Capsule (2015) Movie Script

I know you can hear me.
I need you to do something.
Guy, you need to trust me.
You need to wake up!
Harry? Harry?
Harry? Are you there? Come in.
Harry! Come back to me, when I need you.
You bugger, Harry.
No, no, no. Come on. I'm still...
Don't lose me. Come on.
What the fu... please...
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, you stupid...
Come on. Come on.
Okay. Okay. Alright.
Don't be serious. Don't be serious.
You can breathe.
You can breathe.
You can breathe, Guy. Come on.
Don't look at the dial.
You can breathe. You can breathe.
Deep Breaths. Deep, deep breaths.
Come on.
Fylingdales? Harry?
Harry? Fylingdales? Fylingdales, I'm here.
Hermes do you...?
Come in... Harry, I can't...
Harry, I can't understand you.
You are breaking up too badly.
How do I fix this? Oh, shit!
Oh God!
Great going, Guy. Well done.
What are you? What are you? What are you?
Well. Come on, Hermes.
OK! There we are. It's coming. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Shh!
I love you, Lottie.
That's how you do it!
That's how you do it!
That's not right! That's not right!
Hermes, this is Fylingdales.
Are you receiving me?
I repeat: Hermes, this is Fylingdales.
Guy, it's Harry.
Would you respond what's happening!
Harry! Harry!
Oh! Thank Christ!
Where the bloody hell were you?
I was taking a flight to France
on my day off now.
Where the hell you think I was? Where were you?
We thought we'd lost you, we couldn't radio you.
Don't you dare make me go through it again.
You have frightened us enough on this flight.
Harry, Harry is...
is Lottie there? Is she with you?
No, she isn't in the room right now, Guy.
I think I must be losing oxygen.
Harry, dial's going crazy.
Everything was fine, and ah...
I can't remember the last few minutes.
What the hell went wrong?
How do I fix this?
We will take look at it, Guy.
We lost you just before the pre-flight.
We received no telemetry from Hermes,
before the system was rebooted.
Graham and team are going through everything as quickly
as they can to solve this to find how to get it right.
There aren't too many options, Guy.
I've never seen Graham move so fast.
He is bringing in sweat. You'd be impressed.
I need you to get details, Guy.
Guy, be specific.
Alright. I really don't know the specifics.
The suit vented oxygen,
there will be nothing to breathe. I...
I got blacked-out.
How long did you lose me for?
We have no indication here that you blacked out.
Doc, you reading this?
What are medical saying?
Hold on, Guy. We're gonna answer for you.
Harry, don't tell me to hold. Not now.
We lost medical when we lost you.
It's gonna take a few to figure this one out.
I guess that you were out two minutes.
At most three. How do you feel?
Three... three minutes?
Harry, felt longer than three minutes.
I've lost half my oxygen.
I just had to fix the suit's
electrical circuits.
That is if it worked, don't know.
I haven't tested it.
Actually I don't know if I can test it up here. Can you?
We will check the diagnostics.
Why the hell did the suit fail? Hmm?
Don't you chaps meant to test these things?
I wouldn't want to guess. Not until the team
is done trolling through the readout.
Can you work faster?
I'm struggling to breathe a bit.
Harry? Chest is feeling really tight.
Come on.
Guy? I'm slightly worried what
the Doc is telling me.
Be aware you maybe in the beginning of a hypoxia.
We need you to act fast on this.
First thing is first.
What does your oxygen read?
Says 21, figures two and one.
But I'm currently only breathing
oxygen in the capsule, Harry.
We know, Guy. But that's not going to be enough.
It's not designed for longtime life support without the suit.
I'm not intending to be up here that long though.
We need to get you more oxygen. Take it easy. Slow breaths.
Graham's checking the circuits.
Hopefully you fixed them.
For the moment breathe easy.
Calm and slow. Calm and slow.
You are missing this view, Harry. It's beautiful.
I can see everything. Every cloud.
Every river.
Each city alike with life and color.
Oh, please! Do keep on roping it in.
I will.
Right to the moment you will punch me.
Sounds about right.
Now, I know you might slack off,
but how about you shoot some film for us?
Now that you have that beautiful view to look at,
actually do some work up there.
We are looking forward to those high
altitude shots you have been taking.
Six minutes down, four to go.
Good. take what you can and don't waste it.
That's a shame, Harry.
If you hadn't changed you mind
about that desk job...
after you had been a kerosene jockey...
You could have been up here.
I'm not ashamed. Not ashamed at all.
I just lost faith in what we were doing,
and who we were doing it for.
But I do miss the Americans RB45.
What a wonderful large bird.
How's the wife?
I see you haven't lost your sense of humor up there.
That the ones I can only choose.
What do you expect? Bad influence like you around?
Do you know, what your problem is Taylor, Old boy?
You could never take orders from someone...
unless you respected them and
believed in the cause.
And that's my friend, is why you are up there
having all the fun and I'm down here..
It's certainly not fun now.
Turns out, today isn't my day.
I rather be flying 45s again with you.
Maybe, without the Americans,
telling us what to do.
Looking forward to Gin & Tonic when you get me back.
It's a deal.
Yes, Guy?
Is there a chance I could
talk to Lottie again?
You spoke her a few hours ago.
You have to wait until you land.
Don't worry, Guy.
Keep me updated.
Six hours, 130 miles up.
Four times around the world.
It's enough for me.
Hermes, this is Graham. How are you, Taylor?
Oh! I'm splendid, Graham.
Just waiting on you how to get back home.
I've been watching everything carefully.
But I need you to confirm a few readings before we start.
Roger that.
We've been just going through the diagnostics now.
It's saying Oxygen is at 19 still?
One-nine. Is that correct?
Ah... correct.
Good. That seems to be holding steady now.
Now, the fuel level?
It says 30, figures three-zero.
That is correct.
Telemetry tell me you are
ten degrees to pour port.
Can you correct it?
Oh! Graham? There is no response
from the control stick.
Ah! Right. Hold please.
No, Gra...
Graham... don't ask me to hold.
If there is a problem just tell me.
There's nothing we can see on a readout down here.
Hermes still looks good for re-entry.
I really need you to put my wife back on, Harry.
I can't.
Please put her back on.
Not right now.
But, we'll try and get her here.
Guy, do me a favor.
Checkout your flight manual. Page 24.
To my Spaceman, I love you Fly safe
Love Lottie
I'm going up.
You got through!?
I did.
Harry said yes, so it's me.
Oh! I'm so happy for you.
For us, Lottie,
this is for our sake.
This is the beginning of something big...
I don't know how much!
I know! I've always known.
The first British man in space.
The first man in space.
Five years as a test pilot and here...
at the frontier of science and technology.
I'm going up.
It's going to be a tough few months.
Yes, in this case. But you are up to it.
You know how tough it was, when the Americans had
you fly over Eastern Europe. I'll be with you.
I'll be by your side. Trust me.
Now tell me everything. I want to know.
The launch is scheduled for December 4th.
It's a one day trip.
So you're home for Christmas then, Mr.Spaceman?
Guy? Guy?
You find it?
Yeah I did.
When did you put this on, Harry?
Will I be telling? A man has his secrets.
You... you are full of them.
Thank you.
I'll be home soon.
Yes, you are.
Guy? It's time.
We are ready to go here, after your checks.
Three minutes to window.
Roger that.
Thrusters to auto mode. Check.
Power control to auto. Check.
Reserve System off. Check.
Gyro-stabilizers off. Check.
Suit, Oxygen. On.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
We hear you clearly. We are ready, going.
Hit the switch.
Here we go.
Jee! Bugger. Shit. Harry?
Harry? Oh God!
God! OK...
Come here.
Come on, Hermes! Come on!
Oh God! Come on, Hermes. Come on.
What's that? What is it? What's that?
Oh! Shit.
Come on, Hermes!
Don't fight me. Don't...
Come on!
Oh God!
Come on, Hermes! Come on!
Come on! Wake up, please!
Come on!
Yeah. Okay. Alright! That's it.
Okay. Okay. Yeah!
That's it.
Come on. Easy. Easy. That's it.
Come on.
That's it! That's it!
Easy easy. Yes.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
Fyling... Fylingdales, come in.
This is mission control. Taylor, come in.
This is mission control. Please respond.
This is mission control. Please come in.
If you are there, we can't read you.
I can't get hold of him. Not there!
Guy, if you're there, please respond!
I'm here. I'm here. I'm here.
Thank God. Oh! You bastard!
You alright? What happened?
What's wrong with Hermes?
Oh! My God! My head is dizzy.
The oxygen still on 19... 19.
I'm not feeling alright. Can't think straight.
If you thought putting a 9G loop was bad,
Harry, you should have a go on this.
Feels like I bloody got off Wallis.
I can't see.
Relax for a moment.
Take your time to sit and think.
There's enough in the compartment for a short while.
Short... short while? How long is a short while, Harry?
Taylor? It's Graham.
Hello Graham.
What exactly does your
fuel read-up say up there?
Tank's 22, figures two-two.
No, Graham. It's reading 20.
What else happened up there, Taylor?
Well I can't... You know what, Graham?
You tell me.
Just get me down from here, fellas.
Harry? How about that re-entry window?
How much do we have left?
It's already gone, Guy.
No... Harry, you said that...
We can't bring you down just yet.
Not until we find out, what is wrong with capsule.
How it happened and how to fix it.
What? That's not good enough, Harry.
I'm going to take you off the scope-box,
so... so it's just me.
Guy, it's just me now.
Harry, what's going on?
What are you not telling me?
We are... Don't know what to say about it.
Harry. Mate. Come on.
It's me. What's going on?
You know procedure. Way this works.
We can't bring you down. Not after this. Not yet.
We're trying everything we can. I assure you.
Clearly what you're doing isn't good enough!
No of this should have happened.
No, but it has.
We're fixing it. Everyone here is working
to get you down safe and sound.
Harry, the problem is up here.
It's not down there.
I don't see how I can.
What do you mean? One minute, Guy.
Do it! If that's the way, do it!
Listen Guy, Graham is going to walk through
a procedure, we need you to do right now.
Ah! Yes. Roger that.
Listen to me carefully.
Our system reports, you have a fuel leak.
Your port thruster has failed.
It's probably damaged.
The diagnostics indicate the control circuits are still functional,
so we can only presume, it must be something with physical damage.
Physical damage? No!
We need you to shut off that valve for the thruster.
Graham? What do you mean by physical damage?
We have to keep...
Graham, listen to me. Physical damage!?
How the hell did a thruster fail?
Have you sent me here with anything that isn't fucked?
We have our best men going through your telemetry now.
Hermes has a million and one parts.
This is cutting edge British technology.
Really it can be anything.
An overload is always on the cards.
An overload? This isn't an overload, Graham.
This is my fucking fuel supply!
First my bloody oxygen and now my sodding fuel!
Guy, you need to trust us.
We have a fix. We need you to
effect that fix quickly.
Alright. Alright. What do you need me to do?
The panel is down to your left. There are four valves.
The second one is for the port thruster.
Close it down.
Come on.
Graham, it hasn't! It's not working!
Give it a moment.
Okay, alright, it's a...
Yeah, it's reading 15, figures one-five.
Is that enough to get me home? For re-entry?
It will be enough.
Bloody hope so.
What does your Oxygen read-out say?
It says...
saying 14, figures one-four.
What do I do now? How do I get back?
Guy... we went with our flight patt...
Harry, Harry say again. I lost you for a minute.
You were breaking up.
Can you hear me? We are working on a flight...
Harry, is there someone else on the radio?
Someone else!? No! There's no one else here.
Well, I can hear someone else talking.
Guy, who? What can you hear?
Can you hear me?
I can now. Just about. I'm losing you Harry.
Hold on. Graham...
You are inside restricted airspace.
Harry, Harry! Can you hear that?
Guy, is everything all right?
No! There's somebody else on the radio.
You must immediately change course.
Guy, can you hear me?
Harry? Harry?
Harry, listen, I can hear someone else on the radio,
and I can't understand them.
I think it is Russian.
Guy, did you Russian?
Well... I think so.
No! Don't listen to them. Don't listen to anyone.
Don't talk to Russ...
Harry? Harry? Harry? Harry? Hello?
Come back, Harry. Harry? Fylingdales?
Fylingdales, this is Hermes.
Fylingdales, this is Hermes. Please respond.
Fylingdales? Fylingdales?
This is Hermes. Please respond.
Harry? Graham?
please come in, Ha...
Fylingdales, I can't hear you, but...
Maybe you can hear me, so I'm gonna keep talking.
There are a lot of radio chatter
that I don't understand.
But... I think, maybe it's Russian.
What did you mean "Don't trust them"?
And how come they are getting
though now and you can't?
I don't know what to do to get you back you were. Alright?
So if you are receiving this, find a way to get back to me.
I realize I\m stuck up here now.
And missed my re-entry point...
but my oxygen is down to 14 percent.
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
It's beautiful, Lottie.
It is.
In three days you will be in Australia
waiting for your launch window.
I'll be here waiting for you to return, watching this view
everyday till you come back and tell me everything.
I reckon you are going to leave me after this.
You will be sick of me in no time.
You need not worry so much, Guy. I will be fine.
I'm not worried. Not yet.
Yes you are. Stay focused on what you have to do,
and don't worry about me, last you come home.
It's important you come home.
We need you to come home.
If ever you are in danger, or if anything goes wrong,
you do whatever you have to do to get back.
Don't be stubborn. Let people help you.
If you are going to look at this view, so will I.
All you have to do is look up.
When the sun shines on me, it shines on you too.
I can't believe you just said that. Idiot.
I should have never done that.
Bloody... cutting edge British technology, are we?
Don't sound like it.
Not exactly feeling much confident.
Or was it heat expansion? Huh?
You warming up again in the sun?
I'm happy for you.
Well, listen... the sooner you gonna start...
the sooner we won't have any noises like that.
Unidentified spacecraft identify yourself.
This is restricted airspace.
How do you have this frequency?
Put me back to Fylingdales. Get off the comms.
Please immediately change course.
I can't understand you.
Can you understand me?
Hello? Can you hear me down there?
I haven't been able to understand a word.
Not a single bloody word. I don't speak Russian.
No Russian.
No...? No what?
No understand?
No understand? I... I no understand Russian.
Please speak English.
Is anyone there who speaks English?
English? You Englishman?
You must leave Russian territories now.
You must abort your orbit immediately.
Failure to comply will be treated
as an act of aggression.
You are orbiting a restricted course, Commander Tyler.
How do you know my name?
We hear you.
Your secret is not so well kept.
You must comply now.
Leave Russian airspace.
You give us no option but to take action.
Who... who are you? What...
What have you done with Fylingdales? You jamming them?
Fylingdales, Commander Tyler?
Perhaps you are out of the range for them.
How do you have this frequency?
We track all radio frequency.
Especially those over Russia's territory.
Especially those who threaten the U.S.S.R.
I'm not over Russia.
Which you are, Commander Tyler.
Although, slightly higher.
How do you know who I am?
Bloody, answer me.
Where do you think you are?
What right now?
Do no treat me like some fool, Commander.
We've been tracking you past few hours.
Orbiting in air in a capsule of some sort.
We tracked your launch from Woomera, Australia.
We did not know what you were until now.
We patched up your radio comm.
This is your fifth time
orbiting around the planet.
This time you have deviated from
your previous course. Why?
No, I'm not off my course.
No, I'm just trying to get home.
I'm just trying to get back to Britain.
That's my mission. That's my only mission.
Unless you can help,
please leave the frequency free.
The British are not capable of such feat.
We are concerned, Commander.
What is your intention, your origin,
and your payload?
I'm British, actually.
As for payload... why... what? I'm the payload.
Why they would not help you.
What is your mission? Are you spying for the Americans?
You have help from the Americans, no?
We never thought the British would be capable of this.
You know, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.
You now do, what they cannot.
I must warn you, Commander.
We will retaliate with force.
We shall not stand the
deception of Russian territories.
No! I... I'm not over Russia.
You are not where you are supposed to be.
Alright. Alright. There where am I?
Your current orbit of position is above,
Tunguska, northern Russia.
How can I believe you when you tell
me when you won't believe me...?
You can't.
If what you are saying is true,
then I have a problem.
Yes, Commander. You do.
How can I get so far off course?
You tell us, Commander.
Right, I need to get back. Can you help me?
I do not see how we can.
Well I need to talk to my engineers in Fylingdales.
I lost contact with them when you came through.
Maybe you could patch me through to them?
Put me back in touch.
No. This is not possible.
Well please do something!
No. This is not possible.
I cannot do this. My superiors will have me
shot for what you are doing me to ask.
They are ready on their way to talk to you.
I won't be able to communicate for long.
They seem to be a logical military type, yes?
More than a few years experience...
in what, the Army?
Do you know I'm just doing my job up here?
Well, you must have seen things.
You must've been places, you won't meant to been.
I'm suffering major malfunctions.
I don't know what the state this ship is in.
I'm gonna need help fixing the capsule,
but the longer I stay up here,
the less chance my chances of survival.
I just... I just want to get back home. Thats all.
Home. Do you understand?
The only way to do that is if you can help me.
Now will you do that?
I cannot help you.
Is that cannot or will not?
You are the only on that can help you.
No one else. It's your choice, Commander.
But I don't know how to fix this!
You must.
Well I don't!
Commander, you have already surprised us by doing what you have done.
Something no one else in the world has been able to do.
And seemingly without any help from
your beloved must know.
We... we aim high.
Too high, by the looks of it.
Harry. Harry, where are you mate?
Come, just fix this. Need a plan.
Are you alright, Tyler?
No, not really, I'm feeling...
I'm feeling a little disoriented.
I don't know, I can't...
Commander? Commander?
Yes, yes. I'm here.
Take some rest.
I can't. I have to get back.
I really don't have time.
How long since you last slept?
About 28 hours or so.
Maybe you should try now.
No, I can go without sleep.
Tell me your name.
Nice to finally meet you, Karnov.
What do you do if you can't get back?
well I don't think about that.
I... have to get back. I...
I just have to.
Your excursion has attracted unwanted attention.
Not only from Tyuratam.
You can be assured others would know also.
Many people, many nations will not allow you to succeed.
You do not belong.
You will not do this.
Your journey was a secret.
This is the way it'll stay. Ensure that it is.
Goodbye, Ta... you...
What... what do you mean?
Karnov? Karnov, what do you mean?
Hello? Ka... fuc... shit.
You've seen better days.
No, Lottie you're right.
I just need to stay focused.
You need to focus, Guy.
Hello, Harry.
You were going to give me flight corrections.
Twenty-second burn, twelve degree pitch...
that's what comes down to.
Calo reserve shut off.
A.S.C.S off.
Dynamic pressure...
On. And...
Landing bag off. Off. On.
Rear section brake-way bolts primed
and valve closed down.
Fuck. Oh Shit!
Oh! Fucking hell!
Harry, I just killed my last
chance to come home.
I would have placed Hermes
in the wrong angle incener...
Fucking hell!
Fucking hell!
Oh shit! Oh shit!
Oh God! Jesus Christ!
Jesus! Fuck! What was that?
Hell! God!
Come on. Come on!
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
Thats it! Thats it! Okay.
Okay. Okay. Come on.
What the fuck was that?
Wait a minute... wait a minute. Okay.
What the fuck is all that?
Oh! Shit. Shit.
You know what, Hermes?
I can tell by the flashing lights, somethings wrong.
You don't have to shriek at me with
that fucking piercing noise as well!
The only purpose that would serve,
is me open the door and end it all. Alright?
What am I doing? What the fuck am I doing?
Find the problem and try fix.
So... so... that one didn't... do something.
No, that's not...
What do we have...?
The fuse.
Can you hear me?
Hold! Hold please!
Hold please! Don't go.
Can you hear us?
You copy?
I copy. Hello? Who is...? Who is that?
Please respond.
I can hear you. Can you hear me?
Fylingdales? Tyuratam?
This is Hermes. Come in. Harry?
Hermes, this is the United States calling.
Are we reaching you?
Hermes, please respond. This is the United States.
Are you receiving me?
United States?
Hermes, we were not sure if we could reach you.
I'm here. I copy. Who am I talking to?
What do I call you, Hermes? You have a name?
Yes, I have a name. Do you.
We've been following your course for sometime now.
You have given us all a surprise down here.
The boys at NASA have been calling us all day.
Give us the name and purpose of your mission.
No, you know the protocol.
Identify yourself. And your interest in me?
I am agent Mike Spann, CIA.
Hermes, We know you are experiencing problems.
We maybe be able to assist you.
Assist? Assist me how?
You gotta give me something first.
Name and mission Hermes.
Alright, well ah... I assumed that you would
have known I'm Commander Guy Taylor.
Everybody else seems to.
This is a planned British mission, and you probably
tell every thing's going according to plan.
And circumstances have got in
the way of us exploring our reach.
That reach has seemingly taken you
far off course, Taylor.
Look, I've lost contact with
my engineers at Fylingdales.
Anything you chaps down there,
can help me put in touch with them...
it will be a warm beer on me.
We'll try and do what we can. When we can.
When you...?
Can? I'm afraid I need assistance now.
The chaps at Fylingdales can answer any
questions about me and my mission.
Why you in such a hurry, Taylor?
Every minute I'm up here
is a minute far too long.
I'm running out of oxygen. I may not be
able to speak to you for too much longer.
And, ah...
Hermes is... well, damaged. I'm not sure how bad is it.
Did you say damaged? What's the damage?
How much do you have actually left?
I don't know what's damaged, exactly.
I can't get to all circuits.
I'm down to 6% oxygen.
So, for that, there's nothing.
And my port thrusters are damaged too.
I had minimal maneuverability.
So I can't maneuver, Hermes.
I may... may have drifted off course.
Now you are over U.S. territory.
Well... right now?
Yes it's possible. I really can't tell.
We understand you've been makin' new friends.
Why have you been talkin' to the Russians?
We have been monitoring their communications.
That you were and have been speakin' with the Russians.
No, they spoke to me.
Same difference.
I beg to differ.
They wanted to chase me out of their airspace.
Is that all they wanted?
You intercepted the transmissions. Translate it yourself.
As you'd expect, we are already working on that.
Why aren't you in contact with the British?
Are you a Commie, Taylor?
Been a few years since I hunted Commies.
A Commie?
Do I've to remind you,
that I am a British officer?
I am an ally.
I'm just trying to get back home.
And you were been helped by the Russians?
No, I wouldn't say "helped". No.
They were worse than useless.
Rather like you, now.
Well I don't like your line of questioning.
Look, Taylor.
We're clouded to actually
what your intentions are.
Especially since they have,
according to this...
you used to spy for us.
You were part of our inner circle.
We know everything about you, Taylor.
I've just been handed your file. And I have
a picture of you and you lovely wife here.
She is beautiful.
You worked for us spying over
Russia in '54, did you not?
You were handpicked as well.
You obviously have some skill in the air.
How do you find flying our RB45?
Nice aircraft, aren't they?
A bit heavy on the rudder though.
I haven't had as many hours as you.
According to your file on several occasions you flew over Russia
on photo reconnaissance sortie for us on operation Jiu Jitsu.
Our records indicate 16 times.
By my reckoning that's impressive you weren't shot down.
No. What I did for you guys in 1954, is long over.
In any word, my superiors ordered me to because your
pilots didn't want to risk their own bloody asses!
You sure understand, Taylor, why we are a little
concerned by you talking to the Russians.
You seem to make it a habit of talking
to anybody but your people.
Are you fraternizing with the enemy?
What!? No!
We are at war, Mr.Taylor!
No, we're not.
No one is at war with anyone.
Certainly not me, up here.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you read the paper there over in England?
We are all at war with the Russians!
How can we trust you my man?
Your mission is still unclear to us.
I would be inclined to suggest,
that your intentions towards the United States...
could be considered as hostile.
And therefore, will be treated as such.
Hostile? You pulling my leg?
Pulling your what now?
Hostile act is the last thing on my mind.
I just want to get home.
But I just need to know how to first.
Now that's my intention.
I promise you, that's my only intention.
Did you share these intentions with the Russians?
Forget about the fucking Russians!
Have you made contact with Fylingdales?
I'm not at liberty to discuss communication.
What... even with my own people?
It's getting bloody cold in here.
Why would that be?
I had to sacrifice by heaters
to get back control.
I see. Then it'll get real cold real quick.
Agent Spann?
I need you to help me.
I am down to 5% oxygen. If that malfunctions,
I don't know how long that would last.
If you don't, I most likely
crash land in your back garden.
Was that meant as a threat, Taylor?
No! Of course not. Don't be bloody paranoid.
It's no a threat. Just...
It's a reality that would come true if...
if I don't initiate re-entry procedure
and get back in touch with Fylingdales.
We would have hoped that Britain would
have shared this information with us.
For crying out loud, you launched a man into space!
Oh well! You can't always get what you want, can you?
You feelin' okay, Taylor?
You almost... you almost sound concerned.
I am concerned.
We believe the combination of lack of air and your daunting
coldness will almost certainly affect your capabilities.
So how about concentrating for me, will ya?
I am concentrating.
Much as I sensibly can.
Listen, Taylor.
We are willing to help you,
but need you to do somethin' for us.
We'll affect a safe re-entry if you
land on an area of our choosing.
That way we can intercept you
and bring you in for safety.
If you are not a commie,
then why are even thinkin' about it?
You get home. We find out the truth. Everyone wins.
Are you there, Taylor?
Yeah, I'm here. Just...
You have an answer for me Mr.Taylor?
Let me speak with Harry at Fylingdales.
No. I can't do that.
I've to talk to Harry. That's my condition.
Without that I'm not willing
to accept your offer.
We can entrance safe entry. As fas as I can tell,
you do not have any further options.
It's time to get off the fence and do something.
You are either with us or against us.
Which is it, Taylor?
You haven't exactly left me with much choice.
Where do you want me to land?
Atlantic Ocean. One of our Navy craft...
USS Borie will meet you there.
She's already been deployed to the area.
Should be there to pick you up when you splash down.
So what... what happens now?
I'm gonna put you over to one of my colleagues at NASA...
Bob Allija.
He has some calculations to run to work your problem.
And... and that's it?
Of course, Taylor.
Now I've your insurance you'll do as I ask.
Good luck.
Hermes, this is Houston.
Are you receiving me?
Houston... Houston this is Hermes.
I'm... I'm receiving you. Bob is it?
Yes... yes it is. Nice to meet you, Commander Taylor.
Oh! Guy, please. Please call me guy.
Copy that.
I have been advised, I'll to taking you through the procedure
for re-entry based on the calculations I've made.
I'm not quite at speed with the Hermes design.
There will be some assumptions on my part.
So please forgive me.
Roger that.
What do you need me to do?
Let's start with the fuel level, Guy.
A reading...
Ten, figures One-Zero.
Alright, noted.
I'm on 4% oxygen, Bob.
Can we speed this up a little bit?
It's rather getting cold in here.
Alright, I'll try to cut this
down to the bear minimum.
Roger that.
Everything from now on, will be time critical.
Right. Understood.
Pitch angle minus 466, Roll angle minus 12.321.
Yaw 9.418. Turn 1 minute 10 seconds.
Pitch minus 113, burn for 60 seconds.
Roger that.
Are you sure, we should be planning
for graph for 60 seconds, Bob?
You have a problems with that?
I don't know, I...
No... no you know what?
It will suit me in order.
Are you ready?
On my mark, 20 seconds.
Ten seconds, mark. This is it, Guy.
We gonna bring you home.
Roger that.
Initiating 60 degree starboard roll.
You need to lock down the thrusters.
The tracking data looks good, Guy.
I'm at the pre-rotation.
Perfect. Now on my mark, 10 second burn and...
Three, two, one. Mark.
Bob? Houston, Houston come in!
Come in. Come in Bob!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bob!
Put your seat...
Hello? Hello?
I can't hear you, but thank you.
Hermes, come in! Can you hear me?
Hermes. Guy, come in. Please, we can hear you... where?
You are within range.
We tried in vain through Honduras.
That wasn't enough to get you.
You are far off from where we expected.
You were drifting over Russia.
The Russians saw me, Harry.
They weren't too pleased.
I think, maybe they even attacked me with God knows what.
Where are you now? What are you doing?
I have started re-entry procedure.
The Americans... the Americans helped me.
The Americans? What the Americans!? Charlotte, no, no, no!
I've a right to be here.
You don't have a right to be here. Out.
Guy! You have to leave. get out of here.
No, Harry! Let her speak.
Just mate let her be here.
Just let her be here. Just for a moment.
I won't take long. I promise.
But, I need to... need to speak to her.
I have to hear her. Please.
Fine, but just for a moment.
I'm worried. Are you alright, Guy.
You're breathing heavily.
Lottie, I am fine.
I am fine. I'm alright. I'm fine.
You know, things have been better.
But please don't worry.
I am with you, Guy.
I am always with you.
Don't. You gonna me cry, Lottie.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no. Don't be.
I've waited far too long to hear your voice.
I need you.
I need too too.
I pictured you, you know?
I pictured your face.
You... you been here with me.
You been here the whole time.
By my side.
Lottie, darling?
I can do this.
Harry can tell you that I'm coming home.
Won't you, mate?
Lottie? Lottie? You know that I love you.
I love you too.
No. Not goodbye.
Never "goodbye" but "I will see you soon".
Guy, you there? Where did they say you are going to land?
In the Atlantic somewhere. I don't know...
They said the USS Borie...
the USS Borie is going to pick me up.
Atlantic? You are over Russia right now!
No... no that's wrong.
I must be over the Atlantic somewhere. Harry?
I've been a while with the Americans ever since we lost you.
You can't have been speaking with them.
O God! I think, I'm entering the atmosphere.
Guy? Guy, can you hear me?
Guy, say it again!
Who have you been talking to?
Guy, who have you been talking to?
Come in, Guy. Can you hear me?
Please come in. Talk to me.
Oh my God!
Tyuratam Space Center, Kazakhstan USSR.
Unfortunately, he is in meeting all day.
I ask him to call you. Yes, yes. Goodbye.
Yes, Major.
General Desyatkov.
It want to see it.
It should be ready by now.
Major. Everything is ready.
Thank you.
No, I must be over the Atlantic. Harry?
Oh God! I'm entering the atmosphere!
Oh God!
Oh God! Shit! What is that?
What just hit me! It's going to hit me.
It's a fucking American craft!
Hermes. Hermes is severely damaged.
I'm getting warning lights all over the dashboard.
It's like Guy Fawkes lighted here.
I am in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
It's getting unbelievably hot here now.
Something... something isn't right.
It's not coming. Nothing is happening.
This shouldn't be happening!
The parachutes haven't deployed!
I'm frightened. Lottie, I...
Thank you.