Captain (2018) Movie Script

The most crucial penalty shoot-out
is about to begin.
In few minutes, it would be clear
as to who the winner
of this tournament is.
After a thrilling encounter
Iraq and India are at it
once again.
V.P. Sathyan, the captain
of Indian National team
and one of the best defenders
will take the kick.
This shoot-out strike will be
taken by
India's team captain, V.P. Sathyan.
Oh, no! He missed it.
He hit the bar and it's out.
Such a disaster for India.
Very unfortunate for the team.
It would be very difficult
for V.P. Sathyan to overcome this.
'News in detail.'
'Football star V.P. Sathyan died
in a train mishap.'
'The accident happened
at Pallapuram station'
'in Chennai at 11:20 a.m.'
'He was 41 years old.
He has captained India'
'in 88 international matches
across 9 competitions.'
'He had served as the selector
and coach of Indian team.'
'Sathyan was a formidable defender
on the ground.'
'His started his career
at Lucky star, Kannur.'
'He captained Kerala police,
Mohun Bagan'
'Kolkata Mohammedan
and Indian bank team..'
'He was the Indian bank
football team coach'
'and served as assistant manager
at Chennai branch.'
My Sathyan was murdered.
"The Earth that never ceases
to spin.."
"As time strikes it, to its will."
"The ball is launched forward.."
"A few weary legs are chasing it.."
"Let hope win over despair.."
"Conquer and win.."
"Get on the ground with zest.."
"The war is on.."
"Loud cheers resonate in the air.."
"As the ball soars high.."
"Sun shines bright in the sky."
"Rise from the ashes."
"Oh, brave ones, warriors..."
"The world is your battle ground."
"There's neither any room
for fear or forfeit.."
"Don't you dare to back out."
"With a hunger to win"
"step into the ground.."
"Be it fatigue or despair.."
"Bow down to nothing!"
"Loud cheers resonate in the air.."
"As the ball soars high.."
"Sun shines bright in the sky."
"Rise from the ashes."
'Passengers, attention please.
Train number 40705'
'Chennai beach Thirumalpur local'
'will arrive on platform number two
in some time.'
'Passengers, attention please..
- Hello, Hello..'
'The game will start in a few
'Kannur Lucky Star captained
by V.P. Sathyan and'
'Neeleshwaram Sevens lead by
G.V. Kuttan will lock horns'
'in a fiery competition, friends.'
'Come and witness it.
Game starts in a few minutes.'
'A special announcement.'
'We have not stationed police
or army to manage the crowd.'
'Your safety
is your responsibility.'
'The game will start
in a few minutes.'
Come on..
- Go up.
Come up.
Please stop. I've to get down.
- There's no stop here.
You can get down at Pidiyappadi.
- What do you mean?
No stops near a football ground?
Stop it!
A football match is going on..
- Who is this guy?
Sathyan, you can leave
after helping us win this game.
Your teammates will take care
of the rest.
Murali, Sathyan has
a tea-session today.
So, he'll not play
the night game.
So, is there a tea-session
today as well?
What's your age?
- 46 and a half.
Such tea-sessions aren't everyone's
cup of tea.
Where is it today?
- Paaleri.
She is a graduate.
- Do they know to make tea?
Why can't they?
- I don't think so.
They won't spare us
if we lose this game.
It's tough to score a goal
when Sathyan is playing.
It's tough to score a goal
if Sathyan is on the ground.
Hey, what were you doing
in Nanminda..
If you irk them,
they will beat you to pulp..
Who is this guy?
I will take care of him.
He won't go back in one piece.
I will crush him down.
Be careful.
- Okay.
Come.. All right, sit there..
- Come up.
V.P. Sathyan.
Good that you got the red card
even though it was his foul.
We could at least reach here
by this time.
They had asked us to come
at 11 a.m.
I've only told that you're
in the police force.
I have not mentioned
about the game.
Ani, they are here.
Wear a saree and come fast.
- Oh! They are here?
Don't they have any sense of time?
How can they come as per
their will?
Ani, he is handsome.
Is he the one?
Tell me the truth.
Do you know him?
You might have ogled
at him before.
Yes, I know him very
His photo gets printed
in newspapers often
with the news of his injury.
- Oh, really?
Father said that he is
in the police force.
Maybe in the police station!
Oh, I'm just fed up!
I have to offer him tea now.
Give it here.
He and his football!
I heard that you are
in police service. Is that right?
Yes. I am in the police force.
I'm the captain of football team.
Captain, it seems!
Such a bother!
Why should I serve him tea?
So, football is your priority.
Honestly speaking,
I am a football fan
but my daughter has no interest.
So, her father
is in agreement.
I despise policemen.
I can't stand football players
You are supposed
to serve tea.
There's no milk.
She is smart.
She got to know that you love
lemon juice and Jalebis.
What do you think?
Did you like her?
I like her.
How many goals attempts did you
thwart today, defender?
I went to see the girl.
On my way back
I played a bit.
- Aren't you ashamed?
You got selected in Indian team
and yet you're playing sevens
like children.
The family liked his proposal,
but not the girl.
Brother, do not worry.
Someone told them
that you play football
instead of focusing on your job.
Father's rant was
a continuation of it.
Wherever there is a game,
I'll be there.
Football is my top priority.
Police job is very boring.
Talk slow.
Father might hear you.
So, did you like the girl?
- Yes.
She is good.
Even the Jalebis were good.
Did you see that?
The world cup that he is holding
will be on this rack, some day.
Hey, you need not bring
the world cup.
Bring the Santhosh trophy.
That is enough.
Such a bother.
Where's the ball?
Did you stitch it?
You're here so early!
You asked me to come here.
I will give you.
Go inside and get some water.
Mr. Sathyan, are you leaving?
- Yes. Are you done with it?
It's almost over.
- Then, drop me near Kittan's shop.
Hey, folks from Thalassery
are playing today.
Just keep quiet.
I've to go.
You are always mending
your boots.
You mind your business.
Stop bossing me.
Sathyan, drink the butter milk.
Don't you know that
I don't like it?
Aren't you aware that
he likes lemon juice?
So what if I don't know?
The one who should know
is aware of it.
Yesterday's game was awesome.
Right, Kittan?
What game?
Is football all about breaking
the legs of your opponent?
Yesterday's game was awful!
So, it's not an issue when
he does that.
If they break our boys' legs,
won't we react?
Who is the one breaking legs?
It's about you.
How the folks from Neeleshwaram
stomped on you!
He only remembers that moment.
It took him the whole night
to regain consciousness.
He kicked too hard.
Football should be played
with the ball.
Manhandling is against
the spirit of this game
irrespective of who plays the game.
Here is the money.
Four cups of tea.
Turn around.
What is this, all of a sudden?
I was asked to escort you
right away.
- Sathyan, please sit.
I called you here so early
to talk about an important matter.
Sir. - You know that Santhosh
trophy will be held next month?
Yes, sir.
Have we got that trophy
in recent times?
19 years back.
- For the past 19 years
we watched this game
from the stands.
We managed to reach the finals.
This time,
I wish to see the photograph
of Kerala team kissing
the Santhosh trophy
in the newspaper.
I shall try, sir.
You did not have to come
till here to say that.
A person who is able
to take firm decisions
are considered leaders by people.
I felt there is a great leader
in you.
Thank you, sir.
I will.
Good. All the best, captain.
A player runs a minimum
of 10 kilometers during a match.
He thinks only about victory
during that time.
It's not just the goalie's job
to prevent a goal.
He guards us against
the final move.
Every player is responsible
for blocking opponent's shots.
Self confidence
is our only weapon.
That is our asset too.
A player runs,
not just behind a ball
but behind the dreams
of masses.
You must remember that.
I insisted on having
a young team this time.
But when you win the game,
it's not my stubbornness
but your strength, that wins.
It's Mr. Sreedharan's victory too.
He is the one who found you.
Our boots gave up
at the 1983 national meet.
We will avenge that insult
this time.
Otherwise, India would consider
Kerala Police to be incapable.
Goa is our opponent this time.
We must be alert.
Their team has players
who are well aware of our moves.
Ready, boys?
- Yes, sir.
The marriage is round the corner..
My father told me that he would
invite everyone then.
I went home..
- I shall stand here.
Did you leave early?
- Yes.
Are you going to Coimbatore?
- Yes.
I will drop you.
- We got engaged yesterday.
So, you can come with me.
- It was my family's decision.
Why so? It's you who put
the ring on my finger?
Because my family insisted.
So, don't you like me?
I don't want to discuss it
in the middle of the road.
Don't flatter yourself,
just because you've a
Right, though not as much
as a footballer.
I am not just any footballer.
I am a player of Indian team.
For me, that is the Indian team.
You are the future
Indian captain's wife.
That is not the only game
there is.
Should I return this ring right now
or send it to your house?
What is it?
- Nothing.
"Are the tunes of waves heard
on moonlit shores?"
"Does time fly by
on this muddy path?"
"The footprints are clearer."
"I yearn to adorn my forehead."
"You came into my life
"I was left spellbound."
"I feel your presence."
"Are the tunes of waves heard
on moonlit shores?"
"Does time fly by
on this muddy path?"
Mark him..
- Aji, get into the box.
Pass the ball..
- Over here.
Come on, look at the ball.
- Foul..
What is it?
Did the captain use our ground
to host his practice sessions
so that he can see you?
Cut it..
- Over here! - Mark him.
Go forward!
- Come on, pass and move.
You go ahead.
I will come later.
Get the ball..
- Mark him.
Suresh, pass it to me..
Come on..
Jiju, advance..
- Come on.
The city of Coimbatore
is ready to host
the first semi-final match
of 48th Santosh Trophy.
Kerala team was the finalist,
the last 4 times.
They may have lost the trophy
but in this semifinal,
they're locking horns
with the mighty Bengal.
Kerala, captained by V.P. Sathyan
the one and only
Vatta Parambath Sathyan..
The star studded Kerala team
with international players.
The likes of V.P. Sathyan,
Murugesh, Mathew, Ajith Kumar
Thobias, Pappachan, Asheem,
Hameed, Shivadas
are confronting the Bengal team.
Debashish Mukherjee
is Bengal's goal-keeper
and Satyajit Chatterjee
is their captain.
They play against Kerala
in the first semifinals.
The matter of utmost significance
is Indian International players
like Sharaf Ali and V.P. Sathyan
come face to face
for the first time
on the stage of Santosh trophy.
This match is of such
historic significance.
Secondly, we get to see two
of the excellent players
V.P. Sathyan and Sharaf Ali.
Ex- Kerala police players.
Bengal team is sporting
their maroon jersey..
'Kerala versus Bengal!'
'Coimbatore Nehru stadium
bears witness'
'to one of the significant clashes
in Santhosh trophy history.'
'The best teams in the history
of Santhosh trophy'
Bengal and Kerala.
Many people from Kerala have come
to urge their team forward
at Nehru stadium today.
It's an exciting moment.
Sathyan's header..
The ball is on its way..
'Sathyan's attempt to head
the ball..'
'We can see the side-bench
of Kerala team.'
'Many star players like Habib,
Rehmaan, Mehboob and Reji'
'can be seen along with Jafar,
who trains Kerala team.'
'It's a thrilling game.'
Kerala won Santhosh trophy
when Jafar was the star player.
He is the coach of Kerala team.
It's Sharaf Ali again..
On the right wing,
passing the ball to the center.
Manoranjan Bhattacharya
has passed two Kerala players
and he is right next to the box.
Manoranjan passes the ball
to the right
and Sathyan's defensive tackle..
Sharaf Ali's advance
is halted by Sathyan
and it results in a foul.
Kerala Captain V.P. Sathyan's
foul on Sharaf Ali..
The referee points to the spot
for a penalty.
Kerala has conceded a penalty
in the first half itself.
This is in favour of Bengal team.
The attempt to halt
Sharaf Ali's progress
from Sathyan
has resulted in a penalty.
The penalty is awarded
against Kerala
in the first half of the game.
They've got a chance to lead..
Bengal has an opportunity
to score a goal in the semi-final.
They've been awarded a penalty kick
in the first half of the game.
As you can see,
Murshid is ready to strike.
Vikash Panji, Ishaan and others
are waiting to pounce on a rebound.
Murshid, jersey number seven
will take the penalty.
He tried to place the ball
to the right.
Goalie Shivdas tried to stop it!
The ball went out of play.
Kerala team is relieved.
The people of Kerala
who are watching it on TV,
heaved a sigh of relief.
'The score board still reads
Kerala, 0 Bengal, 0.'
'Kerala got out of it!
Bengal squandered a penalty.'
Murshid squandered the penalty.
Bengal on the front foot.
Satyajit Chatterjee of Bengal
passes the ball to Babu Mani.
Babu Mani races ahead.
Manoranjan Bhattacharya
he passes it to Ishaan.
He is cruising forward.
He tries to go all the way..
V.P. Sathyan tries to tackle him
and Ishaan commits a foul.
Ishaan's foul.
Kerala Captain
V.P. Sathyan, gets stomped
by Ishaan.
He is writhing in pain,
as we all can see.
He is in pain..
'Sports News.'
'In the semifinals
of Santhosh trophy football'
'held at Coimbatore, Kerala
reached finals, defeating Bengal.'
'The thrilling match
that ended in penalty shootout'
'was won by Kerala, with a score
of 3-2, thus entering finals.'
'V.P. Sathyan was injured
during the match.'
'Team manager has stated
that he won't play'
'in the finals,
if the injury is serious.'
Mr. Jafar, Sathyan
is a good player.
But if he plays in this state,
it's dangerous.
Yesterday's injury
is not the concern.
The steel rod that you see here,
supported his left leg.
It shouldn't stay there for long.
It was inserted there
after an injury that he sustained
during his childhood.
It was not changed after that.
He chose not to undergo
a surgery to remove it
as he is aware that
he won't be able to play.
Sir, are you trying to say
that Sathyan can't play anymore?
It's better if he does not play
for some time.
If he gets injured again,
it might be tough to overcome.
What are these?
- Letters for you.
Me? Read it.
'Sathyan, captain of Kerala team.'
'Dear Sathyan.'
'I love to see you play
on the magical ground.'
'My heart sees the game
and the player.'
'Your look and attitude in an
Indian Jersey seems like a dream.'
'I am waiting for the Kerala team
to lift the Santhosh trophy.'
'With love, yours..'
'A series of dots..'
It's too literary.
- Yes.
'Sathyan, captain Kerala team,
That's the address.
There are around 20 more letters
like this.
They are your admirers.
- Admirers?
Guys from my village
are playing a prank.
Don't they have anything else
to do?
They know your address.
These are from fans who follow
their favourite players.
It's nothing new.
People don't receive a letter
even if a punctuation is missed.
Haven't you heard
of Australian captain, Don Bradman?
'Capt. Don Bradman,
somewhere in Australia.'
People used that address
and he still got those letters.
A players address is the ground,
no matter where he goes.
'Within the green boundary.'
That's a players address.
Irrespective of whether
its Australia or Coimbatore.
Do you want to play,
enduring this pain?
The doctor wants you to rest.
Jafar, like you said
when we chase the dreams
of the masses, the pain fades away.
A footballer's life
resides within his legs.
You'll not play the final.
Anitha, there's a call for you.
- Who is it?
I don't know.
- Yes.
Hello, it's me.
I wanted to tell you something.
If you don't mind
come with your friends
and watch the finals tomorrow.
I will be there in the gallery.
I will come.
I wish to see you play
on the ground.
I will come if you play.
I too want to play.
Who is it?
- It's me.
Oh.. It's you.
How come you are here?
Just like that.
- You are everywhere.
Sathyan, you play.
I will sit in the stands.
I'm used to it.
I am not gutsy enough to play
on the ground.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Why?
Is this how you tie a lace?
I will show you.
Lace must be tied to the left
of the left boot
and to the right of the right boot.
That's how your kicks
gain more accuracy.
Did you get that?
No one bothers about such things.
No one will listen
to my advice, either.
Shall I ask you something?
- Shoot.
I have been seeing you for years.
What were you doing?
Why are you following me?
Follow you?
Who told you that?
I am not following you.
Here.. I follow this ball.
Kicking it alone won't do..
It's the globe.
If you play well with it,
it will take you places.
I thought you were just
a football fanatic from Malappuram.
You are not just that.
That's true.
I am a bit crazy.
I'm crazy about this game.
Back then, when Brits ruled
our country..
They played football every Sunday,
wearing boots.
They were not great players,
but urged by their love
for the game, they used
to gather kids from the village.
Brits used to win every game.
No one else, but them.
Such losers who were fed up
of continuous defeats
set up grounds in Malappuram,
to win a few.
They started playing in coconut
and areca nut plantations.
They played regularly
and improved their game.
So that they could face
the Brits on Sundays.
For the Brits,
it was just time-pass.
But it was a battle
for the Malappuram folks.
A battle against the Brits.
That's how I got addicted!
You must be careful
while playing with an injured leg.
We need a player like you forever.
You can rewrite the history
of the last 19 years
if you win tomorrow.
If you lose
you will find a place
in history as a lost hero.
Welcome to Kovai!
Coimbatore gears up for the
48th Santhosh trophy finals.
Words cannot contain
the enthusiasm towards the game
of football.
Thousands of people
have flocked to Coimbatore
Nehru Stadium..
Like El Classico,
it's the final of Santhosh trophy..
Kerala versus Goa!
In 1973, captain Mani led
the team
to its first championship in Kochi.
19 years have passed by.
Since then, it has been
a series of disappointments.
The Kerala team is tired of losing
the finals in the last four years.
Asheem, Mathew Varghese,
Thobias, Arjun..
Clubs including Kerala police
and Travancore Titanium
have contributed their
stellar players to this contest.
The Kerala team competes
with the mighty Goan team.
Hello, boys. Get ready.
Come on.
All the best.
Best of luck.
Kerala has lost the finals
in the last four years..
In 1988, they lost
against Punjab in Kollam.
Who is it, Mani?
- CM, from Thiruvananthapuram.
Hello, sir.
- Hello, captain..
I called to wish you the best.
- Thank you so much, sir.
Captain, you had given me a word.
I'm just reminding you of the same.
Tomorrow is a holiday in Kerala.
I left the office after signing
the order
and giving it to chief secretary.
all educational institutions
in Kerala will get a holiday.
Government offices will be closed.
In order to celebrate
the Santhosh trophy victory.
All the best, Sathyan.
Leader, if you pressurise him
this way
won't it affect his game adversely?
Hey, there is a fire within him.
I just fanned it.
Now he has no other go,
but to win.
Those who have that fire within..
Only they can win.
Did you understand?
The ground is set
for Santhosh trophy finals
at Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore.
Both the teams have arrived
on the ground.
Kerala warriors are undeterred in
the scorching heat of Coimbatore.
They are in yellow and red jersey
while their Goan counterparts
are in blue.
V.P. Sathyan, Jersey number 6,
from Chokli, Meenkkunnu, Kannur.
Vatta Parambath Sathyan
and the trophy..
Only 90 minutes separates them.
V.P. Sathyan has taken up
a responsibility
on behalf of Kerala
by leading the state team
at the 48th Santhosh trophy final.
The whole state has vested
their hopes in Sathyan.
Kerala versus Goa.
48th Santhosh trophy final.
'V.P. Sathyan, who led India,
previously at SAARC games'
'and also at the 1990 world-cup
qualifiers, is a hero.'
Just one thing.
We won't go back to Kerala
as the second best team.
Our people along with us
want the Santosh trophy.
Tomorrow is a holiday in Kerala.
The celebration of our victory
must be the reason.
And not a mourning ceremony.
This is our battle field.
We must win. Okay?
- Yes!
Kerala team led by V.P. Sathyan
has a bunch of skilled players
like Hameed and..
V.P. Sathyan, there he is.
V.P. Sathyan..
Vatta Parambath..
The expectations of an entire state
rests on these boots.
Kerala's hope rests on it.
Sathyan has tightened
those hopes firmly.
It would be such a great feat
if V.P. Sathyan manages
to win the trophy for Kerala.
Kerala versus Goa,
The hopes of a state rests..
'The whole of India
is looking forward to this final'
'and it will start in the next
few minutes..'
Keshav, go and check fast.
Turn it to the south.
Thiruvananthapuram station..
Point it that way..
Little more..
Suresh, it's okay, get down.
- 'This ball'
'has the emotions of Keralites
captured in it..'
'It's time for the kick-off.'
The Goan team has kicked off
the 48th Santhosh trophy
national football championship
in style at Nehru Stadium
Coimbatore, for a thrilling final.
We must wait and watch
if Kerala can win
Santhosh trophy,
after a period of 19 years.
Sathyan moves in the right wing.
An attack from Sathyan
and Mathew Varghese..
'Their attempt to attack
through short passes..'
'Great Players like Murugesh,
Mathew, Pappacchan, Jiju Jacob...'
Asheem, Hamid and Shivdas,
guarding the goal for Kerala.
'A exciting match is underway
at Nehru stadium.'
Kerala can do it.
Their attack, right from the start.
We just saw a rolling skill
from Sathyan.
It's a long ranger from almost
35 yards.
Brahmanand, the Goan goalkeeper
is a wall at the back.
He prevented Sathyan's long ranger
by diving to his right.
Oh, no! Darn!
- The power went off.
Who switched it off?
Do you have electricity there?
- No.
Come, let's go.
- Come..
Call the line man.
- Who are you?
Call him!
- Why are you pulling my hand?
You're sleeping here during
the match.. - Leave me!
Santhosh trophy? - Lift him..
- I did not take it.
Put me down.. - Fix the fuse.
- My God!
Let me get down.
Will it get repaired?
- I am repairing it.
Its electricity.
It might not work at times.
Come on, hold the ladder properly.
Yes, it's back!
- Is it? - Come on!
Go on and watch it.
Don't hang on to me. Idiots!
'The attack is free-flowing,
both ways..'
'But both the teams..'
V.P. Sathyan, the captain
of the Kerala team..
Kerala, one.
Goa, nil.
Rajiv's goal in the 44th minute
has given the lead to Kerala.
Kerala is leading but Goans
cannot be taken for granted..
Your Sathyan is awesome.
- Shut up.
Just wait, I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Dereck Pererra, Bruno Coutinho
Lawrence Gomes, Roy Baretto
and many more star players...
Goa can strike back
any minute from now.
Rajiv's goal has anyway
boosted the match..
Take me to Ganga hostel.
Kerala-Goa final has fired up
with this goal.
Few seconds left for the first half
to end..
Rajiv's goal has put Kerala
in the lead.
The whistle blew.
The first half has come to an end
and the scoreboard reads
Kerala, one, Goa, nil..
Wait for a minute.
What is it?
Does it hurt?
- No.
I'm all right.
- Don't play if it hurts.
I am all right.
- Jafar..
Don't stop me. - I told you not to.
- I want to play.
- I want to play!
Second half of the final
is going to start.
Kerala team comes to the field
with Rajiv's single goal
and Goan players are out
with a vengeance..
It's a thrilling game..
Captain Sathyan shares
a word with Asheem, the striker.
Sathyan played a pivotal role
in the first goal.
He is leading his team
like a general
even after sustaining an injury.
His determination and courage
makes him stand out among others.
Ajith has been fouled by
Goa's Robin Pererra.
We are witnessing a fight
on the playground.
This would hamper the spirit
of the final.
'It is definitely unacceptable.'
Abdu, there's a fight.
The teams have gathered
and resolved it for now..
Free kick goes to Mathew Varghese
who passed it on
to Pappacchan and he passes
an inch-perfect ball,
close to the box, to Asheem..
Asheem scored for Kerala.
Asheem is Kerala's darling.
He is Kerala's hero,
Asheem scored a goal.
The Kerala team is cruising here,
in Coimbatore.
It's Kerala 2, Goa 0.
In this Santosh trophy final
Kerala lead by two goals.
'Asheem scored the second goal
in the 67th minute.'
'Kerala leads
in the Santosh trophy final'
'against Goa by 2 goals.'
- Did they score a goal?
Two goals scored.
'If Kerala maintains this lead
for the time that remains'
19 years of longing
for the Santhosh trophy
could end for Kerala.
Another attack from Kerala
and Mathew Varghese was fouled
this time
and free kick goes
in Kerala's favour.
Captain Sathyan has stepped up
to take the free kick.
Sathyan scored a similar goal
in 1986 Merdeka cup.
against South Korea.
A long-ranger from 35 yards.
He has got a chance to recreate
the same magic here.
Kerala wins the Santhosh trophy
by scoring 3 goals.
Victory to Kerala team.
It's a win against the Goan team.
It's the fifth final for Kerala.
People have been waiting
for this moment.
The depressed Goans
go back to their dressing room.
- Yes. What? Get in.
Side, please. Come fast..
Go over there..
Come on, burst it..
to Santhosh trophy winners.'
Please eat..
All of you, please.
Do you know something?
We are winning Santhosh trophy
after 19 years.
Sathyan won it for us.
Moideen, is the cup made
of silver or gold?
It's neither gold nor silver.
It's the cup of happiness
and pride.
Its greater than gold.
'Motor Vehicle check post.'
'The Kerala team has reached
the check post. Their security..'
Over and out..
- They are almost here.
Come fast..
They are here.
Come on, burst some more..
Sathyan, you are our darling.
You are the apple of our eyes!
'Great attacking by the Germans..'
I was listening to the commentary.
Did aunt leave?
- Yes.
Did aunt leave?
- Yes.
Come on..
I have certain things to tell you.
Shall I say?
- Yes.
I cannot let go of two things
in life.
One is football.
I will divorce you,
the day you oppose it.
Second is my bullet.
It came into my life before you.
I cannot leave either of them.
Did you understand?
What do you have to say?
What do I say?
Don't you have anything to say?
What do I say about life?
I am out of words.
But I have something to say.
I had a lover.
She was my first love
and I married her as well.
In here, nobody liked her.
I like her till date.
I can't stay away from her.
Never ever.
She is my first wife.
You are the second one.
What happened?
I was talking about the ball.
What is your problem
with Mr. Gupta?
Life is not a game.
We must go through a lot.
Gupta is your superior officer.
Such free trips are common
in the police force.
Turn a blind eye towards it.
They need the captain's signature
to go on
a family trip on the pretext
of watching the game.
I will not do that, sir.
Leave it.
Sir, they are not going
to Mizoram to watch football.
He wants to enjoy with his wife
at the expense of Kerala police.
Talk slow. He might hear you.
- Let him!
I won't support the ones who go
on a tour in the name of sports.
Hey, are you insane?
This is not something new
in the police force.
Sir, my father too
is a policeman.
It's this force that made me
what I'm today.
So, I feel bad.
If you have extra money,
give it to me.
We are planning to build a house
for Jafar, our coach.
I won't say anything.
Didn't you go to Kolkata to play
for Mohammedan S.C?
There's an enquiry on it.
Be careful.
Talk to CM in your defense.
Defense is on the playground, sir.
I am unaware of the games,
outside the ground.
Can't you at least speak to CM?
Why, sir? Wherever there is a game,
I will be there.
Football is my life.
Be it here or elsewhere.
What happened to the file?
- I'll send it tomorrow.
Don't open, sir.
I have not signed.
Do you see that?
Those are stars.
The state gives this honour
for service and courage.
It does not come for free.
I studied hard to earn it.
Only people with brains get it.
So, captain.
Please do some service.
Playing is simply not enough.
Government is paying you salary.
Let the department know
about your service ability
and courage.
Sir, Sathyan is India's finest
stopper back.
He is the pride of police
and the state of Kerala.
To give him such a punishment..
Don't you think it's too much, sir?
Sir, I got the job
because I played.
I did not play for the job.
No one does any favour
by giving jobs to sportsmen.
It's an honour that state
bestows upon them.
Sorry, sir.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Sir.
Go tell him that
if I am doing the enquiry
his promotion will suffer.
Ask him to get me transferred
by falling at his godfather's feet.
Otherwise, I shall blow
his last whistle.
I did not send you here
for trivial jobs. Come.
Hey, captain.
Look here.
You must clean it the same way.
That's when you'll get
a clean certificate.
Did you understand?
What happened, sir?
- Get lost.
Yes, sir. I accept your offer.
I am coming to Kolkata.
'When will you reach?'
- Tomorrow.
'Alcohol is injurious to health.'
Drink more and get some sleep,
at least today.
I can't see you struggle
without sleep.
I am scared.
Does it hurt?
- Yes.
Can't you sleep for some time?
- Yes, I am going to.
Wake me up at 1:30 a.m.
I want to see France's game
at 2 a.m.
I cannot miss it.
Doctor has advised you not
to stay awake in this state..
You wake me up at 1:30 a.m.
I shall get up.
Sleep on the bed.
I will wake you up.
No, I won't wake up
if I sleep there. This is better.
Did she sleep?
- Yes.
Do not turn it off.
Mute it.
The game is over?
Did the game end?
Didn't I ask you to wake me up?
Why didn't you wake me up?
You did not sleep for many days.
- So what!
I wasn't dead.
It was France's game.
There's a repeat telecast.
Repeat? What is that?
Do you get to repeat?
Do I get one?
Repeat, it seems!
Don't do anything
that makes me happy!
I was just..
- Get lost!
I bought it for me..
- You, please..
I missed it because of you.
Ever since my leg got injured
everyone is ignoring me!
I do not want to stay
where I can't be happy.
Where are you going?
- To die!
To die. You can read
in tomorrow's newspaper
about football star
Captain V.P. Sathyan's death.
You are responsible for it.
I do not want to see you.
Get lost.
Come in.
Athira, did you see it?
- Yes. - A new LCD TV.
We can now watch matches
as if it is real. - Okay..
Fix it there.
Where's Mom?
- I don't know.
Here, take the football.
Sit and play there.
Are you angry?
- Didn't you die?
Are you mad?
How can I die without watching
the final match of France?
How can I miss Zidane
winning the cup?
I bought a new TV.
- We're at the brink of poverty.
I bought it from Gulf Koya.
It's installment-based.
Don't we have to watch
the repeat telecast?
Serve them tea.
I'll kill you if you talk
about death.
I went to die.
But came back to watch the final.
'Smoking is injurious to health.'
As I said, kick the ball
into the tyre.
People who kick aimlessly
aren't footballers.
You have to focus on it.
Do you know what a player
should have in the first place?
- Can this guy do it?
You never pick up calls.
And you hang up the calls,
citing no reason.
You could've continued there
Why're you wasting your life
in Chennai?
What is the problem here?
- Get lost.
I felt bad seeing you at the bank,
among the crowd.
If you had somehow clung on
to your police job
I would have fought the case
and got you promoted.
But you were in a hurry.
It's true.
It might irk you
to work under your juniors.
You had only one advantage.
That you were Indian team captain.
SAF games, Federation cup
and Santhosh trophy.
You have won many such games.
Who else has remained a captain
for such a long period?
Forget that.. You left all that
and settled in Chennai.
Do you have anything else to say?
I am happy here.
Happy? Is this so-called exile
your happiness?
Why are you doing this?
What happened to you?
I must go.
Come home with me.
You carry on.
I'll go by tonight's train.
You call me when possible.
At least, pick up my call.
Convey my regards to your mother.
- Sathyan..
It's good.
What is this?
It's of SAF games..
Back in 1993.
I can't button up now.
As I've got a paunch.
I must reduce the dosage
of Thyroid.
Do you want to reduce
the dosage now?
- What?
Will you tell me the truth
if I ask you something?
We are half-way through
our life's game, I suppose.
Have you ever felt like quitting
this game that we'll lose?
I had only two conditions
before getting married.
One, that I did not want
to marry a policeman.
Second, that I must never marry
a football player.
I got someone who was both.
When you came to see me
at my house
I had never thought
that we would get married.
I expressed my disapproval,
quite bluntly.
Yet, you did not leave me.
Our daughter and I have
no one else, but you.
You mean the world to us.
Don't write suicide letters
and go away, anymore.
If you ever feel like writing
you must look at this.
You can find me
and our daughter here.
Is that you?
I shall tell..
- Our daughter.
What is it?
- It fell down.
"The footsteps get clearer.."
"I yearn to adorn my forehead."
"You came into my life,
all of a sudden.."
"I stood spellbound."
"I still feel your presence."
'Dear Anitha, hope you are fine.'
"I drag my feet.."
"I've got miles to go.."
- 'I would be lying'
'if I say I'm happy here.'
"There's no way out, my girl."
- 'I feel alone'
'in the hustle and bustle
of Kolkata.'
"Life's pace quivers.."
'Practice without bothering
about injuries'
'has become unbearable to my legs.'
'I am going through a lot of pain.'
"We heard on the radio..."
'I don't think I can play
in the world cup qualifiers.'
"We heard a tune on the radio.."
'My life is shrinking inwards,
to the two of us.'
"A dreamy song."
"My mind is a home of miseries."
'I am bothered
only about your future.'
'I am not chasing accolades.'
'I will stay with you.'
"My dear little bird.."
"My longing for you."
- 'Dear, Sathyan..'
'Are you the same man who said
that football is your first love?'
'There's nothing
to be depressed about.'
"The clamour has died out.."
"The crowd has left.."
"The music box.."
'Even though I'm studying here,
in Coimbatore'
'my heart is with you.'
'My thoughts and dreams
constantly revolve around you.'
'What else do I think about,
other than you?'
'Even though it hasn't been long
since our marriage'
'I am staying here
without any complaints'
'as I don't want India
to lose a captain like you.'
'I wish to live with you
in Kolkata.'
'I will come immediately,
after completing my course.'
"The nights are long.."
"And here burns my body.."
"The bitter darkness.."
"It is savoured by silence.."
"To usher colours into my life.."
"Come to me, oh, dear.."
"The bruised soul.."
"It is longing for your return.."
"Those memories.."
"Along the ground.."
"The clamour is dying out.."
"Where are you, oh, dear?"
Why are you staring like that?
How come you are here?
- Is that the issue now?
Well.. You did not even call me.
Should I call you
to come here?
No. Why do you have to compromise
your studies by taking leaves?
Should I go back?
Did I say that?
I am not going back.
Nothing will happen if I don't
become an agricultural engineer.
But if Indian captain backs out,
it would not be right.
It would be a huge loss.
So, I discontinued my studies
for India.
How's that?
What happened?
Ani, I cannot play with this leg.
It hurts a lot.
Sometimes, I feel that
I must stop playing.
But what would we do
if you have no job?
Do not get depressed.
You have to join world cup
qualifier camp tomorrow, right?
No good is going to come
from you being upset!
Be energetic, Sathyan!
I can't.
Sathyan, you must play.
If anything happens
during that match
I shall be by your side.
Even if something goes wrong
I will take care of you
very well.
Isn't that enough?
"The blissful downpour.."
"It made our hearts bloom.."
"My love, your caress.."
"As tender as the dew drops
of dawn.."
"The blissful downpour.."
"It made our hearts bloom.."
"Dear, I yearn.."
"For the floret of love.."
"The untouched tender waves
of love.."
"They pass through, yet again.."
"The spark hidden in those eyes.."
"Why did I take so long
to see it?"
"Slowly, the clouds formed.."
"The scorching summer
has come to an end.."
"The fragrance of love
is in the air.."
"The sweetness is back
in our lives.."
"The blissful downpour.."
"It made our hearts bloom.."
'Greetings, ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please.'
'This is the last and final call.'
'I repeat,
this is the last and final call.'
Sathyan, your photo
is printed here.
Oh, dear.. Is it in that too?
'V.P. Sathyan, the captain.'
- What are you doing?
People are watching you.
Keep quiet.
Let them know that you are
the Indian football team's captain.
You don't have to shout.
They will come to know.
Oh, really? I don't think so.
It's been three years
since you've become
the Indian team captain.
I have not seen a single guy
recognizing you.
Ask him.
- Excuse me, sir...
- I am a sports fan.
I need an autograph.
If you don't mind, please...
Thank you.
He is so handsome.
- Yes.
Thank you, sir.
I got Ravi Shastri's autograph.
He is in VIP lounge.
- Vani, come.
What a pleasant surprise!
I never expected it. - Yes..
Do you want to have tea?
- Yes.
One coffee..
Sathyan, look over there.
Introduce me to him.
Please introduce..
- Keep quiet.
Sathyan, please.
- No. He is short-tempered.
You can introduce yourself
as the Indian captain.
Mr. Sathyan..
Where are you going?
- I am returning from Kolkata.
Jobi, did you recognize him?
- No.
Did you understand?
- The captain, Mr. Sathyan?
As cricket is too popular,
nobody recognises us, sir.
That's why I did not speak to you.
Nobody needs football nowadays.
Football holds no value in India.
Sathyan, losers are the ones
who rewrite history.
Winners have just been
a part of history, that is all.
The legend of such losers inspires
the winners who follow.
You became the captain once again?
- Yes.
Even if India wins the qualifiers,
it'll be a part of history.
Your name will be written
in the annals of history.
Indian football will definitely
have a golden future.
The whole world will honour you.
100 crores Indians are waiting
to see India win the world cup.
Their spirit must be your energy.
Keep it up.
All the best.
- Thank you, sir.
They have announced
my flight.
Mr. Mammooty..
She is my wife.
Sir, I need your autograph.
- Sure.
What's your name?
- Anitha.
Anitha Sathyan.
- You will do great.
Okay, Jobi..
- All right, sir.
'Regional news, Delhi.'
'India is out
of the world cup qualifiers'
'held at Lebanon.'
'Iraq defeated India by 3 goals
to 1.'
'FIFA told that Indian team,
under V.P. Sathyan's captaincy'
'has performed really well.'
'The long goal that V.P. Sathyan
scored in the first round'
'helped India move up to
the 99th position in FIFA ranking.'
'It is the first time that India
has got a rank within 100.'
It's time! We must leave.
Get ready quickly.
Sathyan, get the X-ray.
I am fed up of advising Sathyan.
Anitha, at least,
you should understand this.
If he continues to play
and coach with these legs
it's difficult.
You will be in trouble.
Sathyan must stay away
from football for a while.
A long break.
That's what you need now.
Because even if you go
for a surgery now
I am not sure about the result.
Doctor, even you aren't sure
about the result.
Then what's the point in a surgery?
I can understand your concern.
Keep quiet.
But I do not need surgery.
I am very much concerned, Sathyan.
That's why I'm saying this.
You achieved a lot in this life.
Your legs supported you
all these days.
It deserves some rest.
That's what I meant.
Doctor, do you have anything
else to say?
It's okay. Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
Also, make sure that he takes
thyroid medicines regularly.
If it's disrupted,
he would be even more depressed.
If that happens,
things will go out of control.
Doctor was right.
Sathyan, you are so lucky.
I want to play.
I want to play forever.
Otherwise, I will feel lonely.
I never asked you
to stop playing.
You just need to rest
for a few days
after removing the old steel rod.
That is all you need to do.
You left your studies
for my dreams.
Now, are you asking me
to give up my sport
for your sake?
That was not my intention.
I don't want any surgery.
What if I can't play after that?
I might end up hating you.
Ani, I want to say something.
If something happens to me
you must remarry
and lead a happy life.
- Yes.
Looking great.
- Thank you, sir.
This is not fit for you today.
- Yes.
Good luck.
All the best.
Hey, they changed the captain
at the last moment.
Sathyan, your name is not
in the playing eleven.
Did you come to Colombo to watch
the game from the gallery?
What happened?
- Did you warm up?
The body is a footballer's tool.
Don't forget that.
Play well.
'Indian captain, V.P. Sathyan,
is not leading the team today.'
'He is not even included
in the playing eleven also.'
'He was just pulled out of the team
in the final moment.'
'Now, the teams are getting ready'
'for the national anthem
before the game begins.'
We have no issues
with your captaincy.
But, coach reports that you
are not fit.
Team doctor has certified that
your legs are not fit to play.
There's no point in concealing it
and letting you play.
Sir, it's up to me and my body
to decide whether I'm fit enough.
See, Mr. Sathyan, we won't take
this risk, officially.
We are not interested.
Sir, my confidence.
That's my fitness.
- 'Hello, Sathyan.'
- 'What is this?'
'Didn't you lose in the first round
of Federation cup?' - Yes.
- 'What are you doing?'
'Is this the way to coach?'
'At the head office,
there are talks'
'that you are busy sightseeing
after going on a leave.'
'If you can't deal with both,
focus on your job alone.'
'We shall appoint someone else
to coach the team.'
'Hello, Sathyan.
Why are you not saying anything?'
If you pick 11 players randomly,
you can't form a team.
Bring players who have
that fire within and then speak!
It's a poor situation, Mom.
His attitude has changed.
It's been 3 days since he left
without even saying a word.
He is not picking up
the call either.
Do not worry.
He will come on his own.
He might have gone somewhere
to play.
I've called up everyone.
As the days pass by,
I feel even more scared.
Dear friends..
This game has the rhythm
of unity of 11 players
whose hearts beat simultaneously.
That is the reason why
we look beyond the game..
Sharaf. - ...and start loving
those players on the field.
That is why I love football.
Players like V.P. Sathyan,
Sharaf Ali and others
are adored and idolised.
I am extremely happy
and grateful
to be a part of this event.
Dear friends, I thank you all.
Captained India 9 times
represented India in almost
80 international matches..
Our very own captain.
He denied Iraq and Czechoslovakia's
invitation to join their team
he is none other than,
our own V.P. Sathyan.
We invite Sathyan onto the stage
to receive the award.
We request retired SP,
Mr. Rajashekhar
to present the award to Sathyan.
We request V.P. Sathyan
to say a few words.
Congrats, Sathyan.
I am very happy to have received
this opportunity
to speak in front of you all.
Your applause, encouragement..
That's what fuels me.
I like to be called
a defender,
more than a captain.
History remembers strikers
who scores goals.
But the goals prevented
by those defenders
were crucial in changing
the fate of many matches.
Nobody remembers that.
The world forgets the person
who stays aloof.
Yet, thank you for remembering
and honouring me.
I do not want to be away
from the turf.
I want to die on the ground
while playing football.
I am as happy as a player
on the ground.
The happiest man.
The happiest man in the world.
Why do you always switch off
your phone?
You never pick up my calls.
Writing letters and leaving home
has become a routine now.
I will compile it into a book.
- Give me some water.
Just a moment.
'He saw it very clearly..'
Didn't you take your medicines?
Pump some air in it, Sathyan..
You forget everything
when you're watching a match.
Dear, bring it here.
Sathyan, what are you doing?
Use the pump.
Come here.
This ball holds
your father's breath.
Don't worry.
I will always be with you.
Where are you going?
I could not meet my mother
and sister when I went
to native last time.
I will pay them a visit.
- You met them recently.
Don't forget your phone.
- What?
Do not switch it off.
'Passengers, attention please.'
'Train number 40705..'
'It's too late now.'
'I am very sorry to say.'
'The only solution is amputation.'
'Infection has spread
in multitude.'
'There's no other option,
but to amputate your leg.'
'A footballer's life is his legs.'
'Your attention please.
Train number 40705..'
'Chennai beach Thirumalpur local
will arrive..'
'In 1986, Sathyan scored
a free kick'
'from 35 yards, against South Korea
in the Merdeka cup'
'and it is considered the best goal
in Indian football history.'
'Did he go to his mother's place?'
- No, Sharaf.
He has not reached there yet.
- 'Is it?'
Please call me if you get
any information.
'Yes, I will.'
- Okay.
'Dear, did he reach home?'
- No, Mother.
Mother, I think, he is back.
I will call you.
Madam, Sathyan sir..
He isn't here since two days.
He always writes such letters.
Not to worry.
You may leave..
My Sathyan was murdered..
He played until he couldn't
take it anymore.
He defeated us.
Sir, Sathyan is not a loser.
He still has that smile
of having won a match.
'This is the first penalty
shoot-out against South Korea.'
'The striker
is Satyajit Chatterjee.'
'He is one of India's best
'The whistle has been blown
by the referee.'
'And he missed it.'
'First chance missed by India.'
'South Korea too missed it.'
'India and South Korea..
- The score is 3-3.'
'Now, its India's turn.'
'Jersey number four.
Asheem is going to strike.'
'Next is player number 4
from India, Asheem.'
'Now, V.P. Sathyan,
captain of the Indian team'
'is going to take the penalty.'
'He made the decision
that he doesn't want'
'to take any risk
at the last moment.'
'V.P. Sathyan.'
'Feel the flame on his face.'
'Goal keeper, Justin of South Korea
is also..'
'And it's a goal!'
'Amazing! He made it.
V.P. Sathyan!'
'India has played
a spectacular game.'
'It would be etched
in golden words.'
Sathyan, it was indeed a risk.
I just kicked the ball.
That ball has the spirit
of around 100 crores people,
the entire population of India.
No goalie in this world
can stop it from going in!
"The Earth that never ceases
to spin.."
"As time strikes it, to its will."
"The ball is launched forward.."
"A few weary legs are chasing it.."
"Let hope win over despair.."
"Conquer and win.."
"Get on the ground with zest.."
"The war is on.."
"Loud cheers resonate in the air.."
"As the ball soars high.."
"Sun shines bright in the sky."
"Rise from the ashes."