Carson City (1952) Movie Script

We wish to thank the state of
Nevada for authentic data
which made possible the filming
of this picture.
He's right on time.
Let's go.
Keep tight.
All right, come on,
everybody out.
Don't try to be a hero,
you won't get hurt.
I'm too old to be a hero.
Besides I'm broke.
Please don't take this.
It's a family heirloom.
Take it easy, lady. We don't
want anything from you.
Here it is.
Take it over there
behind that Boulder.
- What's the meaning of this?
- Just a little stop for lunch.
Wait a minute.
That strongbox belongs to the
golden state bank.
They can have it back
after we bust it open.
Come and get it,
All right, get going.
Pile into it.
Well, I never saw
anything like this.
Help yourselves,
Look at this...
Real Harris linen.
Never saw any better
in Boston.
Never saw men like that
in Boston.
Help yourself, partner.
It's on the house.
On the contrary,
it's costing me $50,000.
I thought
it was bank money.
It is and I happen
to own the bank.
I've always wanted
to meet a bank president.
Here, Mr. Sharon.
Well, lookit here...
Have a snort?
Well, perhaps
just a little.
Come on, let's go!
All right, folks,
on your way.
You, too.
I'd like to get the recipe
for these eggs.
They'll never believe this
back in Boston.
When I get back I'll have
something to say about this.
I guarantee you won't
get away with it.
How'd it go?
was on the coach.
- Did he spot you?
- No. I kept out of his way.
Dump it down there, men,
and get out.
Hey, take it easy
with that, clem.
Those glasses
cost 2 bucks apiece.
You still don't go
for that, do you?
No, not when I pay
for half of it...
Champagne, chicken,
Glasses that cost
2 bucks apiece.
Cheapest insurance
we could buy.
Rob the poor,
and you get a posse
Of outraged citizens
after you.
Rob a mine owner,
and nobody cares.
Leave the passengers alone,
Why go to all the expense
to make a banquet?
- Ever hear of Robin hood?
- I didn't think so.
Besides, I like champagne.
That's what
I always figured.
At times you get
too unhappy about it.
Remember, we wouldn't be doing
this if the mine were any good.
Look, you're over 21. I didn't
ask you to put your money in it.
As long as I did,
I intend to make it pay off.
Better get that stuff
put in our own cases.
And tell the boys to keep smoke
coming out of those chimneys.
All right.
We're supposed to
be producing.
These bandits not only
made a picnic
Out of stealing my bullion,
but on top of that,
They had the impudence
to serve imported champagne!
Take it easy, will.
That lamp was imported, too...
From Italy.
I'm sorry, Charles,
Whenever I think of these
holdups there's only one way
To put a stop to them, railroad
through that territory.
I understand how you feel.
I can't build a railroad
for you just to stop
A few penny-ante highwaymen
from robbing the stagecoach.
It may be penny-ante to you,
but it isn't to me.
My bank has money tied up
in the comstock area,
The richest area in the country.
You do as I tell you,
And you'll have more business
than you can handle.
Well, maybe so,
But right now
the central pacific
Is in no position
to take on a job like that.
How about it, ed?
I've checked over
the map.
We can handle this
from Reno to Carson city.
From there to Virginia city
would be prohibitive.
But that's why
I need it the most.
That's where holdups occur.
It's perfect bandit country.
On this terrain,
it would take
15 Miles of track
to cover every 2 Miles.
My advice
is to forget it, sir.
I didn't come here
for advice.
I'll make a deal with you.
We'll handle the strip from Reno
to Carson city if you'll build
The tracks from Virginia city
to Carson city first.
If you think it's such a good
investment for us,
It ought to be a good one
for your bank.
Lend me one of your engineers,
and I'll do it.
I need my staff
right where they are,
But I know a good man...
Jeff Kincaid.
If he's so good,
why isn't he still with you?
He said it was getting
too civilized around here.
Last I heard, he was in Panama
putting in the shortest
Nastiest little roadbed
in the world across the isthmus.
I understand he's back.
Got in last week.
Sounds more like an adventurer
than an engineer.
He's an engineer, all
right. Don't worry about that.
But he's also,
shall we say, independent.
- Henry?
- Yes, sir?
- Jeff Kincaid's in town.
- Yes, sir.
- Find him.
- Ye...
Where shall I look
for him, sir?
- Well, you know him, don't you?
- Yes, sir.
Well, then you know
where to look.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Kincaid?
Excuse me.
Mr. Kincaid!
Mr. Kincaid. Mr. Kincaid.
Mr. Kincaid.
I'm glad I found you. I've been
looking all over town for you.
I have a very important
That'll teach you
to say I'm no lady!
Mr. Kincaid.
Hey, you can go now.
Just when I was
getting comfortable.
- Hello, daley.
- Hello, Jeff.
- Did you bail me out?
- Mr. Crocker.
Nice of you.
What happened to you?
You did.
Sorry, son.
Let's go. Mr. Crocker
wants to see you.
How much did it cost
to bail me out?
- $20.
- Got enough for one more?
Sure, but Mr. Crocker
told me to be sure...
This is for that blonde lady
down at the end,
of Mr. Charles Crocker.
I found him. Here he is.
Hello, Jeff.
How do you feel?
Proud as I look.
Thanks for bailing me out.
- You broke?
- Flat.
Good. He's your man.
This is William Sharon.
He wants you
to build him a railroad.
The fact is I may not
be ready to start.
Don't be a fool. When I
recommend a man for a tough job,
I know what
I'm talking about.
Thanks, Mr. Crocker,
but I don't want it.
- You don't know what it is.
- You said it was tough.
- All I have to know to say no.
- You've changed.
Ever spend six months
Pushing a track
through a swamp
With mosquitoes
as big as your fist?
Let me know whenever you
need a good office man. Thanks.
Daley was right.
It wouldn't work anyway.
Too many mountains to go around
between Carson and Virginia.
Why do you want to build a
railroad in that desolate place?
- That's my business.
- What's your route?
That's the trouble.
There isn't any.
All you have is a whole range
of granite mountains.
There's the big one,
right there.
- How do you know that country?
- I was born there.
You never
told me that.
You never asked me. I haven't
been back in 10 years,
But I remember that baby
sticking up all by itself.
That was my first
engineering job.
My kid brother and I swiped
a couple of pickaxes and started
To tunnel through it. Broke the
handles before we got 2 feet in
And got a licking to boot.
Always said I'd come back
someday and finish the job.
- How does it look?
- Just as dead as when I left.
- You had a brother here?
- Half brother.
You can look him up
and meet me later.
Haven't seen him for 10 years.
I can wait till I get a shave.
As head of the family I've got
to make a good impression.
How do you spell
How do you spell
Look it up for yourself
so you'll remember it.
You're not fooling me.
You don't know yourself.
I wish dad would use
shorter words in his editorials,
Or else learn how
to spell the long ones.
That's the beauty
of owning your own paper.
Nobody can edit
my copy.
You're not supposed to
hear that.
I... N...
Look, it's Jeff!
Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't
mean to. I just got so excited.
That's all right.
I'm afraid I don't...
Susan Mitchell.
Don't you remember me?
No. Why,
I can't believe it.
What do you expect me to do,
stay 13 all my life?
Hello, Jeff.
- Alan.
- Welcome home.
Say, you filled out.
Well, people change
in 10 years.
You haven't.
I knew you right away.
I had such a crush on you. I was
always trying to impress you.
Give me your coat.
I'll get the stain off.
There's plenty of time. I'm
going to be around for a while.
Wonderful. Will you have
dinner with us tonight?
Soon as I get cleaned up.
See you later.
So you've still
got a crush on him.
Don't be silly.
That was kid stuff.
That was quite
a reception.
That was my brother
and a girl I used to know.
Used to?
She was 13 when I left.
Wore pigtails down to here.
She doesn't anymore.
ROOM 204
I'm not asking anybody
to put up any money.
I just wanted you to know
what was going on.
In other words,
you hope we like it,
Whether we like it or not.
Is that it?
- Not exactly, Zeke.
- That's what it sounds like.
In the first place
it doesn't affect you.
You wanted to get the story
firsthand for your paper.
Anything that happens to this
town, that's my business.
Afraid you're all ahead of me.
- Hello, Davis.
- Hello, big guy.
Sorry I'm late.
Got held up at the mine.
What's this all about?
I'm going to put in a railroad
to Virginia city.
I was just telling him
I'm against it.
I'm tired of these
so-called champagne bandits.
I want my gold to go through,
I'm going to see that it does.
Perhaps if you increased
the reward money.
I personally offered
to put up $5,000.
That didn't do it.
This is the only solution.
I'm surprised you aren't
in favor of it.
- It'll bring in more people.
- What kind of people?
Roughnecks, thugs,
claim jumpers.
That doesn't
necessarily follow.
We have a peaceful town.
Should be kept that way.
Open it up, and you'll
have another dodge city,
Where a decent woman can't
step outdoors after sundown.
Is that what you want
for your families?
That's a pretty
one-sided picture.
What happens
to my stagecoach lines?
We can't stop
the clock, Henry.
The railroad
is faster and safer.
My bank has an investment
to protect.
I have a contract
with Henry dodson.
I intend to honor it,
railroad or no railroad.
And my paper's going to
fight against it.
I think you're making
a mistake.
- We'll see.
- I'm with you.
Afraid I'll have to stay
with my friends.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
Now if the rest
of you will stay,
I'll go into more detail.
Thanks, John.
I won't forget this.
What are friends for?
Sharon's not
in San Francisco now.
He'll find out I swing
some weight here, too.
- Thanks, Zeke.
- Anything I can do, Zeke?
Read the paper
If that deal goes through,
we'll be out of business.
- It won't.
- What are you going to do?
Never fight your own battles
when you get somebody else to.
Only thing that's going
to stop Sharon's a. 45.
He's got a long way to go.
Must be a fascinating life...
New places, new people.
Always something different
around the corner.
You make it sound a lot better
than it seems at the time.
You must enjoy it,
or you wouldn't do it.
Maybe he just hasn't
found anything better.
I guess that's about it.
Well, I must be going.
Dad will be sorry
he missed you.
Give him my best.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
Didn't come out very well.
Oh, forget it.
It'll get a lot dirtier
before I'm through.
- Mr. Mitchell.
- Jeff.
- Glad to see you.
- Wish I could say the same.
- Dad?
- Nothing personal.
I just don't like
what you're here for.
What's wrong with it?
Lots of things.
Susan, will you take this
downstairs and set it up?
"Proposed railroad threat
to Carson city. "
Why is it a threat?
This will be a different town
if you put a railroad in here.
It could stand
a little waking up.
I like the way it is.
Growing pains are always
a little tough,
But you can't get
to be an adult without them.
Depends what you mean
by being an adult.
I don't judge a man
just by his size.
You got a good point there,
Mr. Mitchell.
Good night, sir.
Thanks for dinner.
Don't sound so formal.
I've got to get used
to you being grown-up.
Wait a minute.
I'll walk down with you.
Good night, Susan.
Good night, Mr. Mitchell.
Good night, Alan.
I don't think that was a very
nice way to greet him.
We're on different sides
of the fence, that's all.
- He understands.
- Well, I don't.
Look, it's late. You better
hurry up with that copy.
So you're
a newspaper man now.
Yeah. Not much by your
standards, but I like it.
That's what
they pay off on.
I thought it might be hard for
you to understand how a man
Could be satisfied
to stay in one place.
You wanted to see what was on
the other side of the Mountain.
Both sides
are pretty much alike.
The way I figure it,
You got everything
you want right here.
Not much sense
looking anywhere else.
Of course, it doesn't
make a man out
To be a very
dashing figure.
You're on the right track,
kid. Stay on it.
- I intent to.
- Remember, I'm on your side.
Come on in.
I'll buy you a drink.
No, thanks. Glad to have
you back, Jeff. Goodnight.
Good night.
Maybe you can go
with dodson, but I can't.
If the railroad guarantees
delivery at cheaper rates,
I have to go along.
- Beer.
- Right.
"Champagne bandits. "
Pretty fancy title
for a bunch of holdup men.
From what I hear, they're
a pretty fancy bunch.
You the fellow that came
to town with Sharon?
My name's Davis.
At our mine owners
meeting just now,
Sharon's been telling us
about this railroad idea.
Glad to know you.
I'm Jeff Kincaid.
This is Dave Fairchild,
Ben Roberts, and Jim squires.
I understand
you're the engineer.
That's right.
You really think
you can put it through?
I don't see anything
that can stop us.
What about the terrain?
It's pretty rugged country.
That's what
makes it interesting.
Are you against it, too?
Might say
for ethical reasons.
I have a contract
with the stagecoach line.
The owner's a friend. Nothing
in the book against my buying
A drink for the opposition,
Thanks, but Sharon's waiting
for me. We've some work to do.
Don't you go tell him
I tried to bribe you.
No, but I'll keep it in mind.
Goodnight, gentlemen.
Nice fellow.
We better be going.
It would make it easier for me
if you learned how to smile.
You do the smiling.
Being nice to guys
like this is your idea.
Only this time,
it ain't going to work.
You never believe my way will
work, but it always does.
We've never run up against
guys like this before.
We'll still play it
my way first.
"Plans revealed at a meeting."
Set off number two.
I've seen hard rock in my day,
but never anything like this.
Wait till we get
those automatic drills.
Go back!
Go back!
It's a woman!
Get back! Get back!
Yah! Back!
If I'm not being
too curious...
Are you all right?
I guess so. I just didn't expect
so violent a greeting.
We do things big
out here.
I've really got the touch,
haven't I?
First time I see you,
I ruin your jacket,
And then a whole Mountain
blows up on me.
- What's the matter?
- My ankle.
Our horses are halfway
back to town.
All right, put your arm
around my shoulder.
What were you
doing out here?
Looking for news.
You nearly made some.
I might as well confess.
I didn't come out here
looking for a story.
I came to find out why
you've been avoiding me.
Got the feeling
your father didn't exactly
Have the welcome mat
out for me.
I'm not talking
about my father.
I've been pretty busy.
You don't work at night.
I thought your evenings
would be taken up.
With Alan? We're good friends.
We've grown up together...
Do all your good friends
kiss you good night?
Why, that was just a peck
on the cheek, like this.
You don't call that
a real kiss, do you?
- Or do you?
- I stumbled.
Ah, here comes the wagon.
- Next time I come...
- There won't be any next time.
Why? Just who are you
protecting with all this?
Alan and me, or yourself?
Let's say everybody.
If that fuse would have been
a half-inch shorter,
You two would have been covering
a lot of territory now.
This is hardrock haggerty,
my foreman.
- Glad to meet you.
- Howdy, ma'am.
I'll drive her home.
You're a mighty lucky girl,
That's a matter
of opinion.
- Think you can walk on it?
- It's all right now.
But you better see
the doctor anyway.
It's already been treated.
Giddyap! Go.
Hello, Kincaid.
I hear about you putting a
tunnel through the Mountain?
We aren't going to have
the privilege of being turned
Into a bustling Metropolis
for several years, then.
Sorry to disappoint you, but
it'll only take a few months.
We're going to use
automatic drills.
Automatic drills?
Yeah, something new.
Work by compressed air.
They'll be here
in a few days.
Come out next week
and take a look.
Well, I guess
that does it,
But I've started over
I guess I ain't too old
to start someplace else.
Looks as if your newspaper
Hadn't quite the influence
we thought it had.
As long as I've got ink to print
it, I'm going to keep on trying.
You can't fight
an automatic drill
With a printing press,
I'm afraid that's right.
All right, let's go.
- All right, get down.
- Whoa.
Get down.
I ain't hauling
any gold or silver.
Nothing back there
but machinery.
Never mind about that.
Get down.
Sure, I'll get down.
All right, get him
back in the wagon.
Pick him up.
Throw him up in there.
Hurry up.
Get out of the way.
All right,
get them out of here!
Head them down that hill
and cut them loose!
All right, fellas.
Come on, push!
Come this way.
All right, push!
Let's go.
It's got to be someplace.
A whole wagonload of drills
just can't disappear.
Too big a load.
That kingpin
must have busted.
It's a good thing these things
were built rugged.
We'll be able to salvage
the most of them.
Here he is.
Looks like he was trying
to crawl.
And trying
to write something, too.
"S-o-u... "
"S-o-u"... South?
Well, whatever it is, we ain't
going to find out now.
"Sharing the attitude
of your editor is a. J. Davis,
"One of Carson city's
most prominent
"And respected citizens, and
partner with Jim squires"...
I don't think he's such
a good ad for your side.
You don't agree
with me, do you?
As you're so fond of saying,
quote, "I disapprove"
"Of what you say,
but I'll defend to the death
Your right to say it,"
- Here, I'll set it up.
- No, you go on to bed.
I want to check over this
article about the accident.
Oh, the freight wagon?
They never figured out what
the driver was trying to write?
No. I guess it will
always be a mystery.
Good night, dad.
Good night, dear.
Don't stay up too late.
What could it be?
What could it be?
Well. "Sharing the attitude
of your editor, comma",
"Is a. J. Davis,
one of Carson city's"
"Most prominent
and respected citizens, comma,"
"And partner with Jim squi... "
Driver Killed in Freight
Wagon Accident
Is Mr. Davis around?
Haven't seen him around
all evening.
He must be
out to his mine.
What'll you have,
the usual?
Lost something?
I-I was just looking
for Mr. Davis.
All right. Walk this way.
Where do you think
you're going?
I heard there was a shindig
going on in town.
You're staying here.
Say, what are you
so worried about?
I told you that driver
recognized me.
what else was I to do,
Let him go
and spread the word in town?
Besides, everybody thinks
it was an accident.
Let's keep it that way.
What else is there
to do out here?
Besides, I don't notice you
Spending any more time
out here than you have to.
You're the miner, I'm not.
All right, you,
get up there.
I'll take it.
Hello, Zeke.
Hello, a. J.
He said he wanted
to see you.
That's all right.
He's a friend of mine.
Come in.
We'll finish going over
those balance sheets later on.
All right.
See you later.
Well, I, uh, I didn't want
to interrupt
If... if you were
talking business.
Forget it. Sit down.
Sorry you got
such a tough reception
Out there, Zeke,
But with all this banditry
going on,
We got to be careful.
What's on your mind?
Well, I-i heard something
in town
That I thought
you ought to know about.
You remember those letters
That the freight wagon
driver wrote... s-o-u?
Well, somebody got to
fiddling around
With a pencil,
and he figured
That, uh, if the "o"
was a capital "q,"
It might be the beginning
of squires' name.
That sounds
pretty far-fetched.
Yeah, that's what
I told the folks,
But you know
how people are.
I thought I'd tip you off,
just in case.
I appreciate it, Zeke.
Still, if somebody
Really wanted
to make something out of it,
Jim squires was working here
at the mine all that day.
Oh, well, fine.
Well, I guess I better
be getting on, then.
What's your hurry?
Well, it's...
It's getting late,
And I'm not as young
as I once was, you know.
Good night.
I thought you didn't
go in for gunplay.
Wake up.
Dad, wake up. It's morning.
It's morning. Wake up.
Uncle Henry.
I heard
about your father.
I'm sorry I couldn't
get back from Reno
In time for the funeral.
- Any new developments?
- Not a thing.
- Sure does beat all.
- What are you hauling?
Rail sections.
Somebody's got to haul
their freight for them.
I figured I might as well
get all I can
Before they put me
out of business.
I'll be over and see you just
as soon as I get this delivered.
How about a drink
before we get back?
Wait a minute.
I've been wanting
to talk to you.
Haven't you done enough?
I hear there's
talk around town
Blaming the railroad
for what happened.
Does that surprise you?
I've checked up
on all my men.
They've all accounted for
where they were that night.
They wouldn't lie to you.
Alan, please take me
back home.
You don't really believe
we had anything to do with it?
My father didn't have an enemy
in the world until this started,
But he fought the railroad,
and he was killed.
- What else should I think?
- That answers your question?
Come on.
Now I think
I'll have that drink.
That's more like it.
Mitchell didn't say
what was on his mind
When he came here
looking for me?
Just asked
if you'd been around.
Wish he'd found me. Maybe
this wouldn't have happened.
Nobody in this town
had anything against him.
It was
that railroad crowd.
They wanted to shut him up.
I think we ought
to run them out.
You can't
just take the law
Into your own hands
without proof.
What do you want
to do,
Wait till they kill
somebody else?
I think we've waited
long enough.
Speak of the devil.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Two whiskeys.
Wait a minute,
Railroad money's
no good in here.
New rule?
We put it in
when Mitchell got killed.
Are you going to bring
that bottle,
Or do I have to get it?
I got a right
to refuse service.
Let it go, hardrock.
Come on, we're leaving.
If you know
what's good for you,
You'll keep right on going.
I'm trying to keep the lid on.
Don't force your luck.
I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you!
Now get on out of town
before I...
Don't do that
unless you can back it up.
And get this,
all of you...
Any time you've got evidence
that a railroad man
Had anything to do
with Mitchell's killing,
I'll be the first
to bring him in. Until then,
I'll keep out of your way,
and you'll keep out of mine.
Watch it.
What's the matter,
afraid of getting dirty?
How'd you like to have
a nice cold glass of beer?
I forgot
what it tastes like.
I'm going to town.
I'm going to town!
Anybody coming with me?
Nope, I'm not
supposed to...
Bring us some beer.
Yeah, sure.
And set up a bottle
of whiskey with them.
Hey, you, have a drink.
No, thanks.
I offered
to buy you a drink.
We don't want a drink.
Why don't you go
back where you belong?
I like it here better.
Any objections?
Come on, jeb.
Have a beer!
Next time somebody offers
to buy you a drink...
All right, boys,
party's over.
The party's not over
for you.
Let's get back to camp.
We signed on here
to build a railroad.
What we do after working hours
is our own business.
I made a deal with the town.
I intend to keep it.
We'll be back to work
tomorrow, not before.
All right, then,
We'll do it the hard way.
Everybody, back to camp.
Give him a hand.
Send me the bill.
"Railroad workers
terrorize town.
"Saloon wrecked in brawl.
"Once again,
Carson city has cause
"To regret the presence
of the railroad.
"As predicted by
the late owner of this paper,
It has brought with it
nothing but trouble. "
Don't you think you're
being a little unfair?
I wouldn't have
written it if I did.
Jeff was only trying
to stop it.
You know that.
I think it's about time
we got something settled.
We made an agreement that you
were to run the paper. I just...
I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about you and me.
I know I've never said
anything about it before,
But, well, I just figured
Someday maybe
you and I would...
Alan, don't.
Oh, I know this isn't the time
or place to ask you, but...
It isn't that.
It's just that...
Well, I've never thought
of you that way.
We've grown up together.
You've always seemed
more like a...
I'm sorry, Alan.
I don't mean to hurt you.
I thought you always felt
the same way about me.
- I had no idea.
- Well, never mind.
We've always been honest
with each other.
You wouldn't want me
any other way, would you?
Why don't you be honest?
Why don't you tell the truth?
Didn't feel this way
before Jeff came back.
That has nothing
to do with it.
You fell all over yourself
when he came into town.
I wish I'd never
laid eyes on him.
That doesn't mean
I would have married you.
I don't believe it.
Everybody in town
knew you were my girl.
I think you've said
just about enough.
Am I also fired
from my job?
That's up to you.
I need you here,
But you don't have to stay
if you don't want to.
Where can I find
Jeff Kincaid?
That tent over there.
Hello, Alan.
Glad to see you. Sit down.
I didn't come here
to visit.
Read that.
It just came out.
Why show it to me?
I just wanted you
to know where I stand.
I've been getting an idea
of where you stood
For some time now.
It hasn't seemed
to bother you any.
I'm getting paid
to do a job.
If that's the way you see it,
well, that's your job.
Isn't it a little late
to be so tolerant?
You're talking about Mitchell,
I don't know more than you do.
I made that clear
last time I saw you.
Yeah. It doesn't go over
any better with Susan.
Let's leave her
out of it, shall we?
You've been trying
to undermine me
Ever since you got here.
I'm not doing but get
a railroad built.
You're a liar.
If you weren't my brother,
I'd call you on that.
Only a half brother,
but don't let that stop you.
I don't know what happened
between you and Susan,
But I didn't have anything
to do with it.
Not much.
The big engineer...
Big talk about Panama,
San Francisco.
I'm just the guy
that's been here all along.
I have enough trouble without
having to wipe your nose.
If you're such a good man,
grow up and act like one.
All right,
I'll start now.
Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Get out.
Hello, Kincaid.
Just a minute.
That's got it.
Hello, Mr. Sharon.
I was going to send you
a wire tonight.
We ought to be punching
through here.
That's not all you've been
punching lately.
Davis sent this to me.
There's enough bad feeling
against us in town already
Without something
like this happening.
Don't believe everything.
It wasn't that bad.
I got you out of jail
to do this job.
One more episode like this,
you'll end up back there.
It would be a relief.
You seem to think
there's something amusing
About being involved
in a barroom brawl.
Better check the tunnels.
We're getting too much seepage.
Check the other one.
See if they've got it, too.
Other one?
What other one?
We're tunneling in
from both sides. Look.
Here we are.
Here's the other one
coming in along the same axis.
How do you know
they'll meet?
Is that standard
engineering practice?
Will be someday.
My bank isn't interested
in financing experiments.
Let's understand
each other, Mr. Sharon.
You hired me
to build this railroad.
I either do it my way,
or get another engineer.
I don't seem to have
very much choice now.
That's what I figured.
I want to see
this other tunnel.
Hardrock, show Mr. Sharon
the other tunnel.
All right, Jeff.
There's a new one
started over there.
It's coming in back here. It
started a couple of hours ago.
We've tapped underground
water. Get some pumps.
Is it all right
to keep on drilling?
Let's shore it up first.
Give me a hand.
Isn't that seepage
No more than the rest
of the job.
I must say...
Come back!
Let's get help.
Come on, get out of there!
- We're trapped.
- Shut up.
If the roof holds,
we'll be all right.
And if it doesn't,
There's nothing we can do
about it anyway.
There's been a landslide
at tunnel number one!
Kincaid and his crew
are trapped!
The landslide
covered the entrance!
You've got to go in after them
through tunnel number one.
It would take too long
to get through that landslide.
We'll work through tunnel
number two. Let's get going!
Ride into town.
Get all the help you can get.
Come on!
Let's go!
There's been a landslide
at the tunnel!
Kincaid and some of the men
are trapped!
We need all the help
we can get!
George, what happened?
Landslide blocked the tunnel.
They need help.
Was anybody inside?
Kincaid and some of the others.
They're trying to dig them out.
down at the tunnel!
- Alan, did you hear that?
- Yeah, I heard it.
Well, aren't you
going out to help?
must have been broken.
This thing won't do us any good.
Let's get it out of the way.
The air in here will last
a couple of days.
We got plenty of water. Start
working here to meet haggerty.
How do you know he's coming
through this way?
Suppose he tries to come in
from the outside.
If he does,
I'll fire him.
Conserve the oil
in the lamp.
Don't move around any more
than you have to.
Come on,
we're wasting time.
I want 150 pounds of pressure.
Tie that safety valve down.
- What can we do?
- Grab shovels and get inside.
If it were me, I'd still try to
reach him from the other side.
I ain't you.
Give me that drill!
Can I help?
He can use all the help
we can get.
Tell me the truth.
Is there a chance?
Sure, there's a chance.
There's always a chance.
Hear anything?
I'll be all right.
Too soon.
Maybe there ain't
anything to hear.
Keep digging.
If you ask me...
I didn't.
- Take a break, ed.
- Thanks.
I got to get back
to work.
All right,
next shift.
What do you think?
I think I'd like
a big, fat, juicy steak.
Thanks. Been up all night.
Why don't you get some sleep?
I'm all right.
I'll get you some food.
I think I hear something.
I thought...
And it's only the water.
Ha ha ha.
Let's go. Back to work.
Come on.
How's it going?
If Kincaid's figures are right,
we should be pretty close.
You realize, don't you,
that if this shaft
Is one-half a degree out
of line, you'll go right on by?
That's right.
She ain't going to take
much more.
You've got one job.
Just keep them drills going.
Everybody, lie down and don't
move except when you have to.
We better save
what oxygen we got left.
I always knew
I'd get it someday,
But not like this in a rotten,
lousy, stinking place.
They made it!
We're out!
You've been at it
a long time.
Get a breather.
I'll take over.
I'm all right.
Hey, we broke through!
Hey, we're through!
We made it!
Hold it.
We made it.
We broke through.
Everybody all right?
you're beautiful.
Get hogan.
Good work,
Well, looks like
you've joined the crew.
A general misconception banker's
good to count his money.
- Not anymore there isn't.
- Jeff, I'm so glad.
anybody hurt outside?
Three hurt, two dead.
Wilson and hildebrand
were caught in a landslide.
- Where did it start?
- About halfway up.
We've been too busy
down here to check on it.
- Check on it now.
- Now?
See you later.
Sometimes I think
engineers are crazy.
Look at that.
It was solid rock.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have
started the tunnel over there.
What have you got
on your mind?
That's what I came up here
to find out.
This is about
where it started.
There it is.
Drill hole.
Powder burns.
Maybe that freight wagon
was no accident, either.
You got any idea
who did it?
No, but until I find out, they
are not going to get chances.
- Have any trouble on the way?
- All clear.
Get them out
to the assembly camp.
The mechanics are waiting
to put them together.
Okay. Yah!
One more trip,
and all those extra wagons
Will be paid for.
Construction Ahead of Schedule.
- Give me two.
- Stop the game, boys.
I'm tired of playing
for matches anyway.
When are we
going to get paid?
Next week, when
the railroad's finished.
What are we going to do,
buy stock in it?
I've been talking to some
of the mine owners.
They've been holding
the bullion back
Till they can ship it
by rail.
There'll be more gold
on that train
Than a dozen stagecoaches
could carry.
It'll be the biggest haul
we've ever made.
We can't go around
holding up trains.
We can get away
with it once.
That's all we need.
This is the big one.
Everybody in town
will be on that train.
There'll be guards...
Leave that to me.
We'll split into four groups.
You and Steve
will go with me.
Frosty, you and Evans
will work together.
Bert, you'll be in charge
of the main party.
Clem, you'll catch up
with us later
Up at stony pass
with the supplies.
- Why pick me for that?
- That's what I worked it out.
Biting off
a pretty big chew.
You've been squawking
about getting out of here.
Well, you can do it now.
One more job,
and we're set for life.
No more rotten food,
Crummy rooms,
stupid people.
I can live
like a gentleman should.
I'll travel to Paris, Rome,
anywhere I want to go.
Yeah, if it works.
It will.
To the railroad.
Leading citizens from both towns invited.
People certainly have
short memories.
A while back, they wouldn't
let a railroad man in town.
Hello, Susan.
I'm glad you're here.
It's my job.
In case it slipped
your mind, her father
Used to run the newspaper
before he was murdered.
I haven't forgotten that
for one moment.
Well, it's your big day.
Don't let us keep you
from your friends.
I've taken a lot from you.
Don't press your luck.
Ain't you going along?
I just build them.
This is for sightseers.
Everybody I invited showed up
except Davis. He's a hard loser.
All aboard!
See you later!
Let me know where you're
going to build the next one.
I got to keep
those new wagons busy.
I wonder why Davis
is still holding out.
Who knows why Davis
does anything?
I thought the only reason
he was against us
Was loyalty to you when
he thought the railroad
Put you out of business.
If I had depended on him,
I'd have gone broke.
What happened
between you and him?
Nothing. That's just it.
All that talk he made about
always shipping with me,
Railroad or no railroad,
was just talk.
I haven't seen
one ounce of his bullion
Since you came here.
He used to be
my best customer, too.
All through the holdups
and all that,
He never missed
a shipment any time.
And then you came along,
and he's stockpiling
Waiting for you fellows to
finish so he can ship with you.
He isn't shipping
with us.
He must have some other reason
for fighting with you fellows.
That's what I'm thinking.
- Hey, w-what about our drink?
- Later.
Drop that gun.
- Come on, get down.
- This is private property.
You got no right
busting in here.
Where's Davis?
I don't know.
Where are you going
with these supplies?
It's none
of your business.
Talk pretty tough for a man
with a price on his head.
There's a reward for you
champagne bandits.
You can't tie me in with them.
I'm doing my job.
So were a lot of people
when they got killed...
Freight wagon driver,
two of my men
In the landslide,
and Mitchell.
I had nothing to do
with that.
I get paid
for guarding this mine.
This mine's phony,
and you know it. Go ahead.
- Where to?
- You'll find out.
What did we
come up here for?
That's my crew.
Ask you questions about my men
getting killed in the landslide.
Get going.
Come on, Robbie.
Quicker we break camp
and get it loaded,
The sooner we get home.
You don't have to say
that twice. Take it.
You got
a visitor, boys.
Thought you'd like
to meet one of the men
for the landslide.
I thought he was one
of Jack Davis' miners.
They've got a sideline...
Robbing stagecoaches
and a few murders.
What are you
trying to do?
Come here, you.
We'll give him a fair
trial, won't we, boys?
We'll hang him legal
After we're through
with him.
Let me have a crack
at him.
I didn't kill anybody.
It's Davis you want.
I told you,
it's Davis you want.
Maybe so, but you're
the only one we got.
- He's on the train.
- You're lying.
I just came from Carson city.
He wasn't on the train.
He's getting on
in Virginia city.
They're going to hold it up
on the way back.
Beyond the big cut.
All the men are there.
I was meeting
'em afterwards.
Men, now's your chance to get
even with all of them.
Hey, give me that gun
and holster.
See that he stays here.
That's the biggest
shipment of bullion
Ever went
out of Virginia city.
I'll be glad
when it's in the bank.
I've got guards in there and two
more up in the engine cab.
Well, I guess that does it.
All right, let's go.
Gentlemen, after you. We have
to treat the customers right.
You two stay here
on this platform.
This is the richest sofa
I ever sat on.
It sure is.
- Well, this is wonderful.
- Certainly is.
Enjoy yourselves,
Good morning.
Good morning, Susan, Alan.
Davis, too.
I never thought
I'd see him on this train.
Glad you changed
your mind, Davis.
I happened to be
in Virginia city,
So I thought I'd take advantage
of your kind invitation.
How do you like it?
I must say it has
certain advantages.
I knew you'd come around.
Here. Help yourself
to champagne.
It's a little trick
I learned from the outlaws.
Had some good ideas
at that.
Ha ha ha.
A lovely trip.
This is wonderful, isn't it?
Yes, indeed.
I didn't see any of your golden
elephant shipments up there.
I thought
I'd look it over first.
This is quicker,
cheaper, and safer.
- What more do you want?
- Maybe you're right.
If I were you, I'd get that
champagne before it's gone.
He's probably putting it
on our freight bill anyway.
That's right.
Susan, is everything
all right?
Yes, thank you.
He can be very jovial
now that he's won,
But I'm surprised
at you joining in.
It doesn't do any good
to stay bitter.
It doesn't change things,
like dad or anything else.
What do you mean?
There was no need
to behave the way you did
Towards Jeff when we got
on the train.
For a girl who wished
she never saw him again,
You do a lot of
sticking up for him.
You're in love with him,
and you know it.
- Mind keeping your voice down?
- I don't care who hears me.
Well, I do.
- What are you doing?
- Get back in there!
Stop! Stop!
Get back!
You little fool!
Keep her moving!
I'll tell you when to stop!
Pile the wood
by the door.
Hey, what about them?
We'll leave them.
They can't do any harm.
That ain't the way
you felt about Mitchell.
Shut up.
Open the door.
Hurry up and get
this stuff out of here.
Kincaid's men!
Let's get out of here!
Where do you think
you're going?
Don't be a fool. There's enough
here for both of us.
Wait a minute.
This horse has gone lame.
What are you doing?
He can't carry me
and the gold both.
That's right.
There's a pass a mile
or so from here.
Jeff, look out!
They make it awful tough
for a fellow
To try to apologize
to his brother.
And it's time you live up
to your end of the bargain
And put in the road
from Carson city to Reno!
You'll break
this lamp yet, will.
I'll have to, to get
some action around here.
I'm just as anxious
as you are.
When we get this section built,
we'll have a direct line
From Virginia city
to San Francisco.
I haven't been able
to locate...
Come in.
I found him...
I mean them.
I know why you sent for me,
and it's no use.
We just stopped in
to say goodbye...
Who does he think's putting in
track between Carson and Reno?
Not me. I promised Susan
a real honeymoon.
We're going to have one.
If you have an opening
For a good office man,
that's something else.
Not now. I wanted to
give you first crack
At finishing this job, but I
guess anybody can handle it.
As you said,
there's nothing to it.
We'll just follow
the natural bend of the wash.
Do it right.
Here's your best drainage.
It may take
a little long...
Oh, no,
Not this time.
The train leaves
in 25 minutes.
We're not going to be on it,
are we, honey?
Of course not, dear.