Carlos (2023) Movie Script

For my disciples, feel the necessity...
of the living God inside them.
They become living Gods themselves.
Who is Carlos Santana to you?
He is my son.
The most beloved one in the whole world.
What do you do for a living?
What do you play?
You taught Carlos about music?
A little.
But once he grew up, like we all do,
we set our parents aside, right?
Once he grew up. And so did I,
when I was young
and started getting into music.
And so did Carlos, he started with me
and then he didn't want to play the violin
anymore and he switched to the guitar.
It's not a big career,
but still, he has a good time.
Hey, Dad, what do you think of this thing
I made up? This thing. Like this. Okay.
Like that.