Carry on Jatta 3 (2023) Movie Script

"Do not say anything
good or bad to anyone."
"We do not take unnecessary tension."
"As the sun sets, we cannot remain quiet."
"We do not give importance
to anyone else except ourselves."
"As the sun sets, we cannot remain quiet."
"We are not scared of anyone
and do not bother about money."
"We enjoy the treat in backyard."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
"We laugh 24 by 7."
"We reside in everyone's heart."
"You can make us dance as much as you can"
"Our feet do not get tired."
"We wear expensive clothes."
"And apply expensive perfumes."
"We do not go anywhere without friends."
"We do not worry about anything.
We do not work on weekdays."
"We are not free even on weekends."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
"You and I make an amazing pair."
"I would love to talk with you, dear."
"I would suffocate you
by coming in your dreams."
"If you ever try to ditch me, dear."
"Ditch, dear."
"I would never leave
you or marry anyone else."
"I would love to enjoy life with you."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
"Carry on, carry on Jatta 3."
We do not have to do suicide.
What will we achieve by doing suicide?
Will we get heaven?
If we do not like that then
again have to come back here.
You will die twice because
of this coming and going.
Then you would say what would the bird do?
Should it die after drinking cold water?
Brother, there is no
point in committing suicide?
Who is going to commit suicide?
I am telling my client on the phone.
Your sister died by committing suicide
and you are doing counseling
of people on the phone.
She is not dead but is bad.
You will get thrashed by me.
She has died and now you want
your brother-in-law behind bars.
When she knew she did not know how
to swim then why did she jump in the pool?
She went to the pool to take a bath
because the bathroom's lock was broken.
The pool is completely open.
Is she so fond of having bath?
She did not see that there
is not much water in the pool.
She just jumped and broke
her knees before dying.
For God's sake spare her after her death.
I never held her when she was alive.
What am I going to do after holding
on to her after death.
Unnecessarily you give advices to people.
Your nephew is free so give him company.
Make him understand.
What will we do if he takes
a wrong step by being emotional?
Hello. What?
What happened?
The person whom I was explaining
on the phone committed suicide.
You better not make my son understand.
I will make him understand.
Jass, Jass...
-Get up, hey...
Stop...they are street dogs.
Whom did you call street dogs?
To both of you.
I am not saying to you both.
I was dreaming.
As if we do not know whom
have you called street dogs.
I feel like slapping you.
Do you think you got
law degree just to sit idle?
Can't you come with
your father to practice law?
Let father's law practice progress first.
Your father is almost the
number 1 lawyer of the city.
My clients who have lost
also respect me so much.
They say that Mr. Dhillon you
have put in lots of hard work.
The opponent lawyer is too good.
This is the kind of respect I get.
I know how much you are respected.
You got bail for some
when their punishment was over.
Do not under estimate me as a lawyer.
Before dying your mother
locked my law books.
If I found the keys there
would no lawyer in the city.
What kind of a lawyer you're?
Just by spending 5 pounds
you could have made new keys.
Don't talk nonsense.
Come on get ready now.
I have found a good proposal for you.
Proposal? Why are you in
a hurry to get me married, father?
I am not in a hurry. But there
should at least be one woman in the house.
I do not want to get married just because
a woman should be there in the house.
I will get married when I like a girl.
All are the same, dear.
I did not like your mother.
Just think that if I liked
her then would you be the only child.
She brought him along.
Uncle, you should die of shame.
What is he saying about your sister?
You too should die of shame.
He is saying about your mother as well.
One person is cursing too much.
You will get thrashed by me.
What wrong did I say?
I just asked you to get married.
You can fall in love later.
I don't want to get married now.
Marriage reminds me that I am going
with my friends to attend Jimmy's wedding.
You are a total useless son.
What is this? Why are you sitting
on the table again early in the morning?
Just because the chairs
are not opened yet.
Who opens your rope before
our chairs are opened?
Why are you always here? Have
your parents given birth to you for me?
You come here before our cafe
opens and leave after it is closed.
Brother, I love your cafe a lot.
I just can't explain how much I hate you.
What are you doing sitting here?
What to tell you, brother?
I sit here for job.
What kind of job do you do?
No, I am not doing a job but finding one.
Okay, so you are searching
a job for last 4 years sitting here.
Great. You would be the first
man to get retired while finding a job.
I do not disturb you, brother.
I always pray for you sitting here.
But I curse you a lot.
You may get sick, get hernia,
jaundice, appendix, and piles as well.
Imagine that you have
been cursed by brother.
Have you earned 2 pounds in last 4 years.
By drink water for free
you often go to our washrooms
and have spoilt it.
I have hired people
and are standing with axe.
They will chop off your head
if you go to use the washroom.
Dear, eat one more...
-No, mother. I am through and satisfied.
-Brother-in-law, please.
You will have to eat this parantha.
Eat it, father.
This parantha fell from grandmother.
She could not pick up.
But still she picked up.
Dear, I do not know whether
your position is low or mine.
What happened? What are you looking at?
You will have to eat
the parantha that had fallen.
Mother loves you a lot. Thank you, mother.
Because of her love I have
already eaten 6-7 paranthas.
It was my fast today.
-Are you okay?
-Mother, parantha is not good.
Wait, I will get water.
Rascal, brother-in-law, your
status is far lower than the parantha.
Do not curse your brother-in-law at least.
Why shouldn't I? Why?
After marriage you
should have taken my sister
but instead stayed
back her as brother-in-law.
Son-in-law's stay at home only
but he has taken over the shop as well.
Eat parantha.
Finish it. Come on finish it.
What are you doing?
We love him, dear.
Father, she loved
grandfather in the same way.
And because of that love he died.
"What kind of pain have I accepted?"
"I let a stranger close to me."
"What kind of pain have I accepted?"
"I let a stranger close to me."
"You are there or not
but still I will love you."
"Seeing you my face turns red."
"My condition is that bad."
"My condition is that bad."
"After you leave,
your sweet memories are with me."
"My condition is that bad."
"My condition is that bad."
Excuse me.
Can you become girlfriend
of this handsome boy?
Do you think I can become your girlfriend?
At least you agreed that I am handsome.
"Your name is so beautiful."
"You have touched
me so now I am at peace."
"Your name is so beautiful."
"You have touched
me so now I am at peace."
"We have started to fall in love."
"Now I have started to bow
my forehead to pray for you."
"I have become restless
after losing my senses."
"I have become crazy."
"The swaying of your hair
has taken away my breath."
"My condition is that bad."
"My condition is that bad."
"After you leave,
your sweet memories are with me."
"My condition is that bad."
"My condition is that bad."
I think you have decided
to get hooked with that girl.
No, I want to marry her.
That is as good as being trapped.
Do you know how a dog is treated?
Almost there.
You have given me respect.
The life of a dog is
hundred times better than me.
Happiness is everything in my life.
Getting married is also necessary.
I want someone to put a belt around
my neck and keep the chain in her hand.
When she lovingly calls
me Tommy I would go after her.
How do I explain you?
After marriage they make
us dogs and bite us too.
How much will she bite?
Our elders made Sohni eat flesh of thighs.
And we fear being bitten.
Am I right?
Neither a dog nor a
woman has ever bitten me.
We are discussing your marriage here.
Have you asked that girl
if she likes you or not?
This is what you have to do, brother.
Make my image such in front of this girl
that she sees Jass everywhere.
Jass and only Jass.
Tooth powder...
-All pains will be gone.
-It is Alakh Niranjan.
He would make us land in trouble.
Tooth powder... All pains will be gone.
Engine behind the car.
Hail to God.
Who are you?
I was a Baba of this family at some time.
They had faith in me.
Once I did prediction
about the gender of buffalo's baby
and that turned wrong.
They started to disbelieve me.
Baba can do prediction but
cannot do ultrasound of the buffalo.
Baba ji...let us show our hands to him.
Let's go.
Girls, why are you going that side.
Come here.
There is already rush there.
Come here to me.
Babaji, do you study hand?
Or else do you think
Baba has come to woo girls?
What happened Baba ji?
No, no...there is no problem in hand but
Baba has forgotten his spectacles home.
I cannot see clearly.
Don't worry.
I have other arrangement also.
What is your name?
Girl, you are going to get married.
But there is no boy in my life yet.
He will come in your life soon.
Does it take time for a
boy to come in someone's life?
No problem, it is not a big deal.
Maybe that boy is present in this wedding
and he would be the prince
charming of your dreams.
One minute.
Let Baba concentrate.
I have foreseen something.
The prince charming of your
dreams is present in this wedding.
Listen to me carefully. He is
wearing white trousers and black shirt.
I will repeat it for you.
White trouser and black shirt.
-White trouser
-Black shirt.
Let's go.
This is such a weird combination.
White trouser and black shirt.
I think Baba said it wrong.
Let me check again.
I have seen it.
Your prince charming is wearing
black trouser and white shirt.
I shall repeat again.
Black trouser and white shirt.
Is it fine now?
Today in wedding do
not concentrate on eating
but find prince charming of your dreams.
Fine. Thank you, Babaji.
-All the best.
-Thank you.
Tooth powder... All pains will be gone.
Engine behind the car.
Baba ji, he is boring.
You please study my hand.
For sure.
Where is she?
She isn't coming.
It's okay. Keep patience.
Here she is.
Goldie, how is my white
trouser and black shirt looking?
Boys of royal family wear white
trouser and black shirt nowadays.
This means it is looking fabulous.
Is my white trouser
and black shirt so fabulous?
Yes, this combination is deadly amazing.
White trouser and black
shirt is really suiting me.
This combination is deadly.
Baba had said that
my prince charming would be
wearing black trouser and white shirt.
I haven't seen anyone
wearing this combination.
Prince charming is mine
and you seem to be in hurry.
Strange. She isn't noticing me.
I hope she is not color blind.
Even a person with color
blindness can see white and black.
I don't know where has Tini gone?
-Shall I call her?
-Call her.
Hello Bhola, you have stitched
white trouser and black shirt amazing.
It looks amazing. I am wearing
white trouser and black shirt today.
Goldie said that white trouser
and black shirt combination is deadly.
Stitch one for him as well.
Okay fine.
Excuse me. Have you seen a boy
wearing white trouser and black shirt?
There is he wearing white
trouser and black shirt.
Hello...boy wearing white
trouser and black shirt.
Yes, I am wearing white
trouser and black shirt.
I am wearing white
trouser and black shirt.
She isn't giving any reaction.
I hope she is not deaf
along with being color blind.
Goldie, look carefully.
Is this white trouser and black shirt?
Yes. It is white trouser and black shirt.
What is the problem?
I didn't understand.
Study my hand.
What is the time?
6:36 pm
At 6:35 all my powers vanish.
You may leave.
Please tell me.
Ask him. He is sitting idle.
Get a side. Baba has got Corona.
Jass, Jass...
Jass. Jass.
-She did not react to anything.
What have you told her?
I have come to tell you
that dress code changed later.
You heard half of the
conversation and escaped.
Later, the trouser became
black and shirt became white.
You were saying she is deaf along
with being color blind.
We are assume wrong.
Sister-in-law is fine.
Get a side.
Black trouser and white shirt.
Your prince charming is here, Meet.
How did you like him?
He might come in my dreams
but would not be able
to accept him when I am awake.
"You will suffer pain."
"You will die bitten by a snake."
"You will suffer pain."
"You will die bitten by a snake."
"When life cheats you, dear friends."
This has fallen on your brother...
-The girl?
-No, stupid. The alcohol.
If the girl out a was crazy about me,
would I be sitting here with you?
Find out a solution.
Let's do one thing. Let us both
become goons and kidnap her in the dark.
What are you saying? This is wrong.
No, just like that.
You come and save her and win her heart.
This is worst. Because of
a girl I cannot thrash my friends.
No, but in fact we will thrash you.
When she
would wipe and clean your wounds
then your setting will be done.
This is the way girls get impressed.
To hell with your idea.
The Jatt wants to sit on horse
and get married but it seems
that the horse is sitting on the Jatt.
Think of something else.
Right. A young man does
not look good using unfair means.
We will have to impress the girl.
That is what I am asking. How?
I will tell you.
Often in weddings two groups fight.
If any fight happens here,
you interfere and sort out the matter.
Girls get easily impressed.
Sometimes in weddings it so
happens that a person gets heart attack.
Lift that man on your shoulder
and run to the hospital.
Even if the ambulance reaches,
you will not put the man down
from your shoulder even if he dies there.
This is the game.
-What is this?
-Girls get easily impressed.
Listen. Often tents
catch fire in weddings.
If the fire breaks out in the wedding,
you will extinguish the
fire in front of the girl.
You may get burnt but do not
let even a single carpet get burnt.
Girls get easily impressed.
God, give me strength.
Let the fire break out in the wedding.
Your younger brother will extinguish it.
Girls get easily impressed.
But priest, why a Yagna for 24 hours?
Because it is planet Saturn
and dragon head are coming together.
There would always be fight
and disagreement between the couple.
Will the discrepancy get solved by this?
God will bless. This much wood
and clarified butter is not enough.
the fire of Yagna should not
get extinguished for at least 24 hours.
One more thing.
No one will get up once the Yagna starts.
[Religious chants continues]
Look, God did not listen to our prayers.
We had wished that fire
broke out but it is about to rain.
No problem, let the floods come.
You just have to save a person
in front of the girl.
Drown and save.
Jass, Jass...
Stop. What happened?
The fire has broken out. Fire...
-You are always in a hurry.
-The fire has broken out inside.
Stop dancing...let's go.
-What happened?
-Nothing has happened.
The fire hasn't broken out anywhere.
[Religious chants]
No one will get up during the Yagna.
Sit down everyone.
So be it.
So be it.
I have extinguished the fire...
What happened?
So be it.
The fire was supposed
to burn for 24 hours
but you did not let it burn
for 24 minutes.
People cool down once
water is thrown on them.
But they have become angrier
when water was thrown on them.
Thank God, only water was thrown.
Had it been Punjab we would
have throwm buckets of mud as well.
It would have felt like cement
on them if water and mud got mixed.
Forget it. I will tell you a new scheme.
Just se how Meet comes running to you.
What needs to be done?
Let us add medicine in their food
and as a result they
will have an upset stomach.
They will have uneasiness in the stomach.
We shall hide all toilet papers.
You just stand with a jug of water
and then everyone will be calling you.
Jass, Jass...
When Meet feels the pressure
we will fix jet pump on that water jug.
And the water would come out in splash.
Then you tell Meet whether there
is anything in comparison to a jet.
Have some shame?
What are you making a jatt do? Spray?
I do not want to hear
to your useless ideas.
Tomorrow morning I will go
and tell Meet clearly that I love you.
If you wanted to say it clearly
then why did I put fake moustache
and beard on his face.
If he was caught then
he would have been dragged from beard
and would be called as fake Baba.
How could they drag?
Only the fake hair would
have been hand and not Baba.
Should we hang ourselves for you?
Yes, do that.
If not me then at least
your family will be benefitted.
Excuse me.
Do you think I will
say yes if you do all this?
I would have sent a marriage proposal
through my family
if I wanted you to say yes.
But your beauty demands
that you should be proposed.
Is this what you wanted to say?
I wanted to say that I was
not at fault in whatever that happened
Actually, my friends who
gave me this suggestion are fools.
So, you wanted to tell
that your friends are fools.
Actually I want to get married to you.
Nowadays boys have found
a good way to woo and trap girls.
Just by saying that I want to marry you.
Some stupid girls believe as well.
You are misunderstanding.
I love you and really wish to marry you.
I can do anything for you.
Do you know swimming?
Not at all. I am scared of water.
I have a bath without water.
Jump in the pool for me.
Make me do anything else.
I will bend and twist
the rod with my neck.
I will put oil on my body and dance.
I shall pull tractor with my teeth.
That means you will not jump in the pool.
I shall jump now that
you have taken a stand.
Please make sure that my shoes reach home.
Mother, I am coming.
He really does not know how to swim.
Let him down. He called us fools.
He is drowning... Help!
What have you done, madam?
The boy does not know how
to swim and you asked him to jump.
Whom are you fooling?
We are saying the truth.
His mother was his swimming coach.
She drowned and died.
So imagine what must she have taught him.
-Run and get a tube.
Of how many watts?
Not the one that lights but the air tube.
It is so breezy.
No...this one.
Do one thing. Forget about
the tube and call for ambulance.
Madam, he really does
not know how to swim.
What are you waiting for? Go and help him.
Madam, even we do not know swimming.
Oh God save him.
Jass, Jass.
Whom are you finding?
"My beloved is friends with angels."
"Me beloved is amazing."
"Sun, moon and stars
stay close to my beloved."
"Sun, moon and stars
stay close to my beloved."
"This world cannot tell what she wants."
"No human being can describe her."
"Ask God is you wish."
"To know something about my beloved."
"Sun, moon and stars
stay close to my beloved."
"I wish to stare at you."
"I would come barefoot if you call me."
"I would swear upon falsely God"
"But I swear I would
never swear false upon you."
"My eyes flutter when I do not see you."
"My heart flutters and
my soul roams aimlessly."
"By your touch."
"The salty water has become sweet."
"Sun, moon and stars
stay close to my beloved."
"Everyone has to say adieu to the world"
"Similarly, everyone has to die one day."
"Everyone has to say adieu to the world"
"Similarly, everyone has to die one day."
"But I feel those people
become immortal whom you look at."
"Sun, moon and stars
stay close to my beloved."
Did you insult your brother-in-law
and uncle in the morning?
You could have at least insulted them.
How is the taste of Dum Aloo?
Fine but that was tastier
It's the same.
How come he is happy today?
He must be teasing us.
-Let's go and ask them.
-Come on.
What is happening?
Check Dum Aloo madam.
I shall serve you, mother.
Here, check it.
Tell me how is its taste?
Goldie has cooked it.
What is the matter?
Didn't you like the taste?
What kind of Dum Aloo is this?
It has no taste.
It is tasty but actually
you have been troubling me.
How dare you taunt your mother-in-law?
You stay in our house as son-in-law
so it is better you stay quiet.
His father never spoke a
word in front of his mother-in-law.
He was dumb.
He wasn't dumb but he made him.
I feel like saying such bad words
that on hearing you would say
that I have heard for the first time.
Brother, this is your misunderstanding.
There is no bad word
that I haven't heard of.
Mother, at least do not
insult me in front of my junior.
As if you have done something great.
You married my daughter to become
a part of this restaurant and family.
Shame on you.
You, shameful.
Close your ears,
mother, I want to say bad words to him.
Come on say it.
Leave it, mother otherwise
your ears will burst.
My father was dumb
and you might become deaf.
Mother, why have you made me stand
this way. What benefits of this?
I don't know about the benefits
but I have read on the net
that there is no harm in doing this.
Very good. I am proud of you, son.
I am not going to do the job.
I am not going to do the job.
I can't do it.
Your family really insults me.
No, there must be some misunderstanding.
Mother and brother love you a lot.
I am telling you the truth, Daljit.
They act differently in
front of you and behind your back.
They curse me openly.
Tell her.
Yes, they curse him a lot.
It is father who listens
to them but no one else would hear.
Enough, son. Don't get into all this.
Did you hear?
You both must have misunderstood.
They respect you a lot.
Your brother says many bad words to me.
Is this respect?
Mr...he stops abruptly
while saying bad words to me.
-Does he stop?
This is what respect is that
he does not say the bad word completely.
Or do you think he has boils in his mouth?
Is this called respect?
Goldie, people misbehave
a lot with son-in-law who stay home.
Adjust and stay.
Let him curse. You don't have a sister.
But had a mother.
If he says bad about
your mother then even you say.
Hail...hail to your mother.
Hail to your mother.
So nice. Hail to your mother.
Mother, look your daughter-in-law
is applauding in England.
Daddy, hail to...
No, dear. Hail to your mother.
Hail to your mother.
Mother, hail to his mother as well.
Mr. Dhillon, this is Dilwar's restaurant.
His work seems to be good.
But why isn't he marrying you?
I don't know.
He was in a relation with me for 5 years.
And now he does not
want to get married to me.
An intelligent person
escapes after marriage.
But he is escaping before marriage.
I feel is much intelligent.
Don't worry.
I have got those people married
who were diagnosed impotent by doctors.
What does he think of himself?
He will have to get married to you.
Advocate Dhillon is not wearing
a black coat just like that.
You come with me.
He is both brother.
Brother, isn't she Nisha?
Nisha, why have you come with an advocate?
To put you behind bars.
That is job of police.
You do not know him.
Calm down, Nisha. Calm down.
These arguments and cases do not benefit.
Let us solve the matter with love.
Look Mr. my client Nisha
has put an allegation on you
that you loved her but
now aren't ready to marry her.
I still love her.
Love her as much as you want.
You can love her now...I
will turn my back.
But you will have to get marry her.
Which law says that a person
has to marry the person whom he loves.
I have not read many law
books but the humanity says that...
You should marry the one whom you love.
I love her but cannot marry her.
But why?
Because Sardar ji,
our company have some rules.
We both brothers swill never get married
nor hire a married
person in our restaurant.
Why didn't you tell me this earlier?
Dear, who discusses the policy
of his company while making love.
I respect you a lot.
Thank you.
But I would never get married.
Mr. Dhillon, isn't there any law
that we can trap him?
I would have to confirm.
If we were in India, we would have
put him behind bars without asking him.
But here, there is only one solution.
We will file a rape case against him.
You may file a case.
Then I will teach you a lesson.
Do you know the what is the
punishment for filing a false case?
I am not sure but I overheard
lawyers talking that it is for 5 years.
From where have you brought this lawyer?
Have you learnt law
by studying or listening?
I am not getting angry for what you said.
Forget that a lawyer
is standing in front of you.
Why to forget?
I do not consider you as a
lawyer from the time you have come.
To hell with lawyer.
Consider me as your brother who
is trying to give dignity to his sister.
Have you given her dignity?
Please leave before
I spoil it again. Get out.
I am not getting angry.
Just think with a calm mind.
It is very difficult for
an unmarried sister to stay home.
No problem. Let her stay in hotel.
You...I think you do not know me well.
If I begin to talk about law,
I will not spare you.
Are you a lawyer or
court is your fruit shop?
From where did you get him?
I will give you money.
Hire a better lawyer.
Stop talking nonsense,
his fees is 500 pounds.
More than me he has looted you.
This is my fees. Mr. Dhillon
is not wearing black coat just like that.
Tell me how have you worn it?
Is there some other way?
Like this?
Or you get into the coat
after spreading it on floor.
Or coat comes from
top and you jump into it.
Tell me how do you wear it?
Shall I tell you how?
-Idiot, shall I tell you how?
-Mr. Dhillon...
Leave him. We need not fight with him.
You have been staying with him and
now you don't want to be close to him.
I will surely file
a rape case against him.
Even if I have to scratch you.
Have some shame.
On one hand you call her your sister
and on the other you would scratch her.
I feel like slapping you.
Listen, if I don't drag you in
court then I am not advocate, Dhillon.
Is there ECG in court?
ECG is at the doctors.
I mean I will drag you. Let' go, girl.
Get lost. You cannot drag us.
I will break your legs.
You should have said this
when he was standing here.
I at least want 5-7 children.
Forget about children
but first tell me when will you
talk with your father about our marriage.
When? I will talk to father
right away about our marriage.
Not now.
Greetings, father.
Father, you had asked me to find
a girl for yourself. I have found her.
-Here she is. Greet him.
-Greetings, uncle.
Father, did you like her?
Isn't she beautiful?
No? isn't she beautiful?
Father, look carefully.
Look from the side, father.
Isn't she beautiful?
Not from this side?
Okay, look from this side. Smile.
Feel shy.
Yes. How much has she studied?
What are your education qualifications?
Uncle I have done my graduation. BBA.
She has done BBA, daddy.
BBA is useless.
Uncle, I will do masters as well. MBA.
What? Even MBA is useless?
Daddy is asking that do you
know how to dance and sing in weddings?
-Yes, daddy she knows.
Daddy, there is so much crowd here.
How can she dance here?
Daddy, do not break the relation
because of such a petty issue.
"Boy, if you see my walk"
"Buy me a pot of silver."
"I would dance better with pot of silver."
"I would dance better with pot of silver."
Jass, be serious.
Jass, our marriage is not
going to take place so easily.
I request you to talk to my uncle. Please.
Let us go now and talk to your uncle.
They wouldn't get convinced by you.
Elders of the family
will have to come along.
My father and uncle will agree.
I just have to introduce a mediator.
I know one of them.
-What was the name?
-Mr. Dhillon.
He has a big family.
Mr. Dhillon saw your niece
doing break dance in a wedding.
That time Mr. Dhillon said that
he would marry his son to this girl.
We both brothers are
strictly against marriage.
We do spare the person who
talks about marriage in front of us.
Okay, then I will...
Listen completely to what we are saying.
You were saying that you won't spare...
-Forget that.
We have Meet as the
last memory of our sister.
Our sister took 45 minutes to die.
For 45 minutes she said to
get her married into a nice family.
Don't worry about the family.
Just like your sister even Queen was with
Mr. Dhillon for 45 minutes before dying.
She asked him to take care of UK.
Charles is left and he does not much.
-Greetings, uncle.
-Come, dear.
-Who is he?
I have not seen him before.
He has not come to repair the meter
but has come with a
marriage proposal for you.
The marriage proposal
is from a very big family.
She got scared.
But we call it being shy.
We would know what shyness is
only if someone in our family felt shy.
Do we have to take the
proposal or they will come?
Why would you go? You will unnecessarily
burn 10-15 liters of petrol.
And they won't be bothered.
Do you think we will be bothered?
I mean they have battery
operated car. Easy...
Okay, fine.
-Who are the parents of the girl?
-She belongs to her uncles.
What does that mean?
It means that girl does not have
parents but uncles have brought her up.
How are people?
One is fat and the other one is thin.
I did not ask their
body type but their nature.
They are very social
though I haven't met them.
Where did you meet the girl?
At the wedding.
I fell in love with
the girl at first sight.
I tried along with my friends
and she got set in four days.
With four?
No, with me in four days.
If she took 4 days to set with you then it
means that girl belongs to a good family.
Your mother took 2
minutes to set with me.
My mother's choice was so bad that she
took two minutes to choose a bad thing.
For the first time you have given
a wrong statement against your mother.
Very good, dear.
Tell me that should the girl's
family come and meet you
or will you go and meet them?
As a rule, they should
be coming but instead we will go.
Shall we go now?
We are already on the go.
So urgent?
It is enough for me to be
happy that my son has liked a girl.
Look at our neighbor Satpal
who's child chose so many boys.
Satpal has a daughter
so he would be choosing a boy.
He has to speak in between.
He is going to talk nonsense
at the girl's house as well.
They would think that
boy's father is such a big fool
who does not know that
Satpal has a son or a daughter.
Father, you both speak
less when you go there.
As there is no Satpal
staying in our neighborhood.
I feel scared sending them.
Beautiful house.
The house is very beautiful.
People too are very beauty...
they are not beautiful but very nice.
Meeting them you will not feel as
if you are meeting for the first time.
It does not matter whether the in-laws
of your son are beautiful or not.
We just have to meet
them twice in a year.
One at the wedding and
secondly at the Lohri function.
The girl should be beautiful.
Jass was saying that the girl is bomb.
Our boy is atom and people would
say that it is a pair of atom bomb.
-Let's go inside.
-Yes, come on.
I press the bell.
Come in.
Come in...
-Greetings, uncle...
Is he your old friend?
What friend?
Do you know who he is?
He is the girl's uncle.
Not uncle... but he is a rapist.
-Do I look like a rapist?
Little bit.
Shut up. How dare you call me a rapist?
How dare you call me a rapist?
You were ready to scratch his sister.
Stop talking nonsense.
I don't understand what is happening?
I tell you. My girlfriend
asked to marry her. I don't want to.
Why to pressurize? There is
no tradition in pour house of marriage.
There is no tradition of marriage
but have all the rituals that are
done after marriage.
Even I would ask my son
not to marry their niece.
Just keep doing time pass.
-Mr. Dhillon.
-Don't shout.
You were saying that these
people were respectful and decent.
We have to say it
to let engagement happen.
I told them too that people
are very decent and dignified.
The secret revealed here.
Someone is a rapist
and other was ready
to scratch his sister.
-Shall I thrash you?
I mean to say that
engagement can take place.
If two indecent families come together,
it would be great.
I feel like slapping you.
I may die but never let
my son get married in this house.
Brother, we will change
the house with the same people.
People? They are two faced people.
They are living with
other girls without marriage
and they want their
niece to get married.
Come on boys, throw them out.
Wait. Do you think
yourself to be Amrish Puri?
As if boys would come
with sticks if you call them.
We will have to thrash them.
I too will not spare you,
just wait and watch.
Advocate Dhillon is not
wearing black coat just like that.
You tell me how have you worn it?
-Shall I tell you?
-Yes, tell me.
Please, don't fight.
Brother, stay away.
Not you but I will set them right.
-You tell us.
-Don't you dare move.
-We are standing here.
-Don't you dare move.
This is how it is worn.
So now you are quiet. Get lost.
Where will they go? We have to leave.
They are going to stay here.
-Come on let's go.
-Let's go.
Get lost.
You have met the family.
Give it a second thought.
Your daughter will
always be happy there.
Get lost.
I would have thrashed them.
Say it loudly.
They will listen.
Uncle, please listen to me. Please.
Is this where you wanted
my son to get married?
Uncle, these people are not bad
at heart but they do not respect anyone.
I feel like slapping you.
This argument is above all
the arguments I have had till now.
Indecent uncles.
-Uncles are always stupid.
-Whom did you call stupid.
I am talking about them.
What have we to take from them?
Why wouldn't we take anything?
Now I will not get the ring.
Thank God that they did not
remove the ring that you are wearing.
Listen to me carefully.
I would get Jass married anywhere
but not in this family of cheap people.
Haven't you left yet?
We were leaving.
We were just setting the Google map.
-We were about to leave.
-This is what was remaining.
Cheap agent has found
a proposal just like him.
What kind of coffee is this?
Give him another coffee.
He is already pissed off.
Good that I was there to stop the fight.
Otherwise, her uncles would
have torn the black coat of Mr. Dhillon.
They turned out to be old enemies.
Your father was going to
file a rape against my uncle.
Was my father raped?
Enough? What rape?
No one is ready to sit next
to your father, rape is impossible.
Good that you did
not come with us today.
There is still one option
left for your marriage.
What is that?
Her uncles haven't seen you yet.
Let your father be out of the plan.
Go and meet her uncles
and you both will get married.
They will not agree.
My uncles will not get me
married without meeting the family.
Convince your father first.
Firstly he should apologize
and then bring marriage proposal.
That means you consider
his father to be a beggar.
Just say it straight that it is a no.
Meet, let's run away and get married.
History is witness to the fact
that at last we will have to escape.
He is right. In the end...
The previous one was better than this.
Brother, get him the previous
one if you haven't thrown it yet.
One minute.
I had heard that a foolish person
sys one intelligent thing in a day.
And you did it. You have done it.
That's right.
Let's make your father
drink such a coffee
after drinking he would say
that the previous one was better.
My father does not drink coffee.
I know your father
does not drink coffee.
I mean to say that let's get
another marriage proposal for you,
seeing which he would say
the previous one was better.
From where shall we
get such a useless proposal?
Of course. How is it possible?
Shall we get a married woman's proposal?
A foolish person has said the second good
thing in a day. You have made a record.
We will now take a marriage proposal
to your father of a woman with children.
Are you mad?
Why would anyone with a
child agree to do such an act?
Even if she agrees
but will her husband agree?
This is what the task is.
We have to find an open-minded husband
who would not mind
his wife doing this work.
From where will we
find such a stupid husband?
The one who would ask his wife
to do such a favor to our dear people.
Think about it.
Do you think I am a fool?
Which rascal gave such a cheap idea?
We both knew that at Honey's
cafe a boy Jagga works. It is his.
-No, brother, Jagga has two brothers.
-It is just a bad word.
-Okay, carry on.
Do you think my wife is so bad?
She would look better than her.
-Sister-in-law is a bomb.
She is so beautiful that is she wasn't our
sister-in-law we would often tease her.
Sister -in-law is married with a child.
Father is surely going
to refuse this marriage proposal.
That means a married woman
with a child cannot get married again.
It happens.
But when they both are compared
then rejection is bound to happen.
We stay in such a cheap society.
If something happens to me
then my wife would get no support.
There are many who would give support
but no one will marry her.
If my wife gets a support, she
will surely convince him for marriage.
She convinced me in the same way.
Leave all this and tell whether
you will help your friends or not.
I am ready.
I am sure my wife would not agree.
It is acceptable to me.
Did you hear?
Did you hear?
Sister-in-law has agreed.
You had said that she wouldn't.
Daljeet, I had no idea
that anyone can convince you.
Goldie, what is wrong in this?
It is going to be so
much fun to fool uncle.
And I will get two fathers.
Dear, you are becoming happy
on the wrong thing. You know nothing.
A child is happy if
something new comes home.
Has a new cooler come home?
You keep quiet.
Very friendly sister-in-law.
She has agreed so you talk
to your father and get things done.
Wow! What a deal?
I will grandfather along with new father.
Children get happy
on getting new things.
I feel you look happier than the child.
Listen, hurry up and let your
father reject her and finish the drama.
Thank you so much, sister-in-law.
I love you.
She is my sister-in-law.
Brother, brother...
If my sister was sitting in
the duck she would not have drowned.
The habits of your sister
would have made the duck drown too.
Here comes the last
memory of your sister.
Come out I want to talk to you.
Can't you come inside?
I am wearing a trouser.
Wear underwear and come.
Would we both father and son look
good wearing an underwear in the pool?
I think it would look worse
if we both sit without an underwear.
Go and wear an underwear.
Father, I like another girl.
Why don't you go straight
and fall in love?
This is my true love.
If this is your true love then
why did you get me insulted earlier.
Father, you don't mind when you
are insulted in courts almost every day.
I am used to there.
You will get used to
here if you go 2-4 times.
What is the name of the girl?
Daljeet. It is a very nice name.
Even the girl is bomb.
Do I have to throw her on Ukraine?
I mean the girl is beautiful.
Does the girl have uncles?
She does not have uncles
but has many other relations.
All other relations
are acceptable to me.
But this time I should not be insulted.
Father, I swear on uncle's duck.
This time I will not let
you get insulted even a bit.
Father, are you leaking?
I have never farted in public
and do you think I will do that in pool.
Your uncle is drowning.
Thank God you did not swear
on me otherwise I would have been dead.
-Please come.
Father is inside.
Father, she is Daljeet.
Salutations uncle.
Daljeet, you have won my heart.
You have very good moral values.
The girl has broken
all record in good values.
The entire city knows about it.
Have a seat.
Sit down, dear.
Come, dear.
-He is a cute child.
-Thank you, grandfather.
He must be the girl's nephew.
Is he your elder brother or younger?
-He is my elder husband.
What? Elder husband?
Father, you had said that
the girl should not have uncle
but all other relations are acceptable.
Will you marry a girl
who is already married?
Uncle, our relation is almost over.
Our love was deep and
true but your son made it fake.
Now your son loves her.
I shall give blessings
to the pair and go away.
-So sweet love you.
-Love you too.
Love you.
Big family is a happy family.
Couldn't you fall in
love with an unmarried girl?
Uncle, who would let go such
a beautiful girl? Tell me truly.
Love is blind, father.
Your blind love has
made him deaf and dumb.
Uncle, do not worry about me.
I would come and meet
her whenever I wish to.
Just fix the date for
marriage without any tension.
So that we can file a divorce.
Father, answer his
question and then leave.
So respectful.
Love you darling.
I have come across such
a case for the first time.
We will think about it and let you know.
Uncle, keep this child in
mind before taking any decision.
Otherwise, his life would be spoiled.
Who is this child?
-He is our son.
-Do you have a child as well?
Of course.
What else do you think
I have done for last 8 years?
This is what I have done.
My darling did not agree otherwise
we would have had many children.
She has one child from you
and rest he will take care now.
Of course.
Okay, you all continue and I will leave.
It is time for my black magic class.
-Black magic?
-Brother-in-law, black magic.
Father, your daughter-in-law
is learning black magic.
Now we will win all cases
with the help of black magic.
Now will you make a Baba
sit in advocate Dhillon's chamber?
Uncle, we will leave now as
he has to sacrifice a goat at 7o'clock.
Mother, keep the leg piece.
I want to eat it.
Yesterday you had kept
the neck piece but did not eat.
I had eaten it.
-Okay we will leave. Good bye.
-Good bye.
What is the tongue in your mouth for?
Can't you speak and tell me?
She is your daughter-in-law.
You are meeting her for the first
time so you should give her something.
I will thrash you.
Okay bye.
You may leave.
Your goat must be waiting.
-We will think about it and let you know.
-Bye darling.
-Bye, baby.
Jass, you too take care
of sister-in-law as he has done.
Not he but I will take good care of her.
Stay away, idiot.
Brother, get him married.
He is becoming a loafer.
Get lost.
He will surely take a wrong step.
Father, father isn't the girl beautiful?
Very beautiful that everyone likes her.
Uncle, do not have doubt
on the girl's character.
Before Jass she was with
me for one and a half year.
In that period of one and a half year she
did not even think about her husband.
From the time she left
him and got set with me
she did not even think about him.
I can assure you that
if she gets set with
someone else leaving me
then she will not even think of me.
This is real character.
She is far beyond foreigners also.
What kind of character certificate
is this that you are attesting.
Tell me, what are you doing?
That too you are not doing alone.
Did you see her stupid husband?
He said whenever possible
he would come and meet her.
As if he is leaving
her at her parents' house.
Parvati Kaur, you used to say
that you wanted a daughter-in-law
who would do social service.
You must not have thought
about the service she does.
Jass, your father has
had a talk with your mother.
The relationship seems to be final.
I would slap you both.
I completely refuse it.
There must be a reason
for completely refusing it.
Reason? The reason is I am
an idiot and you all are intelligent.
No means no.
Jass, now why have you held your heart?
What happened, Jass?
-What happened, Jass?
-Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Open your eyes, Jass. Don't do this.
Every proposal...
Every proposal...
Every proposal...
Let me speak.
You refuse every proposal.
Uncle, wouldn't you agree
that previous proposal was better.
Right. You refuse every proposal.
The child has taken this to heart.
What should we do now?
Should I agree to
his wrong doings as well?
You will have to agree
if you wish your son to be alive.
Jass, keep breathing.
You cannot die, Jass.
You will have to stay alive.
Open your eyes.
Jass, open your eyes.
Don't do this, buddy.
Stay away.
Let the patient get some fresh air.
Am I standing in front of the fan?
He is still alive.
Only few breaths of your son remain.
Quickly take whatever decision
you want to otherwise your son is gone.
I have taken a decision.
I will agree to what the
last memory of my sister says.
This is how an uncle should behave.
Call up Meet's uncles.
No. Bygone is bygone.
We will not let go
of her older girlfriend.
-But uncle...
-Why are you scared?
I am standing with you.
-Uncle, you...
-What is he doing?
Keep quiet, uncle.
The patient is hurting my shoulder.
Why aren't you listening to me?
Now I will not listen to
anyone till he does not say yes.
Say yes.
I have to save my son as well.
You can marry Daljeet.
After that people will say
that Dhillon family has
taken control over Shyam Lal.
He might go back on his decision.
What is this?
Stay away. What is my fault in this?
I thought Meet's uncles are
fools but your uncle is more foolish.
-They agreed?
Did your father understand
well that Daljeet is married?
I have told him so many times.
Or you wanted us to take a
close up photograph of sister-in-law's
red color in parting
to prove she is married.
Entire fault is of my uncle.
What is uncle's fault?
He thought about your good.
Now what?
To portray this relationship
worse than that of Meet's
we will have to do something big.
Don't make it so big that
I might have to leave her.
Does this mean you do
not have faith on your friends?
No, I don't have.
The matter is over. Let's go.
-Sit down.
Do not create scene on everything.
Your father did not refuse
despite me hugging her all the time.
What else can I do?
I have an idea...
with due respect.
Yes, yes tell us.
Let us send some
misappropriate photographs of
sister-in-law to his father.
Dare not anyone touch my mobile.
Do you still have them?
Does anyone have a sensible idea?
Sensible is here.
Have you ever seen mother
doing practice of black magic?
Your father will get scared.
Oh yes. It is very dangerous, Jass.
Forget about marriage he
would not let me be close to you.
Thank you, dear. You saved me.
In fact, I saved my mother.
Hello. What are you saying, Daljeet?
Black magic?
Okay, that was the reason
you cut the goat that day.
So that father agrees to marriage.
That is why he said yes
as soon as he reached home.
What? Tonight,
you are going to do bigger black magic.
So that father does not go
back on his decision for marriage.
What is the venue?
St. Mary's church. At midnight.
No, my father will
not come to know anything.
He is a coward.
He is just wearing the black coat.
You... Taaji, where are you?
Why do you want to commit suicide?
You were born in London.
Look at foreigners and enjoy.
Okay, you want to commit
suicide because of a foreigner.
-Yes, brother.
We did not agree to
Jass and Daljeet's marriage.
We were forced to say yes
under the effect of black magic.
-Are you drunk during daytime?
-I will slap you.
I heard Jas and Daljeet
talking over phone.
She said that she did black
magic to make father agree.
Otherwise you think that
Advocate Dhillon
has never taken
a second hand car in life.
How can he agree for
a second-hand daughter-in-law?
That means all this
was done by black magic.
Of course. Today at midnight
she is going to bigger black magic
so that in future we cannot
refuse this relationship.
Oh no!
If I do not catch them red handed, let me
see who will call me advocate Dhillon.
Just prepare to go tonight.
At St. Mary's graveyard.
But brother,
I have online swimming class tonight.
Are you going to jump in laptop?
Your sister's last memory
is about to get trapped
and you are thinking of swimming.
If I see you swimming at night
then I shall take away your laptop.
Then you may wear only underpants.
Note down the time.
Midnight at St Mary's graveyard.
Taaji, the atmosphere of
the graveyard is very strange.
I can hear scary sounds as well.
Be careful. The ground is wet.
It is not wet but I have urinated.
I feel like slapping you.
You have spoilt the path as well.
Why are you scared?
You are sure to go to hell.
I will not go alone
but take you with me.
Brother, let us not go inside.
We come to know that
daughter-in-law is not good.
We will break the engagement and leave.
They knew that we would
refuse the marriage proposal.
That is why they are going
to do bigger black magic on us.
So that we do not refuse the proposal.
Tell them not to do black magic on us.
Just say that it is yes.
Look, the black magic
has started to have effect.
What can we do?
Should we die by drinking cold water?
To hell with that?
Brother, I did not drink beer at night.
God knows why am I
urinating again and again.
This time it is not yours but mine.
Let's do one thing.
We will see through the wall what
they are doing but will not go inside.
Let's go.
Are these graves or speed breaker?
Lift me up a little more.
-Yes, brother.
-What are they doing?
-What happened?
Our daughter-in-law
has friendship with ghosts.
Don't see, brother.
If you urinate again, I will get wet.
Haven't you got wet yet?
Since long I am feeling warm.
Did you smell it?
Do you think I am Daljeet singer?
I will never bend.
You did not get a human for sacrifice?
We brought but he had a heart fail.
I understood.
We will get another human being.
Pick up another one...
Taaji, they are making arrangements
to kill a human being.
If I do not make their
video and put them behind bars
then no one will call
me Advocate Dhillon.
Give me phone from my pants pocket.
Why don't you give me?
-Save me.
-We picked another one.
We picked another one.
-Brother, I am going to die.
-We picked another one.
-Sorry brother, please leave me.
-We picked another one.
Master, the human being
is ready to be sacrificed.
Bring him here.
Waheguru, Waheguru...
I am innocent then
why should I be sacrificed?
"Khali Bali... we will sacrifice you,
I accept the proposal, daughter-in-law.
Please stop them.
How dare you call me daughter-in-law
at the time of oblation. Keep quiet.
Don't speak before being sacrificed.
What if your tongue gets cut.
And how will you speak without tongue.
Hang him.
Let's hang him.
-Save me.
-Let's hang him.
-No, no.
-Let's hang him.
-Please save me...
-Let's hang him.
your black magic has worked.
I have said yes and brother
is also going to accept.
Brother, say yes.
Don't waste time. Chop him quickly.
In some time, it will be Tuesday
and the demon will not eat flesh.
Tell me which part of
your body should I chop first.
Cut my nails.
Are you getting manicure and pedicure
done here that we should cut your nails?
Entertain us if you wish to escape.
Now we present to the demon,
voice of graveyard.
"Who put green color on me."
"The happiness killed me."
"I am being killed."
Hey, the demon does
not like Hindi songs.
Sing something in Punjabi.
"We will together spend the night.
I pray that the day does not break."
To hell with you.
What kind of songs are
you singing at a happy moment?
Have you come to demon's prayer meet?
Sing some entertaining son.
"I do not know you."
"We do not have a match, boy."
"I will sell you boy
in the market of Moga."
"I will sell you boy
in the market of Moga."
"I will sell you boy
in the market of Moga."
You fools... the oblation has escaped.
-Catch him.
Taaji, stop.
Run, brother otherwise
you will be caught.
Take me along with you, sister-in-law.
Not sister-in-law but
I am your brother-in-law.
But the way you were dancing
you seemed to be a girl.
Advocate Dhillon may die but
not let my son get married to her.
Come on, run.
Jass, father will now not
go close to sister-in-law Daljeet.
He may go or not but
I really feel like going.
What do you mean?
One minute.
Hello, sister-in-law,
I am ready for you.
Leave Goldie and come.
Father has already agreed.
You don't get upset.
I will not leave you.
Is it okay if sometimes Meet
comes and meets me, sister-in-law?
She said yes.
Whenever Goldie comes to meet me,
you go and meet Meet.
Don't be annoyed.
Our marriage will
now surely take place.
Father will now come and say that
Meet's proposal was much
better than that of Daljeet.
Don't get annoyed.
It is a different kind of
fun and enjoyment to pacify you.
"At first your eyes impressed me"
"And then your heart."
"Then your earrings impressed me."
"And then the nose ring."
"Then make sound with anklet."
"Then make sound with anklet."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"I am fond of you."
"I become breathless for you"
"I am fond of you."
"I become breathless for you"
"I am in love with your attitude."
"I am in love with your attitude."
"I am in love... "
"Ask your waist,
how much more can it be in shape?"
"Don't speak so sweetly, dear"
"Otherwise, Jatt will get sugar."
"Don't speak so sweetly, dear"
"Otherwise, Jatt will get sugar."
"You get scared of sons of Jatts."
"You are so sweet than sugar, dear."
"You get scared of sons of Jatts."
"You are so sweet than sugar, dear."
"People try to eat you... "
"People try to eat you... "
"Thinking you to
be sack of sugarcane."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"On the sons of Jatts, dear."
"On the sons of Jatts, dear."
"On the sons of Jatts, dear."
"On the sons of Jatts, dear."
"Boys become restless
looking at your face."
"This is what every boy says."
"This is what every boy says."
"Come and hug me."
"Do not show me attitude."
"Do not unnecessarily trouble me."
"Do not unnecessarily trouble me."
"I spoke to other girls differently."
"But spoke with love with you."
"I spoke to other girls differently."
"But spoke with love with you."
"Joins hands in front of you... "
"The one who has never apologized
joins hands in front of you."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"You play black magic
on the sons of Jatts, dear."
"On the sons of Jatts, dear."
Why do you want to
leave mom's restaurant?
So, what if she doesn't love you.
But I do.
But there is something
called self-respect.
They feel I cannot do anything.
According to them this child is
born because of your efforts.
Okay, I will talk to mother
that she will not misbehave with you.
Leave it. Otherwise,
I will be thrown out of the house.
Where will I take you both immediately?
What will you do
if you leave restaurant?
I have been offered a good job
but there is only one problem there.
What is the problem?
The company says that
they cannot hire a married man.
That is why we both will
have to take temporary divorce.
Goldie, just for a
job you will divorce me.
Divorce will be just on the paper.
everything will continue as it is.
Keep quiet. He is listening.
Father, why do you
want to give divorce?
What do you mean?
Say lies to the company that
is offering job that you are single.
It is not good to speak lies.
It is better to speak
lies if it does not hurt anyone.
Wow! That is great son.
Come here my dear.
How intelligent my son has become.
I also say yes when you
ask me if I have done my homework.
You... now I will check your
homework personally.
Nowadays no one should help others.
What proof you have
that you are unmarried?
I will show you, sir.
My family photo where I am alone.
What kind of proof is this?
This is not a proof.
I accept this.
But why didn't you get married?
It is a long story.
Shall I close the restaurant?
No. I will tell you.
When my grandfather
was about to get married
he asked for a gun in dowry.
The girl's family said
that army fight battles with slaps
then how can I give you a gun.
They filed a case of dowry
and put grandfather behind bars.
Grandfather must
be behind bars for long.
No, he came out on bail.
That is why my father was born.
I was born after my
father married my mother.
And after that it
was everyday problem.
And then a case of domestic
violence was filed.
Did your father hit your mother?
No. My mother used to hit father.
Because of breaking father's
head with rolling pin
mother went behind bars 4-5 times.
Whenever we felt like
eating round chapatti,
we used to get her out on bail.
Didn't you think that
you could eat food for cheap
at food stall than giving bail.
Among all of us only my father was
intelligent and mother broke his head.
You have been brought
up in difficult situation.
Listen, dear.
Earlier a person got
a job here saying that
I would be a dog if I get married.
And after getting job he got married.
Cheap people.
But none of you questioned him.
We questioned him and
he said that yes, I am a dog.
Why don't you hire a married person?
They take too many holidays.
They have too many domestic problems.
One thing or the other.
We will give you a job but
you have to sign an agreement that
till you are doing this
job you cannot get married.
It is acceptable to me.
Remember one thing that
if you break the agreement,
we will not let you out on bail even
though your grandfather got the bail.
Get my sign anywhere.
Tell me. What do you wish to say?
Daljeet's husband is
calling again and again.
He is asking us to
fix date for marriage.
Yes Goldie. Get the wedding card
printed and leave a blank for date.
In place of groom write Jas Dhillon,
son of Advocate Dhillon.
Bride, Daljeet wife of Goldie.
I feel like thrashing him.
You are ready to print the wedding
cards. At least ask your father first.
Father, you have said yes.
What is there to ask you now?
Dear, how do I convince you?
That girl does black magic.
Father, she had said it clearly
and also she gives goat as oblation.
-Yes. -She not only gives goat as
oblation but also that of human beings.
This is what she had hidden from us.
But father how can
we ask the sweetmeat maker
to make Ladoos and not Kaju Katli.
That sweetmeat maker would
have made milk pudding of your uncle.
You have no idea with
great difficulty we escaped.
You went to her practical session.
Oh no.
How can you go there, father?
Do you know
sometimes before giving oblation
your daughter-in-law is in two-piece.
Does she have to give oblation
or do cabaret in two-piece?
Listen to me carefully.
You will not marry her.
Okay. Uncle, maybe that first girl...
-That first girl...
-First listen to him.
-Yes, tell me.
I will explain. We are wrong here.
Just imagine if your
daughter-in-law is a doctor.
She is doing operation
and we enter in.
She will not attend
us leaving her patient open.
That is her job and
she will do that first.
That is why we shouldn't
have gone there.
The black magic has had its effect.
He has started to speak in her favor.
Uncle, maybe you feel
the first girl was better.
How could black magic have its effect?
She did not give oblation.
Someone, listen to him as well. He
is trying to say something since long.
Let me listen to him first.
What do you want, brother?
That your son should go into
depression and commit suicide.
Do you want that I should
get my son married to a murderer?
And my son should
go to court all his life.
If need be we will convince
the boy and get him married again.
But as of now he should marry her.
Enough, uncle.
-I think maybe that...
-You keep quiet.
Just think how much does
your daughter-in-law love your son.
Because of him she
is ready to leave people.
Please listen to him.
Or will you listen to
him when he bites someone.
Brother, somehow, we have
to save the last memory of sister.
If both are so serious
then let them get married.
Your uncle can do anything for you.
Now what will we do?
Die after drinking cold water.
Your uncle is just
thinking about my wife.
Just by saying that he
is the last memory of his sister
he is not letting his work done.
To hell with you.
You could not put
an impression on a woman.
In front of father...
Dear, close your ears.
I told father that sister-in-law wears
two-piece. He still did not disagree.
Tell me what more can we do.
There is no need to go beyond this.
You should not have said these things.
Rascal... two-piece.
I had told him to say
three-piece but he did not agree.
Mr. Dhillon is asking us that
when will you and that girl
with two-piece are getting divorced.
What answer should I give
to Mr. Dhillon?
-Shall I say something?
Yes, tell us.
It is very normal and common
to talk about two-piece nowadays.
Dear, it is not good to pay attention
to small things at such a small age.
Show Dhillon uncle that
my parents' still love each other.
Then he will not
agree to this marriage.
Goldie, I cannot believe that
such an intelligent child is yours.
Yes. Right?
Love you, dear.
Today you are looking beautiful,
my dear.
-Thank you.
-Greetings, Mr. Dhillon.
You were supposed
to be here an hour ago.
Yes, but your daughter-in-law fell
in the bathroom while having bath.
With great difficulty I pulled
her out. So that is why I got late.
I hope you did not get injured much?
No, he treated all of them.
If you want to anything more then,
take her aside and ask.
Do not ask in front of me.
What kind of a Punjabi are you?
Pure Punjabi.
If you were a little Punjabi
then you would have wounded the eyes
of those who eye sister or daughter.
She isn't my sister or daughter
that I would make people blind.
She is my wife.
Stupid, to hell with you.
My nephew's friend is so innocent.
Tell me when will you divorce her?
I would not divorce her
till I do not believe that
Daljeet will love your
son as much as she loves me.
Or else I will take her back.
You are the first person who has
done return back policy of his wife.
Yes, other than policies
this is my rule.
This is not called
rule but humiliation.
Is this called humiliation?
Then it has happened
many times with us.
How shameless he is?
-He is friend of Jass.
-Where is Jass?
Why am I like this?
Why am I like this, father?
Because your mother jumped.
I told you that you
are a defective piece.
Stop talking nonsense. Where were you?
I had gone to book
hotel for our marriage.
Darling, hotel has been booked.
Thank you, baby.
Father is here.
Do not worry about your father.
Your father doesn't feel
shy anymore because of her.
Have some shame.
She is your daughter-in-law.
What kind of queen is she?
I have heard seen
kings having many queens
but for the first time I am
seeing a queen having so many kings.
Darling, he has praised you.
Darling, go and check your
honeymoon suite with Goldie.
Where we have to stay after marriage.
Why would he go?
Uncle, because Goldie
knows all that she likes.
Do you know anything
or everything he knows?
Father, Goldie is very experienced.
That is what I am saying.
Your experience is going to be less
in every sphere as compared to his.
Nothing is less, father.
If I get stuck somewhere,
I shall call brother for help.
He is very supportive.
-Yes, always close to him.
-I will be there.
Did you hear?
Darling, shall we go?
The room is calling us.
The room is calling us.
Okay, baby.
Okay father, I will leave.
Stay safe.
Uncle, shouldn't you be saying,
live long.
She will not die soon
as she is always happy.
She should stay safe.
Father, nothing will happen.
How do I explain you, dear?
How they stay together
behind your back?
You have sent her
alone with him to hotel.
You are unnecessarily doubting them.
They have a pious relationship
of husband and wife.
Don't you believe me?
Come with me to the hotel to check.
Uncle, Goldie is very smart.
He will not let you see anything.
-Going to hotel is of no use.
-Get a side.
-Come with me. Follow me.
Come. Come.
Look, he is holding her hand.
It is okay. He has just held her hand.
They do not have any connection
now so why should he hold her hand.
We usually hold hands of our friends.
It is normal.
Now what is this happening?
How do I explain you, father?
This is very normal.
Nowadays people hug cats and dogs.
They are human beings.
Humanity says to hug everyone.
Look, he has kissed her now.
In few days father he is
going to bid farewell to his wife.
How many times would he kiss her?
-Am I right?
Uncle, maybe the first one...
They have gone to the reception...
Hello mam. How's your day?
-It's beautiful.
-Have fun.
Do one thing.
Go directly to honeymoon suite.
Which one?
Oh God, why didn't I
kill you when you were born.
Father, I will have to tell
them where do they have to go.
Tell him what he has
to do after going in.
He knows well.
He has to check the room.
You have a filthy mind.
God knows what you are thinking.
Uncle, maybe the first one...
Brother, they have gone inside.
-Uncle, I was saying that maybe
the first one... -Brother, let's go.
Great Mr. Dhillon.
He lifted your daughter-in-law.
Jass, is this normal as well?
Of course father, it is normal.
He has just lifted
her and not thrown her.
Rascal, what did you find
so special about this girl?
Father, he is not
doing anything wrong.
They are just going to see the room.
This is wrong.
You will not believe me.
Come here with me.
What are you looking at, father.
If you want I can get the door opened.
Can anyone be caught I open doors?
He is an experienced man.
Experience says that the room does not
only have a door but window as well.
Come with me.
Can you see the pipe?
Are we plumber that have
come to show pipe to each other?
This pipe comes from
that building to this building
and is right in front
of Goldie's room.
We will go on that pipe
and catch Goldie naked handed.
-Isn't it red handed, uncle.
-One and the same thing.
What are you doing father.
If the foot slips nothing will remain.
You are going to lose your father
so get married to the first one.
-Let's go.
-To the first one?
To the pother building.
Father, no... how will it matter if
we save our dignity after losing life.
People lose life for their dignity
and you are saying there is no point
in losing life to safeguard dignity.
Don't spit here, father.
The fine for spitting here is 50 pounds.
You are worried about 50 pounds
and there your life is in danger.
I think they have gone.
He hasn't gone.
Look, he is coming.
Father, no.
Don't stop him from here.
Go and save your father.
You are the root cause of all the
problems. Call father back quickly.
Brother, will you come
back or shall I come?
Where are you going, uncle?
The pipe will break.
I am going behind your father.
-Not behind him but I think both are
going to die together. -Waheguru.
They are not going to agree this way.
Why are you standing there?
Come quickly.
We have seen everything
but have to show you.
No, father. We will fall.
What are you doing here?
Oh no, you have removed
clothes so quickly... you rascal...
Father... be careful...
-Save him, uncle.
-Save me.
Father, I had told you not to mess up.
He has messed up who
has removed his clothes.
What are you saying?
I have wrapped towel around me.
-Did you hear?
-Did he come to the hotel in towel?
Uncle, a person can
only wrap a towel in haste.
Don't talk father,
otherwise your hand will slip.
Brother, hold my foot.
Elders do not hold
the foot of youngsters.
Hold hand.
-Lower it. Hold it.
-Lower a little more.
Lower a little more.
Hold it. I cannot lower it more.
Lower it. Do it now.
I am dead.
I am gone.
Did you come to save
me or land me in trouble?
Father, don't be scared. I am coming.
No Jass, you will not go.
Your marriage is fixed.
Otherwise, your marriage
and their prayer meeting would clash.
-Let me go.
-Don't come, Jass.
We all will die.
I am coming.
-We will die!
-I am coming.
The pipe is shaking.
Oh no...
Rascal. He said I am coming
and as if he is coming with parachute.
Brother, my hand is slipping.
I fall at your feet not to leave hand.
Uncle... father,
dare not leave the hand.
Uncle always cried about
his sister's last memory
but he has landed all
her memories in trouble.
Oh no....
hurry up and remove the towel.
All your in-laws are hanging.
Rascal, let us die respectfully.
Father, don't speak otherwise
your hand will slip.
First save your lives and then
later you can safeguard your dignity.
Enough, Goldie. Father has left
his hand and our legs re trembling.
Uncle, father... have control.
If you urinate, I will get wet.
Here is the towel.
Daljeet, you should have
at least worn some clothes.
Jass, did you see what they have done?
He just took a minute to remove the towel.
My hands are slipping.
Not only hand but
you will fall completely.
Uncle, record your will.
After you all die,
all that you possess is mine.
Oh God.
The pipe is about to break.
Sorry uncle, sorry.
Look we have worn everything.
-Uncle, sorry.
They have all gone.
Rascal, you are doing hot fomentation on
me and you are the one who is screaming.
Even I fell down.
I did not come down with parachute.
You are the root cause
of all the problem.
We wouldn't have seen this day if you
hadn't convinced me for this marriage.
"Jatts have an attitude... "
No, Jatts are doing fomentation.
They shout in pain.
Good I met both of you together.
We have ben together since yesterday.
How many more you want to be together?
Why have you come?
Tomorrow is the marriage anniversary
of your future daughter-in-law.
I feel like slapping you.
Who celebrates anniversary
before marriage?
No uncle, his anniversary
will be next year if she adjusts
and sails through the year.
Her anniversary with
previous husband is due.
Stupid, think about it once again.
The one who is happy with her previous
husband will she settle with you?
She would settle.
The only thing is we need
to keep a watch on her all day.
I will keep a watch.
Rest the neighbors will keep.
Simple. We will fix
a chip in her to track.
The moment she goes
out of range it will beep.
We will call and ask
"where are you going
today adorned so beautifully."
Do we have to get her here
so that she adorns and goes out?
Father, I shall bring
her as your daughter-in-law.
Rest we will see elater.
Honey, let's go.
I want to but a designer outfit for
Daljeet's husband for tomorrow's party.
You love Daljeet's husband so much.
Why not? Even he loves
my future wife a lot.
This is like give and take.
Give love and you get love.
How can we make our Jass realize?
He is not going to realize.
We will have to change our perception.
Make sure that your
pain subsides by tomorrow.
Tomorrow Ammy Virk specially
to make you all dance
Virk... Virk...
"Thank you for today's moment."
"She is hotter than wire
and has sparkle in her eyes."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Her feet are as soft as flowers."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Get a side dear."
"Her eyes are green and suit is black."
"So many boys try to woo her."
"Her eyes are green and suit is black."
"So many boys try to woo her."
"Even the mirror winks
at her when she puts eye liner."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Her feet are as soft as flowers."
"Get a side dear."
"Why did you come alone today?"
"Why did you come alone today?"
"The photo that you
have put up in your room"
"For the world he is a poet but
is actually your mother's son-in-law."
"The photo that you
have put up in your room"
"For the world he is a poet but
is actually your mother's son-in-law."
"Your mother's son-in-law."
"You sing with your
lover and love him a lot."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Her feet are as soft as flowers."
"Get a side dear, the Jatti is coming."
"Get a side dear,"
"Why did you come alone today?"
"Why did you come alone today?"
Carry on Jatta.
Goldie, just one more shock to father
and I am sure Meet and I will get married.
Why didn't you give him tip?
Brother, isn't she, our Meet?
Yes, she is the one.
Come on let's go.
Father is almost ready now.
Meet dear, you?
Uncle, you...
-Greetings, sir.
He is my new boss.
Wow! You work for uncle?
Meet, how do you know Goldie?
We all are friends.
Normal friends.
The child is very sweet.
Whose child, is he?
-Yes. He is...
-One minute.
He is my boss so I will tell him.
He is his mother's son.
-And daddy?
-That I forgot.
Sister, you must know
or have you forgotten as well.
Of course, I remember but
we do not take husband's name.
At least you can point out.
Nowadays she must be
busy so must have forgotten.
Why are you laughing?
Tell them clearly that he is my daddy.
I know he is unmarried
so he cannot be a father.
Either the child is his or of him.
the child is so sweet
so he cannot be his.
He resembles you completely.
Nice pair, nice child.
Yes... they are planning
more such children.
Do it... best of luck.
-Carry on.
-Let's go.
Come on. Go.
I have taken up job here by signing
an agreement of being unmarried.
You all will land me into trouble.
-To hell with you.
-Sit down.
What kind of boy
are we finding for Meet?
He should be a simple decent
guy but should not be speaking lies.
Just like Goldie.
You can say so.
He should be hard working
and maybe Meet knows him.
Just like Goldie.
Yes, you can say.
The boy should be handsome.
Even if he does a small
job but he should listen to us.
Just like Goldie.
Yes, you can say.
Brother, if we can say so much
then we can talk to
him about this matter.
Yes, we can.
Have you seen a boy for me?
Tell us if we need
to look put for a girl.
What does that mean?
I am talking about what
is going on in the world nowadays.
Girls are happy with girls;
boys are happy with boys.
But I already like a boy.
Meet, you never told us.
I was waiting for
the right opportunity.
Girls do not wait for
the right moment to escape
and you are finding
an opportunity to tell.
When are we meeting him?
Just give me some time.
Okay, I give you half an hour.
We are sitting here.
I need some more time, uncle.
Either make us meet the boy you love
or meet the boy whom we love.
That day I was introduced as Daljeet's
husband in front of your uncles.
And now you want me to
introduced as your boyfriend.
Your uncles are not going to spare me
if they come to know that
you are hooked up with a married man.
Oh no.
What are you saying?
She can say that
we said lies that day.
No, no... my uncles hate lies.
There are so many problems.
My father does not like your uncles.
That day you made someone's
else's child as mine.
I am someone else's husband.
There is total confusion.
Believe me.
Let's escape and get married.
At last, we will have to run.
We will handle things later
but what to do of the proposal
that my uncles have found for me.
-Your uncles...
Your uncle's sister... I mean if she was
alive, we would have requested her.
But she is no more... wait,
we will have to think about something.
So you want me to tell her uncles
the truth that Daljeet is my wife.
And that day not Jass
but my son told lies.
Yes, only this much.
We will be saved.
After that can I leave you all
or is there any other work?
No, just do this work and then
you can leave as and when you want.
What nonsense are you talking?
By saying lies I have got
job at her uncle's restaurant
and you want that
I should be thrown out.
Won't you help your
friends just for a job?
Have some shame.
All my relations... my wife,
my child is working for you
and still you say
that I don't help you.
Goldie, we have to finish
the work that we started.
I had heard that Goldie is not at ease
till he finished the work he has taken up.
He is at ease. It is all just rumors.
-You have heard all wrong.
-Absolutely wrong.
You have heard right.
Now you tell me what
should I tell my uncles.
I can go and tell her
uncles and pt my job at stake.
But tell me that will your father
agree to get you married to her.
Yes. Father hasn't agreed.
Then let me at least work there.
My uncles have found
a marriage proposal for me.
Whom should I make
them meet now so quickly?
No, how can I meet?
I took his marriage
proposal to her uncles.
But now we cannot
say everything to Goldie.
He can do it.
But Goldie will not
be able to do this work.
He is scared of his
mother-in-law and brother-in-law.
He is really scared
of his brother-in-law.
He trembles and is scared of him.
Hey, who is scared of brother-in-law?
Tell me what I have to do.
We may tell you the work but it is a
very small one and not of your level.
We have to present you a boy
who she likes in front of her uncles.
And then they will stop putting
pressure on her to get married.
The work is small
but it is complicated.
Hail to bridge.
For God's sake Goldie, don't say lies.
You are sitting on wet wall...
swear on you.
You tell us who can do
this complicated task easily?
Is there anyone better than you?
Tell us. Is there anyone?
-Tell us.
-Is there anyone better than you?
Is there anyone better than you?
Do you like this boy?
What happened, uncle?
Even we had chosen
the same boy for you.
Thank you all so much
for liking and choosing me.
I shall leave now.
One minute, dear.
Why are you in a hurry?
We still have to talk
about you and Meet's marriage.
But uncle, I am against marriage.
No problem, dear.
Sometimes seeing the love of the other
person, you should change your decision.
No, I have signed
an agreement with my boss
that till I am doing the
job I will not get married.
Dear, we have got the agreement
signed but now we will tear it.
One minute. Let me talk to my lawyer.
Yes, you can do.
Hello, Mr. Lawyer.
What is the punishment
for tearing the agreement?
Hanged to death.
The punishment cannot be so severe.
Don't worry. We will fight a case.
Mr. Lawyer is on the other call.
Do one thing.
Call me back once you are free.
-Why should we involve a lawyer?
-Why not?
I have promised my boss.
Today uncles of the girl
cannot make me go against my boss.
Dear, you are confusing us.
We are the same.
If you are the same then
why did your thinking change?
Uncles ask me to get
married and boss says not to.
To hell with boss.
You do not know my boss.
They are very dangerous.
One minute, dear. let's not discuss
anything that is not necessary.
You forget about your boss.
We will handle them.
You just get married to our niece.
I am very rigid about my rules.
I will not get married
means I will not.
If you did not want to get married
then why did you play
with the dignity of our niece.
She played with my dignity.
I just co-operated.
You co-operated earlier
so please do so now as well.
To have connection with someone
does not mean you have to get married.
Uncle, you tell me. You leave it.
Uncle, you tell me.
You both leave it.
Goldie, it will tale me
3-4 months to find another guy.
Liar. I know you well.
You can get a boy very quickly.
Stop it...
I will leave, uncle.
I've to go to work.
Good bye.
Shall we sell the restaurant?
What are you thinking, uncle?
Nothing, dear.
We understand only when
we go through something.
We will throw him out from work.
He is rigid about the rules.
We have already lost a son-in-law
and now you want that we
should lose a good manager as well.
Uncle, don't worry.
If I do not get another boy
then I will convince him for marriage.
But you do not find
another boy for me. Please.
"Let the rain fall Jatta and our
terrace filled with grains of wheat."
Hey, it is not Jatta but Rabba.
You are not that intelligent
that you correct the songs of others.
Tell me what is your problem.
Don't make me insulted in the city.
If you want to marry a
married woman then do it quickly.
Do you agree to the marriage?
Now he is asking this question?
I meant to say I have to get married.
how can anyone cheat my nephew.
Marriage will take place.
What is the hurry, father?
The girl's family need
time for preparation.
What preparation?
She must be having set of red bangles;
she has to wear it again.
Let me explain you in easy language.
Get married to her soon.
Otherwise, she will be
totally incapable for you.
So, what, father?
We both will go and get her treated.
I feel like slapping you.
my nephew is very innocent.
I know how innocent he is.
If you are worried about your dignity
then at least think about mine.
When she goes in the
market people taunt that
she is advocate Dhillon's daughter-in-law.
With her first husband.
This is wrong.
How can anyone call
Goldie first husband?
Let me warn both of you.
I cannot tolerate if anyone says anything
wrong about my wife's first husband.
What kind of a person is he?
Listen to me carefully.
If you cannot talk
to them then I will.
Your marriage will
take place this week.
Let's go, Tajji.
Now enjoy the moment.
Your father has agreed.
In my ego I lost my wife.
Nothing has happened.
Even if something happens,
I will consider myself as
a dog if I touch sister-in-law.
That is what I am scared of.
Because you are dogs
If that is the case
then you should have told
your father that all this is drama.
That would have led
to break up of this marriage
but how we would
Meet and I get married.
You are just worried about yourself.
Everyone in this world is selfish.
In the entire universe
there is only one person
who thinks about others.
And he is...
You will be a dog if you take my name.
-Listen to him first.
-I don't want to listen.
I don't want to listen.
Don't bark but at least listen to him.
Fools, you all will
land me in trouble.
Goldie, you know
well about the Punjabis.
We will finish the work
at any cost which we commit to do.
If that is the case...
Then I am from Bihar, dear.
Sister, please try
to convince brother.
What can I say?
I really do not know what to do next?
where is your gold?
Dear, say something.
One minute, my level will change.
Dear, give some idea otherwise
your father will change.
I have defeated.
They have gathered to destroy us.
It is very simple.
Tell uncle Dhillon
that mother is pregnant.
Go down the step carefully.
First month is going on.
First month.
-First month.
-Greetings, Mr. Dhillon.
Greetings, father.
What has happened to her?
Nothing, father. Your daughter-in-law
has become slightly pregnant by Goldie.
Slightly pregnant?
What nonsense are you talking?
-Jass is absolutely right, uncle.
That is why your daughter-in-law
did not bend to touch your feet.
We apologize.
What do you apologize for?
For not touching my feet or for
the fact that she has become pregnant.
Apology for not touching your feet.
So what if she is pregnant.
Your daughter-in-law
is not at fault in this.
He is wrong.
You will surely get thrashed by me.
Your mother drowned alone.
But have you sworn that
you want me to drown with you.
Cool uncle, cool.
What cool? The one who
should be cool is doing wrong.
Father, we cannot stop him from
doing anything till she is his wife.
-Even if we try will he stop?
-Will he stop?
Doctor may ask many times
a diabetes patient not to eat sweet.
But he cannot avoid when
sweetmeat is kept in front of him.
What nonsense is this?
When we used to sell
scooter or motorcycle,
we used to keep it aside covered.
That now it belongs to someone
else so should not get scratched.
Rather than covering it,
you have removed the clothing...
Stop this nonsense.
Dear girl, he is a cheap person
but dear you have loved my son.
At least you should
have kept distance.
My parents have taught me
that agree to whatever the person
says with whom you are connected.
Didn't your parents teach you
that you should not get connected with
anyone else if you are already connected.
Brother, what are you saying?
Daughter-in-law is pregnant.
This will have a
bad effect on the baby.
You seem to have
heard a lot of lectures.
That it will affect the baby.
What effect the
baby is going to have on us,
you are not worried about the fact.
I feel like thrashing you.
You are the root cause
of all the problems.
What is my fault?
Forget all this.
First tell me that do you want
to do engagement first or baby shower?
What happens in your house first?
Engagement or baby shower?
Baby shower.
Dear, take him away from here
otherwise you might lose
the old one to get the new one.
He will not go anywhere.
He will come back at night.
-Do you have a bullet?
-Do you want to eat?
No, I want to shoot them.
Look Parvati Kaur,
now she will take care
of your household and kitchen.
She does kitchen chores very quickly
along with yours she will
make chapati for me as well.
I feel like thrashing you.
There is no end to these talks.
Today is a moonlit night.
We want to go back home.
Just tell me the date of the marriage.
I shall think and let you know.
There is no time to think, father.
If your daughter-in-law's
pregnancy starts to show
then bridal outfit will
not look good on her in marriage.
You are worried about
the bridal outfit
and I am worried about my dignity.
My nephew is so innocent.
In all these talks I
will miss this moonlit night.
Shall we leave?
Okay father, give permission
to your child to leave.
I cannot even say child...
as you are not...
you are just left over
"It is a moonlit night
and you are with me."
"It is moonlit night
and I am with you too."
Father, thank you so
much for your co-operation.
"It is moonlit night... "
He is a rascal.
There is no point in he being my son.
Even you should have
taken one round with her.
You were the only one left.
You re right. She was with
me for one and a half year.
Everyone has had fun.
Brother, why are you taking tension?
-Everything is going to be fine.
-Keep quiet.
Father, Goldie was very happy.
He said that soon he
would give divorce to Daljeet.
-When you were about to be born...
I had a fight with your mother.
After fight and out of anger
she started hitting her stomach.
I thought the child would die.
You got saved but your conscience died.
Great. He was a lucky
child that got saved.
I feel like slapping you.
Was this the only girl
in this world to fall in love?
What is the flaw in this girl?
What is special about her?
Three of them are sitting
on two-wheeler, idiot.
Should she let 5 sit on two-wheeler?
Uncle, say something.
Why are you standing quiet?
Brother, we are narrow minded.
The world has become modern.
So, what if the girl is slightly pregnant.
To hell with your moral values.
Now I have doubt on your sister as well.
Father, dare not say
anything about my mother.
Where should I go?
Where will you go if yours
on does something wrong?
Where will you all go if his
father does something wrong.
-To the cremation ground.
-Keep quiet.
I swear I would rather kill him
than getting him married to Daljeet.
-Kill me.
-Stop it.
-What are you doing?
-Stop... enough.
-Stop... enough.
-What are you doing?
It would be better that you
die today rather than in future.
But Daljeet can never be
daughter-in-law of this house.
Uncle, you should not
take decisions in anger.
I have taken a decision.
You will now say that
Meet was better than Daljeet.
Meet is thousand times better.
Only her uncles are bad.
-My uncle too is not good.
-What has happened to me?
-Buddy, that...
Will you argue with your father now?
Is your love important
to you or your father?
That's it. Whatever decision
father has taken is right.
If Meet is fine then she is best for you.
Go and touch your father's
feet and say that you accept Meet.
Daljeet, forgive me.
My nephew is so innocent.
Father, Meet is acceptable to me.
Let me Meet again.
I have forgotten how she looks.
I can't express how happy I am today.
Leave it. Sometimes
it is better not to express.
You are very clever.
May God bless everyone
with such clever friends.
Because of his cleverness we have united.
Thank you, Honey.
Do not than me but thank
Goldie whose wife has been troubled.
Don't be so happy.
Things have just begun to materialize
but have not completely materialized.
What do you mean?
I mean to say that only
father has got convinced
but still need to convince her uncles.
Goldie will have to go and tell her uncles
that not you but he is Daljeet's husband.
Call up Goldie.
He is so scared of your uncles
that we will have to force
him to tell the truth to your uncles.
Brother, I don't understand.
How could you say that
the earlier girl was good.
Did I say something wrong?
You have asked Jass to go and apologize.
Will they agree on Jass's apology?
You have insulted them.
From the time you are born
for the first time you
have said something sensible.
Otherwise till now you
just said stupid things.
Popular advocate Dhillon will go to Meet's
uncle to talk about Jass's marriage.
-Yes sir.
Has the pandemic started again?
No, not at all.
Then why don't customers
come to our restaurant.
Our customers have
to Dilawar's restaurant.
Because our Goldie has
got job in their restaurant.
And has taken our customers with him.
But Dilawar does not hire a married
man then how did he hire him.
He has lied that he is unmarried.
Rascal. Let me teach him a lesson.
I think brother-in-law has
got inspired from movie Kunwara.
That movie was Kunwara Baap.
Let us go and tell about
your brother-in-law to your sister.
You do not know what is going on
in the house and just know about movies.
What nonsense are you
talking or I will thrash you.
Come on let's go quickly.
My dear daughter...
So what mother if he lied and got a job.
He did not cheat us.
A person who can say lies for
a job can cheat you and your son as well.
Mother, you are over thinking.
You too sit alone and think
what all we have done for you.
Idiot, this line is not made for sisters.
My friend says this line to his beloved.
Isn't she someone's sister?
Today your brother-in-law
will not be spared.
Today your son-in-law
is not going to be spared.
Let's go.
Mother, wait. He will lose his job.
God, does everyone
have this kind of family
or am I born in crazy family.
Mother, take me with you.
Take me with you.
What are you doing dear?
Wear helmet for safety.
I am not able to see anything.
Fateh, son where are you?
Mother, I am here.
Helmet saved you. Right?
Yes, dear.
Welcome Mr. Advocate.
Not advocate but today
a girl's father has come to you.
Not girl but that of boy.
Sorry. A boy's father has come.
Please have a seat.
Have a seat.
-Hi Goldie.
-Meet... excuse me.
Meet, how come you are here?
I will tell you. Jass is also on his way.
What problem has come up?
There is no problem but Jass's
father has agreed for marriage.
Now we will tell uncle
the truth about you and Daljeet.
I will lose my job that way.
Your relationship is going
on well without marriage.
I know, I can't explain.
But I need some time, Meet.
How much time?
About 8-10 years.
At least let me do a job for a decade.
You don't get nervous. I will tell uncle.
Wait. I will resign and
get the agreement cancelled.
And then I will surely tell them.
-Okay. You resign today itself.
-Okay. I will resign today.
Mr. Dhillon, I apologize for that day.
I was wrong.
No one should be cheated.
Forget about the past.
My son and your niece love each other.
Today we both have come to
talk to you about their marriage.
Is he your son?
Parvati Kaur said so.
But never got DNA test done.
He resembles you.
Have you met him?
Meet had introduced him to us.
We like your son too.
But he says that he
doesn't want to get married.
He doesn't want to get married?
But he told us that
he would marry only Meet.
If that is the case then
let us talk face to face.
Your son works with us.
I shall go and call him.
He must be doing job for Meet's sake.
Washing utensils?
They both are standing here.
Yes, uncle.
Both of you come here.
Coming, uncle.
You come and give your resignation now.
Meet, you go and start the topic
that Goldie does not work properly.
I will follow you. Okay.
-Is she Meet?
She is the one who was
dancing on Daljeet's anniversary.
Dear, they have brought marriage
proposal of their son for you.
He is saying that his son
and you want to marry each other.
Yes uncle.
The boy whom we met said
that he did not want to get married.
Yes. Call him.
Please come for a minute.
Please don't come.
Why isn't he coming inside?
Mr. Dhillon, let's go out.
What are you doing here?
I told you that he works for us.
Do you have any stand or not?
You said that you do
not hire a married man.
But you hired him.
Have you come to unite
with us or break with us?
He is unmarried.
He has done an agreement with us.
What nonsense are you saying?
I know his wife as well as his son.
If you know his wife and son
then what have you come here for?
Talk respectfully. I am going
to be your niece's father-in-law.
If he is married then whom
will we get our niece married to?
Your father says that you are married.
What father?
Say respectfully that
Mr. Dhillon is saying.
To hell with respect.
So you think so cheap.
He has done an agreement with us.
On the basis of those papers,
I will make sure he goes behind bars.
Run, run...
Where are you running? Wait...
-We will sit and talk.
He said he will put us
father and son behind bars.
What have we father and
son to do in your matters?
Goldie, we were coming to talk to you.
Uncle, to you as well...
Meet, we came to talk to you.
What's wrong with them?
Why are they running?
I think they are doing jogging.
Hey, I hope no problem has come up.
Let's go.
Meet, Meet...
I think we will have to
let Jass forget this girl as well.
Brother, Jass is running behind that girl.
I think he has decided to bring
every useless proposal to my house.
Jass, wait.
-Where is the car?
-This way.
The remote is not working.
How will it work? You have damaged it.
Let me check.
Forget it. Let's open with hand.
Brother, whose care have you damaged.
This is not ours.
What? Where is our car?
At home. I just remembered
that we came by taxi.
I feel like slapping you.
Couldn't you tell earlier?
I am not at fault.
Why did you bring the remote?
I sometimes even get TV's remote.
Do you want to listen to news?
Get away from my car.
Someone help me...
My car? What are you doing?
-Sorry, madam. I will not do it again.
-Police, police...
Hide here...
-Why are we hiding?
-We will not be seen from here.
We are not hiding but running after them.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Please don't touch my coat.
You may curse me in
English as much as you want.
Good morning. How can police help you?
Officer, I parked my car in the car park.
I went inside the bank. I came back
and these two were trying to steal my car.
Madam, I cannot understand fast English.
Speak slow.
Why're you asking me to speak slowly?
I parked my car in the car park.
I went inside the bank. I came back
and these two were trying to steal my car.
I went inside the bank. I came back
and these two were trying to steal my car.
I cannot understand anything.
Brother, do you understand fast English?
-Tell me what is she saying?
She is saying that we will
settle our matter comfortably later.
Why have you stopped both of them?
Let them go.
Why are you looking at me? Go.
-Let's go.
-No way.
Where did they go?
-I don't know.
-Did they go that way?
No, not this way.
There they are.
Where will they go?
Advocate Dhillon is not
wearing black coat just like that.
-But you are wearing green.
-Don't talk nonsense.
Where will you run, dear?
Uncle, wait.
Stop, stop...
The fat and thin combination
are running like rockets.
As if someone is running
behind them with chilies.
There is my brother-in-law.
His boss is also behind him.
Stop, brother.
Mr. Dilawar, our son-in-law is married.
Which son-in-law is unmarried?
I am talking about Goldie. He is married.
His father has told us about this.
Where did he get a fake father from?
He made a fake agreement
and wants to marry our niece.
My daughter's life is finished.
Henceforth I am not going
to land up in any trouble.
Even if my near and dear one is dying
I will just pass by.
Just do you own work.
To hell with others.
-Run. Run.
Excuse me sir,
do not believe what my mother said.
My husband is unmarried.
Have you all come from mental hospital?
Excuse me, sir I am not mad but educated.
Okay, you are mental.
What is their problem?
Son, they insulted your mother.
I just asked what he said to you.
Son, no one got scared.
I did not scare anyone.
I just asked what he said to you.
Idiot. Come on.
Uncle please wait...
To save Goldie if we have to say that
Daljeet is your wife then you agree to it.
I forgot. I left the shop open.
Theft will take place there. I am leaving.
We all are in trouble
and you want to escape.
I had told you that a person
who can say lies and get a job
can cheat you and your son also.
He has cheated you.
Secretly he is getting
married to boss's niece.
Is he getting married?
If Milkha Singh was alive today,
he would have given his
position of running to me.
Run Goldie run.
Listen to me.
Where should I go?
Save me God today.
I will not speak lies in future.
He has gone inside.
Where is that rascal?
Stop, brother.
Some people like them
take them in and thrash them.
Shut up.
Thank you.
Catch him.
Catch him.
He was running so well. Why did he get in?
If I would have run so much in Olympics,
I would have won a gold medal.
-Tell me what has happened?
-Are you married?
Who said I am married, uncle?
Uncle, Goldie is not a cheater.
Have you seen any Punjabi guy?
This way...
If I have ever lied then the
land may burst open and I go into it.
It did not burst open.
How will the land break open?
We are standing on the terrace,
on the 15th floor.
What happened?
Uncle feels that Goldie is married.
We have come to clear that Goldie...
Goldie has done an agreement
so we cannot talk about marriage.
Forget about agreement.
We would get him married now to you
but why is his father
saying that he is married.
His father does not much.
He is an innocent fellow.
But you know him.
If he is unmarried then why did he run.
Uncle, you tell me.
Can a married man run so much?
-You are right?
-Tell me.
If you are not married then
we will get you married to Meet.
Hello. Whom are you getting married?
Goldie and Meet.
Let me see how you get them married.
I will break your legs.
Why don't you make your wife quiet?
Sister, please keep quiet for some time.
Why is he calling his wife, sister?
Sometime to make wife quiet,
one has to say sister, please keep quiet.
-We haven't got married so how do we know.
-Are you looking out for some Punjabis?
Just go inside.
Goldie, tell me the truth.
Since how long is all this going on?
Keep quiet for two minutes, sister-in-law.
Everything is going to be set.
Now you called her sister-in-law.
Tell me the truth.
What is your relation with her?
Actually who loves his wife
so much sees all relations in her.
Do not be surprised if he calls her aunt.
You are not saving me but trapping me.
Uncle, leave him for once.
Let's sit and I will explain.
We will not leave him
till everything gets cleared.
Leave my son otherwise...
The boy's father is also here.
Tell me the truth. Is he married or not?
Should I give you in writing?
I am telling you that he is married.
If he is married then we
will not leave him but chop him.
How will this stupid chop him?
I feel like slapping him.
I am moving hither
and thither with my son.
Tell me what is happening with my husband.
Sister, I have got nothing
to do with your husband.
We have to teach him a lesson.
He is my husband.
You do not know about many things,
so do not interfere, mother.
Mother, now you call her mother?
All relations have become one...
please hold on for some time.
Not yet, but now I will set everything
right by teaching a lesson to you all.
Leave it mother otherwise
father will lose his job.
That is what I am saying.
Maybe my husband is unmarried
but he cannot marry anyone else.
Madam, that day you were
saying that he is your husband.
What the hell is going on here?
This way...
They have made a guard
stand her to give directions.
Is wedding going on here?
Come let's go.
Uncle, trust me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Yes uncle,
Goldie is the most eligible bachelor.
Fateh... show them photographs
of our marriage in phone.
Mother, can't you understand
that father is unmarried.
What confusion is this?
Husband as well as father is unmarried.
Uncle, first tear Goldie's
agreement of being unmarried.
Then I will tell you the entire
story and what the problem is.
My dear daughter, you are finished.
Your husband is going
to do second marriage.
I know it.
-Who is she?
-I am her mother.
Oh no... even your daughter
wants to get married again.
Tell me dear,
when you brought him to us
did you know that he is married.
Don't believe what she said.
Just look at her head.
Meet, I will forget
that you are my friend.
I will slap you.
Let me see how you touch our niece.
Whose wife, is she?
Honey, why don't you explain to your wife?
Let me tell you, I am so irritated
that I will take her home with her son.
Oh no... third father.
Ask someone who is
intelligent and elderly.
Sardar Ji, tell me whether
your son is married or unmarried.
-Whose wife, is she?
Don't shout otherwise
your nerve will be affected.
Three husbands have been
presented in front of us.
Sardar ji, what proof you
have that she is his wife?
Because he had brought his wife's
marriage proposal for my daughter.
Which proof?
Hold this... which proof?
Which proof?
I told you that they were
released from a mental hospital.
If they leave then we will make an entry.
One solution will solve all problems.
Get Meet and me married.
-And the first one?
It is clear that I
will take the first one.
Who is the first one?
My son is unmarried.
Sardar ji, swear and say is he unmarried?
I swear upon God that he is married.
After swearing you said the truth.
Why did you earlier say
that your son is unmarried.
Because my son is unmarried.
I am sorry if I hurt anyone.
I am going to jump.
-Don't jump.
-Leave me.
-Uncle, don't jump.
-Leave me...
Brother, he is going to commit suicide.
Shall I go and make him understand?
Leave it.
They will convince him but you
will surely make him commit suicide.
-A new problem will come up.
-What are you doing, uncle?
Give me the phone.
Why don't you tell them that you had an
affair with her but did not get married.
She has got married to Honey.
She did not get married to Honey.
She just had an affair
for one and half year with him.
Did my daughter have so many affairs?
She has had so many affairs.
I am feeling dizzy hearing this.
Take me home.
Stay for some more time.
As the situations shows we will
take 5-7 brothers-in-law home by evening.
I will slap you.
Uncle, for five minutes forget everything
and think you have to get Meet married.
Who is Meet?
I have forgotten that as well.
Uncle, Meet your niece.
Sorry, dear. Now we will go one by one.
Okay fine.
Come here dear.
My dear child.
Children always speak the truth.
Who is your father, dear?
Uncle, let that get decided first.
The one who is standing
next to you is his father.
She is his wife and he is father his son.
Get note book and pencil
so that we keep a note.
Yes, yes note down so
that there is no confusion.
What is there to get confused?
She is his wife and this is their son.
I don't think there
is going to be solution.
Brother, let's go back to our village.
With great difficulty we got set
in London and they have set everything.
It is very clear.
My son loved Meet.
After some time,
he said he wanted to marry Daljeet.
When Daljeet's husband said that
his wife is not capable to get married
because she is pregnant.
I asked him to marry the first one.
We came to talk to the family of first one.
They said she loved Daljeet's husband.
We knew that Daljeet's husband is Goldie.
After coming here we came to
know that Honey is also her husband.
Now say what is the confusion in this.
I will sit here.
Everyone hit me with slippers.
Brother, this idiot wants
an extra marital affair for his son.
Whom are you calling idiot?
We will drag him to court.
You created confusion.
Why are you quiet? Say something.
Father, that...
Yes, uncle he is my father.
What is going on?
The thing is that Goldie is married
and to get a job he said
lies that he is unmarried.
To save his job we said
that Daljeet is my wife.
Meet and I aren't getting married because
of conflict between you and father.
Meet should not get married to anyone else
That is why we presented Goldie
in front of you as her choice.
This is the matter.
Getting trapped in their
plan I had almost lost my wife.
Daljeet, how could you think
that I would marry someone else.
Such big lies.
Don't you know dear that I hate lies.
Sorry, uncle.
We did not have any other option.
We were about to tell you
the truth but got caught before that.
Did you understand that
you should not listen to children.
Hey, you!
"You are wearing a skirt with mirrors... "
"And also wearing black goggles."
"You are wearing a skirt with mirrors... "
"And also wearing black goggles."
"The girl is wearing sneakers."
"She has put perfume that of Sheikhs."
"Whenever she comes close to me."
"I get intoxicated."
"Her eyes are blue."
"She eats with eyes."
"Temperature is high in rains."
"You are wearing a skirt with mirrors... "
"And also wearing black goggles."
"The girl is wearing sneakers."
"She has put perfume that of Sheikhs."
"Be careful of her"
"Otherwise, she will stay close"
"Be careful of her"
"Otherwise, she will stay close"
"I will woo you and take you with me."
"I will woo you and take you with me."
"Lightning seems to fall on heart"
"And eyes stare."
"Everyone looks at Gippy."
"But Gippy looks at you."
"Everyone looks at Gippy."
"But Gippy looks at you."
"I am not able to speak anything."
"You are wearing a skirt with mirrors... "
"And also wearing black goggles"
"The girl is wearing sneakers."
"She has put perfume that of Sheikhs."