Capstone's Oak (2013) Movie Script

Always having to take care of you.
It's too cold out.
Well, it'll be too cold for Jake to come by.
Oh Mikey, don't you think it's finally time
that we... your mother wouldn't mind--
I'm not leaving her alone out here, Sarah.
Once I get this coupe finished up we'll have
a little extra income comin' in, that'll be good.
It's just, I don't like what this place is
doin' to you.
Every day you're more stressed it's just not
healthy-- Well...
It's not like we can afford anywhere else
at the moment.
What about an apartment in town.
In town?
Well we could maybe afford it!
I could sell more wind chimes and we can ask
your mom to come too if you--
My mom still thinks she's got a few head of
cattle down...
Sarah, she's not gonna go for it.
You wanna be the one to try and talk her into
it well you be my guest.
Well it's all I ask.
You know my old man gave everything just to
make something happen out here.
And there's no reason that you should too.
You're probably right.
That was our... (engine starts)
Hi Mike.
I told your Mama, but I figured you should
know too, you got til' Friday to pay the balance
on the ranch before we take it all.
Guess that big mortgage your Daddy took out
finally caught up to you.
Nice truck.
Hey, hey, hey.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Burry me under the tree quickly.
I'm sorry we couldn't save the ranch, Ma.
It's money!
What's happenin'?!
It's real...
You knew about this!?
No, I mean, my dad always told me that the
tree that grew over his brother's grave was,
special, but...
I didn't know about this.
Mom saved the ranch.
Sarah we can stay!
(laughing) Oh!
You really never seen it do this before?
No I mean, ever since I got my leg torn up
in the plow, my dad spent almost all the money
we had on my surgeries.
Can we make it grow more money?
Well, I don't wanna see any more of this.
Well, we're thankful for this and good with
what we've got.
Well, thanks mom.
We're 1,500 short.
But that's enough to get an apartment.
We can start over in town.
How the hell are we gonna be happy in town?
Alright, it's everything my dad said it was
it's just a bunch of rules and lights, telling
you when to stop and go.
Look, my mom it out there with my dad now.
All of this has to stay in my family.
Do you really think if your family was here
they would want you to stay?
Sarah that's not fair. No, even with all
this, we can't afford to pay off the ranch.
We only have two days-- Look I know how much
time is left.
Alright? I know it.
I just don't know what else to do about it.
Come on!
You son of a bitch! (loud grunting)
I don't know, Jake, I think we should just
draw up the papers.
Sell the farm.
I know.
I know he doesn't want to.
I just don't have any other choice.
I gotta go, bye.
Thank you.
What's wrong with you this morning?
Nothin' just didn't get much sleep last night.
You know I was thinkin'. I was thinkin' maybe today
we should go in and take a look at some apartments.
Yeah I've had it with this godforsaken place.
Can we go look at that one on the east side?
Honey we'll go look on what ever side of town
you want.
Let's go!
Alright, alright let me get cleaned up first
and... then we'll go.
And this unit is only 800 dollars a month,
with a 1600 dollar deposit.
We can afford to move in today.
With a little left over.
And maybe we can get a new truck for you too.
Oh of course yes or maybe some metal for your
wind chimes that doesn't come from the silverware drawer.
I love it.
Me too.
It can be yours next Monday.
Aw, poor guy.
Quickly, buried under the tree quickly.
Why quickly?
Quickly, quickly, quickly.
Buried quickly.
It needs blood.
You comin' to bed soon?
Yeah in a minute.
Come on, come on, come on.
That's it?!
Well how'd you get out?
What are you doin' with all that?
Where are our knives?
Well I packed them up already.
I thought I'd pack the kitchen up first, you
know it's the hardest.
It's gonna be a waste of bullets.
What are you doing?!
I figured it out, Sarah.
I know how I can make that tree grow.
No, Mike, you said we would leave!
That was before I figured this out, look,
it don't need a person, I just need to lure
in some animals and get out hands in there.
It just needs fresh blood, okay, and since
you put all the knives away I'm just gonna
have to shoot it out of them.
But it's all right I only need a dozen or
Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike stop!
I don't care about any of that.
That tree is making you crazy!
That tree is going to save us.
We don't need any saving!
Sarah I can make it grow why can't you see
This whole ranch is goin' crazy, it's falling
apart, but I can stop it now.
I can stop it.
We can pay off Jake in the morning.
Everything that we want is right here.
So just, just stop your crying, go inside,
and leave me alone!
Sorry bud.
Hey Mr. Capstone.
Sarah around?
I don't see how that's any of your business.
But no.
She's at work.
That's too bad.
Well, got my money?
Jake, you just give me one or two more days
on that and I give you my word, you, you will have
your money.
It's now or never.
Alright, you wait here.
Sorry Mike, you're 200 short.
Oh come on Jake I'll have that to you by the
end of the day.
No Mike, that's not how it works.
Say, uh, whats this all I hear
about a tree you've got? Hey now!
You wait right there!
What're you doin'?!
Who told you about my tree?
Sarah called me the other night.
She told me.
You never should have come here.
(muffled voice)
Move it!
Move it, go, go!
What're you doin' Sarah?!
Sorry Mike but this tree is makin' you crazy.
I'm doing this for you!
Why did you tell Jake?
Because I hate this ranch and I hate this
tree and I hate what it's doin' to you!
You're about to kill everything that we worked
Now you can fix this just put the saw... put
the saw down, now.
Then this tree has to come down!
I'll give you another week, no problem.
That's a lie!
Please, just--
No, No!