Capt'n Sharky (2018) Movie Script

We got all the supplies, Capt'n.
Well done, Mister Rat.
Get everything aboard.
I just want to see if I can get
my hands on a compass.
Aye Capt'n.
Flips! You stay here,
you scurvy swab!
Scurvy swab, Scurvy swab!
Get out of that! Run! Get
Huh!? Get out of the way, naughty
boy! Have you no manners?
Whoaaa... Hey!
Hey, stop her!
Mornin' Mikey!
Hiya! My mom says she'll be
along later!
Did you steal that? Come here
give that back! Clear off!
Hey, hands off! You don't have
the money for that!
I don't use money!
I'm a pirate! Whooahh... Uff!
With a 'Yo Ho Ho' we're
pirates free.
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
we're pirates free!
Where's your little crew mate?
He's not my crew mate.
Is this your coconut?
Er, no.
Well, that'll be your head
if you don't tell Old Bill...
...where your crew mate went!
Don't just stand there! Run!
Hey, what are you doing?
Get down from there!
Guards, Guards!
Come on!
Stop those boys! Arrest them!
Fun, isn't it?
They're getting' away!
Stop those boys! Arrest them!
Now what?
We have them now!
- Forward!
- Follow me!
I can't do that...
And very convenient.
Get 'em! After them!
Shoot at them!
They're shooting at us!
Yeah! Fun, isn't it?
Something wrong, Sir?
Yes, Sir. Very nice with vinegar
and a little pinch of pepper, Sir.
I can't abide those nippy
little creepy crawlies!
Get them away!
Right you are sir.
Right crabs, leave off.
Get away here snappy,
get out of here!
Mister Rat!
Cast off and set the sail!
About time! We nearly missed
the tide! Where you been, Capt'n?
- Capt'n?
- Capt'n Sharky!
The meanest pirate on
the seven seas! Arrr!
- Who is this?
- I'm Mikey.
Redcoats! Redcoats!
You boys! Stop!
It's Prison Island for
the lot of you!
Wait! Where are you going?
You need to explain.
I had nothing to do
with all this!
If you want to stay out of jail,
you'd better come aboard!
But I hate boats.
Suit yourself. Mister Rat!
Set the mainsail!
Who are you? And what are
you doing on my boat?
Bonnie? Those scoundrels have
kidnapped my daughter!
One hundred doubloons to the
man who returns her unharmed!
One hundred doubloons, he says!
I should throw you overboard!
You can't do that!
Try it, short stuff!
Capt'n, I think we might be able
to do a deal here?
Okay. Give me your compass and
I won't throw you overboard.
Why should I trust you?
If you don't we're all going
to end up on Prison Island.
'Better hurry up.
Okay, deal!
It's a deal! It's a deal!
I said a shot across the bow.
You nearly sank them that time!
Sorry, my lord.
Never mind, we're gaining on them.
Cease fire!
Can't this tub go any faster?
We're too low in the water...
What with all the stowaways.
We'll have to lose some dead
Hey! I'm the captain.
Do you have a better idea?
No idea! No idea!
Faster! After them!
They're out running us! More sail!
That's not a good idea my lord!
And why not?
If we follow them through that
reef, Sir...
...we'll be torn apart
on those rocks.
Dash it all! Come about!
We're wed to the sea,
our bonny bride
We ride on the wind,
borne by her tide
We make our living by stealing gold
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
we're pirates bold
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
we're pirates bold
If you spy a flag
bearing Skull and bones
Better change your course
lest meet Davey Jones
For should you hear our cannon boom
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
you'll meet your doom
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
you'll meet your doom
They've given up!
Even papa isn't dumb enough
to try navigating this!
That's not dumb! That's smart!
Huh? Papa? Wait!
The Admiral is your Father?
Umm... I guess...
Admiral. Father.
The Admirals' daughter! I should
have thrown you overboard.
The whole navy will be looking
for us now!
Why would you run away from home?
Papa wants to send me away to
a school... that I can learn
how to be a proper 'Lady'.
I'd rather go to prison!
Same thing!
Hey, nice boat!
That there is the Shark!
Is she yours?
Yep! We've been fixing her up
since last year.
She's almost ready for
her maiden voyage!
We just needed supplies.
And a compass!
We can go back to Homeport
...and help you get some more
Can't go back to Homeport.
Not if we be valuing our freedom.
Yeah, papa will lock you up
and throw away the key...
...if he sees any
of you again!
But... I have to go back,
Homeport is the only place I know!
Where am I going to live?
You can join our crew.
We're going to be pirates!
Woah! Hold that thought right
No one said anything about
you joining my crew!
We had a deal. My compass
for a place on your ship!
The deal was: I get you to land.
Details, details.
Details! Details!
More crew is a fine idea Capt'n.
Maybe then, I wouldn't be the only
swab that does all the work!
All the work! All the work!
Only true pirates are allowed
in my crew! No land lubbers...
I don't want to be a pirate.
Or Redcoats!
Fine... See how many pirates
you can get to crew for you.
On a ship with no compass!
And she didn't trust me!
Deal-breaker! I should have made
you walk the plank!
You ain't gonna' start blubbing
are you? I hate blubbing!
I don't care what you hate.
I saved you. Both of you!
And this is the thanks I get?
This morning I had a home...
A future, that didn't involve
rotting in prison...
...and then you
You've ruined my life!
Yeah, what he said.
Ruined my life. Ruined my life.
A good compass is a difficult
thing to find...
Good compass... Good compass.
No, thanks Flips, I'm full up!
You know, Orange Town would be
a good place... get us more
Hmm. No one would know us there!
Where is Orange Town?
It's a short voyage...
Across open sea...
...course to find it...
We'd need...
A good compass... I get it...
Thanks Flips!
I think he likes you...
Yeah, I'm going to miss him.
Do you think you can sail that
thing, Bonnie?
I grew up on ships.
Of course I can sail it!
But I'll need your help.
This is mutiny!
Good compass. Good compass.
Alright, you win!
Good compass!
Good compass!
I said, you win!
They can join the crew!
- Too late...
- Huh!
Good compass!
Good compass!
Hey, come back!
Stop! You can be in my crew!
Suffering scuttle-fish!
Good evening, me hearties!
I am Capt'n Sharky.
Welcome to my secret hideaway.
I need some hands
to crew the Shark.
Is that so... Hear that, boys...
The... "Capt'n"...
Is looking for a crew!
Umm... Yes, So I can chase down
those low life compass thieves...
...and give them
their just desserts!
That's an enticin' offer, Capt'n,
very enticin' indeed...
But you see, me and the boys
...all the way here to your
...hideaway... To take you and
your little friends...
...back to Homeport to claim
the reward on your tiny head's.
You can't turn me in!
I'm a pirate, like you!
Hear that? He's a pirate...
like me!
You may be a pirate one day.
If you live that long...
Put me down!
But when I look at you now, all
I see is a big fat reward...
What about the other two, boss?
It's the girl that's worth
the most.
I know that.
Don't you be worrying your greedy
little brain over such matters.
We'll get them too!
If you don't put me down right now,
you are going to be so sorry!
And what are you gonna' do?
Refuse to let me an' the lads
play pirates with you?
Get up!
After them!
Don't let them get away!
You'll not escape Old Bill,
you little bilge rat! Wooah!
You'll pay for this, you scurvy
I'll show you who's too small
to be a pirate!
You'll never see that reward!
What's the plan, Capt'n?
We find Bonnie and Mikey
before Old Bill.
And then?
Then we make them walk the plank
for stealing my dinghy and compass!
Walk the plank. Mean Sharky!
I'm going to be the meanest pirate
that ever lived!
Meanest pirate! Meanest pirate!
Won't be any trouble finding
them Capt'n.
The morning tide will carry
us right to 'em.
Raise the sails!
What now. More mutiny?
Walk the Plank! Mean Sharky!
Alright! I'll raise the sails
myself then! Woah!
Dinghy ain't meant for heavy
seas like this.
If we don't find 'em soon... won't need to make 'em
walk the plank.
It'll be all hands lost.
All hands lost! All hands lost!
And my compass!
It's no use, the tide is
too strong.
We're not going anywhere.
I'm sorry Mikey.
What are we going to do?
I umm... Can you swim?
I don't think so.
I've never tried.
A sail!
Hello? Helloooo!
Wait! What if they're not friendly?
Right now I'll take
an unfriendly rescue.
Good point.
Ahoy, Ahoy!
This way, over here!
- Help, hello, help us! Hey! Hello!
- Big ship, ahoy! This way!
Vessel to starboard!
Turn to starboard!
That was close.
Mine I believe.
Don't worry we're well out of
And he's heading away from us.
Away from us! Away from us!
By the time he turns around,
we'll be in Orange Town.
Cease fire and come about.
Mr. Mate! Follow that ship!
Which one sir?
What? More pirates! I swear this
ocean is infested with them!
I'm going to lock 'em all up
in my filthiest jail.
And you can join them!
The heading is north by north west!
Trim the mainsail for coming about!
- Aye Aye Capt'n.
- Aye aye Capt'n.
I love sailing!
Looks kinda fun.
Why don't you help?
I... What do I do?
It's easy, come on, I'll teach you!
Not Okay... Aye aye!
Oye oye!
We can work on that.
We're out running them, Capt'n.
This is a good crew!
Land Ahoy! Land Ahoy!
That there scurvy pup is on
a course for Orange Town!
We ain't never been there Capt'n!
With good reason.
They hate pirates!
I say we give 'em a taste of
our cannonballs.
Let's not! I prefer my ship
not to be full of holes.
Sorry, Capt'n.
Never mind that now.
Drop your pants!
What for?
Just do it, you deadeye layabout!
What are they doing?
Lowering their colors...
Why would they do that?
They're raising... Something else.
Are they trying to signal us?
Give us a look.
It's a strange signal if they are.
It's not a signal. It's a disguise!
We have to lower our flag, too!
Never! I'm Capt'n Sharky, the most
fearsome pirate on the high seas.
They wouldn't dare to fire on me!
I don't think they've
heard of you!
Heard of you.
Hard to starboard, Capt'n!
Woo hoo! Ha ha! Yeah!
He's enjoying this!
It is kind of exciting!
Missed me!
Hard to port, Capt'n.
Ha! Na-nana-naa-na!
Huh!? Incoming!
Blistering barnacles. It's no good,
Capt'n. The rudder is in tatters!
Hahaa! We hit 'em square
in the rudder.
That'll slow him down!
Good job, lads!
Put some pants on, you scurvy dog!
We don't want to upset the good
people of Orange Town!
Capt'n, we can fix it
when we make land!
That might be sooner than
you think!
Hard to port! Hard to port!
Brace for impact!
Well, blow me down...
It's a cave!
They've up and vanished!
Maybe they sank!
They better not have, or else
there'll be no reward, you fools!
Look for wreckage.
Nothing down here Capt'n.
Nothing I can see anyways.
No, Capt'n, no.
Just a few rocks.
Rocks? Rooocks!
Abandon ship!
Ah! Do you think we can fix it?
Aye, Capt'n.
We could have a galley area here...
...and perhaps there's somewhere
dry to sleep up there.
It's a bit gloomy and damp...
and cold...
It's perfect!
Father will never find me!
I'm going to hide here until I'm
too old to be sent to school!
Not in my new secret hideaway
you're not!
We found it at the same time!
It's not yours. It's ours!
No! It's mine!
It's a lovely cave.
I was just saying...
Silence! Who dares enter the cavern
of the Crab King uninvited?
I am Capt'n Sharky, the bravest
Pirate on the seven seas!
Pirate! Pirate! Pirate!
I hate pirates!
You know, I think you need to
work on your introductions.
There was a pirate once.
Black Eyed Jack was his name.
I'll never forget his ugly face!
Do you know him?
- Eer, no!
- No!
He chopped my pincer clean off
with his cutlass.
I don't want to be argumentative...
...but it looks pretty much
all there to me.
It grew back eventually, but...
It's the principle of the thing!
Of course, if I snipped your arms
off... We'd be even?
That's not fair!
Our arms don't grow back.
And I'm not even a pirate.
And I would never hurt a crab.
I'm not that kind of pirate.
Capt'n Sharky is a crab's
best friend!
From what Roger here tells me... seems I owe you an apology:
And a reward.
A reward?
For rescuing Roger and his friends
from the Crabman's kettle...
...I appoint you honorary crab.
Thanks... I guess.
But if it's alright with you...
...I need to mend my ship then
we can get out of your... claws.
He, he, very funny...
First, you must be inducted
as an honorary crab.
This isn't gonna' hurt, is it?
No nothing like that. You just
have to learn the crab dance.
Once you know the crab dance...
...any crab in the world will be
your friend.
That doesn't sound so bad.
Hit it, boys.
Take a step right
Snap your claws
Take a step left
Snap some more
Never go forward
Spin around
Never go back
Spin back around
Spin to the left
Spin to the right
Do the crab dance
All the night
Do the crab dance
Move your butts and hooves
Clicky-clucky feet,
enjoy the groove
Do the crab dance, young and old,
Do it brisk and do it bold
The crab dance for the win
I don't get it!
It's not a jig
It's not a reel
It's a crab dance
With a sideways feel
It's not a mambo
It's not a waltz
It's the crab dance
No somersaults
all together
Take a step right
Snap your claws
Take a step left
Snap some more
Never go forward
Spin around
Never go back
Spin back around
Spin to the left
Spin to the right
Do the crab dance
All the night
I thought that wasn't
supposed to hurt.
Where's that music coming from?
Now look here, my man!
I'm simply telling you that I must
search the town for my daughter!
You telling me? Ha, ha!
She's been kidnapped by pirates!
We'll let no pirates
in Orange Town. Or admirals!
I erm... Demand you let me
search for my daughter.
Demanding now, he is, hah!
This is my town.
I am the boss here.
Well, could you or your men put up
some of these... ehm,... please.
Huh? I don't think
we got a Rembrandt here.
I shall be writing a stiff
letter to your superiors.
I don't have no superiors!
We have to get supplies.
Orange Town is the only port
I hope it's not too far.
I'm really hungry!
Me too, but they didn't seem
too friendly in Orange Town.
Orange Town should be...
That way!
That way! That way!
I'm starving!
Why can't we just go and
get a table?
Because we don't have any money!
- I have some.
- Me too!
Wait! That's not the point!
If you want to be in my crew,
you have to prove to me...
...that you can steal like
a pirate.
I don't want to be a pirate.
I just want something to eat!
No wait!
I don't suppose there's any point
in telling you it wasn't me?
You not local, what you doing here?
I... It's a long story.
Maybe you're a pirate?
No! No way! Absolutely not!
That doesn't look anything like me.
Are you sure this is a good idea,
It's not good! It's brilliant.
Sinyor! Last warning!
Sorry! Went off by accident!
Won't happen again!
This is bad!
This is what happens when
the crew doesn't follow my orders!
We'll never get him out of there.
Redcoats! Redcoats!
Problem solved! Your dad's
going to get him out for us.
My dad's gonna' take him to
Prison Island.
It's a long way to Prison Island!
Anything can happen at sea.
Poor Mikey, he'll think
we've abandoned him.
Coco. You keep an eye on him.
Let him know Capt'n Sharky is
coming to the rescue.
Will Coco be alright on his own?
Course he will, Coco is an expert
at sneaking about.
Your dad probably won't ever
know he's even aboard.
Let us go!
Answer my questions and
I'll think about it.
Answer my questions...
Answer my questions...
Where is Bonnie?
Where is Bonnie? Where is Bonnie?
Where is Captain Sharky?
Where is Capt'n Sharky.
Where is Capt'n Sharky!
I'm in no hurry.
You'll have the rest of your life
to give me an answer.
On prison island!
But I've done nothing wrong!
I'm not a pirate!
No! What you are... is pirate bait!
Mean Admiral. Mean Admiral.
Raise the anchor.
We are going pirate hunting!
Pirate hunting. Pirate hunting.
Oh, shut up!
No, you shut up!
Aye, Capt'n...
Thanks, Roger.
It's a shame we
couldn't get more supplies.
We have plenty of fish.
Being an honorary crab does have
its benefits.
Get back yer scurvy snippy vermin!
Keep away you snippy...
I'll crush your shells and
make you into crab paste.
Nice crabs, lovely crabs!
You wouldn't be hurtin' old
Uncle Bill now, would you?
Are these friends of yours
Capt'n Sharky?
Yes, yes that's right, we're all
old friends of Capt'n Sharky...
...aren't we lad.
You were gonna' to turn us in
for the reward!
That was before we saw what a great
sailor you are! And a great pirate!
You said I was too small to be
a pirate!
Well you've... grown since then,
hasn't he lads?
- Oh yeah.
- Much taller. Almost a giant!
See... Thing is... Capt'n... Me and
the lads would be ever so grateful.
...if you'd let us serve
in yer crew like...
You can't let those cutthroats
on the Shark!
Cutthroats might be exactly what
we need if we're going to rescue...
...Mikey from the Admiral and
his Redcoats.
If you want to be in my crew.
There is one condition.
- Go on?
- You must hand all your weapons...
...over to Mr. Rat here!
- What?
- Clever.
He'll let you have them back when
you've proven I can trust you!
Or... you can make a deal with
the Crab King!
But he's not likely to let you
keep your arms either though.
And she's not talking guns
and swords.
See ya! Thanks for everything!
Farewell and good luck!
Yes? Capt'n.
Set the mainsail.
Aye Capt'n!
Trim the top sail.
Raise the colors!
How come those lazy scuttle-buckets
never work that hard for me!
Sail on the port bow!
So then... what be yer plan
Wait for night fall,
then we'll slip aboard...
...rescue Mikey and Coco and be
on the other side of the ocean...
...before they realize
they're gone!
Aye aye!
Not a very... Piratey way of doing
it, if you don't mind me saying.
It isn't?
Pirates don't sneak around like
mischievous children.
They sail in, all guns blazin'...
...armed to the teeth and
hungry for action!
That does sound more fun...
And more piratey...
Capt'n they have us outgunned,
...and their ship's
bigger than ours!
Bah! I've taken down bigger
ships than that...
...armed only with a rusty
nail and an evil grin!
The boy, I mean, the Capt'n,
gets me drift, don't ya matey.
Who wouldn't run in fear from that
terrifying visage?
Capt'n, if we attack that ship
we'll all end up as driftwood!
Fetch our weapons Mister Rat!
You don't expect to lead us into
battle unarmed, Capt'n.
You know I've changed my mind,
I think I'll stick to my plan.
- Capt'n!
- Get him lads!
Hey! I give the orders!
Got 'em!
Rat, lower the weapons...
Aye Capt'n!
Get your filthy hands off him!
Let them go!
Get back to work!
Set a course for
the Admiral's ship.
I'm the Capt'n!
Not anymore. You think a pirate of
my repute would take orders...
...from a jumped up little
rat like you?
Mutiny! You'll all walk the...
Ahoy! I have your daughter
safe and sound m'lord!
And I have the scurvy
swabs that kidnapped her too!
Excellent work Captain!
Bring them aboard...
...and you shall have your
Let 'em down.
Oh, Bonnie, come here and give your
old papa a hug for rescuing you.
I didn't need rescuing!
Get off!
You've probably got a lot of
catching up to do...
...with your daughter, so if we
could just have the reward...
...and me and the lads'll be off!
I'm afraid I haven't been quite
straight with you...
...about the reward
Old chap.
Whaddya mean?
Awfully obliging of you to come
aboard unarmed.
You scurvy, double dealing...
There is only one reward for
Hard labor on Prison Island!
You're a bigger pirate than
all a us put together!
This is all your fault Sharky!
My fault?
Thinking you are a fearsome pirate!
- Boss?
- She's doing rather well.
Let her teach the ruffian a lesson!
Right you are.
Hey! Bonnie! Come on!
You're not a fearsome pirate!
You're just a jumped up little boy!
Oh yeah! At least I'm not a
- Go now!
- Huh?
Take the Shark and get out of here!
No. A pirate captain never abandons
ship without his crew!
I'll take care of
them and Mikey.
Okay, I'll be back for you and
...and my crew or my name isn't
Capt'n Sharky!
Shame! It's a nice little ship.
Sink her!
Papa! No! Please. I'll go to
school! I give you my word.
As long as there's a pirate afloat,
even a tiny one...
...I can't trust you Bonnie!
Sink her Mr. Mate.
Aye Aye sir.
Sharky? Sharky...?
Uh! That went belly-up!
Papa I'm never speaking to
you again. Never!
You can't mean to keep us chained
to the mast for the whole voyage?
No of course not.
At night you will be chained
to your bunks!
But... but... but...
No, no! If I hear another
word from you...
...I'll throw you in the brig
with the rest of the pirate scum!
Sharky Save us! Sharky save us!
I wish the Capt'n was coming
to save us...
...but he's at the bottom
of the ocean.
I'm... Really going to miss him!
Me too.
Just me then.
Marooned and alone, and my crew
on their way to Prison Island!
I've got to get off this
Island and rescue 'em!
Next, a sail!
Everything is so difficult
without a crew.
Being Capt'n of just me is
like a ship with no rudder!
Maybe Bonnie was right.
I'm not a fearsome pirate
Capt'n after all.
I'm just a little boy...
I could use some helping hands...
But claws will be just fine.
Would you be my honorary crew?
So... What's the plan Capt'n?
Yeah boss! We don't wanna end
our days on Prison Island!
Keep it down ye cod-faced swab!
I'm tryin' to brainstorm!
- Brain what?
- No.
I've been in worse brigs.
At least they decorated this one
all nice n' piratey for us.
Curses! Me matches are all soggy!
Bo-oss! That was the only dry one!
Hey! What's that for?
This isn't a brig!
It's a gunpowder store!
One spark and the whole
ship could blow...
And us with it,
you blistering barnacle!
Let me out! I don't want to be
blown up! Let me...
Steady lads! Old Bill see
a plan on the horizon.
Well it's not exactly the Shark.
But you've done a great job,
honorary crew!
Thanks Roger!
Want to come with me?
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Okay, I'd better get going and
rescue my crew!
It works! Hey this isn't so bad...
This is bad!
This is great!
And why do you imagine
I'm simply going to let you go?
Cos if you don't, I'm going to
blow this here...
...whole ship to
Don't be a fool man.
You'll kill us all.
We'd rather go quick than
rot in stinkin' prison.
What about you...
and yer lovely daughter?
Papa don't believe him. He's
a coward, a liar and a bully!
You should get on well with him.
He could be bluffing but...
What if he isn't?
Bluffing. Bluffing.
Throw down the keys and I'll put
this out. Don't and... Kaboom!
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Alright! Alright...
I'll give you the keys.
But let me unlock my daughter
and her friends first.
Well you could do that...
But with all this powder,
one little spark...
Sail on the horizon!
What now?
What in blue blazes...
Battle stations!
Be careful with that fuse. I just
have a... thing... to sort out.
Thing? What?
Keep it away from the powder!
- Huh? What's going on?
- I don't know.
Release my crew or you'll be sorry!
Sharky Rescue! Sharky Rescue!
The capt'n! He's alive!
Great but, what is he doing?
Not sure, but it's cool!
Stop right there boy or
taste hot lead!
Prepare to be boarded,
you scurvy bilge rats!
- Missed me!
- What did he say?
You blisterin' idiots.
You're gonna' to get us all killed.
Fools! You nearly took my head off!
Sorry my lord.
Speak up..
What did you say?
Hey! Woooaaah!
Man overboard!
Release my friends, while
you've still got some toes!
I would but...
My father has the keys.
Oh great! I...
- Hey!
- Let us out now!
We're all going to
be blown to bits.
Oh no! Let me go!
Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!
I don't have the keys, but
if you let me go I'll get them.
And you'll set us free? Not just
your friends. Pirate's honor?
Pirate's honor.
But there's one condition...
Sharky this is a time critical
situation we have here.
Ok... Deal!
I can't do this alone!
Capt'n, Sharky needs his crew!
Get that key guys!
Get the key! Get the key!
You should go!
Yes, save yourselves! We'll unlock
ourselves when we get the key.
No! A pirate Capt'n never abandons
ship without his crew!
Hey! Woooaaah!
Get 'em Flips!
What are you guys waiting for?
Abandon ship!
- Come on.
- But...
...I can't swim!
Anyone need a ride?
Come on Capt'n.
She could blow any second.
I'll be there in minute. I've got
some unfinished business.
Give me the keys! You promised!
Pirates honor!
About that condition.
Just let us out of here!
From now on you will call me
Fearsome Pirate Capt'n Sharky!
What? But you're just...
Capt'n hurry! Just agree!
Blisterin', festerin' barnacles...
Alright you're Capt'n Sharky!
Fearsome Pirate Capt'n Sharky!
Fearsome Pirate Captain Sharky!
Okay, deal! Gotta go!
Papa your ship!
It's only a ship. Ships can be
replaced. Daughters can't...
I'm still not talking to you...
You've got something...
Dirty Admiral. Dirty Admiral.
How's that?
You've got some more just...
Dirty Admiral. Dirty Admiral.
And how about now?
You're just fine Papa!
Grr... You'll pay for this,
you scurvy dog!
Have we met before?
No, I'm sure I would remember such
a magnificent fellow as you.
You look familiar...
Captain Sharky. I'm extremely
grateful for you...
...and your crew's efforts in
saving my daughter's life.
So papa?
So I'm giving you and
your crew a full pardon.
Does that mean I can go home!
It does!
What about Bonnie?
Does she still have to go away?
- No, she can stay!
- Oh dad!
I can keep an eye on her here.
I don't want to lose her again.
Oh, thank you papa!
There's just one condition Sharky.
You have to give up being a pirate!
Not unless the seas run dry!
I have my crew to think about.
They need a Capt'n.
And their Capt'n needs them.
Aye aye!
You know how I feel about pirates.
Hey, I remember you now.
You're Black Eyed Jack.
The pirate who
cut off my Pincer.
- What?
- Black Eyed Jack. Black Eyed Jack.
Is that true Papa?
You were a pirate?
Well I...
He was the meanest pirate
on the seven seas...
And he owes me an arm!
I was very young.
There's a little bit of pirate
in us all when we're young....
I might take a leg too.
No, no! Let's not be hasty!
Please Mister Crab King
he needs both his arms... hug his daughter.
I think we could probably make
a deal here.
Nice of your Dad to throw in
a new ship as part of the deal!
Let's see what she can do!
Set the sails Mister Rat!
Aye aye Capt`n!
What's the course navigator!
North by anywhere
we want to go Capt'n.
Anywhere we want! Anywhere we want!
It's a shame Mikey isn't coming
with us.
Yeah... Sure is...
- Mikey!!!
- Mikey! Mikey!
Wait for me.
FDI thought you wanted to
stay at home?
I'm not going to miss this!
We'll make a pirate of you yet!
Aye Aye Capt'n.
We're wed to the sea,
our bonny bride
We ride on the wind,
borne by her tide
We make our living by stealing gold
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
we're pirates bold
With a 'Yo Ho Ho'
we're pirates bold