Carpinteros (2017) Movie Script

Some scenes, characters, names...
...or events were changed
for dramatic purposes.
Get out, get out.
Hey you, wake up! Get out!
Come on!
Good morning.
Good morning.
What do we have here?
They were just apprehended.
- Name?
- Carlos Ramirez.
- Name?
- Julian.
- Full name.
- Julian Sosa.
- Name?
- Emanuel Hernandez.
- Name?
- Rufino Mejia.
Come with me.
- Fever?
- No.
- Cough?
- No.
- Diarrhea?
- No.
Please, open your mouth.
Stick out your tongue.
Bring in the other one, please.
- Are you gonna hit me?
- Are you daring me? Put the shirt on like I said!
Don't you dare me!
You don't want me to put it on for you!
Don't wear it then
'cause I'll nail it on you if you don't...
All right, you are the boss...
- Oh, were you ever doubting me?
- No.
Enough! Take him away!
And bring in the other one.
You... Come in here.
Take everything off.
Check that.
Take off that chain.
This will stay here until one
of your relatives comes here to claim it.
Take off your pants.
Move it pretty boy, move it!
Turn around.
Bend over!
I said, bend over!
Spread your cheeks.
Stand up!
Turn around.
That looks interesting...
Hands down
when you're talking to me!
We're chopping that right away...
These are your clothes from now on.
Move it!
Put this one in block six.
Hold on, hold on, what's the hurry?
Get going...
Count yourself lucky for now.
All the way to the back.
Hey fish, what's up?
What are you looking at?
Hello, fresh meat.
C'mon fish, move that ass.
Keep going,
you ain't got nothing here.
How about some Vaseline
for this gump here.
Keep walking!
Fishes to the back!
What the hell...!
Time to pay your bill!
Check him!
Shut your mouth, you gump!
- Fuck!
- Go, go!
Dude, don't try
to fight them back...
A fish like you gotta pay your dues...
What's with you pretty boy?
Don't you like the resort?
Don't get upset with me, boss...
I happen to be the only one who can
pull strings for you here.
I don't need any of your help.
Then you'll sleep on the bare floor
like a frog...
Or I can talk to Vlady
and bargain a bed for you.
What do you say?
Everyone here calls me "Bolo".
I hustle the refreshments
and get people connected.
Let me introduce you to Vlady.
- Vlady!
- Wait a second.
- Cover for me.
- Come here, fatso.
- What's up, dude?
- This fish here needs a place to crash.
We don't have a lot of space
but we can find him something.
- Got any cash?
- Yeah.
Then look for me later tonight,
I can't help you now.
I'm gonna get back to my game.
- Will do.
- We'll talk.
Come, I'll give you a tour.
My bro, we have a few options here.
Right now we're at the old complex,
but they also have the new one.
Over there you get a nice bed, clean toilet,
lots of security...
But here at the old complex we have
plenty of liberties they don't.
I see.
The tradeoff is that it's a stink hole here.
And you should thank God you didn't end up
in "La Victoria" or "Quince de Azua".
That's hell on earth.
Let's go over here.
Give him fifty.
Fifty bro! Come on...
We're both in the same boat!
We'll talk later.
Hey, I don't want to catch you
flirting with my broad, you hear me?
Come on, you know I'm not a traitor.
Dinner time!
This way and don't step
on the "frogs" or they'll punch you.
Watch your step.
Over here.
For the money you paid
this is all I can do.
Look what you're getting.
You're still a "frog"
but you get more privileges.
You're not sleeping on the bare floor;
you have a mat and will be by yourself.
If you want better accommodations
you'll have to pony up more dough
...because that's all
I can get you for that.
I can help you this far.
Come on, give me that.
Now just go to sleep.
Get in there.
Don't hit your head.
We don't have any medics here.
And watch your shoes. This ain't no convent.
I ain't responsible tor them.
Here, take the soap.
Wash your face.
Hit the road, buddy...
What's up, bro?
The duck is sticking his head out.
He's wearing a nice chain.
It could be worth a a good chunk.
They had keys to a vehicle.
Seems they're on premium wheels.
Copy that! Get that stuff
and call me back.
What is up with you fish?
Easy, bro.
You didn't hear anything, did you?
- I heard nothing.
- Yeah.
- So what's the drill?
- What drill?
I have people outside
who can shake things down like no others.
Oh yeah? So how many
of them are there?
What's their ride?
I'll be around then.
If anything hit me up.
Copy that.
Well, now you know.
Get busy.
Let's see if you're up
for more mayhem again!
Your hands...
Let's see it there are any fractures.
Squeeze my hand?
Okay, no fractures.
Squeeze again.
No fractures.
Take the analgesics I prescribed.
Everything will be perfect
in a couple hours.
Two thousand.
I couldn't get more.
It's fine, I'll manage
with this for now.
- Is it hard here?
- Very much. What did you find out?
They told me they'll
give you 3 to 4 years...
...but you'll have
to wait for a conviction.
How much time did you get?
Three months for starters.
That's what happened to Rafa
from the hood.
They gave him 5 years!
I'm tired of telling you both to quit.
I'd rather be here than
making a living piling bricks like you.
I have a respectable job!
Cool, so bring me some
of that respectable money.
I don't have a choice.
You brought this upon yourself.
Hey, you don't look that bad.
Babe, you've left me high and dry.
You stood me up last Sunday.
What are you saying?
Are you coming this Sunday?
Wait, someone's calling me...
Wait, bro!
We'll talk tonight.
You got to stand guard.
Don't fucking let anybody through.
You can't let anyone through.
I'm sorry, boss.
I won't let anyone through.
I'll do as you say.
You know better.
You don't know
how stuff is done here.
Yeah, I'll do whatever you say, sir.
She seems to be asking about you.
- Which one?
- That one.
She looks good, right?
I can't really see her from here.
That one.
The one standing
next to the post.
I see.
Where is it?
The boy's talking to her.
But she overdid it.
Get down, gump!
- What's wrong?
- Get down!
What's wrong with you?!
- So you think you're smartass?
- What do you mean, bro?
You're talking to my broad,
No, I'm talking to my girl.
I don't play like that, bro.
Who the fuck stole my phone?!
- I ain't no wolf, dude!
- Get down!
Come on, bro, take it easy or else!
You're crossing a line here
and I ain't liking it a bit!
Tell me what's your scheme!
Tell me or I'll give you a C-section!
- Easy, easy!
- Calm down!
Get away!
Nobody gets close to me!
You're fucked, cocksucker!
Get the fuck away!
My problem is with him!
Get away or I'll slice you!
Come here and dare me!
Don't touch me!
Don't you touch me!
Get away, I said!
Get way!
Stop it! Put that down!
- Quiet now!
- I'm down.
Turn around.
I said quiet or I'll cut you
with your own knife!
I said, quiet.
So you two are fighting
over women, huh?
You're both headed
for the new complex.
Come on now, boss, let's talk.
We'll do time in the hole
and we'll make amends.
Please, don't be like that.
Yeah right!
You want to go to the hole...
...and then come back here to do
as you please. Bullshit!
You're both going
to the new complex.
Bring me the plate and put it there,
half and half.
Party is over.
Move it.
To the new complex. Move.
- Let's talk!
- Yeah, we'll talk over there.
I can't believe it.
Damn it. They got serious this time.
We'll have to find
another place to "peckertalk".
or ask my man to sign up
for college...
So we can take some class together.
Manaury would never take a class...
It's all your fault for pecker-talking
with another man.
- What do you mean, jackass?
- You know what I mean.
What the hell do you know!
The pot calling the kettle black!
Yeah but they didn't catch me
'cause I know how to do things well!
Look you asswipe, this is the first time
I've seen that guy.
- And that's none of your business.
- Shut up, you damn whore!
Damn whore? As if you don't take pleasure
fooling with my man.
- That man ain't yours anymore.
- You fucking bitch!
Do you know who I am?
Bitch! Come and get me!
Find out who I am!
Next time you won't have
anybody to save you!
I'm going to pull your goddamn teeth out
with my bare hands!
Easy now... Easy.
Leave me the fuck alone!
Get off of me,
here comes the guard.
Guards incoming, hold on.
So what do you think?
This was Manaury's bed. What a relief
that they finally took him away.
Do you have anything more for me
to put you in there?
Mmmm damn...
Shit man.
Oh well, it is what it is...
You're the boss now.
A beach resort is shit compared to this.
- Thanks, Vlady.
- You're welcome.
You can't get a better view.
Hey, man. The engine didn't start
so we had to leave it back.
We almost got caught.
Didn't I tell you to keep the engine on,
or else it'd shut down?
Yeah, my bad.
So what then?
We'll try to get another
I'll call you later.
Hey there!
This is yours, right?
I don't want any trouble.
It's cool.
You know how it is.
Let's get acquainted with the upcoming event.
- Are we singing?
- We're singing.
- You can sing solo.
- What?
- You can sing solo.
- Oh, no.
She was the last one.
Maybe you?
- Why not you?
- Because I have a sore throat.
Ok, you start, I'll follow you.
- Me?
- Yes. Go ahead.
Let's see how it sounds.
Keep singing.
- Sing it higher.
- I can't do it. You do it.
The audience is going to lynch us
if we keep singing like this!
This bad.
I told you I can't sing.
Come on, you can do it.
Fausto, sneak this in his food
for the guy over there.
Yeah, sure.
Move your asses, "pokemons".
- Like your new place?
- Can't complain.
- Did you try the beans?
- Why?
Stick your spoon in.
Don't poke it, you dumbass.
What's this?
That's my business, buddy.
Don't make a fuss.
That is for you,
courtesy of the house.
- Don't you snort?
- No.
That's okay, we'll get you
some clean beans.
What do you want, man?
Someone to look after you,
to guard your back
Simple as that.
Calm down, just relax!
As long as you play along,
we're cool.
If I say "pokemon, attack",
you attack.
Simple as that.
You get it now?
What the hell
do you want me to do?
I just want you to send
a message to my broad.
I don't know how to
communicate with them.
Relax, just finish your meal and
I'll show you how.
- Is it cool?
- Cool.
Can you get me some weed?
You just love flying high, don't you?
You scratch my back,
I'll scratch yours.
It's harder now but this way
I can keep an eye on you.
And... what...
What if people find out about...?
No, we always change the signals.
Everything will be fine so long
you don't make a fuss about it.
Look over there,
see that guy climbing up?
Every "woodpecker" has their
own signals with his girl.
My signal for her is...
Look at me!
- She should answer back the same...
- Again?
She will answer back the same way.
- "Hey". Like this.
- Like this?
Show some character, dumbass!
Like this.
When she signals back,
you're going to tell her...
"Your man..."
Do it with me.
Change that attitude. Come on!
How was it again?
"Your man...
...sent me."
OK, repeat that.
"Your man..."
- "Sent..."
- "Sent..."
- "Sent me"
- "Sent me"
Come on, with attitude,
like you mean it.
"Your man...
"...sent me."
Like this.
"...sent me."
- " talk..."
- " talk..."
- " you..."
- " you..."
- "You copy?"
- "You copy?"
You need to remember that one
so you know if she copies.
You're going to give her
this card's numbers.
Just deliver the message
and make it simple.
"Your... man...
...says: call him".
"Your... man... says...
- him".
- Is that a cock you're sucking?
What do you mean?
That's what you just did.
Are you calling me a cocksucker?
If the shoe fits...
I'll keep my eyes
on you, understood?
What's up, rookie?
Are you climbing up?
- Yeah.
- Well then, grab a bucket.
What's with you?
You're gutsy talking to Yanelly!
- Manaury sent me.
- Oh, that's okay then.
"I came to talk to you...
...about something
on behalf of your man."
"You copy?"
"Are you the new inmate
that just arrived?"
What is she saying?
She's asking if you're the inmate,
that just arrived.
- How do I say yes?
- Like this.
"Do you know where
my partner is right now?"
She's saying something else...
She asks where did they
send her man to?
"Your man is in...
...another prison now."
"But, but, but...
"You can call him
at this number..." you...
...can speak with him."
Wendy, do you have a piece of paper
so I can write down a number?
Here you go, babe.
I'll give it back to you later.
About the numbers...
For instance, this number?
How do you signal it?
Go like this:
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 6."
Mind helping me?
- This one?
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
- This one...?
- 1, 2, 3, and 4.
- This one?
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Is she copying?
- Ask her.
- Of course!
- That's it.
- Good.
That's it.
She's got it now.
Thanks, Wendy.
I owe you one.
"I... the inmate...
...doesn't... have...
...too... long."
"I... inmate... who...
...doesn't have...
...too... long in here."
"I want to talk... you."
Take some
so you can learn to do it.
What sentence did they give you?
They haven't.
I'm on preventive detention for robbery.
They'll give you at least two years.
You'll need someone on the outside
to speed up the paperwork.
So what about your old man?
What does he do?
He was in the military.
Nice, you got it made...
He's dead.
Damn, bro.
So what about your mother?
I don't know.
In Haiti.
Ah so you are Haitian!
- I was born here.
- Where is here?
In Dajabon, like my dad.
Well, same thing,
you were born on the border.
You're from neither
here or there, dumbass.
Anyway, if you don't get someone
to expedite your case... will get really ugly for you.
I've been here for 8 years
and in a couple more...
...I'll apply for parole, then you'll
see me outside prancing like a lion.
You see, I have murdered some folks...
You know, once in a while,
for business reasons, 'cause I'm a hustler.
You copy?
Our thing was larceny and robbery.
I was in charge of driving and looking out...
That's why you're such a dumbass,
you never got your hands dirty.
You think they caught me
with my dick in my hands!?
The driver is the sitting duck of the bunch.
He has both hands busy.
Well, grab that ladle and get busy and
at least learn how to cook.
So you won't have it hard here.
Look, watch you don't sack my woman.
Don't play dumb with me
so I won't have to straighten you up.
- I'm done.
- Where are you going?
To the cell blocks.
Well, you can signal Yanelly
on your way there.
Tell her to send me
that thing she knows.
- What thing?
- You're going to tell her this.
"Send him that thing you know."
She'll understand.
And ask her to send me...
...another photo.
I'm tired of jerking off to the same one.
- So how do you say "photo"?
- Like this.
I'm watching you,
you hear?
Do what I say, and you'll be fine.
"Your man wants another one."
"Another what?"
"But I don't want to
send him another one."
"He wants the photo to jerk off."
"Not like that!
Quit messing around!"
"You make yourself very clear.
I really like that."
"I'm just the messenger."
"Tell him to leave me alone.
I'm sending no photos."
"She says no."
"Ask her why."
"Why not?"
"Because when I was
in solitary confinement...
...he was flirting with someone else."
"Tell him to leave me alone."
"Because you were
flirting with someone else."
"Leave her alone.
Don't say anything else."
"Come down!"
I'm in love!
I love you! I love you!
Of course I'll marry you!
As soon as
I get out of here, baby!
When women act like this you just
take the road and they stop the hassle.
You got to tell her I was just asking
her friends where she was.
- Okay.
- Do you think "pecker-talking" is cheap?
I send her 500 pesos constantly
and pay for her cell phone.
So she can't fuck with me.
How do you send her the money?
I just send it! You don't need
to know the details, "pokemon".
- Not like I'm interested anyways.
- You better not.
Well well, you're really quick!
Look at this!
What's wrong with you?
You're acting weird.
I'm here doing my time mindful that
you won't stab me with that rusty knife.
Hey, watch what you say...
What do you want?
I have you working in the kitchen.
Would you rather scrub toilets?
Do I look like a cook to you?
Put me to work in your operation.
What operation?
You better learn how to cook
so you never go to jail again, dumbass.
Get out of my sight!
Where are you going?
We're not done here.
You don't have to know everything.
Check under your seat.
Let me know if you want to keep going at it.
"Didn't I tell him to leave me alone?"
"He was just asking for you."
"He's making you say nonsense."
"What he says is a lie."
"But he wants to
clear things up with you."
"I'm the one who is clear!"
"Keep telling her it's a lie!"
- We need you in the kitchen.
- I'll be right there.
- The merchandise got messed up.
- What do you mean messed up?
- That stuff can't get damaged!
- Well, it did.
"I'll be watching you."
"Look, I have nothing to do with this."
"I'm just the messenger."
"Enough of that.
Let's talk about something else."
"What's up with you?"
"What's up...
...with me?"
"Yeah. I like you. You set me on fire"
"But you don't...
...know me."
"That's OK. You'll soon realize
that if enough time... spent doing this..."
" will learn to sense
my touch and my embrace"
Down, everyone!
Stand up.
To the wall.
Get down.
Stay down, everyone.
So you're still
"pecker-talking" through this side?
If I hear of one more brawl,
I'm boarding up all the windows.
- Were you smoking?
- What do you mean?
Show me your hands.
Come on, sir, what's wrong?
Be quite.
Be careful, I'm watching you.
Be really careful.
Who knows how
to prune weed and grass?
- Me, me!
- I do, I do!
None of you screaming queens
will do it.
It's going to be you, you and you.
Tomorrow morning
I'll send for you.
You heard?
You heard me?
You look way better like that.
You look like somebody now.
Be careful how you look at me.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Fuck. This shit is full of rice.
Rogelio punctured it
while moving it.
Then he's paying for them.
Is this the only one damaged?
Just that one.
I'm sick of telling you not to mix
this shit up with the rice!
They're all getting messed up!
How's the can
you had down stairs?
It's OK.
- You checked?
- Yeah.
Here comes the guard!
Put it out!
Do you think I didn't see you?
Which of you three was smoking?
We don't smoke.
- None of you?
- No.
Let me see your hands.
Ma'am, it was me.
This is a non-smoking area.
I don't care what you do
over there in your prison...
...but smoking is prohibited here.
Do you want me to report you
to your supervisor?
It won't happen again.
You three got off the hook...
'cause I didn't catch you
with the cigarette in your hands.
Now get back in.
The bell just rang.
Which of you knows tech stuff and
air conditioning repair?
"Tell her you know how."
I do.
Come with me to my office
so you can fix my air conditioning.
And maybe I can spare you from not having
to report this to your supervisors.
Come this way.
The filter is dirty, ma'am.
I know it's dirty,
that's why I asked you to come.
Even if I clean it,
I have to open it all up.
I need tools I have
on the other side.
All right, but...
I won't let you oft the hook that easy
after what you did back there.
You have to come back tomorrow
with your tools to repair it.
- Get me out of here!
- Hey! Hey!
Wait over there.
- Wait there and don't move.
- Yes, ma'am.
- What's going on with you?
- Come here.
- How is it going?
- All right.
- What's your name?
- Julian.
So you're the new inmate
from across the wall?
I am Yanelly.
I know. You're famous
back there.
Come on, open the door!
The supervisor locked me in here.
- I don't know.
- You don't know why?
She locked you in because
you have no business being in here.
Are you going to let me out?
- Are you going to behave?
- Yes.
So why are you sending me
messages from Manaury?
- I get paid for it.
- So you're a messenger boy?
- Hey, dial that down a bit?
- Tell me something.
What do you want me
to talk you about?
- About you.
- Me?
- Are you going to keep coming back?
- You can count on it.
- What's that mean?
- Pure, pure, pure.
- The way I like people to be.
- Yeah...
- I like your mouth.
- Move it! Move it!
You know you can't be
in a block you don't belong to!
Walk! Move it! And you!
Didn't I tell you to wait right there?
Yes, ma'am.
- You haven't seen me.
- No, it's OK.
Come on, move!
You came here to work,
not to fall in love.
- Thank you so much.
- You owe me one.
Did Yanelly send
anything to me?
I didn't see her.
What are you nuts?!
- Don't you dare lie to me, OK?
- I told you I didn't see her.
I have eyes and ears all over this prison.
If I find out anything at all,
you're fucked.
Stop you goddamn threats!
This is a two way street.
You tell her to call me tonight!
And if I feel like it, I'll come thru
with your stuff for you tomorrow.
Are you following me?
Did you check the current
out of the breakers?
Did you measure the current
going into the motor?
All I know is
that thing won't start.
There should be a circuit-card in here.
It's not here but
you should have seen it.
I don't know.
Bro, give him a hand,
he is one of my guys.
This is what we'll do.
Tell the guards you're coming with me.
And we'll fix it together, that way I can
tag along to catch some of that girl action.
Oh, baby!
That looks good!
Looks great!
- Watch it!
- Watch what?!
Tell me, Marily.
What was that all about?
Nothing happened?
Don't you have anything to say?
Stand right here.
Everybody else go back.
Wait for me in the office.
Come on, move.
You're going to solitary confinement
for thirty days!
Let's see it you pull the same stunt
over there! Shame on you!
We've had enough of this.
Who do you think you are?
"Pecker-talking", you call it.
Aren't you ashamed?
What does that mean?
Oh, so nobody knows!
You spent the whole day doing it
and nobody knows what it means?
The guys came up with that.
The thing is that when
the woodpeckers drill their holes...
...they grasp on to the tree...
...the same way that
the guys climb to the windows...
...and grab on to the rails
so they can talk to us.
Oh, one that knows.
Next time you're caught
"woodpecking" or whatever...'ll have your
visitation rights suspended.
And one month in solitary confinement.
- Am I clear?
- Yes, ma'am.
You may go.
You stay.
Yes, you.
- Do you want to mess things up now?
- I wasn't "pecker-talking".
Not today.
But you won't take
your eyes off that window.
You have one foot out the door already.
- But I have the last word.
- Yes, ma'am.
I hope your time here
has been useful.
It has.
You'll be cheated on again.
But you can't burn a house down
for every cheater out there.
It's not easy when
a son of a bitch shows in your life...
and after you clean his house,
look after and tend to him,
he just goes and cheats on you,
making you feel stupid...
...while he sleeps around.
You have to be smarter.
I don't want to see you
around here again.
I have good news for you.
The sentence
for your divorce is in.
You are now single.
That's good news, yes.
You may leave.
And keep a low profile, okay?
Thanks, ma'am.
You heard the bell.
Go back to your cell blocks!
You too!
Hand me the meter.
Look here.
When it reaches 220,
let me know.
- What does it say?
- 220.
Let's see here...
- What about now?
- Four zeros.
That's it.
Just a burnt fuse.
I see.
Everything is under control.
The ones heading to college,
come out orderly.
God damn it.
Hurry up.
- You're going to college, right?
- Yeah.
- You're going to college, right?
- Yeah.
- I need to ask you another favor.
- What is it?
I need this delivered to Julian.
- For fuck's sake, Yanelly.
- What?
I'm not your delivery boy.
I'm not doing you anymore favors.
Please, don't come undone on me now.
Come on, you can have
my phone minutes for tonight.
I'm not interested.
I'm taking a lot of heat because of you.
What do you mean because of me?
A keeper or loaner?
A keeper!
- Here.
- Okay.
Don't say it's from me.
And this too.
Here's 50 for the messenger.
What happened out there?
A stove caught on fire in the kitchen.
- We know how to put out fires too.
- Of course, I'm sure of that.
Go back to work. The girls are not
catching fire anytime soon.
Well, just in case, you know.
I know, but mind your own business.
Hold the notebook.
Arms up.
Follow me.
It's ready.
Here is a delivery for you.
"Sign up for music lessons...
...and dance class."
"We'll have some guests
in a couple days...
...and we're preparing
a show for them."
"We can meet there."
"Signed, your woodpecker."
Shit, man, you're the man!
You scored one
that's almost out the door!
Before you realize
you'll be in love with her.
With whom?
Easy, dude.
I'm not on Manaury's side.
Do you know whose side I'm on?
On the the Lord's side.
Gimme a break...
Calm down, Romeo.
For what it's worth,
tailing in love isn't a bad thing.
Thanks, Bolo.
See you.
Are you falling for
the asshole delivering my messages?
Leave me alone.
What do you mean?
What am I going to do with you?
I don't know.
You know well that I hate to get
involved with cheaters.
If I find out you're
dating another asshole...
- If I find out...
- What will you do?
I'll slaughter him!
And I swear on my mom's grave
that I'll send you his parts in a bag!
And we'll see what you do then!
Shut the fuck up!
This boat is mine and I'll dock it
anywhere I give a damn!
You fucking whore!
Do anything you want with the phone.
You fucking whore!
Shut up.
We're trying to sleep.
Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!
"What's up with you, baby?"
"Hi honey. What are you doing
on the window so early?"
"I happened to spend the night..."
"...thinking so much about you."
"All night thinking about me?"
"And you?"
"Did you like the little
present I sent you?"
"The thing that covers
the other thing?"
"Of course!"
"Will you sign up for the music class?"
Hey buddy.
Help me with a sack
of rice back there?
Bro, my back is a mess
from all those sacks.
It's the ones in the back.
It's the ones in the back.
Those over there.
Go ahead, I'm behind you.
These ones?
I warned you, cocksucker!
I made myself clear!
And yet you stabbed me in the back!
I made myself clear!
And yet you stabbed me in the back!
I'm not "pecker-talking"
with your woman!
I told you I have eyes
and ears all over the place!
I told you and you didn't believe it.
Now talk! And fast!
I'm just relaying to her
what you tell me.
I'm just relaying to her
what you tell me.
Like hell you are!
Listen to me now!
If I see you talking to Yanelly again
here or anywhere.
I'll skin you myself!
- You should have played along with me.
- Leave him, leave him!
Take a hike, pokemon!
- Move it, man!
- Move it, you fag!
- Move it, man!
- Move it, you fag!
You should have
played along, cocksucker.
Whatever happened to you, man?
Leave me alone,
I'm busy right now, OK?
Who are you?
From which block?
Cell 6, from San Cristobal.
- What do you want?
- I want to sign up.
- What do you want?
- I want to sign up.
- Good morning!
- Good morning, sir!
- Good morning!
- Good morning, sir!
Roll call!
- Julian Sosa.
- Here.
- Joselito Manuel.
- Present.
- Antonio Fadul.
- Present, sir.
- Eduardo Santos.
- Here, sir.
- Enrique Acosta.
- Here, sir.
- Enrique Acosta.
- Here, sir.
What is this?
Come over here.
What have I told you about this?
- Excuse me, sir.
- Excuse you what?!
- What have I told you?
- Excuse me, sir.
I've told you a thousand times
that's forbidden here!
I'm sorry, sir!
Take him. Handcuff him.
Take him. Handcuff him.
Where was I?
- Antonio Fadul.
- Here, sir.
- Joselito Manuel.
- Here, sir.
- Enrique Acosta.
- Present.
Well guys, we're short of
a drummer.
Well guys, we're short of
a drummer.
So who's up to it?
I could do it.
But you've never played that drum.
I've been watching Miguel a lot.
I can do this.
Well then let's give it a try,
see how he does.
Well, as you can see,
this is the cell block.
Well, as you can see,
this is the cell block.
Inmates with green shirts
are in preventive detention,
the ones in blue
have been convicted.
And this here is the cafeteria...
How do you think Roman
will react when he sees me?
How about Javielito?
How about Javielito?
You've been way too quiet.
- You girls talk too much.
- And you don't talk.
- I don't have anything to say.
- Sure...
What do I have to say?
Just don't get nervous
when you see him...
Don't worry.
You know he will be there.
You know he will be there.
You have to wait for my count.
One, two, three.
On the count of three,
you join in along him.
The "gira" starts with me.
Now pick up your instruments,
we're going on stage.
Good morning, fellow inmates...
...and various authorities
gathering here today... what we call
the 7th Penitentiary Festival!
Now we present the girls
from Najayo Female Penitentiary.
Now we present the girls
from Najayo Female Penitentiary.
Come over here girls.
Very good!
Along with the boys
from Najayo Male Penitentiary,
the Paleros!
Come on in, guys!
What's up, man?
Get out of here Manaury.
You know you're banned here.
Are you still on Cell 6?
Are you still on Cell 6?
Didn't you lose a small,
black phone recently?
Who stole it?
Open up and I'll tell you.
Big applause for them.
The girls from Najayo CCR2
and the boys from Najayo CCR17!
Put your hands together!
And to continue with this show,
I'll present you a special artist...
Could you...?
- Hello, pretty lady.
- Hi. You did good.
- Stealing, huh?
- You didn't like it?
Of course.
You're good at it.
And you...
Did I steal you?
- Almost.
- Almost?
- Almost.
- What do I have to do?
- Almost.
- What do I have to do?
You know...
To give all myself to you,
you have to do the same for me.
How so?
You must marry me.
Marry? What?
- What are you laughing at?
- You're laughing too.
- What are you laughing at?
- You're laughing too.
- Do you think I'm easy? I'm not easy.
- Bravo!
What a pretty surprise.
You should have seen
yourselves from my seat.
People were amazed.
You're such a star, nigga.
Get off.
Easy, no need to be rude.
- You too.
- Thanks.
- Was that performance for you?
- What do you think?
- What a pretty hairdo.
- Get off.
- What do you want?
- Just to congratulate you both.
Well, you've done it,
take a hike.
Good job.
You too.
There are no more excuses.
Well, that will depend on you.
You know what to do.
- And be careful with that asshole.
- Sure.
Come over here.
"Love medicine I need from you"
"... 'cause you are the only woman..."
"...that can cure me from..."
" cancer of love."
Excellent job from our brother,
singing this "bachata"!
And with this we finalize
this wonderful show!
Now we'll orderly wait for dismissal... go back to our cell blocks.
Thank you so much!
Come on, keep moving!
Come in, office...
Shut down all the cell blocks and bring
me back the inmates that were here...
...right away!
And lock the front and back doors!
Do any of you
have anything to say?
Is anybody hiding anything
they should give back?
Do it now.
Don't make this harder.
- What about you, Julian?
- What you mean?
Step forward.
Step forward!
Check him.
I don't have anything!
- That's not mine!
- Quiet!
- That's not mine, someone must...
- I said quiet!
We'll find out soon enough.
Are you trying to tell me
this isn't yours?
We checked your cell and found this.
This thing in your place,
isn't yours either?!
That isn't mine, either!
This isn't yours?
You're saying this isn't yours?!
Really? Not yours?
The pipe is.
Who gave it to you?
Who gave it to you?! Or you'll spend
two months in the hole!
From the kitchen.
The kitchen where?
The storage room.
Get four more guards
and check the storage room.
Get back in the line.
And be careful how you behave.
"Were you lying all this time?"
"Those panties aren't mine!"
"Then why did you have them?"
"I don't know!"
"You dirty dog,
just like the others!"
Leave me alone!
Get off of me!
I have nothing to do with that shit!
- I'm telling you!
- Shut up!
Alright, you're digging your grave.
- You're just making it worse!
- Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut your mouth!
We found him in the kitchen.
Look what he had.
- What is this?
- What is it?
Don't you know what it is?
It was that haitian pokemon that
put it in there!
I'm sick of you.
I've given you way too many opportunities.
Are you listening?!
Everyone that works in the kitchen,
Get out!
- Sir...
- Shut your mouth!
I said, shut up!
- Can we talk?
- Shut up!
Want to talk?
Get their prison records ready!
You'll be sent to
La Victoria Penitentiary right away!
Prepare the trash truck,
that's where they're going!
Take them away!
You're hurting my hand!
Get off me!
I'm innocent!
Those panties aren't mine!
You're squeezing too hard!
No one scorches me
without getting burned,
you get it, cocksucker?
You're the one who double-crossed me!
And you stole my woman!
I didn't steal anybody.
That woman is not into you.
She is not into you either!
She was just using you while doing her time!
Jackass... that woman was
just after your money.
- We'll see whose money she's after.
- She's my woman.
Your woman!
Keep jerking off to that!
You just keep doing it!
We'll see if she visits you in hell now.
Stop being bitter.
Bitter? I'll show you what
bitter is when I get my hands on you...
We'll bump in there and I'm going
to crack your skull and stitch you up.
You dig, cocksucker?
- Do whatever you want.
- Whatever?
You're fucked,
son of a bitch!
You're so fucked!
- Quiet, inmate!
- Leave me the fuck alone!
Let's go.
You're going to pay.
- Fuck! Fucking hell!
- Yanelly...
That asshole lied
to me in my face!
I never learn!
Haven't I learned anything?
I can't trust anyone?!
- You just can't trust anyone!
- Calm down.
Yanelly, calm down.
Whose panties were those?
- Don't know.
- Those panties belong to an inmate!
- Whose panties were those?!
- I don't know.
You know it!
You know it, right?!
I'm going to kill that whore!
She is going down too!
Shut up.
Quit saying so much bullshit.
Shut up and calm down.
You're almost out of here.
You're right, I'm getting out,
then I'll kill him...
...and I'm going to kill her too!
Make a line!
- Keep moving!
- Let's go.
Hurry up!
Check these guys now.
Get over there!
Spread your legs!
Okay, go, go!
Hurry up!
This way!
Go, go.
- Move!
- Keep moving!
- Stop right there!
- Make a line!
Make a line!
- OK, keep moving now.
- Keep moving! This way!
Make a line!
You're not a good listener, ah?
Boy, are you gonna have it rough here!
You guys don't seem in a hurry...
Keep moving.
Why are you looking back?
Keep moving!
Come on!
Move it!
This way!
In you go.
Good afternoon, inmates.
I'm "Bighands" and
I'm in charge this joint,
where you get processed
for the first time.
Either as a new prisoner
or a transfer.
I can see right away you need a haircut.
Go ahead, I dare you.
Don't worry. We'll take care of that
as soon as the guards leave.
Order and respect is what we want here.
Thanks, "Bighands".
Who is Julian Sosa?
I am.
And Rogelio Encarnacion?
Me. They call me Manaury.
So you're the lovebirds
who can't be together.
OK, let's figure this out right away.
You, to "Los Arpones".
You, 1 and 2 in Vietnam.
These two to the Corridors.
And you are going with him.
Let's go.
You're going to pay for this, cocksucker!
- Shut up!
- You're gonna get it, damn pokemon!
We'll bump into each other, motherfucker!
Shut it!
Let's go!
What's with you?!
What's it going to be?!
Enough! Leave him alone!
Leave him alone now!
It's a "blonde"!
It's "blondie"!
Welcome to Vietnam, man.
So... shall we shave the rooster?!
Stop it, motherfucker!
Make some noise
if you want him shaven!
We're shaving his head!
Out with the hair!
Out with the hair!
I'm going to kill you,
you fucking rat!
Shut up and come here!
"I'm a warrior..."
"Aggressive for the living
and living for the aggressive."
"That's how you survive
in this world I live in."
"I firmly step on
wherever I may go."
"Nothing you can say
will change who I am."
"Everybody has to die,
the Lord say it so."
"The barrel is ready
for the first shot."
"The one who gets it
will be erased."
So it was this bitch!
That's how I wanted to find you!
So the yellow panties were yours!
Manaury is my boyfriend,
like it or not!
Is this what you were looking for?
Oh no...
That's not really
what I was looking for.
- This is how it's going to be?
- That's it.
Well, go ahead, slash me!
Don't you have "balls"?
- I have no balls.
- Come on, cut me!
I have ovaries.
Besides, your bark must be worse
than your bite, bitch.
Don't leave, come back.
Come back, you bitch!
You fucking asshole!
So you got your hair cut.
- Nice haircut-
- Get off, cocksucker!
You're too aggressive.
You know you gotta pony up
your "association fee".
I'm here, come and claim it!
I will. What's in that bag?
My clothes, what gives?
That's something...
That should do it for now.
You'll have to kill me before I...
He hasn't killed you
'cause you're lucky cocksucker!
What's it going to be, asshole?!
Just 'cause you're new you think
you can step all over us...
Hey, hey, hey, stop!
- What's the matter?
Is he your boyfriend?
- He is.
- Tell him to cough up the dough!
Or he is going down!
I'm not, you asshole, can you hear!
Asshole? That's what I'll pull out
of your mouth, you cocksucker!
I've been here way longer than you!
- That's enough!
- Calm the fuck down, you asshole!
Hey, what's up?
So you finally ended up in "La Victoria",
asshole. Move it.
You sleep on that side
and I sleep on this side.
I should've let them crush you
out there...
for being such a dickhead with me.
'Cause of cousins like you
I ended up in this hole all fucked.
It's cost me a lot,
but I got some respect around here..
Now that we're talking...
We're not. This is off-limits.
Unless there's an emergency.
OK, whatever.
How do I cross over to Vietnam?
That's impossible, we're separated.
So there is no way?
Unless you get sick,
and I mean really sick
so they'll let you into the ER.
Manaury, leave your personal problems
out of prison.
The thing is, that "problem"
is also in prison.
Julian. Julian!
Help me!
Help me, Julian!
This is the last chance to pay
your fucking dues!
Let him go.
What you mean, bro?
This fish owes us money!
Let him go, I said!
Alright, easy bro.
Of course I'll let him go.
So... you want us to let him go?
- Are you going to pay for him...?
- Hey! Hey!
What the fuck are you doing?!
What the fuck is going on here?!
This asshole here is interrupting
our job, Cuba.
So you want to kill them both, huh?!
So they can come and search us all?!
Take it easy, Cuba.
You're the boss here.
Get out. Move it.
- Go, go, go.
- He saved your ass, asshole.
Get out now!
You too, out!
Easy, Cuba.
So, what happened here?
I'm alright, but he's not.
I'm the one in charge here.
If anything happens,
I get all the heat.
One more thing.
If you don't have any money
to pay those thugs... need to find
a way to make some!
You got good hands?
Well, we'll put them to work then.
Alright. But what about him?
Thank you.
Come on, come here! I opened fire on him.
- How many times did you shoot him?
- No idea.
Easy, easy!
Over there.
Over there everyone.
Everyone over there.
Over there, man.
Get in line.
That woman is gone, dude.
No signals of life.
God... damn it.
But I got you her address
with a friend of mine.
She's from Haina, Framboyan.
Go find a priest called "Machete".
He can connect you
with whoever you want.
Alright. I can work with that.
Take care.
Thank God!
I can do all of that from here.
Signed, your woodpecker.
And write the address too.
Thank you.
Can I borrow those pliers?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Close the door behind you.
About this... you can
be sure she'll get it.
Whether she'll come to visit
or not, only God knows.
What about the other thing?
Don't worry. I've been
doing it for ten years.
I just want her
to get that letter today.
You know tomorrow's the day.
She'll get it.
Let's see...
Let me measure this...
We'll use this for a tight fit.
Doctor, we have an emergency!
What happened to him?
He burnt his leg.
What's your name?
Nicolas, please...
Bring me some betadine,
saline solution and gauze.
I'm removing your shoe.
Be careful, slow!
Como on, keep going.
There was a time
in the countryside...
...when people used a stick
tied to a tube...
...with a nail on it.
And with that,
they will strike the oxen.
That's a sting.
A thorn in the flesh.
Something that wounds you,
something that frightens you.
Paul is telling to Death,
"you can't sting me anymore!"
"Death, you're no longer
a threat to me!"
Why? Because someone
died at the cross for me"... Death has no grip on my life!
And we will be transformed,
and in that transformation...
...there will be a death-like moment.
Because God has to finish you... you may come into
the Kingdom of Heaven.
It's death to the flesh,
death to the mundane.
Because flesh and blood
cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.
He's right, dammit!
Here we are like tamed bulls.
They prick us and lock us.
They keep us eating shit.
And death is right in here with us. The only
thing left to do is to rise up and tight them.
Use the nails pinned in our backs
and use them as a weapon against them.
Grab something and get ready.
We had enough of this!
God is with us. We will enter the
Kingdom of heaven, whatever it takes.
Hell is going to break loose.
There's no turning back!
What's wrong?
Stay close to me.
Somethings going on.
Get behind me!
What are you doing?
Oh, it's you.
What are you going to do with that?
I have to take care of something.
We inmates
outnumber the guards.
If we could just go riot
we can break out of the goddamn prison.
That's cool, but first my business,
then we'll talk.
Let it go. It's not worth it!
What's wrong with you?
I told you my business first!
I won't let you do it.
You and how many girls?
Julian saved my ass big time, dude.
Oh, he saved you...
Let him save you from this, asshole!
You're going to pay for this!
Put it on me.
Come! There's no time!
For God's sake, where were you?
- Sorry we're late.
- Come here, this is the guy.
- ID.
- Here.
Your ID.
I did get it, see?
- Sign here.
- Thanks.
Sign here.
Your ID, and his.
By the power vested upon me by law,
I pronounce you man and wife.
You may pick up
your certificate in two days.
You may kiss the bride.
That's how I wanted to find you!
Manaury, put the gun down!
Shut up, you fucking bitch!
Don't talk to her like that!
Then show me how to talk to her!
- This is the house of the Lord!
- Back off! Back off!
- Respect the house of God.
- Back off!
Back off!
Back off!
Stop right there, you son of a bitch!
Stop right there, motherfucker!
Stop right there, both of you,
or I'll shoot you!
Manaury, put the gun down...
Calm down, Manaury!
- Shut up, you bitch!
- Calm down!
Put the gun down!
Out of my way!
What now?
Do you think you can have
whatever you want...
...whenever you want it?
I told to shut the fuck up!
This is not your problem!
This is not his problem,
it's my problem!
She already made a choice.
Well, so did I.
Yanelly, you need to go.
What about you?
Wait for me outside.
Get out of the tunnels.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Cover your face with this.
Do it!
It's only you and me now.
Go on, shoot.
Come on, shoot!
You're going to be fine.
We're going to make it.
We're going to make it out of this.
But you have to hold on!
"Did... I... steal you?"
"Yes you did, I'm all yours"
"Pure, pure, pure"
Can you move?