Carry On Pickpocket (1982) Movie Script

With lot of luck,
Let's go!
Which wicket is for current account?
Over there, Sir.
Which wicket is for saving account?
Wicket NO.6.
Mr, Chen, deposit both the check
and the cash?
Yes, please.
Would you like big notes? Yes.
Do you want to wlthdraw cash?
What do you think l'm doing,
Can l help you in any way?
How do you spell One Thousand?
You can write chinese.
I asked you because I can't write chinese.
The lady can help you fill it?
No, I can always look up the dictionary.
I'm delighted with his recent progress.
We can't go wrong with the target you pick.
It's just marvellous.
Of course.
Could I see it, teacher?
No need, just trust me.
I wouldn't cheat on you.
I don't mean not trusting in you, but....
You curse me,
No, teacher.
You curse me today.
What date is it?
My birthday.
But we just celebrated your
birthday last month.
This one is my lunar calendar's birthday.
Let's go.
Where to?
Get some gift.
Not necessary, sit down....
I'd be happy as long as you treat
me nicely.
It's necessary.
That's right!
Yes, I've bought it for you.
A box of chocolate?
Pretty smart.
A Rolex watch.
Teacher, you do love us.
It's almost the cheapest.
I didn't get the one cost 60 thousand.
This one only costed 30 thousand.
Our hand might be cut lose for the watch.
Don't say that.
You curse my hand being cut lose.
I'm not scared,
I wanna go to the toilet.
Nice watch you get.
What do you want!
Nothing serious, can you lend me
your watch for a picture.
Just a minute!
Eat something more nutritious.
Rum coke.
Jim Seven.
I have a Russian soup.
What did you call?
Rice Pot.
I mean what've you ordered?
Russian soup.
You want Russian soup in here?
I only want to look at it.
Are you nut?
Nobody orders Russian soup in here.
Am I a somebody?
Smart ass.
Something wrong with you?
In and out of the toilet.
I have no idea.
How come?
To hell wlth you.
Care for a dance!
I've sympathy on lady's like you!
Dance and cheer up.
I don't come here to cheer you up.
I'm bore because of you.
What do you think you are.
Two kinds of man: one sick,
one is disgusting.
You're the third kind,
make me throw up.
Who's going to pity you?
It doesn't matter.
I get used to it.
Mercy, have a dance with me.
Go ahead by yourself.
Would you bring me a glass of water,
Where's Ann?
He's with somebody else but I pay.
Get anyone?
Be straight with me.
Just let me know, I'll fix it up for you.
Will you?
Who did you talked to?
That one.
The girl in red, you know her?
Yes, a well acquaintance.
What does she do?
I don't remember, she's quiet.
I'll ask her to come over.
Would it be alright?
Come on, l'II introduce you!
Would it be alright?
Come on!
Do you really know her?
You'll find out yourself.
This is my brother, Rice Pot.
He want to ask you for a dance,
but shy to.
So I bring him.
We don't know each other.
It's up to you if you wanna dance
with him or not.
I... I'm leaving
What happened? It's quick
You wasted my time.
Do it yourself!
Pick someone else!
She's my girlfriend, you finished.
Yes, your turn.
I'm sorry, I'll get it again.
This dance is for couple.
Everybody knows.
Quit your movement, it's dancing.
I can't help my self!
What is the matter?
Are you tired?
I mean your neck,
Actually, l don't want to dance with you.
I want to dance with him.
I wonder what's in your mind?
Do you take pills?
I didn't say it.
That fatty thinks he's smart.
Let's dance.
He hits me.
Hit him, no need to tell me.
Do you fight often?
Can I give you my phone Number?
Give me your phone number then!
Your friend has been challenged.
I can fight.
Are you alright?
How is it?
Your conscience accusing you?
Let's go!
Jump over it.
You can beat him up also.
Let's go!
Where's your chick?
Pay the damages, she's my chick.
All set.
Anything extra.
No extra.
It's automatic.
You take it, Shih!
Thanks You're welcome.
Damn, can you drive at all?
I have the right away, Mister.
Show me your license.
Buddy, let's go rational!
My car has been badly damaged.
I'll beat you up good
if you don't compensate.
Let me have a look.
How much do you think?
Thirty dollars.
Fifty dollars.
Seventy dollars.
I can't hear you.
A hundred, hundred and ten,
that's all l got.
Get moving.
You've got a new rookie.
Wang Kun
Wang Kun, you'II attach to Mr Wu.
Yes Sir!
What's bothering you?
Please, have a seat.
Some tea.
Sit down.
Where do you put your gun?
Anywhere you like.
My mother said I better put
it on my foot.
I won't get hurt if it misfired.
Lots of theory.
Morning, Sir.
Morning, Sir.
Good morning.
You all know the detail of
the operation?
The senior regards it big.
Don't reveal your identity
before the go ahead.
Yes, Sir.
Please step on the lattice, sergeant.
Yes, Sir.
Should l wrap it up, Sir.
Don't mess it around then.
Works hard?
Nine O'clock.
Let's go to a movie.
Which movie, sir!
Be smart?
Yes, Sir.
Buy me a gun, Dad!
No, gun is not for kids.
How about a race car?
Kids shouldn't play around with guns.
I'm sorry
Mind were you're going.
What'd you like, Sir?
I'm sorry That's alright.
You can't expose yourself.
I'll make a fool of you!
Tell Ann and teacher to leave, Cops.
Which one?
The one with beard.
I'll make a fool of him!
Why did you hit me?
I beg your pardon?
Why did you hit me?
You know what you've said, lady?
It gotta be you, who else?
You ain't no man, admit it.
What is it?
What do you want? Why dld you hit me?
She said I hit her.
I'll call the police.
Forget it.
I've hit anyway.
Let me go....
I'm a cop, you want to be detained.
Let me.
Let's go downtown.
Come in.
Is it for me?
Yes, I bought it in a flower shop.
How do you know l like red?
This is the only kind they've got.
Please, sit.
I'll go get change.
You want to get acquainted with
woman police.
Yes, but I'm scared.
As long as you quit pick pocketing.
That's right.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
Where to?
Up to you!
You make the decision.
Me too, you make the decision.
I'll go wherever you go.
I can think of anywhere.
Have you declded yet?
Kowloon Tong.
Better than strolling around.
You come here often?
I've been here with my former boyfriend.
Who was your boy friend?
It's none of your business.
Because he's dead.
He was my last boyfriend!
I know.
Any more question?
This is my first time to come here.
Where do you usually go?
I always be by myself.
I wanna tell you something.
I know how to take care of my self.
Then l won't worry.
I've to leave town for a month or so.
To Scotland Yard.
It's official business, secret.
I have to leave for a while.
Where are you going?
To the toilet!
You're too busy in your love affair.
I got hardened but not my legs.
Let's go work.
Sir, you dropped your wallet.
Thank you.
It's too expensive.
I'm sorry, are you alright?
Are you alright, old dad?
I've got you this time, brother, let's go.
A robber, rob in the public latrine.
What do you want?
How dare you to rob in my district.
What do you want?
Save it, let's go,
You can pretending cops than l do.
Drive on!
How could you treat Mr. Chen like this?
Release the hand cuff.
Relax, your brother can't match with you.
How are you doing Mr. Chen?
Can you help me out?
I wonder if you can do me a favour?
I own a joint, never work for anyone.
No. I can give a good price.
Pretty interesting.
Go on.
Everytime when you pick a wallet,
you either return the content or
just drop it except the cash.
I want the lD cards you get.
I'll pay 500 bucks for a piece and
a 200 pieces a week.
We ain't ordinary pick pockets,
we only take the cash.
It violates our principle if I cooperate.
That's why l caught you in purpose.
You mean l have no alternatives.
My fellow gangsters doesn't like it.
I haven't look yet!
I told you to treat Mr.
Chen with courtesy?
How much did you say for a piece?
Five hundred.
Give me 3000 bucks then.
Six lD cards.
What should we do, Rice Pot?
We're not afraid of them!
What do you think, Chimney?
I won't do it.
Good, we don't give in!
Listen, if your gang doesn't cooperate.
I'll throw you off to sea.
What should we do, Rice Pot?
Fight back.
We won't give in.
You are not the one being beaten up.
Take the ID cards also from tomorrow on.
When did you loose your ID card?
On the bus.
I have to go to work, sir.
Take it off if your teet ache!
The more I remove the less l have.
What is it?
There's many ID card lost reported.
Let's look for some excitement.
Where to?
Birdie nest.
Give me a hand, please.
Who is it!
Who is it!
Who is it!
It must be the kids.
Let me try.
Don't threaten the kids.
The gate is opened.
What do you want?
Do you know me?
Why should I?
DEPARTMENT SERGEAN What did you say?
ClD sergeant
Even a robber is better than a cop.
They just take people's money.
Although they might be put in jail.
But treated nicely, 5734
Yes, Sir.
They can earn your month salary in a day.
Does a cop get pay 10,000 a month?
Should I search around?
Too childish.
They are old birds.
You can hardly find anything.
Everything alright, Sir.
What is this?
A model.
Model! Don't you speak mandarin
Is it a tool?
Any new, sir?
You're most welcome visiting me.
Please produce the warrant
If you come for a search.
Do you read english!
Read it.
Tommy's Pawnshop, Worn-out suit,
55 bucks.
I'd like to get down to it.
Avoid eating sweets if you've toothache.
Is this sweet?
I can have you both arrested anytime.
I don't think so!
You want me to arrest you now.
I believe you.
I haven't finished yet.
You're bleeding,
you wanna have him changed?
It's my own fault.
Have you finished, sir?
In the dessert.
The 200 lD cards are here.
Here's 100 thousand dollars.
Count it.
It's right.
Tell your boss to leave us alone.
Don't give me the shit.
There's something else.
What is it?
Why did you beat my teacher up?
You're asking for compensation?
Save it for yourself.
Don't please.....
Are we even?
Tell your boys to stay away from us.
How many?
This way.
Let's forget about business.
Please sit.
Do you have your brandy in the bar, sir?
No, open a new bottle of cordon bleu.
Any ladies you like specially?
No, you fix it, l like them young.
And he like it mature.
You arrange it.
Yes. I know.
Your girlfriend.
Don't tease me.
You look.
These are Magie.
These are Candy.
What's your name?
Hung, Sit!
What's your name?
Let's escort them out.
Cheer yourself up.
We gotta be going.
I go take my purse, Alright.
What are you doing in here, Rice Pot?
Come to have a good time.
Don't make trouble here.
You think I can't pay for the bill?
You're trying to avoid seeing me.
You don't understand.
People are cheating upon each
other in this days.
I'll find you.
No, I'll find you.
Captain, bring me my purse.
Stay for some more time.
You stay!
I'll look you up next time.
Open up, Chimney.
Your girlfriend
Let me explain!
I won't listen.
I'm sorry.
Can l punch you and just say sorry?
Knock it off, let's go.
Don't think they are all stupid like me.
Everybody has his different taste!
They would think you are crazy.
I'm crazy, crazy.....
What are you looking at?
You'd be charged for not bring your lD.
I know what you wanna say?
You haven't change, I....
What about It?
What's wrong to take care of the famlly.
How can we live if I don't do it.
What do you mean by this?
You know what I mean.
I gave you four thousand a month
plus your expense.
And l took you to Japan for a trip.
Say it, say it in front of all
the people in here.
Let's go home!
I am not going.
I don't like it back home.
What do you want?
I wanna get my self killed.
Don't joke about it.
You want to listen to me?
No, I don't.
You want me to sell my body.
Fatty, she has been having a hard times.
Don't take it out on her.
It's alright, go home!
One must be doing their best, right?
Alright, l'II listen to your explanation.
Let's go!
There's no point for it, right?
You just talk.
Why didn't you tell me you're
a police woman?
It's a secret mission.
Why are you telllng me now then?
Because l need your help.
The guy l've been dancing with is
Chou Meng Sheng.
He's the leader for the gang
taking robbed goods.
He has a boss.
You want me to steal it from him.
Before his deals.
Yes, he would be damned if he lost it.
His boss won't believe his explanation.
He'll ask him to take it out by all means.
The only way he can get help is
to go to the police.
We want him to be the police witness.
Will you help?
Don't let anybody know, not even Chimney.
When will I start?
Can't you follow me?
You can't get away from me.
Not that skillful.
Really, no!
I want to take you somewhere.
If there are seven birds on the tree,
How many left after l shot?
Wrong, there should be one left,
the one I hit.
If there are seven planes up there,
I can't shoot that high.
I don't think you can.
Shut up, bastard.
Let's take a look.
5734, you wanna be transferred
back to Tsim station?
Come wlth me.
Why are you taking me here?
Don't you see the visitor's here?
They used credlt cards.
I know which one to pick.
Over there.
Your duty is to give the goods
to the purchaser.
The clients are two foreigners
with a rose.
Move your hat when they see you.
He is coming!
The one wlth the hat on.
Excuse me.
Don't move.
5734 Get the witness
Hold it.
Get the one in the working uniform.
Get him.
Is this for me?
It will deteriorate your growth.
I get it in your room.
How nice!
This book will have bad effects.
Thanks for giving me such expensive things.
I can be rich for such good things.
Thank you.
It's not for you.
What are you doing?
This one can cost over a million.
Take a seat!
Who is your boss, Fatty?
Don't you know who l am?
I know you are not my boss!
Who did you give the box to?
What box? Match box, cigarrette box?
How old are you?
You want to get your daughter a husband?
It can hardly be sold out.
200 thousand for an exchange.
Have you got fifty?
Fifty more.
I don't mean to have the money stupid.
I mean have you reached
flfty years old yet.
I'm not as young as you are.
No wonder, you can't even
speak properly.
Actually, l didn't know what
you were talking about?
I have to go to the toilet.
Have you got the goods yet?
It's only a small potato as
far as l'm concerned!
Come over quickly then?
I'm, detained in the police station.
I wanna tell them that I'm
working for them.
You can't reveal it.
I'll keep silent.
Where is the goods?
The goods.....
It only takes another minute, sir.
I'll keep you in contact.
Were we met before?
Is it?
You take a mistake.
Your turn for the phone, sir.
I'm going down to the station
to bail him out.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm in a good mood today.
Is your wife pregnant?
Take your chance, it won't last long.
You accuse me of murder?
You can always appeal.
Your name?
Hung Ta Kong.
Mei Foo.
There's only one Mei Fo Village?
Block b, 12/F, No 9.
I beg your pardon?
ClD Sergeant.
I'm asking him, not you.
My profession is.....
Hoe, do you want it to be filled?
Anything will do.
Is that what you want?
I am not kidding.
Reason for arrest?
Have you got any evidence?
We have a witness here.
He doesn't know what his talking about.
Your name, sir?
What have you lost?
I didn't lose anything.
Why are you detaining me?
Did he intimidate you?
He didn't but sounds like you are.
Mr. Chou.
Talk to my lawyer.
He's a nut.
I told you before.
Insufficient evidence.
You must be honest.
What should we do?
Release him after l left.
You can go, Fatty.
There is always a second time.
Bye bye.
I'll get you some other time.
What are you doing here?
To bail you out.
Where is the case?
At home.
Get in.
What's happened?
I told your father you've gone
to the police station.
Then l won't do the laundry.
It's lost.
You do have guts.
Take out the diamonds.
Put your gun away.
Where is it?
Open it.
The helmet.
Shoot him.
Stop him.
Down, keep quiet.
Down, keep quiet.
How can we three?
What about it?
Take care of your self.
Myself again.
They found us.....
Only you, not us.
They are here.
Why did you do that?
Jump into the lorry.
I'm scared.
Are you alright?
Yes, but the chicken.
It was dangerous.
Who has stolen the goods?
I don't think it was the gang.
Otherwise they wouldn't be after us.
I put it in the fishpond.
I have only told my father.
Here it is.
Why are you taking me here?
I have somethlng to show you.
What are you doing in here?
Take off the cloth.
Home come you're here Ann?
Why didn't you take her back?
Rice Pot and Chlmney beat me up.
Are you two out of your mind?
They said you've taken the diamonds.
And l said I knew nothing.
I didn't take your diamonds.
I have brought you two up.
Now you said l stole your diamonds.
It's all your own fault.
You have make quite a lot profits from us.
Give me the diamonds.
You've never treated us nicely.
What are you doing....
What are you doing....
What are you doing....
Let me go.....
Where have you taken my daughter to?
Help me Pa.
Ann, Ann.
Put me down, Pa help.
Help me! Ann.
Did you take the diamonds?
Did you?
I didn't.
Give it to me.
I don't have it.
Help me, Pa.
You son of a bitch, you won't get away.
If you don't give it,
you won't last for long.
I don't.
This is your last chance.
I told you l don't have it.
I told you l don't have it.
Come on.
You will leave you here, if you don't talk.
Throw hlm down.
I'll tell you....
It's in the fridge of the toilet.
I wouldn't have to suffer
if you told them earlier.
You bitch, set me up.
Thanks for your cooperatlon.
You can thank Rice Pot.
I'd like you to do an another favor.
I beg your pardon?
Miss Ling.
Call me inspector.
We've worked together before.
And end me up in shit.
You want us to do burglary again.
I want to use you as a bail.
They're cruel.
I'd be killed.
You'd if they are on loose.
That's right also.
There is a 150 thousand dollars bonus.
It's not a good deal.
I'll arrange enough police.
To have them arrest on the deal.
I won't take it.
Come on, just one more time.
Can you stay out of these?
How do we contact them?
I'll arrange it.
This is a deserted island.
We can ambush them if they come.
We'II make it.
Hope it's ours.
Too bad it's not.
Sorry to bother you.
I'll mary her later.
It's not right?
Why not?
I meant the diamonds.
How about it?
I only took one.
Give me your diamond.
This is real.
Something doesn't look right.
It might be a trap.
We fell into her trap.
I don't think she's an inspector,.
Who know the truth if we got kill.
She can take away with the diamonds.
We've been cheated.
It's a lesson for us.
How are you Mr. Hung?
Come on up.
What should we do?
Go on, up!
Kill them after we take the goods.
What is it?
They're holding to their guns.
Have you brought the goods?
Have the money been prepared?
I'm not sure if it's real diamonds
neither do I know your money.
Let me see it.
Go ahead!
Show him the diamonds.
How about it?
Hold it, don't force to lit it.
Mine is made in the Philippine.
Mine is from Cuba.
Hold it.
I don't think you'II shoot.
Take the box.
The money.
Give it.
Where's your diamonds?
Wait after we get off.
Don't move, go.....
Don't come near.
Back up....
Kill them.
Are you alright?
I don't know.
Of course.
Let's go.
Give me the real stuff.
We don't have it.
Where is it?
It is at Chimney.
I don't know.
Don't take the risk.
We're in trouble!
Here's the money.
Try this.
Did you call me?
Almost done.
What is it?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Saw it?
Let's try the pier.
Let's go.
Just a moment.
Did you see a foreigner with a red rose?
Yes, what's he doing in here?
Mind your own business!
What are you doing?
I told you we could find him here.
What a coincident?
Is the diamonds still here?
It must be. He doesn't want to
deal with him?
Let's make a fool out of him.
I'll contact you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's alright.
Be careful.
I'm sorry.
That's alright.
Excuse me.
Pick pocket so well dressed.
Give me back.
Don't go.
All these are evidence,
you can't deny it.
Take your own belongings back.
The necklace is mine.
Why do you want to be a pick pocket?
Take me down town.
Don't let her leave.
Police is coming.
What is it......
I'm sorry.
It's you, Fatty.
Not me.
Don't go.