Carole Matthieu (2016) Movie Script

This isn't a pleasant experience
for either of us.
A workplace attack
is a big deal.
I'm here to listen to you.
Your statement
is important
in order to try to understand
and to anticipate further issues.
Michel Prompt had already been
to see me several times.
But towards the end, he...
He would show up
after office hours.
He had been on antidepressants
for two years.
Was it his regular doctor
who prescribed them?
Don't worry.
This all stays between us.
Michel wasn't sleeping.
He wasn't eating.
He was so angry at Melidem.
The evening of my attack,
He took it out on me...
It's as simple as that.
All of a sudden,
he became very violent.
And it was Patrick...
Who is Patrick?
Patrick is...
The company caretaker.
He heard...
He heard the screaming,
and he came into the office.
If Patrick hadn't intervened,
I don't know
how far Michel might have gone.
So then Michel Prompt left?
Michel has a wife
and two children,
and I didn't want him
to be accused
of anything that would
make him lose his job.
I tried to help him.
I thought that I might still
be able to.
And you didn't warn anyone
until the next day, is that right?
My entire profession
is about warning people.
I tried to warn them.
I was the only one
in the company trying to warn them.
To no avail.
You have to warn people before,
not after. an interview format...
they were recorded on film,
but one of the participants
actually lost their memory.
It's always been that way
when it comes to big social progress,
that tends to head
in that direction,
testimonies, stories,
anecdotes about their lives...
Good morning, ma'am.
This is Lydia calling from Melidem.
Hello. Nadge Deschamps here,
from Melidem.
We're conducting a survey
on French consumer habits.
Could you spare a few minutes
of your time?
Yes? Thank you so much.
So, Mrs. Capelle, are you currently
employed in an office job?
That can cause compression fractures
and lumbago.
There are ways
to solve that.
Quite simply, the right chair
can reduce both pain and cost.
Were you aware of that?
This is being kind
to your wallet,
and to the environment.
Thank you so much for your purchase.
For being such a valued customer,
I'm going to give you 10% off
everything at Melidem.
Oh yes, that would be great.
On behalf of our team,
thank you for choosing Melidem.
Please come and take a seat.
Well, it's not the end of the world.
Is your annual performance review
coming up soon?
How did the last one go?
The same as usual. Like...
Like we're not already
going full throttle.
Those are real people on the phone,
not robots.
And I'm not a machine.
And how's it going
with your manager?
I don't know what they get taught
in that damn training school.
No. I'm the best they have,
and he's a little prick.
Anne-Marie, what's bothering me
is your back.
You can't go on like this.
You need to go and see
your doctor
and have him sign you off work.
You're suffering back pain,
and at this rate you won't be able
to keep it up much longer.
But I'm doing fine.
I'm doing great.
They're just contractures,
that's all.
I'm fine.
Anne-Marie, you have to stop
putting on a brave face.
You must understand
how serious this is.
I am a good seller.
My customers love me.
I am great at my job.
There is no reason
for me to stop working.
I need this medical certificate.
But on the condition that
you go and see your doctor
and start taking better care
of yourself. All right?
I promise.
It's what, 60 euros?
A physiotherapist is 50.
-Come on, don't give up.
-A year of physio,
and that's already 400 euros.
Imagine being able to put
a stop to back pain with a chair!
No, this isn't something
that I'm interested in. Perhaps...
Don't worry at all.
Payment is fully secure,
as your bank will have to authorize
the direct debit.
With Melidem you can pay in two or
three installments at no extra cost.
I am so sorry.
I could call you back at a later
date, perhaps this weekend?
No. Stop calling me.
Stop calling me!
Delete my number!
You're wasting my time
while I have things to do!
Where are you calling from?
You're insufferable!
-Do you realize that?
-Melidem is grateful for your time.
You're selling me a goddamn chair,
but I didn't even get my dryer yet!
Where is it?
Sorry, but you have to stop
taking people for fools!
I'm done with Melidem!
That's it, I'm done. It's fine.
I'm going to try to resolve
the issue for you.
Not "try." You will.
You better, or I'm calling
customer services.
Come on, come on!
Actually, Sir,
I'm just looking at your account.
-I have just found...
-Hook him!
-The dryer.
-Your dryer.
There was a mistake on our part.
It will be with you in 4 days.
Give him 20%. He won't quit.
Due to these
exceptional circumstances, Sir,
Melidem would like to give you 20%
off your next purchase with us,
effective immediately.
Can you guarantee it will be
delivered in 4 days?
Yes. Say yes.
Absolutely. I'll take care of it
-What do you think?
-On which items?
-Ask her which items.
-I am!
Fine. Apparently my wife
is already on your website.
I'm glad to hear it, Sir, and on
behalf of the team, thank you
for choosing Melidem.
Have a great day. Goodbye.
Call me when you close,
not when you panic. OK?
-I...Is that clear?
Thank you, ma'am. For being
such a valued customer, I would like
to offer you a 10% discount
on all our products available online
Could I have just a few minutes
of your time?
How would you rate
our service in terms of clarity,
offers, and reception?
With 0 being unsatisfied and
10 very satisfied, please tell me.
Great. Are you still
at the same address?
Carole, we have a couple of issues
I want to discuss.
I've brought Alan too, although
he seems to disagree.
We have a big problem
with scheduling.
Honestly, though,
between you and me,
what are you doing in there
with your patients?
We asked other firms, and
apparently a single appointment
should take 15 minutes.
Yours are 45.
That means we are around
30 employees behind schedule.
Our current status is illegal
because of you.
What are we going to do about it?
I told you I wanted to go full-time.
You said no.
Reduce your consultations from 45
to 15 minutes
and there you have your
4 days a week.
No problems. All right?
The second thing
concerns your relationships
with the "patientele."
It appears that
you have given your phone number to
certain employees. Is that correct?
Yes. When necessary, yes.
Some patients require extra help,
or someone to keep an eye on them.
"Someone" meaning a psychologist,
as I understand it.
You're not a psychologist,
or even a psychiatrist.
You are an occupational physician.
And the role of an
occupational physician involves
simply signing medical fitness
indicating whether this employee
or that employee
is fit to work on the floor.
That's all.
I'm sure Carole only gave her
number in case of emergency.
Well, starting today,
what we're going to do is
you will take on only the employees
written down on the schedule.
We'll forget all this about phone
numbers. Is that clear?
Why not tell me
about the phone thing?
If you don't talk to me, I can't
help you. I don't get it.
I'm worried about you.
It's not me that you
should be worried about.
Seriously, you need
a wake-up call.
Because I'm asleep?
I'm chasing lunch vouchers,
I don't even have time for a piss,
and I'm supposed to extend
your consultations? I'm sorry,
I can't do that.
We could go out for dinner tonight,
talk things over?
What are you doing here,
You told me to come by
if I wasn't feeling great.
I came by.
You weren't available.
Come sit down then.
Five minutes.
I'm listening.
Today, no one...
No one acknowledged me.
Not a single "hello."
Not even the intern.
She just looked away.
It's because she...
She doesn't want to end up
like me.
A ghost.
This has to stop.
-It has to stop.
-What do you mean, Vincent?
Are you still receiving treatment?
Show me your medication.
Hello, Olivia? Sorry to have to
reach you on your cell,
but this is an emergency.
It's about Vincent Fournier.
He's here with me,
and we need an appointment.
As early as possible.
Tomorrow morning,
9.30? OK.
All right, thank you so much.
Have a good night.
Why are you doing this to me?
I can't do anything for you here.
Someone has to help you.
Someone needs to take care of you,
I sure as hell won't just go and
talk to people I don't even know.
Carole, it's you who has to help me.
You have to help me.
You have to help me.
You have to help me.
You have to help me.
I sure as hell will not,
and I swear it,
talk to anyone else.
I don't know them.
You're the only one.
I can't do this anymore.
We don't have the cable.
Weren't we meant to eat together?
Yeah, at lunch.
I waited an hour for you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Come on, Mom. You're here,
now stay.
It's not a big deal.
I'm happy to have you.
Come on. Margot's here,
lo, too, everyone's here.
We know each other
well enough, Carole.
I know all too well I've been ruining
your life for a while now.
I'm listening, Vincent.
Can you imagine being humiliated
by a kid like that every day?
He's 20 years younger than me,
and then Monday, for no reason,
without any warning,
he straight up gave my place away.
Do you realize that?
Vincent, we've tried everything.
Three incidences of sick leave,
three failures.
Every time,
you dive right back in.
And every time
your health gets worse.
You've been having gastric issues
and trouble sleeping for two years.
You're not eating,
you're not sleeping,
you don't interact with anyone.
what are we going to do?
What can we do now?
Suicidal thoughts, potential relapse,
probable attempt,
unfit for the job,
treatment ineffective.
They changed my floor again
and they took my phone away.
I want to know why, Carole!
-Vincent, you're scaring me.
-Why does no one answer?
I sent an email so someone
can explain why I was moved.
I want to know why
I was demoted.
I'm just as good as the others.
Vincent, what are we going to do?
You know, some nights,
it wouldn't take much.
You know, Carole, today,
no one even acknowledged me.
Not a single "hello".
Not even the intern.
She just looked away.
It's because she doesn't want
to end up like me.
-And put down the 10th.
-Why the 10th?
It's my son's birthday.
You remember, we bought
the gift.
Health and safety means nothing
now, does it?
Get off my back, would you?
I have other things to deal with.
Vincent Fournier is in a bad state.
Two years, five different roles.
If you don't help me,
I'm alone.
Dr. Matthieu
works at Melidem.
You can come and see me
every single day,
it won't change a thing.
If Vincent Fournier has a problem,
let him come and see me.
It's down to the employees
to speak up. You know that.
There are no jobs. When you have one,
you keep your mouth shut.
That's why.
There are three of us dealing
with the entire department.
We don't have time for the ones
who come see us,
let alone those who don't!
Good morning, gentlemen.
-All right, Pierre?
ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,
five, four,
three, two, one,
let's get selling!
Mrs. Duvilliers, hello.
My name is Sophie.
You are fucking sellers!
I want to know who's going to be
king of the jungle today!
Let's go, let's go!
No spare cash, no spare time.
Fortunately, there is a solution,
and it's a chair.
I'm not kidding.
Why are you laughing?
Can you see me coming?
That must be it.
If I weren't convinced,
I wouldn't be telling you about it.
Hello, Patrick.
How are you?
Fine. I'm going to see
your doctor this afternoon.
Come by and tell me
about it after, okay?
There won't be a lot to say.
No, but come and see me.
-Hi, Dr. Matthieu. It's Olivia.
Vincent Fournier
never showed up this morning.
That's all. I wanted to let you know.
I'm a little concerned.
I don't know what to tell you.
-Thank you.
-I'm running behind.
I'll let you go.
I have other appointments.
Have a good day.
You've reached Vincent Fournier.
Vincent, please call me back.
It's Carole.
-Good morning.
Hi. We have four consultations
this morning,
-but now I have to...
-We'll take them.
Yes, but I was told to note them down
on the schedule.
I won't today,
but I can't keep doing this.
-Yes, I understand.
-I wanted you to know.
ten minutes chatting on the phone,
with no closed sales.
Look, you're not blind.
We've gone from 4.6
to 4.4.
-My customers...
-They're the same.
We have lists of them.
Do you know the entire list?
You may think it's a new person each
time, but they're all the same!
You have to work hard
just like everyone else.
That's what Quality is for.
We are an agency.
We do the same thing,
the same job,
all at the same time.
One team.
Sign this Quality
People like it when I use my own
words. I'm meeting my targets.
if you don't want to fit in,
If you like watching things burn,
go work on a campsite.
I don't give a shit.
But if you want to stay with us,
you sign this Quality.
Carole, your doc seems to think
that I should take time off.
but I just can't file
for sick leave.
If I do that,
I've got no chance
of getting back on the floor.
And it would mean Melidem
and everyone else who said
that I was incompetent
was right.
And I can't handle that.
I'm sorry.
I hope you understand.
Are you there?
He left his stress ball
on my desk.
Was there a note with it?
No, no. Just that.
Have a nice evening.
Hello. Dr. Philippe Radoux,
health and safety.
I just found out about
Vincent Fournier. It's...
It's a real tragedy.
I am so sorry.
I read your report
on the risks of call monitoring,
and I'd like to speak with you.
Give me a call back.
Carole, listen, I'm calling you
as an occupational physician.
Management are holding a crisis
meeting and want you there.
I think they need you.
How long have you known
Vincent Fournier?
Ever since I started working here.
three years ago.
Any Friends, relatives?
Friends or relatives? No.
-None at all.
And do you know when
we'll be able to
start work again?
Everything's dark up there.
I can't really say. We're in
the middle of an investigation.
Ask your manager.
Tell them we're sorry
about what has happened,
that we'll be back up
and running, etc.
Vincent had been with us a long time.
What happened to him is awful.
Christine and I don't know a lot,
but we must stick together
to handle this.
Today, I am also tasked
with making sure you are aware
of the state of the company.
Everyone needs to understand
that if we are on lockdown
for 2 or 3 days,
we risk consequences
for staff.
It is therefore essential that we
keep all our platforms open.
We're sorry,
but the show must go on.
Please share that message
with all your personnel.
I will send a letter around
to all teams
to let them know.
That's all.
Thanks, everyone.
I don't think it's a good idea for
the show to just go on. No.
Listen here,
Alain, we are not responsible
for this tragedy.
Vincent Fournier was clearly
an isolated case.
Excuse me, but there is someone out
there who killed an employee.
There needs to be a meeting
with the CHSCT as soon as possible.
And then cameras installed
on all the floors.
-If we'd had...
-If we put cameras in,
we'll be accused of invading
the privacy of our telemarketers.
I suggest we let the police do their
job. They investigate, and that's it.
What I mean, Stphane,
is that here, in the company,
everyone is scared.
Everyone is freaking out.
I think that if you want to get
the floors back up and running,
the ball is in your court.
150 euros annual bonus
for the front office,
full-time contracts for the seven
temp staff on payroll,
and a little something extra
added to the lunch vouchers.
After everything that's happened,
that seems the least
you could do.
Perhaps it's better
to avoid further upset.
Vincent Fournier is dead,
and you're sitting there
No one thought about this
after Michel Prompt died.
No one did anything. There's a
root problem we need to address.
Carole, I understand how
you must be feeling.
You knew Vincent.
That's why I wanted you here.
If you know anything,
tell us.
What keeps surfacing
are these annual review meetings.
There should be a third person there
to set boundaries.
Employees must be made aware
that a third party can accompany
them, and that I'm also there.
It would also make sure
the manager doesn't overdo it.
But on a daily basis,
what keeps coming up
is the issue of call monitoring.
That really needs to stop.
I sent a collective written alert
to HR,
just to...
To inform them of the dangers,
-the danger that this...
-Sorry, Carole.
I don't understand.
What exactly is the link
between the murder
and call monitoring?
We already spoke about this
when Michel Prompt died.
Committed suicide.
Everyone here knows that he
took his own life
for a number of reasons,
personal reasons...
Can you hear yourself, Christine?
Did you all catch that?
Could you repeat that, please?
Were you saying that to me?
To me?
You don't think twice before
assuming that work
is only a tiny factor?
Does that not bother you?
Frankly, there is no obvious way
for us to manage this.
There certainly is progress
to be made. Perhaps you're right.
I believe that examining our
working methods
might be in order,
especially call monitoring.
Yes. If a dialogue
is possible, then yes.
Right now, the option to return
to work must be that: an option.
The employees will need time to talk
about what's happened,
-and we need a support clinic...
-OK. Very well.
You'll take care of it,
will you?
So, Alain, you can write up
a list of precise requests,
in line with Carole's report,
-and I can bring it all together.
Christine, you'll send an email
to all teams
so that the floors can resume.
-Thank you.
-That went well.
-We said the complete opposite.
If they're in a support clinic,
they aren't on the floor.
Considered that?
I have to tell you something.
Vincent came in last week.
I couldn't give him an appointment.
There were no slots available,
with those spontaneous consultations.
He was meant to come today.
It's too late.
I have to tell you something.
Hello. We preferred to wait
for you here.
Are we disturbing you?
We'd like to speak with you.
You're the one who best knows
the employees here.
Could we have a look
at their medical records?
It might help us.
No. I'm afraid
I can't show you anything.
You know,
there were no signs of a break-in
and we haven't found a weapon.
Someone may have wanted
to harm him.
He might have been in debt
or slept with someone.
That's the case for 90%
of homicides.
I'm sorry, but I can't breach
physician-patient confidentiality.
We'll make a requisition
for the files.
Carole, it's your medical opinion
that I'm here for.
I understand
you're uncomfortable here.
Here. I'm available
any time.
What's all this
about an earring?
-It's a manager thing.
Have a nice day.
I've left some more chairs
at the side.
In case we get a lot of people,
I thought that...
I'm working harder...
-Harder than us?
-I'll stop you right there.
We're the salespeople,
the cornerstone of the company. Okay?
You'll have time
to talk about that very soon.
You will get your chance.
Carole will see you
one after another.
Whatever you need to get off your
chest, tell her.
It's not the best of times,
but we'll make do.
All right?
Hello. Your name is?
Isabelle Lescot.
When you're being treated
like a 5-year-old,
when you're forced
to redo...
They criticize your every word.
I understand...
When we're disappointed,
we can all blow a fuse,
become unpleasant to others.
Freddy Chattais.
To kill someone
is just horrific.
I mean,
what are we becoming?
What is the world coming to,
We're killing each other
at Melidem.
Everything goint on...
it's causing me a lot of pain.
Shall I leave this here?
Did you want to
talk to me?
It can wait.
Everyone is feeling the pressure.
Sometimes you think
about quitting your job,
but I've got a family
to feed.
They told us to act like
nothing happened.
I got an email
that was supposed to reassure us,
but it didn't reassure me at all.
It's always "Sophie" or "Caroline"...
My parents gave me a name.
It's Assia, and I'm proud of it.
Write it down.
Put it on the forms.
And how are things
with your manager?
He's an unpleasant
and arrogant manager.
He made me listen back
to all my recorded calls,
he follows me everywhere...
It's become truly unbearable.
He would insult me: "Stupid bitch!
Listen to the recordings!"
The insults were the worst.
I felt like shit.
Like I was worthless.
I have no family life, no love life.
It's all gone to shit.
We're a team.
We're a family.
We're always improving.
Always overcoming.
-You're always in top form?
Not Vincent.
I didn't know him well. I spent as
much time with him as everyone else.
We all watched him
get worse.
We'd see him after
his meetings
with management,
which went badly for everyone
but especially for him.
That guy was never cut out
for this job.
It's normal for...
It's almost normal,
what happened to him.
I was his manager
for two years.
I had him on call monitoring
for a year.
Every single day
up in his face.
"Come on, corner them!"
"Let's go, pitbull, attack!"
Every single day, I was spouting that
in his ear.
I'd listen back in the evenings
and the next day, I'd give him
all kinds of shit.
Every day.
Every single day.
When he didn't perform,
he dragged everyone down with him.
Here, if you don't have
4.5 stars out of 5,
they can switch us out
to a different service.
He only had 3 or 3.5.
Often only 2. Nothing.
Not much, anyway.
Do you have recordings
of Vincent Fournier
from when you monitored his calls?
If you don't tell anyone
that it was me,
then yes.
You have to keep bringing
the pastoral element
right to the center of conversation.
That's what you and I do.
-And we do it well.
Is it true, about the raise
and the new contracts?
-Yes, absolutely.
It should be. I've filed the request
with Jean-Paul.
Thank you.
And Saturday, we just keep going
despite what's happened?
Yes. Life goes on.
Listen, on Saturday.
People are scared,
but a smile reassures them.
This kind of situation could
bring us closer.
Hey, have a good evening.
You haven't said
a word.
Something has happened,
but I don't want you to worry.
I shouldn't worry?
It's not just "something happened."
There was a murder at your office!
Fuck, open your eyes!
That place is full of freaks.
Stop trying to go back there
all the time.
Go back to doing surgery. Period.
Would you fucking
look at yourself?
You spend all day listening
to sick people,
just so you feel better.
But when will you realize?
Mom, what you're doing is useless.
No one gives a fuck.
This is my job.
Do you think you can understand that,
It gives my life meaning.
When I closed my practice,
it was to do something
meaningful that makes sense.
There are people who need me.
If people need you,
How exactly does that make sense?
For us, does it make sense?
Does it make sense for me?
It used to make sense
when you would leave in the mornings
and say goodbye to me.
That's what people do, you know.
Mothers and daughters.
That's all. Just a simple goodbye.
Just a call during the day
to let me know you're OK,
to reassure me.
Just once, could you reassure me?
You see, all this,
I can't take it anymore.
I can't.
The guy was constantly nagging,
and they asked me to start over,
to do it all over again,
so I did.
I redid it all like that,
every day.
We would all be there,
slogging it out like idiots,
but him, nothing.
Not a goddamn thing.
He had nothing to give
in his evaluations.
And he had no desire to!
It was out of anger. I was new to
the company. He helped me.
And then...
On top of already tough
conditions, he ended up
falling apart.
It didn't stop. There's a whole list
of things I could say.
We couldn't go on like that.
-I'm scared.
-I don't know where to start.
When you don't have 4.5 stars,
out of 5, you're a nobody.
It could happen again
at any moment.
Pressure, pressure,
performance, performance...
Do you have the recordings?
I'm Vincent Fournier, your consumer
habits advisor at Melidem.
A physio session, that's 50 euros.
Do that for a year,
we're paying 300 or 400 euros
-for just a few hours' therapy.
-This chair is the solution.
Come on, stop, please!
It's just a chair!
You have a goddamn script to read,
start to finish.
You don't even need to think!
-Anyone can do it!
Look at me! Look me in the eye!
"I must also take this opportunity
to make you all aware
"of what the future currently holds
for the company.
"I therefore humbly
"put myself
in your capable hands."
-Yes. Say yes, say yes.
-Yes. I'll take care of it, Sir.
Sign here. There we go.
On your account,
I can see from your file
that you spend 1,500 hours
per year sitting down.
That's rather concerning.
Do you play any sport?
-Who's in the meeting room?
The temp staff.
They're catching up
on yesterday's hours,
because it's all over.
They found the killer.
It was Patrick. Patrick Soullier.
It seems he was the last one
to leave here.
The police came to take him away.
He's in custody,
being interrogated.
So, what do we do
about the support clinic?
Do we open it, close it?
I'm being asked
all sorts of questions about it.
I don't know how to answer.
This is Patrick Soullier.
Please leave a message.
Hello, Carole.
Could you follow me?
Jean-Paul would like to see you.
Please come in, Carole.
In your support clinic, you've spoken
to several employees.
Some may have confided in you.
For example, did Patrick
tell you anything?
Sarah seemed to think he was
behaving strangely yesterday.
Carole, if you know something,
tell us,
because we need to take
internal action.
Alain, we are talking about a man
who puts erasers and pencils
in little boxes.
Who is responsible for that?
You're the ones
who are responsible.
Patrick was collecting
sick leave approvals,
but he wouldn't file them.
He wanted to work.
He killed someone
and you're still defending him?
He is the only person
who asked to remain here.
And what about the ongoing
call monitoring?
That's not what we're talking
about here.
-In the end...
-What use is it?
Call monitoring optimizes our
services and their quality.
That's all. I do my job
very well.
We do our jobs
very well indeed.
Stop bringing me along
to your little meetings,
which are useless to anyone but you,
if you ask me.
Yes, we are asking you.
Did you hear how she spoke
to me?
Seriously, I must be dreaming.
Who does she think she is?
-Patrick never could have done this.
-Well, you think you know someone...
Yeah...I don't know.
He divorced his wife,
left his kids...
It's a sordid affair.
Patrick...That can't be true.
I'm sure it was him.
Actually, I'm reassured.
You know what I think?
He would always stand next to me
when I went out for a smoke.
Out of the blue,
I gave up cigarettes.
Alain, we really must
thank you for all that you do,
even if it's not always obvious.
It's a tough thing to take on.
So, here you go.
It's from the whole team.
Thank you.
He shouldn't be thanking me.
Not yet.
We have to wait, that's all.
Orders from Paris.
What? How come?
It means they're holding off
on discussions.
While Patrick's under arrest,
we haven't got a leg to stand on.
We'll always be more expensive
than a call center in Casablanca.
We need to fight for what we have,
not to have more.
It's over now.
Hold on.
What we have is not enough, Alain.
What's the meaning of his death
if it doesn't help anyone?
Listen, stop.
You think I don't see
the constant distress around us?
You want well-being?
You spend so much time with them
that you don't even see...
You shouldn't see me suffer, too.
On behalf of the entire team,
we would like to say thank you.
Well done!
Don't forget to put down
which of your shifts was affected.
Excuse me, Doctor.
Can we go?
Because we got an email
saying if it takes more than 15
minutes, you're not doing your job.
Did you get that email too?
There we go.
The police are doing their job.
They're interrogating a suspect,
as I'm sure you already know.
It's simply a case of two employees
with very troubled personal lives
who didn't see eye to eye.
That's all. Now, over to Jean-Paul.
Thanks, Christine.
This is a crucial juncture for us
here at Melidem.
We're being put to the test.
Our future depends
on how you handle it.
The main thing is to keep going.
Work will be our saving grace.
You are the drivers of your own
success, as well as Melidem's.
You're there for your customers.
And these customers, our customers,
need you.
He didn't cry!
He didn't cry!
Yes, give him the medal!
With an average satisfaction rating
of 4.9 and 4.7 in profitability,
seller of the week
goes to Anne-Marie.
This may be tactless,
but I found out
about your attack.
How could you stay at Melidem
after all that?
I stayed because
they were counting on me.
And you know,
a single "thank you"
is worth all the bullshit
that I have to sit through.
Does this bother you?
-How long have you been on insulin?
-A while.
Rather awkwardly, I wanted to
bring up the fact that an attack,
a suicide, and a murder
is kind of a lot.
You think there's a link
between Michel Prompt,
Vincent Fournier
and Patrick Soullier?
The link is Melidem.
Hold on. There isn't a single job
where people aren't under pressure.
I should know.
We have to produce results,
make more arrests,
hold more interrogations,
more, more, more...
I'm sorry, but you were
attacked by Prompt,
Patrick came to your rescue, and you
were following Fournier's case.
You, too, are a link.
Carole, if you know anything,
you have to tell me.
Excuse me for a second.
I'll be right back.
You know what it means
to be unfit for duty?
It's when an employee can't perform
the functions they were hired for.
-Patrick is a good person.
-You know, being unfit for duty,
is when you can't perform
the functions for which...
Patrick is a good person.
All I can say is that
nothing is going to change.
-He's very good.
-No one is doing anything.
-Your change. Have a good night.
-Thank you.
You know,
I'm the same as you.
I'm convinced that Patrick wasn't
the one who killed Vincent Fournier.
Dr. Matthieu, it's Philippe,
from health and safety.
I hope you're holding up OK.
Basically, this is hard for me
to say,
but we cannot challenge
the management
of an entire company.
If we had some other people
from Melidem to testify,
I might eventually be able
to do something.
Right now, there's nothing
I can do.
-Hello? It's Patrick.
-I haven't said anything.
I need you. You're the only one
who can do something.
Help! Help!
No, no, no...
...this time, it's falling to
the employees.
The unions are in the same position.
This is a new phenomenon.
They're dealing with it
the best they can.
It's their role
to provide support,
to listen to the employees.
"We are not afraid": you can see
this message loud and clear
on the banner hanging
just behind us here.
That's the message these employees
want to make known
following the dark events
that have recently taken place...
This is Marc Bessanti,
reporting for iTl.
I'll say this death is on schedule.
Because honestly,
the emphasis on competition,
the pressure placed
on individuals
really does leave people
with no other choice.
Imagine getting to work
in the morning,
and finding out a coworker is dead.
Wouldn't you be scared?
Christine Pastres,
as Director of Human Resources,
have you witnessed a decline
in the working conditions
of your company?
You know what they said to me,
at the start?
"You've got a face
for telephone."
"You'll go hard and
sweep the floor with them."
"Have you seen what you look like?"
Look what I did.
Every day, I took
what they threw at me.
Tried to be someone else.
That's it.
That's what I am.
No longer myself.
Because then it was about
how I spoke.
You need to understand,
you can't sound different.
Speak like they do in Paris,
that's what we need.
Not your awful accent.
Sure it's funny,
but we're not here for fun.
Do you know what it's like
to be ashamed of where you're from?
I took it all on the chin,
When you want something,
nobody hands it to you.
No one but yourself.
So I bit the bullet.
And now I'm strong,
like you,
because it's thanks to you, too.
They've got their Zidanes,
their Zlatans on the floor.
It's just like having
a soccer team.
You need a doctor,
a coach...
I never came up
with any of it.
All of this is thanks
to your reports.
All your reports,
where we would read:
"This employee needs
to see their doctor.
This one needs a shrink.
You see this one here,
don't take him on
because he's not very reliable.
This one won't say what you want.
He'll crack.
He'll crack even if she gives him
the meds he needs to get by."
I am Christine Pastres,
Director of Human Resources.
I need you,
and you need me.
They need us because we
are the best.
Can I help you?
I'm waiting for the meeting.
There's going to be a meeting.
They're all downstairs
in Christine's office.
Do you want me to take you?
Nobody told us
that you had arrived.
-Were you aware?
I suppose they're judging us
in Paris. I know how this works.
That has nothing to do with it.
You're useful.
We need everyone.
This is a serious situation.
That's why we were called in,
to help you.
I think we should give a statement
before it's done for us.
Dr. Matthieu, our occupational
physician. Louis Parrat.
-I ran into Stphanie and Raphal.
Someone called them.
I was called on my home phone.
My personal landline.
Everyone is exhausted.
I think you need
to inform your employees.
I suggest you address them
show them we're united,
then make a statement.
Our voice needs to be loudest.
Our voice and our unity.
Patrick Soullier attempted to provoke
a media frenzy against Melidem.
Let's take advantage of the spotlight
to be heard.
We're the brave victims
in this situation.
Is your Comms department
going to take much longer?
I'm the one in charge of internal
relations, with the approval...
I need the entire communications team
working on this,
And, I'm sorry,
nothing against you,
but what is the occupational
physician doing here?
Carole knows all our employees
very well. That's all.
All right.
I called in a psych consultant.
Pastoral care is sorted.
We must stick to our boundaries
if we want to progress.
Work needs to resume. We can't afford
any more redundancies in France.
That must be our top priority
above all else,
so, if you would excuse us.
Thanks. Do sit. We'll define
the elements of the language
and choose a spokesperson.
So...What was your name again?
To start with, if we could just get
you a pen and paper to make notes.
Sorry. I asked you for the entire
comms department to be on this.
I don't see how that can
happen if we don't let them know.
no one even acknowledged me.
Not a single "hello".
Not even the intern.
I'm sure it's because
she doesn't want
to end up like me.
A ghost.
This needs to stop.
It has to stop.
I will not give up.
I will not give up.
-Soullier must have regretted it.
-Don't be ridiculous.
He knew something
and didn't tell us.
Dr. Matthieu, too.
-I am a good seller.
I was snowed under.
In a call center, customers
say exactly what they think of us.
-Look straight at the camera.
-All right.
-We're good to go.
-I believe in you.
Hello, Carole? It's Sarah.
Could you call me back,
I don't understand.
I just saw her.
I don't know. Maybe she's back
at her old surgery clinic.
Thierry, come with me.
Slimane, stay there.
Here. You needed the car.
I brought you the keys.
-What are you going to do?
-Don't worry. I'll manage.
You know,
I never know how to tell you,
but I'm so proud of you.
Where are you going?
I need to leave.
With all that's happened...
Should I drop you off?
it's a matter of individual health,
and respect for families,
as well as the well-being
and health of colleagues.
So we are going to take action
with the local managers.
This morning,
we really felt that this
was the beginning of a return
to social dialogue
between management
and employees.
That is absolutely the message
that we wanted to send
to the company's leaders,
to turn over a new leaf
at the heart of the business.
Hi. How are you?
we must act together as one.
Today, we must overcome this obstacle
together as one.
Together, we stand united.
Oh, really? You're going to speak?
Good evening.
I am grateful to see so many of you
here tonight.
You are facing this adversity
with extraordinary courage.
Christine and I
would like to congratulate you.
I will now introduce Louis Parrat,
who has come all the way from Paris
to help us in this difficult time.
Thank you.
Thank you, Jean-Paul.
These certainly are
unfortunate and difficult times.
These are your colleagues,
your friends,
who have left us.
We all need time to process it.
That's why we're here.
For Michel, Vincent,
and Patrick.
I've heard some people say
this morning
that it's like being on the Titanic.
That's not the case,
because we're all working together.
Together we cannot be broken.
There were enough lifeboats
for everyone onboard the Titanic.
People just did not know
how to stick together.
We are all here together
because there's something
that unites us.
Unions and management,
telemarketers and managers.
But what we will always have
is Melidem, our company,
for all of us, and I am sincere
when I say that, first and foremost,
it belongs to you.
There is no single way
to stop ourselves from going under,
to keep our jobs,
keep our company afloat,
and never lose what makes us
who we are.
All we can do is send a message
to those who are watching us:
the media, journalists, whoever,
and let them know that Melidem
will not be shaken.
We are here, together,
strong and stable, for our customers.
We will keep on working.
That's what we want
to show the world:
an unbreakable team;
a family returning to its feet.
That is who we are.
Thank you.