Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969) Movie Script

CAPTAIN We are not
a suburban city.
All passengers should be
prepared to leave the ship.
Please proceed.
We have to go.
Senator Fraser... Thank God
you're at least ready, sir.
How bad is it? Water quickly
penetrates, pumps slowly cancel.
Rescue boats. Are there enough?
Do not worry, sir, there's
room for everything.
I just wanted to be sure that the
equipment and children were safe.
Go! Get out, Forester.
What about our luggage?
Just go to the deck.
Hurry up. Hurry, honey.
It's fine.
Get out of here!
Get ready!
Leave a heavy load.
Do you have an idea where we are?
Not far from the English coast.
The English coast is 200 miles from here.
Listen, we have a box
for gold in the cabin.
Look, brother and I can
not take it alone.
Get out of the way...
Come on, Philip, quick, fast!
Put me in a boat. Stand behind.
First put the boy in the boat.
Mum! Mum! Here's your mom.
Push him back. Tonemo!
Leave the boat!
It's falling apart!
It's falling apart!
Slowly, sir, slowly.
So, sir, sit here. That's right.
Are they all embedded?
Yes sir.
All survivors are embedded, sir.
Four men, a woman and a child.
Turning the course to
an underwater city?
Here you go. Drink this.
What is it?
Cheese shark juice.
It's an orange juice...
Come on, your stomach is working.
Great! Huh! I'll be one more.
They're looking for you on the bridge, sir.
Excuse me, can I go with you?
I want to talk to your captain.
If you want.
Where did you travel?
From New York to Bristol.
Joeeb reports, sir.
He's one of the survivors with me.
My name is Fraser.
Senator Robert Frazier.
I'm afraid they did not
tell me your name, Captain.
It's not your ship's name.
I'm Captain Nemo.
You sail in Nautillus.
You wanted to see me? Yes, Captain.
Let me thank you for saving us.
I do not want praise. I do
not like putting my own
crew at risk during
rescue operations,
You're burned just because
it's the only one.
The opportunity was to
leave you drowning.
We are very grateful to you.
Senator... of the United States?
Yes, I was on an important
task for my government.
I'm sure the government wants...
You must be clear, Senator.
I am not interested in the
gratitude of your government.
Diplomatic withdrawal, Senator?
To spend diplomacy on
the dictator, Captain?
Senator, I see that we
have two of us about a lot.
What we need to talk
before we get home.
Home? Where is that?
In the underwater city.
Have you lost your
word again, Senator?
If my eyes do not tell me otherwise...
this could be a form
of life after death.
Your eyes do not cheat you.
Now you will experience a new life.
This is my home.
Take Timothy.
I see that you are all alive and well.
I hope you have everything you need.
Sir, can I introduce myself?
My name is Lumaks.
Later, Mr. Lumaks. I've been a long time.
Absent and some things
require my attention.
I just wanted to make sure
you were comfortable.
Captain Nemo, we all
appreciate Your concern,
but we also want to
know where we are?
You are in my quarters.
Excuse me now.
Well, this tells us a lot.
Why is he mad at you?
He's not very excited about our presence.
Why, is there a reason?
I think Captain Nemo does not
recognize the need for any reason.
I do not understand what kind of harm it would
have suffered, to tell us where we are.
I mean, it's not logical at all.
It's a shame if she has something to hide.
Look at this room. No windows.
We are completely closed.
What does this Captain Nemo think he is?
The one who saved us
from the sea grave.
That attitude does not help us, Mr.
If we know the last
position, I think...
Mr. Svolou, can we do something for you?
Oh, no, no.
What did you intend to do?
Gold... From pure gold.
My brother finds gold for a mile, and
the opposite of the wind direction.
If he said it's gold,
then it's gold.
Now I can give you a real
welcome to the underwater city.
Join me, please.
Mr Svolou, is this gold too?
It's worth the whole kingdom!
The whole room is of gold.
I hope you like food.
I do not care about food, I
want to know where I am!
I will answer your questions when I
want, Mr. Lumaks! Serve yourself.
Give me that?
The best steak I've ever tasted.
Kit. -A fish?
Kit is a mammal, not a fish.
You are well informed young men.
It's my mom
she said. She knows everything
about animals and fish.
You'll see that it's
all tastier than veal.
It's very changeable mood.
Mhm. And we encourage him in this.
He's the one who cares.
I think they'll make trouble.
More wine, Senator?
Keep it away from None.
Drink this, Mr. Lomax will help you calm
your nerves. We should not attack him.
It's hard for all of us,
we're all stressed.
It's the worst of me. Why?
I can not stand a closed space.
I was trapped in a tunnel. Mining
window, I'm a mining engineer.
They pulled me out after 7 days.
It's not the same. How is it?
If not, then what?
Captain Nemo, I have to ask you.
Why are we locked in here? Who are you?
All in its time, Mr. Lomax.
And when will it be?
When I decide. What the hell do you think you are?
- Yes, Captain, who are you?
You were a wonderful host. Why
not satisfy our curiosity.
You are in a city that is 10,000
meters below the surface of the sea.
It is very nice.
I'm glad you feel that way.
Why? - Because you will
stay here for a while.
How long?
By the end of your tomb life.
When could we get out?
First, you have to go to school.
Get it.
Come on, Philippe.
Ha, Philip! Marla, this is Philip your new student.
- Hi Fillipe.
Marla is the leader of our school.
Are you the main teacher?
I am responsible for teaching
young people to swim.
In the underwater city, it
is most important to learn.
And most importantly.
Life can depend on it.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
You're one of the people on the boat?
Of course they are.
How did Mobila not eat them?
Mobila? Yes, huge...
Let's see if you know how to swim?
Oh, honey. Let me let you dry.
Every day, you're getting lighter.
I know he already told you.
Many times.
I spoke to Captain Nem about us.
Joeb, why me? You can marry any
girl in the underwater city.
Including you? I'm sure
Captain Nemo wants it.
Really Joe? Captain Nemo is Cupid?
Go now.
The captain was with the guests on a tour
of the city. He wants you to go with them.
Oh, come on, sit here.
What are you going to take over this?
I accepted.
Captain's invitation
to see the plantation.
I mean about how to get out of here.
Listen to me. So far, they
have treated us well.
If we force Him
to let us go, his.
Reactions can be very dangerous.
So we do not do anything.
I say we act cautiously.
How many times have I told you before?
Do not bother with little things.
Is everything okay in the back?
No hole?
I would not want to go
down and start to miss.
I never saw you volunteering
into the water.
Are you sure you're okay?
When it comes to gold, I get
a double marine illness.
If only he would take
home a piece of this.
What's in it here would be millionaires.
Millionaires? Oh, Barnaby!
We should never have to work again.
Are all ready?
How do we communicate?
Like this.
Are not you ready, Mr. Lomax?
I do not want to go.
Maybe you want to join Fillipo
in the control room.
He'll see it from there.
I told you I do not care.
Do not you care about our plantation?
How do we get food?
I'm an engineer. Not a cashier.
How you want.
Put masks. Tell me if it's out there...
No, we have protective networks that work
as a warning system
in case of danger.
Here we go. The first dive.
Follow me to exit C.
Careful now, slowly.
Let the water itself carry you.
Joab watched them.
Let's move.
Straighten your legs with your body.
Use them to manage.
Algae. Collecting algae is one of
the wealth of the underwater city.
We use these plants as vegetables.
Bio-coral. Do not touch them.
They cause severe burns.
Sea sharks. Add them to the salad.
Your first meal in an underwater city.
Look at this kidney.
He hopes to protect himself.
He tries to look brighter,
otherwise he is not dangerous.
Here he comes back to normal size.
Get off! This little innocent
silver fish is Riever Fish.
Very toxic. It should never be touched.
One scratch can be fatal.
Kameni Korali. You are inedible.
We use
for building and curbing the city.
Just a moment. I want
to look at our pets.
It has been with us for many years.
My friend. His girlfriend
is there, Olga.
Very nice little thing.
They are very fun.
Let's go ahead.
This is one of our
biggest ponds.
We always hold them in
such large networks,
so we have food for
several months.
Follow me, I'm going first.
Come on.
Gro. Becket, come here.
I think you'll be
interested in this plant.
The power has damaged the
security network code
the coral reef and the
shark went inside.
Get it straightaway.
Now I'm going to change.
OK. Thank you.
Captain, I want to thank you.
I apologize to senators,
I was very unpalatable.
It's Marla.
I'm your debtor, Marla.
You saved my life.
If you were born in an underwater city,
you would not understand it so lightly.
You must let Marley learn you.
When do I start?
I'm afraid Marla is
already too busy.
I'll get you to get a
junior instructor.
Very careful.
Just a moment.
I'd like to show you
something very special.
This is the control room.
You can call it the heart of the city.
Please, come on.
From here I can see through
the sea to the barrier doors.
From here, they can see the whole city.
Your city is a masterpiece
of engineering.
Monument to extraordinary people.
People? I was the only investor.
How did you achieve this?
Using your mind and mind of people
who have believed in my ideas.
And, of course, many years of hard work.
Captain Nemo, talk only about
men. There are women and
children here as well.
- I assume they have also made some small contribution.
Do not tell me you're a woman rights fighter.
- I'm captain.
Since my husband died, I had to
catch up myself and raise my son.
I'm grateful for that.
Where are the residents of the city?
When the underwater city
became more than a dream,
my followers have come back
here with their families.
Why does not the world know about this?
Because I do not want to.
Those fantastic inventions
should be shared with humanity.
Why? I thought it was obvious.
To be able to fight me?
To quench their self-respect?
You're a cynical man.
But careful.
Right now, your country is
in a disgusting civil war.
Brother vs. Brother.
The end is inevitable. Humanity will wipe
off itself from the face of the earth.
And you think you stand
elegantly on the side.
And you do not take
anything in that sense?
You will not even try?
I would never have begun a war with them,
because they would endanger my existence.
Like anyone who does not
think like you. -Mogue.
We can be your threat.
Gro Becket to consider you a
threat, I swear to you...
to throw you back into the sea.
I advise you not to
doubt my sincerity.
If someone threatened the lives of my
people, I would not hesitate to kill him.
I want to get out of here! You can
not capture me here against my will!
Let me out! I can not stand it
anymore, I have to get out of here!
You can not keep me against my will!
What did he do? He tried to escape.
We found him in the control room.
Is there any harm? No, Captain.
The alarm sounded automatically.
Close it and bind it.
You do not have the right to do it! -I have all the
rights, I'm responsible for security in the city.
What are we, your prisoners?
- Certainly, you're no less a prisoner than me.
Mr. Lomax is sick,
do not you see that?
Surely Captain Nemo does not
need a woman to tell him that.
I think Fiona is right, Captain.
Does not stand the enclosure.
It will take him
some time to adjust.
Let it be. But if he tries to
escape again, he will be closed.
Marla, you probably want
to entertain our guests?
If we ever want
to leave this one
cities, we have to do
it in our own way.
At 10,000m under the sea?
Do you have anything against doing it?
Of course not. Pour as much as you like.
This place is absolutely
surrounded by gold.
- Far from it. The ocean is full of gold, you just need to extract it.
Machines that produce air and drinking
water, cast gold as a by-product.
A gold-forming machine?
Gold is not an ideal that satisfies our
needs. This does not grow in the sea.
A machine that produces z... Psst!
That must be a wicked machine, Mr. Loeb.
What is the possibility of
seeing my brother and me?
Of course. Just say when
you want to organize it.
Why not immediately?
It was beautiful! Thank you.
It's a fantastic machine!
I can not believe my eyes.
A small personal gold mine!
It produces something more valuable.
Oxygen and drinking water.
Oh, really? How it works?
She works alone.
The engineer is here just to
adjust the pressure when needed.
Would not it be nice to have something
like this in the outside world?
You want to say that this
machine creates a complete one
oxygen and drinking water that is needed?
No, we have three.
Follow me, gentlemen. I'd like
to show you something else.
What I think will be, it
seems, very interesting.
Watch it!
Not in that direction, Mr. Barnaby.
It's a forbidden zone.
I do not think it's about you, Mr. Loeb.
Not. But it applies to you.
And it would be wise
not to forget it.
Mr. Svolou, please.
Is Joe not here?
Just what he left.
Oh... he promised me to
show me the machine.
Listen, I'm also an engineer. Can I go in?
-Of course. -Thank you.
Do you have full-time jobs here? Not really.
Everything is completely automated.
I am here only from
It's a measure of pressure,
I suppose? -Yes.
30 thousand? -30,000 bar air
pressure per square meter.
That's the full capacity of the machine.
That's enough to blow up the whole complex!
Yes, but there is no danger.
If pressure is attached,
this valve releases air...
through this tube.
This is also the reason why the machine is
mounted under the roof, so close to the sea.
It's not possible! You know what this is?
All this. Gold!
Impossible. All this blood.
This is our landfill.
- Deponia? We do not know what to do with this.
It is not possible... I would...
can we...!?
Take as much as you like.
I think this will be enough.
We should not be too greedy.
And... What are you going to do with him?
To do? What are you going to spend it on?
Well, I can...
Not? Not!
Very hard for a man to
give up living values...
in just one minute.
What do you say to quit smoking?
I'm not a drunken sailor.
Serve yourself. It's free.
Have you ever been to
the outside world? Joe?
Then you do not know what you missed.
Power to. No, maybe.
Svolou and I would be glad to
tell you about the matter.
We are world people.
Paris. Paris, France.
This is the city.
There are theaters, with the girls,
thousands of them. All welcome...
With their beautiful
appearance, you would be king.
Of course, you should have
a cash to throw around.
So, if I had made a gold machine, would
not they have a problem with that?
You see, I did not remember that.
Mr. Barnaby, I need
to warn you that.
No one has ever left
the underwater city.
Lively, of course.
There is always the first time.
It's impossible.
Besides, I hope
to become one day
the leader in the underwater city.
I would never endanger...
An alarm on the protective network has
been activated. This is Mobila...
Send an enhancement!
Are all safe?
-Yes sir.
But two of them were wounded.
-I know.
Convey me later...
Marla, please take Philip to the pool.
Come with me, Filipe.
Inspection patrols were not
examined by the network.
- Continue roasting.
- Yes sir.
It's probably a giant.
It's about 150 feet in a turn.
Is not that abnormal?
Very unusual.
You look very confident about that.
Is not it? Why are you so sure?
I know biology.
If you call Mobila,
I suppose it is a species of
"Daisilus Fectis", a large squid.
150 feet is much more than ever
recorded for this species.
I'd say this is a real
diagnosis, Captain.
How to compare the size?
It must be a mutation.
Unfortunately, caused by our side.
During the construction of the underwater
city, we created an explosion on the seabed.
Mobility was nearby.
The stroke affected her brain.
And I turned a harmless
creature into a monster.
Otherwise you would not attack?
No Senatore, the sea creatures
do not attack for no reason.
We must always be aware that
this is a constant threat.
So, even the utopia
of your shortcomings!
Did you hear about the monster?
Yes. - I'm telling you,
this place is a trap!
A million tons of water is pressing the
glass dome, we are in danger every minute!
Then why not leave? I want...
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Tell me? I have to tell you that... Au!
Women, would you be kind
enough to leave us...
Svolou and I turned into an eagle.
I've got a way, but I need help.
- Can you two?
- About what?
No, no, I will not tell you.
Come on, we would not tell anyone.
Mr. Lomax does not believe us.
Can not. You can leave me.
You could do it.
- It would be best if you went alone, Mr. Lomaks.
You want to stay here?
You're stupid! Like everyone else.
You're crazy!
Barnabas, I just do not understand?
I do not need, Svolou.
You have fingers, I have kephalos.
I thought you wanted to leave?
Yes, but not with him.
To get out of here, we
need some cold heads.
And his almost lost.
Do you want to be a
boy again, Robert?
If only I could.
I used to swim in a muddy
waterfall at a farm in Kansas.
After nine, he was 10 years old.
Robert, do you have
someone you miss?
No one. Not now.
Why do you want to come back?
I know you want to.
Marla, I was on a fine cruise.
I had some important work, very important.
I have no right to stay here.
Regardless of all the beauty of the beauty.
Do you know that Barnaby wanted to be banned?
- Really?
Our humble work gives you an excellent
experience of acting on land.
I think we will organize trips
to the surface in the future.
We have enough problems and
we do not need a new one.
Joe, check the humidity of
the air, it's too warm.
I checked the machines,
the pressure must...
We can control the parameters
of Joab, but not their hearts.
This is the lesson that a
leader must learn and accept.
Check the air pressure.
Captain Nemo in the steering room...
Captain Nemo in the steering room...
Stay calm...
Download the machine...
Lomak tries to break through the hole
on the roof. Go to the elevator.
Where is Filip?
Marla. Go with me.
Lomaks may even listen to you.
Open the door! Get him out of here!
He blocked the door, we can not come in.
No purpose, they are impenetrable.
Mr. Lomax, Mr. Lomax!
Seal the chamber! Seal the door!
You can not do it! Shut up!
But it's gonna mess up
if you do not let it go.
Get out of here.
You let him drown.
You want me to let him ruin the city?
And your child with him?
Filipe! Filipe!
Eleanor, do not worry,
your baby is safe.
What happened to Mr. Lomax?
Well, what happened?
He's dead! Eleanor!
Philip is safe.
The only one who needs to.
Thank you for this, Captain Nemo.
Remember it.
- Can I help you somehow? You should not be worried.
I'm sorry about Lomax.
You could not do anything else.
It's nice of you to appreciate my position.
I hope you understand
my position, Captain.
I have to leave the underwater city.
Do not think at all.
So far, you've had to
create a court about me.
What if I give you a solemn oath,
that nobody will hear about this place.
I'm not ready to argue about it
when you do not even ask
yourself about your departure.
Listen to me, Captain.
European arms factories
profit in the war.
They sell weapons to both sides.
You think you can stop this?
I have to stop. The news
came to the president
to produce new weapons with,
a great destructive power
and range, which can
convert the civil war into the Holocaust.
In my opinion, you are wasting your time.
I do not care about your opinion.
Let's just let you go and succeed.
Will you learn something? Despite slaughter
and blood, there will always be warfare.
They will not stop until
you get rid of yourself.
If you know so much about the world, why
have you decided to escape from it?
I will not!
You have no choice!
I've just warned
you, Captain Nemo.
If it's possible to escape
from the underwater city
I will use it, no matter what.
I gave you my word.
You dismissed it.
Senator, you're five now. Do you
guarantee that they will remain silent?
Or will you suggest
that I just let you go?
I'm sorry.
This is the first ship
I was sailing to.
Be very careful with that, Filipe.
Captain Nemo. About Lomax...
Senator Frazer.
He explained to me that I
am your indefinite apology.
Thank you for your understanding.
Look, Mom, I did it.
When the enemy is in ruin,
it's time for action.
What do you mean?
Come on.
Do you think we need it?
- You want to stay here forever? -No, but...
It's time to leave this place!
Watchman! -Yes?
They have problems in the climate
control room.
You need them as a help.
Quickly, man, hurry!
Barnabas, look!
Another submarine.
It looks bigger than the others!
So that's their little secret.
The other umbrella.
Just what we need. You want to
steal a submarine, Barnaby?
Yes. Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Come on.
A door without a knob. It's
completely illogical. Shh!
I thought I lost my
sense of innocence.
Do not worry about your feelings.
Only let this beauty take us home.
Take home? How, Barnaby?
I do not know. Let me think of something.
Hey, we can not tell
the others about this.
On the contrary. Once in your
life you said something useful.
Am I? -Yes. I think it's
time to talk to Mr. Fraser.
Your first ship is ready for sailing.
Thank you!
Philip did the most.
Just a moment, Helena.
I think you'll be interested!
I'll show you the
fragments of the future.
An underwater city,
as it looks today.
The number of inhabitants in the city is
growing and there is a need for enlargement.
This is the second phase...
as you see, it's three times bigger than the old one.
- When will the construction begin?
It's just a matter of decision.
There is also the third, fourth and
fifth phase of the master plan.
It will be connected to tunnels.
And finally...
The whole complex of cities
is covered by a common dome.
Very few people saw this.
Why me? The senator knows why.
He and me.
We had some disagreements.
You'll probably need years,
maybe even centuries.
That's why we need
people like you.
- Oh, Joe!
- A report of damage.
Thank you.
I think I should tell you that
there has been rage in the people.
Bes? - Because of our
new inhabitants.
Sorry. This is understandable
in these circumstances.
I do not like how they
look at us, Barnaby.
Oh, Mr Fraser...
We just... Hmmm...
Brother and I had a little quarrel...
I'm sorry to hear that.
Because of you. Svolou says you like
it here and you do not want to leave.
Of course, I did not agree with him.
Mr. Bath, you would have avoided a lot of
problems when asking direct questions.
Direct questions require a direct answer!
You'll get them! Okay.
What would you say if I told you
that we found out how to escape.
How? - We can not do it alone. We need help.
We do not know how to drive that thing.
What thing? Another submarine.
There is no direct answer, Mr. Fraser?
Just keep it calm. OK fine...
I heard that Senator
Fraser is driving now.
What is it about? -Forget.
There is a time for words
and time for work. Now
is the time for word.
You have become a real expert.
Thank you.
Now you can relax, the
course is divided.
This is the building of another city.
Advertise an alarm!
Full speed forward!
Full speed, sir.
Prepare the harp!
Harpun ready, sir.
Prepare yourself!
Fire away!
That was close.
- It can change direction in a fraction of a second. Repeat the maneuver!
We have to wait until
everyone pulls out.
One of the propellers
was blocked by sir.
Point the boat toward the surface.
We understand, sir.
She goes with us, we
can not solve her.
Captain, look! That cave.
If we go through it, it's
too small for Mobil.
Thirty degrees to the right!
The propeller is still blocked, sir.
We only have half the power.
Tell them to use all the power.
Avoid moving objects...
Prepare for crashes,
We use the front deck.
We have full force, sir.
Tell the crew to get ready.
Discard ballast
tanks, Full forward.
Full pair back!
I understand, sir.
Set the course to the home.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to toast...
for Senator Robert Frazier.
Senator Robert Frazier.
Without him, I would not be here.
He is the one who saved us. Cheers!
Thank you, Captain, but I
think you're exaggerating...
No objection, sir.
Marla, where did you get such a
taste for modesty? Possible of you?
We forget about the
hatred of new residents.
The truth is, one of them
has damaged the city,
and others saved us
from the worst fears.
Ladies and gentlemen, I raise this glass for... Robert Frazer.
- For Robert Frazer.
You will not find an answer in that.
I'll tell you where you'll find it!
In the forbidden zone.
In the forbidden zone? Yes.
- You were there!
There is one beautiful...
Now you're done, Barnaby!
I admit he did not quite
react as I expected.
That's the law!
Arrange these people.
Hey, it's not necessary...
Let me...
We told Fraser about the new submarine.
Why do you think he learned
to drive that old one?
Let him go.
You can go.
You say that you told him?
- As soon as I found it. And he wants to go.
Of course, if you want to stay,
you can easily arrest him.
Can I go now?
Svolou, do not be grunting anymore.
Come on!
Come on, Svolou!
Yes! Find something for that corner.
When we get home, I'll tell everyone about this city.
- Are you going to...?!
Wait, you'll tell them?
Yes, we will be rich and famous.
But if you tell them this will be the
end of this place! -That's right.
No, please, do not do this.
Funny, this is it
the most perfect place
I've ever seen.
Look, sometimes I do
not trust my own self.
And then... I touch...
You know, buildings, streets...
Everything is real!
-That's what this is!
I will not allow you to destroy it
this Barnaby! Now listen to me...
I've been listening since
I know about myself.
I've always done what you tell
me, in the way you wanted.
Give me that piece.
I've always been there
when it was supposed to run,
steal or take a bullet.
I've never talked about it before.
I've never been clearer.
I want to live here...
I want to die here!
Not in a stinking street.
You mean you do not want to
to go with me?
No! N... I'm not saying that.
It's not yet certain we'll leave.
Is not it!
Of course, she's still in trial.
But already
now it's twice as fast
as the old Nautillus.
You see?
You will not have any problems
in navigating the boat.
Controls are the same as Nautillus I.
And we all know how to manage it.
Why show me all this?
Is there any reason
why I should not?
Nemo never mentioned this ship.
It's obviously a secret.
For which you already know.
Brother Bath? -Yes.
What else did they say to you?
You want to leave.
I think you're right.
The job should be
in the first place.
I think you should be allowed.
Tell me without twisting?
Tell me why you want me to go?
What do you mean?
I mean, Joe, you think
I'm a threat to you.
And to admit it, would
there be some difference?
Not. - And I wish I could
be so honest with Nemo.
He did not provide you
with such a possibility.
Power to. You say the controls are the same as Nautillus?
- Right.
Obviously you will not go.
What will happen to the crew then?
It'll be fine. Someone will be on board,
who will take control
after your landing
and who will return the ship
to the underwater city.
Are you sure about that?
I would not even suggest that I did not.
Is there something I've overlooked?
No, you are very basic.
This plan for running.
When do we start?
Tomorrow's swimming competition.
Yes I know.
It's a great day for kids.
Marla, have you ever thought of
living somewhere else? -I'm not.
So simple?
- I can not imagine myself living in another place.
Why are you asking?
Let's just check what I already knew.
And that is?
If I find a way to go.
From the underwater city,
you will not come with me.
I thought you liked it here?
Of course I like it, but I'm...
Marla, Marla... Please come.
You better go with them.
- Sorry, they're excited, they're training for tomorrow.
- Marla?
- Yes?
- Did you enjoy?
- Yes, thank you.
Very nice of you that you
are interested in him.
Nonsense, it's
very fun with him.
Philipe, I think you will
You have to dress dry clothes.
But the clothes underneath me are not wet.
Do what your mother says.
Here you go. Okay.
Philip says he never
met his father.
He died when Philip
had two months.
It was not easy for you. The
woman with her little child.
Captain Nemo, I'm
afraid I misjudged you.
Quite understandably. Suddenly you found
yourself in a completely new environment.
And she acted arrogantly.
We're both.
The circumstances in which we, if I
can say so, have made us both strong.
But I'm just nagging, you may
not have such a strong will.
Well... I'm constantly trying.
Captain Nemo, you surely
often say that you saved us.
We brought you only problems.
I have a feeling that your saving is
something that I will never repent.
Sit here.
Now listen carefully, Philipe.
Yeah, Mom.
Mr. Fraser found a way to escape.
You think he's coming back? Yes.
You could come with him.
Do we have to, Mr. Fraser?
You do not have a son, you do not have to.
It's a decision your mother will bring.
Please stay!
If you stay that will be forever.
I think we agreed.
I hope you both find
happiness here.
When did he both say if he thought about us?
- Anybody else?
How long have you been standing there?
A few minutes.
I wonder if I can handle your table
when you're done. -Of course.
You do not have to ask. I still
have a lot of work today.
Captain Nemo, can I ask
you something? -Yes.
Would you ever allow yourself
to be personal needs?
Is it between you and
what you believe in?
- Never.
- A loyalty to a person?
As long as I believe
that what I do is right.
Thank you. That's the
answer I expected.
I decided to start two
traditions from now on.
The first is to celebrate the anniversary
of the founding of the underwater city.
Another year of great accomplishments
has passed and I believe
that a year of more
achievements comes to us.
Another tradition, in which I am
convinced that you all know, is...
that speech should be short!
Everything is ready, I'm waiting
for you in the control room.
Where are Barnabas and Svolou?
I have not seen them anywhere.
Mr. Svolou probably completes
his collection from my waste.
You are two jokes that sent
me into a wild goose hunt.
- It's not me, he is.
- Oh.
There will be a "gathering"
Good luck! Thank you.
Philip decided to break the record.
Adam will have to endeavor...
Twenty seconds.
Fifty seconds.
Six... seven... 58 seconds.
Adam's time is... 58 seconds!
Ten seconds.
Ready, Mr. Fraser?
Fifty seconds.
Come on, Philipe!
Five... six... seven... Come on!
58 seconds. Adam and Philip achieved
the same time - 58 seconds.
Secure all locks.
All locks insured, sir.
Turn on the pumps.
I turn on the pumps, sir.
Barnabas, look!
Fraser, come here.
The guards will come.
He'll tell Neme.
We can not leave until
the drain is full.
The drainage is flooded, sir.
What is it?
The fighter took Nautillus II.
Is the whole crew here? Yes sir.
Flush the drain and transfer the engines
to the urgent speed. I understand.
Captain Nemo!
Come on board. Quickly.
Who helped them? Did you know about this?
Answer me, woman!
Robert asked me if I would go
with him if he found a way to go.
I did not know it was already. -And you? Well,
he told me yesterday about this, but...
Open the door to the sea.
I understand, sir.
The door! -Shoot for them.
How... Come on!
- Full speed.
- Full speed, sir.
Be aware that they are
in danger of exploding?
Nautillus II has a mistake.
I did not know.
And how? I heard this morning.
Follow us!
Full speed.
You will be in serious trouble,
if the engine is running out.
How can we let them know?
The only way is to get them.
We'll try that
we pass through the sledge. Get
ready and listen to my commands.
They're okay.
We managed! They gave up!
Come here.
Is there a shortcut? Does she have it?
Yes there is.
And why did not we go there?
Because this ship is too big.
Full speed!
I command - to redirect the engines.
Motors redirected.
Full speed right.
Full speed right.
Cave, we sail in.
If we reach the first to the other
end of the cave, we will succeed.
We have a problem in the machine room.
What is it? Turn off the power.
Slow now.
The engine was
completely canceled.
Weld the doors and
prepare evacuation caps.
Turn off all switches.
Advertise a general alarm.
Leave the ship! Leave the ship!
Barnabas! Take this!
It's not going.
Just take what you can take with you!
- Is there any damage?
- Not.
We should meet the
barrier point "Y"
and it would be good for
them to arrive on time!
Come on! Not Barnabas! Hurry!
Barnabas, Svolou, leave the ship!
Come on, Barnaby, leave the ship!
It's too late. Explodes!
How bad is it?
You see, what made your sick loyalty?
We could have avoided this!
But I could not tell you!
- Captain Nemo!
- Joe?
I helped... Fraser...
not gra. John. I wanted... to leave.
We're coming home, sir?
You could not stop this.
Robert never told me when
he thought he was gone.
He asked us only if we
wanted to go, that's all.
We decided to stay.
Captain Nemo, I have a letter for you, from Robert.
- Read it.
"Captain Nemo, your dreams
to create perfectly"
society, they could
change humanity.
Maybe that would be the right answer for
you. But my ambitions are a bit slower.
An even more painful process.
I believe I can persuade
people to see justice in the
works they do for themselves.
Only then... and only
then will they change.
Please forgive me this scam,
because I had to take this beg.
"I wish we would meet
again one day."
Robert Frejzer-
Swallow, look, look!
Ahoy, Ahoy...
Let me pass!
What a weird couple of fish!
Where the hell are you coming from?
From the seabed.
That's right, Captain. From the seabed.
It's a long story.
It's a fairy tale. Do you mean that you
have taken a couple of siren with you.
Yeah, right!
Radisavljevic 19.8.2009.