Captives (1994) Movie Script

Rachel, hi, it's...
it's Simon.
Um, I don't know how long
you've got this flat for,
I hope it's nice, I hope it's okay.
I know you don't want to,
but we've really got to talk about our house
or, you know, fix the price.
I've tried calling you at work.
Please ring back.
You'll be with us
two afternoons a week, uh?
Bag. Far to drive?
Only the London hospital.
I teach there.
You'll have your work cut out. Harold
does his best, but his not a nurse.
- Harold?
- Your assistant.
Every movement, a key.
Don't worry. They're all being banged up.
Feeding time.
- High heels.
- No, I don't say.
Beauty parlour now have we?
Go on, doll, give the screws some.
I'm on my dinner break really.
So I'm getting off.
But when you've finished, just say
Harold, and I'll see you out.
Make sure you're all right.
Have a nice break.
I think we might as well start here.
Oral surgery.
Yes, well, shall we sure move on.
This is the waiting area. We like to
bring them over in blocks, Wing by wing.
Keep your eye on the numbers.
Officers get twitchy,
if there's too many cons are hanging about.
For medications we put a
prescription in the files
and an M.O. passes it out later, on the wing.
They will keep promicing us a nurse,
but we like to say nothing, say
it well, and keep on saying it.
Doctor Hockley, Rachel Clifford.
New dentist two days a week.
For her sins?
Fall into step up.
Four coming, two for visits.
You'll have to send over.
Hey, you can't put "Elvis"
down as a religion.
Elvis isn't a religion.
Yeah, well, it is to me.
Why not? It's as good as any.
- I'm not accepting Elvis.
- Put "C. of E." "Church of Elvis."
Oh... Yeah, this is Graceland, isn't it?
I think I'm in love with you,
you know, bastard.
You should be fine now, all right?
Harold, why can't I issue dental floss?
Because they'd floss each other's heads off,
that's why.
I haven't any records for Chaney.
He's been transferred from up North.
It's all right. I'll just get your
details, have that out of the way.
Dr Hockley might have his medicals.
Any medical history?
Allergic to penicillin?
Anything I need to be warned about?
No major renovations?
So, what's the problem?
- Pain, really.
- Upper or lower?
And back.
And a funny clicking.
And open.
You can close again.
Tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction.
I was just saying that to the boys.
London has a problem with cockroaches.
Doesn't it just...
You are grinding very heavily.
And it's wearing down your teeth.
Can you lean back? It could cause vertical
fractures which can be quite serious.
Is that comfy?
This'll be fun.
I haven't seen one of these in years.
The clicking... um
is in your joint.
It's the disk. It's becoming displaced.
At the very worst it'll start locking, and...
then you're in real trouble.
- Lockjaw?
- Good as. Open.
And bite down. Lovely.
It's stress, causing you to grind. Tension.
Everyone does it to some extent.
London cabdrivers are the worst. It's unreal.
They come in right down to their gums.
Go like that.
Just ask you to hold still for just a sec.
- Rachel.
- Sorry, I'm disturbing you.
No, no, not at all.
I need my old kits,
I can't take any more from the hospital.
Right. Of course.
I didn't think you'd be here.
No, no. Please.
So, how's this prison?
I saw a textbook once,
someone trying to show
facial characteristics,
that could indicate criminality.
You know, jaw-size
and that sort of thing.
Same guy tried an identification
system based on ears.
Like fingerprints.
- Rachel.
- I know all about the house.
I don't just want to talk about that.
Take the cabinet.
I can't afford to go any lower.
I haven't only been
ringing about the house.
I'm trying to say that...
I know, you've been through a lot.
I needed to sort some things out, too.
There have been days,
I couldn't even come down here.
I remember that.
- You were fucking her then.
- Christ.
Don't come crying to me, Simon.
Tell your little tart in the sari.
I'm not listening to this.
I'm trying to talk to you.
Who was this smile for?
Who were you smiling for?
It was like...
It was like living in a bubble here.
Like a desert island, you know?
You, me, the house, the practice, everything.
Well, I'm really sorry!
"There have been days,
I couldn't even come down here"
What does he expect me to do?
How am I supposed to feel?
Rachel, you have to meet Pearl.
She's just...
Well, I can't describe it.
You know, people talk about healing hands.
But she's got healing eyes.
I was telling her about Oliver,
and all the trouble that he causes...
How Katie gets so upset
with him coming and going.
And that I want Katie to have a father,
or no father,
but not this pulling.
And Pearl's eyes just telling me "Let go".
Because you have to, you know,
you can't get ten out of ten all the time.
Right then. That's fine.
Um... Just make sure that you check the
inclusions right, because
the bite is very close.
Okay, I'll do that.
- Haven't you finished yet?
- Almost.
- If any one is on, get me at the jail.
- Have fun!
That dentist on today?
What, the toothfairy?
Yeah. She's doing "B" wing.
I'd give her one.
I'm lying in the chair, and she's giving
me this, leaning, rubbing up there.
She's got it all right.
She'd do it.
She loves it.
Coming in here.
You dirty, fucking bitch.
Yeah, coming in here...
You could take somebody's eye out with that.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
They let you out then?
You all right.
Don't worry.
I haven't done a runner.
I'd be wearing arrows.
That's how you can tell.
- I'm just surprised.
- Yeah, I didn't think it was you, either.
They do let us out on our own, you know?
We have our shoe shined.
Coming from the nick?
Just on my way back.
I've been to college.
I go one day a week.
- Starting today.
- Gosh, your first day!
You look like a store detective.
Making you nervious.
I do a degree course Computer programming.
I've been doing it for about four years.
At the correspondence,
and a bit of open university.
And now I'm towards the end.
They've agreed to let me out.
Pound and twelve, please.
It says seventy. Seventy pence.
- It's... it's a code...
- Stock number. A pound twelve, please.
- Right, okay. That's okay.
- I'll get it.
No, leave it.
Take it with mine.
- No.
- Philip. It's twenty pence.
Give me the ninety.
- I'll pay you back.
- That's okay.
No, I'll pay you back!
When you said "code", I thought "codes?".
You know, like not knowing the password
when you're a kid,
not knowing what team to support.
To think I used to run my own business.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I've been waiting eight years for this.
How do you get back?
I get the tube to here,
and here's the bus back to the nick.
See? All the cons coming out of the shade.
Well, it's nice to see you again.
- I'll get back for that.
- Sorry?
Oh, no. My pleasure.
"Oh, no. My pleasure."
I've been in dozens of times.
You have seen me.
I have a clinic, and I'm already late
Just a sec.
Central. Over.
I've got a female here.
Says she's a new vet.
- Dentist?
- Dentist, yeah. You know her.
- Good-looking?
- Is that Sexton?
- Dark, yeah.
- She'll need an excort.
Okay. Come over and pick her up.
You silly tart.
Come on.
Blimey. Not like she's a Mick.
You're not, are you?
Don't worry about her,
we call all the medics vets.
And all the men animals.
Only those that are, mam.
All right, Lanny.
That's you done.
Lanny. Elvis.
Come on, Leonard.
We've other patients to see.
Look, I know what you're thinking, right?
You're thinking I'm not Elvis Presley.
Well, I know that. I know who I am. I do.
- You're a lucky man.
- Yeah. I'm the King.
Come on. Out.
It's a guard just like boxers wear,
and it exactly fits your mouth
So, even if you are still grinding at night,
it won't damage your teeth.
All right.
That's it.
But, I'm afraid...
You may need endless adjustments.
Takes forever to get it right.
I haven't had a visit in five years.
Cheeky bugger.
I mean, he could be anything.
A child molester or a rapist.
- No, I don't think so.
- You can't tell, can you?
Well, I can tell he's lonely.
Come on, five years without a visit,
so would you be.
Those are all for the prison.
I hate it when patients do that.
He used to run his own business,
so he said.
Thieving probably.
Or drugs.
Anyway. I'm sure you're not allowed to visit.
Not in a prison attached to.
Bet he knows, too.
Just trying it on.
Can't blame them, really, I suppose.
Mum, it's not dangerous.
There are prison officers everywhere.
Not in the room, not with you.
- No, but...
- It's so different. I wish you'd told us.
There's been such a lot happening,
what with moving and everything.
Have you seen Simon?
No, I haven't seen him.
I just thought...
You still haven't sold the house...
Mum, this is London.
The property market's collapsed,
that's why we haven't sold it.
Him in that beautyful house...
And you were always such a clever girl.
Come on, duck. Come to see your dad.
That's brandy and coke.
- What's this then?
- That's Bacardi.
All right.
What's this?
That's the baby's bloody bottle.
Can't win, can you?
Try to look nice
and a man treats you like you're on the game.
Who are you dressing for?
Where are you going after?
Don't bother
and you're showing him up front of his mates.
- Come on, love, move yourself.
- Come on, mate.
Come on. Can we move through now, please?
Here we go.
Oh. Sealed visits.
Funny sort of IRA men.
- Hardly recognised you.
- I don't look that different, do I?
You look great.
Sit down.
- All right?
- I'm sure staff aren't allowed to visit.
- It's all right. They won't clock you.
- They're not blind.
Yeah, they are.
They don't see people, just bodies.
They count them in and count them out.
- You could train monkeys to do that.
- Why are you shaking then?
You'd do well in here.
That's what we spend half our lives doing.
Reading each other.
Oh, yeah.
So, what you wanna do?
Eat first, then the pictures,
or pictures first?
No, nothing to see, is there?
No, you're probably right.
I'm fed up with going out anyway.
I don't know how you do it.
Coming back in the evenings.
- It's the weekends that are a real killer.
- Empty?
Yeah, how about you?
- Me?
- Facing into this lot?
Psychopaths and gangsters,
and that's just the screws.
I used to share a practice in Clapham.
Oh, yeah?
I did jobs all over Clapham.
No, not, you know, no.
No, proper job.
Wiring and rewiring houses, contracting.
Stockwell, Brixton. Brixton, lived there.
Lived all over.
Better than being stuck in a room all day.
You can say that again.
No, what is it? Tell me.
When you were at the supermarket,
you weren't tagged.
So I knew it was play for the jail.
No wedding ring.
Oh, no.
I some...
We split up.
Same here.
- Have you told her that?
- Well, as it happens, she told me.
That's what made it easier.
Easier asking you.
Is that what this is?
I don't know.
You're the one with all the cards. You can
find out anything about me. You're staff.
But I'd prefer if you ask me.
Of course.
No, absolutely...
Look, you said you hadn't had a visit
and I just thought...
Don't get me wrong.
I appreciate this.
A bomb exploded this morning in a shopping
centre in Finchley North London...
No warning was given about the device.
The explosion occured to start...
Out of order, that is.
... crowded shopcenter...
They call themselves soldiers. ... they
found a second bomb which was made safe...
Chief Inspector Keith Toplow,
Head of the...
Oi! Don't feed the animals, right?
Snow? Guys?
All right, Elvis.
Fancy a little jailhouse rock, do we?
Do you want to try
a little piece of the Devil's Dandruff?
You, damn pussycat.
Hey, man. Don't let the crown. Dig it down.
Bloody house.
- Hello?
- Is that Rachel?
Philip... where are you?
How can you ring?
Phonecards. All the wings have them.
We can call out anytime.
Well, I didn't give you this number.
I'm sorry...
to disturb you.
I'm sorry if it's a liberty.
- Who did you say you were?
- Personal, I just said it was personal.
Right, well, I'll hurry up then,
I was just wondering if...
if you're doing anything next week,
if you're up for a visit?
Next week's difficult.
Week after?
I can't make it.
Look, as you said, I'm stuff.
Only part-time, but...
No, I understand.
- No, really...
- No, I understand. That's cool.
Fuck off.
You don't want to jeopardize anything.
It's like college.
I don't want to jeopardize anything.
Well, that's right. Exactly.
Listen, these phonecards don't...
Oh, shit.
- What are you up to?
- That vet, what's she up to, uh?
That's the question.
Calls herself a dentist.
You see the nigger last night?
He's having a laugh, isn't he?
"Look at me, I'm a gangster".
I've been to see her, right?
I got gold crowns.
Five. Now I've got only four.
Five gold crowns cost me a lot of money.
"Devil's Dandruff"...
I mean, who the fuck does he think he is, uh?
Now. One, two, three, four.
Brixton. Parkhurst.
Durham. Wakefield. Scrubs.
Where's the Scrubs?
Where's the Scrubs?
- She's got it.
- She hasn't.
Yeah. Her and that doctor bloke, Hockley.
I'm worth more to them dead than I'm alive.
You can laugh.
I know, what they're doing.
What's they're doing
done exactly the same to Elvis.
I know, what they're doing.
Exactly the same...
All right?
I hoped I'd find you somewhere around here.
Lurking about.
You were cut off.
Seems so, yeah...
I'm sorry I was so abrupt.
I was really taken back by the phone.
I didn't realize you could call out.
Yeah, you can call anyone.
Dial a pizza, live in hope...
No ring today.
I hate wearing it.
He had an affair.
My husband.
She was very beautiful, apparently.
- How could he be so bloody stupid?
- Well...
No more shopping trips?
I got mugged though.
You'll be seeing to his teeth.
- In the jail?
- Oh yeah.
Where I did most of my time, up North,
that was much quieter.
It had to be,
so many dangerous people walking about.
Down here, it's all...
junkies, and crackheads, and kids
making a name for themselves.
- Why not stay up North?
- That's long sentences.
When you come to the end,
when you're going out,
they put you in short term, like this one.
But any trouble, they can knock
you back a year, two years.
Any little thing.
- Asking me?
- Maybe.
I could report you.
Well, you've had plenty of time.
I've still got your note.
Yeah, but you won't use it, will you?
I could lose my job.
Can't have that, can we?
- Someone could see us.
- Just a chance meeting.
Well, that depends...
On what?
A pillow case is a pillow case, mate.
It ain't a suit of armour.
Sorry mate. We heard you had rocks,
heard you were bringing in parcels.
I don't do drugs.
- You know where to go for that, don't you?
- Towler?
I owe him a grand already.
Oi, cosyhead! You shut up, man.
You give me a fucking headache.
Hi man. Where's my script?
I said, where's my damn script?
All right, Towler. Shut it.
Now down.
Coming along nicely.
Mister... Mister Towler.
Must fancy them, do you?
Hanging round here.
Wouldn't mind the treatment they get?
- Make an appointment.
- Oh yeah...
- Pleasure parlour have we?
- No, place of chaos.
Uuuh... Whips and canes.
Plenty of customers in this place.
How come some files have prisoner's
offences and others don't?
- A mess, isn't it?
- Different jails.
Not wondering about Lenny, are you?
You don't want to know about him.
You should see the book he's reading.
Adventures stories for girls...
Ouone-six, Mister Sexton,
can you come to control? Over.
Yeah, I'll be along.
I'll see you later.
Let's go outside.
It's cold.
- We've got time.
- We'll freeze.
That's not the point though, is it?
I'm risking my liberty here.
I know you are.
Oh, thank you, Angela.
I have to go.
- Okay?
- Beautiful.
Hare Krishna.
- Hang on. Let's take a closer look.
- All right.
Bend over.
Okay, get dressed.
That comes under very special treatment
Are you surprised?
Happens all the time.
Oh, yeah?
Ever heard of "Her Majesty's Pleasure"?
That's why she has all those prisons.
I can still taste you on my fingers.
I can't believe I said that.
- I've got to go.
- Will you phone me?
Tell me, what does he do?
He's into computers.
- Money, yes!
- No.
- Go on then.
- He's about the same age as me.
- Single?
- Very.
Not gay?
Definitely not.
He's in jail.
- He'll be out soon.
- But he's not...
He gets out to college one day a week.
But he's not like...
- Sue, promise you won't tell anyone.
- Of course not.
- It's important. I'm not really meant him.
- Oh, well, no.
What's he done?
I don't know.
It's not something you can
just jump right into.
It's very...
I don't know. Maybe he's probably
a bank robber or something.
But you've got to find out.
- I know.
- Katie!
Well, where's your glove?
Where's your other glove?
Well, you go back and look for it.
I mean, normally, right, you meet a
guy and you think he's a bit tasty.
You've got three questions:
Is he a psycho?
Well, he's in jail, so
that tells us something.
Has he got any money,
or you might gonna have
to support him all the
rest of his lazy life?
And what he is like between the sheets,
and you don't know.
You have it...
It's so weird.
I know.
Sometimes I'm afraid it's me using him.
I can see it in his eyes.
How much he longs for me.
I have so much power.
What do you really know about him?
I know he doesn't wear dentures.
I chose that.
Well, I don't know why exactly.
I really like it.
I really like it...
There's no hidden message, of course.
This morning, you know,
just before you're awake
that moment between waking and sleeping
I felt you beside me.
I could feel your hand stroking my thigh.
It felt beautiful.
And then I woke up.
Hang on a sec. Phone.
Sorry about that. Just Mike from work.
We're having a drink tomorrow.
Anyway, love, think of me in there with you.
Just Mike from work.
We're having a drink tomorrow.
Mike from work.
Every time I see you, I want you.
Even in the surgery
if you brush against me
I want you inside me.
Sometimes I can hardly stand it.
What are we doing?
That's what you wanted.
That's why I gave you the note.
Say that again.
What you just said?
That's why you're here.
That's why you're working in the jail.
- I don't think that's very funny.
- Well, neither do I.
You had a little get-together, did you?
The GBH Club. "Oh, she's putting it about."
"Must be all our broken noses." - Rachel.
I'm a professional woman
fucking a prisoner in a toilet!
Keep it down to a scream.
Well, I don't know what you want.
I don't know what you're
doing here with the con.
It's like you said.
What are you looking for?
You started this.
You asked me.
What do you want, a bit of rough?
Phil! How are you doing, mate?
Are you all right? How's it going?
All right.
Just go left. Go left again.
You can't miss it.
Hello... Rachel?
If you're there, will you come to the phone?
I'm sorry that happened.
I've been calling all night.
Are you there?
I haven't been close to anyone.
I'm not used to it yet.
I wanna be with you,
I want us to be together.
I tried earlier, the machine was on.
So I wasn't sure, you'd be in.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
How's Mister Big?
You know, I've been thinking
What with everything about the police these
days, we don't even know, if he's guilty.
He killed his wife.
Murdered her.
Did he tell you?
No. I found out.
He hit her during an argument.
Oh, Rachel.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'll have to stop seeing him.
I can't...
Well, I've taken enough chances.
He must have loved her very much.
- Loved her?
- Well...
I don't know.
He found out she was seeing someone else.
Then he should have let her go.
- Maybe he couldn't?
- Forgive her then.
Would you forgive him?
- If you love someone?
- You hardly know this guy.
How can you love him?
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
I'll be fine.
What do you think you're doing?
What are you doing in here?
This is my house!
Get out, get out of my house!
And you might be fucking my husband,
but you don't touch my things!
These are my things! You
don't touch my things!
Now get out of my house!
- We're selling the house!
- You're not! It's not yours to fucking sell!
I'm the estate-agent, Missis Clifford.
Oh, my God.
We've got a client coming
to view the property.
I did telephone and leave a message.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
They melt them down, don't they?
That's what they're doing, the pair of them.
Her and that bloke Hockley him.
Called me a psychopath.
Fancy that.
- Bang out of order.
- All right, all right.
What are you fucking looking at?
Are you in love with me? You slag.
Liberty, isn't it?
Extracting a molar.
She's helping you escape. Taking you out
bit by bit, then woosh. You're gone.
Oi! You!
I've seen Marathon Man.
I know what happens.
Call yourself a dentist.
Fuck you and the horse you came in on.
...should be defrocked.
I want my teeth back!
You call me a psychopath again
and I'll fucking kill you!
Leave him!
- Get back in your room! - But he...
- I said into your surgery!
- Up the big house?
- Yeah.
Park over here if you like.
That's one eighty, please.
Hear what happened?
Apparently another bloke topped his self.
What do they expect?
Doubling, trebling people up?
Can't even wank in peace.
another day up the judge's arse.
- All right?
- Out.
All right, Phil?
This is Gus, a mate of mine.
Gus, Phil.
You've been doubled up, mate.
Sorry, mate.
Oh, he's all right. Looks
like a hippo, but he's cool.
We'll help ourselves.
Playing house.
How did you meet this bloke, anyway?
I heard he hadn't had any visits.
Hadn't had one in years.
- He killed his wife.
- They don't bang them up for nothing, love.
Not for double parking.
She'd been cheating on him, so he said.
- He told you?
- No, it's what they said in court.
He doesn't know I known yet.
You must have known he'd done one.
Even if you didn't want to admit it.
Make your mind up time.
You got to hear his side of the story.
When I was little, my dad had
come home and I'd run out to him.
And he'd scooped me up and hugged me.
He'd held me like his life depended on it.
He's like that.
He holds me like his life depends on it.
He feels like it does right now...
Why can't you put me through?
Hold on, will you?
- D-Hall. Mister Clark.
- I need to speak to Philip Chaney.
- It's an emergency.
- Who's speaking?
I'm a relative.
I've already been put through by reception.
Hold on.
Lady for you.
She says she's a relative.
She says it's an emergency.
Do you want me to take a number?
- Sorry, Miss.
- But it's important!
Not to him, sweetheart.
- I can't see you right now.
- Philip.
Strange things are happening at the nick.
Really strange.
I do wanna see you,
but I've been doubled up.
It's the way it's happened.
It's too easy.
I went to the library.
Newspaper section.
You said you wouldn't go behind my back!
You said you'd ask me.
- I wanted to.
- You'd rather read the fucking hewspapers!
I'm a person here! I'm
still a fucking person!
You said you'd split up!
That's what you told me!
You'd split up!
You're not the only one with feelings!
How do you think I felt?
Talk to me!
All right, Phil?
How's your old lady?
Must be spending a fortune on phonecards.
- What's your game, Towler?
- What?
My old lady's dead.
Not your Avon Lady.
The one that comes calling.
She's well alive and kicking.
Fit bit a kit. Loves her jogging.
What do you want, Towler?
Just a message. A little parcel
into the sick bay, day after tomorrow.
Things are getting
a little difficult out there.
People them are sickening, man.
Leave it out.
She's a square peg.
She ain't searched when she comes in.
Piece of piss.
She's a fucking dentist.
That don't make her stupid.
I'll make an appointment.
Palm it off. Matter of seconds.
All she has to do is waltz in, man.
With her handbag.
She better do it.
Because if she don't,
I'm going to send her a nightmare.
I'll put a rapist in her house, you know.
There's been enough through here.
You know that.
Just one phone call.
Which is Microsoft Excel.
If you look to the left,
You have got the minus sign...
- Sorry, but how else I can talk to you?
- I was ringing you.
- I tried to get to the hospital.
- On the motorway. In some toilet.
There are things I need to know.
- Listen to me.
- Why did you give me the note?
- We've got five minutes.
- No, tell me.
- What did you want from me?
- Why do you think?
- The same reason you took it.
- I didn't kill anyone.
I can't take it any further, Philip.
I wanted to talk to someone.
- You never spoke to anyone?
- You want a heart to heart in that place,
you have it with the wall.
I'd given my statement to the police.
You can love the wrong person.
- Terrible things happen.
- You killed her.
I know.
I can't believe that was me.
I'm not saying I'm mental or anything.
In the morning when she
got up, she got up the
bed, she looked back at me and she smiled.
I thought: "She still loves me."
I could smell her scent in the room,
while I was waiting for her.
She was two hours late.
And I knew, I knew
there was someone new in her life.
Like I'd been once.
She broke my heart.
With no idea, no idea, what she was doing.
Like a child would...
I had my jacket on and
was going out the door.
And she opened it.
If the phone had rang,
if she'd stopped for milk on the way home...
Any one of a million tiny things...
I'd have been gone.
She smiled and I broke her head
against the door jamb.
She went chalk white,
you've no idea how fast.
I watched the life drain out of her.
I'd never hit her before.
You've got to get back.
There's something else.
- What?
- Towler's sussed us.
He wants you to bring a parcel in.
It's only drugs.
The place is flooded with them.
There's been a clamp-down.
You're just using me.
This has nothing to do with me.
This is a common thing.
I'll do the solitary, punishment.
He knows where you live.
- He knows more about you, than I do.
- I don't...
I can't handle this.
It's not me than I'm worried about.
- I don't want anything happening to you.
- Then get your hand away.
Don't lay that on me.
That's not what this is about.
I'd never hurt you.
Trust me.
I don't trust myself anymore.
The blast happened
near the Centre Point building
the headquarters of the
Confederation of Industry.
Eye-witnesses said they ducked for cover,
they were calling for London
Ambulance Servicemen...
Get away from me!
Two o'clock today at the Abbey.
Don't let him down. Not unless you
want to see him in a wheelchair.
Nice kid.
Katie, isn't it?
Hey, Graham!
It's on the bar!
- Rachel.
- Hi.
Tools of the trade?
You're forgetting your torture kit.
- Another kit?
- No, I'll do that.
Mister Towler's next.
That's right.
Will you get me some new cards?
- No, I'm not seeing Towler today.
- What?
- Chaney.
- Hey, man...
- What's going on?
- It's a gun.
- Fucking gun?
- I'm not giving him a gun.
I'll go to the Governor.
They won't let me see you again.
I'm not losing you now.
Shouldn't be too much more.
I do a lot of bowling.
At the weekends.
Any night you've nothing better to do...
Yeow. Mister Sexton.
Nice one.
Get over here!
Stand over there and face me..
Empty your pockets.
You got anything that you shouldn't have?
Get your arms out.
Right. Turn around. Put
your right leg up. Down.
Left leg. Down. Away you go.
Go on then.
Go on.
See what happens to her.
You tell her next week...
She ain't never...
that again!
She'd better...
Just a phone call.
Move yourselves!
I want to see the Governor.
Try Nelson Mandela.
I wanna talk to the Governor.
There was a woman in earlier.
Red hair, little girl?
Sorry. I've just come on.
- She's armed.
- She's not armed.
She's stuck with a gun.
He'll be after her.
Now you protect her.
Where's she likely to go?
Thought I'd find you here.
Creature of habit.
But you don't want to make a habit out
of what you've done today. Now...
You be a good girl.
Give me the gun.
You've got nice hands, do you know that?
I've hidden it in the toilet.
Well, you come and show Daddy.
And I'll look after it for you.
Maybe you can have it back next week.
All right?
All right?
Come on.
Let go of my hand.
Whoever fired, put the gun down.
Put the gun down, please.
Kenny English.
Drop the firearm, Kenny
Is that your name then?
He could have taken you hostage.
Popped you one,
popped one of our lads.
I reckon you've done us all a favour.
Reckon any jury'll think so and all.
Where are they taking him?
Whitemoor, Parkhurst...
Parkhurst probably on the Isle of Wight.
The Isle of Wight?
I'll have to cross water to see him.
- Hello.
- Hello.