Carbone (2017) Movie Script

An Arabic proverb says that
only three things determine a man:
Authority, wealth and misfortune.
I had the luck and the accident
to know all three.
Or that's a good thing
or making a bad person ...
I only know that you have nothing to do with money
if you die.
Do you know how much VA every year disappears in this country?
Almost 10 billion euros. Does that mean something?
My father has this company
Established 30 years ago.
I now manage it for 10 years.
I have to fight
to keep it up.
Despite all obstacles
yours and your bureaucracy.
I have never been too late.
You are an entrepreneur in trouble.
I am a tax inspector
with obligations.
I give you one week, no longer.
today is the last day of my existence
the last time I close my eyes
I have been looking for a solution for a long time,
now it seems obvious to him
I am no longer a copy, it is done
with the monotony, the lobotomy
today no shirt and tie
I'm not going to work
I will not give you a paw
day office people
with your permanent existence
if you get stuck,
that suits them well
that takes little place in their heads
it confirms them in their mediocrity
day meaty representatives
who never drink water
not to get wet
traders going to aftershave
and smell food
mayonnaise on their suitcase,
they eat that
day senile bookkeepers
day debil secretaries
with your stupid talk
day young frames,
with your new diploma
you are about corpses to reach the top
day great directors
open your golden parachute
when you are thrown out
they are out of desperate employees
but pretend they know nothing
sons of snobbish whores
they distribute three-quarters of the wealth
day little bosses,
civilian horrors
Collecting ADV days
for the summer holidays
Nono, what are these for pallets?
- Your friends have put it there.
Eric and Simon.
- Who?
Eric and Simon. They would explain it.
Hello Sonja, do I have a lunch appointment?
Yes, with DiMeco, from the transport union.
You have a table at one o'clock.
Tell him, and say to him
Laurent that he'll get there.
Did you buy that gift for Lucien?
- Yes, it's in your office.
Thank you.
- How did the appointment go?
Do you know someone who can lend me money?
I work hard, I pay everything back.
Nobody lends you something, in your situation.
Even if the market does not deteriorate further
goes, when do you pay that back?
The only solution...
is filing for bankruptcy, I'm sorry.
Sometimes a business is closing
the best solution.
This came from finance.
I did not even read it.
In the context of the Kyoto Convention ...
435 CO2 allowances with a value
of 13,747.49 euros.
I know that, that's the European one
Commission issuing CO2 rights.
The right to pollute. A company
that emits less than allowed ...
like yours,
because your cars are running on gas ...
may resell those rights.
You sell what you have too much
to polluting companies.
What does that mean?
- That you can collect that money.
You can not save your business with it,
but you are not going to give it to them.
Good evening.
You have a good reason
to be late, I hope?
A million in unpaid bills,
is that sufficient reason?
Do you do business with reason,
authority and good insight.
Had read Cicero,
before you collapsed in financial matters ...
of which you have the disastrous consequences
did not oversee.
A good manager ...
puts all his financial resources
for his business.
He performs his unique functions
responsibility and leadership.
He puts all his knowledge into it,
and if it goes wrong his honor.
I do not believe you are those qualities
in you.
- Your husband is a failure, Dana.
How do you want to save?
Do not want to insult me
where my family is.
Your wife is especially my daughter
and your son is my grandson.
The idea that they are by you
getting in trouble...
gives me the right to speak to you.
Whether you like it or not.
Do not you say anything?
- Please.
Shabbat shalom.
- Antoine ...
Forward, you must.
- I pass.
- Me too.
I do not care either.
- I'm coming.
It's that little accountant again
that you have bite.
Now my son can not study.
- Does he want that?
Are you sure he's yours?
Wizman, you have to look. Do you know?
What are you watching?
- Do you know her?
No, brother.
- Then who is that?
That is Noa van Stricht.
- Noa what?
Van Stricht, a model.
She is in magazines.
You will never fuck her without money.
And who is that?
- That guy, that's the big boss.
He is celebrating
because the VAT rises one percent.
That means 2 million euros for him.
I swear.
- The guy is called Atlan.
He has all phone shops.
And fake cases in Italy
Buy cell phones.
He sells them in France,
without paying VAT.
That bastard sews the state
for 30 million.
30 million?
- Yes.
How do you know that?
- Our mother was his nanny.
She manages his money
and Simon carries the suitcases with money.
To earn money, you have to risk
take if you have not studied.
Antoine does not sew anyone.
He works honestly.
Are you coming here?
- Once in a while.
Antoine Roca, a friend of mine. Simon,
my brother. This is Kamel, I box with that.
Come visit me, I have good stuff.
Are you boxing?
Have a nice evening.
What are those for acorns?
- Boxing friends.
Who are they?
- I do not know those in the Range Rover.
In the BMW, those are the Wizman brothers.
Who are talking to the porter,
that are huge bastards.
Kamel Dafri, Said Benarfa
and William Krutel ...
Criminals. Packed for violence
and drug smuggling.
Just out of the bin,
they already throw themselves into the nightlife.
Do we check them?
- No, we'll let them come back.
Find their place again, their self-confidence.
They are so stupid ...
We always pick them up again.
We only have to
to be a little smooth.
Where were you?
Poker with friends.
What is wrong with you, to walk away like that?
My father is worried about us.
- Your father is a bastard.
He dominates everyone with his money.
Money is his only quality.
At least he has a quality.
What are you blaming me for?
That I do not look like him?
I'd rather blow a guy than that.
- Do not talk about him like that.
I say what I want about him.
This is my house, I pay the rent.
What are you doing? You shop with your crazy
girlfriends and let your nails do.
I have been working 15 hours a day for 10 years
to make that possible.
And you let your father insult me.
Have you ever chosen my side?
I am the father of your son.
You wake up Tom.
- I do not give a hoot.
You always put it against me.
I really do see that.
He realizes that once, and then you are
only to pray on Friday night.
With your crazy father and your stupid mother.
Do I have to say it? He is right.
You are a failure.
- You do not stay with a failure.
Let yourself be stitched by your friends,
maybe you'll get ready
You leave, and now.
I feel sorry for you.
Do not you want to drink something?
- No.
We are sorry for Lucien.
I'm sorry to bother you, but me
must be at the clerk's office at four o'clock.
Sign the bankruptcy application.
I know it's hard,
but you will definitely come back on top.
I will not let you down.
For accounting or for something
to drink. I am here for you.
And some good news
in all this misery.
I sold your CO2 rights,
your right to pollute.
I have it on your personal account
deposited. Still 16,000 euros.
You get it within 24 hours.
- Thank you.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Goodbye, mate.
To have access
to the CO2 rights market ...
you have to register your company
at the CO2 register, just on the internet.
Everyone can do that in five minutes.
You must have an ID card
and an extract from the trade register.
And how do you trade them?
Very simple, online. You just open
an account with a trader.
And then you trade, just like on the stock market,
across the EU.
Your company did well
on the French market.
You can exercise your rights in the Netherlands
or selling England ...
to a company that emits more CO2.
Do you have to pay tax on that?
- Crazy enough, yes.
It is different than with shares.
Here you pay 19.7 percent VAT,
elsewhere a different amount.
To facilitate trade,
everything is exclusive.
Except if you sell in France,
then it is included.
Why are you suddenly interested?
- Continue.
The state will shoot you the VA to facilitate the procedure.
In your case:
On that 16,000 is 3000 VAT.
You pay that back later to the state.
Absurd, but it is the French system.
Do you want to find an empty company for me
with a stooge ...
and open a bank account for me.
- Why?
I have an idea.
- You want to commit VAT fraud.
You then light up the state, beware.
- Do me that fun.
What should we do with CO2 rights?
- Same as Atlan.
What are you talking about Atlan?
You want to swipe VAT on carbon dioxide?
Can you already see us walking with gas bottles?
You're crazy.
And how do we sell that?
- It is not gas, but wind.
Wind trade with VAT.
It is virtual.
No transport, no intermediary ...
no cash.
Only you and your computer.
I do not understand.
- It is complicated.
We do not know anything about the stock market.
- Buy some brain cells.
There is nothing to understand.
You just have to have guts.
You have acorns that go on vacation
and leave the front door open.
With a sign:take everything with you.
You use that anyway.
Guys, help me.
There are still messages in the car.
Tony, boy, how are you?
His wife has put him at the door.
He can live below, in the store.
What have you done to your wife?
- Three times nothing, do not worry.
It's a mess downstairs, though.
- Does not matter.
Do you eat?
- No, I have to work.
Antoine wants to cheat everyone.
Ban the Banque de France.
Can not you keep your head?
That way you end up in a trunk
with three bullets in your head.
How so? Mama is family,
he may know that.
Leave her out.
- Mama lives here.
And here you tell her everything.
- You see, you keep your mouth shut.
Final balance:+ 40,000 euros
Wait a second? 40,000?
- In a week.
So it works.
- Why does not everyone do it then?
I do not know if there are others.
- If it yields so much ...
you can pay off your debts
and keep your business.
Why do you want to share with us?
- It is not dividing, but multiplying.
The more you bet, the more you earn.
And I need you.
I do not know how to launder money
and if Finance is after me.
If you know, it's too late.
Did not you talk about a flick
who informs you?
That is mine, no one cares about that.
You talk too much. Your brother is right,
that brings bad luck.
How are we going to do it?
First set up fake companies,
for a financial bubble.
If we have all transactions in the name of
doing one business, we are caught.
We set up companies that work together
Buying and selling CO2 rights.
We offer rights from France,
and another requires the same number.
And so on.
- A carousel.
How much do you need to start?
- A million.
- Two would be nicer, but it is possible.
Serious? How do we get that?
- We'll pick that up.
In the nightlife, in all those bars
with their coke, whores and expensive champagne.
We will make it there.
There is one rule, and that is important:
We do not talk about CO2 with anyone.
What are you doing here?
- Look at my son.
You disappeared for two weeks.
You leave the house without notice.
Do you know what that means?
I had to work.
My friends and relations money
fooling, do you call that work?
What do you plan with your two friends?
Benhamou and Zouari called.
The whole Sentier knows
that you collect money everywhere.
What did you think?
That you can fool anyone?
Nobody shoots you that money.
Do you hear me? No one.
Do you know why?
Everyone you know,
know that you never give it back.
And I tell everyone
who does not know you yet.
I'll make you a proposal:
Something you can not refuse.
That million you need,
for your mysterious business ...
I will not lend you, but I will give you.
In return, I want my grandson,
the exclusive custody of Tom.
I even double it,
when you finally disappear from our lives.
Think, Antoine.
A son who has a good memory
to you, is better ...
then a son who witnesses the downfall
where you can not escape.
Shedding shame has no price.
- Aaron, who do you think you are?
The one who has money. The only
power that is never debated.
What do you decide?
Dad, everything okay?
- Fine.
I've just seen you, I'm proud of you.
Did you see me driving?
- Yes.
It was a bit difficult with mom.
But you must know that we love you.
Are not you coming?
- No that is not possible.
I'm coming to see you soon.
Hello, grandpa.
- Hello, boy.
Mr. Vainberg? With Goldstein.
I want you to be my son-in-law
keep an eye on it, permanently.
Eavesdropping, shadows,
keep an eye on. I want to know everything.
Where he lives, what he throws away,
the color of his shit. Thank you.
Where are you going?
- Just smoke.
How did your son go?
- I do not want to talk about that.
My father-in-law is ruining everything,
as far as the money is concerned.
We will not get anything out of this.
- What do we do then?
I do not know.
- Should we divert him?
Redemption? What are you talking about?
Are you crazy?
I know something.
My foster friend, Kamel, can help us.
Yes? Can he take care of 1 million?
- Well 2 million, if you want to.
Call him.
- Wait a minute, guys.
Jews and Arabs do not work together.
- I'm not a Jew.
You see?
- Now satisfied?
- I've been trying to call you all night.
I'm listening.
- I spoke to Kamel.
He wants to speak to us at three o'clock.
Are you coming?
Of course, where are you?
- Where are you?
I'm coming.
What are you going to do with that money?
- I can not talk about that.
You want 2 million and do not say why?
I want to know what happens to my money.
- Listen, Kamel ...
Please, I'm talking to him.
2 million euros is a lot.
I can ask what I want.
Kamel, I'm not insulting you.
I suggest a good deal.
You double your bet in a short time.
In how much time?
- Three months
If I understand you well...
If I give you 5 now, you give me
returned in three months.
You better not be wrong.
Every day you pay too late,
is an accident day for you and your family.
Who are they?
- Whore sons.
Grease rags.
- I understand some Arabic.
Sodemieter than on.
- Can you do a bit of Arabic?
Give them the money.
Do you still eat that meatball?
Setting up companies is not difficult.
That can even be done remotely,
with some kickbacks.
But for straw men
real people are needed.
They need papers for the Chamber of Commerce.
- What is that?
The document to be able to ...
- An ID number and such.
For that we need ID certificates
and passports.
Where are we going to open them?
- You can do that with everything in it.
Even in France.
- But avoid EU countries.
How does the money arrive on the accounts?
The best you can open accounts
in Cyprus, Jersey or in Hong Kong.
Tel Aviv, of course. And in the Balkans.
You deposit the cash on the account and then
you divide it over your CO2 companies.
But beware, that can not be done remotely.
You have to go to the bank yourself ..
with a bag of money.
Then our name is known.
- Yes.
How do we stay out of sight?
Then you have those bills
open with false papers.
And the surveillance cameras?
- They are there.
Do they not recognize us at the counter?
You have to be aware
what you are going to do.
If you are abroad 100,000 euros
is going to deposit ...
with a wig and a false beard.
- Laugh.
Then there are the straw men.
You know that,
and they can always betray you.
I can help you with false papers,
but those stunts ...
Poor people, in shelters.
- Good idea.
We offer 1000 euros for a passport.
Only after a week
they may declare theft.
Who says they do that?
- For 1000 euros you will find plenty.
We set up about thirty companies.
A little bit of fantasy.
Names that have to do with CO2.
- Carbotech.
- Carboplus.
- Carbodekolere.
Carbonobo does suit them.
- Good idea.
Carbon idea!
9, 10, 11, 12.
Look, who we have there,
the vice squad.
What are you doing here?
It has been a while.
- Do you want something to drink?
Are not your sons there?
- They walk in and out.
Yes I know. Macau, Hong Kong,
Tel Aviv, Cyprus ...
They have no fear of flying.
It is their right to travel.
- They travel a lot in a short time.
That is expensive, especially with a false one
identity. Wigs, sunglasses ...
Do not turn around, what do you do?
- Kamel Dafri.
That guy is not good.
Do not let them do business with him.
That guy is dangerous, Dolly.
Do you hear me? He is dangerous.
I'm not going with you to the corpses
from Eric and Simon.
And what those trips from those two clowns
I only know that.
I did not say anything.
Take care of yourself.
Was that your flik?
He does not say anything.
He has owed me something for years.
Something my husband once did
has done for him.
Swear that you are sure of your case.
I am sure, but we have to
get out of here. We can not work here.
This is where they got us.
With IP addresses, mobile calls ...
We're going to a hotel.
Payed in cash, that's safer.
A Jewish proverb says:
Bad news has wings.
Hit yourself, pay that bastard Dafri,
and retire, okay?
Give me a try.
Room service.
- Thank you.
200 messages on Bluenext. Not crazy, is it?
- Beautiful.
Coffee, Simon?
- Gladly.
That is an easy 1500.
Give him the bottle.
I'll call you back.
I'm on top of it. I am writing you down.
I have 135 on Carbotech.
There is movement in it.
Is that okay for you?
Yes indeed.
- That we can become 100.
On your success, boys.
May God protect you.
What do we do with all that money?
You have to cash it.
You can not leave it.
We will not let it down,
we reinvest it.
You do that with 20% interest per day.
The more you bet, the more you earn.
For me counts only cash.
Money on bills is too dangerous.
Eric, explain it to him.
Such a company exists on average
three, four months before it goes bankrupt.
Then it must be empty,
before the tax comes.
Suppose that that company is worth 100,000,
Then you have the tax behind you.
We have to clear it,
that does not take 24 hours.
Moral:liquidate everything quickly.
From Monday to Thursday
you drive the price ...
and on the Sabbath
you get the money.
What are we going to do with all that cash?
We do not find anyone there.
- Well, surely.
The Chinese,
I know a certain Mr. Wang.
We do it through him.
Are we going to the Baron?
- Not me.
You're tired, Eric. You have your wife
not seen for a month.
My wife?
- You are married.
And think of your children.
- What are you suddenly preaching?
You would not have had money without me.
Then you sold smartphones.
You do not talk to your brother like that.
I beat you rotten.
- Stop that nonsense, Eric.
Stop that.
- Shut up.
Fall anyway.
- Get lost.
Sorry, Antoine.
- Does not care, he calms down.
What is going on?
What goes wrong, Antoine?
It is all too fast.
Those two are constantly sat.
That is still wrong.
- It's my friends, good guys.
Friends? It's your poker mats.
The only thing that interests them
is doing tough, sewing, fighting ...
It is still wrong with those two.
I know that for sure.
And you know that too.
- Did you hear Dolly?
We put the money in, work two,
three months and then liquidate everything.
We leave no trace behind.
If it should have failed,
that had already happened.
Think of your nice life later.
Five years behind the bars. See you tomorrow.
- Yes, until tomorrow.
This is Noa's voicemail.
Speak a message.
Noa, with Antoine.
I really want to see you.
If you can...
If you want, if you feel like ...
call me than. I'm thinking about you.
- I know it's late.
Can I come in?
- Sorry, come in.
Nice to see you. Thank you.
Do not mind the mess.
How did you know I was here?
- I met your friend Eric.
Am I interrupting?
- Not at all, on the contrary.
I did not expect you.
Do you work here?
- Yes. With Eric and Simon.
I know that.
- How do you know that?
Eric talks a lot.
Against far too many people.
How fast are the payments?
- Miss Dolly knows that.
We pay up to 5 million within 24 hours.
We have higher amounts
48 hours needed.
This is a bank account in China,
from a bank in Haifeng.
That bank has no contact
with Western authorities.
Not even with Beijing.
It is never possible to link to you.
Not even this meeting.
I assure you.
As soon as I have the money, I pay out,
minus my commission.
That guy calls me and says that BNP
no longer want to do business with us.
His colleague says he is no longer in 24
hourly pay, but needs three days.
And now I have to come to his office.
- On behalf of which company?
- Liquidate Carbotech, Lolo.
We no longer work with BNP.
We can not be seen there anymore.
Barclays also only pays after five days.
It is not the banks, but the traders.
They have us at the balls.
Then we become trader ourselves.
A clean company,
that VAT and pay everything.
Then we put down our own trader.
- And to whom do you think?
No no.
- Yes.
I do not know anything about that.
- Are you the expert or not?
We call it Montana Trading,
from Tony Montana, 'Scarface'.
We'll take them right.
Do you know the end of the film?
- That does not interest us.
On Montana Trading.
- And on Transport Roca.
Did not you tell me?
He bought it back.
We have bought that back.
- Are you serious? Mazzeltof.
This is the office.
Go stand there.
And the rest?
- Tomorrow we will receive special software ...
that all IP addresses
of the servers.
And the staff?
- They buy, sell and have nothing.
And that window?
They can not see or hear us?
I'll show you.
Laurent, go and stand at that window.
No, hurry up.
Do you hear me, Lolo? He does not hear anything.
I fuck your mother, that whore.
I sew that fat body flat.
42,000 for 17.5 in Frankfurt.
For whom?
42,000? For you.
Okay, all right, Serge.
We take the United Kingdom
completely in. Grab them.
Think of the three B's.
Balls, balls and balls.
We take the 700 in Bulgaria.
Antoine ...
Kamel ...
- How are you friend?
Things are going well, things are going well.
I see that, I see that.
The Porsche ...
A pack of 6,000 euros.
Is business going well?
It goes pretty well.
- What do you think?
That I lend you my money
so you can spend everything?
Are not you too early, Kamel?
We had agreed three months.
That is only in four days.
Camel, away here. Flikken.
Okay, in four days.
How is it, boy?
- All right, Dad?
Good and how are you?
Is that yours?
- Do not say anything, he was stolen.
Get in.
Did you really steal it?
- No, that was a joke. Put on your belt.
Where are we going?
- To grandma Roca. Do you like that?
Another coffee?
- No, thank you, Mom.
Shall I help you?
- No, I'm almost done.
You have to take another dishwasher,
you have already had this for 20 years.
Why would I? I live here alone.
That whole kitchen must be renewed.
I brought something for you.
- What is that?
You know that.
Please accept it.
Keep your money.
My pension and that of dad is enough.
Take it now.
- The last time you were deeply in debt
Then you had to sell everything.
Now you have your bags full of money
and a car that is more expensive than my house.
You look like a pimp.
I do not need that money, Antoine.
It stays here until you return it
comes to pick up. Or someone else.
But I would not spend anything.
- What do you want to say?
What I want to say?
At the age of 10, your father ate trash cans.
At the age of 15 he was a garbage man.
When he was 20, he drove the car
and when he was 25, he started a business.
You know the rest.
But he never tamed
to give us food.
He has never accepted money
of illegal cases.
I did not do anything wrong.
- I hope so.
Do not worry, it will be fine.
I am a little less stupid than the system.
I respect daddy.
But honesty does not pay anymore
in this country, do you understand?
You do not understand.
Tom, we're going.
Give your grandmother a kiss.
- Goodbye, Grandma.
Goodbye, mama. See you tomorrow.
I want to thank all our partners
for confidence.
And of course all employees.
I like it that you are there.
My father said:
If you do not have training, like me ...
you have to learn to look and listen
to grow.
I do not know
if he sees or hears me tonight ...
but I carry with pride and much emotion
this evening to my father, my dad.
And to my mother, present here.
On your father, so.
- On my father, thank you.
And on the French state,
we have sewn that well.
Stay calm.
- We've sewn them.
On the French state.
- Eric ...
People are watching.
- What does that matter to me?
Just a quick toast
to my size Tonio.
Hurry up, soon you can make love,
On my life ...
On my friend Tonio ...
Look what you did for us.
You are a genius. I love you.
I love you too, sit down.
I love you, I really love you.
What are you paid for?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Where did you learn to operate?
Do you see that woman?
Now look at it.
- Eric, eat.
Waiter, come here.
Come here.
Eric, stop.
- Now you look at your plate.
Look, here's 10,000.
You still get 10,000 if you serve her
with your dick out of your pants.
I can not do that, sir.
- Why not?
I give you 10,000 euros ...
- Eric, stop that.
Eric, behave.
- Should I do it then?
Here, you keep it.
I do it, I do not care.
Those rich stinkers sitting there,
think they can do everything.
What are you doing?
- Put all your fork down.
What is going on?
Do you think you can do anything?
Because you have money?
Look at yourself,
with those ugly heads.
Do you want to slow down?
What are you doing to me?
Are you a fag or something?
Get lost.
- Calm down, what are you doing?
You disgrace the family.
Get your boss.
The bill is for me.
I buy the whole thing.
I buy the whole thing, motherfucker.
What is it? Do not touch me.
What are you doing to me? My family
and my staff is here.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Calm down a bit.
Shut up.
I understood.
Grab your plate and enjoy good food.
Is everything alright?
- Yes.
What are you thinking of?
- To my father.
What he would say to me now.
What would he say?
He would be ashamed.
Like my mother.
You're a good guy, Antoine.
The first good guy that I know.
No, I'm an idiot, a jerk.
I wanted to show it to everyone.
I was wrong.
I just do something.
What will they think of me now?
- My mother and my staff.
Tomorrow I will explain it to her.
- What to explain?
That you have succeeded in saving your company.
That 35 families are not on the street.
That is already a lot?
Antoine ...
- It is not that simple.
I'm afraid, I'm deadly nervous.
Then stop it.
Stop it.
I do not want to stop.
Not yet.
What are you doing here?
- I've come to see your new home.
My son has to live here every other week.
You live here nicely.
Will you invite me for a cup of coffee?
- Why?
To talk.
- About what?
About your new life.
That you celebrate every night.
Your private jets and your luxury hotels.
- You do not care about that.
I'm tired, go away.
Explain it to me.
- What?
How can you pay this?
- You do not care about that.
I am your wife, I am entitled to it.
- Are you my wife?
I was nothing three months ago.
And now you do whether nothing has happened.
Who do you think You Are?
It's over, Dana.
Get out.
- Is that your whore?
No, that's my girlfriend. Get out.
You'll regret that, motherfucker.
I assure you.
- No, I'm sorry.
He even has a traders permit
got. Unbelievable.
It was a big mistake
to completely underestimate that idiot.
He can do this with this file
a few years in the cell.
The cell in, for what?
Then my name and mine will become my
daughter and grandson smeared.
That is crazy my son-in-law. As long as that
so, nothing can come out of this.
What do you want to do?
Do you know the statement of Napoleon?
A general may never get to work
appear with only one plan.
It is the art to be during
change the stroke.
I will show him who is general.
Do not you want to count it?
I trust you.
Okay, so now we're even?
Where are you going?
I did not say you could leave.
Do I look like I'm accepting tips?
Do you think I'm a pump attendant?
What are you talking about?
- The whole of Paris knows about it.
You have earned 500 million.
Will you take me off with 10?
I want half.
You gave me five,
I had to give you 10.
I want 250 million.
And not in three months ...
in three days.
What is wrong with you?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Calm down.
- What is it?
Get out.
- You took money from me.
Now you're stuck with me.
From now on it is fiftyfifty,
there is no discussion about that.
That fucking-Algerian ... Goddamn it.
And we give that bag just 250 million.
Right, Antoine?
Did you see how he talked to us?
With your kloteplan, keep your head.
- Keep your head yourself.
Who are you calling?
Hello, may I be Commander Moser?
Dirty whore, you've taken my husband.
I beat you rotten.
You'll notice, whore.
Let me go, let me go.
Do you know what I'm going to do with this?
You tell me about a scam
by you and the sons of Dolly.
You have the tax
for 500 million scammed.
For that you have money from one
criminally used, who now wants more.
And I have to help you,
and close my eyes further?
Is that ethically justified?
I offer you 100,000,
just for your arrival.
And 300,000 around me
of Dafri. Agreement?
Also attempted bribery
from a policeman.
That will be a lot for someone
who has never been.
It would be less bad
if you would work for me.
Give me your hand.
From now on you call me on this number,
day and night.
And I want that 200,000 immediately.
- OK?
Noa, Noa ...
Who did that?
It is over.
It's over, I'm there.
Where is that whore?
- Who are you talking about?
That daughter of yours.
- Calm, this is my house.
Give me my son, then I'm gone.
- Throw him out.
Throw it out.
Do not touch me.
- Get out.
Let me go.
- Daddy...
Take him to his room.
We just continue.
After examining the documents, Ms
Dana Sylvia Roca born Goldstein ...
declared unfit for custody
about her son Tom.
The request from Mr. Vainberg
to the temporary guardianship ...
to Mr Aaron Goldstein,
the grandfather of the child ...
is rejected by the court.
Since the father meets all requirements
to take care of the child.
So the guardianship over Tom Roca will be
assigned to his father Antoine Roca.
I come to tell you that the
CO2 rights market ...
infiltrated by criminals
falsifying with VAT.
I have all the documents
to support my words.
Then you can see if it interests you.
- Do you have them with you?
I give them in exchange for a favor
that only you can grant me.
I want the custody of my grandson Tom.
He's with his father,
and that is not the best for him.
You know that the police
nothing can do about such a verdict.
Certainly not if it
a family dispute.
Then you may continue to engage with
unsecured checks and small scammers.
The fact that you come up with a nice business,
do not give you the right to insult me.
Do you want me to do something for you?
Then I have to know if it's true what you say.
You get the documents
if you grant my request.
Until that time,
deepen in this company:
Montana Trading.
Finance is after you. They still have
nothing concrete, but do research.
How do they know?
- Your father-in-law has betrayed you.
He apparently has a file about you.
What would you recommend?
Disappear abroad
with as much money as possible.
Or make known
what you do exactly.
If all little crooks know
how you can earn so much money ...
it becomes such a mess
that everyone gets overworked.
Then you have the time
to pull you out of it.
And Dafri?
- Dafri ...
You only switch that off
by tackling him with drugs.
He is busy the market
to draw back to themselves.
If you can arrange that we will take him with it
catch it, then it can go fast.
With a microphone?
- Yes.
How do I deal with that?
That is your problem, not mine.
You owe him money?
Try to get him
when you bring him the money.
I'll go, honey.
Mrs Melki, good day.
Law enforcement. Is your husband at home?
Mr. Melki, financial investigation.
You have been arrested.
What are you doing, idiot?
Take those bags.
We had said three days.
Laurent is a scare,
but he is not stupid.
If he talks,
he knows he will go down with it.
And if he had talked,
The police had already been there.
If we close the case,
how much is left?
900 million.
Plus 600 that he has not yet cashed.
- He has not accepted money?
That Arab is the real problem.
As long as he does not have what he wants ...
he will not leave you alone.
And how is our friend Moser?
Who is waiting for a transport,
to pick him up.
By then we are all dead.
Why do not you hide
a while in Israel?
What do I do with my son and Noa?
- You take that.
What do you prefer?
A golden cage there or a grave here?
Noa ... Do not you have anything?
Are you injured?
Eric, Eric ...
Vanessa has been hit, boys.
Call an ambulance.
Vanessa, damn ...
Damn ... Call the emergency services.
With this you can sleep.
Thank you, boy.
Do not you want me to take you home?
- I'm fine here.
Do you still have Papa's gun?
He had that to defend himself,
not to avenge yourself.
They are aiming at our family.
- No one is dead. This is your chance.
Now you have to go off.
- And you?
I will not leave you.
- They must not have me.
I lost your father, I do not want to
lose another son. Leave now.
Disappear, with your brother.
- Help me, I did something stupid.
What have you done?
I killed that bastard.
- Who converted?
I killed Benarfa, damn it.
- I do not know. I have put him over.
I do not know, damn it.
Where are you?
- I do not know.
In some bar,
I do not know what to do.
Do you have your passport with you?
- Yes, I have my passport with me.
Take the first plane to Tel Aviv.
Call me when you are there. Understood?
And my wife?
- Do not worry, I'll take care of that.
I promise.
But now you really have to run away.
Go to Tel Aviv, and then call me.
Do not worry. I solve it.
- I will call you back.
Antoine, I'm not crazy. Benarfa is
shot by a motorcyclist.
A witness has noted the number.
He's your size Eric.
He does not even have the license plate
changed. What do you inspire?
Do not you have enough problems?
- He does not have to be it.
That is why he has also disappeared.
This is not a joke. This is murder.
If you know where he is,
You have to tell me that.
I honestly do not know.
A measure of Dafri popping
was incredibly stupid. Where is he?
Tell him to indicate himself.
If he's hiding ...
Dafri does everything to find him.
Then he takes his wife and children.
He is disturbed.
He brings you misfortune.
What are you doing here? Release her.
Release her.
- What are you going to do?
Shut up. Or I'll shoot you.
Do you see my friend?
That stays with that whore of you.
You give me the money you owe me
are and make an appointment with Eric.
If everything goes well, your wife lives
maybe still when you come back.
Then we are even. Agree?
I can not reach him.
Cut off her ear.
- No, it's good. Do not do that.
I'll call him.
- Call him.
What am I saying?
- Tonight, 11 o'clock ...
under the pont d'Austerlitz.
Port de la Rpe ...
Austerlitz, 11 o'clock.
Eric, where are you?
- I take my bag.
Listen, we see each other
at 11 o'clock tonight.
I'll send you the place.
I'm taking money.
Turn off your cell phone. I will see you tonight.
Everything good?
- Yes fine.
That's okay, thanks Tonio.
- Well done.
Simon, what are you doing here? Where is Eric?
He says goodbye.
I'll get the money.
You can not stay here.
What is this now?
That's his big brother.
Do nothing.
This is not the right package
You have to leave here.
- What is wrong with you?
You have to leave, I do not have the money.
- Are you kidding me?
Go away here.
- Take it easy.
Do you hear me? Get out.
- What is he doing now?
Two men on engines are coming.
Do you hear me, Moser?
Who are you talking to?
- Get lost.
What are you doing?
- Get out.
today is the last day of my existence
the last time I close my eyes
I have been looking for a solution for a long time,
now it seems obvious to him
I am no longer a copy
it is done with the monotony, lobotomy
today no shirt and tie
I'm not going to work
I will not give you a paw
Police, no movement.
Noa, stay ...
No I can not.
Who carry the coffin?
Terrible, Dolly. I did not want this.
We are proud to announce the arrest
from Kamel Dafri.
Killer of Simon Wizman ...
and suspected of the murder
on Aaron Goldstein ...
that month night
was killed with the same weapon.
The questioning of Dafri ...
My client has a proposal.
- I'm listening.
Someone of you is involved.
And his name?
- I give it when my client is released.
He is prepared with police
and to cooperate with the judiciary.
An Arabic proverb says that
only three things determine a man:
Authority, wealth and misfortune.
I had the luck and the accident
to know all three.
Or that's a good thing
or making a bad person ...
I only know that you have nothing to do with money
if you die.
I also know that death seems less bad,
if you are tired.
After Kyoto, the EU decided to reduce CO2 emissions
to decrease.
For the trade in CO2 rights, rights
to pollute, a fair was set up.
Criminals benefited from it in 2008
and 2009 to launch a large VAT fraud.
According to the Court, that cost the EU
5 billion euros.
France cost it 1.5 to 1.8 billion