Carter & June (2017) Movie Script

(skateboard rasping)
(rock music)
(crickets chirping)
(ship honking)
[Man] What's up, man?
So how do I know these guys?
You know, know my right.
Would know these
frat boys'd be better
if they weren't too pussy to
the try a real drug.
What do you mean real drugs?
I fuck like a beast when
I'm on that meth, brah.
That's good to know, because?
All right, here they come.
Frat boys, huh?
[Man] These look like the
fuckers I know.
What's up?
Don't tell me, I'm
trying to guess
what frat you guys are in.
How about fuck your mama,
that's what frat we're in.
Hey, where Bobby at?
Bobby's my little
brother, fuckhead.
Well relax, dude.
Bobby's the one who
made the deal with us
so we're wondering where he is.
Now you make the deal with me.
Listen man, you
wanna do business
or you want to stand
around and look tough?
Come on.
Let's do business.
Got the cash?
Give me the molly first.
All right.
It's okay?
(sirens sounding)
Fuck, cops!
Fuck, man, run!
Run, run, run!!
Come on, come on, come on!
Everybody run!
Pleasure doing business
with you gentlemen.
Mr. Jenkins.
Perfect timing
as always, Eddie.
The fuck is this shit?
What, this?
Here, you can have it.
Give it to Linda, maybe
she can make a pie with it.
Don't talk about
my wife, asshole.
We're not friends.
If you ever let me run up on
a bunch of skinheads again
without a warrant, I
will beat your ass.
Sorry, what did you say?
I was just thinking
about your wife's pie.
Fucking smartass.
Fucker, what the fuck, man!?
(screaming over each other)
What the fuck wrong
with you, huh?
Fucking cheat me, huh, cheat me?
How dare you cheat me, huh?
Fuck you, Carter.
I don't trust your ass.
The fuck did you
get nunchucks, man?
Jesus fuck.
(light rock music)
Never have I had
a rational mind
and never have I
been rational inside
My gut, my heart and my head
That's the way
they've always been
(car revving)
You're early.
What are you doing here, Tom,
I have until six
o'clock with him.
You wanna fight
about the difference
between 5:45 and six,
then you can lawyer up.
Hey buddy, you
have to go, okay?
(boy whining)
I know you don't want to go.
No, it doesn't mean
I don't love you.
(boy whining)
You're only acting like this
because you know I can't
afford the custody battle.
[Dad] You can't, can you?
Feeling not ashamed
of what's inside of me
And I will never
Hey, what you say, Dolores?
Carter, where's my 200 bucks?
Next week, promise.
Is he around?
He's in his office.
Cool, I'll just go say hi.
Wait at the bar.
Spot me a Jack on the rocks?
You need to quit
trying me, Carter.
You just think you're
so damn cute, don't you?
[Woman] Hi, Carter!
Hi, darling.
Hey you guys ever get that
raccoon out the house?
[Woman] No.
Oh fuck.
I need you to understand
this is a simple business.
But you can make yourself
a damn fine living
provided you can
convince the hard dicks
who come through here that if
they give you enough money,
you might fuck them.
See that's the common misconception
about the strip business
it's not about tits
or ass or pussy,
it's about the
possibility of pussy.
It's a con, pure and simple.
These hard dick mouth breathers
will buy you cocktails
and cocaine and throw as
much chit at your coochies
you can catch under the pathetic
misguided conception,
maybe tonight
might just be the night
that you go home with them.
That is of course, and this is
the important part, so focus.
You never actually fuck them.
The second you do that, the
power flips, it's all over.
And they won't even buy you
a plan B pill after that.
Now I'm telling you this
because I think you could
be one of the great ones.
You've got the look.
Do you have some daddy issues?
Of course you do, who doesn't?
That doesn't mean you
can't make some cash.
I'm talking real cash
like Bennigan the money
from back in the day, not
the bullshit Applebees crap.
That's only working three
or four shifts a week.
Spencer, what the fuck?
What kind of nonsense
are you filling
my baby's head with?
Oh I'm merely offering
her some fatherly advice.
Lord knows your daddy's not
doing it from prison is he?
Come on baby, let's go
get you a cheeseburger
and some soda pop.
You come back when
you're ready honey,
I'll still be here.
Fuck you Spencer,
she's just a little girl.
That you brought
to a titty bar.
Carter's here.
Is he now?
Oh that bitch better
have my money.
I had your money
in my fucking hands.
That little prick
smacked me in the head
and he took it.
Yeah, can you
fucking believe that?
I mean Jesus Christ?
Whatever happened to
honor among thieves?
So he struck you?
Oh right here?
Yeah, yeah, right, oh fuck!
Your poor choice in partners
is not my concern.
At least when you
worked with June
you had one functioning intellect
between the two of you.
It's funny you mentioned June
because I think she's finally
starting to come around.
Ow, goddammit.
Think I give a fuck about
your couple's counseling?
Okay, okay, okay.
I've made you a lot
of money in the past
and I'll get you the
rest by tomorrow.
I'll come up with
something, I always do.
One day more and
you will pay me
every cent you owe
me, do you understand?
Now you made me late
for my luncheon.
I hate tardiness.
Albert, bring the
car around back!
Is that a new ring you got?
Feels like a new ring.
Tomorrow by noon.
Do you work here?
Sadly, yes, that
is my cross to bear.
I wanna know what the
hell we're supposed to do
with this damn funny money here.
They didn't tell us we
can't change it back
for real money if and we want.
And they say it
don't work in the bar
nor the buffet neither!
Now surely both of you
been in the country fair.
It's the same principle.
That's bullshit.
(tense music)
I just lit that cigarette.
See now they, just
accosted me physically.
You have accosted my finances.
You care hazard a guess
which one offends me more?
I will never
understand the allure
of a titty bar buffet.
Why the fuck are you still here?
Go, steal something.
Albert, where the
fuck have you been?
(phone ringing)
Caitlin, long time no talk.
Carter honey, I'm
gonna be quick about this
but how would you
like to help me steal
half a million dollars?
(mumbling) you serious?
I never joke about money.
Spencer got me a job
working at a bank.
[Carter] Spencer,
he's involved in this?
He planted me there
a couple months ago
to scope the place out and,
now he's gonna make his move.
What do you need me for?
Spencer wants to move me
to Shreveport after the heist
and this pussy I'm working with
wants us to start a
life up there together.
As far as I'm concerned,
married life ain't for me.
I need a man who's a
pro who I can trust.
You help me with the plan, and
the other half is yours.
You want me to
double-cross Spencer?
Well yeah problem is,
it's never that easy.
Whatever, you want
the money or not?
Yeah, okay, all right.
Meet me at Dino's?
No, no, handsome.
We'll discuss this at my place.
No, no, no, no.
Not the dungeon.
I told you, I'm not
really into that.
Who you talking to?
Um, just one of my clients.
He wanted to tell me
his wife is out of town.
I'm thinking about a
Pecan farm in Monroe, baby.
[Albert] Mr. Rabbit,
can I ask you a question?
You already have.
Does this look real to you?
Jesus Christ, Albert,
get that thing out of my car.
I bought it for 20.
I wanna know if
they ripped me off.
Well I don't know.
Why don't you go on to
a field, pull the pin
and if it blows your half
brain Cajun ass to bits
you'll know it's real.
Well that's not very nice.
What gray fuckery is this?
This is the way
you told me to go.
Well does he just
expect me to walk?
[Albert] We could
drive up if you like.
Ah fuck it, I'll walk.
[Albert] You sure?
That's fine.
I just wish the prick
bastard had told me.
I'd have worn different boots.
Well fuck me.
Keep talking.
All you have to do is
distract homeboy enough
for me to sneak in and
switch the envelopes
and then hit the silent
alarm if everything goes down
and we'll let the cops
come in and they'll
get rid of the competition.
Think you can handle that?
What if to distract him,
he takes me into the vault
and rapes me?
Okay, whatever, Caitlin,
whatever game you have to play,
just distract him somehow.
Just keep him out of
our way long enough.
Trust me.
Once I get a hold
of a man's junk,
I can make him do anything.
It's like my superpower.
I know, okay I believe you.
But in the meantime,
we need to come
to an understanding.
Wait, what are you?
Hang on, you said whoah,
you said you were gonna
give me a light spanking.
I didn't say spanking.
I said paddling.
And who said
anything about light?
Oh, fuck!
(gun firing)
[Spencer] Hello, boys.
You know the
drill, Mr. Rabbit.
Are you kidding?
This is my favorite part.
Ooh, careful, that's a 38.
(gun firing)
Cockeyed piece of shit.
(gun firing)
Reed, what the hell
are we doing out here?
I thought we were
having a proper lunch.
I'm famished.
Boy, you look like a
goddamn Mardi Gras float.
Well I dressed
down for you today.
Nobody will respect me as
the Commissioner of the Force
if they knew I fraternize with,
well, people like you.
(gun firing)
Son of a bitch!
Yes, they did get away
from you, didn't they?
Well, you think
you can do better?
Well I could give it a go.
Get him a gun.
[Man] Yes sir.
Thank you.
(gun firing)
You keep both eyes open
when you fire a shotgun.
The trick is to not overthink it
much like most things in life.
Just a little friendly advice.
Shut up and give
me my damn money.
Looks like you're about
10 grand short here.
It's a slow week at the club.
You'll get the rest of
your money by Monday.
I better.
You got no idea how much it cost
to be respectable
at this day and age.
Oh I know buying you and your
boys cannot be cheap.
You damn skippy
it ain't cheap.
These things looking
the other way
when you're unloading
the shipment.
And do I need to remind you
that longshoremen are union?
And so are the truck drivers
that look the other way
when some whiskey falls off
the back of their truck?
I'm well aware of
the sway you feel
you hold over me, commissioner.
I feel, do I?
We'll see how much sway I have
when you start applying
for your permits
for that new titty bar
down on the corner.
I got friends everywhere.
You have friends?
Or you have dirt on friends?
Same thing.
So, that'll be ten K by Friday.
And if you want the
permits for those girls
to show their tits
at your new club,
you're gonna give
me a downpayment
on your new bar by Monday.
5,000 and a case of
scotch do the trick?
Try 150, smartass.
But I will take
that case of scotch.
You son of a bitch,
you're serious.
Oh, my, yes sir.
150 by Monday.
Get, go on.
Say hi to dad for me.
My papa never
cheated on my mama!
And he never sired
no bastard queer son!
(gun firing)
This is bad timing.
You are absolutely the last
person I want to see right now.
I just, I need five
minutes, that's it.
I have a job
lined up right now
that can solve all my problems!
[June] You're my
problem, Carter!
I can help you get Ethan back.
I mean it.
Okay, so let me
get this straight.
Commissioner Reed has a
private safe at a bank
with a shit ton of money in it.
And Spencer's gonna
rob it using a hired gun
and an inside man.
[Carter] Correct.
And how do you know
this information?
From Caitlin.
Freaky Caitlin?
How does she know?
She's the inside man.
And how did you
get her to trust you?
Those vaults require two keys.
The first key is easy.
But the second key,
Is a client of Caitlin's.
She made a copy.
I always thought
she was too clever
just to be a stripper.
Yeah, she's clever.
She's also fucking insane.
She's gonna cut my dick off
if I fuck this up for her.
June, just look at
this smug bastard.
He's just begging us
to take his money.
I don't know.
I mean I'm desperate
but, this is,
This is a big score.
You don't know exactly how
much money is in that safe
but there's enough for
Spencer to take a big risk.
I can't do it without you.
So what's the plan?
(light rock music)
[Carter] The plan requires a
briefcase with a false bottom.
One antique clock,
and perfect timing.
Hello, Mr.
[Mr.Freely] How
may I help you?
It's my understanding
that this is the only bank
in New Orleans with
a class four vault.
My client, Mr. Germain Bubli
would like to rent a box
for 48 hours.
Well, we have a very
secure bank vault room
complete with magnetic locks.
That's precisely the degree
of security that we expect.
But our private
banking services require
an account balance of at
least 100,000 dollars.
Mr. Freely.
My client is in possession
of a unique artifact.
Very rare.
You're going to
want to see this.
Right this way.
In here is where we
keep our cash reserves
and our private boxes.
And as you can see, this vault
is absolutely impenetrable.
Pardon the construction.
[Carter] Of course.
Rest assured, there will be
zero compromise to security.
You said Marie
Antoinette owned it?
Yes, and Napoleon.
No, no, no, no! (speaking
in foreign language)
Your breath can contribute
to oxidizing the metal.
Of course.
Well, all of our boxes
here are on a two key system.
The red key is for the client.
And the blue key, which is
kept by bank management.
(rock music)
(guns cocking)
Do you think this will be
sufficient for your needs?
Let's go, everybody
down, get out!
(people shouting)
What in Sam Hell is?
Excuse me for just a moment.
I'll be right back.
(speaking in foreign language)
To the minute.
Just like old times.
I think you telling
him not to breathe on it
really sold it.
Don't even think about it!
Get down on the ground!
Now get your ass over here!
Get down, hurry your ass up!
Let's go, hurry up!
Get down!
(men shouting)
You, get your
ass up, let's go.
Get up, get your ass up!
No, no, please!
No, no, please!
Please don't hurt me, no!
Don't shoot me, don't rape me.
Please, I'm a virgin!
Shut up!
Please don't hurt me!
Please don't hurt me, please!
Please don't hurt me!
Hey, hey, knock this shit off
and open the fucking box.
There's only half a mill here.
Hurry, hurry, come on.
There's an extra three
million in the cash reserve.
Baby you're out of
your fucking mind.
Spencer said...
Do you want your pecan
farm in Monroe, baby, huh?
Come here, come on.
Take it off.
(guns firing)
(woman screaming)
(gun firing in background)
Lord almighty.
Oh, fuck, goddamnit!
Shots fired in New
Orleans Bank And Trust
at the corner of
Common and Crondolette.
[Man On Radio] Roger that,
we're sending SWAT.
Wait for backup.
What the fuck is happening?
I thought these guys were pros.
Police, freeze, nobody move!
(guns firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
There's one more in the vault.
Roger that, I'm going in.
(gun cocking)
Police, nobody move!
(gun firing)
Oh, dear lord.
(breathing heavily)
If I distract the cop,
can you get
the keys from Caitlin.
You sure?
New plan, follow my lead.
Who is that?
We're hostages,
behind the tarp.
[Carter] Hey we're coming
out, do not shoot, okay?
[June] There's two of
us and we're unarmed.
All right, here we come.
What is that?
On the table now, now!
Okay, okay, briefcase.
(breathing heavily)
Who are you?
We heard the shooting
and we hid behind the tarp.
We saw everything.
I killed her!
I killed a hostage.
That's not what we saw.
What we saw was a
horrible killer come
and try to rape that
poor innocent girl
who definitely didn't
want to be raped.
And when she
resisted, he shot her
and you, you saved
us from being next.
That's true.
That's exactly what I saw too.
(sirens in background)
Thank you so
much for saving us!
Thank you so much
for saving our lives.
It was so scary.
Oh, I'm so sorry, are you, oh,
oh, that looks
awful, are you okay?
[Cop] Yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah, code four, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
(slow blues music)
What do you mean
they're all dead?
I thought these
fucksticks were supposed
to be professionals.
Dirty business robbing banks.
Sometimes it pays,
sometimes it doesn't.
How the hell am I supposed
to pay the prick Reed
back by tomorrow?
I don't have that kind of cash.
Use the downpayment on
the new lease, I guess.
Fuck that!
I'm not giving that
asshole my future.
Tell Albert to pull
the car around.
Shouldn't you be
swinging on a pole
or some goddamn thing?
So how's this gonna work?
Did you happen to take a look
at what type of gun
the cop was carrying?
A standard issue Glock, why?
Glock, 40 caliber to be exact.
Did you happen to
see what type of gun
the would be robber
was carrying?
Remington 45 ACP 1911
style, very high end.
Very different bullets,
very different holes.
Ah, holes are important.
Here, he's turning,
don't lose him.
We are witnesses, though.
I mean you think it's
gonna be that easy
just to waltz back in there?
The manager on a
gurney and a big hero cop
leading our way, piece of pie.
I love pie.
[Man] I was under
that 711 sign.
And that's when the
lord came to me.
Oh, is he gonna come to me?
Oh, not yet baby.
When he came to me
I was on the drink.
I was on the drink.
Mhmm, I was on the pipe.
I was on the pipe.
Mhmm I was on my knees.
Oh god, mama,
Jesus, Mary night!
Then he came to me
and he said Lucas,
the world is full of sin.
Oh, it is so full!
And you, as a sinner can
lead the other sinners!
Oh you lead them baby.
You lead them now!
Thank you Jesus.
Thank you.
And so, what else
did God tell you?
That he wants me
to start a church.
A church for sinners
where it's okay to sin
so long as you ask the
Lord for forgiveness
when you're done.
[Both] Forgive me Lord.
You know, a cool church.
Yeah, but don't
all churches do that?
Like ain't they all for sinners?
But they judge you.
Why in this church,
Oh shit, Jason's home.
I got it, I got it.
Honey, baby.
Where you at?
Oh sweet Lord almighty, Jason,
what happened to you?
I committed the
worst sin there is.
Or, no, not that bad.
We need to get back in there
before Reed empties the
safe or changes locks.
Follow my lead.
Always do.
So, you saw my Jason
kill that innocent girl
and you all just lied about it?
Well, listen, it was an
accident, we all know that.
It could happen
to anyone, right?
It could have
happened to anyone.
[Carter] But it's what
you do now that matters.
We wanna help you, Jason.
We wanna help you
make a wonderful thing
out of a terrible thing.
It's all terrible, all of it.
No, it could be
much, much worse.
All the medical
examiner has to do
is take a look at the
ballistics of the gunshots
and your career would be over,
you would be imprisoned
for the rest of your life.
Would you say that
second degree murder
and witness tampering
would land one in Angola?
[Both] Angola?
I certainly would.
She would.
Or very big men will do
very bad things to you.
They hate cops in Angola.
Tell me about it.
[Carter] Officer Twitty.
Young, handsome,
fit, Officer Twitty.
But, there's another way.
[Carter] A better way.
A better way.
A way in which we
would all profit.
And all we need is five
minutes alone in that vault.
You don't even have
to do anything, Jason.
You just walk us in there
and 100,000 dollars
of it is yours.
We'll even talk to our friends
at the coroner's
office and everything.
I hear you Lord.
You do realize that
that's stealing, right?
Well if it helps, don't
look at it like stealing.
Look at it as blackmail.
I'm a police officer.
I'm sworn to uphold the law.
Well technically,
you're also sworn
not to shoot innocent
people in the face.
Hey, you two get the heck
out of my house, right now!
Now Jason!
It is not Christian like
to shout at our guests.
Sit down.
Now, is this 100,000
American Dollars?
Think he'll do it?
There's two types of
women in this world.
Those who would never
give a trucker a rim job
in the bathroom in exchange
for cash and cocaine,
and women like Darlie Mae.
That chick?
Trust me, I know her type.
She's in there right now
leaning on him, promise.
All right.
So, where to?
Separate homes.
I was just thinking.
No, don't think.
Tomorrow's a big day.
All right.
Listen, if all goes well,
maybe, just maybe, we
can go have one drink.
Open the door.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
[June] Yeah, I bet you are.
A drop of something
cheerful, darling.
Okay, they're gone.
I don't know if I can do this.
Yeah but that's an
awful lot of money.
I know.
I got an idea.
How about you go and wash up
and then we can have some dinner
and we can pray over it?
And then maybe if
you're good later
then we can fool around.
Sound good, sugar?
I love you.
You too, babe.
Is he gone?
I just sent him for a shower.
We gotta talk about this.
You gotta make sure
he gets that money.
The Lord told me.
He talked to you again?
While I was in the closet.
He made all this happen
so that we can start
our own church!
Our church?
I'm gonna make
you my Tammy Faye!
Just make sure
he does it, okay?
Now go.
Gimme a kiss, gimme a kiss.
(light rock music)
Hey when you said Twitty
was young, fit, handsome,
Officer Twitty, how...
Oh shit.
(siren sounding)
The usual.
I act drunk and belligerent,
call you a retard
until the cop feels bad
enough to let us go?
Oh, you're out
of practice, baby.
He was waiting for us.
[Jane] Seriously?
Wait a second.
Oh, it's just Eddie.
Who's Eddie?
How you doing, Eddie?
Hey man, got to bring you in.
Questioning and charges?
Pick him up at Eighth and Maple.
Let's go.
Eighth and Maple and Gretna?
That's not police headquarters.
Here we are.
You mention our
little arrangement,
Aw come on, I didn't get
this far by being stupid.
That's debatable.
Mr. Jennings.
I'm Detective
Lieutenant Duke Johnson.
How you doing?
(siren sounding)
Look familiar?
It's hard to tell with the
bullet wound to the head.
Let me see if I can help you.
Her name is, was,
Caitlin Jackson.
She worked at a bar
called the Rabbit Hole.
At the same time your girlfriend
Miss O'Malley was there.
I don't know if you've ever
been to the Rabbit Hole sir,
but a lot of girls work there.
Two months later,
she got herself a job
working at the very bank
that you and Miss O'Malley
walked into this morning.
Until she got her head shot up
by a notorious bank
robber from Miami.
I mean, what are the odds?
People still play the lottery.
What were you and
Miss O'Malley doing
at the bank this morning?
Depositing a check.
And you and Miss
O'Malley didn't know
a bank robbery was gonna happen?
No, sir, I had no idea.
Probably would have
picked a different bank.
See it's pretty coincidental
that a known felon
and his felon girlfriend
showed up to a bank robbery
and left unscathed.
Eh, number one, neither
of us were ever convicted
of any of those things so
we're not technically felons.
And B, she's not
really my girlfriend.
That's good.
Say, Eddie, let me get
a moment with him alone.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate you, Eddie.
See the uniform guys
didn't take it seriously.
Well see these people didn't
even go for the cash reserve.
They were looking for something.
What do you suppose
that is, Mr. Jennings?
Ah, that I couldn't tell you.
I absolutely think you could.
You have any idea
why I brought you
down here today, Mr. Jennings?
I'm gonna give it a shot.
You wanted to bring me
someplace intimidating
that let's me know
your full force
has a police lieutenant
but isn't full of cops
with big ears and
even bigger mouths.
That's why you had
Eddie bring me down here
because Eddie knows how
to keep his mouth shut.
Am I close?
You're not as dumb as I
thought you were, Carter.
I'm sorry.
You asked daddy for a band aid?
I know.
I know, it's gonna be okay.
You're a big boy, okay?
All right.
I love you, I love you.
Okay, bye.
(tense music)
Hey, did they know
anything, what happened?
Just a shakedown.
They dragged out Caitlin's body.
They still think
the robber shot her.
What else do they know?
Less than they think.
[June] Plan's still on?
Yeah, plan's still on.
Get me home.
(bottles clanking)
Oh, shit.
Oh hey, what's up?
You guys aren't working?
Not at the club.
(upbeat music)
Why, you in a hurry?
Where are you going
so in a hurry, huh?
I wonder why.
Mr. Rabbit.
You are stupid to even realize
how much trouble you're
really in, aren't you?
Uh, no?
Did we or did we not have
an appointment today at noon?
We did, I'm sorry, I just,
And have I not
made my position
on tardiness perfectly clear?
Yes you have.
I know you're kinda
sick of hearing this
but I swear I had the
money in my hands.
I have to take this.
You may speak.
Oh, I don't know Sebastian.
Why don't you rob a liquor
store, pawn your shit
but get me my money at
your fucking thumbs.
And why don't you tell
everyone else who owes me money
that now would be a very,
very appropriate time
for them to make
themselves right with me.
That's a lovely home.
It's your shithole, right?
So where were we?
This time this plan is
gonna work, I swear to God.
Oh, okay, I'll bite, tell me.
I can't give you specifics
but by tomorrow afternoon,
I'll pay what I owe you,
I'll pay you double.
Triple, I'll pay you triple.
What do you have to lose?
If I fuck up, you can
still kill me tomorrow.
But if I'm right, 30,000
dollars is a lot of dough.
It's at least worth 24 hours.
Well unfortunately events
have conspired against me,
now I find myself
without many options.
Against my better
judgment I will give you
one more chance.
One more day.
But if you fail,
I know, fucking dynamite.
Oh not only am I gonna
shove a stick of dynamite
up your ass and
when you are gone,
we'll break both of June's legs.
And tell her it's
because you put her life
up as collateral.
Are we clear?
We're clear.
You have a lovely
evening, Carter.
Not the fucking car, man!
(somber rock music)
Hey Twitty, nice going, man.
Who's the man?
(phone ringing)
Officer Twitty?
Detective Duke Johnson.
Internal Affairs.
Thought you were
taking the day off.
Well I just came by
to get a clean uniform.
Grab my SWAT gear
out of my cruiser.
Got it, got it.
So let me talk to
you for a moment.
Uh, okay.
So I read the report.
Listen, is there anything
else I should know, officer?
Well um,
those guys that I shot,
had they been arrested,
would they have gone
to Angola prison?
What's Angola like?
Oh, Angola ain't
no place to be.
Know what I'm saying?
Well don't worry.
A good shooting is
a good shooting.
We just have to
investigate, you know,
a matter of procedure.
Yeah so what happens now?
Well, firstly I prefer you
not to shoot nobody else.
I'm just kidding you man.
It's just a little
Internal Affairs humor.
But seriously.
Don't shoot nobody else.
Yes sir.
Here's my card if you
think of anything else.
Take care of that ear.
(tense music)
Hey, sorry.
Is it cool if I just
iron my suit real quick
and get changed?
Where's your car?
It was running a
little hot last night
so I didn't wanna
take any chances.
I'm sorry, Faustus, I think
I need to change the battery
on my hearing aid
because it sounded
like you said Canadian dollars.
Fuck you!
You borrow US dollars,
I want US dollars
back, you greaseball!
(phone beeping)
I have another call.
Please do not make me
come up to St. Louis.
I hate the midwest.
Hey Maury, thanks for
getting back to me.
Now listen, tell the bank
they are going to
get their money.
I just gotta settle
up with you know who
and I gotta do a couple things
you do not wanna know about
so can you cover for me, baby?
They can do that?
How much time do I have?
Fucking bankers are
worse than I am!
Hey baby.
What you doing in here?
I was thinking, baby.
Maybe we should just
tell Internal Affairs
what really happened.
No, we can't do that.
This is the Lord's plan.
But the Lord,
You know what the
Reverend Jenks says.
He talks to God.
That's right.
And God told him
that it's okay to sin
as long as you ask
for his forgiveness.
He's starting his own church.
A really cool church.
I just don't wanna sin, baby.
Let me show you something.
You see what you're
experiencing right now?
That's lust.
And lust is a sin!
But you're my wife.
If you lust after your
wife, it ain't a sin.
Stealing, though a sin it may be
is not a sin if
you use the money
to start a church.
It cancels itself out!
Your conscience is clear, baby.
Now, go rob that
bank for the lord.
I love you.
I love you too.
Three different
kinds of greens?
Wow, yeah green's a
very creative color.
Yeah, you can draw me some grass
and then an alligator.
You be good.
I love you.
All right bye bye.
Bye, baby.
You ready?
Just give me two
shakes of a cocktail.
You sure he's gonna
go through with it?
Rock and rollah.
You look good.
Wow, you look professional.
Let's go.
Agent Scully and I gotta
interview Bigfoot later.
[Carter] The name
of the game is trust.
[Jason] Trust?
[Carter] First you're
gonna have trust us
that this isn't our first rodeo.
Second, you're a hero cop.
They're gonna trust whoever
comes in with you as legit.
[Jason] But how
do I trust you guys?
[Carter] You can trust
that we want the money.
[June] If we stick to the
plan, everyone can profit.
[Carter] Step one,
we follow you in
and you introduce
us as FBI agents.
Good morning.
Tell me your name.
I'm Anita Turner, I'm
the bank manager here.
Hi, Miss Turner.
I'm Officer Jason.
I know who you are.
[Carter] Step two, you
tell the acting bank manager
that we have to
examine the vault.
While that's going on,
you distract everyone
by signing autographs
and shaking hands.
[Jason] And what about y'all?
What are y'all gonna
do inside the vault?
[June] After
checking to make sure
the security camera
is still disabled,
Each of us will have our keys.
We open the safe and
carefully switch out
the decoy envelope for
the real thing and wallah,
[June] We're all rich.
[Jason] Well what happens
if other cops come by?
[Carter] We've
got that covered.
[Jason] What if
Commissioner Reed shows up?
[Carter] Trust me,
that's never gonna happen.
Heard you guys had a little
trouble here yesterday.
Yes we did, sir.
It'd have been much
worse had we not had
this brave gentleman right here.
Well done, Officer.
Officer Twitty, well done.
Now Miss Turner,
if you don't mind
I'd like to get to my safe.
- Yes sir.
- Uh.
It's Commissioner Reed.
Oh, Commissioner, you're
running for Governor
this year, right?
Uh, maybe next year son,
but if you'd excuse me, please?
Well, well, if I could just,
Why don't you call
my office on Monday?
We could always use
a good cop like you
in our outfit.
Just stay in
character, we'll be fine.
Who are they?
[Anita] FBI, they
worked on the safe.
[Jason] Well.
Thought the FBI
finished yesterday.
Well we we're just,
we're looking for,
I mean Angola.
Ervin suggests this
is the work of a ring
hitting up banks
along the south.
They're known as
the Bigfoot ring.
The evidence indicates
that they originated
in Angola prison.
[Jason] That's what
I was trying to say.
Did you find anything?
Not yet, but we will.
But you're leaving.
[Jason] Nice to meet
you, commissioner.
[Carter] Yee hoo!
What the heck is that?
We've been had?
Relax, Alfalfa,
they're bearer bonds.
They're untraceable,
they're as good as cash.
This is easily half million.
Sweet Lord
Almighty, we're rich!
We did it.
We did it.
There's photographs in here.
Of what?
Weird shit.
Shady meetings,
politicians with hookers
and fucking cocaine
and weird sex.
And there's Caitlin!
Oh, disgusting.
[Jason] What?
There's a monkey.
It's gone.
It's all gone.
What's gone?
All of it!
Dolores, any word from Carter?
Not yet.
But Peaches wants to talk to
you about Cookie Stardust.
Why can't you deal with that?
I tried but she
won't listen to me.
She said you're the rabbit
and this is your hole.
Takes a stripper named Peaches
to sum up my life.
Fine, send them in.
Goddamn idiot.
How many fucking times
do I have to tell them
that I cannot sell
any more of these
piece of shit AKs?
How many fucking times?
I need Glocks, goddamnit!
[Dolores] Nine mil, or 40 cal?
Stop ignoring us!
Why did you need to
fire Cookie Stardust?
It's not fair.
Because she started to show.
And nobody, nobody normal,
wants to see a
pregnant stripper.
Why can't she retire
like Jay Z or Eminem
and come back in a year?
See that's called
a sabbatical.
(phone ringing)
Hold on.
Albert, please do
not waste my time
unless you're calling to tell me
you have the money.
I don't care.
Hold on.
Okay you see, when you leave
a job for a year or two
and you come back, that
is called a sabbatical.
When you leave a job
and go to Florida
to play golf until you are dead,
that is called retirement.
There is a difference.
Jay Z and Eminem do not
know that but now you do.
Know what?
Okay, the class is over.
Get back to work.
I don't care.
If he doesn't have the
money, pull his gold teeth
out of his fucking skull!
That means she can retire
for a year and come back, yes?
If you mean can she
take a sabbatical,
sure whatever, get the
fuck out of my office now!
All right, you heard the man.
Get out there and
shake something.
I don't care if you
don't have any pliers.
Use a hunting
knife or a crowbar.
Improvise like I taught you!
Are you really gonna let her
just up and leave like that
and then come on back?
Oh please.
A fortnight after I
give away her shift
these girls won't even
remember the name of,
Cookie Stardust?
Cookie Stardust.
Oh bless you Dolores,
you are my rock.
Besides I do not have time
for stupid stripper shit now.
Call Albert's cousins.
See if I can unload
this shit on him.
I need cash, fast.
Oh, also, the ice
machine is broken again.
You need to make three
more cases of Jack Daniels
fall off the back of a truck.
And the men's bathroom
has gone down.
(phone ringing)
That's Reed.
Of course it is.
Get out.
Hold please.
[Reed] How dare
you put me on hold,
you cock sucker!
Oh relax, your
money's on its way.
That's not what
I'm calling about
you bedazzled fuck.
I just lost something
much more important.
Go on.
Who's the dude with a bike
who just looked like he
just fucked a light socket?
Oh that, that's
Reverend Lucas Jenks.
He's our personal pastor.
He's starting a
church for sinners.
[June] He's come
to the right place.
[Lucas] Amen.
Ah, yes!
Check it out, good as cash.
Well congrats, man.
You're rich and you're not
gonna get raped to death
in Angola, so that's a win.
(laughing) Well this
money isn't for us.
It's for the Lord.
That's right.
All right.
Some cocky piece of shit
goddamn redneck had the
gall to clean out my safe!
And you will be
calling me why?
You're going to find them
and you're going to
exact retribution
on my behalf.
Well if they're
local I can find them
but what's in it for me?
Fuck you!
You get to stay in business,
that's what's in it for you.
Okay then, 10 percent
of whatever I recover
would be fine,
thank you so much.
You are such a giver.
Sucking dick make
you deaf, boy, huh?
I said fuck and you!
15 percent, why you
are so generous.
15 percent.
But listen here.
There are photos in
that envelope too.
Ooh, what kind of photos?
Let's just say if
those photos go wide,
we both go to jail.
Boy, you fuck me.
So help me god, I
will ram a SWAT team
so far up that hole of yours
you will spit cop!
You do have a way with words.
I'll call you when
I know something.
Okay, this is what we do.
I want guys on the
street asking questions.
And Gill?
I want you to follow
that cop Twitty everywhere.
[Gill] Consider it done.
Who's handling
the investigation?
I believe
Detective Johnson is.
Johnson, shit.
Motherfucker's been
dying to put me in jail.
Someone stole
the bonds from Reed
that I was gonna steal.
Turns out, Reed was
keeping something else
in that safety deposit box.
That little bitch Caitlin
must have been planning
on double-crossing
me this whole time.
Still, it had to be
a two person job.
Dirty business, stealing.
can't convert the
bonds till tomorrow.
There's really nothing
left to do tonight.
What do you think?
(country music)
I wanna go where my
country girl goes
Like where my
green grasses grow
I feel at ease with
my country girl, yeah
She knows how to groove me
I'll take you back
bout a year before
She's on earth
(slow country music)
What if I told
you I was pregnant?
That's a little fast, you
know, biologically speaking.
Just testing you.
I was never very
good at tests.
But you're very clever.
You'd be a great father.
Oh, come on.
[June] What?
That's crazy.
You're so good with Ethan.
He's a great kid.
I'm nobody's father.
I don't even know what
the fuck that word means.
I never knew my dad.
I'm in love with you.
And I love Ethan.
And when I see
you guys together,
it's fucking, it's amazing.
No kid should have me as a dad,
it's not fair.
[Lucas] We need the
rest of the bonds.
For the Lord is good.
And his love endures.
Psalm Chapter 100 verse five.
We already have
100,000 dollars.
I mean isn't that enough
to start a church?
Of course, I think it is.
But this ain't me
talking, Brother Jason.
It's the Lord telling
me what's what
and all I'm doing is
passing along the word.
Think about it
this way, honey baby.
They're bad people.
And they're gonna do bad
things with that money.
They are.
We're gonna use
that money for good.
We will.
Brother Jason?
The Lord needs you.
He needs you to go
get that there money
so that we can
build us a hot damn,
forgive me Lord, awesome church.
That's right.
(light music)
(motorcycle revving)
[Gill] Ain't no
way an honest cop
can have a wife that hot.
Hey Carter?
Only you would forget
your keys after leaving.
Where's Carter?
What the fuck are you doing?
The Lord's spoken, June.
We need the rest of that
money for our church.
You're trying to
steal money I need
to get my son back for Jesus?
Don't listen to her lies.
I'm not lying.
This is important, June.
God told him!
What am I supposed to do?
Hey, what are you
doing, what are you doing?
I'm just turning on the light.
Turn yourself in.
Confess that you shot the girl.
Go to jail and pray
for forgiveness.
The Lord don't
want him to pray.
He wants the cash!
And I don't want to
have to hurt you, darling.
But those bonds belong to God.
Now give them to me!
Give me the money, June!
It belongs to the Lord now!
Okay, okay.
Over there, you asshole.
I'm rich!
I mean Jesus is rich!
You are taking
the only hope I have
of getting my son
back because your wife
and this fucking bullshitter
told you to.
This is wrong, you know that.
The Lord will anoint
you with everlasting life.
What does that mean?
Where's Carter?
I don't fucking
know, he's gone.
He's gone?
You guys are literally
the stupidest people
I've ever fucking met
and I'm from Oklahoma.
I got it, I got it.
You just tell Carter he
better not follow us.
This money belongs to God now.
Whoah, whoah.
Oh shit!
(gun firing)
Hey, I'm an
officer of the law.
You're all under arrest.
One more word out of you,
you're gonna be just
another dead dirty NOLA cop,
do you understand me fucktard?
Yes or no?
I got this one trying
to run out the back, boss.
You're Spencer Rabbit.
Yeah, no shit.
Mr. Rabbit, my name
is Reverend Lucas Jenks.
Perhaps you heard of me.
You are the talk of
the town, Reverend.
[Jason] Hey, that's not yours.
All right, little girl.
Where are the photos?
What photos?
The photos that are
supposed to be with the bonds,
don't be a shithead!
I don't know, maybe
Carter has them.
All right, well where
the fuck is Carter?
Baby girl, you have officially
gotten on my last nerve.
Let's all move this melodrama
down to the hole, shall we?
Come on!
[Lucas] Mr. Rabbit,
I'd like to talk to you
about a business
proposition for the Lord.
How about setting up a
church down in either uptown
or in the bywater.
And now, there's some
circumstances that I'd like
- to talk to you about.
- Oh shit.
I have good news, I am
in possession of the bonds
and the photos.
However, I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to restructure our deal.
Boy, if you fuck me,
It's going to go
something like this.
In addition to the 15
percent of the bonds,
I'm gonna stop paying
you to move my shit
through your pores.
And you are personally
going to see to it
that all my permits go through.
It is either that or
these photos go wide.
Fuck you very much.
You don't have the photos.
Oh it's classic power
play, my dear Pepper.
Don't call me that.
I have proprietary value,
it'll be as worth as the photos.
You, my dear sweet girl.
Get in the car, bitch.
Where the fuck are you?
I know Spencer Rabbit's
involved, you moron.
(car starting)
Get whatever you need but I
need you to do this cleanly.
This cannot be connected to me.
Lord, give me a sign.
What should I do?
Mysterious ways!
Commissioner, we're here.
Remember, bonds are important.
But the most important
thing are the photos.
You do what you have to do
but we can't have witnesses.
Once you know the photos are
on site, eliminate everyone.
They're gone!
Spencer took them.
He left a note.
(phone beeping)
(phone ringing)
Spencer Rabbit,
how may I help you?
Spencer, it's Carter.
Oh good evening, Carter.
I'll cut to the chase.
I assume you have the photos.
What photos?
I am not in the mood.
I give you June, you
give me the photos.
Do we have a deal?
Listen, I want the cop
and the douchebag too.
I'm sorry, is this the
saint Carter Jennings?
He's an honest cop, Spencer.
I got him into it.
Hey look, just promise
me you won't kill him
until I get there, yeah?
Okay, I tell you what.
I promise you I
won't kill the cop.
Every fucking time.
Jesus fuck.
(tense music)
Pepper, Pepper, Pepper.
I always thought
you were too smart
to be a stripper, but
apparently you are too dumb
to be anything else.
This is all your
fault, you realize.
Excuse me, Mr. Rabbit.
To finish what I was
saying, the Lord's...
I hear those words
come out of your mouth
one more time, I'm gonna
bash your fucking skull in.
Whoah, whoah, whoah.
Take it.
You need a gun.
Thank you, thanks Darla.
I just, I'm not
really a gun guy.
So you think that just by
giving Spencer the envelope
and hoping that he gives
us our people back,
that is our best option?
I do, yeah.
Spencer's a businessman.
I know the Lord packs
a lot of firepower
but you and me going
in there with nothing
but a gun and my
smile, it's suicide.
Would you die to save June?
Well if I don't have to, why...
Would you die to save June?!
Yes, yes, yes, I would!
If I had to, yes!
We'll try it your way.
But if he doesn't give us what
he swore by God to give us,
we're gonna take him back.
Darla would you point the
gun someplace else, please?
Spencer, we go
way too far back.
My credit with you is good.
Oh my sweet girl, how do
I make you understand this?
You know in the movies
when some asshole
starts talking about
the first time they kill
someone and how it felt so wrong
and you never forget
your first kill
and all that sort of bullshit?
It's not the case with me.
The only thing I remember
from my first time
is I got paid 500
dollars to do it
and I got pissed off 'cause
the motherfucker bled
all over my Levi's jacket
and I had to throw it out.
Pappy Melbourn used
to send me out,
it's long before your time.
He used to just
write down a name,
hand the money to
one of the other boys
and say into the thin air,
send the faggot with the knife.
If he didn't want
somebody dead he'd say
send the faggot with a hammer.
I'd be standing right there,
he never once spoke
directly to me.
Apparently I made
him uncomfortable.
But he sure as fuck
appreciated my work ethic.
So yes, Pepper, we have
known each other a long time
and the truth is I do like you.
So please hear me.
And it's gonna
sound like a cliche
but remember cliches
exist for a reason.
It's not personal.
It is just business.
You can't do this!
I am a police officer!
Now, Mr. Rabbit.
You're a businessman.
And as a businessman
I am telling you
this is a great
opportunity for you
to make some real money
and find forgiveness.
I'm telling you,
it's a cool church.
The Lord forgives,
Brother Spencer.
Even someone like
you might find...
Well now, I did warn him.
Oh shit, that's
not gonna come out.
Darla, stay with me.
It's gonna be fine,
Jason is okay.
(gun firing)
Oh shit, I just
bought this suit.
[Gill] Hello, Nancy.
Is that supposed to
be some type of slur?
The Commissioner
needs his files tonight.
And I looked, and
behold was a pale horse.
And his name as sought
on him was Death.
And hell followed with him.
And the power that was
given unto them was to kill
with the sword.
What are you doing?
He asked for my help
retrieving his property
and then he sends his
goons to shake me down.
I'm getting so
sick of this shit.
Shut your goddamn
mouth, faggot!
(gun firing)
I do not like that word!
(guns firing and
bullets ricocheting)
Take that!
(gun firing)
Don't do this.
I'm sorry, Jason.
Oh shh.
I'm gonna start
that church, okay?
You're a good
man, Jason Twitty.
I love you.
[Jason] I love you.
Make a run for it, boss.
I'll cover you.
How do you even know
that thing's gonna work?
(tense music)
[Gill] Ah shit!
Give me the files!
Wait, okay, okay, okay!
Give me the fucking files!
Spencer, let's talk.
Don't fucking fuck with me.
Drop the weapon, Spencer.
Drop it now!
That's evidence.
Put that in the bag.
I'm gonna do what I should
have done from the start.
I am not a dirty cop!
Listen officer,
surely we can come
to some sort of agreement.
[Carter] Baby.
Don't, don't, don't
fucking touch me.
Fuck you, Carter!
I'm sorry, okay?
I can't believe I
fell for it again.
Hey, what's going on?
You left me, what's going on.
What are you talking
about, I didn't leave you,
no I didn't.
I woke up and you were gone!
I went to go make
copies of the photos
so that we could
have some leverage
in case the shit hit the fan.
You left a note.
I left a statement.
It was a goodbye note, Carter.
It didn't say goodbye.
It said I don't deserve you.
Because I don't.
You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.
I know I fucked up in the past.
I've been an idiot.
It'll never happen again.
You were really willing
to take a bullet for me?
I'd have taken all of them.
When this trunk opens,
you get behind me
and you stay there, okay?
I love you.
I love you.
Detective Johnson?
No, it's your
guardian fucking angel.
Get your ass out of
that trunk, come on.
Come on.
You too.
So, uh, I get a call
from Officer Twitty
saying that he want
to turn himself in
for the murder of
Caitlin Jackson
and for aiding in
a bank robbery.
I can explain that.
I thought you were gonna
call me when the job was done.
I mean that was the deal, right?
Yeah, no I was.
But I was, you know, I
was a little jammed up,
If you know, why
haven't you arrested him?
He's a criminal.
Quiet, Junior.
What about your oath?
What about justice?
[Duke] Justice?
What's that?
Drop gun.
Don't have no serial numbers.
And what's in that
bag is gonna help me
be police superintendent.
So you can exercise justice
right here, right now.
Wait, wait, wait.
We have a deal, I
got you Reed's files.
That's murder.
Do you have any
idea how many people
this devil has killed?
Shit people ain't
gonna be surprised
if he turns up dead.
Shit, you might even be a hero.
And these two, a dead
thief and a dead stripper,
shit, ain't nobody
gonna miss them.
Three less things we
gotta worry about.
Jason, Jason, come on.
[Duke] Fuck three less
things we gotta worry about.
Oh fuck that,
this isn't funny!
Do it.
Come on, do it!
Boy please.
Your casefile's sitting
on top of my desk.
I end up with a bullet
hole in my head,
guess who they're
gonna look for first?
Well stop being such a
little bitch and just do it.
Not the face, you asshole.
Good to know a little coaxing
will do what needs to be done.
I don't know how I feel.
You did good,
kid, you did good.
Mr. Rabbit, witnesses
will testify
that you were nowhere
near the Rabbit Hole
when that shit went down.
And after Commissioner
Reed goes to jail,
you're gonna pay 10 Gs a
month to my new protege.
He'll take his cut
and give me the rest.
Oh isn't that the
story of my fucking life?
What about us?
That deal we made in
the coroner's office
still stands, Mr. Jennings.
You're free to go.
All right Junior, let's roll.
You need some rest,
and I got a coverup to stage.
Take care of that fool.
Have a good night.
Come on.
Carter, be a dear
and come unlock these
so I can kill this motherfucker.
Listen, I'm sorry.
[Spencer] Oh, you are sorry?
I am, I'm sorry
about everything.
I just, I did what I had
to do, you understand.
Oh fuck, oh look,
I owe you 30K, right?
How about I give you 50,
and yeah, we call it a day?
Well 50 does sound wonderful,
how's about this instead?
You keep the 50,
give me the rest
and I never see either
one of your faces again?
It's that or I
take all the money
and slit both your throats.
You're handcuffed
and bleeding.
Choose wisely.
You are smarter than you look.
You son of a bitch.
You are such an asshole.
It's gonna take you
a minute to find those.
But when you do, you
can unlock yourself,
drive yourself home.
Happy hunting.
What's the matter?
You ever heard of
honor among thieves?
You fucking swamp coyote!
So you made a
deal with the cops?
What if I told you you no
longer have a custody problem
in any court in Louisiana?
Oh my god, that poor kid.
(light country music)
I wanna go where my
country girl goes
Like where my
green grasses go
I feel at ease with
my country girl yeah
She knows how to groove me
I take you back
bout a year ago
She was born of
earth fire and water
She stays alone in a
house by a waterfall
There by herself there
I wanna go where my
country girl goes
Like where my green
grass is growing
I feel at ease with
my country girl yeah
She knows how to groove me
I said goodbye and
she sailed away
Man you can tell
that she loves me
Hope ain't no
need to my life
Even in the way I told him
My soft ship shining
I wanna go where my
country girl goes
Like where my green
grass roots are growing
I feel at ease with
my country girl yeah
She knows how to groove me
I'll take you back
out a year ago
She was born of
earth fire and water
She stays alone in a
house by a waterfall
Lives there herself on there
I wanna go where my
country girl goes
Like where my green
grass roots are growing
I feel at ease with
my country girl yeah
She knows how to groove me
(rock music)
Nashville you can play
the jack of diamonds
Tulsa, you can draw
the ace of spades
New York City,
the king of clubs
Music and the arts
New Orleans got those
wild wild hearts
Real cool chick from OK City
Full of fire and
twice as pretty
Why is nothing
going right for you
It's time to try your
luck down in New Orleans
Figured you have not
that much to lose
Queer old Cajuns,
saints and sinners
Let's hit Bourbon
street for dinner
Mardi Gras can't
be that far away
Alan Tussant, Doctor John
Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong
If you ask them they
would surely say
Nashville, you can play
the jack of diamonds
Tulsa you can draw
the ace of spades
New York City,
the king of clubs
Music and the arts
New Orleans got them
wild wild hearts