Cardboard Boxer (2016) Movie Script

"Blood red orange sun"
"The world runs"
"Slowly around me"
"Slowly around me"
"Stars in my eyes"
"Oceans in yours"
"I'll do it my way"
"I'll do it my way"
"Is that what you do?"
"Is that what you do?"
"Blood red"
"Orange sun"
"The world runs"
"Slowly around me"
"Slowly around me"
Okay, you motherfuckers, gimme your shit!
Wake up, man. What d'you got? Come here.
- Give me everything you got.
- I don't have anything.
Yeah, motherfucker!
You still wanna use it now, huh?
You want to touch my shit again, huh?
Say, "I'll never touch
your shit again, Skillet."
Say, "I'll never touch
your shit again, Skillet." Say it!
Get your funky ass out of here,
move it. Get out!
What? What, motherfucker? What?
You want my fucking skillet?
You want my fucking skillet?
I killed a motherfucker to get this skillet.
You got that?
Killed a motherfucker.
I'll kill your ass, too.
Where are you going, bitch?
I ain't finished with you. Oh, you take
another step, you're a dead motherfucker.
Take another step! Oh, you dead motherfucker.
You dead motherfucker.
I'll kill your motherfucking ass. You dead.
All of you are dead motherfuckers!
All of you are dead motherfuckers!
- Holy shit. Look at that dude.
- Nope. Keep walking.
- God! Downtown is the shit.
- Dude, don't be a jackass.
Come on. This place is awesome.
Skillet the killer!
All of you are dead motherfuckers.
All of you. Skillet the killer.
- Hey, Pope!
- Hey, Pope!
- Hey, Jazz. How you feel, baby?
- What's up?
Nothing happening, man.
Yeah, I head some knuckleheads
tore up through here last night.
Yeah. Two guys in a blue van
robbed everybody.
- Everybody all right?
- I guess.
Tore everybody's shit up, though.
Yeah. I feel you, man.
How's Methuselah?
He's all right.
Where is he?
Hey, Methuselah!
Let me see you, man.
Hey, Jazz, do me a favor.
Keep an eye out on him, all right?
He's too old to be out here
in the first place, you know?
Yeah, we got him.
I'ma put some feelers out
and tell the boys to look out for these guys.
What were they? Black, white...
- Latino. Yeah.
- Some Spanish niggers?
Yeah, well, we're gonna La Cucaracha
their ass when we catch him.
- Thanks, Pope.
- Right on, baby. Stay up!
- Look after yourselves.
- Take it easy, man.
Hey, Pope.
So... yeah, they, uh...
they took my sleeping bag.
That's fucked up, man.
Yeah, it gets really
cold out here at night.
Yeah? What? You want me to go
buy you a brand new sleeping bag?
That would be nice, right?
Look, I'm a minute off the streets
my damned self, okay?
No, no. I'm sorry. I... no.
- Sorry, man, you know.
- Thank you, though.
All right, man. I can't
do nothing for you.
No, I got it.
- Hey, Pope.
- Look, nigga...
I'm gonna give you this, all right?
Now, I'm letting you hold it. But when you
find something else I want that back, okay?
- Okay.
- And I swear to God if it smells like piss,
I will run your ass over.
Oh, there won't be any piss on it.
Thank you.
Yeah, all right, man.
Hey, um...
- What?
- How are you doing?
Nigger, I can't spend my whole day
out here talking to your ass.
Man, I got shit to do, and I already
gave you the fucking blanket.
- What? You want me to change my mind?
- No.
Keep fucking around
I'm taking my shit back, man.
See you later.
You can have it all. It's... it's all burned.
All burned up.
Dear diary, I am in the second grade.
Mommy gave me this diary on the
Christmas before she went to heaven.
She told me to write in it every day,
because every day of my life
would be special.
I asked her, "Why?" And she said because
she loved me more than life itself.
And when someone loves you that much,
then you're special "automcly."
When I get to heaven, I want to be able
to tell her about every day I was alive,
and I don't want to forget anything.
I will even tell her about the days I was bad
and the days that I didn't do
anything at all.
So, today, I started my diary, of course...
and now I'm going to sleep.
Excuse me.
Do you know how to read cursive?
Do you know how to read this?
Get the fuck out of here. Move on.
Heavenly father,
I know I've made some mistakes in my life.
I know I've done some... some bad things.
I'm a sinner and I deserve to go to hell.
But you sent your son
to forgive me for my sins.
And today, Jesus, I accept you into
my heart as my personal lord and savior.
You can open your eyes now.
You've been saved.
Here, this is yours.
I'll look for you in heaven.
Ma'am. Hi, how are you?
Excuse me. Can you read out
of this book it... it's in cursive.
I can't, right now. I'm...
Read the Bible.
Hi, ma'am. Do you believe
in God by any chance?
I'd like to, uh... I'd like to show you
a verse here from the Bible.
It's John 3:16. You know who John was?
Mommy, something stinks.
If you would pay for these cards, uh...
uh, I know I smell bad.
And I, uh... I'll wait outside.
Thank you.
It thundered the night my mom died.
I'm afraid of thunder.
I'm afraid of thunder, too.
My name is Willie.
I found your diary and thought
I would write you back
if you don't mind.
Maybe, we could be pen pals.
But to do that, I guess I have
to tell you a little bit about myself.
I live on the nickel.
In the morning I wake up
when the sun comes out
and go look for food.
I'm always so hungry in the morning.
I will eat just about anything.
After that, I walk around
trying to get money.
Sometimes I just go exploring.
I like to climb stuff.
I found this roof I can climb up to.
You can see the whole city
for a long, long way.
When it gets real hot, I sleep in my box.
It's a good box.
And sometimes I sleep almost all day
because I stay up so late at night.
It's really scary at night.
If you sleep, somebody might do
something bad to you.
These guys, they took my sleeping bag
one time and now it's really cold at night,
which also makes me sad.
So, I am what is called
a "night owl" right now.
It is usually quiet, but it is lonely.
You're the only person I know.
So, that makes you special...
I am afraid of thunder, too.
Dear diary...
today was my first day at my new school.
I'm living with Uncle Craig
in his apartment downtown,
and I don't know anybody here.
Back! This is my spot now.
Go and find your own damn spot.
Who wants your shit?
Everyone stares at me weird,
and I don't like it.
There are a few kids
I want to make friends with...
but they don't know I exist.
When Mommy was sick, I used to hug her,
and she said it made everything okay.
She promised that whenever I get lonely
she will send an angel down to hug me.
But I haven't seen him yet.
Hey, who wants 50 bucks?
Yo, who wants 50 bucks?
- Get in fights a lot?
- Get in 'em? I start 'em!
Ask anybody on this row,
anybody in this whole fucking city,
and they'll tell you,
"Skillet the killer, motherfucker."
You kill people?
Yeah, I kill them.
Beat 'em, eat 'em.
Anybody... ask any one of these...
pick any one of these sorry motherfuckers,
any one of them...
and I'll beat their ass.
Yeah, how much?
What do you mean "how much"?
How much... how much to see you
fight somebody right now?
Right now? Shit. How much you got?
I got $50.
Get the fuck out of here,
get off of my row.
There's no fight. $50 ain't shit.
Sure, it is. Hey, who wants 50 bucks, huh?
Raise your hand if you want 50 bucks.
Hey, buddy.
You wanna make some money? Huh?
What do you say?
Come on. You go... you wanna make a 50?
Dead motherfucker!
Oh shit!
Yo, yo, dude, we're on!
We're on! Fucking film this, man!
Whoa! Fucking film!
Come on!
Dead motherfucker. Get up.
No, man, don't let
anybody do that shit to you.
- Yo, what's his name?
- Come on, man!
Yeah, man!
Hey! Come on, Willie!
You've got to get back up.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Hit him in the face.
Kill him now!
Dude, he's messing him up pretty bad.
Maybe we should just call it, huh?
Fucking film.
Get up!
Come on, Willie!
Come on, Willie! Come on, boy!
Hey! Hey, that's enough!
That's enough! He's had enough.
Whoo! Willie, you fucking won! Ha!
Dude, I thought you were dead
for sure, motherfucker! Oh my...
You fucking won, Willie!
Yo, pay him motherfucker.
Yeah, yeah. No problem.
None whatsoever.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together for Willie.
My main man, Willie the Cardboard Boxer!
Whoo! You get that?
Go, Willie!
Hey, man. You need some help?
- What?
- Here, let me push you.
Get the fuck off of me, man!
I got it.
Hey, do you know how to read cursive?
Do you know how to read cursive?
Yeah, I know how
to read cursive, motherfucker.
Then if you read this,
I will push you up the hill.
You wanna read this?
I ain't readin' you shit!
- Hey! Don't do that!
- Get the fuck off of me!
You know where the pawn shop is?
Aha, you thought I was lying, right?
Whoa! Is that really him?
Yeah, it's President
of the United States, bro!
And me, you see that?
You believe that?
I'll show you something.
What! Purple Heart.
You know what the President
said when he gave that to me?
He said, "I thank you on the behalf
"of the American people.
I thank you for your service.
You're a real life hero, Pinky."
Yeah, that's my nickname, son.
I told him. I was like,
"You call me anything, you call me Pinky."
Shit. Can you believe that, though?
You're pushing an honest-to-God
war hero, motherfucker.
Iraqi War hero.
Why did they call you "Pinky"?
Because I used to wear a fucking
dope-ass pinky ring.
But I pawned that shit
just like I wanna pawn this shit.
Yo, take me in.
Are you out of your fucking mind, sir?
That's a Purple Heart right there.
You ain't from America, though, are you?
Where you from, my man?
Pakistan? Fucking figures. God!
They only give them to war heroes.
That's a Purple Heart, right there.
Understand it? To... to heroes!
I know what it is. I'll...
I'll give you $15.
My man you said 50 or 15?
Because I know you said 50. Come on.
- 15.
- 15?
Very few want to buy this.
It's... it's worthless.
It's fucking not worthless, man.
It's my legs right there.
You... you want to...
you want to sell this to me or not?
Fuck you, man.
Keep your money, bro.
I don't need your money.
Let's go, Willie.
Let's go. Let's go.
Yo, yo. Let me tell you something, my man.
This is me and the President
of the United States!
A country you living in right now.
Let me ask you something.
Who fucking knows you, bro?
Nobody fucking knows you.
Who knows you? Answer me.
No, nobody fucking knows you.
Fuck you.
Let's go, Willie. Nobody knows this guy.
You're lucky I don't come back here, bro.
This chicken looks okay.
It's not bad.
- It's got ants on it.
- I know there's fucking ants on that shit.
That's an ant.
God! You've been over there?
Too shy.
How much is it?
$5 for a blow-job.
$10 for a pussy.
They're really nice.
Yeah, I bet.
I suppose you gotta be
in the band to get the girl.
- You ever play in a band?
- Shit yeah, man!
Played piano.
Opened for the Dramatics when I was 15.
You ever heard of them?
No. You any good, though?
On piano? I was good enough.
Wasn't no Mozart and them.
But, shit, you know,
it was just for fun, brother.
Just fun, huh.
Backstage this older girl...
she took me to the bathroom.
Girls' bathroom. I got to finger her.
Yeah, man.
See, that's what you've got
to grasp on to, little brother.
You gotta filter through the memories.
Pick the best one and hold that shit tight.
Let the rest of them fade away.
What about you, Eavesdrop?
What you want to do, man?
- What?
- You had any dreams when you was a kid?
Yeah, I used to dream at night.
Nah, I mean, if you could have anything
in the world that you want,
what would you want?
I don't want to be alone when I die.
Shit. You got plenty of company
down here, man.
You couldn't be alone if you tried.
Believe me, I've tried.
Dear diary...
I'm so lonely.
Other kids used to stare...
but now no one looks at me.
Uncle Craig hates me.
I keep waiting for the angel
Mommy sent to hug me,
there's no one there.
Sometimes I wonder
if Mommy can even hear me.
Maybe she's not there either anymore.
Maybe you have someone
in your life for just a little while.
And when they go, they're gone.
And you're all alone.
I know how it feels to be lonely.
There have been long times
when I didn't talk to anyone at all.
Sometimes people stare at me...
and I don't like it.
But other times,
I wish someone would see me...
just to know I am here.
But, you started talking to me...
and then I started talking to other people.
And now, I do have friends.
You and Pinky.
And if I can make friends...
then you will make friends, too.
So, don't worry.
I hear you.
And your mommy... she can hear you, too.
I know you exist.
P.S. There's going to be thunder, tonight.
Don't be afraid, though,
'cause I'll be with you the whole time.
Your friend, Willie.
Happy new year, everybody!
Happy new year!
Yo! Easy.
You know, I wouldn't smoke in the war.
Oh, that's real.
Everybody in my unit,
they took up smoking,
because they weren't thinking long term.
They was all like, "Shit,
I'll be lucky to die of lung cancer."
I'd be like, "Yeah, whatever. You 50
"and dyin', and your wife
and your friends are still chillin'
"with mad time ahead of 'em,
you gon' feel stupid."
"Yo, yo, Pinky,
you could die tomorrow or your ass
could get blown up by a mortar right now."
"Yeah, but, If I don't,
I want to live to be an old-ass man."
Now thinking about being
an old-ass man out here...
I'd be lucky to die of lung cancer.
Fucking went out
'cause I was fucking talking.
What do you want your sign to say?
"Give me you fucking money.
I ain't got no legs."
No. You shouldn't use bad words.
You should say "Veteran."
Motherfucker, it's my sign.
I get to say what I want to say.
Don't be getting creative.
You should say "War Hero."
Whoa, hey. Hey, how are you doing, man?
What's up, brother?
How are you doing, man?
You got... you got any money to help
me out a little bit, today?
- We thank you for your service.
- All right, all right.
See you, honey. Thank you, thank you.
Hey, honey. You got a little bit of cash?
Go ahead. Put it... put it right here.
If I had a phone, I'd call you.
If I had a phone, I'd call you. You know?
Hey, how are you guys doing tonight?
- Keep that, sir.
- Whoa. I appreciate it.
- Here.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
You look nice tonight.
You look good. Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, honey. How are you doing?
Hey, I appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Hey, my man. Yo, we want...
one room, two beds.
It's 120 for a night.
What are you talking about? Sign says 60.
Not for two person.
Yeah, well. Just one, then.
Check your sign, next time.
What... I got it, man!
I got it.
Good night.
Don't spend it all on girls.
Peace out, man!
This shit, man. This ain't me.
Some movie set over off on Wilshire,
they was about to throw 'em away,
can you believe that?
You bullshitting me.
No, man.
Shit, if I had five loaves of bread
and two fish, I'd feed all of you.
- Amen.
- Got one left, bro.
Hey, sleeping bag man.
Got one left. Want it?
Oh, um...
Methuselah, do you want a sandwich?
Methuselah, come on over here, man.
Get yourself some meat.
DJ spinnin' tonight, huh?
Yeah, he jamming, man.
Hey, who's that?
Yeah, you know what that means.
He's gonna get him some pussy tonight.
What do you want, Santa Claus?
Ain't no bathrooms tonight.
It's all business.
It's five bucks to play,
baby. You got five bucks?
All right.
Don't be nervous.
Mama's gonna make it all right.
Okay, what do we got down here,
Wh... what? No.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
So what do you want to do?
What do you want to do, then, Santy? Hmm?
Do you...
do you think that you can love me?
I do love you.
I love you, sweetie.
I love you.
I love you. Mmm.
"Goodbye, my friend"
"You want be anymore with me"
"Goodbye my friend"
"I'm gonna bring your love with me"
"Our way now splits in two,
just longing for an end"
"But the road I have to run"
"Is so long"
Hit him again! Hit him!
"What to say when he comes tonight"
"With the memories, all right"
"What to say when I see you"
"And in time, holding on"
You warm back there, buddy?
So, Evan, let's talk biz.
If I send you a copy of this to show some of
your buddies, you think they'd be into it?
I know you know all those
finance kids and shit, man?
That's who we gotta get down here, bro.
That's gonna make it an event.
Let's make this big.
Dude, you know how fucking underground
they're gonna think you are
when you show them this?
Everybody's gonna be like,
"Shit, Evan is so street."
For real, bro. You should think about it.
Hey, Willie-bear. Here.
Makes me feel good to put that
in your hand every time, man.
You know that?
I'm spending big money, but it feels good.
I think it's 'cause I like you.
Like that guy Evan,
who is technically one of my friends.
I fucking hate that prick.
But you, I, uh...
I know it sounds weird
to call you my friend, but...
I don't know, man. I...
I honestly like you, Willie.
You know why? I think... you're loyal.
Yeah. But I'm going to need to count on you.
Can I count on you, Willie?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, you take good care of me.
Yeah. I know I could. Bump it.
You're my motherfucking
cardboard boxer, Willie.
Help me light this.
How the hell is it so cold?
You know how like...
how you do in the movies,
put the fire in the trash can.
You ever do that in real life?
I know where some of those are.
Do you want me to read the first page?
No, I know that one in my sleep.
Read the last page that she wrote on.
"I realized today that I didn't even say
a word at school all week.
"Sometimes I am surprised by how my oice
sounds because I have not heard it in days."
Uncle Craig is old and scary.
He drinks beer and yells at me.
He smokes his cigarettes until
he falls asleep on the couch.
What is this shit, huh?
You're gonna burn
the house down, stupid child!
You're not supposed to be here.
Do you understand that?
Go away!
I wish I wasn't here, either.
Sometimes I wish I could have
died with Mommy, when she died.
"My life wouldn't have had this sad part.
"The longer I am sad, the harder it is
"to remember anything
ever good happened to me."
I thought I was just sad...
And it would get better,
but now I think my life has turned sad
and that's the way it is from now on.
I'm jealous of Mom.
I want to go be in heaven with her.
"We would be happy again...
"and nobody down here would
ever know I left."
What have you got me
reading this shit for, man?
Pfft! Will you just stop liking me, man?
You're my friend.
No, I ain't no good guy.
But you're a war hero.
I killed a girl, man.
These guys, they were shooting at us.
They made her stand in front
when I shot back.
Captain, he called it a "human shield,"
said it wasn't my fault that I shot her.
Said I had to shoot her.
But I chose to do it.
I... I was just looking
own the barrel, man.
Just wanted to make them
motherfuckers stop shooting back at me.
And I saw her.
I saw her. She was like... she was scared...
and I still shot her.
I saw smoke went up her chest.
I just... I couldn't believe
they'd fucking do that to somebody.
They didn't fucking care.
They got so many people,
they can just... they just throw one away.
You're liking me now, motherfucker?
Oh, God!
You had to do it...
so you could be here...
and you could be my friend.
Oh god.
I... I gotta go, man. I gotta go.
Check out my limousine.
Give me a ride, man.
Yo, Willie-bear.
What up, cardboard boxer?
Brought me some fries.
You're down for another fight tonight?
Yeah. Sure.
Uh, can you find someone?
I can do that.
Come on.
Hey. Nah, you're a girl.
- Jazz, do you wanna fight?
- Nah, not me.
Tell 'em it's 50 bucks.
Hey, man. You wanna fight for $50?
Fight you?
- Sure.
- Come on.
Hey, this guy will do it.
You got 50 bucks?
Yeah. You down to fight?
Where's the money?
Cash is right here, buddy.
How many rounds?
Just 'til one of you says "uncle."
Yeah, when he say "uncle," how do I know
you're not gonna just drive away?
No, no, no. They'll pay you.
They're my friends.
Place your bets, gentlemen.
Whoo! All right, all right!
Oh, I like it. Nice, nice.
Okay. What have we got here, Evan?
- Hey, buddy, good to see you.
- Whoo! Okay, let's get this started.
Ready and fight!
Yeah! That's it.
Yes! Nice, nice, nice. Get up.
Yeah! Nice.
Whoa, whoa. Pay attention to...
Get him! I got 200 on your ass!
Come on, Willie.
Yeah, that's my boy, Willie!
That's my money!
- Give me my money, motherfucker.
- JJ!
JJ, let's go!
JJ, come on.
Fuck! Come on, let's go, man.
Get in the fucking car, you piece of shit.
Get in!
Let's go. Move it.
Come on, let's go. Get up.
I need to take a trip,
and you... you have to come with me, okay?
This is my dad.
He had to watch me grow up...
from heaven. Just like your mommy
is watching you grow up from heaven.
I don't know if he's happy or...
if he's sad watching me.
I didn't grow up so... so good.
I didn't want him to have to see...
all of the sad parts.
But you have to remember...
you don't wanna make
your mom sad in heaven, okay?
You want her to be happy
when she's watching you.
So don't make her sad, okay?
I miss my dad.
I'll say goodbye to him.
Goodbye, Daddy.
I'll see you soon.
I have seen a lot of people die.
And one day I know I will die.
You start to wonder if people
will remember you
as a good person or a bad person...
or if they'll even remember you at all.
That's why your mom was okay when she died,
because she knew why she was here...
to have you...
and you're a good person.
And you make me a better person.
And I don't have anything, but...
if you're getting these letters...
then maybe, my thing
could be that I helped you.
Maybe I can be the angel
your mom sent to hug you.
That would be enough for me.
You sleeping?
You sleeping, buddy?
It's pretty cold tonight.
I'm gonna put this around you. All right?
You have your picture?
Yeah, that's good.
You keep that close
to your heart, all right?
Let me put this over your head, buddy.
It's so cold.
You're my only friend, Pinky.
Who's Willie?
Which one is he?
You know where Willie's at?
- Yeah, right there.
- Hey, Willie.
Get out!
You Willie?
So you the motherfucker been beating up
on all these people for money?
I'm not the only one.
Wait a minute.
I gave you my blanket.
Where's my fucking blanket, nigger?
I... I don't have it.
Yeah, 'course you don't.
The way those kids have been
paying you to beat up my friends.
You know who I'm talking about!
Them punk motherfuckers.
Who are they?
- They're my friends.
- Your friends?
They're not your friends, Willie.
Yes, they are.
Are they sleeping down here with you?
They're not sleeping
in a goddamn box, are they?
They're not your friends.
Are you out of your fucking mind
letting 'em do that shit?
If they bring their ass on the nickel again,
I'm gonna knock the shit
out of them. You got that?
- No, you won't.
- No, I wont?
I'll kill you.
You're gonna fucking kill me?
Fuck your ass.
They come here again,
some dead motherfuckers. You got that?
Where's your friends?
How come you're always down here
with us all the time?
You don't have any friends.
This is my friend.
Watch your ass.
You don't have any friends!
Nobody knows any of you!
Nobody knows you people!
They know me!
They know me!
They know me.
I'm the cardboard boxer.
What are you looking at?
So stupid.
You're stupid, Willie.
You're stupid.
Just like everyone says. You're stupid.
I don't think we should talk anymore.
I'm not a good person.
I hurt people.
And I don't do it by accident.
I... I do it for money.
I don't think I'll be seeing you
and your mother in heaven.
I think I'm gonna have to go to hell.
And it scares me.
So, I won't be able to talk to you anymore.
But I wanted to thank you
for being my friend.
You and Pinky were
the only friends that I had.
I'm gonna go on and go pretty soon.
Like you said, I, uh...
I don't want to have a big sad part
of my life anymore.
But I wanted to say goodbye.
- What do you want me to tell him?
- I got it.
I'm Staff Sergeant Thompson.
I really appreciate your willingness
to serve your country.
Unfortunately, you don't meet
our age requirements for enlistment.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do. It's a firm rule.
Listen, if you need any help,
I can contact homeless shelters
in the area...
I'll be a human shield.
You can use me to protect
the soldiers from bullets.
You can just throw me away.
I want you to.
I want you to throw me away.
All right, all right. Back up, back up.
Make some room. Come on.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm JJ,
your doorman to the poor man.
Now, tonight,
as promised,
you're going to see something
you can't see anywhere else.
Two men fighting for their lives.
No time limits,
no judges' decisions, just real.
So, starting tonight
and every night you come down here,
you're no longer business majors
or fucking trust fund babies.
No, no, no, no.
From now on, you are Romans,
and these bums...
your gladiators.
let's get this show started.
Who's up? Willie!
You out here?
Come on, Willie.
All right, no Willie.
Uh... Who else? Who else?
Somebody else? A 100 bucks. Come on.
What you all had a long day at work?
Come on! Hundred fucking bucks.
For fuck's sake. Come on!
Someone doesn't step up,
me and your money are leaving. For real.
I'll do it.
All right. Somebody still
got some balls to speak up.
Methuselah, come on, man.
- You don't need to do this, brother.
- All right.
I'm hungry, man.
What about the rest of you?
- Pope said, "No more fighting."
- Oh, the Pope?
- Yeah.
- "The Pope" said, "No more fighting"?
That's right.
Well, yeah. The Pope's...
not putting food in your belly
tomorrow morning, is he?
No. I am.
The only salvation out here, boys, is me.
- Just get going.
- Come on, go.
I know you're out here, Willie-bear.
Come on. Show yourself.
What are you doing, man?
Come on. Get in here.
Not tonight, JJ.
"Not tonight, JJ"?
What are you... what are you, my girlfriend?
Come on, cardboard boxer. Get in here.
This is your thing now.
I need you, man. I brought all these...
these are important people.
I brought them all here for you.
Can you fucking be my friend?
Come on!
What the hell?
Look at that. Look at that old man.
Go ahead. Look at him.
Look at that old man, right now.
You want someone else to
throwing those punches at him? Hmm?
Or you wanna throw 'em?
All right! Whoo! All right, we are on!
For the first fight let's go with, uh,
four to one odds on Methuselah
to go the distance. Yeah?
All right, thank you. Sounds good.
- Take that. All of it. All of it.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
You don't have to do this.
I'm sorry, Willie.
Now, the bets are officially closed.
In this corner, the oldest man alive
coming direct to you from Skid Row...
And in the other corner,
undefeated reigning champion
of all time, my good friend,
Willie, the cardboard boxer.
Whoo! Okay.
Three, two, one, fight!
- Yo, man.
- What's going on?
Come on! Go!
Come on. Get in there. Go, go, go.
That's it.
Hit him!
Come on. What are you doing?
Fight, come on!
Hit him, come on!
Oh! Oh!
Oh, no, no! Get up, get up!
Whoa! What the fuck is this?
Hit me, hit me.
- Get up!
- Hit me.
Hit him! Wait. Stop.
What the fuck?
- No stopping. It's on.
- No, no, no. This isn't how it usually is.
Willie, get the fuck up now!
- What is this? A fucking fix?
- Hit me.
Willie, you do not get
to throw this, man. Get up!
- Upside! Upside!
- This is fucking bullshit. This is fixed.
This little motherfucker
is trying to rip us off.
Hey, Willie. What do we got here?
- Huh?
- Wait.
Hey, hey, stop!
Don't make me do this. Fucking hit him.
- Don't, JJ! JJ!
- Hit him.
- Fucking hit him!
- Don't burn her!
JJ, give him the book.
Don't make me tell you again, Willie.
Fucking hit him.
I'm not gonna hit him.
JJ, come on. JJ, come on!
I'm going to leave this monitor on.
Just speak up if you need anything.
My mommy gave me this diary...
the Christmas before she went to heaven.
She told me to write in it every day...
because every day...
that we're alive is special.
When someone loves you that much...
you're special "automcly."
So, when I get to heaven...
I can tell her...
about every day that I was alive...
and I won't forget anything.
tell her about the days I was bad...
and I'll tell her about the days...
that I didn't do anything at all.
Now, I'm going to sleep.
Yo, you missed a turn.
I didn't miss the fucking turn.
You're drunk.
Whoa! Look out!
Hey, you got a problem?
Yeah, I got two problems...
but you boys got three.
- Fuck.
- Oh, shit, shit.
Get out of the car.
Don't get out of the car.
Okay. Okay. He just wants the car, okay?
- Fuck.
- I said, "Get out the car."
Okay, you can give him the car.
Hey, man.
You just take the car, okay? I... I got...
I got 300 bucks right here.
We cool. We cool, man.
I don't want your money or your car.
I want you two boys to fight each other.
The winner gets to drive home,
but the loser...
they stay with me.
Just take the car, man. Just take the car.
You got 10 seconds.
Ty, give him... give him the keys.
- Six seconds.
- Give him the fucking keys, man!
- Four seconds.
- Ty, give him the fucking keys, man!
Two seconds.
Dude, what are you doing? Ah!
Ah! Fuck!
- Shit!
- Fuck.
"My baby, don't go"
"I never meant to feel that way"
"My baby, don't go"
"To be so haunted by a touch"
"My baby, don't go"
"I'll play it back every day"
Hi, I'm Heather. What's your name?
That's okay.
Can I talk to you for a second?
I just have one question for you.
If you died today, do you know
100% that you would go to heaven?
Because there is actually only one way
where you can be sure
100% that you'll go to heaven.
- Did you know that?
- I don't wanna go to heaven.
I want to go to hell.
"You decide"
"Don't tell them what you know"
"They have their ways"
"Of making you tell them"
"He messed up"
"Forsaking our love"
"It's your life"
"And it's your love"