
that he does the catching.
The truth is, it's the woman
that brings him up on the rope,
him not quite knowing it.
Is that the way
you got Mrs. Dance?
But she gave me the sign.
You've gotta give a man
the sign.
Maybe that's so.
Whoa, boy.
Let's stroll down
by the river.
I thought we came here
to help, George.
Doesn't this scene
of domesticity inspire you?
Not to sweat
over a hammer and saw.
But it does inspire me to stretch out
in the shade with my head on your lap.
This will be a handy place
for your woodpile, Liza.
Oh, it's so peaceful here.
Mmm. The illusion
of peace is upon it.
You sound rather jaded.
Oh, these cabin-raisings
jade me.
People planting themselves in one
rough spot for the rest of their lives.
I'm more for mansions
and plush furniture.
What I wouldn't give
right now
to be in an expensive
restaurant in Boston or New York.
Mmm, with music playing.
And you in a maroon waistcoat
and me in an elegant green gown.
Ah, Lucy, there's so much of
this world that we're missing.
Perhaps, George, if you took
things a bit more seriously.
You mean like Logan?
Always figuring.
More stores,
more mules...
What I mean is, if you
didn't gamble so much.
This is a gambling country.
Everybody gambles.
Even Logan gambles,
doesn't he,
every time he sends out
a pack train?
That's different.
Well, we're different.
He's not responsible for his
character and neither am I for mine.
You know, I feel that sometimes
you make a comparison between us
that leaves me
at a disadvantage.
don't complicate things.
Let's keep them simple
and straight.
Mmm, my thoughts rarely
travel in a straight line.
How about your affections?
My affections, always,
where you're concerned Lucy.
Oh, George.
God bless the hands
that built it,
and the two
that it was built for,
and may they prosper and live in
peace all the days of their lives.
Those whom God has joined
together, let no man put asunder.
For as much as
Gray and Liza here
have consented together
in holy wedlock,
and have witnessed the same
before God and this company
and thereto have given and pledged
their troth each to the other,
I pronounce
that they are man and wife.
In the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Now kiss her, son,
and let's eat.
Where were you, Hi?
What kept you?
Well, the work all done?
Yeah, you timed it
just right, Hi.
Cabin's all raised.
The couple's spliced and ready to
raise a cabin full of young'uns.
Well, I couldn't find Mandy.
Soy bean.
Soy bean.
It's nice to have
a place of your own
and know your children'll
grow up there.
If they're boys, I'd want
them to take up land nearby.
If they're girls, I'd want
them to marry neighbors
and not move off.
When I'm dead, I'd like
them to stand where I stood
and see the things I saw.
Yes, but the man you get might
not want to stay in one place.
Would it make you unhappy
to move away?
It would be hard to be
always fixing a new cabin
and starting a new garden.
Do you like Jacksonville,
It's a place
to do business in.
Folks say you make money,
but you're always risking it.
I never pay much attention
to money.
And you're restless,
everybody says so.
Yes, I guess I am.
It's easy to be that way if
you've nothing to keep you home.
How about it, folks? Up on
your feet. Grab a partner.
Sing it way up high
like a robin in the sky
And tell them I'm getting
married in the morning
Put all your cares aside, come
and kiss the blushing bride
'Cause honey, I'm getting
married in the morning
You ought to see
who promised to be mine
Here you are,
whiskey or water!
You can't dance
without sweating!
Lift up your hearts and shout
So that the news
will get about
'Cause, honey, I'm getting
married in the morning
That's it now!
Sing it way up high
like a robin in the sky
And tell them I'm getting
married in the morning
We'll pass
the little brown jug
But bring a fiddle
and a mug
'Cause, honey, I'm getting
married in the morning
Why you can hitch old Dobbin
to the shay
And bring the family out
for a lovely day, hey!
Lift up your hearts and sing
when the church bells start...
What you want?
It's the same old story.
They don't mind us
coming here.
It's like he says,
mother earth is for all.
What they don't like is the
cabin. That makes the land ours.
We got to live, too.
That's right.
Where's my boys?
We've been watching them,
they got no guns.
Yeah, they got no guns.
Good boys.
Now you stay by me.
Better hit it up, boys.
What are you thinking, Logan?
Oh, I was just thinking of what you
said awhile ago, the years ahead.
Caroline, do you like me well
enough to make a marriage of it?
Yes, Logan, I do.
Caroline, it's time
to pick up and go.
You're a good man, Logan.
And you've got a good girl.
Logan! Why that's great.
I know
you'll be happy, Caroline.
Thank you, Lucy.
You see, there's nothing to
it when you give him the sign.
Soy bean.
Soy bean.
Morning, Mr. Logan.
You're up early.
What's on your mind?
Let's have a drink.
It's too early.
I'm thirsty early or not.
Lots of places up the street.
Well, a drink's a drink.
I want you and Morrow to pull
out for Salem this afternoon.
McLane's freight.
Thirty mules.
All right.
What's hit you, Vane?
Let's have it.
All right, I'll tell you.
She don't like big towns.
She don't like big ideas.
She don't like
moving around and changing.
It's her choice.
You're not the man for her.
I'm sorry the way it
turned out for you, Vane.
I didn't mean to bust out.
Let's load the boxes.
Bragg's up at Stutchell's.
They're all expecting you
up there.
You might as well go.
The town won't have it
any other way.
How about it, Logan?
You got a bet on this,
Yeah, a small one.
Which way?
Which do you think?
He'll get your eyes
if he can.
Kill him
and be done with it.
You too, Clench?
Come on,
it's gonna be a slaughter.
He can't whip Bragg.
Nobody can.
How much have you got
that says so?
I've got a hundred.
Well, put it up.
You want a hunk of this,
No, I'm not betting.
Did you ever see
Bragg's arms?
I seen him bust a
two-by-four over his knee.
I seen him break four
of Jed Peters' ribs.
He ain't got a chance.
Give me a bottle, Harry,
a full one.
I left my gun home.
I brought mine along.
Let's make this
a fair fight, Logan.
I've got nothing
against you.
It's the boys
that want the fun.
You're lying, Bragg.
What have you got against me?
You ought to know.
You're talking in riddles,
Logan. What's on your mind?
A picture of a tree,
with you swinging from it.
You hear that, Stutchell?
Yeah. Yeah, I hear.
What's the matter, Harry?
Now you've got him.
Beat his brains out.
That's all right, Logan.
I'll get you in a minute.
That's all right, Logan.
I'll break your back.
Now, we can close in, Bragg.
You think I won't?
Now I've got you!
Over here, Bragg.
Over here.
Time to put out the light!
Yellow dogs.
You surprised me.
Oh, that was great, Logan!
Now you can
collect your bet, Johnny.
He'll be after you
the rest of your life.
Why didn't you kill him?
Would that have been
more fun, Lucy?
That's what you all came
for, isn't it? Excitement?
If that's the way you feel,
you didn't have to fight him.
I could have backed down
and turned the whole town
over to Bragg.
But all it meant
to any of you is a show.
Logan! Look out!
You should take my advice and
put some raw meat on those eyes.
They'll be all right.
It's just bruises.
Nothing I can do for you?
Yes, one thing.
Quit playing poker, George.
Quit poker? What for?
You can't afford it
if you have to give out IOUs.
Poker's the only relaxation
I get around here.
Mighty expensive relaxation
at $500 a throw.
George, what's got
into you, lately?
Oh, I don't know.
It's just...
I'm sick
of this godforsaken hole.
It's all right for you, you're
rich. You've got your own business.
You're not gonna get rich
at Lestrade's.
You'll end up
owing him your shirt.
He's practically
got it already.
George, are you in trouble?
How much do you owe?
Oh, at one place and another,
a couple of thousand, maybe.
Let me have $2,000, Clench.
$2,000? What for?
So that's what you call it.
What's this?
Pay them off.
Just give me your word
you'll quit, George.
Well, if you insist, but
it'll be a mighty dull world.
Sure, but a man whose business is
handling other people's money...
Must be above suspicion.
Yes, I guess you're right.
But I wish
I didn't have to take this.
Don't feel that way
about it.
That's what friends are for.
And long before
the stars skedaddle
I'll be with my love tonight
She'll be in the gloaming
Where all heaven beams
And out there in the gloaming
We'll find the trail of dreams
I'm riding on a silver saddle
The moon is my silver saddle
And long before
the stars skedaddle
I'll be with my love tonight
Me and my old Daisy
Up there in the sky
And my heart beating crazy
But it's no wonder why
I wish I was 10,000 miles
from this place.
It wouldn't make
any difference, George.
You'd be the same
wherever you were.
Wouldn't you miss me, Marta?
Why should I?
You've got Lucy.
Have I?
If you haven't,
it's your own fault.
Of course.
But a woman
is supposed to love a man
because of his faults,
isn't she?
Some women.
But not you?
Oh, Marta, don't be so hard.
Why can't we be friends?
Why can't you be a friend
to yourself?
How are you, Camrose?
what are you doing in town?
I just blew In.
I didn't expect you
for another month.
Well, I didn't have
any luck.
I just wore out shoe leather.
I'll buy you a drink.
Thanks. Thanks, I can't.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I want to get my dust
out of your safe.
Sure. Any time.
Happy all of their lives
Hello, Mack! How are you?
Hello, Mclver.
How are you?
If you be happy
Don't ever wed
Just stay a free man
I gotta go home, fellows.
Oh, no, Mack.
Come on.
No, I gotta go home.
I gotta go home.
Come on, Johnny.
Let him go.
You don't know
what you're missing, Mclver.
Don't ever wed
Till you are dead
If you be happy
Don't ever wed
Go away?
Leave Jacksonville? When?
Tomorrow, the day after,
as soon as we can.
But why this
sudden decision, George?
Nothing sudden. It's just
that I'm fed up with this hole.
It's a place
to strike it rich
and if you don't, you should
try your luck someplace else.
Luck doesn't depend
on a place.
George, can't you
be content here?
No, I can't.
Let's go in. You're upset.
Lucy, I'm going.
And you're going with me.
You promised to marry me,
didn't you?
Well, when?
Whenever you want.
Sunday, this Sunday.
Oh, no.
I'll have to make a dress.
Is a dress a marriage?
Lucy, when did you say?
As soon as
she can make a dress.
Hello, Logan.
Hello, Lucy.
Well, George, I'm off to
San Francisco in the morning,
I stopped by to have a
word with you in private.
What's the matter, dear?
Is it true that you and George
are really getting married?
Oh, but why the haste?
George wants to go away.
But, dear...
Where are you to find material
for a dress in this camp?
Yes, and besides, I always said
that when my daughter got married,
she'd have the finest
wedding in the territory.
I'll even get the Governor
to come down.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you go along
with Logan to San Francisco?
Oh, but why not, dear?
There are any number
of French dressmakers there.
I ought to
knock your head off.
What's the matter?
You gave me your word
you'd quit poker.
Yes, Logan, I did.
I had every intention
of keeping it.
The devil tempted you,
I suppose.
The devil with green eyes.
Envy of you, Logan.
That's no answer.
Maybe it's the only answer.
But don't worry,
I'll pay you back.
I don't care
about the money, George.
I do.
I'm pulling out, going
someplace else and make a strike.
Pulling out
and taking Lucy with you?
Lucy's my concern.
Not if you're going to make her
life a thing of running and hunting.
Does she concern you
that much?
Yes, she does.
I see.
About San Francisco,
would you mind
having a woman on your hands?
Why, no.
I have to get a dress.
You'll be
in good company, Lucy.
I'm starting early,
I have to stop at Dance's.
Aren't you staying for supper?
I can't.
I have something to do.
Why, hello, stranger.
How much did you take off
Camrose last night?
About 1,500 in gold,
another 1,500 in a note.
I want it back.
You have a streak in you
about Camrose.
For me,
he's strictly a tinhorn.
Tinhorn or not,
I want the money back.
Look here, Logan,
my business is cards...
You do too well at it.
If that money's not
in Camrose's hands
by the time I get back
from San Francisco,
I'll come after you.
Where are you going?
Shut up!
What do you want? I thought
it might interest you,
Logan Stuart's
leaving for San Francisco.
Well, come on in.
Where are you bound for
this time, Logan?
For San Francisco, to see
if I can borrow some money.
Are you in trouble, Logan?
The trouble is my business,
like young Asa here,
always outgrowing his pants.
You're a moving around man,
Well, the hound that rustles
always catches the rabbit.
And there are hounds always lean
and hungry from running too much.
Aimed at you, my boy.
I'm sure Logan didn't stop by
here to see you wash dishes.
Is she going to San Francisco
to borrow money, too?
Should I be?
Logan, there's nothing
to delay us, is there?
Not a thing.
When's it going to be?
Just as soon as I get back.
In a couple of weeks.
What's that?
He had to kill something.
We'd better hide the saddles
and get out of here.
We'll have to make it
back on foot.
Another hard time
for you to remember.
That's what you wanted, wasn't it? Yes.
Then don't look at me
like that.
Lucy, this is no good.
You're lying.
Logan, I want to get things straight
between us before it's too late.
It's too late.
Maybe we can borrow a
couple of horses at Elkton.
Well, I'm sorry about
your wedding dress, Lucy.
Any dress will do.
What brought you back?
I ran into
a little trouble, Clench.
Mmm. The world is rocking
with trouble this morning.
Your world in particular,
They've taken Camrose in
for murder.
Mack Mclver.
They found him drowned
in the creek.
Looked like an accident
at first.
But Johnny Steele and Hi
Linnet got to working on it.
Where is George?
They're holding court on
him now up at Stutchell's.
And it grew on me that Camrose
was tampering with the dust
the boys left
with the company.
He was losing a lot of money
at poker...
That's hearsay,
What's wrong with hearsay
if it's true?
what have I got here?
A silver dollar.
Are you certain of it?
Dead certain.
Howison, what does it
look like to you?
You're was time, Hi.
It's a plain old U.S. dollar.
Well, you're mistaken.
It's a Mexican dollar.
You see, Johnny? What you don't see
yourself, you can't swear to be true.
You can't always swear
that what you do see is true.
Well, anyway, Camrose was
losing a lot of money at poker...
Hearsay, Johnny.
You're trying a man
for his life.
Life is precious
to all of you, isn't it?
Well, it's precious
to George Camrose.
Life was good to Mclver, too,
and it was took from him.
Was it? Well, that's what
we're here to find out.
A murder trial calls for a proper
judge and jury, doesn't it, Jonas?
They understand that.
Course we do.
Get on with it.
Lestrade, did Camrose
play poker with you?
Did he lose money?
How much would you say
he lost?
In the course of a year,
maybe $5,000.
Where did you get it from?
I won't say.
You've gotta say.
You can't compel an accused
man to answer questions, Johnny.
That's the law.
If a man's innocent, why should
he be afraid to answer questions?
did you ever see Camrose take
pokes out of the office safe
and pour dust
from one to the other?
It was the night before
Mclver was found in the creek.
I happened to see a light and
I looked through the shutter.
Do you make a habit
of spying on people?
No, but I've got a habit
of observing people.
Is that all you have to do?
Well, Logan, you've got
a big store and no time,
and I've got a little store
and lots of time.
Order! Order!
Get on with it, Johnny.
All right.
Now, then,
Mclver came into town.
The next morning, he was found
dead with his face in the creek.
We didn't find any dust on
him, but we did find this,
a receipt that Camrose
gave Mack for his dust.
That's your writing, George?
If you gave him his dust, why
didn't you take back the receipt?
I seldom give receipts.
You remember, Johnny,
I never gave you one.
I just put your dust
in the safe
and when you asked for it,
you got it.
It's been my usual custom,
all you boys know that.
But Mclver wanted a receipt.
I merely forgot to ask for it
when I gave him back his dust.
Careless, I'd say.
We're all careless with gold,
it's the cheapest thing in camp.
Is that all, Johnny?
If so, it's not enough.
On the testimony of a man
squinting through his shutter,
you've tried to show
that Camrose is dishonest.
And on the basis
of an unreturned receipt,
you deny he gave Mclver
back his dust.
You've proved nothing.
Tell them, Linnet.
Well, he came into my store
a couple of days ago
and traded me a nugget, and I
noticed it was shaped like a shamrock,
so I put it in a box, set it
up in my store for good luck.
Why, that's Mack's lucky
piece. He always carried it.
Shamrock. That's Mack's.
I know that nugget.
That's it.
Sure, it was Mack's.
Well, there's the case,
Twist it if you can.
Camrose could only
have gotten that nugget
at a time
when Mack couldn't resist.
In other words,
when Mack was dead.
I make murder out of that.
Let's vote on it.
Let's vote.
Just a moment.
Just a moment, all of you.
This meeting has no sanction.
If you vote this man guilty, you must
still hold him over to a regular court.
Remember this.
Remember, if you vote this
man dead on that set of facts,
you'll be setting the scene
for another day
when you may be
voting yourself dead.
Let's vote!
All those who think he's guilty, say so.
Did you know about the nugget? No.
They'll hang him tonight.
They'll just wait
till it's dark.
You've done
all you could, Logan.
Dad, do you think
he did it?
Well, he's a weak man.
Let's get along, Lucy.
Lucy, Logan did everything
he could.
Don't ask him to do any more.
Don't give us any trouble,
It would be disagreeable, but
disagreeable or not, we'd shoot you.
That's plain.
I'm glad you told me.
Don't do it, Logan.
You've done enough,
haven't you?
No man has to go
against reason.
Is that what
makes a man hungry?
Is it reason
makes him fight
or sends him in to
Stutchell's to have a drink
or makes him
stand by a friend?
What does make him, then?
Something deeper than reason.
The Indians have broken loose.
They've broken out.
How far did you come?
Well, I guess about 40 miles.
They're about 12 miles behind me here.
They are?
How far away are they?
They got their war paint on? Sure.
How big a party?
George, pull on the door.
Here. Take the black horse
in my barn.
Watch your chance, get up
to the hills and keep going.
Thanks, Logan.
Thanks for your confidence.
Don't flatter yourself.
What are you doing this for?
For Lucy's sake?
You don't want her to see
me strung up, is that it?
Something like that,
I guess.
Everything's on fire
all along the line.
My wife's dead
and my little girl's dead.
How many Indians
did you see?
Big band? Little band?
What made them break out?
I couldn't say for sure.
The ferry man said it was on account
of Honey Bragg killing an Indian girl.
Which way are they heading?
Toward Dance's.
A man ought to be
tougher than that.
That's a fool remark,
We'll have to raise a company.
Sixty men or more.
Count me in.
Me, too.
I'll go.
On that mule?
She can run. Well, you
better stay here just in case.
Come on, let's go.
Just in case
they head this way.
He's gone. He broke out.
Broke out? How?
He busted the lock.
Why didn't you watch him?
I warned you, Logan.
You're making
long guesses again, Johnny.
Whoever's going,
be here in 20 minutes.
Grub enough for three days.
We'll take care
of you later, Logan.
Now you can let it down.
There we are.
Liza, you're just about the best
little helper a man ever had.
All right.
How big an outfit
was it, Logan?
Thirty mules. I wonder if
Morrow and Blazier got away.
We were jumped, Logan,
Morrow was killed.
How are things here?
Mr. Dance is dead
and young Asa, too.
Where's Caroline?
She's gone.
She's up in the brush
hunting a cow.
I found her trail,
but I couldn't follow it.
I'll have coffee for you all
in a little while.
We'll take you up to the ferry,
Mrs. Dance. It'll be safer.
No, I wouldn't...
I wouldn't feel easy under
foot in another woman's house.
Well, what kind of dress
was Caroline wearing?
Blue and white checked.
Did she have a gun?
I don't recollect.
There was firing all around
while the red beasters were here.
My Ben was killed right off.
It was him
I was thinking about,
not anybody else.
Caroline was out
looking for that no horn cow.
She's a breechy creature,
always knocking down the fence
and some kind of grass up in
the canyon that she yearned for.
Who's that? Sing out!
I'm coming in.
Stay where you are!
I'm dead beat.
Do you want me hanging from
a tree skinned and dressed?
You got nothing
coming to you.
I'm coming in.
Come here, quick.
How are they all?
Mrs. Dance is all right.
He's dead, Caroline.
So is Asa.
I want all of you to come back to
Jacksonville. Put up at my place.
I wouldn't want to do that.
You'll be doing it soon.
I don't want to
leave here, Logan.
I can never be
a town woman again.
I could never be a woman
moving around.
I... I'd disappoint you.
It came to me last night.
We're not the same.
And then today, when you
found me, you and Vane,
I was sure.
I want to look out of the
window and see my man plowing.
And in the evening, see
him in the kitchen rocker.
You're thinking of Vane.
I'm thinking I'm not
hurting you too much, Logan.
And as time went by, I'd
be hurting you, is that it?
That's it.
Caroline, crying
helps some people a lot.
Some people it doesn't help.
You folks all right?
Oh, yes.
But what about the Dances?
They were hit pretty bad.
Ben and little Asa were
killed. Oh, and Caroline?
Caroline's all right.
Well, didn't you bring her back with
you? It's dangerous where she is.
She didn't come.
She doesn't like towns.
Well, she'd better get to like
them if she's marrying you.
She's not.
She's marrying Blazier.
Well, what did I tell you?
About what?
About the trouble
that always comes.
And your Crescent pack string was
destroyed over in the Applegate.
The Scottsburg outfit's
gone, too.
Blazier got clear.
You know how you stand,
You're broke.
This is what you lent Camrose.
Where is he?
Indians get him?
No, one of the boys.
Never mind which one.
There was a lot of good
in George.
Yeah, he sure
panned out no color.
It's a thin margin, Johnny,
between what could be and what is.
It was thin for you
last night.
We were a mind to hang you.
You see how thin
the margin is.
Did you know about this?
In some other kind of country,
he might have made the grade.
There's not much left,
is there?
Not much.
Well, Logan, now you haven't got any
store, but you've got lots of time.
I guess I'll have to make that
trip to San Francisco after all.
See if I can rustle up
some credit.
Want some company?
If you can keep up
on that mule.
I'll see you.
When are you leaving?
In the morning.
would you mind having
a woman on your hands?
Oh, buttermilk sky
Can't you see
my little donkey and me?
We're as happy
as a Christmas tree
Heading for the one I love
I'm gonna pop her the question
That question
Do you, darling?
Do you, do?
It'll be easy, so easy
If I can only bank on you
Oh, buttermilk sky
I'm telling you why
Now you know,
keep it in mind tonight
Keep brushing those clouds
from sight
Oh, buttermilk sky
Don't you fail me
when I'm needing you most
Hang a moon
above her hitching post
Hitch me to the one I love