Capital Games (2013) Movie Script

ass hole
hey buddy, you just parked in my reserved spot and racked up about ten moving violations.
sorry mate, I guess I forgot you yanks drive on the wrong side of the road.
There are plenty of other places to park.
Mark Richfield, and you are?
Steve Miller.
pleasure, looks like we're going to be colleges. Off to a lovely start
Mark walk with me
I wanted to get you all in one room today to make a few announcements.
what's up Stevo? Who's the new guy?
I don't know. I'm still trying to figure that one out. What's Parsons up too?
I heard this guy is well connected and for Roland.
come on, that Foist account is totally up for grabs.
I would also like to formally introduce Mark Richfield. Mark. I hired him yesterday.
He has a great resume and personally, I like his style.
that account is not for grabs.
I've been working on that account for three years now. Parsons knows that.
I'm with you Steve, I don't like this guy. I don't like him at all.
Our account associates are being flown there next week for a team building retreat.
this is mandatory so please confirm with Amber
we fly out on Friday morning , and we fly back on Monday
and when we get back to town, we're gonna be a team.
an arming! we're gonna be the roughest toughest ad agency in town.
hey boss, can we talk?
what's up?
well I've been here for five years. You know I've worked my ass off.
I started in Cable ads and I've handled some of our biggest clients. I've done well.
What's your point Steve?
I assumed that the Foist account be handed down to me once Roland retired. I'm the one.
Stop right there. you did start in cable. you're lucky you started here at all.
you were a cop with no experience in advertising what so ever.
I hired you on a hunch. I had a gut feeling about you
I hired you because I thought if you could get someone to sign a confession
you could get them to sign a contract.
I haven't made any decision on the Foist account yet, OK?
OK. fair enough Harold. but I've worked on this account for years
and words out now there's this new high flayer nosing around the office.
you mean Mark Richfield? He's not nosing around, he's here because I hired him.
if you think I'm not working up to speed..
Steve , stop. I have no complaints about your work. are we good?
oh we're good
Well, Ms. Bakewell, I think that's all we need from you
Thank you very very much. We look forward to another three years with you.
Thank you Steve and you never disappoint me
oh Thank you, We'll see you soon, OK bye bye
Just signed three more years with Bakewell
Well done. Good Job. Mark, grab a glass for Steve.
Mr. Richfield just signed a contract with rolls. We're going international.
to me...
baby, we have nothing in common.
don't say that
it's true, you never want to go to the opera or the theater with me
and I can't sit through another dodger game
well we're not always going to like the same things
we don't like any of the same things
yes with you, yes with you
baby, it's over, I'm going to Pilate
hi, sis
hey, what are you doing?
no, don't tell me, I know, you're running or drinking beer on the couch.
I'm running
liar, don't fall asleep on the couch
what's up?
are you still coming to mum and dad's?
I said I'm coming. It's not for like a month. so drop it
go to bed. love you
good night Laura. thanks.
Miller you missed the fun of the plane
not a very team oriented of you
what are we supposed to be doing here?
role playing and I'm up. I'm the devil and I need to sell you a new soul.
sell me a soul? don't you mean buy?
it says selling , mate
alright everybody start
I can tell you aren't whole
There's a hole in you. A place where you have a need.
One only needs to look and see you are a very unhappy man
I'm fine
Look, I'm only trying to heal you
give you happiness, make you whole again.
you just need to allow me.
It won't take long, just a matter of a time.
trust me
trust me and I'll give you everything you need..
time, OK good let's take a quick break
you used the oldest trick in the book, using sex to sell
don't you use it?
no, it's not my style, plus it gets you in trouble
you like a bit a trouble officer Miller..
what did you call me?
I heard you were a cop before working here
yeah, I was but I'm not anymore
Jesus I need a beer
me too, it's time to get this party started.
not me, I'm hitting the hay
I bet they'll have a bunch of bullshit planned for us tomorrow.
me too, I plan on being on my toes tomorrow
if I can sleep in this heat.
it's flaming hot.
well Officer Miller, we did miss you on the flight
it's a brilliant invention the airplanes
actually safer than automobile.
yeah, drop it Richfield.
this room should be fun, like being stuck in a lion's den
good morning everybody, I hope we are all ready for a touch exercise.
you're going to use your brains and you bronze to build a fence on this ranch.
now this isn't just a competition, but an exercise in leadership
now your boss Mr. Parsons has chosen Steve Miller to help motivate the group
shot me now
hello roomy, so you're our leader and what will you make us do?
build the fucking fence
divide yourselves into two teams
you're going to build one fence together, there are two posts on either side.
you have to work together to get the remaining post in the ground at the right level.
the exercise ends when both teams have come together in the middle.
The team with the most post in the grounds wins. Alright everybody begins.
alright guys let's go two teams, let's go Richfield, Janet, Kevin, jay, Cindy over here on this side
everyone else with me over here let's go. let's set up shop
I know I'm not a very good leader, I just took over
and I know that wasn't the point of the exercise.
Look Steve, it's a team building exercise, you don't have to shoulder it all yourself
I could motivate them to do anything
but you lead by example and you showed them that it could be done
come on let's get you bandaged up
you're one tough mother fucker Stevo, way to make us all look like wimps.
you made yourselves look like wimps
physical power means nothing, especially in advertising
you know what? you're just a pussy, Richfield
and you're just a control freak who takes this all much too seriously
I haven't seen you smile once since I I've met you.
you have to have a laugh sometimes.
what are you reading
a manual for tomorrow's hike. it's dangerous out there
look for your colored flags, don't take anybody else's if you come across it.
Play fare and we'll see you back here in a couple of hours.
Get going, get your flags and get back. You have three hours.
let's go. let's take a look at the map
alright looks like we're heading north.
Charlie, which way is north?
this way
this way? well, let's give it a try.
I think we should go that way
you think. got us bloody wondering and you think it's that way. give me the map.
right, there's a bunch of juniper trees over there and a hill over there and a pinion
what the hell's a pinion?
it's a snake, I remember that from biology class in high school
we walk a few meters that way and there should be a flag marking the spot
how far is a meter?
what the fuck man, we should be at our goal by now
everyone just calm down, Charlie give me the compass.
Charlie, this compass is broken, couldn't you tell?
give me the map
lemme here has lead us in the wrong direction
oh fuck off
so where the hell are we Richfield?
please tell me we're not lost
we're not bloody lost
yes thanks to you we're bloody lost
thanks to me? I take over for one minute and no it's my fault we're lost!
I give in. I vote we stay here for the night.
it's getting dark and we are literally just wondering in the desert
we can't stay here, we'll die out here and I ain't getting bit by a fucking pinion
a pinion is a tree, you idiot
and we're not going to die. haven't you guys ever been camping?
yeah, at a camp ground with an outhouse and a tent, I'm out, Charlie
I'm with Kevin, I like the urbane jungle not this shit. you guys are staying? I'm not lingering
maybe we should go with them
then go, they have no idea where they are going
and you do? you know where we are going?
relax, someone will be by before we know it
relax, somebody will find us, let's just stay here..
are you kidding? nobody is on their way you're bloody idiot.
what about coyotes and snakes and bloody scorpions? I read about it in the manual.
alright, look I told you not to worry, are you really that soft and pampered that you can't just
lay out in the desert for a few hours and cool off?
I'm very pampered as a matter of fact. My parents have entitlement and breeding.
I'm not accustomed to roughing it , ever.
you think you're so bloody macho that you can run over everyone around you
well you can't run over me.
What are you talking about?
Please. the team exercise. You didn't motivate anybody.
you used it as an opportunity to flex your muscles.
It was complete arrogance.
You know what, you're the arrogant one, you couldn't even bothered to lift a figure
it was a team exercise and you made it perfectly clear that you didn't need any body's help.
you can't , you can't leave me alone
I won't
bloody freezing
it's amazing how the temperature dips after the sun sets
don't you feel cold?
yeah but I'm just not bitching
stop playing bloody hero
you don't get stars like this in LA
you can't see much of anything but smog
I use to love star gazing as a kid
did you? not shooting birds in the wood
what kind of monster do you think I am?
I don't know you well enough to guess
yeah well I'm actually a nice guy
you have that on your curriculum vitae
my what?
your resume
yeah I know what a CV is alright!
I didn't get where I am today because I'm a freaking idiot
and where are you today officer Miller?
lost in the freaking desert
you're lost too
well you got us lost copper
the compass was broken
sorry to offend an officer of the LAPD!
you're going to hit me. you were going to hit me
go ahead and hit me, you want me? pick me?
you have fucking courage Richfield
go ahead, I know you've wanted to
You're so fucking paranoid that I'm going to take your precious Foist account.
did you know that Parsons promised it to me? it was a condition of my God damn employment!
I'm bloody boiling now
Richfield, you are high maintenance
you're right about that
Mark, are you gay?
no, that was um... and you?
no, I'm not. that was the first time that has happened. truly
me too
ah, did you see that?
yeah, I saw it.
There is a place in LA where we can see stars.
it's on the coast ,north of Malibu
what the hell is that?
sounds like a jeep
we're over here
I'm a filthy mess
hey, we're over here. hey!!
they're fine. I told you they're fine
are you OK guys?
we're good Harold, calm down. now listen
we have to find Kevin and Charlie alright?
they made it back last night
Kevin and Charlie made it back?
Charlie? Kevin and Charlie made it back!!!
come on, let's go
I'm going to take a shower
hey Steve!
hey, it's Mark too. all of survivors
hey we need a picture
Steve, where are you going?
I'm gong to head out. I've got a long drive ahead of me
oh man, today's the last day. no more contests. no work
no one's going to be in the office until Tuesday
I really need to go but you guys have fun, alright
hey, I'm proud of you. Mark told me that he wouldn't have survived without your leadership
no, that's not true, it was a team effort
be safe
alright guys, I'll see you later, bye
hey what's up guys? how was the flight?
good and the drive?
it was fine. I raced home and missed all the traffic
I bet Kevin and you guys would kill each other
oh you know we're recovered. Team building and all that
well gents, back to work
see you at three o'clock Stevo
what's happening at three?
Mark said there is a big announcement
must be. He sounded pretty smug. Sorry bro
Steve, you proved to be a great leader and more importantly a survivor, and Mark,
first you bring us Rolls international then we thank you by getting you lost in the desert.
you were a real trooper this weekend. I'd like to be the first to congratulate you, Mark.
because I have on good authority . our own Mark Richfield is engaged to be married.
yes, thank you, my fiance Sharon and I are to be married
and you're all invited to the wedding, new job, new accounts and a new wife
Steve, let's take a walk.
Steve I've made a decision in the Foist account. you're the first to know
I understand Sir
relax, it's yours. you're the man for the job
don't you think you've earned it?
yes yes of course sir, I thank you.
I really appreciate that.
hey, you got a minute?
what for?
just to talk
what is there to talk about?
alright get in here if you're going to linger in the hall like that
you like me in your office, don't you?
yes, I do
come here.........
Steve, this is crazy
I.. I can't.......
I can't, ....I can't do this
yeah, I gotta go
hey, what's up man? Amber, I'm going to lunch. I'll be on my cell, OK?
can I help you?
yeah, sorry the gate was wide open.
I work with Mark at Parsons and company. is he home?
no, he's at work, who are you?
I'm Steve Miller, I'm sorry he just wasn't at his desk today. and you are?
and you are?
I'm Jack. do you want to come in?
no, that's OK, I'm just trying to track down Mark. it can wait.
so are you in advertising as well?
no, I'm an attorney
my ex is a lawyer
oh, what's his name?
her. Sonya Knight. you probably don't know her
I do. I love Sonya. smart lawyer
small world
tell her Jack Larsen says hi
well I better be going
you want to come for a swim? it's hot as hell out
no, I'm good. I didn't bring my bathing suit
should I tell Mark you stopped by?
I'll see him around. Thanks. it's very nice to meet you Jack
nice to meet you
Sonya Knight
hey Sonya, it's me
Steve, I'm surprised to hear from you
well I thought you said that you never wanted to speak to me again
no, I said we can still be friends. what's up?
I have a question for you about a lawyer
oh, doing some detective work?
sort of.
do you know an attorney named Jack Larsen?
yes, why
is he gay?
why do you want to know that?
it's too complicated to explain
yes, he's gay and as far as I know, he's out. why
I knew it
what the hell is going on? you sound like your dad
no, don't bring up the past Sonya, I gotta go
so you're going to hang up? just like that?
listen I don't wanna argue with you.
not gay, huh Richfield?
what do you want?
I want you Richfield
why were you at my house? it was really inappropriate
why did you tell me that you weren't gay?
cuz I'm not gay
my roommate said you were snooping around my house
oh, your roommate
yes as hard as it is to believe. Jack is one of my oldest friends
and it's none of your business but I've known him since college
and you don't fuck him
no, I don't.
he's gay yes, but I'm not , I have a fianc
does she know you're gay?
what's the difference to you Miller?
I don't know.
Maybe because we screwed around in the desert ?
and I can't stop thinking about it.
neither can I. ...
please stop touching me...
oh you're both here.
I just wanna make sure that there was no bloodshed over the Foist account
Foist, you told him?
yeah, of course, we we're having fun
good, good. nothing personal Mark
yes of course, best man won
alright fine
Harold, a word.. Harold!
Sharon, what are you doing here?
I thought we had lunch? we scheduled a few hours this afternoon to take care of wedding details
look love, I'm very busy
you're always busy. why can't you take some time off to come to lunch?
is this the lucky lady?
I hope so. hi
Steve Miller, I work with your fiance
well actually Steve, we were just heading to lunch. can it wait till this afternoon?
It can wait as long as you want, Mr. Richfield
great. lunch then my pet?
Steve, why don't you come with us?
no, he's rather busy
actually my schedule is just opened. I'd love to
we have wedding details to discuss Steve. I'm sure you will be bored
she's pretty
would you please leave?
am I invited to your wedding?
yes, the whole office is now please, make some excuse
sorry there was a line..
so what do you think? roses or lilies?
I think the only time a man should pick some flowers is for his mum on mother's day
well I would mind a little help sweetheart. planning a wedding is a lot of work
I'm working hard too Sharon, to make money to pay for this wedding. work with Jack
I'm marrying you, Mark, not Jack
well, speaking of money, what would you say about helping me out with Foist account?
come on. share. split the commission
is the commission big?
if we pull this off then the commission will be huge. we'll split it fifty/fifty.
so, can I steal your fiance? just for the evening
I haven't agreed to anything
convince him, Sharon
well I really should go and meet Rolland. come by my place after lunch.
and congratulations
hey Rolland, thanks for bringing all the files
no problem Steve. I trust you with these
oh Rolland, come on inside and have a seat. I'll be right there
what the fuck was that about?
Mark I just want your help with Foist
you don't want my help, you need a shrink
come on, Rolland's really screwed up. cents of organization is really appealing and I can't do this alone.
You just want to get me next to you so you can get down my trousers.
No, I need your brain for this. Besides, he's inside right now
Rolland, he's inside?
yes and he brought all the files
why should I help you? you've got the bloody account
because I need you
Rolland, Mark is going to help me out
you need help? I never needed any help
just to get me organized
right, I'd like to go through all the old paper work to shred .Anything over five years mind you
we're shredding paper works?
yes if it's old and out of date. it's good idea to purge it
if you think so. I never get rid of anything
are their web based ads up to date?
as far as I know they are. we do mostly print and TV media
and the list of products is complete as far as you know?
no I don't think so. we've got some new items. I'm waiting for the information on those
you know what? don't you let us handle it Rolland
why don't you go home and get some rest
sure, it's my last week anyway
no problem, we'll go through some more stuff and you can help us out in the office tomorrow
sure, sounds good
you know I actually found some useful stuff in these files, this is an official document from the EPA in 1997.
Turns out all Foist products scored really really well.
all the ingredients are plant based. they are 100% biodegradable.
they've been in the business since the 1940's before the industry started using all those nasty chemicals
and the ingredients are still the same today.
and no one ever thought to explain this?
Rolland certainly didn't
read this label, it's cheap.
we need fresh images from their original product. talking back in the glory days
I remember when they came out with these bottles
right! you bring back that retro feel
good thinking Mark
you know I've got it. here's a tact. Foist green since 1946. The other guys, well
they're just green with envy. what do you think?
I think it's genius
maybe it's just brews talking
speaking of which, where's the loo?
you can use the one in my bedroom
now where did you get that?
I found it in your closet. I still can't believe you're a cop
yeah, have you ever been arrested?
not lately
bloody hell
why don't you get up Mr. Richfield?
you don't have to do this
that's what they always say
I'm going to keep you locked so you can't get married
get the fuck off me. take these off. now!
why would you say that?
well ,are you getting married to prove a point? do you even love her?
yes, I love Sharon. I can't believe I'm even discussing this with you.
all my life people thought I was gay
even my own father.
well I'm not, I'm getting married for Christ sake!
This is absurd! I can't believe I even came here
is it absurd that I felt something in the desert?
or maybe that you felt something too
this shit isn't me, Mark. this, this is me. Mark...
wake up , because it's not absurd. it's the truth.
why don't you just get it over and come out of the closet?
and you Steve? what about you?
are you OK?
Sharon is infuriated with me, she left me three messages and Jack two
hello Charlie
you two look like you just climbed out of the sack
you're mistaken, I'm engaged to be married
sure, listen, personally I don't give a shit. this is LA.
I don't know how it is in England but out here nobody cares who you fuck.
it's funny watching you two pretend like nothings going on.
but it won't be funny at your wedding.
I can explain
where the hell were you last night?
at Steve Miller's
the cop?
ex cop
cop? what cop?
the man we had lunch with the other day. we got a new account together
we have a deadline. I'm sorry I fell asleep
you fell asleep with Steve Miller?
I feel asleep on the couch
I did not know what's going on with you, but let me tell you, you will not humiliate me.
we are getting married in a week
at the club
yes Sharon of course we're getting married next week
at the club
hey dad, how's it going?
it's going I suppose you want the dark meat
hey you look good son
let's grab you a beer
just ignore him, he's just an old retired cop
he didn't retire Laura, he get fired for pointing a gun at me
I remember Steven. I do but we're just trying to move on. you know. you're here aren't you?
I don't know why. he'll never change and I'll never forgive him. I'm just here for you.
Thanks. have you heard from Sonya?
yeah, we talk but we're just friends
I'm sorry Steve
don't be sorry, it's for the best, we were too different
and actually I think I'm in love with someone else
really? who is she?
well she is a he Laura, I'm in love with a man
I know , at first I thought it was just sexual but he's amazing
maybe you're just confused
I'm not confused, I've never been so sure about anything
I just mean , first Sonya and now a guy?
I wasn't confused about Sonya and I'm not confused about Mark either
I love who I love
does he love you?
I think so, but he's engaged to be married to a woman
I know, I know..
but we have something, I'm crazy about him
do you want your chicken or not?
I think you just want a hot dog
Mark, I've been calling you all weekend. what's going on
are you ready? I have also updated the contract renewals as well. 25%
going in without me
without you? no
you got everything under control,you don't need me
Steve, this is your account, our account
Richfield, you ignored me all weekend.
I'm gonna go in there but after this you're on your own.
you can have the fucking account
With our competence of campaigning and your new logo
we feel we can push Foist parts farther than they ever gone before. Global. Foist going green.
that was great. this is exciting stuff. Steve, you're kind of quiet. anything you would like to add?
no Sir, Mr.Foist. Mark here has said it all
well I like it. when do we get started?
please stop touching me
what? I'm living in the moment, that went well
have you called off the wedding yet?
it's not like that, it's my responsibility, it's my duty
are you serious? just drive me back to the office. otherwise I'll get a cab
no...stop! I'll drive you back
Steve, how did it go? where's Richfield?
he's on his way back now with the contracts.
We signed a spectacular deal. you're going to be very pleased
on that note Harold, I need a week
you're OK?
yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired. The lawyers still need to go over everything with the contract
so there really not much I can do right now.
yeah, OK Richfield can cover for you. you cover for him when he goes on his honeymoon. Have a good week
hey Mark
is it your the bachelor party tonight?
no, no bachelor party for me. I think that's American tradition
your loss. This is your last chance of freedom
how did you find me?
North Malibu. where you can see the stars at night.
Look Steven I know you want to be alone
I needed to find you, I can't stop thinking about you
what are you doing here? getting married tomorrow
I know, but I needed
what? you needed what?
you're just lost. you don't know what you need
I need you. I need you , my lover
for what? so I can watch you and Sharon have a life together?
so you can turn me into another Jack?
I know, I'm so sorry,I would just ...
I would lose everything Steve, I would lose everything
you know I love you man, I love you, I love you.
I love you too
I can't . I can't...I can't.. I can not do this.
Mark.... Mark!!
hey Stevo I thought you were out of town
yeah I just got back. catching up on a few things so there's less bullshit next week
you look like hell
I'm fine
you wanna car pool to Mark's wedding tomorrow?
that's tomorrow?
no thanks man um you better count me out for this one.
you know, weddings
yeah weddings
what are you doing here?
I've been calling, you haven't been calling back
I've been busy
what's up?
you tell me.....
you look awful
he's getting married today
and you re serious about him? this guy?
so what you're gonna do about it?
nothing? it's not the Steven I know
go get him.
go get him. ..
I can't . the last time we saw each other. he was...
Steven, you're the one who told me
black or white, man or woman
you just love who you love
go get him
but nothing, if you think he loves you even a tents as much as you love him.
there is only one thing to do
I have the ring, you have your boutonnire, I think that's everything.
are you OK? it's normal to be nervous. don't worry
I need a drink
just pour it!
are you sure you want to go through with this?
no I'm not bloody sure
then don't. don't do it Mark. it's that guy isn't it?
the guy, the guy you work with
I have to go through with it. after all the planning and the expense.
making sure and wait until I was ready. a fortune on the reception.
I have to go through with it.
Mark, you know I I've always loved you. I want what's best for you
and I love Sharon but it's a commitment. a marriage.
I'm just saying if it's not her, it's not me, maybe it's Steve...
as this time grew I learned to love you and cherish you
I'm so sorry Sharon,
I should call this wedding off.
months ago.
I just didn't have the courage.
but I do now.
I'm so sorry
but I know in my heart it's the right thing to do.