Captain Nova (2021) Movie Script

Nova? You coming in?
Your oxygen's running low.
Carbon dioxide and methane levels
are dangerously high.
We should leave.
- Okay.
- Mm.
- Do you hear me?
- Loud and clear.
- You ready to go?
- No.
Oh, no. That's not good.
The mission has to be carried out now.
- Or it'll be too late!
That was a joke.
Was that a joke?
Are you trying to lift the mood
'cause you're nervous?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
ADD's artificial intelligence isn't
fully capable of recognising irony yet.
Whoa, humour must be difficult
to program.
- Good luck, Nova.
- Thank you. We're gonna need it, Simon.
I have more confidence
in probability theory.
that's the only thing you can do.
Okay, check.
Go for launch.
We have lift-off.
One thousand metres.
One thousand metres.
- W e're a pproaching 10,000 metres.
- Approaching 10,000 meters.
It's looking even worse than I thought.
- Captain
- Wow!
we're on the right course.
You should be able
to see the wormhole soon.
- You should see what I'm seeing now, Timo.
- I wish.
- It's incredible.
- Again, this is a covert operation.
Limit your contact with others,
and try to change as little as possible.
Focus only on your objective.
Roger that.
- Approaching the speed of light.
- Cabin pressure's okay.
Success, Nova.
You got this.
Your connection with mission control
will disconnect.
We've reached the speed of light.
This doesn't correspond
to the simulation!
ADD, help me!
- You have to get out.
- I can't hold on.
Change course! Change course!
This is not good.
This isn't good at all.
I have to get help.
Trees, grass, leaves.
Forest! This is a forest.
Ah, there's someone there.
A human child.
What year is this?
- Uh, what?
- What year is this?
Is this an intelligent life-form?
2025. Thank you.
- What are you?
- ADD.
Navigator. Follow me.
Where to?
Eighty-one metres north east
from here. We need your help.
You're incredibly slow.
Come quickly.
Neither the landing zone coordinates
nor the landing method are correct.
Landing method?
Nova, wake up.
What's this?
What's wrong with her?
She's not moving any more.
What happened?
A bad landing. We've crashed.
Can you carry her?
It's better to wait here. Help is coming.
No, we can't.
They're not allowed to find her.
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go!
Where are you taking us?
Engine blocks,
fluorescent lamps, car tires.
A factory.
She has to go to hospital.
You can try to help her.
But I'm not a doctor.
Then you should leave.
You're of no use to us.
You haven't seen us.
- We don't exist.
- Okay, okay.
- You discovered the shuttle?
- Yeah.
- And the pilot?
- Mm-hmm.
We saw two people heading away
on the quad bike.
Okay. Where are they?
Yeah, uh
You let them go?
We saw the UFO
and thought it was more important.
Hey, Luchtmeijer.
Must have been
one or two people on the quad.
They probably left the vicinity.
I have no idea what it is.
Never seen anything like it.
- Mr. Verstoep?
- Yeah?
Good evening. Sorry to intrude this late.
Luchtmeijer, Defence.
We are looking for witnesses
to an accident here in the woods.
Two people were seen on a four-wheeler.
Maybe you've heard?
Well, I know who you need then.
He's in that room in the back there.
Who's that?
Why don't you take a look for yourself?
Hey, moron!
They're looking for you.
- He's not in his bedroom.
- Oh?
Do you have any idea
where I can find him?
He sometimes hangs out
at the factory back there.
Turn around very slowly.
What do you want?
- I'm just here to help you.
- No one here can help me.
He can't help us. Eliminate him.
Watch out! He's got something.
- Uh a tissue.
- Here you go.
How can this be?
Must be a side effect
of time travel.
What's the status of theChrono shuttle?
The Chrono shuttle is operational
and located three kilometres from here.
So how far is our target?
Sixty-seven kilometres.
- We missed the drop zone?
- Correct.
- How long do we have?
- 24 hours left.
Watch out!
Movement detected.
Current speed,
55 kilometres per hour.
Increase your speed.
Don't say anything.
- Nothing.
- Very good.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean?
- Why are they looking for you?
They're not looking for me.
- Tell me.
- What?
I don't mind helping you
but at least tell me what's going on.
Don't say anything.
We don't exist.
Okay, listen.
I can't tell you who I am
or what our mission is,
but if you just take us
to where we need to go,
and don't ask any questions,
- this is for you.
- Hey!
Not all of our money.
Very good. Keep the money.
Keep following this road.
Then I'll give you more instructions.
Huh? I didn't hear you.
You don't exist, remember?
It's evidence actually.
Those burn marks prove that the shuttle
entered the atmosphere at great speed.
The pilot wasn't found in
or near the spacecraft.
No, probably not.
We found fingerprints in the shuttle.
Yeah, several identical
fingerprints indeed.
But oddly enough,
the size of the fingerprints vary.
Um, now I..
At first, we thought that, em,
the same person may have left
the fingerprints at different ages,
but now it turns out
that all prints are fresh so
We found a match
in our system for a Nova Kester.
Ah. The missing pilot.
- No, we don't think so.
- Why not?
Nova is a girl of 12 years old, Colonel.
Yeah, we We're in the dark
how that's possible.
I'll look into it.
- What Whatwill you do with the money?
- I'm not saying.
You're not telling me anything.
It's a joke.
Visit my Dad in South America.
Good idea.
- Has it been a long time?
- Yeah, a long time.
And your mother? Is she going?
No. She can't.
That's a shame.
Yeah, it is a shame.
Uh-huh. Mayday.
System failure.
All clear.
- There's smoke coming from the engine.
- What? Oh, really?
- Yes, really.
- We don't have time for this.
I think the engine's overheating.
Do you need some help there?
We were on our way home
and then smoke came from the engine.
I can't do much here.
But I can give you guys a tow
and then and have a look at home.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Is this a good idea?
- Who are they?
- Their car there broke down.
- Hmm.
- This is Marjan.
- I'm Nas.
- Hi.
- We don't exist.
- Well, what a funny thing.
- I don't have a sense of humour.
- Oh.
Nas, shall we fix the car then?
Only half an hour's work.
Do you want to give me a hand?
Wow, a vegetable garden.
Are you that impressed?
It almost happens by itself.
It's sowing
and then let Mother Nature do the rest.
Beautiful, huh?
Nova was doing her homework last night.
Here at the table.
And then after,
we watched some television.
Can I take a look in your room quickly?
Hope that's all right.
Did your daughter
ever have flying lessons
Get in.
- Give it a try, shall we?
- Yeah, start it now.
Ah! It's running again.
Well done.
- Thank you.
- Do you like cars too?
No, I'm more into flying.
Marjan asks
if you're coming in for dinner.
Yeah, we're done here.
More. More. More vitamins.
I like what you're wearing.
A bit army-like.
- Yeah, she's a goth. Um
- Hmm.
She usually wears black make-up
- and everything...
- What? No.
And do you actually have
a driver's license?
Yeah, of course I do.
And now, breaking news.
The police are looking for
15-year-old male Nasrdin El Dawey.
He's suspected of being involved
in a kidnapping.
He was last seen in the area
around Ligtenberg.
If you have any information
about his whereabouts,
please call 08006070
This is not good.
there's a lot of traffic,
so keep it in mind
that you may be delayed.
And now finally, the weather forecast
Nas? Can you come with me?
You weren't kidnapped, were you?
It's the other way round.
Take these.
They'll look good on you.
- Can I keep them?
- Yeah.
Try them on.
Okay, so
Her fingerprints are a 100% match
with the smaller ones
we found in the shuttle.
Maybe we're dealing with
an identical clone?
But why would anyone
use such advanced technology
to create two identical girls?
That doesn't make sense.
Your parents say you were home
yesterday evening and last night.
That right?
- Your parents told you to say that?
- No.
Did you sneak out at night?
Maybe the woods?
And you found something strange?
You can trust me.
I won't tell your parents.
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
A fighter pilot.
Or an astronaut.
- Like some more of this?
- Mm-hmm.
Vehicle approaching.
It's time to go.
- Where's Nas?
- Upstairs.
Nas, come. We have to leave.
- Sorry.
- Let's go. Come on. Quickly!
- They snitched on us.
- Come on, let's go!
- Come on!
- Go!
Bert! How's things?
How are Ans and the kids?
Altan, have you seen
a blackBMW X1 Series around here?
BMW X1? No.
And someone by the name
of Nasrdin El Dawey?
- I'm repairing that one for
- Uh-oh.
cousin Nourdin.
Bert here to control.
- Control here. Go ahead.
- I've found that BMW X1 Series.
- Luchtmeijer.
- Colonel.
- Your car's just been found.
- That's great.
Send out an APB for Nova Kester,
but keep this one here.
- Yes, check. I'll I'll do that.
- But she's already here, isn't she?
- Just trust me, Colonel.
- Uh
Yeah, um, yeah, because we think
that there may be two of them, so
Or there's an identical clone.
That's a double, but... That one girl is...
There must be two "versions," uh?
She thinks that... Actually, I think I'm
Uh, maybe
They're on the right, in the kitchen.
Afternoon. Claire Luchtmeijer. Defence.
I'm here to ask you some questions.
How come that vehicle was in the barn?
It was left at the side of the road.
And you know it was stolen?
You know this young man?
Or this person?
What did they actually do?
Those children?
Okay, here we go.
This way!
Let's stay off the roads. How much longer?
One hour and 32 minutes to go.
- Where are you guys going?
- That's a secret.
Why are you being so secretive?
You can tell me, right?
Like I would turn you in
to the police.
Nova, one o'clock.
Whoa. Okay, sorry, take it easy.
- Step to the side.
- What?
Nas, step aside.
- What are you doing?
- He wasn't allowed to see this.
Eliminate him.
Don't be so dramatic. He's on our side.
You're on our side, right?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Come on.
- What is that thing?
He's just been put on pause
for a few hours.
Give him some time to think.
About his, uh, career. His life.
That sort of thing.
Ground station
for Papa-Alto-Papa-Delta-Kilo.
Papa-Alto-Papa-Delta-Kilo, go ahead.
Luchtmeijer, can you come down?
We've, uh, found something really strange.
- Hi.
- Good job, ma'am.
Yes, great.
Well, uh, this is something new.
I need a coffee now.
We have to get inside.
Careful. Watch out for my antenna.
Night vision on.
Especially with construction
The meeting's already started.
Stay here. It's better if I do this alone.
Just one location left
at the North Pole,
and that's where Falcon comes in.
Over the past five years,
we've developed new technology
that enables us to drill through
a very thick layer of ice.
Tomorrow we'll deploy the prototype
in the area that we purchased
at the North Pole
Hi. You're looking for Mum and Daddy?
Simon Valk Junior?
- Yeah.
- I have to talk to you.
- Sorry, b but how did you get in?
- In private. It's important.
Yes, well, I... Sorry.
I'm in the middle of this.
Can't you come with me for a moment?
No, sweetie, em
Tsk. Ah, why don't you tell me?
Then we Then we can continue.
Say it.
You must not drill at the North Pole.
Oh, uh, and why not?
It'll go wrong.
You'll release huge quantities
of methane into the atmosphere.
Well, well.
The lady understands what she's saying.
What's our estimate
of the risk level, Junior?
Ah, the risk of a blowout in this area
is 0.7 % according to our assessment.
0.7%. That is all.
But I know that it will happen.
Extreme global warming.
It will be unstoppable.
Leading to extreme weather and flooding.
And that will be all our fault?
- No, not just you alone.
- Let me guess.
You're here to save the planet, hmm?
Listen, young lady.
People have thought for centuries
that the end of time is drawing near.
It would be helpful if you made yourself
a little less self-important.
Good day to you.
Nova, watch out.
Let go of me!
I'm not done yet. Simon, wait.
You're making a big mistake.
You can't carry out these plans.
Don't do it!
- Get out of here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're leaving.
Horrible man.
Horrible human.
What was that? About drilling?
We're here to avoid a disaster.
They'll drill at the North Pole,
and it'll all go wrong.
- What are you doing?
- Yeah?
How do you know?
- I've seen it happen myself.
- Okay. Secret mission gone.
It hasn't happened yet, right?
Nova? Time for plan B.
Not on the gravel.
Get down.
- Dad, can we just talk?
- Don't call me Dad. Please.
Not here.
Well, I can't help it
that those kids got in, can I?
You can't do anything, can you?
- I
- It was a flop, Junior.
An embarrassment for the directors.
We've invested a great deal
in this little project of yours.
We cannot allow it to be a failure.
I know that.
Quick, hide.
- Just keep your cool.
- I won't disappoint you.
He hasn't any physical injury.
He's just moving really slow.
It's like for him
time is flowing more slowly.
Oddly enough, his brain activity
is extremely high. Look.
- Luchtmeijer.
- Hey, Luchtmeijer.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.
- It's Gerrit.
- That girl has been spotted.
- Where?
- She's at the Falcon building.
- Okay.
If I were you,
I'd leave straight away.
- Hmm.
- Before you lose her.
Yeah, thanks. On my way.
Nova Kester's been spotted.
The doppelgnger?
Let's hope we haven't gone totally mad.
Is it your first time seeing the sea?
But it's been a long while.
Yeah, very beautiful.
Uh, what are you doing?
Doing? Uh, doing? What about you?
I'm way too old for you.
What do you mean?
Listen, Nas.
I know this sounds bizarre, but
I'm 37 years old.
I come from the future.
Time travel has made me young again.
You're weird.
Trust me. Why would I make this up?
The drilling causes
environmental disaster.
Twenty years from now,
we'll see a huge flood,
and after that, it will get very hot.
All water will disappear,
and most life will be dead.
Twenty years.
I'll be 35. Will I be dead?
I'm not really sure.
There's a chance you will.
I'm sorry you're hearing it like this.
But I think you should know the truth.
- Why were they here?
- They disrupted a presentation.
What was the presentation about?
The new drilling operation
of the North Pole.
- Who led the presentation?
- Simon Valk Junior.
- Could we speak?
- He's already left unfortunately.
- How did he leave? Can I see?
- Of course.
Oh, no.
Call him.
Make sure you speak to him.
- Yeah, she's here.
- There's two of them.
Two identical females.
That's That's very unique.
she was filmed with Nasrdin.
They disrupted a meeting at Falcon
about a drilling project
at the North Pole.
And they're following Simon Valk Junior.
Well so they're climate activists?
Yeah, I've no idea.
Get an armed response unit
to his house, all right?
- Check. And you?
- I'm on the way.
Ah, great. There you are.
This car's on board computer
isn't able to have a civil conversation.
Come. This way.
Mr. Valk?
How how
How did you get in here?
- Please, just be calm, Simon.
- Simon?
- We're not on a first-name basis, are we?
- Well,
I've known you a long time.
What's this?
Hi, Simon.
Yeah, it's scary to see yourself
like this.
A few years older as well.
Our drilling operation at the North Pole
cannot go ahead.
You will regret it
for the rest of your life.
It will ruin your nights
and darken your days.
I know this is your prestige project
to win Dad's love.
But forget about his recognition.
This is far greater.
Stop the drilling.
For the Earth, and for everyone.
This is unbelievable.
This is nonsense.
Such a cheap trick, guys.
This is trespassing, and intimidation.
I'm calling the police.
- Gimme the telephone.
- What are you doing? Hey!
He's not listening. He won't stop.
Let's shoot him here.
- Secure.
- Go, go, go.
Police! Drop your weapon!
- ADD!
- Drop it!
Nova! Nova!
Call an ambulance. Nova! Nova!
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Nova. Can you hear me?
Nova, can you hear me?
They have shot Nova.
What happened?
She's wounded.
- They shot her? Who did?
- The police.
I just ran away.
Oh, my dear boy.
- It's all my fault.
- It's not your fault.
I should have stayed with her.
There's nothing you can do now.
Come on.
Come. Rest now.
It'll be all right.
Where am I?
You're safe here.
I have to go.
Can I help?
Can I do anything for you?
Simon Valk Junior.
What about Simon?
He sent me back here to stop himself.
What's that?
I'm from the future.
Could it be possible?
Time travel?
In theory.
In practice?
This thing has a serial number
with the year 2048 in it.
Hmm, could be the production year.
And in this lady,
all serial numbers have been filed off,
but the computer chips are
a lot like our current chips.
They're just
They're technologically more advanced.
So this was made by humans?
You mean, in the future?
Looks like it.
- No!
- Oh, sugar.
Come on, you've got this.
You can do it!
Lift it. Lift it!
Oh, man.
I'd have liked to have seen inside.
Thanks, Mr. Valk.
We'll be in touch.
- Yes, that's fine.
- Hey!
Simon Valk Junior?
- That's right.
- Claire Luchtmeijer.
We met before,
but didn't properly introduce ourselves.
Yeah, that was hectic for a moment.
Everything, um, okay with the girl?
Not really.
Hmm. I'm so sorry to hear that.
So your drilling project?
She wants to stop it.
There's a risk it'll go wrong.
The kid doesn't know what she's saying.
But if there's risk involved,
we'll need to investigate.
Our analysts have been
assessing the risks for months now.
She says she's from the future,
and that you sent her yourself.
- And what do you make of that?
- Our investigation supports her story.
Is she telling the truth?
No, she's just one
of those climate lunatics,
and she believes in her own fairy tales.
- Everything okay, son?
- Yes, Dad, all in hand.
Our lawyers will be in touch, all right?
Has there been a little girl
brought into the emergency room?
Around 11, 12. Blonde. Her name's Nova.
No? Oh.
Okay. Then I will keep looking.
Thank you.
We'll find her, okay?
Hello, I was wondering if
Em Emergency room
Mayday! Mayday! May
Nova's not doing well.
She's hurt very badly.
Where is she?
They're keeping her
at an army base.
Nas, she has to go back to the future.
It's her only chance to survive.
You have to save her.
Yikes! Good day
uh, I
Here it is.
Do you want me to come?
I'll do it alone.
Good luck.
What's your problem with Falcon?
You mean, what's our problem with Falcon?
What do you mean?
What they want will end
in a huge environmental disaster.
How do you know that?
Did she tell you? Nova?
These are issues for adults
to deal with, Nasrdin.
Maybe if you work hard at school and
Bla, bla, bla.
The suit and helmet.
- Uh
- Come on.
Nova? Nova?
Nas, what are you doing here?
I'm getting you out of here.
Come on!
It will be all right, okay?
You're going back home
and then they'll get you better.
You'll be fine, okay?
Thanks, Nas.
No problem.
What have you done?
It didn't work.
I know.
It turns out time travel impacts
the age of your body.
- What do you mean?
- Time travel made me younger.
- Physically, I mean.
- Interesting.
- Much younger?
- Twenty-five years.
- Precisely the duration of time travel.
- You didn't believe me as a child, Simon.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
We should give it another try, Nova.
That's perfect.
But I won't do it.
I can't go there again.
I get that.
But the mission wasn't a complete failure.
- Look who's here!
- Eh?
Go on.
Hey, my love.
You feel okay?
- Mummy, look. I found something weird.
- Oh!
How exciting. Show me.
- What is it?
- Oh, sweetie.
This is very special.
Do you know what this is?
- No.
- A little bird.
A bird? What's that?
That was an animal
that could fly through the air.
- Like you?
- Yeah, just like me.
There used to be lots of little birds
flying through the air.
Through the air?
We wanted too much.
More than the Earth could give us.
Hey, my boy.
- What you got there?
- A little bird.
A little bird?
Okay, I'll do it.
That's awesome.
Uh, okay.
Let's go back to the same point.
You can change it all
based on what you know.
- I don't want to change it.
- What?
I want to pick up
where I left off with Nas.
Well, strategically, that moment
isn't actually very helpful.
But further back I can change
what happens with Nas and my future.
Oh, yeah.
I'll do it.
But we're gonna have to
raise the stakes.
It's the only way.
There's no choice.
Go for launch.
Have you missed me?
Uh, yeah, for one minute.
Come with me?
Thank you.
Ready for take-off?
Where should we go?
North Pole?
Good idea.
- Are they all coming too?
- No.
Not with us.
What then?
You'll see.
Let me welcome you all
to the North Pole.
Below this thick layer of ice,
there's a vast reservoir
of oil and gas.
We, Falcon,
have developed a new technology
to drill through this layer of ice
and bring those natural riches
to the surface.
Yeah, a fantastic day.
Today, we are going to help the world.
We're going to help the world
with its huge, increasing energy demand.
Thanks to us, third-world countries
will have sufficient energy,
thus increasing their chances to develop.
Everyone on Earth has a right to energy.
Dad, are you sure
that we should do this?
- What is this?
- What if that girl was right, Dad?
You've worked on this for a year.
This is your project.
And now we can succeed,
and you start to get weak, you limp sack?
I have a really bad feeling
about all this.
Okay, you're done here.
Great. An important moment.
We'll begin in a minute,
naturally, with the design.
Everyone clear the area!
What's happening?
- How did you get here so fast?
- Anti-gravity.
- Anti-what?
- You'll discover it at some point.
You can't do this.
Think of our future.
Our future?
Listen, my dear children.
You're living a life of luxury
in the most wonderful time ever,
thanks to us.
So please, would you spare me
your crocodile tears.
No, Dad!
I'm sorry.
Don't do it.
I think we still need him.
This is truly unbelievable.
We haven't seen anything like this before.
At different locations on Earth, UFOs,
so-called unidentified flying objects,
have appeared in the sky.
At this point, it's unclear whether
they are controlled by humans
or an alien life-form.
The United Nations Security Council
has assembled
for an emergency meeting
to discuss the situation.
and, yes, new footage is coming in.
UFOs have appeared
above the Amazon Basin as well.
And we're seeing similar reports
coming in from Africa.
Places where the environment
is threatened,
fundamentally by human activity.
Thanks for all your help.
That's all right.
I have to go. This isn't my time.
I know.
Will I see you again?
- I think so.
- In the future?
You might.
Hey, guys.
Nova, I have this for you.
- Wow!
- Hey, ADD!
Nova, Nas, I'm alive!
- ADD, I'll really miss you.
- You don't have to.
I'm staying here to help you
with your life.
Huh? Cool!
No, I'm not.
That was a joke.
I've changed his programming a bit.
I now have a sense of humour.
I am not very happy about that.
That was exciting.
Luckily, I have nerves of steel.
Those shuttles have been seen
at different places on Earth.
Are they all from the future?
They will keep coming.
So long as it's necessary.
Nasrdin, what have you done
to my colleagues?
Don't you worry. They're just on pause.
Some time to think. About life.
Their career, that sort of thing.
And where is Nova?
She's gone back.
She's returned to her own time?
But for good this time.
I don't know who you are
But something inside me
Tells me I have to follow you
I see you don't have time
So I'm not asking questions
Even though you're keeping secrets
Where are we going?
What should we do
If no one believes us?
How do we go on
If they keep telling us
To forget about it?
I knew when I saw you
She has my future in her hands
There's still a chance
So take
Take me with you
It's written in the stars
I would travel through time
To stop this
We have to go on
As long as we're together
We can solve this
You're not alone
It doesn't matter
That no one believes us
Because I knew when I saw you
She has my future in her hands
There's still a chance
So take
Take me with you
Take me with you
It's like you already knew me
It just hadn'tlanded yet
And I can keep running
But I knew when I saw you
You have my future in your hands
There's still a chance
So take me with you
You have my future in your hands
The future in your hands
So take me with you
Take me with you
Take me with you