Carga (2018) Movie Script

Good night.
Pump 1?
Anything else?
The road is long.
But nobody said it was easy.
At the end of this road
is everything that I need...
When we don't have nothing...
The littles someone gives...
A life...
A better life...
Open the door.
- Do you have a light?
How's the family?
I just saw your wife yesterday.
What a lovely woman.
Taking care of that
small, little house, hm.
Are you not afraid to leave
her and that little girl alone
for so many days?
I would be.
Keep calm, man, I like you.
I like the man that puts
his family always first.
I respect this.
This cargo is delivered.
You did a good job.
Take your money.
You can go now.
Take the address
of the next cargo.
To your new life!
Documents and passports!
Fast, I said!
- Mama!
- How are
you, my friend?
You looked weird the
last time I saw you.
Are you sick?
- No.
- If you're
not sick, Antonio
we have a problem.
I don't like when people
starts acting weird.
I don't understand...
- That you have
some fucking problem with me.
Do you know what would
happen with me and Luisa
if you stopped working for me?
Just imagine.
Your granddaughter and
your wife being fucked
over and over and
fucking over again.
Your wife, hm.
She will like, yeah.
Your granddaughter would grow
and become a fucking whore.
Antonio, you
take everything so seriously.
I like you, I know
you are loyal.
If you need something,
Antonio, just call me.
I'm always here.
Everywhere, Antonio, everywhere.
- She'll be fine.
Why didn't you helped her?
You know what
they will do to her.
And none of you, whores,
even tried to fight for her!
All together
we could have fought!
We could have run away!
I'm disgusted with you!
You worth nothing!
Do you know how many people
I saw dying in here?
Too many.
I've been here for months.
Do you know how many people
were able to escape from here?
You don't understand
where you are!
It is better to stay here
than to die.
They sent food and water.
Why are we locked in here?
I don't know.
They didn't tell me....
What happened?
Is there any problem?
It's nothing.
I didn't noticed the time.
Tell me, dear.
I miss you.
You're already in bed.
I'm sorry.
You scared me.
I thought you had an accident.
Talk to me.
Don't leave me without
knowing what is happening.
I'm sorry.
Luisa, sorry for all of this.
What are you talking about?
What happened?
Tell me!
It's nothing, it's nothing...
I'm tired.
I just want to go home...
I'm waiting for you...
Lock the doors and be careful.
Don't talk with strangers.
Come on...
Don't worry.
Don't like the idea
of leaving you and Mia alone.
Okay, okay...
Drive carefully and come home.
Go back to bed.
I'll call you in the morning.
I love you.
I know, I know...
Come home.
Don't scream!
Don't scream, please!
What have you done with me?
Where are the others?
They woke up first
and were taken to good homes
where they will be well treated.
They already have jobs.
They got lucky.
I don't believe you...
You are confused, I understand...
I just want you to know
it was all a misunderstanding.
I'm here to help.
You're one of them, right?
Did you put something in the water?
Why did you come to this country?
To help someone, right?
Thanks to these people
you'll have a job.
You'll make money.
When you pay what you owe
you will be able to decide where to go.
What have they done
with that little girl?
She was taken to the hospital,
of course.
When she gets better,
you'll be able to visit her.
Can I see her right now?
- I like that one.
I have a gift for her.
Stay here.
- No, no!
Take your clothes off!
Take your clothes off!
If you do what I say
everything will be all right.
Come on.
I know that you'll be a good girl.
Get dressed!
Prepare these two
to go to Spain
and those to Amsterdam.
You can go.
Stop crying!
You wanted to get
out of your countries?
Well here you are.
But you'll have to work
to pay for that.
And despite it sounds poetic,
right now you belong to me.
In case, one of you
is thinking to escape...
Or say something to the police...
Remember that...
I know where you came from.
I know how many
brothers and sisters you have.
I know where your parents work.
And if suddenly you desire
to do something stupid like that...
Remember they will suffer.
- The
redhead, she won't make it.
Get rid of her.
Do you speak English?
You're beautiful.
Are you a virgin?
What color are your eyes?
Are they blue, are they green?
- Green.
- Do you know why you're here?
Do you know what's
gonna happen to you?
We're gonna give you
to these ugly, fat,
disgusting, smelly guys
where they gonna fuck you.
And you have to pretend
like you love it.
Sometimes it will hurt.
And if you are a virgin,
sometimes you'll bleed.
Sometimes a lot,
sometimes like little.
Their dicks sometimes are
smaller than a fucking tampon.
But each time, each
time you sleep with 'em
you wanna die.
You wish you will die each
time you lay down with them.
But we're not gonna
let that happen to you.
You know why?
Because you need to pay us.
You need to pay us what you owe.
Or for we're gonna
kill your family.
Oh you girls, you know it's.
That's also gonna
be forgotten soon.
You know, I barely, I
barely remember my family.
I can't remember my mom at all.
I can't remember her
voice, her smile.
But you know, one thing I
remember about my family
is my cat.
That was the only
thing I ever loved.
That's the only thing I
ever remember about family.
Is a fucking cat.
I don't think you're
a cat person.
I think you're a dog person.
Did you have a puppy?
You know what?
The only thing you're gonna
play doggie things right now
it's gonna be doggie
motherfucking style.
That's what you're
gonna be doing.
And you're very pretty,
everybody will tell you that.
Everybody will tell you,
like you were the best.
You were the prettiest,
you've done everything right.
But you know what?
They told that to every
single one of us.
And look what we are.
All fucked up.
She's ready.
- Viktor drives, he
knows where's the hotel.
I can't go.
- Take the girl
with you, Room 306.
I'll be waiting downstairs.
The man will call me
when he's done with her.
- Remember what I told you.
Do whatever he wants.
This is your life now.
- Sit down.
So fucking beautiful, shh.
- Want to fuck with me?
Oh yes, of course
you want to fuck.
- Please stop.
- Shut up!
- Please stop.
- Shut up!
Shut up, quit that
bitch, shut up, shut up.
- Please!
- Shut up.
- Please.
- Look at me.
We're going to fuck.
Look at here.
- Fuck.
- Hey!
- I'm not going back.
- Get in the fucking car.
- I'm not going back,
I'm not going back.
- Bitch, get in.
Get in the car.
I'm not going back.
Viktor is gonna kill us.
I'm not going back.
- Get out of here before
the cops show up.
Get in the fucking car!
- You don't know
me, you don't know me!
Give my arm!
You are hurting my fucking arm.
- Get in the fucking car.
- You don't know him
like I do, motherfucker.
He's a slimy Russian fucker.
And as soon as we get
there he's gonna kill us.
- What the
fuck, get in the car.
- Thank you, Madame.
Peter, I'll meet you there.
You have a new voice message
received today at 7 a.m.
- Hope to see
you soon Antonio.
Take care my friend.
To listen...
Keep calm,
little sister, keep calm.
Stop dramatizing everything.
This is all because of you.
You act like an idiot.
Keep focus.
I'm sick of cleaning
up the shit you do.
That I do?
- Already here?
- We had a problem.
The girl jumped from the window.
- What?
Sit down.
You stay.
- Say it again.
- The girl.
She jumped from
the hotel window.
- Yes, she's dead.
- Oh.
- That's so nice.
Thank you for coming and
tell this shitty story.
Well, Sveta, what story
will you tell me?
- There's no story.
- Are you afraid of me?
- No.
No, the girl jumped
from the window.
She's dead, she
committed suicide.
- After all
this fucking time
are you afraid of me?
- No, I love you.
Please, Viktor, please, I.
- Today you learn something,
never accept apologies.
Please don't kill me.
- Sveta, I will not kill you.
He will.
Go kid, kill the bitch.
- Please, Viktor.
- You kill her or you will die.
- Please don't.
- Okay.
Lesson number two.
When a guy that has killed
someone in front of you
tell you to kill someone,
don't talk, just do it.
So, how it's gonna be?
Come on kid, you
have two options.
Kill her or have a
bullet in your head.
- No please Viktor,
please, please.
Please, don't do
this, I love you.
Look, I can't remember how
many cocks I've sucked.
- Shut up.
- There are countless
of dicks I have fucked.
- Shut up, sh!
- Do you know what?
Fuck you, you were the wor--
- Good job, kid.
I'm proud.
Go, call Mario.
Alanna, clean this.
You have a job to do.
You have to get the cargo.
Understand me?
And I don't want more shit.
Mario, not you, you stay.
I can only trust
you, understand me.
Take care of my girls.
- Sh.
- Shh.
- Ow, ow!
I don't work more with the truck.
It's over.
I don't work for you anymore.
It's over.
Did you like the child?
I also like children, Antonio...
But do you know...
If I had a granddaughter like you have,
I would think twice.
- Antonio, I have
been good for you.
But don't fuck with me.
Go to truck.
Go home.
Enjoy your fucking family.
And when I send you a message...
You'd better be available.
- Shh!
- No.
- Calm down, calm
down, calm down.
Shh, I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm trying to help, okay?
See, they were
going to sell you.
But I'm going to take
you to your family.
It's okay.
Mario ran away.
That son of a bitch took one
of them and ran away.
Go and find them.
Did I say something
that is not clear?
Stop looking at me.
Do you want us
to have problems?
I told you
do everything you can
to find them.
Got it?
He was already dead
when we found him.
And the girl?
I don't know.
If you weren't my sister,
I would kill you.
It was you who trusted Mario,
don't blame me
for your mistakes, please.
What were you doing
when all this happened?
Do you really want to talk about it?
Right now I don't have time
for conversations.
I want everyone out of here today.
Grandma! Grandma!
What happened?
Are you ready to leave?
I have to do something first.
Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with you,
blessed are you among women.
And blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.
Holly Mary mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death.
Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with you,
blessed are you among women.
And blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.
Holly Mary mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death.
Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with you...
Wait, wait, wait...
Keep calm! Keep calm.
Keep calm.
Don't be afraid.
No one's gonna hurt you...
Keep calm. Keep calm.
I'm releasing you.
Take it.
Come on, eat the soup.
It will be good for you.
Why doesn't she speak?
She doesn't speak our language.
We probably were not going.
Do it like this...
It's hot.
It was just made.
My name is Luisa.
And this is Mia.
And you?
Her name is Viktoriya.
We're gonna help you.
My husband will
help you get back home.
He is a good man.
You'll see.
Listen, Mia...
You're not going to tell
anyone that she's here.
Don't tell anyone!
Are you listening to Grandma?
Otherwise we cannot help her.
Now eat the soup.
You're very quiet.
Did something happen?
I'm waiting for you to tell me...
Tell you what?
That you're planning
to runaway from the country...
And leave me here.
I'm not one of your whores.
of course not, you are my sister.
We both know that's not true.
You had a happy childhood.
You got everything.
Your mother could not
have more children,
and she wanted a daughter.
My father loved you.
Was that why he came
to my room every night
and raped me?
Yes, I know that you knew.
You know...
I thought I should be grateful,
but I was a whore like the others.
When he died...
I thought you looked
at me like a sister.
But now I discovered
that all those years you knew
what he was doing to me.
Did you jerk off thinking
about me?
Or were you masturbating
while seeing the fotos?
May I?
I brought some tea...
It will help you sleep.
I also couldn't get to sleep.
This one...
Is my daughter.
This one...
It's Mia's mother.
She had to leave the country
in search of a better life.
When I look at you,
I imagine that...
If something like that
happened to my daughter...
I don't know what.
She's so far.
I don't know
why I'm here talking...
You don't understand anything
that I say, do you?
Poor girl.
Drink your tea, please.
Where the fuck is Viktor?
- He's gone.
My God...
Are you hungry?
I can go make
something for you to eat,
or there's leftovers in the fridge.
It tastes good.
I'm not hungry.
I'm tired...
From this work...
To spend days and nights out.
But you have to do it.
I know, but I'm going
to stop working on this truck.
But then how do you make money?
Don't know.
We have to find...
Oh Mia!
Grandpa a big hug.
And a big kiss!
Get in!
Come here!
Viktor disappeared.
I think they are trying
to leave the country.
We must move now.
You don't know anything about her...
Does it really matters?
She got here.
What was I supposed to do?
Imagine if it was your daughter.
But she's not.
We shouldn't do to others
what we don't like others do to us.
So I helped her.
I'm sure she didn't do anything wrong.
She arrived here completely lost and broken,
someone must have hurt her.
One more reason
why she shouldn't be in our house.
Luisa, you can't
save the whole world.
Then tell me...
What would you do?
Welcome to this nocturnal broadcast.
Breaking news...
A Human Trafficking Network
is in police radar.
You know what?
I'm going to bed, I'm tired.
- It's a good
spot but we can't stay here.
We have to move.
- I've always wanted to do this.
- Wake up, wake up.
Look at me, wake up, wake up.
Sh, look at me, look at me.
I'm a cop, okay, I'm a cop.
I know you've been
through a lot.
You're hurt and you're tired.
But you have to trust me.
You have to stay here.
You don't understand
anything I say, do you?
Stay here, okay?
Stay here.
- How are you?
- Can't stay for too long.
- Where's the girl?
- She didn't stop crying.
Things are getting
out of control.
Good luck.
You work for them!
I don't understand what you're saying...
But whatever it is...
You're absolutely right.
Because I am...
A criminal...
That helps to sell people.
That Russian bastard...
Bribe me...
And for money...
I help to traffic...
People and children...
Just like my granddaughter.
I'm worse than Judas.
I have no forgiveness.
Police, good afternoon...
Nineteenth Police Squad.
How can I help?
I can hear that someone is on the phone.
Do you need help?
A life.
A better life.
It was the only thing
I ever wanted.
But I only found bad things.
And I didn't deserve them.
I survived.
But I'm dead.
All those who close their eyes...
Are accomplices.
None of them deserves forgiveness.
I can't forget the faces of the people
who traveled with me on that truck.
Neither the cries
of the women in the house.
I'll never be the same.
But I'm alive.
No matter what
the future has for me...
I will never be broken.
This is my cargo.