Carbon (2018) Movie Script

What's up?
Been summoned?
Yes yes!
Anu, Is there someone called
Tomichan in your company?
ln HRD. Thomichan Kozrakkuzhi.
Do you know him?
Who's that?
No idea.
- They said he works at STAR.
- Could be in the KP road office then.
- Nothing...
-Awedding proposal.
-Whose wedding is it?
- Mine.
- Shut up!
Where's your friend?
l thought you guys
wouldn't show up today.
Busy at office, Uncle...
That's why we're late.
That's alright. l thought
l should ask you all first.
You are his close friends, right?
This isn't for the first time.
But it's been a fewdays no
And his phone is always switched o.
Who knom what's happening.
lt's alright, Uncle.
Don't wory.
You knowwhat he's like.
He doesn't even call us.
Didn't he tell anyone?
Last Wednesday he was
in Santhosh's room.
- Didn't he say where he was going?
- Seems he didn't.
lf he doesn't come today,
we'll make a police complaint.
Wait, Uncle.
He'll be back.
No, No! Something's wrong.
He hasn't called
anyone all these days.
Uncle... don't take
it to the Police now.
Let's wait.
We'll look.
Let the Police also look.
Uncle, it's better not
to inform the Police now.
- Let's wait.
- But why?
- Is there a problem?
- There's no problem...
-Why take it to the Police unnecessarily?
- It's not unnecessay!
Leave it, Uncle.
We'll find out.
Where are we going
to find him?
How can we just ignore
it and keep quiet?
lt's alright.
One ofyou come with me to
the Police station in the morning.
- Uncle... the problem is--
- What, you don't have the time?
- It's not that.
- Then?
Uncle, don't go
to the Police now.
We don't know if it's true...
- Could be a rumor.
They say he's got a diamond,
which he's tying to sell.
That's probably why he's not coming home.
Seems it's worth Rs. 20-30 Lakhs.
-Where did you hearthis?
- People are talking.
That's all we know.
He doesn't tell us these things.
But why's his
phone switched off?
Because of its high value he must be
concerned about the safety and security.
Could be something like that.
What's the time on
yourwatch now?
- 5.25
- 5.25... One hourfrom now,
that means, at 6.25,
you should call my number.
lf l don't answer, you should call
me again after 5 minutes.
lf l still don't answer...
call this number
and tell him that you can't reach me.
Then he'll tell you what to do.
Got it? Or give me another ring
before calling on that number.
Look, just three calls.
Afterthat, call this number.
- Got it?
-You mean, first call at 6.25,
Then 6.30.
Afterthat you should
call once again at 6.35.
Only then you call on this number.
Got it? Don't mess it up.
No, no.
- Is your phone charged?
Don't take the phone if
anyone calls in bemeen.
Park it there.
No, don't do it.
That would only add to the confusion.
lt's Sibi.
l'm in the lobby.
Where in the lobby?
l'm right here.
Are you wearing a black shirt?
Yeah, black shirt.
l'm also wearing a black shirt.
So this is Sibi Sebastian.
The MD changed his plans yesterday.
That's why l asked you to come today.
That's alright.
He's a vey busy man. He's staying
back just because l asked him.
One more thing...
HereaRer, we'll be dealing
with you directly.
lfyou have any partners
you deal with them. Not us.
- It's just me.
- How do l kno
l'm mentioning it because
you're newto us.
- Look Basheerbhai--
- Shhh...
Don't ever discuss anything inside a lift.
There's a camera on top.
No, no the first 60 you
were talking about works for me.
No, no... that's not for me.
Tell me, you should tell me.
No hury.
But money stays the same.
l can't afford more.
That depends on how smart you are.
No... no... l'll leave in the morning.
Calicut to Sharjah.
l'll call you later. Yeah.
He is the one.
- The gemstone.
- Oh yeah. Sit down.
-Where are you from?
- Pala.
Sit down.
What gem is it?
Where did you get it from?
Actually, someone got it from
a temple in Trivandrum.
- It's genuine.
- Let me take a look.
Show me the stone.
Show me.
You're showing me a picture!!??
l need to see the real stone.
Yeah, l'll showyou.
But l need to clarify
certain things before that.
Well... suppose we
do decide on a price...
Holl you pay me?
By DD...?
Or in cash?
Ho When? Where?
Forget that now.
Showme the stone first.
So where's the stone?
lt's in my custody...
Then what's the problem?
You've seen the photo, right?
It's original.
Nothing to wory. It's
from a temple. It's real.
But unless we give him an idea
about the price he'll be suspicious.
Him? Who's this 'him' that
you've never mentioned before?
The gem is with him.
l see...!
He's not answering the phone.
You should've mentioned this earlier.
l'll sort it out. l just need
to go to Trivandrum.
- Give me two more days.
-You're wasting our time.
No, no, l'll handle it.
Eveything was going fine until someone
inteered and changed his mind.
Just give me an
idea about the price.
The MDjust told you, right...
He can't give you a rate
without actually seeing it.
Unless we fix a price and give
him an advance he won't show it.
- Ok then do it.
- l can't do it.
You don't know my situation.
Then don't get into such business.
ln this business, unless you
invest you can't make money.
- Have you really seen the gem?
- Of course! l took this photo.
What's that guy up to?
He doesn't have the gem.
Only that photo.
What do you think,
seeing the photo?
lt looks valuable.
But he is helpless.
Now he says that the gem
is with someone else.
And that guy doesn't trust him.
Then get that guy's details
and get rid of this one.
Let's deal directly.
That's ok. He'll
expect at least Rs.15,OOO.
Give him something.
He's not going to take
your calls. Forget it.
- Let me go to Trivandrum and see.
- That's up to you.
-We're also leaving.
- God! So what about the gem?
lt's obvious that
you can't pull this o.
lfyou agree, give us his details
and we'll contact him directly.
Look, Bhai... l...
We'll give you
10 Thousand rupees.
Give me his name and address.
Only if you want to..
Yeah, l'm coming!
Please hury.
Do you know how long
l've been chasing this?
This doesn't even
meet my daily expense.
We're giving you this money
without any surety.
Only because it's you.
You think we couldn't
do it ourselves?
But, this is only nine thousand.
Yeah, ten minus one is nine.
- Minus one?
-Yeah one is my commission.
That's on you.
100/o is usual in evey business.
- Bhai, shall l ask you something?
- Hmm?
- l know someone who's got a barn-owl.
A barn-owl.
lfyou're interested, l can
get it for you. It's genuine.
Will the MD be interested?
Bugger off, son...
Bugger off!
-Where are you?
- l'm around.
Your parents are worried.
You better call them.
They think you're missing.
They're upset.
And what do l tell them?
That l've been found?
lt's easy foryou to switch off
your phone and vanish.
l'm the one who gets the calls!
Forget it!
Are you home tomorro
- Then l'm coming.
- Come over.
Listen, l'm notjoking.
Call your parents right away.
l'll handle it!
Where were you?
l've been ringing the bell for a while.
l was dying my clothes
on the terrace.
Planning to settle down here?
No way!
You should go home.
Let my clothes dy first.
l did call home.
Everything's fine there.
What about you?
Are you working in the aRernoon?
ln your honor,
l'll sleep offthis afternoon.
What do you want for lunch?
What's available?
- Beef, porotta, chapathi, chicken...
- 2 Porottas and a plate of beeffy.
Hi l'm calling from Kargil colony...
the house next to the ground.
One biriyani...
Chicken biriyani,
three porottas and a beeffy.
Forever porotta and beef!
Go home and eat something nice.
Dude, never look down
upon any food.
Porotta 8 beef is the favorite
food of millions of our people.
ls it right to belittle it,
eh Santhosh?
Drinking a lot these days?
No way.
Once in a while.
l couldn't ask you last time.
You were too tense.
What's happening with
your diamonds and rubies?
l was wondering
when you would ask.
- Did it work out?
- No. It's all over.
Eveything was going well.
But somehow it didn't happen.
That's how it is. Sometimes it
works out, sometimes it doesn't.
lt's said that even a tiger makes a kill
only after tying and failing ten times.
So what are our chances?
Where did you get
this Tiger info?
l... read it in
a children's magazine.
We're still subscribing to it.
- Hey!!
N4 wedding's fixed.
When was it fixed?
Only mo days.
It was sudden.
- Is it that Valsa?-
- Sheesh! She got married long back.
This is Leena Mayam
George Kudappanakunnel.
Anyway it had to happen
one day. So why put it off?
So you're also getting hitched.
l'm glad that she
works here.
We can continue to live here.
Yeah that's right. You needn't
Iook for another house.
But no one's seeing howdoors
are closing on this poor wayfarer...
lt's not going to be you or me who decides
your place in this house in future.
lt will be Kudappanakunnel
Leena Maryam George.
- It will depend entirely on her attitude.
-And what is it?
Howwould l kno
What's her attitude towards you?
Anyway, both of us will
have to change our routes.
Two people who walked on mo paths
will have to walk on the same path now.
The problem with small
paths is, that they is narrow.
One person will have to walk in
front and the other at the back.
lfyou don't argue about
that, things will go well.
l've no fight about anything.
Keep the balance.
l wonder who did these jobs
before these guys came to Kerala.
lf they hadn't come, people like
you may have had some work.
Do you know...
the world economy...
The most important factor
for it's stability is poverty.
lt's because there are so
many poor people in this world...
that the rich get cheap labour.
For their prosperity, there should
always be poverty in the world.
ls this also from your
children's magazine?
Shut up!
Look at me.
If l had Rs.5 lakhs yesterday,
l could've made Rs. 20 Lakhs
on the spot.
But l didn't have 5 lakhs.
So my loss was 20 lakhs.
He who has 5, will
make 20, 30, 50 and so on.
He who doesn't have it
will sit here like a sucker.
l'm having another drink.
l'm starting to feel hungy.
People here gossip
that l'm a jobless fraud.
My friends are married
and settled while l'm not.
-Who says so?
- Forget it.
l knowthings about
life that they don't.
The future is all about
freelance business.
- l'll showthem soon.
- That's up to you.
But your ideas are
not at all realistic.
What do you mean
'not realistic'?
All your schemes need
crores of money. That's the problem.
Then l'll be realistic and start a
small paan shop. Will youjoin me?
Dude, my aim is
to hit the jackpot.
l don't want to be like you and
work for someone else my entire life.
You and your theories!
Has anything ever worked out?
It's just a waste of money.
lt's not my theoy that's wrong.
It's my calculation that went wrong.
l don't have the money.
But l'll find someone soon.
l'll showyou then.
Don't blame anyone.
It's a crooked business.
We buy something at a lower price
and ty and sell it at a higher price.
l know how it works.
It's not crooked.
lt is crooked. You live
in a world offantasy.
Santhosh, life is only interesting
with a touch offantasy!
''All by himself'
''He escapes and appears''
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''All by himself'
''Hey boatman who washes
himself while sailing''
''All by himself'
''Unable to touch the opposite bank,
He's out of sight''
''All by himself'
''He wishes to reach the sky,
And practices the speed ofthe cloud''
''But his hands don't reach out enough,
to measure the whirlpool's depth''
''All by himself
he slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''He lost the direction, the glance,
The aim and the way to gallop''
''You move forward
without wilting orfalling''
''The diamond is within you.
Without realizing it, orthe forest, or the wind,''
''You look for it mile after mile''
''This world is a dense forest.
The day is covered in darkness''
''To mount along with you,
a helping hand was lent so close''
''Random dreams come
at random times.''
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''The ankle is bound
by invisible chains''
''You grieve without
seeing fresh light''
''Knowing increasing thirst,
and trembling in pain''
''You cover your heart
secretly with a tender smile''
''This world is a dense forest.
The day is covered in darkness''
''To mount along with you,
a helping hand was lent so close''
''Random dreams come
at random times.''
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
''All by himself
He slips, escapes and appears''
''All by himself'
Hello, this is Thamban.
Needed to know something.
Who's in Jharkhand no
Do you knowanyone
who can help me?
l wouldn't do such a thing.
Ok! Ok! l'll call you.
lt's not us.
But you'll have to pay anyway.
This is a Central Govt# s fund. But
the State Govt. Is in charge.
How did you get hold ofthis?
- It's ok if it's a secret.
- No, Thamba'cha.
When l go to discuss it
people might ask details.
lt'll look bad if l
don't knowthe details.
The details are simple.
l'll tell you.
There's money to buy
10,OOO ycles for tribal women.
But no one
knom about it.
The question is whether
we can get the contract or not.
What ifwe get it?
We can get the cycle for
halfthe price and make a profit.
- Tell me the details.
- It is simple.
We'll quote the local price.
Which is about 4000 for a cycle?
But we'll buy it for less than 2000.
- How come?
- Thamba'cha...
You do know, that China has
the most cycles in the world.
But no one wants cycles there.
They all want cars and bikes.
Cycles don't sell because
no one buys them.
lfwe make the right moves, we'll
get it for the price we want.
-Are you talking about secondhand cycles?
- No, brand-new!
But they don't have
Iadies' cycles.
- We can't help it.
- That's alright.
lfwe manage to import them
duty free our profit goes up.
We'll highlight that
it's for tribal women.
- So that's 10,OOO... into
- Make it 4,OOO.
- Four crores.
-Yeah, four crores.
- Our share?
- Minimum two crores!
- l'll have to grease many palms.
- So what?
Where did you get these details?
He has lost interest in all this.
We'll pay him something.
l'll take care of that.
ls this for real?
What sort of a question
is that Thambacha?
Do you know anyone is China?
l know someone who's
studying there.
His friend's father
runs a ycle business.
That's how l came
to know about all this.
We'll need money to go
there and study the situation.
Yeah. Vey necessay.
You'll have to
arrange the money.
l've invested my money in
another business. It's tied up.
That's not possible.
We'll invest fiRy-fifty.
l brought the project, right?
So, consider my
commission as my share.
From now on l'll have
to deal with eveything.
What if l ask you
for a commission?
Think about that.
Look, they'll begin work
only ifwe give an advance.
We'll need money. Oryou should
bring someone who has money.
But your share
will go down.
You'll even be slowly
removed from this business.
Hey! Wash it properly.
You won't hurt it.
We can give him a cheque.
But that's not the problem.
- He needs a guarantee.
- Of course.
lt's not a big deal of money.
Why's he asking for propertyocuments?
- Then look for someone else.
-Who else?
We have Mortuay Shaji...
then there's Ismu.
Yeah. Only they'll be ready
to deal without any guarantee.
- l can't ask Ismu.
-Why? Do you owe him anything?
- No.
- Then leave it.
- l have an idea.
l can give a cheque and
sign a stamp paper.
Babukutty said you could
put in a word for me.
What can l say?
There's no point.
l just need it for
six months. l'm vey sure.
That's not enough.
They should also feel sure.
The thing about Shaji and
Ismu is that they're sure.
They know howto
get their money back.
Hey, l'm hungy.
l've otherthings to do.
l'm hungy(ln Hindi).
What have you decided?
How old is he?
The elephant.
-Wait. l'm also coming.
Give me the key. l'll drop you
where your cab comes.
-And l'll leave put the scooter back.
No. l can't walk all that
distance in the evening.
Even getting an autorikshaw
is impossible.
DearAnumol, l have an emergency.
l'll return it by afternoon.
Where'll you leave the key?
- l'll take the duplicate.
- It's somewhere in the cupboard.
- l don't have the time.
- That's ok. l'll look for it.
-Aren't you having breakfast?
- No Ma!
- What happened?
- He needs the scooter.
Howwill you go then?
He's saying something
about dropping me...
at the company stop and
returning the scooter.
This is the one right?
Give me the helmet.
Please don't return it
without any petrol.
Sheesh! Would anyone
do such a thing?
lfthe petrol finishes, l'll
Ieave it at that point. Okay?
- Didn't she have breakfast?
- No.
He was pestering her!
-Where's he going so early?
- No idea!
Hope he's not out
to rob someone.
You should ty talking
to Kunjumon again.
You know how many
times l've tried!
Remember what he told
Kunjumon the last time?
That was a while back.
He's probably changed his mind.
Let's leave it to chance.
May be his is the right path.
This is the house.
-Aren't you coming in?
- No, Sir.
- It's better that l don't come.
They won't feel free
to talk with me around.
-You go.
- Ok.
l've sent him in.
l'll wait outside.
Okay, okay.
Parameswara Panickar Sir?
My father's not well.
Is it about the elephant?
- Come in, sit down.
- He's been taken for a bath.
-Will it be long?
No! no!
Are the documents all clear?
- My father is up-to-date.
- Do you have a micro chip?
Eveything except a
pollution certificate.
Take a look at the elephant first.
We'll discuss all this later.
Come on!
Here. This is our guy!
Can l take a photo?
Yeah you can...
but be careful.
Shake your tusk and smile!
Dad bought him at an auction from
the forest department when he was mo.
He has been with
us ever since then.
Has caused us lots oftrouble.
Right, Rajesh?
We're both the same age.
Rajesh, tell him
about his qualities.
He is very gracious.
Look at his body!
Look at how long the trunk is.
Come touch the trunk and see!
So, what are you expecting?
Nothing less than 85.
It's in great demand.
How is he? Calm?
He has behaved well
for some time now. Vey gentle.
Hos he otherwise?
He has chewed up
three people.
- Chewed up?
- Sory! Stamped and killed.
l don't beat or correct
him any more.
He's scared of even my shadow!
- He's killed three people?
- That was 15 years ago.
So what?
What's his name?
Chunkapura Raghavan.
Haven't you heard of him?
l know people who
would agree for 50 or 60.
But l've already said..
We won't give him for less than 85.
We expect 90 though.
This elephant is quite unique.
Rajesh, go chain him.
Are you done?
Follow me.
Follow me like my shadow.
Sit down.
l'll ty my best.
But l don't think anyone
would agree to your price.
But it is worth that price.
You just saw it.
People also look
into an elephant's histoy.
An elephant's price is
not decided based on that.
- People will look into eveything.
- No one looks into these things.
l'll try anyway.
You'll have to pay a
service charge now. Just Rs.500.
Afterthe sale, you'll have
to pay us a 20/o commission.
- Only ifwe get that price.
-Whatever the price be.
lfthe sale happens through
us you'll have to pay us 20/o.
That's how it works.
What about the
elephant's accessories?
-What do you mean?
- l mean, the elephant's accessories.
Only the chain and the
rope. That's all.
What about the Mahout's tools?
The hook, the knife and the like?
Clients will ask me.
That's why.
What about the forehead-ornament...
...the ornamental fan and all?
But that's all rented!
Oh yeah, okay...
l was just asking.
Just in case...
- Who's the owner?
- My dad.
He's down with a viral fever.
That's why he isn't here.
l need to buy some
lime and jaggey.
l'm vey hungy.
-When's the next festival?
- The season's over.
The elephant-festival's
are coming up.
Some inaugurations too.
Please give me 150.Rs.
To buy betel leaf.
Oh God!
500 Rs.
Proceed only if the price is ok.
We're not in a hury.
We're in a hury.
Shouldn't delay such things!
Am l right?
Ok then.
-Are you going to buy this elephant?
- Do you really need to?
-Why not?
lt's not good to keep at home.
What do you mean?
Soon aRer it was brought here,
Sir died of a heart-attack.
-Which Sir are you talking about?
- That girl's father.
The girl you spoke to now.
l'm talking about herfather.
But... she said her father
was lying inside with fever.
She's lying. There is no one
there. She's all alone.
l know it.
But she said that the elephant is
registered in her father's name.
Sir, there's no elephant there.
lt's not an elephant.
It's just a soul.
Who? Raghavan?
Could you hearthe chain's
sound when he walked?
Think about it.
You won't hear it.
You can't hear it.
- Look again.
- No, no.
l'm telling you the truth.
l'm sure about it.
There are many things that
we don't understand in life.
We won't understand
when we're alive.
Even l understood
only after death.
-ARer whose death?
- My death!
- Let me go.
- l'm also coming.
Sir, Sir...
Can l tell you something.
l want to tell
you something. Sir!
Stop there, Sir.
Stop, elephant!
Stop elephant, elephant!
Who's it?
- Isn't this Sibi's house?
- Can you please call him?
- He's not here.
ls he in town?
lt's been mo days
since he left.
Are you his father?
Where are you from?
Who's it?
They've come to see Sibi.
ls this yourwife?
Your daughter works
at Star Computers?
ls this a cross-examination?
l told you Sibi is not here.
- l've understood.
- Then please leave.
Tell him that Ismu had come.
Tell him the name correctly.
Tell it correctly.
Look at me.
So what's my name?
Say it.
Won't you say it?
lsmu. Say it.
- Say it, you swine!
- Ismu.
Yeah... when your son returns,
tell him this correctly.
Dude, these guys are
from the underworld.
Was he insane to borrow
money from them?
lt's not a small amount.
He has borrowed 1 lakh.
Plus there's interest.
Does he know
they went home?
- His phone is switched off as always.
-Yeah right.
- Is his father taking it to the police?
- That's what he says.
Anyway the police
won't do a thing.
- He won't listen.
- Does he knowwhat it's about?
He knom something's
wrong. That's all.
l'll call you back.
Someone's at the door.
- Have you heard?
Oh that!
They mistook me for someone else.
Ismu called and apologized profusely.
- That's not what people are saying.
-Who are these people?
Your father is planning to
take it to the police.
Have you called home?
Eveyone's frightened.
These guys are trouble.
l'm telling you.
Why do you mix with them?
You betterty getting out of it.
They'll come for you again.
lt could then be worse than this.
- So?
- Do something quickly.
There's only one thing to do.
Return the money.
l don't have it.
That's the problem.
Next they'll go for your sister.
No. They won't.
l know howthese
guys operate.
We have recovey teams in our
bank. l deal with them eveyday.
They'll stop at nothing
to get their money back.
- What's to be done?
- Depends on you.
What do you think the
underworld will do to me?
l'm leaving.
Going home?
No. l don't feel like it.
Then why the hell
are you going?
l need to.
Do you have enough money?
Do you want some?
Why? Do you have
Don't talk nonsense!
Do you want some money or not?
Dude, eveyone needs money.
That's all?
l thought you were
getting me out of debt.
You better get out of debt soon...
oryou'll be working in your old age.
Haven't worked now...
forget about old age.
l'll call you.
Selling an elephant
is not easy.
We're not good at it it.
l've enquired thoroughly.
There are people who will help.
They'll take care of eveything.
We needn't wory.
Son, don't teach the Pope
howto give communion!
Please help me.
l need the money.
Please help.
You won't make any money
unless the sale happens.
l can't do it.
Look for someone else.
- Let me do one thing.
- Let me come there?
-Why would you come here?
- l'll tell you once l come.
- Tell me what the matter is.
l'll tell you once l come.
Why can't you tell me
on the phone?
lt'll be clearer
if l come there.
Eveything is quite clear.
There's no confusion.
Please Bhai...
What is it you want?
l want to meet you now.
Why are you putting on such airs?
- Come overthen.
- l'm coming right away.
Don't vanish.
What's to come will come
even Ifwe lay a trap on the way.
-Who are you tying to trap?
- Shut up!
The guy who showed us
the gem's photo?
Didn't we pay him o that day?
- Did he approach us... or?
- He approached us.
Anyway we do need help there.
This guy is sure
to stay for a while.
That we can't be sure of!
He's in a soup.
He will stay.
-ls it?
An old house in
the midst of a thick forest.
No people around,
no phone and no electricity.
Do you have the guts
to stay there alone?
Well not completely alone.
What ifyou have
some company there?
l'm not scared.
That's what l'm saying.
You won't be completely alone.
Assume there's another
person there.
Where's this place, Sir?
We bought it recently.
lt was a well maintained plantation.
From the time ofthe king.
Mlamade Palace.
lt's completely run down now.
lt needs restoring.
Can you do it?
l'll do it, Sir.
Who's that calling?
He's calling for the raR.
l was hoping you
guys were here.
- There's no use sticking around here.
- Why? Not enough fish?
Hardly any.
- Don't you have another oar?
- It's Ok. l'll row.
Hey, l hope there's some
rice to eat? l'm starving.
Been eating this
fortwo days now.
l'm out of grain.
What's that?
We've been in Pullumala
forthe last 10-12 days.
-You knowSajeevan Sir?
He brought two foreigners.
They had two guns and mo porters.
Six people
including me.
They wanted deermeat but
we could get only this beef.
We roasted it.
They took most of it.
The rest we threw in the forest.
The other day wild dogs
caught a deer here.
We chased the dogs away
and grabbed the deer's leg.
-You should've taken it all.
- One leg is more than enough for us.
We left some forthe dogs.
No wonderyou guys never prosper.
- Hey Naayo, what's up?
- Nothing much.
Oh God! Who's this?
What happened?
lt's Balan. Something bit
him in the forest.
His whole body was itching.
We've applied medicine.
The itching won't subside
if he sits like this.
We've put a leaf paste.
He needs to sweat it out.
He'll be alright when
the poison subsides.
- Balan, is the poison subsiding?
- l'm fine.
Get well soon!
l've brought you all something.
Give me a little
and take the rest.
- What's this?
- Some beef.
No, no.
We'll be in trouble if
someone finds out.
- They're waiting for a reason.
- But no one will come this way.
Can never say.
Please take this away.
Alright then.
Nothing good is meant
for your lot, anyway.
Hey Kanna,
give me some rice.
Could you take
me to Mlamade Palace?
Thankacha, do you
want to go to Mlamade?
Why don't you go?
- l don't have a spare-tyre.
- Ifyou're lazy, just say so.
He'll take you, Sir.
- How much is it to Mlamade palace?
- It's just called a Palace.
lt's a bad road.
Will cost you 600 bucks.
- Howmany kms from here?
-We don't calculate by kms.
lt's a reasonable rate.
-You want to be dropped there?
Then get in.
This is the palace.
Pillecha, you have a guest.
- Isn't he here?
- He must be somewhere around.
Must have gone to
Cheenkannipara to buy stuff.
Where's that?
Where you came from...
that's ''Cheenkannipara city''.
- But we didn't see him on the way.
- He probably walked through the forest.
- Forest?
- Yeah, that's easier.
So Pillechan doesn't
knowthat you're coming?
Don't wory. He'll be
back soon. l'm off.
Wait. Does he
have a mobile phone?
l don't know
Don't wory, Sir.
l'll send him back
quickly if l see him.
Shall l leave then?
l think l'll also come with you.
What if he doesn't come back?
We don't know.
What if he comes
back while we're on the way?
That's what l meant.
Sir, what should l do?
l'll also come along.
l'll stay in a lodge tonight
and come back tomorrow.
The only Lodge is at Pothupara or
at Mallipetti near Tamil Nadu.
- Isn't there a lodge in Cheenkannipara?
-Who comes here, Sir?
Shall l leave then?
Ok Sir.
Hey please give me
your mobile number.
- But you don't get any signal here.
- l'll manage.
Alright then.
Look who's here!
Where were you?
He was about to leave.
-Who's that?
- Don't you kno
Who's Balan Pillai?
Then who's Pillechan?
That's also me.
Who are you, Sir?
l'll tell you.
But get me a cup of tea first.
Don't you have any manners.
Pick up my bag.
l already knew about
the transfer of property.
But l didn't knowthat l'd been
sold along with the property.
Have you understood what's
written in that document?
- Keep it. l've another copy.
Do you have any doubts?
Even if l have, l can ask you.
You're going to be around.
Can we get some workers here?
To do what?
To clean up this place.
It can't remain dirty like this.
l'll cleanup a room
foryou to sleep in.
We don't need anyone for cleaning.
After all, l've looked afterthis
place alone all these years.
- Will you have gruel tonight?
-Why? Do you have it evey night?
lt's easy to cook.
That's why.
You didn't inform me that you're coming.
l would've cooked something nice.
How is that possible? Think about it. l
myselfwould've had to come and tell you!
That's the problem.
We're so cut off
from the outside world.
ls this teak?
Yes, teak.
lt's damn costly.
See, all this is teak.
My goodness!
It's all teak!
How long have you been here?
Swami's father brought
me here as a kid.
Would be about
60 years ago.
That's a long time!
l've been through a lot.
But l somehow made it till here.
The money dried up
after Swami took ill.
His children don't bother.
There's been no
electricity for 2 years.
They don't even send me
enough money to pay the bills.
You must have seen those
weak tea plants outside.
l survive with the money
l get from selling them.
-Who do you have at home?
- Right now it's only myself and you, Sir.
Dinner's ready. Tell me
when it's time to serve.
So early?Are you hungy?
- l've eaten.
- Oh.
Why are you
standing there?
l usually don't step out after dark.
Why's that?
- It's surrounded by forest, right?
-Yeah dense forest.
lt's a historical forest.
l'll take you for a walk
around in the morning.
Do you get to see
elephants and tigers here?
Yeah we do.
They don't bother us.
But it's not the animals
that we should fear.
Then what should we fear?
Lots of things!
A lot of blood has been shed in
this place. You'll understand slowly.
- Balan Pillai...
- Do you knowwhy l've come here?
-You've told me.
The plan is to
restore this place and...
make it hospitable for people to come
and stay and see the forest.
Our guests are happy!
And we make our money!
- Do you understand?
lfyou spread these scay stories,
business will be affected.
That's not what l meant.
The stoy is well known
around here. It's not only me.
Whose blood?
What are you talking about?
Long ago, when Tipu's
army was entering,
our king needed to hide his
gold and other possessions.
He struck a deal with Madurai Nayakkar,
to move 101 loads of gold to Tamil Nadu.
The plan was to
carry it through this forest.
Thejourney is 4-5 days by foot.
101 tribals, porters and
some soldiers set off.
Not one was seen afterthat.
Legend goes, that the porters were
beheaded, 8the gold hidden in the forest.
The ones who beheaded
the tribals also disappeared.
- So what about the gold?
- They say it's in the forest.
101 loads of gold!
That's hell of a lot.
Anyway it's just a stoy!
The numbers can be as we please.
No, this is notjust a stoy.
There's historical evidence.
Find out ifyou want to.
What's this place?
Even if it were true, someone must
have taken away the gold long time ago.
No one has touched it.
It's still there.
You mean, It's still lying
there after all these years?
Lots of people have
gone looking.
- None have returned.
The treasure is
guarded even today.
- By whom?
- 101 headless tribals.
That's why it's called Thalakaani.
Get me some water, Balan Pillai.
Balan Pillai!!!
- What happened, Sir?
-Where were you?
l was making your
bed. What happened, Sir?
l wanted some water.
Anyway, never mind.
lt's vey cold outside.
l'll sit inside.
- Isn't Pillechan here?
- No. Anything urgent?
No. l just dropped in
while passing by.
He'll be late.
Thankachan told me
about you.
l live near Cheenkannipara.
The name is Stalin.
You're starting a resort here?
-A resort? Who told you?
- l heard.
l'm willing to take people
around the forest.
We're not starting a resort.
Just something small.
No on knom about this place.
People will flow in
ifthey know.
-What do you do, Stalin?
- l don't have a permanentjob.
But you said you take
people around the forest.
l was brought up here.
So l knowthe place well.
We live depending
on the forest.
Let me knowwhen you're free.
We'll take a walk around.
The sceney around here is great for
photography. Do you have a camera?
- No l don't.
-A mobile phone will do.
There's no signal
for my phone here.
Balan Pillai walked me up the
mountains and still no signal.
What connection do you have?
Is it BSNL?
- Pillechan has no idea.
You need to go on
top ofthat mountain.
You'll get signal there.
Do you want to go no
l'll take you.
There's no electricity.
l haven't charged my phone.
Here, put your sim card into
my phone. It's fully charged.
lt's old
But vey clear.
Do one thing, write eveything
down on a piece of paper.
When the MD comes,
you can tell him directly.
l'm noting down eveything.
l'm not asking for too much.
But at least 2-3 people
should be able to stay here.
The bathroom is a problem.
And the electricity.
The MD will be here
after the 8th.
Call me ifyou need
anything before that.
l've been tying to
call you since l got here.
- There's no signal.
- How did you get signal no
By luck.
- Go to Muthalapara and call.
- Not Muthalappara. Cheenkannipara.
Have to walk 2 hours
to get there.
Dear son, where there's a will
there's a way.
l'll take care of it.
What about this month's salay?
- Hello...
- Hello!
- Can you hear me?
- It's gone.
- Gone!
You lost signal?
- l'm glad l could talk.
-Are you done?
The signal comes from there.
It is lost vey easily.
ls that Tamil Nadu?
That's all Tamil Nadu.
One can reach Tamil Nadu
through the forest, that way.
lt a 34 day walk.
- So where do you sleep at night?
- In the forest.
-ls it?
- Have you been there?
- l've been to evey forest here.
-Why do you go?
- People have different needs.
- Do you want to go?
- l don't want to go without a reason.
lt's easy here. The Forest
department doesn't bother us.
-What can they do?
- They don't permit anyone in.
- Don't you knowthat?
- Hmm.
That's not a problem here.
We can go where we want.
Can we go to Thalakaani?
Haven't you heard of it?
lt's true. He has
been to evey forest.
- But...
- But what?
- He's ajinx.
His mother, Thookkupalam Thankamani
is quite famous around these parts.
But no one knom
who his father is.
How can that be his fault?
l was just saying.
l've had enough.
Balan Pillai...
l casually asked
Stalin about Thalakaani.
- What did he say?
- He seemed uninterested.
That's what l said.
No one goes there.
He's pretending to be scared.
He changed his mind as soon as he
realized that it won't work with me.
Now he's willing to go anytime.
- Did he say so?
You're new here.
What if he takes you to some
mountaintop and say it's Thalakaani.
You'll have to believe it.
It's not a place for men to go.
Why would you
want to go there?
l want to see ifyour
stories are true.
Why would l lie?
So there's a lot of
gold in Thalakaani.
Why not go and see?
Remember, you're not the first
one to get this idea.
People have tried before.
l personally know of an incident.
Didn't want to scare
you with these stories.
Success comes only after
a series offailure, right?
Even a tiger makes a kill
only after tying and failing ten times.
l was talking
about human beings.
Tell me when
it's time for dinner.
Tipu died in the year 973.
We've got a palm leaf
from 3 years before that.
ln 970.
lt clearly states that grain
for 101 soldiers and porters,
will be sent to a nearby temple,
and was not to be used by anyone else.
Are you a Hindu?
No, no.
You're not allowed
to enter the temple.
l could've showed you
the leaf. It's still there.
So it's a true stoy.
So is the treasure still there?
The gold was safely carried
from here. We have proof.
But it didn't reach anywhere.
So we can be sure
that it was lost in the forest.
ls the stoy
about Thalakaani true?
Tribals tell that stoy.
It must be true.
lt's where their ancestors
were betrayed and murdered.
They still don't go there.
They don't even utter the name.
lt's completely forbidden!
l'm sure something
big happened there.
- Many people died.
- Have you been there?
Why do you want to go?
You're not interested
in this, are you?
- Intesrseted in what?
- The treasure in the forest.
What if it's true?
l don't have such desires.
Nonsense! Eveyone has desires.
They just don't say it!
l'm happy as l am.
l don't want anything more.
Balan Chetta!
What a pleasant surprise!
Where are you coming from?
l was wandering about here, so
thought of coming and visiting you.
Who is that?
He's our new manager.
Manager? But why?
Someone else bought
this place recently.
When Swami passed away,
his children sold it.
-When did Swami pass away?
- It's over a year now.
So l've to get his permission
to stay here no
Don't wory. Come.
lt's alright. Come on dear.
She's an old guest.
Hi, l'm Sameera.
l come here often.
l guessed, when
you barged in.
N4 name is Sibi.
l didn't knowabout the changes.
That's why. l'm sory.
That's alright.
You're our first guest.
Right, Balan Pillai?
Balan Chetta, there are
some groceries in the vehicle.
- Could you please bring it in?
N4 plan is to renovate
and restore this place.
You'll have to put up with
it this one more time.
There'll be more facilities
the next time you visit.
That means l'll have
to pay next time.
You needn't pay this time.
Where will she sleep?
She used to sleep in
the room you're using now.
- But you've taken it now.
- Then l'll move out.
That's not necessay, Sir.
She's not bothered.
She'll sleep anywhere.
There's a lot of space here.
She won't be here for long.
Please ask her if
she needs the room.
Forget it. You needn't
move from there.
l knewyou would
be a photographer.
- l'm not a photographer.
- Really?
l'm neither a photographer
nor a researcher nor a scientist.
Don't wory.
So you'rejust a
nature lover like me.
l am a...
- Can hearthe elephants..
-Where? Outside?
Yeah... somewhere on
the opposite mountain.
Yeah. It was a distant sound.
Wow! This is cool.
Eveything sounds dierent.
Do you hear something?
Not really.
What did you say earlier?
Jungee... junglee?
Does it mean you
go into the forest?
Sheesh! l was just kidding.
l really wish to go to the forest.
What's the big deal?
You can go anytime.
But l need someone with me.
- Balan Chettan's there right?
- No way!
How about putting in an Ad in a
newspaper asking for a companion.
You're sure to find someone.
My goodness!
Are you going to sleep here?
- l love it here.
- No. No. You should sleep inside.
- Don't be scared.
- l'm not scared.
There's a lot of room inside.
Don't sleep alone.
Hey! Wait! Wait, Wait!
Are you worried because
l'm sleeping alone?
Then you sleep here too.
l have one more sleeping
bag. Do you want it?
We can look up at the sky and stars
and sleep. Do you want to sleep here?
l don't want you
to sleep alone.
l'll just tell Balan Pilla and come.
Get me some water.
We're sleeping outside.
Just forfun.
lt'll be vey cold outside.
You go to sleep.
Just shut the door, don't lock it.
-Are there mosquitos?
-We won't feel it because we're outside.
- Here! Rub this on.
- No, mosquitoes don't bite me.
They bite you.
But you don't know it.
ls this the first time
you're sleeping outside?
l've slept on the church
ground during festival.
Where's your church?
Paiga RC church in Pala.
Do you know it?
No, no. l was just asking.
-What do you think about our project.
- Do it well.
Of course.
l'm hoping you'll hep me.
We need a USP.
We should give the
guests a new experience.
We're aiming at high-end clients.
We'll charge them 10,OOO and above.
But there should be good facilities.
We're looking for foreigners.
They should feel adventurous.
We'll take them trekking,
and bird watching.
They'll be happy.
That's the plan.
l hope you'll help me.
l hope you'll help me.
- What happened, Sir?
-You've not gone to bed?
l warned you it will
be cold outside.
She's used to it.
But you're not.
l came to tell you something.
You need to go to
Just tell me when
to go. Okay?
Has the resort been named?
Don't come there using my name.
l knowyou're coming to see him.
-You want to give me a bad name?
- l thought l'd give you some publicity.
Things are going well now.
You needn't come there
for the sake of my publicity.
Why are you angy with me?
As if l've made a big mistake.
Look l've to shave my beard
before Chandran closes shop.
But he doesn't open
his shop on Tuesdays.
Today's Tuesday?
Yesterday was Monday.
So today is Tuesday.
Have you set out
to ruin my day?
You'll tire yourself out
walking up to there!
Getting in my way unnecessarily!
When l knowtoday's a beautiful Wednesday.
Drink it while it's warm.
You'll feel better after you sweat.
You're not used to
sleeping in the cold.
-Aren't you going to Cheenkannipara?
- l've already been.
- Did you do it?
- Do what?
- Then why did you go?
-You asked me to go.
l had a shave as well.
Take this too.
Sleep for a while more.
Take one more tablet aRer lunch.
He's not fit forthese things.
He's planning to go to Thalakaani.
l didn't want to tell you.
- How did he come to know about it?
- Everyone knom it.
Even l told him.
There's a reckless guy nearby.
He's the one who's persuaded him.
lf he asks you, tell him
that you don't know anything.
Let's also not talk about it.
He looks like a harmless guy.
May be.
He's ambitious.
But not capable of anything.
Look at him lying there.
Some people are like that.
''Far off
In a dark-blue land''
''Does honey drip
from the nightingale's song?''
''Far off
In a dark-blue land''
''Does honey drip
from the nightingale's song?''
''At the bottom of high mountains where
Chains of clouds descend into the forest''
''Are there wild honey flowers?''
''Within the limits ofthe
dark silent sky''
''Within the limits''
''ln the path that has
never had a footprint''
''ln that path''
''Who are you searching for?
Who is it?''
''Desires that fly like a feather''
''Far off
In a dark-blue land''
''Does honey drip
from the nightingale's song?''
''A head full of
life's intoxication''
''An eye-lash
full of unknown thirst''
''The chariot ofthe mind
wandering constantly''
''Day and night''
''Hey wanderer,
Come let's go''
''Who are you searching for?
Who is it?''
''Desires that fly like a feather''
''Far off
In a dark-blue land''
''Does honey drip
from the nightingale's song?''
Hey look! What we discussed
yesterday is in the newspaper.
''Those interested in
traveling in a forest kindly contact.''
''Young people with forest travel
experience will be considered''
''Apply by e-mail with a photograph''
Show me.
l would apply ifyou put an ad.
Why don't you ty?
- l was just kidding that day.
-Alright then!
Are you serious about it?
You crack a lot ofjokes.
What does this mean?
Call me Sameera.
Tell me.
Sameera, are you serious
orjust teasing me?
What do you think?
l'd like to go.
- Will you come with me?
lt's a dense forest.
Have you heard of Thalakaani?
Come here.
Spotted deer.
lt's the first time l'm
seeing them here.
l haven't seen them in a long time.
They're rare.
lt's a good omen.
- Have you heard of Mareejan?
-Who's that?
-What about you, dear?
- No.
Spotted deer are
also called Mareejan.
lt's from the Ramayanam.
Haven't you heard of it?
Balan Chetta, where is Thalakaani?
l haven't been there.
It's far away.
No one goes there, dear.
l like going to places
where no one goes.
Another Mareejan!
lt'll take us 3 days
to get to Paandipath.
After camping there we can
go anywhere we want.
- Howfar is Thalakaani from Paandipath?
- Not vey far.
- Then let's camp out at Thalakaani.
- No Sir.
Paandipath is a better
place to spend the night.
- Water is easily available there.
- We need water.
That's what l'm saying.
So that's 6 days to and fro.
You decide howmany more
days you want to stay.
We can't say that without
seeing the place.
54 days.
We'll have to cary food.
We'll buy eveything.
Don't wory.
Things can be bought.
But howwill we cary it all?
l knowa boy.
We'll take him along.
- l don't want many people.
-We need people.
lt's hard to
cary such a load.
There won't be anyone
to help in the forest.
-Who's the boy?
- He stays nearby.
Do we need to cary all this?
Won't we get anything in the forest?
- Ifyou have a gun.
- That's not what l meant.
-What about fruits or vegetables?
-You'll knowwhen you get there.
There forest holds eveything.
But nothing's within our reach.
Forget it.
Howmuch grain
do you think we'll need?
Five people,
about 1 kg per meal.
That'll be a lot.
- There's something else we need too.
- Money!
- Of course we need money.
- Of course.
Who's this lady?
Sir, l've somehowconvinced her.
She's an accredited international
scout for nature tourism.
She discovers tourist spots
and tells tourist companies.
lf she writes on the internet there'll
be no stopping the tourists.
lt will benefit us.
- But why do you need 25 thousand?
- It will cost that much.
We should have an idea
about the money.
The sleeping bags and tents that
we buy nowcan be used again.
So it's as an investment.
We need to pay a guide,
lt will cost that much.
- Is there any chance?
- That l'll have to ask her.
That's not what l meant.
Will it reach people
through the internet?
- Of course.
- Then go get it done.
Come here!
Hope you're not planning
to chill out at our expense.
- Never.
- Okay.
11 15 17 19 21 ...,
11, 15, 17, 19, 21...
This is 25.
That's what you asked for.
-What about your commission?
You don't want it?
Note it down in my account.
l'll collect it later.
No. No.
You must keep it.
Get offwith you.
Playing around!
-Whom is this medicine for?
-Your mom is sick.
She was at Pulikkan's for a week.
There's a lot of medicine.
lsn't it available there?
lt's cheaper here.
Then you should've
asked Anumol to come.
- She has to go to work.
- Then you should've asked Santhosh.
He is busy with his wedding.
Moreover he's not the one
who should be doing all this.
l'll come back aftertwo days.
Someone came home
Iooking foryou again.
Who? Ismu?
l returned his money.
- How much did you give him?
- Forget it.
Let that not keep
you away now.
l'll come.
Cary on!
Don't waste your time.
We could drop him if he's
going in the same direction.
No. He's going another way.
Let's go.
Siby, when did you
join Mlamade?
12th of last month.
Where were you
working before that?
Before that...
''The musical instrument of the wind''
''Played the music''
''The mountain-range is here with
An array of trees waving hands''
''Little birds are here
Stretching their dark eyes''
''When tender sunlight
dresses a flower with bangles''
''The mind turns into a river''
''Playing the music''
''The sky becomes the shore''
''Come, come,
come here slowly''
''The wind hums in the ear''
''Searching for a way
through this land''
''Seeking distances
that are out of sight''
''lnside the row oftrees
Lies a garden''
''Where a dream's precious mountain-spring,
searches for sight.''
''The musical instrument of the wind''
''Played the music''
''The day flew like a buttely
to reach the sky all alone''
''The sight is fogged by the snow
But burning desires are along''
''On forest-creepers,
Moonlight wrote the truth''
''The night departs
For the day to break''
''The musical instrument of the wind''
''Played the music''
Let's climb this last mountain.
We're almost there.
l want to rest for 5 minutes.
lt's only a small distance away. There's
a good place to sit down over there.
Why, will we get chairs
over there?
No. ARer this mountain,
it's downhill.
- l'm scared to see a downhill walk.
We'll have to climb up
on the way back.
No, there are other
ways to get back.
That doesn't matter.
All downhills have uphills.
- Take it easy, Sir.
- l will!
There's a lot oftime.
Hey, give me some water.
- Howmuch longer?
- Only Stalin Chettan knows.
Comrade Stalin!
Come here.
How much longer to
Paandipath from here?
You've been making
us walk for a long time.
Look there.
Do you see that fork in the hill?
Paandipath is right below it.
- Come here.
Howfar is Thalakaani from here?
We need to set up
things here first.
Yeah right.
l was just wondering.
We should gather
some firewood.
Sure. By then
we'll set things up here.
Hey come on!
Cary that axe too.
-Where are you going?
- l'll just be back.
- l'll come with you.
- Sheesh! Don't be shameful!
They sound as ifthey are
chopping down the entire forest?
Leave it to them.
Hos he?
Our comrade.
What do you think?
Nothing much.
He doesn't reveal vey much.
Seems secretive about eveything.
He's not the only one
who is secretive.
That's okay. Eveyone
has their own interests.
What do you mean?
You never told me
about the treasure.
How did you come to kno
l know it.
l didn't want to scare
you by talking about it.
l thought l'd tell you
after we got here.
l wasn't sure what you'd think.
That's why.
l never meant to hide anything.
lt's not nice when you come to
know ofthings through other people.
That's what l meant.
Does Stalin kno
Don't wory.
l'll deal with him.
Don't forget.
We need his help for eveything.
lt's okay, Sir.
l'm ready to do my best.
But if you'd told me earlier, we could've
organized one or two otherthings.
- Like what?
- No use talking about it now.
- Tell me what it is.
- It's a waste of time.
Ok, forget it then.
lfwe all ty sincerely,
It will work out.
Am l right?
Let's see.
- l've heard such stories before.
- But this is different.
- There are eye-witnesses.
Aaramkallu Murugan.
That's how he lost his mind.
-Where's he no
- He put his head under a train.
He was kept in a mortuay
for a week without a head.
-Where did his head go?
- No one knom.
No one could recognize him.
So they buried him there itself.
Then howdid they
know it's him?
People know.
-Are you scared?
- Scared ofwhat?
Are you scared by such stories?
l'll cross that bridge
when l come to it.
Kanna, are you scared?
The only person he is
scared of is Stalin.
No way! He's
not what you think.
We leave for Thalakaani
in the morning, right?
How long does
it take from here?
Thalakaani is not
one particular place.
The whole area is
called Thalakaani.
l see!
Do we really need to
return by nightfall?
Of course we have to.
Let's forget about everything.
lfwe don't find the treasure we'll
Iook at it as a fun trip in the forest.
Hard to say.
Luck matters.
No one's found it till now.
That's why we're trying. Why would
we ty if someone else had found it.
How many crores
do you think it's worth?
Anyway you mark my words. We won't
Ieave this forest empty-handed.
That treasure is
written in my stars.
Shall we go?
lt's an inauspicious time now.
Wait till 7.30.
At least eat. There's no
good or bad time for that.
l'm coming!
This is for lunch.
Where are the eggs?
- In the bag.
- Didn't you boil them?
-You didn't tell me.
- Have you to be told eveything?
-You're staying back here, right?
- Let him also come.
He has certain beliefs.
We can't force him to come.
What's his problem?
His folks don't go to Thalakaani.
They say people are transformed
when they return from there.
ls this true?
Yeah. Let him stay back.
lt's good to have
someone here. Right?
-Are you scared to be alone?
- No.
There's nothing to be
scared of. We'll be back by evening.
Do you knowanyone
who has transformed?
Leave him alone.
Eveyone has their own beliefs
like yours in inauspicious time.
Take a look.
Did you see something?
Not there.
Look here.
What's that?
We can see something there.
That's an Ubb.
-An Ubb?
-Yeah. Like a cave.
There are so many.
Shall we go and see?
Let me take a look.
What the hell is he saying?
lt's a bear's den!
- Did you see the bear?
- It's inside.
Will it come outside?
We can't be sure, Sir.
It's a senseless animal.
Let's not stand here.
Let's go.
Sameera! Listen to me.
It's dangerous.
Don't make such a noise.
lt probably won't
come out till nightfall.
Then why are we standing here?
Come let's go.
Why are you panicking?
We don't get to see bears everyday.
Why would you want to see a bear eveyday?
Anyway, have we come here to see a bear?
- Have we?
- No.
Let's go find the treasure.
The bear can wait.
Let's leave.
Sameera, hury up!
-What's that noise?
-What noise?
lt's coming from nearby.
ls it a bear?
Bears won't come as
Iong as the fire's burning.
Let's add some more firewood?
This will do. It will
Iast till morning.
Siby, go to sleep
for God's sake!
l heard a strange noise.
Did you hear it?
Or, was itjust a feeling?
Afeeling for no reason?
You better watch out.
Where are they?
-Are you making coee?
What do you do here
alone during the day?
Heard that you got into a
bear's den yesterday?
Luckily we escaped.
l heard a noise last night.
Was it a bear?
- That's not a bear.
- Did you hear it also?
What was it?
l don't know.
lt's sometimes heard at night.
Don't you knowwhat it is?
- Could it be an owl?
- No. No one knom what it is.
What could it be?
lt sounded like breath right?
Yeah! What's that?
l'm sure we came
this way yesterday.
-ls it?
Ask him, Sameera.
Why don't you ask?
l'll ask.
Didn't we come this
way yesterday?
There are some places
IeR to see around here.
Why didn't you show
them to us yesterday?
You decided to
go to the Bear's den.
We should search this
place thoroughly.
This is a good sign.
Exactly what l said.
l don't think it has anything
to do with the treasure.
According to the stoy, the gold was
hidden during the time of Tipu Sultan.
That is not so long back.
About 200 years ago maybe.
These are at least
5000 years old.
So there's no connection.
l don't get your logic.
Think about it.
There are other places too.
- Other places?
Many more places around herel
You're sure to like them.
So you've come here before?
l haven't come here.
l've come nearby.
What do you mean
you didn't come here?
Why are you taking us to places
when you knowthere's nothing?
But l've never come here
Iooking for a treasure.
lt's a forest.
There are lots of reasons.
What are we here for no
We all know.
Why do you keep asking?
You once said you don't like going
to places where eveyone goes.
But that's exactly what
we're doing now.
- Didn't he like the place?
- Doesn't matter.
What's the problem?
Come, l'll tell you.
What's the point in going
to the same place eveyday?
He says that's the
only way to Thalakaani.
Only one way?
l doubt it.
We have to believe
him if he says so.
Why does he want us
back here evey night?
He told us that
in the beginning.
ls this the only place
in the forest with water?
Balan Pillai already
warned me about him.
Balan Pillai warned us of
many other things as well.
Why don't you talk to him?
Let's shift to another place.
- But there's a problem.
Kannan refuses to come there.
My dear Sameera,
they're cooking up stories!
That's it!
It's time to return.
There's still time left. We only
need to get back before nightfall.
That's not the point.
We need to find a way out.
- It won't work otherwise.
-You tell me.
You should talk to Kannan.
We can't do eveything
according to his convenience.
Can we go without Kannan?
Let him stay here.
lt's only a matter
of 2-3 days.
We can't leave him alone
at night. That's different.
You shouldn't have brought
him in the first place.
l had told you earlier.
Thalakaani is not for the night.
Let's do one thing.
Let's split into two.
Two of us will go. And one of
us will stay with Kannan.
Either l stay with Kannan
or you stay.
Let Stalin stay here.
We'll go.
That's not possible.
We need Stalin.
l don't mind staying here.
Do you want me to go?
Stay here ifyou want to rest.
Kannan will take care of you.
l'll go and come.
Please ask him once more.
What if he agrees to come.
Don't ask him again.
He won't come.
Then l'll go.
You stay here.
It's betterthat l go.
l don't want you to go alone.
l won't be alone.
There's Stalin.
No, Sameera!
l'll go.
Are you ready?
We'll go.
-Are you sure?
- Of course!
- It's betterthat l go.
- l'm not sure about that.
l wanted you to come.
But it's alright.
l'll go.
He's so excited.
ls there any fish?
- Did they ask you anything?
What did they ask?
She asked me if
l could go to Thalakaani.
- Didn't you say you won't go?
Then what did she say?
She said it's ok if l'm scared.
Someone will stay with me.
l wouldn't have come
ifyou'd told me earlier.
That's why l didn't tell you.
When are we going back?
We'll go after showing
him a few more places.
We'll be out of food by then.
- There's a lot of grain left.
- Don't you wory. We'll finish it.
Tell them you're also scared.
Why do you want to go there for nothing?
- It's not for nothing.
- This is all for nothing.
lt's your people that talk
about the treasure.
That may be true.
But no one can get it.
Our ancestors guard
it even today.
They'll rob us off
our Souls ifwe go there.
We'll return hollowmen.
- Who told you this?
- Kaali Uncle.
Must be some truth in it!
lt's ok.
He's not as bad as you think.
That's not the problem.
l wish you were with me.
When you find the treasure,
don't forget my share, okay?
Don't tease me.
l might even find it.
Have you read 'TheAlchemist'?
No. Why?
lt's about a man who
goes in search of a treasure.
And, does he find it?
l won't reveal the end.
He must not have found it.
That's why you thought of it now.
- That's not the reason.
- Then?
There's a mist in the stoy.
What's that?
He discovers something when he reaches
his destination aRer a long journey.
That the treasure lay
where his journey began.
Hey, take care of her.
We're going to have a terrific
time aRer you go. Right?
Alright then.
Bring us something special
when you come back.
One more thing...
Mark your path so that
you don't forget the way.
Take some photos too.
Don't risk your life for anything.
No treasure is worth your life.
-When will they come back?
- Leave it to them.
They might come tomorrow.
How do you know?
- Did Stalin tell you anything?
- No.
What will we do ifthey come
back with hollow bodies?
lt's a bison!
Costs 600 Rs. A kilo.
-We're looking for...
- Shhh!
What we're looking for costs
25 Lakh Rs per kilo.
Let's leave this and
Iook for that treasure.
Who did you say sawthe treasure?
-Aaramkallu Murugan.
-Where did he see it?
l don't know.
Could be in a cave.
They're usually good
to hide things.
l'm sure it will be in
a totally unexpected place!
Do you have any expectations?
What kind of a
question is that?
Sometimes l feel you're
not serious about it.
Howcan we not be serious?
We're risking our lives.
l'm notjoking.
You'll realize yourself soon.
Don't wory.
l've known her
since l was a kid.
Why are you blocking the way?
We need to cross.
Come on, move out.
Stalin, why the hell
did you do that?
She's harmless, Sir.
Just playing around.
Did you get scared?
Let's go.
Come on, Sir.
Are you tired?
Do you have more water?
l have some.
Look at this!
Do you understand?
- This is..--
- Look carefully.
-A knife?
- No, a sword!
lt's a part of an ancient
sword. Look at it!
We needn't go anywhere else!
We have arrived at our destination!
We're lucky! Or else
we wouldn't find it here.
This is awesome!!
We needn't look back again.
Let's praiseAaramkallu Murugan
and get moving!
Sir... Iet's go.
Go where?
This is the place!
You still don't believe me?
We'll stay here.
We can't stay here.
- There's a reason. Ty and understand!
- l have a reason too.
l don't care.
We'll stay here today.
Where are you going?
We need water and firewood.
lt's an elephant!
When are we going back?
We're not in any hury.
Let them return first.
lt's because ofyou. l would've
gone with them otherwise.
- Did you want to go?
- Of course!
l'm not scared like you.
l thought you didn't want to go.
Should we look forthem?
It's been so long.
Oh Siby! You scared
the hell out of us!
Come on. Drink!
Hope you remember
the way to Thalakaani.
Stalin knows.
No, l'm asking ifyou
knowthe way.
What's the matter?
Stalin won't come again.
He wants to leave
in the morning.
How's that possible?
How can we leave when
eveything has just fallen into place?
Leave it! There's no
point discussing it.
Can l tell you something?
Nowwe have a rough
idea about eveything.
Next time we'll come with
a proper plan. No confusion.
What's the confusion no
They say they want to leave.
Let them leave.
We should also go with them.
- Do you want to go?
-What else can we do?
We'll be out offood
after tomorrow.
Do you knowthe way back?
l don't know. How
will we go back?
ls that what you think?
Then you guys leave.
l'll come later.
Don't you understand? His plan is to
get rid of us and take the gold.
Stalin does not have the guts.
He said he'll never
go there again.
l'm not coming.
You guys can leave.
Why don't you understand?
l understand your concerns.
No you don't.
You don't understand anything.
That's why you talk like this.
Can l sleep please?
l didn't sleep a wink last night.
Neither did l.
He's lost his mind after finding that.
Tell him to throw it away.
Siby, it's extremely dangerous.
Why can't you understand?
We're not giving up.
We'll come back soon.
You won't be able to
survive here alone.
Come, let's go and come back.
l can't come without
finishing this, Sameera.
l've been 'surviving'
for too long now.
But why?
You might've forgotten.
But l remember it clearly.
You once asked me what l did
before joining Mlamade.
Shouldn't l be able to
reply at least now.
l don't want to say
that l was just 'surviving'.
l want to go.
You guys leave!
l'll come back.
Can we wait fortoday
and leave tomorrow?
What if he changes his mind?
l don't think he'll ever
change his mind.
You guys leave.
l'll contact you
after getting back.
lt's better to put it it back,
rather than throw it away.
Hey Kanna,
give me some water.
No. Keep it.
You lucky guy! You can now
go home without being scared.
-Where's your house?
-AtAaramkallu Murugan's.
So you knowAaramkallu Murugan?
Aaramkallu Murugan... was my father.
Where were you?
Did you see my elephant?
He goes missing in a flash.
What happened, Sir?
Work hard to get what you like.
lfyou don't like to work hard
you'll lose what you like.
Shall l go?
You look so tired.
Did you get the treasure?
Can you give
me some water?
Water only?
Don't you want the treasure?
Where can l get water?
The treasure lies in
the cave we're afraid to enter.
Haven't you heard that?
Do you want to ty?
Are you afraid?
''The lightning sparkles,
spills and scatters in the eyes''
''The lightning sparkles,
spills and scatters in the eyes''
''To awaken living beings''
''New paths appear before us''
''New paths appear before us
to swim across and reach beyond''
''Do paths extend so much?
Do paths fade so much?''
''Do nights hurt so much?
Do nights change so much?''
''You wandered in yourself
You realized yourself.''
''The tear drop kisses first
When one is born''
''lt reaches oneself like a passing breeze,
And slips before anyone sees''
-Which is the way to Cheenkannipara?
- Cheenkannipara?
lt's in Kerala.
- Can you drop me there?
- It's far away.
There's a bus at 10.15.
Take that.
How much should l pay you?
We've to take a permit at
the check-post. It'll be 3000 Rs.
Will you take this?