Captain Johnno (1988) Movie Script

Johnno, come on, we'll be late.
Johnno, come on, let's go!
- Oh, come on!
- What happened to my net?
You'll get us both killed.
If we're late again,
Mrs. Greenwood will kill us!
- Now come on. We've got...
- Hey! Wait 'til I get my hands on you!
- Run for it!
- Blighters!
Now listen, Johnno! There are some
things you can do that are all right!
Wipe the smile off your face!
You've got to understand
... other people have rights, too!
- You can't just do what you like.
- But I like crabs.
I don't care if you like crabs.
I don't care if you marry a crab.
But I do care that you've interfered
with the property...
...of some of my best customers.
got his hearing aid turned on?
Do - You - Understand?
- I suppose that means yes?
- He won't do it...
And why didn't you stop him? You must
have known what he was going to do!
- I couldn't! I didn't have...
- Or are you as stupid as he is?
You're supposed
to be the one with brains!
I'm not stupid and neither
is Johnno! Why would...
- That's enough!
- I'll be glad when I'm gone!
- Hey! Where do you think you're going?
- Julie.
Go on.
We really got the short straw,
didn't we?
Does it hurt?
John? Johnno? Let's go the back way!
Sit down, grade seven!
Quiet! I said quiet!
You're in for detention!
You can't quit!
What's all this noise? Quiet!
Oh, please, little people, I said quiet.
Now let me come out.
You, Darrell, you can give that lot out.
Now, your new teacher for next year
is a young lady called Miss Fielding.
She'll be arriving two weeks
before the start of school...
...and she'll be staying
at the Walkers' old house.
If any of your parents wish to meet her,
she'll be here everyday
between 10 and 1.
She's from the city...
...and she'll be bringing
a whole supply of new books with her.
Excuse me, Mrs. Greenwood, isn't Johnno
getting his test back?
Not yet.
Did he pass?
Johnno... I've got your test here.
Can I see you after school, please?
- See you.
- Bye, Sarah.
Come on, Johnno.
- I don't know the answers.
- Yes you do.
- No. - You do know the answers,
you're just not trying hard enough.
Excuse me, Mrs. Greenwood.
Would you like me... let Captain Claw go?
He can't stay for the holidays.
Thank you, Julie.
That's a very good idea.
- What are you doing?
- We can't just leave him here, Johnno.
No! Captain Claw is mine!
- I'll look after him.
- But you've got to finish your test.
Tell you what... finish the test, and
then you can let Captain Claw go free.
Ah... I do remember the answers.
I'll wait outside.
Johnno's a dummy! Johnno's a dummy!
- Ready? Thank you, Johnno.
- Can I go?
Go on, take him away.
I'm going to put him
in the Kingfisher... see you.
See you.
- Didn't Johnno do too well?
- He's passed without too much trouble.
- Thanks for your help.
- That's OK.
But what's going to become
of him next year?
You, Captain... guard the boat! OK?
It's going to get worse without Julie.
He'll survive.
She's very important to him.
You haven't told him yet, have you?
Come on, Kate, when do I get the time?
- When you try.
- You'll have to do it.
- Whenever I try...
- Why me?
Why does it always have to be me?
Because it'll sound even worse
coming from me.
The first Nol the angels did say...
was to certain poor shepherds
in fields as they lay.
In fields where they lay
keeping their sheep...
on a cold winter's night
that was so deep.
Nol, Nol, Nol, Nol!
Born is the king of Israel.
- Ah, my eyes! - Johnno, stop it!
Crazy dumbbell doesn't know
what really he's doing anyway!
They lookd up and saw a star...
shining in the east
beyond them far...
- Got you now!
- Reach for the sky!
I give up! I give up! I give up!
I give up!
- Look what we have here...
- Arthur, No! No, give it back!
Arthur, give it back!
Give it back, give it back. Come on!
Good King Wenceslas
looked out on the Feast of Stephen...
when the snow lay round about,
deep and crisp and even.
Brightly shone the moon that night
though the frost was cruel...
when a poor man came in sight
gath'ring winter fuel.
"Hither, page and stand by me,
if thou knowst it, telling...
"yonder peasant, who is he?
Where and what his dwelling?"
This is Streaton.
And now; English!
How you say?
"One schooner beer, please. "
No, no...
"One schooner OF beer, please. "
OK, yeah;
"One schooner OF beer, please. "
Good, good.
Is better one schooner of wine, hey?
- No, no... no wine! Beer!
- OK.
Good luck!
Adeste, fideles! Laeti triumphantes.
Venite, venite in Bethlehem.
Natum videte, regem Angelorum;
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus,...
Venite adoremus, Dominum.
Deum de Deo, Lumen de lumine.
Venite, venite in Bethlehem.
Deum de Deo, Lumen de lumine.
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus,
venite adoremus, Dominum.
Could you take these, please, Hon.
How's everything here?
Johnno, I told you could stay in here
only if you didn't disturb anyone.
Now sit down.
You're going to need better bait
than this if you want... get a bite out of me.
What do you think you're doing?
Come on!
Aren't you going
to give him lessons, Frank?
Me? No.
The sea and I
have this agreement.
I stay on dry land
and he won't try to drown me.
Dad gets seasick in the bath.
Just about.
Hey, Dad, did you know
it's got a radio?
Oh? Yeah. Good.
- I'm going.
- Careful!
Hold it up.
Come on.
Here you go.
Merry Christmas, Johnno.
- Oh, sorry!
- Hey, that's my knife!
Why you do this thing?
- Anthony's a stupido.
- Who needs a wog in Streaton?
- Julie! Treasure!
- Hi, Johnno.
- I've got treasure.
- Well, open it outside.
What's that?
It's mine.
What for?
- School.
- That's not Streaton's.
No. It's Loreto College.
In Adelaide!
I can't go to high school here!
You know that!
I'll still be here, Johnno.
I'll play with you.
- No!
- Yes! Stop it!
- You stay!
- No!
Give me back my hat!
I'm keeping it.
- I'm too old for that!
- No!
I don't want to stay
in Streaton forever, Johnno!
I want to do things
on my own for once.
Now give me back my hat!
I'm sorry, Johnno. But I have to go.
I've just got to.
- Mom! Julie stays!
- What's that, darling?
He knows about me going.
Why was it left up to me to tell him?
- Why couldn't you do it?
- Mom!
Mom! Tell her not to go.
Tell her she can't go.
She has to, Johnno.
Julie has to lead her own life.
Oh, Johnno, I meant
to tell you earlier, I'm sorry.
But why's she going? Why?
After Streaton, everybody goes
to high school in the city.
We'll all miss Julie.
But we must be brave.
What school will I go to?
- Streaton.
- After Streaton?!
I don't know.
I'll go, too.
Johnno, Johnno, look! A flag!
Come on!
Ah, Bluebeard, you'll never get
your hands on our gold!
Julie! Julie!
Help, help! Captain Johnno, help!
Captain Johnno!
Captain... look out over there!
A Spanish dog. Hide the treasure
from these rascals!
Hey, you... Capitano?
I'm going to miss you, Johnno.
I'm going to...
I'm going home now.
I'll come later.
OK... but don't be late!
Don't be late, Captain!
My knife!
Not like bait! I'll show!
No, ah, it too small. It no good.
This won't catch fish.
It's food?
No, not for people, no.
Not eat it, no.
You like?
It's good.
You funny boy, huh?
Johnno, come on,
dinner's ready!
- I had dinner.
- What have you been eating?
- Squid.
- "Squid"? Oh, yuck!
No, 'squisito, mmm!
Not bad... good!
- What's this?
- Cat food.
- Whiting!
- Is good?
It's the best fish!
Keep the flies off the fish.
- Plenty fish.
- Not bad.
In Italy, I am fisherman. People say
in Australia is good fishing.
Used to be.
- You have work?
- Not a chance, no.
OK, I understand.
- Where do you catch these?
- In the water.
Yes, but where?
Listen, they're my spots, mate,
and they're secret.
You're never going to find them.
What he say?
Don't worry, Tony.
We'll catch our fish.
Come on.
- Johnno?
- Over there!
- Here?
- No, over there!
- Here?
- Yeah!
OK. Bravo, Johnno!
What you got there, Johnno?
Fish. You'll buy?
You got a license?
We catch the fish. You buy.
I can't buy from amateurs, man.
We catch. Fish good.
I'm sure they are. But I can only buy
from professional fishermen.
Your friend here has got
to have a license.
But I'll tell you what, though;
just this once.
Leave the fish with me
and I'll see what I can do.
Come on. We'll get a license.
Dad! Dad!
Johnno... I thought I told you
never to come in here.
Hey? A beauty, isn't it?
I knew it was a good fishing rod.
Hey, Les!
- Have a look at what my son...
- Not me, Tony caught him!
- Tony!
- Is that right?
Tony's a good fisherman.
- Tony needs a license.
- A license? Does he now?
Dad, please help him.
He can't speak good.
"He can't speak good"!
Johnno... take it down a bit will you?
Hello. You Johnno papa?
My name's Tony.
The fish... 'squisito.
The fish. Johnno,
he helped me catch. You have.
You're not going to buy fish
from a wog, are you, Frank?
No, no, I give for you. A regalo.
- I get my fish elsewhere.
- I catch plenty.
I don't want your fish. Johnno, out.
- Tony needs a license.
- Johnno, he says you help me...
- Get the fish out of here.
- You help him...
No. Get it out!
I said get you...
and the fish... OUT!
He gave. Are you deaf?
I catch... thirty fish, plenty money.
Johnno, he...
Johnno is going to get a kick
up the backside. Hard.
Hold the fort, will you, Les?
One schooner beer, please.
Mom, take it higher.
The rules say below the knee.
Yes, but you can be a little bit...
- Johnno!
- What's happened?
- Where's Johnno?
- What is it?
Johnno. I want to see you, Johnno!
Come here.
- I wasn't bad!
- I said come here!
- He caught it good.
- Just wait 'til I get my hands on you!
- I hate you!
- Yeah? And I hate you, too!
You listen to me, and listen hard;...
You're not to come
into the front bar again.
Ever! Especially not
when I've got customers!
And another thing;
you're not to go near...
...that Italian fellow again.
Do you understand? Huh?
You have parcels for me?
Name? I need to know your name.
Andreucci... Antonio Andreucci.
Thank you.
Johnno. Come here, look!
You no worry what happened.
Come on, I show you; listen!
You hear the sea.
You hear the waves!
My sea, Johnno. My waves.
Look... is Giovanni.
You're his papa?
Yes. I'm his papa.
Why did you leave your home
and your boy?
I have to, Johnno. My country is poor;
no food, no work. No life.
- I have to make new home.
- Where's your new home?
Here, in Streaton.
Soon, Giovanni and my wife...
they come.
- Will you go leave this home?
- No. No, Johnno. I stay.
I stay.
- Get in the back seat, Gino.
- OK.
I'll be coming home every third weekend.
And there's all the holidays.
Well, you'd better get on.
Get a good seat.
There's plenty of time.
Here's some fruit for you.
And don't go buying stale pies and pork
Wakefield... they'll make you sick.
All aboard, please. We leave
for Adelaide in one minute.
Thank you.
- I'm going to miss you.
- I'm going to miss you, too.
Bye-bye. Be good.
See you, Johnno.
Bye. We'll write to you.
- Julie!
- I love you.
Don't worry, Love.
He'll find his way home.
Come on.
Johnno! Why you cry?
Julie! She's gone!
The flag. I fix up top for you?
I make good, huh?
Come on. Come on.
Hey, Capitano. Where we go?
- Home.
- Where is home?
Wedge Island.
Here. A good place.
Home of pirates.
Oh, yes. I get it.
Pirates' home.
Johnno... are you ready?
It's nearly half past eight... come on!
No, no, no, you can't wear that...
it's not even ironed!
That's Julie's job.
Well, I'll do it.
Now hurry up, Johnno, for God's sake,
or we'll never get there on time.
Where are your shoes?
Your shoes... where are they?
- Shoes.
- Ah... bed.
Now put them on!
Darrell, get back
to your seat immediately.
I don't want to hear
another word out of you.
Jane, use your handkerchief, please.
Be quiet. I'm sorry. It's a little bit
hectic this morning.
Quiet! Now settle down.
The next person I see speaking
will be in very big trouble.
So you're the little deaf boy
I keep hearing about.
I'm sure we'll get along just fine.
Thank you, Mrs. Williams.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
Johnno. Johnno!
I think I'll have you sitting down
in front near me.
This is my seat, in back.
That may have been the case last year,
but this year I want you down in front.
Hurry, please. That will DO.
Come on, I've never seen
such bad behavior before.
Now you'll all miss out on recess,
and if I hear any more talking...'ll miss out on lunch as well.
You all right?
Yes, fine.
- Will you manage?
- It's just his first day back.
- He'll be all right?
- Are you sure?
Maybe we should think
about that special school.
Pens down, please.
English books away.
Get out your nature study notebooks.
Please. Quietly!
Now, this term we're going to get
some animals we can keep... the aquarium.
Does anyone know what sort of animals
live in aquariums?
- Captain Claw!
- I beg your pardon.
Captain Claw.
He lives in a fish tank.
Sit down and stop interrupting.
- I'll get him, don't worry.
- Johnno!
Oh, you won't regret it.
Yeah, just there.
- Very good, Mr. um...
- Andreucci.
Good luck. You'll need it.
Ah, hello, Tony.
Hey, Johnno.
Hey, where you been?
- At school.
- School?
No worms here. On the beach.
I no dig for worms, I dig for the boat.
- I try to put the Kingfisher...
- No, no...
On the beach. Great worms.
I'll see you.
Johnno, no...
For the first time in its history,
the Children's Station... about to be taken off the air.
And don't say I didn't warn you!
- Well, what does it say, Sis?
- Tom has been speaking...
Don't come in here, off to the
shelter shed. I'll deal with you later.
- Off to the shelter shed!
- Captain Claw. It's him!
Do as you are told!
Captain Claw!
Captain Claw! You killed Captain Claw!
You should have belted him.
Don't you think he's finding things
difficult enough as it is?
You're too soft on him, Kate.
He just wrecked a whole classroom.
You can't let him get away
with that scot free!
He's in strife in school.
He's lost his sister...
...and 90% of his hearing.
That's not my idea of scot free.
Kate, life is hard enough as it is.
We do have a business to run here.
I know. It's just that our little boy
has a whole life ahead of him.
I want to give him the best chance!
Yes. Well, maybe he needs to go
to the city for that.
Kate... I rang that school.
They're sending a bloke out
to have a look at him.
Oh, Frank, how could you?
It'll break his heart.
I'm trying to do the best thing
for everyone.
He's coming tomorrow.
Damned chook thief!
Oh, not again!?
Hello, Capitano.
Hi, Tony!
Shake hands.
Don't touch that!
Hello. I want... for boat.
You want a hammer?
What sort do you want?
Claw, comb, cobblers'...
- No, no, no, no, no, no...
- Sledge?
I have this.
I want these... the points...
For boat. Like this, but different.
This no good.
Oh, you want screws?
Yes... like these, but different.
- Brass nails!
- Yes, brass!
One hundred.
A hundred?
- Well, do I have to count them?
- Yes. Big ones.
Big ones.
100 brass nails?
I make boat.
Why don't you use my dinghy?
I've got sails, rope and rigging.
No, no, your boat is good, but... is too small...
for all the big fish we catch.
I show you.
I got the license now.
You showed to me the whiting,
and the snook...
...and now I'm going
to have no trouble...
Hey. Why aren't you at school, Mister?
- I...
- I've been looking all over for you.
Johnno, he help me.
Not any more. Is that clear?
Come on. Come on!
Sorry, we've only got
98 brass nails left.
Anything else?
Come on, Johnno.
- Hello. Johnno.
- This is Mr. O'Connor.
Pleased to meet you. Sit down.
I've got a game you might like to play.
It's important, Johnno...
you must try!
Good boy, Johnno.
Do you know what these are?
Johnno, I work at a school
called Townsend House.
And we've got lots of boys and girls
like you, who can't hear very well.
It's a very nice place, Johnno.
Look, it's right on the beach.
Would you put those on?
Now we'll see if you can hear me.
Can you hear me talking to you?
Can you hear that?
Here's how we'll play the game;
when you hear a sound...
...through your headphones,...
...I want you to press this button.
OK, here we go.
Shoo! Shoo!
Hey, you! Young Williams!
What do you think you're up to?
- Hey!
- Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!
Now I got you.
You're coming with me, son!
Not me! It's not me!
Now don't mind!
I've caught you red handed!
I knew I'd get you in the end,
you little no-hoper!
Schooner, please.
I not see Johnno for long time.
He OK?
He's been a bit busy lately.
I fix up the Kingfisher.
Is his boat, too.
I like him to help me.
That old wreck on the beach?
Yes. It nearly ready for go in water.
- Frank!
- No, it wasn't me.
Frank! I got the chook thief.
Caught him in the act.
Oh, Johnno...
What are you going
to do about it, Frank?
- That's it, Johnno!
- Dad, it wasn't me, I swear!
I swear.
A moment. Why you not listen
to Johnno. He good boy!
You mind your own business.
Johnno wouldn't do
anything like that, Frank!
Are you trying to tell me
Les made it all up?
- No, but...
- Come on, you, upstairs. Now!
Frank, don't!
Gee, he must be backward
if you can catch him, Les.
He had it coming to him.
Why you not listen to Johnno?
'Cause he's even harder to understand
than you are, you mug.
- Paper, Mister?
- No.
How is he?
He's going to be OK by the morning.
You might at least
have given him a chance!
Heard his side of the story.
It's a long drive back to the city.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry about that.
So... what do you recommend?
- Can I be honest?
- Yes.
He's a lively enough little bloke.
Unfortunately, his hearing presents
a problem which in the next few years...
...which can only hold him back more.
Now, I know it's been difficult
for him since his sister left,...
...but I feel it would be
to everybody's advantage...
...if he received professional care.
At a special school?
Oh, yes, he'll fit
into the place quite well!
You're not giving him a chance.
I mean, no one is giving him a chance.
And what sort of chance
can you give him, Mrs. Williams?
Hey, Johnno! What you think, huh?
What have you done?
The boat, I fix.
- That's my boat!
- Yes, yes, is mine, too. I fix.
Then is our boat.
Not you, my flag. The boat is mine.
Johnno, I fix, so we go fishing!
My ship, not yours! My ship!
Johnno! What are you doing?
Johnno, enough, stop!
You must listen.
I buy boat with my money.
I fix. I make good.
But is your boat, too.
Look; the flag; the map!
It's OK. Trust me, Johnno!
Johnno, why you no listen?
Come back. Hey!
What are you doing?
I'm going to check on Johnno.
He won't be going anywhere.
He will if you have your way.
Why don't we just try to get some sleep.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
He'll soon let you know if he needs you.
Johnno? It's time!
Oh, Johnno... his light's on.
Frank, have you seen
Johnno this morning?
No... is he in the kitchen?
Well, no one's seen him.
Don't worry it. He's probably
just playing somewhere.
In this weather?
Johnno? Johnno?
Jack. Jack! Have you seen Johnno?
No, not this morning.
Wouldn't expect to, neither.
He'd blow away in this wind.
- Well?
- He's never done this before!
He hasn't had any breakfast
and he hasn't has any lunch!
He could be anywhere,...
...and I wouldn't blame him
after what he's been through!
I'll organize a search party.
Quiet immediately. Sitting down.
Quiet. Now, Lucy.
I'd like an explanation, please.
It's Johnno, Miss Fielding.
He's run away from home.
He might even be drowned.
Hey, Rocky... look at this!
That's all right.
Hey, hey, what do you do?
You try to break the boat, hey?
Where's Johnno?
He's... he's lost.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
"To Johnno; On your ninth birthday.
Love, Julie"
Frank, I understand the need
for urgency to find the boy,...
...but I still think
it's probably better that we...
- Sandwich?
- Yeah, ta!
But I think it's probably better
that we don't get the whole town...
There are some blankets
up in room 9 or 10...
...and some chickens in the fridge...
Thank you.
Now we need about six blokes
to keep watch tonight.
I don't expect much.
Our best chance of finding the boy
is probably at first light tomorrow... sunup's at 5;34, so why
don't we meet at the jetty at 5?
Why we stop? We got the night.
We look all night.
Some will be out all night.
On the sea.
We must look on the sea.
We don't have the necessary equipment
for a night search...
I go. I go to the sea in the night.
I no afraid of night.
Look, I'm afraid your opinion
doesn't weigh too much, Tony...
...seeing as you don't have
your own boat.
I borrow boat.
You give to me boat.
- I find Johnno.
- We need all the boats we can get.
There's a lot of water out there.
Now if he went to sea
as we expect him to do,...
...he's probably somewhere
in this area around here.
Now with this wind, he could be
anywhere say here and outer harbor.
Why you only go to the north?
Because he couldn't have rowed
into the wind. Besides...
...he'd have to go
all this way out past the spit.
No, it's a waste of time.
Now, do we have volunteers
for the night watch?
Or do you want to stand around
arguing all night?
Right. I'll see the rest of you at dawn.
I have a couple of words with you? Good.
Tony... I just thought
you might have some idea...
...of where he would have gone...
- No.
- Just a minute.
Well, you seem to know him
better than me.
Last night I see him.
He come to the boat, but...
...he's strange, upset, you know?
He run away. I should follow, but...
I'm very busy...
I've been too busy to worry
about Johnno for most of his life.
Good night.
- What's he doing out there?
- I don't know what he's doing.
I reckon he's been there all night.
- Nasty weather.
- Yeah.
- Right.
- Heavy.
Righto; Jack and Bill,
I want you to stick to the coast.
Keep as close as you can.
Terry; steer a steady course
Nor' nor'east.
What's he think he's doing?
You can't go out in that.
You've only just launched it.
Thank you. Where I go?
All right. Mark and Leon,
head nor'east.
What's your name, Tony?
Head due east.
No, no, I go south.
No, east, you idiot.
- The other way.
- We friends. Don't worry, I find him.
What's he talking about? We'll have two
missing persons by this time tomorrow.
Report back at sundown or before
if you find anything.
And good luck!
No sign of him yet.
Most of the boats are back.
Just waiting on Mick and Tony.
Tell me they'll find him, Frank!
Please tell me.
They'll find him, Kate.
They'll find him.
Just pray we're not too late,
that's all.
I only wanted... what was best for him.
Now my son's 11 years old
and I hardly know him.
I've hardly talked to him...
not properly.
He must think I'm a right mongrel.
I knew it! Now that blasted Italian
has disappeared!
I'm afraid he's going
to have to wait his turn.
Frank! Frank, what are you doing?
- I've got to find him, Kate!
- But you can't go out on your own!
I have to.
All the others are exhausted.
No, Frank, you don't know
the first thing about it.
I've got to, Kate... for Johnno!
Mrs. Williams? Is there anything
I can get for you?
Prepare a meal?
I... I wanted to say... that I'm sorry.
I didn't give Johnno a chance.
I should have tried harder.
You know,
Johnno was always my favorite.
Julie was always Frank's little girl.
I loved Julie, but Johnno...
Johnno needed me.
Johnno! Johnno!
Hey, Capitano!
Come on, we go home, silly boy.
No! Johnno stays!
Johnno. Your mama, your papa.
They want. Everybody want...
They hate me.
They want to send me away.
Nobody hate you.
You silly, now come on!
Johnno stays!
Is enough!
- We're going.
- No! Johnno not go!
You no run away again.
No more stupid. Come on.
You no think.
You no think of the other people.
You only think me me me.
Only think of poor deaf Johnno.
Poor deaf Johnno...
you make me sick.
Come on.
You think the life is hard, huh?
Is no only you!
You think it is easy for me?
Nobody like me.
I don't speak good.
No work! No house! My family!
But I no run away.
I know I must do one part more.
You understand?
This what you must do, Johnno.
You must do one part more,
all the time.
One part more!
No Frank, no, please, Frank!
Breathe, Frank!
Frank, breathe!
Kate! Kate, look!
Oh, Johnno! Thank you!
Mom! Where's Dad?
He went looking for you.
They pulled him out
of the water a few minutes ago.
- Dad!
- Johnno! He'll be all right!
- Please get up...
- He'll be all right, Johnno...
Good day, Johnno.
You getting better?
Yeah, I'm getting there.
How about you?
You had a decent feed?
That's the spirit.
- What?
- That's good. Good!
All right.
- We were really worried...
- Sorry, Dad. Sorry.
I guess I was pretty stupid.
Yeah, pretty stupid.
I'm not bad, Dad.
I didn't steal the chooks.
I won't miss more school.
Don't send me away, Dad. Please!
I'll try harder, Dad.
I'll be good!
Oh, Johnno, have I made you
this scared of me?
I reckon we both need
to try a bit harder, hey?
Been pretty rough on you, haven't I?
It's because, um...
because I don't understand you.
I need you to help me understand you.
Can you do that?
Can you help me, Son?
Can I stay home?
I reckon you have to, Johnno.
Someone's got to teach me how to swim.
Welcome back, Johnno.
Remember... I only want big ones!