Cardinals (2017) Movie Script

[wind whistling]
I'll only be about an hour.
It shifted about
an eighth of an inch.
- Which?
- One of the 12s.
Hm, it's not as bad
as I thought, okay.
Hey, Jim owes me $40.
I need a pair of boots.
[man and woman speaking
indistinctly in background]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[engine idling]
[dog barking in distance]
[train horn blares,
signal bell clanging]
You okay?
I got this, yeah.
Just... [chuckles]
you do it.
I'm useless.
[woman] Okay.
- [thump]
- Fuck.
[man] She explicitly asked me
not to be there today.
I'll see you Saturday.
What's Saturday?
The Swan Parade.
Have you gone through
the house recently?
[man] Why?
Your mother
is not an alcoholic.
She made a mistake.
She paid the price for it-
I was talking
about her parole conditions.
But... thank you.
Have you spoken to her
about selling the house?
[man] Of course I have.
[woman] Do you want me
to not ask you
how that conversation went?
[man] If you'd be so kind.
Did Mark move?
Not as far as I know.
[woman] Hmm.
[buzzer buzzes]
[gate rumbles]
Hi, Mama.
- [buzzer buzzes, gate rumbles]
- Hi.
Yo, how's it going?
- Oh, fantastic.
- Okay.
[chuckles] You think about what
you're gonna order for years,
and then, um, wow, you...
It just looks really different
when you see the menu.
Yeah. Did you just
come from Glassmore?
- Yeah.
- Right on.
You must get
a lot of people...
I mean... don't worry.
I won't... won't ask you
what you did or anything.
I'll run you through
the options, though.
We'll get you set up.
We'll get you set up.
Well, all that's missing
is a banner.
- Thirsty?
- I'd kill for a glass of wine.
It's pretty soon, Mom.
[water running in sink]
Hey, don't sit down.
We're celebrating.
[sighs deeply]
I know you're
probably gonna want
to have a talk with me
at some point.
I'm prepared for that.
I want to as well.
Well, not tonight.
We're celebrating.
Does she know?
We're a little bit
light on glassware.
okay, um...
good to have me back.
Mmm. [chuckles]
This can all just go
in the trash.
I don't even want to donate it.
Why not donate?
I just don't want to be
walking down the street
and see somebody
else wearing that
and hate it all over again.
Speaking of florals,
Wendy called
like three weeks ago.
She wondered when you
were getting out.
What did she say, exactly?
Um, she wants to see you.
Did you ask her,
or did she bring it up
Um, she called and asked
when you were getting released.
So I told her, and then
I asked her if she wanted
to hang out with you,
and she said yes.
So she didn't suggest it.
Can you pass me that basket,
El? Thank you.
Well, what does it matter
if she suggested it?
I'm not gonna apologize
for being curious.
[woman] No one's asking you
to apologize, Mom.
[mother] Yeah, I would have to
guess you're wrong about that.
[woman] Well, I don't think
that she would call
if she didn't want
to hang out with you.
You're assuming
that I want to see her.
Yeah, and why wouldn't I
assume that?
Is her husband still sick?
He died.
Blood disease.
Well, there you go.
I don't want to be associated
with that kind of sadness.
[scoffs] Okay.
Well, I'm not gonna
force to have friends.
Keep that.
That's nice.
[dog barks in distance]
[trampoline squeaking gently]
[knock on door]
Um, is now a good time?
How do you mean?
Sorry, uh, is now
a good time to talk?
I mean, I don't want to
interrupt your, uh, family time,
but, uh...
it's kind of hard to wait.
I'll understand if you want
to give it more time, for sure.
No. No, no.
Sorry, come in.
[mother] Um, can you take
your boots off?
- [man] Yeah, no problem.
- [mother] Thanks.
- Yep.
- Come on in.
Um... you're not gonna
believe who's here.
Hey, Zoe.
- Eleanor.
- Hi.
- Is it okay if I sit here?
- Oh, of course.
As you can see, everything's
pretty much the same.
It's kind of like
a time capsule.
Do you want
to talk privately?
No, this is okay,
as long as you guys
are okay with it.
- [Zoe] Sure.
- [Eleanor] Yeah.
So you're still
in the neighborhood.
- How's that?
- Oh, you know, same.
- Kind of a time capsule.
- [laughs]
Except for
the new subdivision.
- I don't know if you've seen that.
- No.
Anyway, what I wanted
to say was...
I'm sorry, I hate to interrupt.
But here we are, eating.
[Zoe] So did they legally have to
tell you she was on the loose?
Oh, I don't know what
their obligations were,
- but they did tell me.
- Who told you?
Someone came by.
What have you been doing?
Not a lot.
It's probably all a bit cold.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Um, there's toast.
I didn't ask about your mother.
How is she?
She, um...
she's not with us anymore.
I didn't get
all the neighborhood
news updates, I guess.
What I was gonna say before
is that you shouldn't feel,
um, obligated to move out
of the neighborhood
or anything like that.
Oh, I hadn't even thought
about that.
I don't know
if you remember this
but I tried to visit you
in prison a couple of times,
and they told me that you
weren't feeling well.
Yeah, well, I wasn't
feeling well most days.
But I'm really sorry
I didn't get a chance
- to apologize to you.
- Oh.
I didn't know
how to even go about it.
I mean, what do you say
about a thing like that?
But, you know, you had
every right to an apology,
for wanting that apology...
Actually, I didn't come here
looking for an apology.
But thank you, though,
for saying that I deserved one.
Um... I guess I was
just hoping to hear
your account of what happened.
I read everything in the papers,
and the lawyers talked to me,
but everything
happened pretty fast.
And, uh, yeah, I would
just love to hear from you,
in your words,
in the interests of...
Oh, okay, I don't know
what else I could tell you
that you didn't already read,
but, um...
I drank and drove.
I was driving too fast
and not paying attention,
and a German Shepherd
bounded out into the street
chasing God only knows what,
and, um...
I made a big mistake.
I panicked and swerved,
and instead of hitting
the dog, I hit...
something else,
as you know.
Yeah, that's pretty much
what I remember.
The German shepherd,
I guess that's why the...
the angle of impact
was so extreme.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
[man] Was it the Axels'
German shepherd?
- Sorry?
- The Axels' German shepherd?
From the corner at Radcliffe.
They have the garden gnomes
on the lawn.
Oh, yes, yeah.
Yeah, that's the only big dog
that I can remember.
Sorry, I'm not
trying to be hostile.
No, I'm not either,
and if it's any comfort to you,
I'm... I'm pretty sure
that old dog
would be a pile of dust now
in some landfill
or maybe in their backyard.
- The Axels?
- Yeah, in the Axels' backyard.
[chuckles softly]
[sighs] I should go.
I should've given you more time.
No, you've waited long enough.
That's fine.
And thanks for breakfast.
Thank you for forgiving me.
I'll see you guys later.
Bye, Mark.
- See you around.
- I hope so.
How did Mark's mother die?
She killed herself.
Maybe you could make a list
of all the other people
who died while I was away.
That would be helpful.
[water running in sink]
[birds chirping,
children shouting in distance]
[shower running] about that tall,
you know?
No matter how many times
I pass by your house,
I see you outside there.
You grew.
[chuckles] Guilty.
That's good.
Guilty as charged.
- [laughs]
- Yeah.
So what can we
help you with today?
Oh, uh, well,
I was just wondering, um...
you... you used to have
a German shepherd.
Jackson, that's right.
When did he die?
Okay, well, uh... not sure
if you're aware of this,
but Valerie Walker claimed
that a German shepherd
ran in front of her vehicle
right before she hit my Dad.
I was not aware, no.
Do you... you think Jackson
might have been that dog?
That's why I'm here.
Hmm, well...
What year
was the accident?
- It was 2007.
- 2007.
[woman] Hmm.
Hmm. [clears throat]
Well, let's see,
we got him in ninety... um...
When did we get him?
[classical music playing
in headphones]
[door closes]
Oh, hi. Valerie.
[Valerie] Jonah?
Nice to meet you in person.
Would you happen to have a spade
or a small shovel?
[Jonah] Springtime.
They tend to run head-first
into their own reflections
thinking they're being
Snap their necks.
Something about their color
makes them prone.
I... I don't know.
I understand that there's
no confidentiality
between myself
and Jonah here.
And do you understand why?
Oh, and I understand why.
Thank you.
Uh, so we're clear,
you said that there's
no confidentiality
- between us and...
- Is that wrong?
No, not wrong,
not incorrect
in the sense
that I have to report
anything incriminating
you might say
but incorrect in that there's
a great deal of confidentiality,
and you can trust that anything
we talk about is private
unless there are
extreme circumstances
where the law
needs to get involved.
Should I just record
that again?
Oh, no need.
I drank green tea for years.
Never knew about
the antioxidants. [chuckles]
Thank you so much
for making a house call.
A perk of you
not having a license.
Is this, uh...
are you new to the field?
Never been asked that before.
I just have no
frame of reference.
Uh, so, um... you know,
I have a fair number of
questions that I have to ask you
and others
that I'd like to ask you.
But is there anything
you'd like to ask me?
I'm sorry, I don't have
any more questions.
Okay. So, first off,
is there any chance
of you returning to work
at the plant in any capacity?
I would assume no.
Do you like working in sales?
Is that stuff good?
This? It's the best.
Mmm. I've heard that.
So you have a lawn then?
No, I don't have a lawn.
I like your plaque.
I can put you in touch
with my guy if you want.
You want to walk?
I'm gonna walk.
[Mark] Where to?
[Zoe] Mm...
[speaks indistinctly]
You're still married?
Uh, well, yes, technically.
Technically, yeah.
But you're, um...
you'll be staying here
in this house alone?
For now.
You're comfortable
living alone, I assume?
Yes, yes. Mm-hmm.
Um, living alone,
are there any concerns
that come to mind with that?
Carbon monoxide.
[chuckles softly] Huh.
what do you feel
is the number-one threat
to your freedom?
Well, I guess I would
have to say you, wouldn't I?
Not the answer
I was thinking of, but, uh...
yes, theoretically.
But what would make me
a threat to you freedom?
What about alcohol?
Oh, that's not a threat.
Alcohol won't be an issue.
So, that feels like a mistake
to me, I have to say.
Consider that the only time
your freedom
has been taken from you
was because of drinking.
That works out to 100%.
I'm gonna speak candidly
because I think
it's just going to save us
a lot of time.
I exaggerated my drinking
during the trial.
I know I drank too much
that night.
But I thought the judge
and jury wouldn't be happy
if I didn't say
I had a problem.
So I just went along with
any language about alcoholism.
Okay, um...
Thank you for your honesty.
Still, you know,
I have a number of clients
who would drink
all the time if they could.
You'd consider that
to be an issue
with alcohol,
wouldn't you?
Well, most of them
haven't taken a life.
So, um, you might understand
how I would see
your relationship
with alcohol as a problem.
No, I understand.
I just wanted to make it clear.
I don't respond well
to alcohol,
which I, you know,
triumphantly proved.
I won't be drinking again.
Well, you know, as long
as you meet your conditions
and attend your scheduled
meetings, uh, which start...
Yep, uh,
as long as you do that,
then we don't have to talk about
this any further right now.
Okay. Mm-hmm.
[Mark] They've been
developing this for, like,
three or four years.
I think it's changed hands
a few times.
They're gonna dig
all of this up over here.
A lot of garbage under here,
I think.
I guess when this is all done,
the property values
on your house will go up.
Do you wish we'd sell?
No, did it come across
that way?
A bit.
Well, if that
really mattered to me,
I could just sell my own home.
Well, I'm not sure
that's the same thing,
but whatever you say.
I suppose I kind of embarrassed
myself this morning.
Can I say something sad?
Might as well.
Did you have help
with your mom?
You know, she was pretty good
about hiding it.
I didn't really understand
what was going on, to be honest.
Anybody notice
with your mom?
What do you mean?
With her drinking?
Oh. No.
It was only that one time.
Fuckin' 30 feet from home.
Then came the German shepherd.
Then came the German shepherd.
But not trying to make you
feel sorry for her.
How is she?
My mom?
not good with apologies.
It's okay to talk about it,
What happened to my family
is way worse
than what happened
to your family.
So it's not like you'll be
making me feel bad or something.
Okay. Um...
well, she's not doing good.
her friend Wendy's calling,
and she thinks that, like,
she doesn't deserve
to have friends.
I'm sure I didn't
help with that.
No, oh, my God,
it's not your fault.
She should have
fucking apologized.
So Wendy from the plant?
I always liked Wendy.
Yeah, me too.
[machinery clanking
and squealing]
Is your mother asleep?
Uh, I think so, yeah.
Almond milk?
Did she say that it was okay
for you to stay over tonight?
[man] What difference does
it make if I'm here tonight
or tomorrow morning?
You know, me keeping you updated
about what's happening here
is not a cry for help, right,
you know that?
yeah, I just thought
it would be better
if I was here.
[clears throat]
Who let him in?
[Eleanor] Mom did.
And... and you think he's...
I don't think that he thinks
it was an accident.
Have you talked to her?
[Eleanor] No.
She said that she wants to,
but I don't know
what she expects me to say
"Hey, Mom,
you made it worse for me"?
What she's done
shouldn't be on your conscience,
not... not for a second.
[scoffs] Okay.
That's a relief.
Well... if she had
telephoned the police,
Mr. Loekner would be getting
out of prison now.
She's never even admitted to me
that she killed him on purpose.
Sometimes I do feel happy
that he's dead.
But there are other times
when I would just
like to talk about it.
I'd just like
to have that option.
I don't know,
I've read it's...
You can talk to me about it.
Do you actually want to listen
to me talk about it?
[footsteps approach]
- Am I interrupting?
- [clears throat]
I had it in my head that
we agreed you'd come tomorrow.
Yeah, yeah.
We had agreed on that, yeah.
Um... I don't have to sleep
here if it bothers you.
[Zoe] No, I don't want
to trouble you.
What time is the Internet
guy coming tomorrow?
between 10:00 and 12:30.
[garage door rattling]
It's a... a frittata.
I figured you'd be hungry
after all the work
you've been doing.
I didn't get a chance
to bake it,
so it needs about 25 minutes
at 350, and it should be fine.
I was going to bake it,
but I didn't want
to miss my chance
to give it to you.
That's very nice,
thank you.
I, um... I thought it was
uncomfortable at breakfast.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I gotta say,
I just don't understand
your fascination with the dog.
That's okay.
You know,
if it was to embarrass me, I...
I'm not trying
to embarrass you.
Well, what then?
You know...
my mom was on a lot
of medication before she died.
But she told me that she thought
she understood what you did.
What do you think that means?
I think it means she was on
a lot of medication.
Okay, great chatting
with you as always.
I'm pretty sure
it's gonna snow.
So it might be a good excuse
for you to go inside now.
What are you measuring?
Uh, it's to optimize
your installation.
[man] Yeah, but how?
So I can put the router here.
[man] What if we want it
in the kitchen?
Sure, yeah, cool.
Could've just told me where you
wanted it off the top,
but it's all good.
How was your night
last night, Zoe?
Uh, okay so just right here
by the, uh, phone?
- [man] It's fine, Greg-
- Yes, thank you.
My night was fine.
What'd you two talk about?
Is there a problem?
Have you guys talked
about this already?
[Eleanor] She has to live
across the street from him.
[Zoe] I know, but I don't
really understand
why you guys don't
feel bad for him.
If there's nothing
to talk about,
there's no need
to get defensive.
There is, though,
'cause all of a sudden,
I feel like
I'm betraying my family.
What are you worried about?
I don't understand.
I'm only worried
if there's reason to worry.
But if you're telling us not,
that's the end of it.
So, going to the parade still?
[bright music playing]
[woman singing operatically
in foreign language]
[singing continues softly
on stereo]
[gas hissing softly]
Can I get you anything, Mom?
- Want some coffee?
- No, I'm fine.
Can I take your coat?
Uh, that was Eleanor
who dropped you off?
- How's she doing?
- She's well.
- Oh, good.
- Mm-hmm.
I guess I should come out
with it and...
and tell you I'm sorry
I didn't visit you in there.
No need.
So you, uh...
you have a grandson.
I saw the picture.
I didn't know.
- Yeah.
- Ah.
Dill, I call him.
So that's Kathleen's kid?
Well, I'd like to
meet him some time.
So you're doing crafts.
You work in a craft, like...
Craft store.
- Oh, do you like working there?
- I do, yeah.
And you never thought about
going back to bookkeeping then?
No. No.
When did you quit
at the plant?
Uh, not long after.
A few weeks.
That was fast.
Did anybody ever ask any
questions, like why you quit?
Well... in the normal
process of leaving, sure.
I just said
"personal reasons."
I didn't mean in the company.
Uh, Wendy,
you don't have to do that.
No, it's okay.
Mom doesn't mind.
What do you mean,
you didn't mean the company?
The police?
I didn't talk to the police.
What about Mark Loekner?
No, I have not spoken
to Mark Loekner.
I guess...
I can only guess at
what you saw that day
when you walked
into that room
and the kind of hatred
that would cause.
But I'd rather be 99% sure
than the full 100.
I'm not a good enough liar.
- I...
- [knock on door]
Hello, nice to meet you.
Oh, you, too.
That was very polite.
[boy] Thank you.
Grandma, I know you said
I wasn't supposed
to come downstairs,
but I can't get the tap
to shut off.
Okay, I'll be up in a sec.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Now I met him.
Let's try this again
on another day.
I think you should
give Eleanor a call
before she gets too far.
The phone's
where it always was.
How'd it go?
I think one of us
needs to tell Mark.
- It would destroy him.
- I think he needs to know.
I think that it's going
to be brutal at first,
and it will be a lot
to contend with,
but I think that's it gonna
give him somewhere
to direct his anger
other than just at you.
I'd rather he direct
his anger at me.
I don't think that that's
going to be good enough.
Okay, that's fine.
At what point do I get
to call the shots
on what happened to me?
Well, if we tell him,
it'll implicate me for murder,
you realize.
No I don...
what's he gonna do?
Go around and tell everybody
that his father's a rapist?
What if he does?
Well, he...
what does he say?
I'll handle Mark.
Okay, you'll handle him.
You're gonna make him
another fucking casserole.
It was a frittata.
- [Mark] Hi.
- [woman] Hi.
- I'm Mark Loekner.
- Hi, I'm Karen.
- I thought you might be.
- Yeah, nice to see you.
I didn't think you were Karen.
- So you gonna join us?
- That's right, yeah.
- If that's all right.
- Absolutely.
I'm not sure if there's
anything I need to sign.
[Karen] Oh, yeah, there's...
But we can do that after.
Make yourself comfortable.
We've got some coffee
over there and some treats.
- You can meet everybody.
- Great, sounds great.
- Thanks very much.
- Well, thank you for coming.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Oh, that's empty.
The last of it's in here.
Someone had the good idea
to make a pot of decaf.
[both chuckle]
Is it okay that I'm here?
I've been meaning to come
to these meetings for some time.
But I never imagined I'd pick
the same one as you.
Are you can alcoholic?
I don't know. Are you?
Why are you staring
at the ground?
[Zoe] I think someone maybe buried
that bird that hit the window.
Do you think Mom did that?
How would I know?
What happened this morning?
I just... I don't think
that we should underestimate
how angry Mark might be.
We shouldn't
underestimate him?
Do you think that, like,
pretending he doesn't exist
is gonna like,
pacify him or something?
No, but I think it's okay
that she asked you
what you guys talked about.
Okay, cool.
I'm not gonna, like,
beg for answers here.
But just let me know
whenever you think
I can handle whatever
you're not telling me.
[Mark] Sorry, I don't
exactly know what to say.
Uh, didn't get a lot
of sleep last night.
Was kind of counting on a cup
of coffee to get me through,
but, uh, I guess somebody
thought it would be a good idea
to put on a pot of decaf.
[clears throat] Um...
so I started drinking
after my mom, um,
took her own life.
She didn't cope well
with my father's death.
And he was, uh,
run over
in front of our house
by a friend of his
who was drunk.
So, uh, my mom waited
until I was 18.
Until I was a an adult,
I guess, and, uh...
[chuckles softly]
she decided to clock out.
Drinking seemed like the adult
way to handle that, I guess.
And, uh...
[clears throat]
I don't really
talk about it a lot,
but I would like to start.
So I guess that's...
what I have to say.
[Karen] Well,
that's a fine first go.
Your story of loss was not
only heard...
but listened to.
Well, I'll be honest.
I'm thinking a Band-Aid
ripping type situation
might be best here,
i.e., newbie number two
having her first kick
at the can.
How about it?
Not right now, I don't think.
Oh, okay. Anybody else?
[door opens, closes]
- [knock on door]
- Yep.
Jonah is here.
I-I put him
at the dining room table.
Tomorrow morning,
I think you should come
to the other house.
- To your house?
- Yeah.
No, I'm gonna stay here,
I think.
Okay, if you're
concerned about me
getting the wrong idea,
don't be.
I'll go to a hotel.
No, I'm gonna stay here.
I'll tell him
you'll be down in a sec.
["door ajar" alarm beeping]
[Jonah] I dropped my daughter off
at her mother's on the way here,
and she had
some colleagues over,
and she offered me
some of the finger foods.
Jim, help yourself
to any of these.
I can't even eat most of them
on account of the fact
that I can't eat lactose,
Thanks. Appetite's
been promised elsewhere.
Going out to get some Chinese,
give you guys some privacy.
- Girls?
- Chinese is a great choice.
[Jim] Valerie,
I'll pick something up for you.
You want some, Jonah?
Uh, no, no.
Thanks, though.
[Jim] Positive?
What are the chances they have
a beef and black bean sauce?
Yeah, yeah, they got that.
It's one of my faves.
Yes, I'll have it.
Thank you.
- Okay, good.
- You know, what? Uh, no.
I don't know if I'll be here
when you get back.
- Thank you, though.
- Okay, suit yourself.
[car engine starts]
I don't need to explain to you
why I'm here, I don't think.
Yes I know.
It won't happen again.
You see, um,
you told me that alcohol
wouldn't be a problem,
but I classify leaving
a meeting as a problem.
You need to understand
that this is technically
a violation of your terms.
[knock on door]
- May I?
- It's fine.
- Did the group leader...
- Karen?
Did she tell you
what happened?
She told me you got up
and left.
Do you remember
the man that I hit?
Uh, Michael Loekner.
His son was there.
- His son was...
- At the meeting.
- [knock on door]
- Oh.
I'll be right back.
I came to apologize.
I-I... I crossed the line.
I should have left
as soon as I saw you there.
And I didn't, and I'm sorry.
I do want to talk to you
about what's appropriate
and what's not.
But right now's
not a good time.
Oh, uh, well, Jim and your
daughters just drove by me
so I thought now would
be a a good time.
No, it's not a good time.
[Jonah] If I may...
I couldn't help but overhear.
You must be Michael's son.
My name's Jonah.
Mark, how are you?
[Jonah] My condolences.
Mark, this is my parole officer,
if you hadn't already guessed.
I heard about the meeting.
Yeah, unfortunate,
um, overlap there.
I'll say.
You know,
this is a good opportunity.
Address this thing head on,
and while your life, Mark,
is none of my business,
the parts that now intersect
with this case,
with Valerie...
they become it.
- They become it?
- Become part of my business.
What... what I'm saying is
if you two are gonna have
a discussion about boundaries,
let's do it the right way.
I can mediate.
That's a seafood puff pastry,
and that is a homemade
which my ex-wife's
girlfriend Carey described
earlier to me, as divine.
- Great.
- Yes.
So, uh, Mark, tell...
tell me about today.
Were you aware that Valerie
was gonna be at the meeting?
Because if you were there
for the sake of sobriety,
of course, I'm all for that,
but looking at it
from another way
could easily point
to a catastrophic invasion
of privacy.
Well, I did want
to go to the meeting.
But I also did have an idea
that Valerie might be there.
I've been holding
onto a lot anger.
As soon as she left,
I realized
I'd made a big mistake
in how to go about handling it.
Okay. So what are we
gonna do about it?
My opinion is we need
more information,
more transparency.
Can I suggest a topic
for us to discuss,
- or is there a...
- In a way.
These things
tend to work better
with fewer
personal elements at play.
If you'll indulge me,
I'm gonna give you these cards.
If you have a question
that you're struggling
to ask out loud,
you write it on the card,
and I'll read it out,
and, uh... like a buffer.
Then we can discuss calmly.
Does that sound...
[telephone ringing]
"How did you feel
about my father?"
Uh, I'm speaking on
Mark's behalf, obviously.
I wouldn't expect you to have
feelings about my father.
Not many people do.
Can I, um... yeah.
Michael was great.
He was funny.
He had a very dry
sense of humor.
He was very polite to me.
He was a warm man.
You weren't at the funeral.
Well, I thought it would
be selfish to show my face.
That makes sense.
I'm guessing you remember
Wendy Barnes?
- You guys were friends, right?
- Yeah.
She she didn't show up either.
Everyone else
from the plant was there.
Was that some kind of
a solidarity thing or...
I don't know.
Then she quit like
two weeks after.
I'm just... I guess I hope
she handled everything okay.
[telephone ringing]
- Have you seen her yet?
- Yeah.
Did you want to get that?
I'll be right back.
[telephone beeps]
[female voice]
You have one new voice...
- [beep]
- First voice message.
[Wendy] Val, um...
Mark came to my house.
He asked if you had
a reason for killing Michael.
I didn't say anything,
I wasn't prepared.
I'm sorry.
[hangs up, phone beeps]
- Everything okay?
- Mm-hmm.
A friend of mine's
gonna visit here soon,
and she's got...
we've got nine possible plans
for us to do together...
Am I allowed to ask you
a question?
[Jonah] All right.
Have you ever heard
of a case in which a person
committed a crime in car
and then drank after the fact,
to make it seem like they'd
just been drinking and driving?
The person was sober before?
- That's right.
- Not that I can think of.
[Mar] So does anybody ever
question drunk driving or...
Uh, question how?
Well, let's say you wanted
to kill someone, right?
You could just go ahead
and do it and say,
"Yep, I did it,"
you could do that.
Or, you could try to claim
that you were mentally ill.
But then there's a whole...
what, a vetting process,
and you run the risk
of being institutionalized
- or medicated...
- This seems to be getting off topic.
No, no, it's the topic.
So, hypothetically,
let's just say that Valerie
wanted to kill my father,
which we know isn't true,
because she thought he was warm,
but let's just say she did.
She saw him.
She ran him down.
Could she not then drink
after the fact,
plead guilty
to a lesser charge?
Well, I'm not sure
what the point would be.
She swerves from a dog,
hits someone,
six months' jail, maybe.
pretend there's no dog.
Well, there would need
to be motive.
people make mistakes.
What would be her motive?
[mark] Well, yeah,
I mean, that's... that's...
that's just it, isn't it?
I'm getting
the distinct feeling
that I was missing some context
before I suggested talking,
the three of us.
Do you want me to fill him in,
or do you want to?
Go ahead.
Mark thinks I'm lying.
That's very clear to me now.
And I should've told you,
but I didn't want to alarm you,
and I didn't think
he'd come over here and make
- a fool out of himself.
- You have lied.
Why would you give details about
something you weren't sure...
The dog? That's the big lie
you've uncovered?
Well, the dog, the cat,
the fucking hamster
you swerve around
is inconsequential
- when you're drunk.
- But you weren't drunk, though.
What didn't you understand
about the penalty being worse
for driving drunk?
Why would I drink after?
[Mark] So you wouldn't
be charged with murder!
And if you drink beforehand,
you you run the risk
of missing your target,
I mean, come on!
You don't accelerate towards
somebody unless you're trying
- to commit murder...
- I'm gonna show you to the door now.
Maybe we can all meet
in a more controlled setting
once you both
have calmed down.
[Mark] Hang on a second.
[thumps table]
Could you sit down, please?
Jonah, I'm sorry that you
had to be here for this.
[Mark] Why?
[car approaching]
[car stops]
[engine turns off]
- [door opens]
- [Jim] Jonah, I got you some of that black bean...
- Oh. Stay back girls.
- [door closes]
Will the three of you come
into this room here, please?
And, um, put your phones
on the table and have a seat?
Thank you.
Do they know?
I mean,
I'm guessing Jim knows, right?
Mark, what are you doing?
Oh, uh, your mom
killed my dad on purpose.
Wendy Barnes told me.
Wendy didn't say anything.
Mom, you tell him right now
or I will.
- Eleanor.
- [Mark] Tell me what?
Mark... it's time
to go home, son.
Don't call me that.
Tell me what?
[Mark] Nothing.
You took
my fucking family from me.
The least you can do
is tell me why.
[Eleanor] Mark...
I think we should all just
take a moment and reassess.
[Jonah grunts]
[Jonah] BB gun.
[Eleanor] Are you okay?
Think I should get
to a hospital.
May have nicked a vein.
Get... get me my phone.
[Zoe] I'll get a towel.
[Eleanor] Hi, could I get
an ambulance to 240 Dunsmere?
Someone has been shot
in the neck by a... a BB,
and a young man has been struck
in the head by a blunt object.
Road, 240 Dunsmere Road.
Okay, bye.
Is what Mark said the truth?
You okay, Zoe?
[garage door whirring]
[buzzer buzzes]
[engine starts]
[woman on radio] Diana, now,
before I deliver
the bad news for Canadians,
know that the US
is facing cold,
brutal weather as well.
In Waco, Texas,
drivers are having trouble
getting traction
on all of the major roads,
and people are being asked
to stay inside their homes
until road crews
can solve the problem.
Further north,
downed power lines
have cut off electricity to
thousands in much of Michigan
where, over the past week,
there's been a record number
of school closures
for the month of April.
Our country is finished
with what are likely
its most significant systems
until next winter,
but there are several
other systems on the way
that could cause significant
trouble and concern.
The Pacific flow threatens
to bring uncomfortable weather
to our west coast, including
the metro Vancouver area,
where heavy amounts
of snow will be followed
by heavy amounts of rain.
Luckily we have some
warm weather and rain...
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
[woman onr adio] It's a very
different story for Ontario.
We have watches and warnings
nearly everywhere on the map
due to the Texas flow
in Alberta...
[continues indistinctly]
Mid pleasures
And palaces
Though we may roam
Be it ever so humble
There's no place like home
How sweet it is
To sit 'neath
A fond father's smile
And the caress of a mother
To soothe and beguile
Sweet, sweet home
There's no place
like home
There's no place
[whistling tune]
An exile from home
Splendor dazzles in vain
Oh, give me my lowly
Thatched cottage
The birds singing gaily
That came at my call
Give me them with
A peace of mind
Dearer than all
Sweet, sweet home
There's no place like home
There's no place
[whistles tune]