Cardinal Matter (2016) Movie Script

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Come on.
Son of a bitch.
Mr. Ryan.
Cale Fleischer.
How do you do?
I got these guys on videotape...
I only use hard copies.
I got a folder.
Hold on.
They're local guys.
They have records.
My supplies.
This is it?
That'll be enough.
Will it now?
This is what you get.
All right?
Just do your damn job.
Yes, sir.
You're not gonna
believe this ass...
What the fuck...
God... god damn it!
I'm not here to sit anymore.
So, what?
You're just gonna run off
like you always do?
You're just gonna
leave him in jail?
It's not my problem.
He's your boyfriend.
You go get him.
It's because of you
that he bailed.
I'm not gonna get
locked up with him.
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?
Please man up
and deal with it, asshole!
-You okay.
-Who the fuck are you?
I'm Austin.
Who the fuck are you?
I forgot you were coming.
- That's Hunter's cousin.
- Great.
He can go get him then.
Where's Hunter?
-He got himself arrested.
-You got him arrested.
What'd he get
locked up for?
A possession with
intent to distribute.
-It's just weed.
-That does not matter.
You guys were dealing.
You go get him.
Dipshit should've run faster.
You know what?
I'll get him.
Thanks, bro.
Where's the police station at?
Sheriff's station.
It's right on the street
-in the middle of town.
-And what about bail?
I'm running a
little light right now.
This is the last of it.
Tell him that.
-You must be Mary.
So, I'll be gone
whenever you get back.
So, welcome to town.
What can I do for you, sir?
I'm here to bail
out Hunter Blum.
What relates you to Mr. Blum?
I'm just here to bail him out.
That don't answer my question.
He's my cousin.
Got a bond?
I.D., please.
Austin Blum.
License is expired.
Is that a problem?
Only if you want to collect
your cousin.
Go on and get Hunter.
You want me to check
with the sheriff first...
Won't be necessary.
Thank you for your service.
So, what brings you to town?
I'm just looking
for a job.
Word is the agriculture plant
is closing.
Be mindful of the folks
you associate with.
Hey, cuz.
Hey, man.
Where're you goin'?
You know where.
-Just come inside.
-I got nothin' to say.
Look, I'm sorry
'bout gettin' arrested.
-All right...
-it isn't just about that.
Look, you draw too much
attention to yourself.
That stuff it doesn't
just go missing.
Someone is gonna be
looking for it.
I got it under control.
Just please,
just don't come looking
for me this time.
Sorry about that.
-You okay?
Guess I ain't that easy
to live with.
You know...
Don't ask me why, man,
but she loves me, you know?
Yeah, she does this.
I piss her off
and she goes camping up
by diamond Ridge.
I'll go
find her tomorrow.
Sounded to me
like she,
wanted to be left alone.
Nah, she'll cool off.
Always does.
Then we do a lot
of makin' up.
So, you'll get the place
to yourself for a day.
We're lookin'
kinda dry, though.
You want to...
You wanna hit the bar?
You know what I really need
is a job.
-Yeah? What kinda job?
Ranch. Garage.
Thing is I need it
to pay cash.
What kinda work you do
over in Iraq?
Mostly convoy.
Guard duty.
You shoot anybody?
You okay with that?
Come on, let's
let's go talk to dusty.
-Yeah, my business partner.
-Yeah, we met.
I think
we can hook you up.
Let's go meet dusty.
Dusty, you home?
What're you doing?
Shut up!
Holy shit.
-Holy shit, dusty...
-don't touch him.
Don't fuckin'
touch anything.
We walked in on somethin'.
You fuckin' think?
We gotta call the police.
Shit. Shit.
-Holy shit!
-The case isn't here.
-What case?
We cannot be here.
Come on.
Holy shit.
-I'd have to say cheesecake.
I don't know if I know
how to make that.
-I'm gonna learn.
-Afternoon everyone.
Afternoon, Rich.
Ms. Walker here
brought us a pie.
What's the occasion?
agricultural technology
has officially
closed shop in town.
I'll be sticking around
to tie up loose ends,
but at the end of the week
they're transferring me
to the public relations
department at the home office.
Gonna be sorry
to see you go.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
This town.
Something wrong, Rich?
Just lookin' forward to things
getting back to normal.
Since you people
been in town,
we've had more fights,
drugs, and what have you...
Than any year
in the past.
We all know the numbers, Rich.
Well, I'm sorry
if you've had a little more
on your plate,
but the people around here
-needed jobs.
-Weren't the people
around here
getting the jobs?
Why don't you go ahead
and punch out?
You've had a long day.
-Start explaining.
-I don't...
That was a hit.
You saw it.
Someone broke in.
-Someone broke in to...
-noose lying there.
Wire wrapped
around his neck.
That's supposed to look like
suicide, Hunter.
My god.
Tell me about that case
you were looking for.
This is why
dusty got killed.
It took us a while
to figure out the combination.
What, you knock off
a hospital or somethin'?
Hell no!
You know that company
that got in town?
Karen or whatever?
It's like alternative energy
or something.
Me and dusty hear
they got these trailers
full of chemicals.
We were lookin' to cook.
That's pretty smart.
And you were gonna get me
involved in that shit?
Look, you said
you needed the work.
As long as it pays,
I figured you being family
and all.
-What is it?
-Man, I have no idea.
Where exactly
did you find it?
So, we hear
they got these trailers
full of chemicals, right?
We go and take us a look.
Who else
knows about this?
-Who else?
-No one.
I swear.
Okay, we didn't know
what to do with it.
So, you're tellin' me
you have no idea
what this shit is.
No. Man, it's... it's like
from outer-fucking-space.
-You tried it?
-Dusty did.
Look, we were buzzed
off the heist and he just...
He just gave it a go.
Look, I don't need this shit,
man, I don't.
Just watch this.
What're you doin'?
What're you... no!
You got another line?
Not gonna get
much of a chance to do this
after I leave.
This thing's
always been broken.
It's not broke.
You just don't know
how to use it.
When I first
got to town i...
I don't know, I thought
I'd be out here more often.
God, I'm gonna miss
this place.
Then why are you leavin'?
This isn't my world.
I can't stay here forever.
Besides, I'm in my 30s.
I'm ready
for the big leagues.
Isn't 40 like the new 20
or something?
Take care of yourself.
You, too.
What the fuck?
I know, right?
Seriously, man.
What the fuck?
Dusty's hand got sliced
in the heist.
And when he tried this...
Just gone.
I decided
to try it myself.
I cut myself to ribbons.
I got no scars or nothin'.
You wanna try?
No, I don't think so.
Well, here.
Take a poke.
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
Come on,
before it wears off.
Boo. Pussy.
It's a nice little buzz
to top it all off, too.
-We gotta go.
-Dusty tried two at once.
-He was trippin' balls.
-We gotta go right now.
Shit. Mary.
We gotta go get her.
-You know where she is?
-Yeah, diamond Ridge.
Like I said,
that's her place.
All right, fine.
Lead the way.
You're fine, man.
All right, stay calm.
Brother, you're fine.
How do you use one of these?
We'll get to her.
I promise, all right?
Eyes on me, man!
Eyes on me, Hunter!
There was someone else
with Blum.
And he got away.
So, you failed.
I will handle...
This should have
already been handled.
How much have you used?
Enough to get
the job done.
You're creating
an em field.
-How much have you used?
-All of it.
That's why
I need to be resupplied.
You were given
a three-day supply.
When's the last time
you used?
-Last night.
-And you're already sore?
Is that it?
I don't want you
to overdo it.
I expect much better of you
from here on out.
Go make this right.
Have yourself a little party?
Mrs. kitner called
about a trespasser
sleeping in her shed.
Gonna need you
to stand up.
You hurt?
-I said are you injured?
-Guess not.
-You got any weapons or drugs on you?
You have the right
to remain silent.
Wanna tell me
whose blood that is?
What about
what was in that needle.
Gonna find out anyway,
Drug test.
What am I gonna find
when I open that case?
Boy was stoned
out of his mind.
Come in, sheriff.
Go ahead, Pete.
We got a hell of a mess
over here.
I can't believe it.
Figure his cousin did it?
I do not know.
Seems likely,
if you ask me.
I didn't.
Thoughts, sheriff.
Yeah, I got a few.
Sheriff, come in.
Go ahead.
Got a call about a body.
Already there.
No, sheriff, you're not.
Figure they're connected?
Yeah, I do.
What're the odds
he was gonna off himself
and someone beat him
to the punch?
Yeah, go ahead.
You're not gonna believe this,
Think I found
the murder weapon.
I reckon you did.
- Sheriff?
-You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me.
We need you back
at the first one.
What's going on today?
Where is everyone?
Well, ma'am,
today's been a bit
of a shitstorm.
-Excuse my language.
-How so?
I don't want to alarm you,
- a few people got murdered.
- My god.
I know
we're supposed to notify
family first and all,
but looks like one
of the bodies was someone
-who used to work for you.
Fellow by the name
of Ryan.
-Jeremy Ryan.
He left town days ago.
I wish that was true,
You know what?
He looks
a little familiar.
He might've been
one of my guys at the plant.
You think I could speak
with him?
Ms. Walker,
I don't want to get
in any trouble,
and, you know,
I don't want to put you
-in harms way.
-Of course not.
I was just thinking
that maybe I could help.
You know, I have his file
and his resume.
That could be
useful information for you.
You make it quick and you
keep this between us, okay?
Our secret.
It's gonna be fine.
It'll be fine.
I'll be right outside
if you need me, ma'am.
Thank you.
Did you use any of it?
The syringe,
did you use any of it?
You have.
I can tell.
Do you have any idea
what that stuff will do
without proper treatment?
It's ugly.
Who are you?
I'm the person
who's gonna make this
a lot easier on you.
What do you want?
I just want back the product
that was stolen.
You killed my cousin.
Well, you know I didn't.
But you know who did.
See now,
we're getting off topic.
Because you need
to understand
this substance
that you've used,
you're not gonna last long
without it.
How's that?
it doesn't last forever.
Whatever hole
that you've plugged,
in a couple days,
it's coming back.
You help me
and I'll help you.
God damn it, boy!
Get out! Get out! Go!
Ms. Walker,
are you okay, ma'am?
Well, we found this
stored out back.
I figured these boys
were looking to cook up
some crystal,
but we also
found this inside.
That is familiar.
A little fancy
for some junkies.
Where you figure
they're getting these?
My best guess
is the same place
they're getting
these chemicals.
Barrel's got
Carroll stamps on it.
Yes, sir. I understand.
I... I shoulda never
let her in that...
Yes, sir.
Again, I'm... I'm sorry.
I understand.
All right.
God damn.
God damn it, Blum!
Don't move.
Don't move, Blum!
Don't move!
Son of a bitch.
What the hell
happened to you?
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Where's Hunter?
What did you do to him?
I didn't hurt him.
I swear to god.
This guy showed up,
He just stabbed him.
Look, Hunter got into that stuff
you guys took last week.
Someone came for it.
His friend's dead, too.
Yeah, I barely got away.
The cops think I did it.
I'm sorry.
Who do I need to speak with
to get his records released?
-Yeah, if I could just get your name.
-No, I spoke to him yesterday.
-He forwarded me to you.
-Hannah? Patricia?
-Ms. Walker, thank you for coming.
- Ms. Walker?
- But...
Of course, I will hold.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll have a deputy
look into that.
Want to explain to me
how you can lose
an entire drum of chemicals
and not notice?
Well, there was a
break-in last week.
Why didn't you report it?
I actually didn't know
about it at the time, Rich.
That was the head
of security's responsibility.
The recently deceased
Mr. Ryan?
What the hell
is she doing in here?
Just asking a few questions.
-Erin, I'm sorry, please.
-It's okay.
I wanna know
why someone who spends
so much time at the
local sheriff's office
failed to report
a pretty significant crime.
Deputy, watch what you say.
A crime now linked
to four bodies.
-Shut your mouth.
-It's fine.
No, it ain't.
No, it ain't.
Ms. Walker,
if you'll excuse us.
I'll be with you
outside in a minute.
Four bodies in one day.
That's more than all last year.
For god's sakes, sir.
Jed was killed here
last night.
You don't have to remind me
about jed.
I know what's going through
your mind right now.
These guys
ripped off her warehouse
and she doesn't report it?
Her head of security
was beaten to death
-just outside of town.
we will look into
those connections.
I want to know
what you're thinking
bringing her in here.
If she files a lawsuit,
it won't be just your ass
gettin' pissed on.
Do you know
if it was somebody else,
-you wouldn't...
-I ain't some heartsick teenager.
I'm doing my job.
Then do it smart.
Find Austin Blum.
So, what now?
You have a cell phone?
-Take it apart.
Sim card, battery.
Throw it in the fire.
How many days
are you supplied for?
A week, maybe,
-between the two of us.
-Nah, I'm leaving.
And you're coming with me.
-Hunter would've wanted it that way.
-He did this to himself.
Not me.
That's his blood.
You were involved in this.
And because of you,
I'm involved.
Now, we have an opportunity
to leave
and we need to take it.
Both of us.
Maybe we turn ourselves in
to the sheriff.
We didn't kill nobody.
That woman, she's...
She's got some kind
of relationship
the sheriff's department.
You can't trust them.
-Where are we gonna run to?
If we keep moving
they can't catch us.
You found me.
You know how to use this thing?
Watch over that case.
Where're you going?
Going to talk to
the company lady.
That case is the only thing
that's gonna keep us alive.
I'm gonna make a deal.
Are you sure
that's a good idea?
Yeah, I'll be convincing.
Going somewhere?
What happened
with the cousin?
Let's just say he's...
You were hired
to put out this fire.
Well, sometimes you've got
to throw dynamite onto it
to blow it out.
I've got everything
under control.
Where're you going?
It's the deputy.
He isn't stupid.
He knows
Carroll's involved.
Does he need to be
dealt with?
-I don't know if that's...
-You know...
The cleanup list...
-Is getting long.
-Well, things come up.
-We need to be...
That's right.
Will stay in this town
until the job is done.
What about the deputy?
I'm supposed to be
to the home office
at the end of the week.
Well, it will be done
by then.
Nobody leaves.
Anybody involved
in any way...
They don't leave.
What is this stuff?
I've heard that before.
Yeah, well,
progress comes with a cost.
What is it?
I can't tell you
with a gun in my chest.
It's supposed
to make people better.
At least
for a short time.
It's a cocktail.
synthetic nerve conductors,
it's too difficult to explain
to someone like you.
Someone like me?
Don't get offended.
I don't understand it either.
Cell size robots
that can rebuild you
after getting shot to pieces.
Who figures that out?
It's a military contract.
-It's supposed to save lives.
-Are you telling me
that my government
killed my cousin?
No, I'm telling you
that Cale did.
You see that?
the electromagnetic field
this stuff creates.
Anything electronic
gets real unreliable.
We had a hell of a time
trying to fix that.
You're in trouble.
And you're not?
It's a whole different
kind of trouble.
We didn't have enough time
to long-term test this stuff.
And judging by Cale,
it seems like there are
some serious side effects
to brain chemistry?
This stuff is gonna put a hole
in you.
But it doesn't have to.
Cale is the problem.
You said so yourself.
He scares me.
And if you're smart,
-he should scare you, too.
-I just wanna survive.
Me, too.
Listen, Cale...
Cale isn't easy.
I like easy.
Let's make this easy
for the both of us.
You bring me
the remaining product.
I get you
the help you need.
What about Cale?
I'll handle Cale.
I can save you, Austin.
You just have to do
the right thing first.
Diamond Ridge.
It's north of town.
You meet me there
tomorrow morning,
and I'll get you
the case.
Morning, Rich.
Pete. Coffee?
Nah, I'm good.
How's the office?
Still a shitstorm.
Background check came back
on your perp, though.
Figured you'd wanna check
it out.
Austin Blum.
Corporal U.S. marine corp.
Been awol for six months.
Yeah, he took leave
for his mom's funeral,
but just never came back.
Got a couple misdemeanors
from when he was a kid,
but that's about it.
How's the sheriff?
Still pissed as all hell
about Ms. Walker.
for bringing this by.
Yeah, no problem.
About to cook us
some trout.
-Stay for lunch?
-Nah, I gotta get back.
-But thank you, though.
-I'll be in this afternoon.
Hey, do me a favor.
Grab some wood for my stove
before you leave.
A bomb detonated in Bagdad
has killed 17
and wounded at least 50.
Security forces have been...
though no one
has claimed responsibility
for the attack,
they have leads
and are
following them aggressively.
How did it go?
Where's the case?
What happened?
I met with her and she
wants to make a deal.
And you believe her?
Please, I need it.
What kind of deal
did you make?
Just give me the case.
I am way past
fucking around here right now.
Not until you tell me
what the hell is going on.
I'm giving it to Erin.
Okay, so you're gonna give it
to Erin.
And then just hope
that everything's
gonna be okay?
Look, you don't get
a vote in this, all right?
It's your dumb ass
that got me involved.
If you go down there...
No one
is gonna see you again.
I'm in the area.
I'll let you know.
I don't wanna die.
She told me
I have to keep taking it.
Or I'll die.
And no,
I don't fully trust her,
I don't know who else
can help me right now.
-It's him.
-We have to go.
-How'd he find us?
You got to tell me
where that case is.
He can't find it.
I put it right over here.
I put it right down
over here,
just below the...
No, no!
The rope fell in.
-Can you slide down there?
-No way.
Over there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Keep trying.
Lower it all the way
down there.
Little right.
Yeah, now.
-Let's go.
-Did you get it all?
Got enough.
Let's move, come on.
What the hell are you doin'?
You get back in your house.
-You stay quiet.
-No, no.
Hey! Don't answer the door
for nobody.
Sheriff's department.
Slow down,
slow down, slow down.
All right, we'll be
right there.
What was that?
Austin Blum
just took a family hostage.
God damn it.
You think he saw us?
Come on.
Rich, where the hell
are you goin'?
Just spotted Blum.
Why don't you head
toward the junkyard?
Head to the front gate.
- Did you see a man come through here?
-Yeah, they went that way.
-Man and a woman.
Turn your radios off.
You don't want to spook 'em.
Keep a line of sight
with each other.
No one
approaches them alone.
Come on.
-Take the case.
-What about you?
-I'll be fine.
-Like hell you will.
If something happens to me
you tell everyone about this.
- Rich!
- Go after them.
-Not without backup.
-They're getting away!
You should've waited
for me.
There was another man
with Blum.
Did you get a good look?
Nah. His face was covered.
What the hell are
we doing, sheriff?
Bring Erin Walker in
for questioning.
We can't do that.
You blew that option when you
brought her into the station.
When did you turn into
such a coward?
Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?
What the hell is going on?
Be with you
in just a minute.
I almost got killed today.
My god.
I'm so sorry.
Are you?
Pete's hurt...
but he'll be fine.
Just thought
you'd like to know.
Be careful.
The suspects
are still on the loose.
You know...
She called me a failure.
Can you believe that?
I... I'm good at what I do,
you know?
Thing is,
people like her
don't understand how...
How you've got to think
on the fly.
Something doesn't go
according to plan,
you act like a professional
and you adjust.
With her...
Something goes wrong
and she just starts
pointing the fingers, blaming.
She just wants
to slash and burn.
But she doesn't know
how to slash and burn.
This job is stressful,
you know?
Most people
couldn't handle it.
But I can handle it.
I can adjust.
I show up to the third mark,
someone else is there,
I adjust.
Guy tries to get away,
I adjust.
Last mark tries to break me,
I will not adjust!
You know...
Who had it all figured out?
Bruce Lee.
He said,
"you've got to be shapeless
like water.
When you put water
into a cup...
It becomes the cup.
When you put it into a...
Into a teapot,
it becomes the teapot.
Water can flow.
And it can crash."
Become like water.
I don't see a case.
I don't have it.
This is done.
We're going to the sheriff.
-Why would we do that?
-Because you fucked up.
The only way
we're gonna get out of this
is together.
Even if you
run away with that case,
how many doses
do you have left?
You're gonna have
to come back here.
And what?
Be like him?
What is this?
He had it in a file
with the others.
He was always the only one
leaving this town alive.
But you already knew that.
I'm going to the home office.
I'm sorry.
Don't do that.
Where're you going?
I don't know.
Come on.
We'll go to the sheriff
me and you together.
We'll be protected.
How protected were you
last time?
This time we know
what's coming.
Are you asking me
to turn on the company?
The company
that wants you dead.
No. Wait.
-Let her go, son.
-She's coming along peacefully.
-Erin, are you okay?
-I'm fine.
Just wait a second.
All units,
Austin Blum
is at the Carroll office.
Erin... she can explain.
He is armed
and holding a hostage.
I'm turning myself in.
- What do you mean?
- Cale.
-What do you mean?
-Carroll killed those people.
Austin had nothing
to do with it.
I'll explain everything,
but right now
we need to go.
Listen to her, sir.
Looks like I'm gonna owe Rich...
Shut the fuck up.
Shit, shit, shit.
What're we gonna do?
We need to find an exit.
The exits are on the south side.
No, no, no, no, no!
I did not do this.
Let me see your hands.
Slow, slow!
Both hands, Blum.
Or else... shit!
We need an ambulance
at 4239 deer spring road.
We got two vics,
officer down.
Suspect Austin Blum
is fleeing the scene.
Austin Blum has killed
a lot of people
over the past few days.
Including sheriff Willis.
He has been sighted
with two possible accomplices.
A man and a woman.
We got no reports
of stolen vehicles
or missing persons, so we
can assume he's on foot.
I want to thank you folks
for volunteering to help
Pete and myself.
Sweep the local ranches.
A lot of private property
out there for Austin to hide in.
This man has killed
friends and family.
Do not give him
another chance!
Head on out to the trucks.
We roll out in five.
Sorry about the way
things ended with you
and Willis.
No matter what happened
these last couple days,
you know he thought that
you were a good guy...
Meet you
at the o'Connor ranch.
See you there, sheriff.
I love the place.
What now?
That all depends
how many bullets you got.
So, what?
You're gonna kill me?
Track down Mary,
the cops,
kill them, too?
What happens next?
I don't know.
I never know
until I get there.
Because every job is...
There's no pattern.
You believe in them?
The company,
what they do?
-I'm just trying to survive.
-Me, too.
How long has it been?
A couple of days.
Looks like you need
a little bit more juice.
You wanna dose?
Go on.
Take it.
I'm clean.
There's no such thing
with this stuff.
Because if you're clean,
you're dead.
What happened?
What happened?
Nothing. Let's go.
Where're we gonna go?
Doesn't matter.
Sheriff's dead.
Erin's dead.
-What else do we have...
-Erin is not dead.
-She's not dead.
The ambulance
are on their way to get her
to take her
to the hospital, but,
they're an hour out.
It's not gonna be
enough time.
Where's the case?
What're we gonna do?
Save her life.
thanks for keeping an eye out.
We got an ETA on that ambulance?
Sheriff Norton requesting ETA
from ambulance
responding to code 3.
Steve? You there?
Drop it.
Make sure it's locked.
-Hold your fire!
-Toss your weapon!
God damn it,
we are not here to hurt you.
Toss your weapon now!
Show me your hands.
We can save her.
-Give me one.
-All units.
Austin Blum
is at Dr. Hamlin's office.
I repeat.
Austin... slow!
-I'm gonna go in there.
No, you're not.
Get on your knees now.
She is willing to testify
against Carroll,
but she will not be saved
unless I walk in that door.
Blum, I will put a hole in you.
You fucking people!
You couldn't make this easy!
I'm gonna burn this town
to the fucking ground.
Get out of here!
Help me!
Don't miss...
Drop the weapon now!
Rich! Stop!
I'm sorry.
This is my fault.
I'm gonna fix this.
Just drop the weapon!
Hands in the air now!
Let's see both your hands up!
Hands in the air now!
Drop it!
Drop it!
On your knees,
hands in the air!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!