Carbine Williams (1952) Movie Script

Long distance Mr. Williams
from North California
Yes, I will take it from here.
Hello? Oh Hello, Maggie.
Is anything wrong?
Bite! What kind of bite? Ah, fight...
David won it, didn't he?
Was he hurt?
Not hurt outside. What is it, internal?
Oh, he feels better, I
thought he broke something
Well I am fixing to get out
of here in a couple of weeks.
You think so? Perhaps
I can make it sooner.
Don't be afraid about it,
Maggie. He will be all right.
Boys get moody every
once in a while you know.
Good-bye Dear.
- Good morning, Marsh!
- Good morning.
Good news from Washington.
The army has taken 30-06.
- Well, you don't seem
to be happy about it.
I will be leaving for a
spill, they need me down home
But we need you down here.
We are on a deadline on 20 gazes
Well my work is done and the
drafting department has the design
- But it is your baby
You got to see it through
I don't got to do anything.
Wait a moment. Cant this business
at home wait a couple of weeks?
Waited a little too long already.
Mrs. Williams?
He is here.
Marsh... Its good to have you back.
Good to be back here
Waited for a long time
- I missed you, Maggie.
- Missed you too, Marsh.
- David here?
- No, he went out.
- He didn't know I was coming?
- Yes, he knew.
- Didn't want to be around.
- Like I told you in the phone Marsh
The kids at school are
giving him a pretty bad time.
- I always felt we should have told him.
- Yes. I know you did, maybe, I made a mistake.
It's done. Now it is up to us to undo it
Tried to tell him several times I give
myself the best at it, its just not good
Marsh, Do you want me to tell him?
No, I...
I don't think so...
I would like to talk to Raeligh 89532.
Person to person call to Captain
H.T. Peoples. This is Marsh Williams.
- That's right.
- Why Cap?
Cap would give it to him straight
You know, Cap...
Hello, Cap? This is Marsh.
I am fine, how are you?
Cap, I...
I got a problem. I need your help.
My boy, David, He is been
hearing a lot of things in school
All mixed up.
I was wondering... If I can
bring him over to see you
Fine cap, thank you
Marsh, maybe David
won't take it from him.
That's his right, Maggie.
- Nice day
- Yeah
Where are we going?
Don't feel like hunting.
- Hear you lost a fight, while I was up North?
- Can't win them all.
No, you can't win them all.
- Hi, Bill.
- Hi Marsh, I didn't recognize you.
- You can go right on in.
- Hiya.
Hello Marsh! Hiya!
Let me take those keys
and lock up all those guns
Close season on guards
- Marsh Williams.
- Hello, Jim.
Shake hands with my son, David?
Old friend of mine, David!
Glad to know you, David.
- Nice seeing you.
- Nice seeing you boys.
Marsh Williams.
Captain Peoples is expecting
you First office on the left
Come on son.
Go right in, Mr. Williams.
- Hi, Cap.
- Hello Marsh...
David, This is captain
Peoples, My best friend.
Hello, David. It's a pleasure I have
been waiting for, for a long time.
If you will excuse me, I
think I will have a look around
- Where are you going?
- Don't worry son, I will be right outside
Captain Peoples have
something to talk to you about.
- About what?
- He will tell you.
Please sit down, David.
There are all kinds of men there, David.
Murderers, thieves, smugglers
But they are not all bad.
Some hardened criminals,
Will be here as long as they live.
Others have made only one mistake
Yes, David. Your father was in
this prison Before you were born.
What for?
He was convicted of killing a man.
I am going to tell you the whole story right
from the beginning. Just the way it happened.
I am not going to leave out any details.
I think you are old enough
to judge for yourself
Oh I wonder if any boy can
ever really know his father
I can try
When looking at you David I was
thinking of your Dad, when he was a boy
At times I think he didn't even
understand his father either
You see, your father always
was a rugged individualist
You know what that is, don't you?
That's not an easy thing to
be in a family of 11 children.
He always wanted to stand-alone
on his own. And he did!
You know that he quit
school and joined the navy?
He was a tall boy and
looked older than his years
But after a couple of hitches he found out
that he wasn't for the Navy and vice versa.
- I am home, Dad!
- Marsh!
Why didn't you let us know?
I didn't think anybody would be up.
Sunday school class tomorrow
You are looking might gone, Marsh.
I can stand a snack if
that's what you hint!
There ought to be some cold chicken
left unless Lean beat you to it.
- I am glad you are home son!
- I am glad to be back!
The navy was no place for you.
The Williams belong on this land.
This land belongs to the Williams.
Pop, I haven't changed my
mind about marrying Maggie!
That's in the future.
You call that quick the future? I gotta set
a date, when I go see her in the morning.
You have lost your mind?
Can't even support
yourself, Let alone a wife.
You said I would be getting my share
of the firm, that's enough for us.
You will get your share
when you have earned it.
You said an acre of the place is mine.
You will get your 400 acres. The same
as your brothers, by working for it.
You know you are better
than they are, Marsh!
I never did say I was better,
I said I was different.
Ain't it time you stop
fighting your own flesh!
You are William's, one of 8 brothers. The
same blood flows through all of you. Mine.
Then you ought know I wont
be tampering with any of them.
You are going to work your share for
2 years. If all goes well its yours.
I can't wait around 2
years for marrying Maggie.
- There is plenty of time, son!
- Not for me.
2 years or you are getting no share.
All right, you keep the share, divide
it up with the others. I don't want it.
- Hey! Come on!
- Marsh...
- Listen to me, Marsh!
- I am listening.
- We have to be sure.
- You can't be sure of nothing unless you try?
Everybody else is sure!
Sure it won't work.
- You mean my folks...
- Mine too. They think you are irresponsible.
They don't know me, Maggie! My Dad,
my own dad. He won't even know me.
That doesn't matter, the important
thing is do we know each other?
I can't remember when I
didn't know you, Maggie.
That was as children.
Marsh? When does a
person, stop being a child?
I mean inside...
There's one! There's one!
Fetch! Fetch, come on!
Fetch, fetch! Drop it!
- Have you been stopped being a child inside?
- I don't think so?
Maybe you will never
stop! Ever think of that?
Sure I thought of it! That's
the reason I ran away from home.
Because I wanted to stay young
inside. But they wouldn't let me...
They made me go to school, study arithmetic.
Chop cotton. Things like that, age you Maggie.
- And hunting doesn't?
- No.
Soon you will have to
grow up and be somebody.
You have to be yourself, Maggie!
Man is just like a stock of corn, At
certain age he tassels out, but not before.
Marsh, are you sure
you want to get married?
I told you we would get married
just as soon as I got home.
I always keep my promise.
- If you say when?
- It ain't a promise unless you say when.
I am not holding it to it, Marsh.
That wouldn't make it
different. I am holding you.
There's one!
Missed him...
Just my mind was not at it.
You are going to say yes, for a
license we better be get going.
Their families came around
too. Little unwillingly.
Your Dad's brothers and sisters
alone nearly filled up Maggie's house.
They were all there even little
Gordon, All your aunts and uncles.
Mary Eloise, Wesley, Mary
Ruth, John, Shelton, Will,
Mack, Leon, your grand
mother and your grand father.
He was deeply hurt by her Dad's defiance
But it was pretty hard for him
to hold out against your mother.
I join you together in marriage.
In the name of the Father, and
of the Son And of The Holy Ghost!
Accept your bride.
There is a long line of us Marsh, and
getting late, Welcome to the family Maggie.
Marsh, lets go find that corn Shall we!
- Well, the old mans taking it pretty good.
- Not enough to give me my share.
Oh, he will come around, give
him time. Its gotta be His way
He better hurry up!
Right now I am on my own.
- Doing what?
- Got me a job.
- You, a job?
- Yeah! and it's a good one too.
I am with the "Atlantic
coast Line Rail Road. "
We are not paying you to
take a drink every 5 minutes.
- 40 cents an hour! You call that pay?
- 10 hours a day, what more do you want?
More than 40 cents an hour.
Maybe I can push you in
with some extra money!
- You know anything about boilers?
- Boilers?
Sure I worked on boilers in the
navy. Boilers, guns, motors...
Can handle anything mechanical.
- What's you doing tonight, after supper?
- Nothing worthwhile
You are now. You are coming with me!
- Think you will find it interesting.
- Anything that's interesting, I'll find interesting.
My brother in law,
Carson. Marsh Williams.
- M. Williams.
- This is Sam Markley.
Boy! Some boiler you got
there. What you use that for?
Ain't you got any idea?
Still? Why didn't you say
so, it ain't no secret.
Well making stills is
considered illegal in some parts.
- What do you get for a kilo like that?
- Oh! Up to 300 bucks, for the big one.
Its nothing compared to the
dough they make out of them.
Now see, they are getting up to 20
bucks a gallon down at Fort Bragg.
- For that stuff?
- For worst stuff!
Looks like you fellows are on
the wrong end of the burner.
You wouldn't be able to get
it on the right side, will you?
Well I have never thought of it.
If I ever do, I can take the same equipment, I
can make the best corn whiskey in North Carolina.
I was in Claude Williams's bible class!
He won't hold still for no son of his
to go into blockhead whiskey business.
There ain't nothing in the
Bible against still and whiskey!
Your father is a law-abiding man. It
is Moonshine, it is against the law.
What's the difference between still and
whiskey, and making a boiler to distill it in?
Simmer down, Joe. Simmer down.
We are running behind our orders.
Don't make no difference.
I am turning out the best corn
whiskey in the state, not the most!
Well something's gotta be done. There
is a limit to what one cradle can handle.
Fix it up with another cradle.
- You figure on running 2 stills, Marsh?
- You can figure out on taking twice money home.
Marsh? I didn't hear you come in.
That's what you hear money clanking.
I just got myself another raise.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Well it's not so much!
As much as your 3rd raise in 6
months and you say that's not much.
Pretty soon you will be the president
of 'The Atlantic coast line rail road'.
No, vice-president maybe.
- What made them take you off the section crew?
- It got pretty soon, Eh!
They seem to like me alright.
I have my eye on that Doug
Smith firm for a long time.
If things keep on the
way they are gone...
First thing you know we need to
make a down payment on that firm.
That firm is bigger than
my share would have been.
You want it very much, don't you?
Well its for you too, Maggie.
I am happy anyway, Marsh!
as long as we are together.
Why living in a decent house
ain't gonna make us unhappy either.
Don't rush things, Marsh!
We are young, we have time.
But there isn't enough time, Maggie!
You can have enough of everything. You can
have enough food, enough land, enough money
But you can never have enough time. because
that's the only thing that you cant save.
It's Sue!
Murderer! Murderer!
Marsh, he killed Frank! Frank's dead!
- Put down the gun!
- You stay out of it.
Keep out of this boy!
Who are you?
- Federal Revenue agent.
- What happened to Frank?
The same thing that ought to happen to any
Moonshine who takes a shot at a local deputy.
Frank Gregory never hurt
nobody! He was a good man.
I wasn't even in on the raid!
But I knew he operated a distill,
that was his first mistake.
He pulled a gun on Vennar here,
that was his last mistake. Lets go!
- Since when you kill fella for making Moonshine?
- Since when you carry gun, if don't intend to use it.
Any deputy who steps on my property
looking for trouble, he is going to find it.
We better not find distill. That goes double
if I do. It's a federal offence now too.
I didn't knew Frank was in the blockhead
whiskey business! Did you Marsh?
No I didn't.
We are going great, but do you think
its a good idea to open another still?
That will make the fifth!
5, 6, 7, As many as you can count...
North Carolina has prohibition for
over 150 years, nobody ever got hurt!
Most that happened is 30 to 60 days.
Now they hunt you down as jackrabbits.
- Nothing sporting about that.
- I have been not coming around here.
It is my corn, my marsh, my business.
Just as long as I make good whiskey.
The distill!
The steel will explode.
- Knock it off!
- Look out!
No, no, no... don't move.
- What time is it?
- Lets see... nearly midnight.
- Maggie will be worried sick.
- I will go and tell her.
- Nobody is going to tell her nothing.
- No, no.
You can't make it Marsh!
I got to! I got to
get home now. Help me!
Is there anything else you want?
Come here.
Come on sit down.
I was going to tell you
about distill, Maggie!
As soon as I saved enough money to
put a down payment on the Smith place.
How could you do it, Marsh?
Didn't Frank Gregory getting
killed meant anything to you?
I didn't marry a criminal.
And I am not staying to one.
You got to get out of it, Marsh.
Alright! I will quit.
- When?
- Well, talk about it later.
Honey!... I am tired.
- Your wife mind you running whiskey Carson?
- I never asked her.
You are having trouble at home?
Yeah! Maggie don't understand.
There is a natural right to
things and there is a legal right.
Law says it ain't natural to be thirsty.
Say it, don't make it show.
What's the matter?
Don't turn around, someone's
back there, behind you.
You go first.
Don't move Williams!
Get your hands up, all of you.
Destroy the Distill, Tom.
Don't come no close, This
boiler here is private property.
You are under arrest Williams
for violating the 18th amendment.
This is your last warning.
Call your men off! and come out with your
hands up! We will take you alive or dead.
Its up to you.
All men, for themselves!
Who's there?. Maggie...
I might have shot you.
There's been enough
shooting for one day!
- You heard about the raid?
- Yeah!
Anybody see you come?
Who else would have known?
About this place, Marsh!
we came here, whenever
you are in trouble.
Gee! I was hoping
that You will remember.
There is nothing about us
that I can ever forget Marsh!
You shouldn't have runaway, Marsh.
And spend 3 to 6 weeks in jail? Not me, I am
heading for woods, till this thing blows over.
- Didn't you hear?
- Didn't I hear what?
That federal agent Rimmer, He is dead!
Oh, no.
Put this on, you will catch cold.
- What's this money for?
- From your father, he asked me to bring it to you.
- He isn't against me?
- He is for you, Marsh!
He and your Mom think that you ought
to get out of the country right away.
What do you think?
Well, what I think isn't important Marsh.
The important thing is what you feel!
The whole world never looks so good, things never
seem so brighter as when you are in bad trouble.
If you give yourself up, Marsh,
I will stand by you, always.
You think Pops wrong?
I think a man must face up to his.
Alright. I will turn myself in.
- Is that a promise?
- Yeah! It's a promise.
I will tell you when too.
Now, you go on home and tell
my dad to get the sheriff.
And meet me behind the Godwin
depot at 11'o clock tonight.
And I will be there.
Oh, Marsh!
...Present as follows
David Marshall Williams,
Did unlawfully, willfully, feloniously,
Killed and murdered
Jesse Rimmer, Age 43,
While the later was perusing his
duty as a Federal revenue agent.
As I remember it was a local
deputy A man named Vennar,
Who gave the most damaging testimony, when he
told, that night in front Frank Gregory house.
'Williams came over and warned us. '
"Any deputy ever steps on my property
is looking for trouble," he said
"He is going to find it. "
- And when was the next
time you saw the defendant?
July 23, The day he killed Jesse Rimmer.
I Object!
Carson wasn't a very
good witness to your dad.
I am sure he didn't
mean to hurt him, But...
The steam, the smoke in the
still was so thick I couldn't see!
You couldn't see the defendant.
He could have killed Rimmer
without your knowledge?
I don't know! I guess so.
All of us were shooting.
Tell me Mr. Carson, of the six men
who were operating on the still...
Who was the best shot?
Everybody knows Marsh is the best!
Before he realized poor Carson has
become the witness for the state.
I always thought that your Dad could
have put a better case for himself!
He didn't imagine that there was
any chance of being convicted.
You knew you were violating
The 18th amendment! Didn't you?
I never considered the
18th amendment A law!
I look around the room and
I see I ain't the only one.
You are on trial here
Williams, Not prohibition.
Now you heard your own
friends, your own men.
Carson, Stockton, Markley
and all the others,
Practically accuse you of murder. now
what have you got to say about that?
It will be just as easy for me to turn
around and say that one of them is guilty.
You recognize this Williams?
- Sure! That's mine! That's my first gun.
- Where did you get it?
I made it! Curved it
out of Jennifer wood.
Barrel was made out of
reed and sawn through it.
- Bullet was a buckshot.
- Very ingenious.
- And it actually worked?
- Killed the first sparrow with it.
How old were you at the time?
Oh, I was eleven. No! Ten years old.
- I Object
- Objection sustained.
Now getting back to this day July 23rd.
You heard Vennar testify
that he saw you kill Rimmer.
With all that shooting going on
I can't see how anyone can be sure of what
gun any of the bullets was being fired from?
- You were the best shot there.
- Oh, I don't know about that.
I remember you and me
went hunting last spring
You got 8 birds I didn't even hit one!
You are not here to decide whether whiskey
making or drinking should be legalized.
If you were, I would be arguing
against the 18th amendment.
You are to decide whether murder
should be legalized in North Carolina.
There is only one penalty
for murder: The Death penalty!
You have no alternative but
to find David Marshall Williams
Guilty of murder; In the first degree.
By the time the case ended. The jury
was as confused as everybody else.
After 4 days of deliberations...
Gentlemen of the Jury!
Have you reached a decision?
Your Honor! The Jury is
hopelessly deadlocked!
What's going on, Andrew?
I don't know yet! We might be able
to work something out. Come on!
Marsh, Maggie, Come on!
We can't have a 2nd trial.
This gotta be settled somehow.
You know that a 2nd trial will be a
costly drain on the taxpayer's money.
The state will be satisfied with a plea of
guilty to a reduced charge of 2nd degree murder.
No! Nothing was ever said in that
court to prove that Marsh was guilty.
We want a second trial.
We must be realistic, Claude.
Marsh did threaded Rimmer and an
eyewitness swore, that he did the shooting.
I could shake either story.
- They couldn't prove them either.
- They might in the retrial.
No two juries are alike.
At least second degree eliminates
the possibility of electric chair.
Where are we going to get the
money to pay for the 2nd trial?
I am selling the piece of the land.
How stiff a sentence will
I get on second degree?
15 years and with good behavior...
You are taking orders from me, Andrew.
Marsh! Don't let Dad suffer for you
again Let him do what he wants...
It is only land, you
can always pay back,
In your way, we all be paying for years.
Mind that. My decision too.
Over your Grand Fathers protest your
Dad pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder.
And Judge Kerr set sentence for
the following Monday at 10.00 a. m.
United States District Court for
the North Carolina is now in session.
Judge Henry P. Lane. presiding.
What's going on? Where is Judge Kerr?
I just found out Lane is taking
his place for this session
- Why?
- No special reason.
Federal Judges rotate assignments.
I understand the defendant has made an
amended plea to the murder of 2nd degree!
The state has withdrawn its
motion for retrial! Is that agreed?
Yes, Your Honor!
Your honor! My client
requests a postponement.
I am ready for sentence Your Honor!
Defendant step forward please.
In accordance with the law of
the state of North Carolina.
I sentence you David Marshall
Williams, To imprisonment
for a period of 30 years of hard labor.
Lets go, Marsh.
didn't had to get up so
early on my count, sheriff!
I ain't in any hurry.
I figured you want to stop
off meeting your folks.
That's nice of you.
Here they come!
Go ahead Marsh! I will be somewhere
around the place, whenever you are ready.
Hello, Marsh.
Hello, Marsh. You look swell.
Hello, Marsh.
Well Marsh, we will all be...
...I guess everything's being said.
You know how he feels.
Marsh! how all of us feel.
You got to stop thinking
about me. All of you!
It's my problem.
We are your family, Marsh! We will
never rest till you are back with us.
Mama, its me who is going to the walls.
It ain't going to be easy. but
I got to do it in my own way.
I don't want any of you to
write to me, or try and see me.
Lets not make it any tougher than it is.
I talked to Andy White.
He is going to arrange for a divorce.
- I will never leave you, Marsh!
- There ain't anything else to do.
Its gonna be a long time.
I will wait No matter how long it is.
- You gotta promise me something, Marsh!
- What?
You mustn't try to escape.
- I will do my time.
- You gotta promise me.
Until you released.
I promise!
- You gotta promise me something too.
- Anything.
You change your mind,
you go and see Andy White.
I thought you said we shouldn't
make it any tougher than it is.
Hold me, Marsh.
You know, you said you will never stay
married to a criminal! You remember?
I am a convicted murderer, Maggie!
You are my husband.
Good-bye, Maggie.
Hey, Sheriff!
The first day: The worst:
When a man realizes
he is no longer free.
That this is his home, that this
will be his world from now on.
Every convict takes
prison differently David!
Each men fights it in its own way.
I don't know when I am well off: I used
to get 40 cents an hour for doing this.
Hey you! Get on it!
- I said get on it.
- Hold it. I have got a pain.
Oh! Where? Right here?
Better get your belly used to it. It is what
you are going to get for the next 30 years.
Come on, get going!
Kruger, stay away from him.
Come on, get up!
Get up!
Hello, Marsh. How are you feeling?
feel terrible! What happened?
You are ok now. Your appendix busted.
- Anything I can do for you, Marsh!
- Leave me alone.
Maggie is waiting outside.
I don't want to see her. I don't want
to see anybody. I made that clear!
Oh! Take it easy Marsh.
It's toughest at the start.
Yeah! Yeah!...
Yeah, they say it will get easier.
It's easier as soon as you realize that
you are an animal and start acting like one.
There he goes yapping
to the bulls again.
- I thought you told me he is out?
- He is just feeding them a line.
Yeah! But on Whom?
I am telling you I am not
paying if that fight was fixed.
- Championship changed hands. Its official
- Not on my book. It ain't.
- I hear you caught at the market, Krueger?
- Market! What market?
The tobacco market... since the present
stars kicked in. Where is it stashed?
- I know nothing about it.
- Come clean, Kruger.
- I want to know who else is on it.
- I told you, I don't know nothing.
Lay the leather on him until he talks.
The fink!
- Deal me out.
- But he is a stooge!
He didn't stooped on me.
Alright! Break that thin ice.
Go ahead.
We know you have got knives.
Most of the time we dont
care because we have got guns.
But I warned you. No more knifing!
Now, who knifed Roback?
Open up, or it is going to go twice
as hard on you when we do find out.
- Roback got it with this?
- No.
- Who gave it to him?
- I don't know.
Sweat him!
- Have some bandage.
- Shut up!
Pluck your shirt.
- Lets have a look.
- Say you are.
I wont hurt him. I know these rats.
Put your hands up!
See! I know these rats.
We treated you like human beings.
But you ask for trouble. All of you.
And you are going to get it.
On the chain gang!
On that truck.
- Chain gang.
- It can't be as bad as they say.
You will find out.
The chain gang is the end of the line.
I have seen a lot of men
broken on the chain gang.
It breaks a mans body, It
breaks the spirit or both!
You do not look tough to
me, but this ain't the walls.
We know how to handle
troublemakers on a chain gang.
That's your palace over there.
Go and find yourself a bunk.
Alright! Get out of there. Let's go.
It was dark when they went to work
and it was dark when they came back!
There are many ways
of taming a man, David!
Throw him enough fear on
him. Laying of leather on him.
And you destroy them
or make him desperate.
Listen, you men.
There is some bad news to give you.
I know you will hate this, but you are getting off
gravy train to make room for more deserving men.
You are leaving us.
And I know you are going to miss
us, and we will miss you. Load on!
- Where are they going?
- Transferred to Caledonia prison.
Get them over to Robbinsville depot.
- Caledonia?
- What's that life?
- I don't know never been there.
- I have been in all of them.
Caledonia is no country club.
But it has got discipline.
Guard! Help! Escape!
Nobody move! Nobody!
Well, that's one you owe me. Saved
you from getting shot full lead.
I wonder if you did save me.
That was the first time I
ever saw your father, David.
It was many years ago and I
guess neither at that time.
I know I didn't. He was just
another graduate from the chain gang.
My name is Peoples, Captain Peoples.
I am the law here.
If you behave yourself.
You will be treated square.
Get out of line, the hosepipe.
Try to escape. You will
get drills through the head.
Bunks are over there.
Alright! Side faces.
" Every day I wake up
" Hoping to hear from you
"And then, I come up to our fort.
" Here I feel close to you
" Here I can forget...
" And remember
" Please Marsh, Please write,
" Even if it is only a few lines.
Mail, here is the mail!
- Cope!
- Hey.
- Carash!
- Yeah.
What's the matter, you deaf?
- Captain?
- Yeah?
Look at this.
- Line up the men
- Line up! Come on! Line up.
Hurry! Get in a line.
Well boys, I have got some news for you.
The State Prison Commission has finally given
us permission to play a little baseball here.
Do a honest days work,
behave yourself...
You will be allowed to
play or watch the game.
There is also a new directive.
"Once a year, the trustee gets
24 hours outside with his wife"
- What if he ain't got a wife?
- He still will get his 24 hours.
Find one I guess.
Don't worry Gaveryn! You
never going to make a trustee.
Don't get any ideas on turning
this into a country club.
We haven't thrown away our guns
yet and we still got our hosepipe.
Anytime anybody wanna try
your knives against us,
We will be very happy to accommodate.
- Who gave you permission to leave?
- I figured you said everything you had in your mind?
There is room for only one self-minded
man in this camp. That's me.
You don't make a move around
here unless I tell you to.
Now you can stand right where you are,
at the same spot, at attention, all day.
I notice you haven't been shaved lately.
From now on shave, clean every morning.
Hey Williams, You are wanted
at Captain Peoples office.
Come in.
You are having trouble with
your memory again, William!
Couldn't scrape any finer.
You are to write your folks.
I didn't know that it was a law, I didn't
know that it was anybody's concern but my own.
You are going to write or not?
They keep writing to me inquiring
how you are, makes it my concern.
I ain't writing, and nobody can make me.
Take it to the shop to get it fixed.
Mind if I look at that gun, captain?
Go ahead, give it to him.
The bolts are out of place.
Pretty handy with guns, aren't you?
Yeah! Always have been.
That counts for a lot of trouble too.
How about these? How much
long are you going to fight it?
I ain't fighting. I am resisting.
But they are your own folks. What I
hear they stood by you pretty good.
They are out there, I am in here.
I told them to forget about me.
- They worried, they got right to hear from you.
- What am I to write? How nice it is in here?
You write what you want, but write.
They will never get a letter
from me, with a prison postmark.
You are to write and lots of them.
Go back to your work.
and keep shaved too.
Cap! Stand back! Back away Cap!
- Marsh...
- Come on chow.
Are you hurt?
What's the matter?
Where is the pain?
- Malaria.
- I will get the Doc!
- A little late, ain't you!
- Come on, hurry up!
- What's it now?
- I didn't know I was late.
Kruger got sick! He got malaria.
- We got Doctors.
- There was nobody else in there.
- It was not your business.
- It was my business.
That will cost you your B grade.
I get B grade from saving a man from rattlesnake
and lose my grade for helping a sick man
- No back talk
- I ain't done nothing wrong.
- You want a stretch in solitary?
- I ain't done nothing wrong!
- You are asking for it. Williams!
- Alright, alright, get it over with.
Who is cornered?
You or me?
- Throw him in the hole!
- For how long?
Till he begs to come out!
Been there long enough?
He is stubborn and positive he is
right. A tough combination to break.
I will break him.
None of them can take more than 7 days in
the hole, Williams been in there for 30!
Doc! You take care of the
infirmary, Let me handle discipline.
You will be disciplining a corpse.
He can't stay alive much longer.
Let him say so.
You know he won't!
Its up to him.
Then I will have to go over your head
Cap! I am not going to be responsible.
Doc! What makes a fella like him tick?
Might be interesting
to try and find out.
You want a auditory
move, I wont oppose it.
- I think you are making a big mistake
- I know you do, captain.
Alright! I will make the order.
I would like to talk to
him, As soon as possible.
As soon as he gets straightened up.
You wanted to see me captain?
Yeah! Come on in.
- Learned anything in the hole?
- I don't know what I was supposed to learn
I thought I was put in there
because I helped Kruger.
I put you in there because of
backtalk in front of my men.
I have a mind to put you right back.
Is it going to be a lecture or is it
going to be a talk like the Doc said?
- What?
- Lectures all one sided, you know.
If it is supposed to be a talk
then I got a right to my say.
You haven't heard my
side of things captain
I ain't one of them,
I ain't no criminal.
You pleaded guilty to murder and
your still, you knew was illegal.
You are just as responsible for that murder
as you pulled the trigger or one of your men.
I don't go along with that.
Admit if you didn't had the still
The revenue agent wouldn't be dead.
They didn't prove I did it.
That's 30 years without proof.
That ain't fair.
You have got strange ideas William of what's
Right or wrong and what's fair and not fair.
I am going to tell you who wrote these.
"It ain't fair," she says. Your
wife wrote that, and she is right.
It ain't fair, the way you treat your family.
refusing to see, not even answering their letters.
We have been all over this before.
You are great man, Williams.
You just set new record.
Thirty days on hole on bread and water.
You can take it physically,
that's all you can take.
You think its because
I wanted it this way.
It's always about what you want. You
always belly aching about your rights.
Don't you think they got rights too?
I didn't want my wife to
see me, looking like this.
No she ain't.
It's a long talk.
She is outside, waiting.
- She is here?
- Yeah!
You ought to see her
Williams. You know you should.
I am going to give you 24 hours
on the outside without chains.
I ain't a trustee Captain.
Will you come back after 24?
Yeah! I will come back.
I will see that you get
something else to wear.
John is going into real estate and
Mary Ruth will do it in October.
And Leon is serious about Jennings
girl. You remember little Sarah Jennings?
- Did I tell you we got new lawyer?
- Ah?
J.J. Baldwin of Raleigh. They
say he is one of the best.
- What happened to Andy White?
- He is still on the case.
But your father wanted
somebody in the Capital too.
Mr. Baldwin is supposed to
be close to the governor.
You haven't asked me about my
school Aren't you interested?
Yeah! I am interested.
Only one more year in the college and
I will have my teaching certificate.
Why didn't you do what I told
you? Why didn't you get a divorce?
- We took an oath - till death we do not
part! - I am almost as sure as dead Maggie.
A man stays away from his wife for
7 years the law accounts him as dead.
The law put me away for 30 years!
- Don't talk like that!
- I am no good Maggie, you gotta be married!
I am married.
A women is only half a person,
Marsh! You are my other half!
I can't be complete without you.
Don't you understand, I will be an
old man by the time I get out of there.
- Don't push me away, Marsh! I am your wife
- Convicts don't have wives.
- Don't you want me, Marsh?
- For one day a year.
- It's better than none
- No, its worse.
Just helps keep you alive, that's no
good when you cant breathe fresh air.
Its just better to be dead.
A convict can't want nothing.
That's not true.
You don't have to stop
wanting, hoping... I haven't.
I am in a prison too,
Marsh! Without you.
Don't you see..?
If you want love, you got to hare
a husband, A full time husband.
I want a child, Marsh.
I want to stay alive.
I am so lonesome.
No kid would pick a
convict for father now.
- Would he Maggie?
- You are not always going to be a convict, Marsh!
Its not forever.
Unless you make it that way.
Got 10 more minutes.
I bet you a buck he makes it.
You got a bet
Tell him I like to see him.
Captain Peoples would like to see you.
Sure want to thank you captain.
I am upping you to B grade again.
- Does that mean I got a chance to work inside?
- May be.
How about the blacksmith shop?
- Why the smiting?
- I used to work in one.
Tress been. Mays new
barbeque pas dalmatic.
- Oh no!
- Goode Night, Williams.
Keep clean shaved.
Are you deaf? Its free time.
A paper and a pencil.
Give my regards to your wife.
Let me see that.
- That's personal.
- Nothings personal in here. Give it to me.
Shooting your way out of here is
not as easy as shooting your way in.
- I wasn't figuring on busting out.
- What was you figuring?
I got the idea when I was in the hole.
After 6th day I thought I was
a goner. No light, no air...
My back was killing me.
I didn't see how
anybody can stand a week.
Then I thought about the Hindus, You
know the people who sleep on nails.
- What do they do?
- What is this?
You ever tried to think about
two things at the same time?
- What?
- You can't do it.
Nobody can do that, Captain.
It's impossible to keep two thoughts
in your head at the same time.
What are you talking about?
That's the trick.
The only way to lie on nails
or stand solitary for 30 days...
You got to make yourself
think about something else.
You got to get your
mind on something else.
At first I could only not think about my
pain, My back for 2-3 seconds at a time.
But then it got longer and longer, and pretty soon
I could take away pain for 2-3-4 hours at a time.
You are on level, Williams?
You try it! You try to think two things
at the same time, you cant do it, Captain!
What I did, I tried to think about
the good days when I was a kid.
In the woods, hunting and fishing.
When I wasn't shooting a gun, I was making
one, and that made me think about guns again.
And I kept thinking about them.
The more I thought about them, the
lesser I thought about solitary.
And the guns were all over the place.
up on the ceilings. Up on the walls.
Down the floor...
I kept them taking apart piece by
piece, and I put them together again.
Pretty soon, I started experimenting
on new ways to make guns.
That's a new kind of a gun.
That's a new kind of a gun, captain.
But a drawing for a gun,
we can't have that in here.
You can't keep me from thinking about guns,
Whats the difference if I draw pictures of guns?
None I guess.
As long as you make them out of paper.
Free time, Williams.
- Is my gun fixed yet?
- Pretty soon.
Lets go.
You mind if I finish it.
You know how Mobel is?
It's your time.
By the way, Williams, we were
watching you. You are a cool operator.
Didn't you learn anything
from the other time?
It's not going to be nothing like last
time. We have got everything worked out.
You do what you want! I won't move.
Its up to you
I am telling you I am not going...
Don't! Give me that
gun. It ain't finished.
We better get out of here.
- What's that you are carrying?
- Walk between us!
Spread out everybody! The next man moves
gets it. Spread out. Put up your hands.
Get him in the barracks.
Give me the gun, Williams.
Told you can make your gun out of paper
But you had to by your own
rules again. Look what happened!
The gun didn't had nothing
to do with the break.
Kruger been set on for
busting out for a long time.
- You sure you weren't in on it?
- You don't think I knocked myself out! Do you?
They didn't get that gun away from
me I have been working on that gun
On my free time for 2 years.
I have got to finish it.
Can't do it right now Can't let
you go on work on it after this.
Captain, This is something entirely new.
Every automatic rifle has a piston
that moves 3 and half inches.
What I am trying to get this chamber
in my rifle to move a tenth of an inch
And still activate the breach mechanism,
eject the shell and load in another one.
A tenth of an inch, that's not possible.
If I was to tell you That I
took a part of a fence post and
An axel part of a tractor and made me
a rifle with no way, no machinery...
except a file and my own hands...
Would you say that possible?
You were lucky this time.
Another break, prisoner might get it away from you
- Nobody is ever going to get away from here!
Captain, would you let
me go on Working in it.
All right Williams, I
will go along with you.
Thank You, Captain. I wont let you down.
Work on it on your free time.
Do you think it's alright, cap?
"Marsh is changing,
"But I wonder if I have changed
him, as much as he has changed me.
"If anyone from yesterday,
"Said a prisoner is going to make a gun in
my yard I would have said that he was crazy...
"May be I am crazy,
"I am beginning to believe
Marsh is going to invent
"A new kind of gun.
"Even if he doesn't It
will be a useful person.
"He has finally found
something that interests him.
"It is the first time I feel that
Marsh in his way is helping himself out.
"Sincerely, Captain H.T. Peoples. "
The gun was your Dads life.
But even I couldn't have imagined
how much a gun can change a life.
After a while I made him
a trustee. He earned it.
He has stopped fighting himself
and the rest of the world.
He didn't had time, he was
fighting a piece of steel.
he made a timeline A notch for
every year he had been working on
6 years is a long time to
keep a story like that secret.
There had to be a leak
sometime. And there was.
It finally came out! With
interest. Plenty of interest.
Despite efforts by Warden H.T.
Peoples to keep it a secret,
This newspaper learns
that his Pet Prisoner,
David Marshal Williams,
Whom he allowed to make a rifle
While serving 30 years on the Caledonia
'Tinfoil Chain Gang' for murder,
"Will test his gun with real
bullets tomorrow at the prison firm,
Now known as the "Caledonia
Street and Gun Club".
Why should I listen to this bum!
Most of these are vicious lies.
Why should any of it be true?
"Pet prisoner", "Tinfoil chain gang"...
You have made this prison commission
the laughing stock of the country.
Who is running Caledonia?
Me or those funny papers?
On the looks of things,
Marshal Williams is.
As long as I am warden of
Caledonia, I will run things my way.
Now, if you don't like it,
you can get somebody else.
Because of your record,
We are going to overlook this outburst
of temper and give you another chance.
I hope you will show as much spirit
in Caledonia as you have here.
Lets have no more of
this Williams nonsense.
That's all people.
I let Marshall Williams make a gun because I
honestly believed, that he had something new.
I have heard enough of
this Williams and his gun.
I said that was all.
- He is outside.
- Williams?
- Whats he doing here?
- I brought him here.
I want him to let you show
the gun of his and himself!
Absolutely not.
What's the matter, you are
afraid he will convince you too?
If he doesn't prove to you men that
he really got something worthwhile..
I will forget about it
and never mention it again.
That sounds fair enough.
I would like to take
a look at this weapon.
If he can show us once, Bring him in.
You have been getting away with
murder down in Caledonia, Williams.
Let it finish!
Oh sure! My gun is finished, Sir!
I just want to see whether it works.
You dont think, we will let you loose inside
the prison, with a gun and real bullets, do you?
I was loose with a file and
a hack saw for 6 years Sir!
Wont you please look at my work.
There are 25 parts in there.
I have made them all by hand.
- It's light
- That's the lightest 35 ever made.
This piece of steel weighed 5
pounds when it was on an axel.
Now it weighs, little less than 12
ounces. I hand filed every ounce.
I could use that same hand file on
prison bars, pretty esay, you know.
Its good work, but
that's not the question.
There will be no test!
I have found out how to make a gun 5 pounds
lighter than any other gun made before.
You see what this would mean in war.
A man can carry 5 more pounds of
essential equipments than he does now.
I live it to you people?
What guarantee is there. that if
this man is allowed to fire his gun...
That he wont turn it on you or your men?
- He had the chance, but he didn't.
- That's no guarantee what he might do in future.
And there is always the
temptation of a break.
Williams have served
8 years and 2 months.
He escapes, I will
serve his 30-year term.
You realize what you
are saying, Peoples?
I will put it in writing.
That ought to do it.
Sure messed it up. Should have given
yourself at least an even break.
I think you can say, that's
"normal battle conditions".
Congratulations, Marsh!
Marsh, I would like to
introduce to you to somebody.
This is Mr. Joseph Mitchell of
the "Winchester Arm's Company".
- This is a pleasure.
- This is Marshals wife and his father.
Winchester? That is a big outfit.
I read about you in the papers and I
asked captain Peoples, if I can come down.
- Hope you are not disappointed?
- I saw enough to offer you a contract.
I got a contract and there
is 22 more years to go.
- You mind if I take a look?
- Sure.
Your short stroke piston, you think
you can use this in other types of guns?
Yes Sir, I think I can.
I think you can, too.
I will take a gamble.
If you are right, you could be
as famous as Browning or Graham.
- They are great gun makers
- Williams...
You seemed to have discovered something
that no one else even dreamt to be possible.
An automatic rifle. With
a floating chamber...
This could be an important
contribution to gun making.
We would like to be in on it.
You have to talk to Cap
there, he is my manager.
Marsh's gun, that good?
Mr. Williams, a man who can make that,
with his two hands and nothing to go on...
There is no telling what he can
do if he keeps working on it?
Oh! I will keep working on it.
Your Grand father kept working
too, till the case was reopened.
The newspapers story about the
success of gun test didn't hurt,
I sent pretty strong letters
to the governor myself.
A few months later your father received
a full pardon from the Government.
He walked out of my prison a free man.
- Bye, Cap.
- Bon Voyage, Marsh.
Thank You,
Those years weren't
easy. Prison was tough.
But, we had many reforms
in the system, since then.
We have learned more
about how to handle men.
You know, What's the funny thing, David?
A gun sent your father to prison...
And a gun freed him.
- Do you know how many patents he got?
- Lots of them.
He is got them on pistols, machine
guns and all kinds of things.
His greatest contribution that
he made is the gun, right here.
The M1 carbine.
The first carbine adapted by the
United States Army in 40 years.
How many of those went
to war? 8 millions.
Well, that's what I know
about your father, David.
I can only tell you about him. I
can't tell you how you will feel
That's up to you.
Lets go home Dad!