Captain Apache (1971) Movie Script

'' Love Thy Neighbor ''
Source forgotten.
Ain't you off the reservation,
red ass?
I'm afraid I have to leave now.
Forgive me for it.
You dropped this coin on your way in, Sir.
What are we doing in the reservation?
This is where it happened.
I didn't do it!
I was only accompanying the commissioner
back to the reservation
It happened so fast...
I didn't know where the fire came from.
They attacked him right in the back.
He tried to say something.
April Morning...
Then I saw the Indians.
I knew it wasn't them who did it.
They loved that old man.
Mr. Collier was...
he was like a father to them.
All the things he did for them.
He was like a father to everyone,
even to me.
What are you gonna do with me?
Why did you bring me here?
You were with him when he died.
What did he say?
April Morning.
Then why are you so scared?
You're a crazy Indian!
He tried to tell us something.
What did he mean?
I told you...
I don't know!
Well then find out!
By tomorrow.
Mr. Griffin, we've been waiting
impatiently for you
Show the lieutenant!
The general will be pleased.
- Where is His Excellency?
- This way.
Come, fools,
gather the guns!
Welcome, Mr. Griffin.
Your Excellency.
Mr. Griffin has delivered
the rifles, my general.
Sit down, Mr. Griffin.
Sit down.
You are a man of your word, Sir.
Tell me are you, general, to be
a man of your word, too.
Many years ago...
... I promised my mother
that one day...
... it would become governor
of this province.
With your guns...
... I will keep that promise.
Before doing that general...
Try to remember the promise you made to me!
Lieutenant, what was it
we promised Mr. Griffin?
Now you don't have to ask him,
you just take a moment and think.
Patience, Sir.
I'm thinking!
You made that promise to me
only a month ago.
You have no trouble remembering
a promise you made to your mother
many years ago.
A son's promise to his dying mother
is something sacred.
To forget would anger God.
Your Excellency,
God is in heaven.
I am here.
And I'm getting very angry.
You are blaspheme, Sir.
Now you take a moment and try
to remember, Your Excellency.
I remember nothing!
Then I'm leaving...
... and I'm taking my guns.
The guns are staying...
... and you are not leaving.
You want it all, don't you?
I have it all.
I have a hundred men
and you have six.
Lieutenant, you said they were
six with him altogether.
Oh it's nothing!
We are just getting a new general.
I'm gonna send you
more ammunition.
Bury him next to his mother.
You two, come!
Now you remember what to do
and when.
I'll cross the border in time
...for April Morning.
O.J., what you are doing?
I want It now!
Hit him again, O.J.
What does April Morning mean?
I don't know!
I only got till tomorrow.
One of you better come up with the answer!
How many lumps?
We should have killed him this morning.
He's only one man,
a lousy apache.
All right. You get him.
Get him!
You relax, O.J.
You'll have his scalp
for breakfast.
I hope you don't think I was too forward
... asking you to have dinner with me, captain.
- Not al all.
- I don't know what's come over me...
... I never speak to strangers.
- I'm sure.
- I come from a very
... strict family.
- Ah, yes?
- I never even kissed...
... a boy until I got my degree...
... in the finishing school.
Is that so?
The only reason I came out west...
... was to study the Indians,
savages fascinate me.
- How?
- The Indians are the only people
with truly strict morality.
That I think.
The behavior of the white man
is disgraceful.
- Especially toward women.
- So I heard.
It wouldn't consider marrying a man...
... who didn't treat a woman
with the upmost respect.
You shouldn't.
My mother taught me one thing:
No man respects a women
who doesn't respect herself.
It is certain.
Now you wouldn't want the mother
of your children...
... to be any other way?
- Absolutely not.
When I marry,
It's going to be for ever and ever.
Oh, me too.
I believe that a woman can have
only one great love in her life.
That's true.
Some where, some place there is
the right man for me.
That's good.
And until that day
you see me as I am...
... lovely and untouched.
Ok, red ass...
... what's so important
about April Morning?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
Take it easy, lady,...
... I don't wanna blow your brains out.
You're no gentleman.
A savage likes to be sociably unpredictable.
He must have had a hell of a time
trying to make up his mind.
- You do it?
- Me?
A person like me
wouldn't do a thing like that.
It was another feller...
He was like a father to me.
What was he to you?
Looks like you've got a lot of
things to find out.
Don't make me do it..
All I can tell you is once a month
... O.J. rode across the border
to meet somebody.
- Who?
- I do not know.
- Where?
- El Lobo,...
... a cantina.
I'll be back.
Welcome to Mexico,
Captain Apache!
How do you know who I am?
I'm a witch, I know everything.
Then tell me why I'm here?
What you're looking for
is not here.
Why are they dead?
So there will be no witnesses
to tell about your death.
You're late, sergeant.
We ride into the border patrol, Sir.
We had to take a detour.
Having trouble?
Somebody stolled my horse.
There's a live one, Sir.
Bring him in sergeant, post
the rest of your men around here.
Who owns this place?
I do.
Why would they set up?
Don't answer him!
I told you not to take the money!
I told you it will come to no good.
I did it for you.
Now I am a widow again.
- You won't be for long.
- Are you interested?
Then wait until after the funeral.
- Should we take her, Sir?
- Sergeant,...
... have you no respect?
Can't you see this poor woman
it out of her mind with grief?
lndian, son of a bitch!
Nice for keeping an eye on her,
Put your shoes on.
- Where are we going?
- Your late husband worked...
... for a man called Rodriguez.
- What do you want?
- I wanna meet this Rodriguez.
You are not more than...
- Sergeant,...
... help the lady find her shoes.
- ...a damn excrement Indian!
- Sir.
- Get off my land!
- Are you sure you don't wanna sell?
This land is mine.
I worked it...
... with my own two hands...
Why didn't you let him finish?
They all say the same thing.
Howdy, Mr. Griffin.
I see we've made a deal.
... I don't want you to think that
I've stolen this land from your husband.
When I said I made a deal, I meant it.
You're gonna get all the nice things
that this poor man...
... could only dream of giving you.
You are completely wasted out here
in this wilderness.
You should be surrounded by lovely things.
Like red flush,
crystal chandeliers,...
... rustling silk,
french perfume,...
... laughter, music,
the clink of gold coin...
You pack up her stuff, Moon.
Then you tell Beller to fix up a room for the
lovely lady at the Paradise hotel.
Is that Rodriguez?
No, but he can tell you where he is.
Well Captain, what's an American officer
doing here?
I have a warrant to extradite a man
wanted in the United States.
His name is Rodriguez.
Rodriguez, the man
who sells guns to the Indians.
He's a very bad man.
- It's here, isnt't it?
- He's inside the church.
Go away!
I came for Rodriguez!
Rodriguez is in his sanctuary!
I just wanna talk to him.
You see, captain?
Our priest is a very stubborn man.
So am I.
Make youself at home, captain.
Enjoy the freshment of our pueblo.
Thank you, sergeant, I will.
Why did you bring him here?
I couldn't get rid of him.
I wanted...
... to be with you.
How's business?
Can't complain..
- When is the funeral?
- They're waiting for me.
How'd you like to have this?
- I take it.
- For who?
For me.
Ten of these and your funeral
will be the talk of the town.
- Go away.
- It's time for the services padre.
- It's too early.
- And what do you want me to do,
take him back?
It's the Captain Apache.
The apache's in the coffin.
- So give him Christian burial.
- I'll sound the bells.
'' ln name Patris,
ET Fili, ET Spiritus Sancti ''.
You can sure put him away fast, padre.
- Where is Rosita?
- Where is Rodriguez?
Just a second, padre!
I don't think you're hiding from Rodriguez.
I don't even think you are a priest.
Your Latin is lousy, Rodriguez.
- Who did I bury?
- Rodriguez,...
... why was commissioner Collier killed?
It's just a few minutes of air
left in that box.
Collier was killed because it found out
about April Morning.
What about April Morning?
I never took my vows,...
... but it wouldn't lie on the Bible.
All I know is that my job is to buy
guns for the Indians!
All right.
You better go unbury that coffin.
Open it, open it, hurry!
You idiot!
Chief Diablo.
You are not ready to speak to us...
... in that uniform of our enemy.
Damn it! Do I have to go through this...
... every time I talk to an Indian?
Can we talk now?
- What do you want?
- You were there when Collier was killed?
We carried him into the reservation.
We discovered two bullet holes in his chest.
We buried it as he wished,...
... among our people.
- Who killed him?
I saw nothing,
I heard only the bullets.
If you where innocent, then why do
you people hide in the mountains?
Collier was my friend.
When he lived,
we were not afraid.
What did his last words mean?
April Morning,
no one knows the meaning.
You will not leave to betray our hiding place.
Let him go!
You ain't said a word yet, red ass.
Yea, ain't you grateful to us...
... for rescuing you from them bad Indians?
Fire water is good.
Here the skin is not burned.
Leave me single.
Hey you boys,
take the bottle with you.
I suppose I have you to thank.
It'll let you to answer
one question for me.
April Morning.
Do I have to repeat it, captain?
No, Sir, I heard you.
What do you know about it?
There is a live one coming around, Mr. Griffin
You wouldn't want that gun to go off
with all these people here?
They wouldn't notice a thing.
Once they work for me,
are in debt to me.
Suppose I help you carry out your orders.
- You know my orders?
- To the letter.
You also own the telegraph?
I have many friends.
And you know the killers
of commissioner Collier?
They're sitting right behind you.
Moon and Snake.
They're like brothers to me,
devoted, loyal,...
... and completely selfless
in the pursuit of my interests.
But for their thoughtless crime...
murdering Collier...
I'm prepared to turn them over to justice.
The court's gotta believe it.
I'll provide you with eye witnesses...
... even a voluntary confession.
Now I guarantee you a jury
that will convict them.
And if necessary,...
... I'll even hang them
from my own balcony.
Is it a deal?
I just wanna hang the man
that hired them.
What date is today?
It's two days to April.
Well that doesn't give me much time,
does it?
Now what do you say to a partnership,
Whaterver you find out
about April Morning, you tell me...
... whaterver I find out - I'll tell you
Working together maybe we can get
down at the bottom of all this.
We ain't gonna find the answers
sitting here.
Spoken like a man of action.
I'll trouble you for my gun.
Well certainly, partner.
Now let's go to your office.
They don't look like killers to me,
they look more like chicken thieves.
Are you looking for something?
I don't know.
It's surprising what you can turn up
if you just keep looking.
- Locked.
- Safes usually are.
I don't suppose you remember
the combination.
Never had a head for figures.
Well I just happen to have
the right combination with me.
- May I have a light, Mr. Griffin?
- Please do.
Thank you.
How is your tea, captain?
Fine, thanks.
Did you know that the captain here...
... is graduate at West Point?
Cookie captain?
Made by Maria.
No, thanks,
I don't eat cookies.
Let me out!
You mean it was never even locked!
- That figures.
- The house always has the edge.
You dirty bastards!
Where is your sheriff?
I wanna deliver him these two indians.
Looks like this town's got no proper lawman.
That's all right.
I'll hang them myself!
Hold it then, just hold it!
What for?
We got a law in this tawn.
And I don't think the captain there
would take too kindly you
... hanging a couple of Indians.
Him the law, that red ass?
You better be careful what you say,
The captain there is a very dangerous man.
The name is J.P. Soms.
And I ain't afraid of nobody.
That's the spirit, Mr. Soms.
Real true pioneering spirit.
For that, I'm gonna give you the privilege...
... of whacking my horse.
Well, captain,...
... are you gonna let
this man break the law?
Seems to me no law has been broken,
Mr. Griffin...
... not until you whack that horse.
Well let's get on with the hanging.
I didn't come all the way from Tucson...
... just to get mixed up in legal disputes.
- What's that?
- What's what?
You come all the way from Tucson.
I got the word.
What word?
April Morning.
Where did you hear that?
Is none of your damn business!
This April Morning,...
... why did that bring you here?
I don't have to tell you neither, red ass!
That's right, Mr. Soms,...
... you don't have to answer that man's question.
I'll talk to anybody I damn please!
Well you're not gonna talk to anybody!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Nice shooting,
two bullets right in the heart.
Are you alone?
I think you were expected.
- Someone following you?
- No, no, no.
Stay away from the window!
This is important.
- There's something you don't know.
- Why tell me?
You're the only honest man in town.
What gave you religion?
No, I don't wanna die!
That's why I came here.
- Who wants to kill you?
- I don't know.
Somebody told me,
it said to me that...
... my days are numbered.
I'm a marked man!
I need help, captain!
If you don't come to the point,
I'm gonna kill you myself.
All right, all right, I'll tell you, but...
... you gotta promise protect me...
Hey, all right.
Do you know why that Mr. Soms
came all the way here from Tucson?
Tell me.
Can't be too careful.
Damn it!
- Who is there?
- Maude.
Just a minute!
You alone?
I am.
Come on in.
Sit down and stay away from the door.
And stay away from the window.
Shall I turn the lights donw?
Don't rush it.
You want some champagne first?
Oh, be nice.
Listen to it.
I love music,
I'd love to dance.
It's a little crowded in here.
We can manage.
You're so light on your feet!
It's the spirit that dances,
not the man,...
... Indian proverb.
- Are we waiting for someone?
- Why?
I believe he's already here.
Who did it?
Now who'd wanna kill
a nice happy man of law?
That does it!
I'm gonna let you in on something.
Lucsanco, he's the telegraph operator,...
... he has a direct wire to Tucson.
He sent for Mr. Soms.
What are you doing here?
I've come for a lesson.
Well it's late.
Can't you wait till tomorrow morning?
April's only a few days.
There's ain't much time, Freddy!
Stop it, Moon, that key's alive,
practice on that one.
What town is that key to?
What's the difference?
Well, it wouldn't be Tucson, would it?
Wouldn't be you sent for Mister
Soms, would it?
The lesson's over, Moon.
You're a dead man, Freddy.
What are you doing out so late, captain?
- I'd thought I'd send a telegram.
- Yea, write a letter, get that first.
Righ over there.
Take off your coat.
Get over there.
Pick up that stool and sit down.
Hey Snake,...
... have you ever seen a red ass
in a blue uniform before?
Tell me,...
... general,...
... do the other officers
let you eat with them?
They bring him right into their homes,
don't they, red ass?
Do those fancy white ladies
ever say hello to you?
Oh, what's the matter?
We hit you where it hurts?
Now you think you're the only one?
We've been eating trap for as long as you!
We've been kicked aroud from the
cradle long.
Now, you been an Indian,
you know what it feels like.
Come on...
... we all three,
are brothers under the skin.
That still don't make him one of us.
What do you want of?
Well, we used to be Griffin's boys,...
... but no more, we are in
business for our selves.
And we are offering to
make you a full partner.
Of what?
One third of April Morning.
It's a deal.
... now let's put the pieces together.
From what you know
and from what we know...
... we should walk away
with the whole thing.
- What do you know?
- First tell us what you know!
Every time I get a lean on April Morning,
somebody gets killed.
That's all.
I'm no further than where I started.
All right, red ass,...
... you wanna play tough Indian.
Get her it here.
Get her it here!
- You... still alive?
- Shut up and mix the stuff!
Come on.
You're gonna drink this.
- Drink!
- Don't spill a drop!
How do you feel?
Too much for him.
Right in the back.
In the back.
In his chest.
In chest.
The back, the chest.
The back, the chest.
I know who killed Collier.
Who cares?
What about April Morning?
What's that?
What about April Morning?
I am burning!
Snake, get off me!
He knows! He knows who killed Collier!
Are you up there?
If you kill everyone who had
anything to do with Collier,...
... how are you gonna prove anything?
They didn't do it,
but I know who did.
And I'll trouble you for my gun.
Who did?
O.J.'s deputies.
Where is Sanchez?
We've got to see him.
- The general is...
- Tell him we want to see him.
It's very important. Muy importante.
Have you got the bulke,
you old fool?
Enough for all your banditos
to get drunk for a month.
Open the door!
What are you doing here?
That apache captain
knows we killed Collier.
- Does he know why Collier was killed?
- No.
- Did he followed you here?
- Nobody saw us coming.
Yes, but he's looking for us.
My connection with this
must never be known.
He only knows about us, you know.
- You gotta hide us.
- Or he will find us.
And when he does, you'll talk.
- That's why you'd better hide us.
- Yes, you have to hide us.
Hide them.
We move out tomorrow!
No drinking tonight.
Destroy those barrels.
Always keep a table for you, Sir.
Good to see you.
You going somewhere, mister?
Why don't you let him out
in the sun once in a while?
Repeat that.
Oh freak clown face, sit down!
Hold on, Mister.
Didn't I just tell you to sit down?
That was my brother and
I don't take it likely.
Freaks like you come in pairs?
Didn't my boys make it clear
that you're intruding?
Keep your freaks away from me.
Why do you always insult
pople who might kill you?
I like to see a man enjoy his work.
Someone seems to be missing.
If you're looking for Maude,
she's getting married.
To who?
To me.
I wonder if you know
a Mexican bandit...
... who calls himself a General.
I don't believe I know any bandit...
... of any nationality.
Name is Sanchez.
You're at the wrong table captain,...
... the wrong hotel and the wrong town.
And you might even be
in the wrong line of business.
Now if you'll excuse me,
my food is getting cold.
What's Sanchez got to do with
April Morning, Griffin?
I came all the way down here to
give you my personal congratulations.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you, sir. But what for?
No false modesty, captain.
Damn fine job...
... of getting Collier's murderers.
- How did you know?
- It's all in this telegram...
... you sent me.
It's all true, isn't it?
General, tomorrow is April.
Yes, yes. So, so?
So we still don't know the meaning of
Collier's last words.
Oh, don't worry about that captain.
We've plenty of men working on it.
Take a 30 day leave, you deserve it.
And it's liable to be a
promotion in this for you.
Thank you, Sir.
You sent nice telegrams.
I might make a general out of you yet.
- Where are you going on your vacation?
- I'm staying right here.
In this dull town?
I don't have any friends anywhere else.
You don't have any friends here.
Who's funeral?
It's that Mr. Soms,
the man from Tucson.
You came all the way from Tucson, why?
I got the word,...
... April Morning.
This office has been closed
by Headquarters, Sir.
Captain, you can't go on those files.
Pay attention to your key, soldier.
But you can't.
I warn you Sir, I have my orders.
Don't do that.
It's ok.
I'll take care of this.
Can I help you, captain?
I'm looking for your Tucson file, sergeant.
Oh you know, if it was up to me,...
... but those files are private.
Then, it'll be just between the two of us.
- We'll just forget about all this, Billy.
- Right, sergeant.
Did you find what you were looking for?
It's in your pocket.
Oh my.
Thank you.
Shut the door.
And take your hat off.
Celebrating your engagement
to Mr. Griffin?
Well, the wedding is not until June.
Well, if I'm in the neighbourhood,
I'll be there.
We were thinking of asking you
to be the best man.
As a matter of fact, Mr. Griffin
mentioned it last night.
Is that for me?
Mr. Griffin?
Doesn't he got a first name?
- Well who is it from?
- There's no signature.
What... what does it says?
April Morning, on schedule.
- Now what is that mean?
- How should I know?
- It's addressed to you!
- So help me.
You know?
I believe you.
If you were to receive this,...
... who'd you show it to?
Mr. Griffin, I guess.
You shamed us, Mister.
We want satisfaction.
I don't fight with freaks.
Now, now that you ain't a captain no more,
... maybe you can drink with us freaks.
It sure was nice of him to
invite us.
- Wasn't it Ben?
- I misjudged him.
He's really a nice feller.
My brother is waiting.
Bottoms up?
My brother is waiting.
Bottoms up.
I do like a man who takes time out...
... for a friedly drink.
Bottoms up.
You ain't going to be unfriendly
now, are you?
You boys aren't keeping up with me.
I'm drinking two to your one.
Brothers, what happens to Ben,
happens to me.
All way.
I'd better not.
You'd better not offend my brother.
I'm an Indian.
One more and I go crazy.
Drink it.
Let's see.
Those boys cost me a fortune.
You ruined them.
Why are you still here?
Where should I be?
Well, your fiance just left town
with a traveling bag.
- Doesn't that mean something to you?
- Well she's always doing that.
But she always comes back to me.
Now that I'm best man I wanna
make sure this wedding comes off.
Let's go.
We don't have to do this,
I can tell you where she went.
She went to catch a train in that Colida.
Where is she headed?
Tucson, to buy herself a trousseau.
Well, I need a new uniform.
Let's all go shopping together.
All right.
There are plenty of seats in the car.
The lady and I would like a little...
... privacy.
You're sitting with my fiance.
- What?
- Mr. Griffin and I...
... are engaged to be married.
- What does that make us?
- We're lovers.
Cut it.
What are you doing here sergeant?
- Official business.
- Let me see your travelers.
I asked for a change of station.
I can't get along with my superior officer.
- How'd you meet her?
- That's my question.
How did you?
She came to send a telegram.
In answer to this?
The captain doesn't seem to understand.
The telegrams are privilege
Oh I don't mind telling him.
It warned my dressmaker
I'd be there tomorrow.
So we're all gonna be
on this train April first.
Still convinced...
... that something awful is going
to happen April the first?
Isn't it?
- Hey! I'm sorry you followed me.
- Why?
I don't want you to think badly of me.
You always keep walking in on me
at the wrong time.
Is there ever a right time?
There was a right time for us once.
There's been a lot of boots
under your bed since.
It's your own fault, you never
gave me any encouragement.
I got a little discourage when I saw
O.J. hanging from the ceiling.
I had nothing to do with that!
What do you have anything to do with?
I don't know what's going on!
I'm playing a hunch, just like you.
I don't know.
But, son of a bitch, I keep believe in you.
Then listen to me.
There's a bridge coming.
Before we cross, the train slows down.
It's your chance to get off.
Why Maude?
Tell me.
- Something's going to happen tonight.
- What?
You're going to get killed.
Oh look who's here!
It's the Indian.
Oh sit with me, Indian.
What brings you this side
of the border, General?
You might call it a good will tour.
Where're you going, captain?
I'm joining your party.
You must be very strong.
- Like an ox.
- Hey find your own woman!
General, I thought this was
a good will tour.
- What's your name, sweetheart?
- Abigail.
Abigail, sweetheart,...
... did you know something
terrible was gonna happen?
To me?
To all of us.
Don't listen to him!
Then ask general Sanchez.
Captain, till you leave,
sit down.
Thank you.
- You'd like a cigar?
- No, thank you, Sir.
Are you going all the way
to Tucson, general?
No, I'm getting off at Santa Cruz.
I have a sister living there.
She's the baby of the family,
married now to a rancher.
She'd offered to let me stay
with them when I retire.
30 years in the service and I'm gonna
be taking in by my brother-in-law.
But I'm glad we ran into each other.
You know it's nice when you
know somebody on a train.
Seems like I know everybody
on this train.
Oh, is that so?
General Sanchez.
- Know him?
- Abigail and Rosita, too.
You know who's in the next car, general?
Yes, sergeant O'Rourke.
I saw him board with a lady, I
think he was embarassed of seeing me.
- You happen to know the lady?
- I wish I did, she is attractive.
Isn't she?
There's a man on board named
Griffin, did you ever hear of him?
Where are you getting at?
There's something going on
on this train, general.
And I'm trying to put the pieces together.
You know, captain,
I think you are overworked.
You need to rest.
Oh a private car,
seems they're hooking on to us.
What's a private car doing way out here?
Easterners probably hunting party,...
... millionaires looking for thrills.
They gotta fight a few weeks in the cavalry.
Let's stretch our legs, are we?
Oh, fresh air, invigorating,...
... but chilly.
I'm going back inside.
President Grant passing through Arizona.
Ah, there you are.
Won't you join me?
There's nobody else to talk to.
- Guess I have to tell you.
- Tell me what?
Haven't you noticed?
Everybody's gone.
Well where are they,
in the next car?
The Mexican general
got away with a couple Indians.
Only they weren't Indians,
they were Mexicans dressed as Indians.
O'Rourke is dead.
What's that you say?
- He tried to kill me.
- Why?
Maybe because of this.
- This is a forgery!
- It looks real enough.
That's not my signature!
Why should I order a massacre of Indians?
That private car we hooked on to.
It has a name.
The name is April Morning.
Collier knew about it,
that's why he was killed.
Now, general,...
... who is in that car?
President Grant is in that car.
I'm glad you said that, Sir.
I read in the newspaper
the President was on his way...
... to California.
They're gonna assassinate him.
They've been hired,
those Mexican bandits...
... to attack this train.
They dressed the Mexicans as Indians
so the Indians will be blamed for it.
Why would they want to
assassinate the President?
I don't know,
but it's getting light out.
If we're gonna stop,
we better get going.
We're not!
You're not going anywhere, red ass!
Red ass?
You call me red ass too.
I shoot like a jealous wife,
first shot right through the heart.
- Where are they?
- In the baggage car.
- How many?
- Eight, are them.
- Come on!
- What are you doing? Where are we going?
What do you want me for?
- Open the door!
- They'll shoot me!
Open it!
Hi, it's only me.
No! No, please!
No! No!
You shot me!
My ear!
You called that shot?
Not now!
Captain, there's someone here...
... wants to thank you personally,...
... the President
of the United States.
You're not the President.
I know general Grant,
I served under him!
You are one smart Indian.
The President
stayed behind in Tucson.
You knew all the time and
you let me go through all this.
What the hell for?
Because carpetbaggers were trying
to start an Indian war...
... and grab the whole southwest, that's why!
- Who are you?
- The new Indian commissioner.
I'm taking poor Collier's place.
And you're gonna help me, son.
On doing what?
The reservation land has become
too valuable.
It would only make trouble for your people.
We're gonna move them, to
Yellowsnake canyon.
Yellowsnake canyon?
It's full of snakes !
You're one dumb Indian.
Teach me the ways
of the white man.
First you steal a horse.