Cas (2017) Movie Script

I think it's going to rain.
- No, it'll brighten up soon.
Oh, I bought this too.
Or do you still have one?
Isn't it a bit small?
- Of course not.
Buy me one too.
- No, no, no.
We're not getting the same ones.
- Why not?
We're not that kind of couple.
Would that kind of couple travel the world?
Same model, different colour?
- Alright, then.
Love! I've found a place we have to see!
- What?
Samoa. I'll show you the pictures.
- Wait a minute.
Oh... Hello.
Hey, a va?
Sjors, there's a cute guy on our couch.
What do I do?
Cas, pleased to meet you...
- Hey...
. Hey-
Cas is new in Amsterdam.
He doesn't have a house yet.
He can stay here for a night or two, right?
Sure. No problem.
- Thanks.
Are you going to study here?
- Yeah. But I don't know what yet.
I really wanted to come to Amsterdam... get to know the city.
Okay. Welcome.
- Thanks.
What were you saying?
- Yes, Samoa!
Have you ever seen pictures?
You have a lagoon there...
You still have your Grindr profile!
- So do you.
I don't!
- You do!
I don't!
How often do you use it?
- I don't know. Never.
Show me your profile.
Come on!
I can always check on my phone.
Nice picture.
A bit pretentious.
Good looking guy, Cas.
- Yes... Definitely.
Do you trust him? I don't want
to wake up in a ransacked house.
I've heard that about Grindr.
- I've never heard that.
How long have you known him?
I don't know. We met up a few times.
Maybe three.
Three times?
You never told me.
- Didn't I?
I'm sure I did...
Just the other day.
Did you have fun?
- Yes...
Where were you?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
I'll get some water.
Good night.
- Do you want water too?
Hey Love, Out for a drink with Cas,
so the house is yours. X
And he kept rolling and rolling...
What's so funny?
Oh, nothing.
- Long stow.
How did it go today?
- Good, got a lot done.
But it's still a lot of work.
How about you?
- Super.
Sjors said I could stay a few more nights.
Until my house is sorted.
If that's cool with you.
- I wanted to check with you first, of course.
Uhm, sure. Great.
Because your house is...?
I've got a couple of options.
- Super.
Next time would you discuss
something like this with me first?
About him staying longer?
- Oh, sorry.
It's just for a few nights.
I didn't think you'd mind.
It's okay.
Hi, do you want a drink?
- White wine, please.
Guess who I ran into.
- Is there tension between you?
No, there's no tension.
Okay. Good.
What are you watching?
- Am I disturbing you?
No, no. But what is it?
Twin Peaks. Know it?
Of course, good movie.
- It's a series.
But a really old one.
From the '80s, I think.
If you want I could put on Episode 1.
No, I should get back to work.
- Of course.
You wouldn't mind watching it again?
- No. Of course not... Come.
Where do you buy shorts like those?
- Are they on backwards?
Have you ever seen photos of Samoa?
- Now what?
We're going there on our trip.
It's incredible.
The round-the-world trip?
Is it finally happening?
Yes! Not this year.
We're looking into it.
Too bad.
- Yeah, too bad.
But I just started my new job.
- A year ago.
Exactly. So they'll never
give me half a year off.
You can always ask.
Bernd, what's taking so long?
It's like we don't own a shower.
I guess you haven't asked Mia yet.
Surrogate mother.
- Ah, not yet.
I'll ask her...
Soon. Next time.
- Good.
Just so you know, she'll say 'no'.
- Just ask her.
That's easy for you to say.
I'm quite fond of my front teeth.
You want me to do it?
No way. I'm even fonder
of your front teeth.
See you tonight.
- Bye, love.
Do you know this?
- From that high school movie, right?
Yes, finally someone
who's heard of this.
It is from before my time.
- Exactly.
Everyone only knows things
from their own time. Right?
If you ask their favorite movie,
they'll say...
...Birdman, or a Xavier Dolan movie.
If you ask their favorite music, they'll
say Jamie xx or Chvrches. Right?
Something to drink?
- Yes.
I know a great new spot.
Let's go.
It sounds like such
a great job, journalist.
I'd love to be that.
But there's so much I want to do.
Do you have plans
for after the summer?
I want to hang out in Amsterdam for a year.
Figure out what I really want.
How do I become a journalist?
How did you?
I don't know. Just write, write, write.
And be persistent.
And you can just work from home?
Yes, I work freelance.
So I'm my own boss.
Okay, cool.
Don't you just love that music?
- Hey, love.
Guess who's going traveling!
- What?!
I just asked at the office.
- Seriously?
Yes. We've got four weeks in October!
Even more, including weekends.
Four weeks?
That's not a round-the-world trip.
Maybe not round-the-world, but... can see a lot in four weeks.
We don't have to go.
- No, no, no. Of course. Great.
Is that kimchi?
- Like it?
Yes! I lived on it for a year.
Do you know gochujang?
Korean red pepper paste.
Why is he joining them?
Oh no.
Is it broken?
Shit! Okay, calm down.
Calm down?
My deadline is in two days!
I'm constantly distracted!
Can't get anything done!
Calm down, Pep.
Horse breath, horse breath...
That's it.
That's it. It'll be alright.
Just use mine.
I don't need it.
And I'll transfer your files onto it.
Love, Cas is starting to get
on my nerves.
Oh sorry. I had no idea.
Doesn't he have
somewhere else to go?
I don't think so.
But we can think of something.
Can't we set a deadline?
What did you have in mind?
Another week?
Will you tell him?
One more?
Sorry, what was that?
- Another coffee?
No, thanks.
- No?
And? All done?
- I sent everything out.
- Let's celebrate.
I'll buy champagne.
- Let's go out.
But I have to get up early.
- Come on!
Cas, where are we going?
Did the crowd get younger,
or are we that old?
Remember when we fucked in the toilets?
- Yes. Gross!
Want to do it again?
- Uhm, no! Rather not.
Shall we go?
Love, stay a little longer.
- I have to get up in five hours.
Do you have a light?
- No.
I've never kissed brothers.
That's too bad.
- Ever seen two brothers kiss?
Okay, bye!
- Bye...
Hello, George!
Did you have fun?
- It was amazing.
Fizzy tablet?
- Du bist ein Schtzen, Georglein!
Things are good between us, right?
What the status with you?
- With who?
Oh, Cas?
He's like a stray cat.
Sjors found him and took him home.
Now he sleeps on our couch.
Does he belong to Sjors or you?
Or both?
A stray cat never
belongs to anyone.
Mum, I can't find it.
Ask daddy, sweetheart.
- Daddy doesn't know.
Ask him again.
You used to be just like him.
- Like what?
Confident. You did what you wanted.
You mean egotistic?
- Self-assured.
Hi, where's Cas?
- He left, he had something.
Is something the matter?
- No. Why?
Okay. You're scaring me.
Being pregnant, is that...
- Not important.
You know what we should do?
An Arthur Japin-like
threesome relationship.
Who's Arthur Japin?
I'm going to sleep on the couch.
I love you.
Love you, Pep.
Smells good.
What is it? Frittata?
Eggs Benedict?
Fried egg-
Do you want some?
- No, thanks.
Have you been to all these places?
- Yes. Sjors has.
Sjors? I thought you'd done
all the traveling.
I'd love to do that too.
Did you know Sjors had just returned
from a year of travel when we met?
You should have seen him!
Hair down to his shoulders.
Brown like...
Just, really brown.
And he had all these shell bracelets.
- What? Sjors?
Yup. He asked me
to come home with him.
I said: only if you take me
to all the places you've seen.
Well, I'm still waiting.
It's not that bad.
We've done other things.
Right, 1...
I'll go and get my things.
- Why?
I had to be gone by tonight.
You don't have to take that literally.
Stay as long as you want.
Is that okay with Sjors?
It'll be fine. I'll speak to him.
I have friends in Brixton.
Near the covered market.
Oh, I love that market.
- Yes, right?
Pep? Gas?
Are you coming to play squash?
Pepijn told me I could stay a bit longer.
Is that okay with you?
Yes, of course.
Pep, you coming? Or are you too drunk?
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Be careful.
Okay, what's wrong?
- Nothing?
It's strange that you decide on your
own that Cas can stay longer...
...and that you tell him behind my back.
Now it's like I wanted him gone
Since when do you worry
about what Cas thinks?
I'm not worried. You...
- I'll tell him you want him to stay too. Okay?
Oh, we do have plans. Cas and I
are going away for a few weeks.
What about Sjors?
- Yes, me and Sjors.
You said Cas.
- I didn't.
You did.
- Really? No...
Just me and Sjors. Maybe
Morocco, we're not sure yet.
Is Cas going with you?
- Don't think so, maybe.
And Sjors? Everything okay
between you two?
Sure. Our relationship can take this.
It's given a deeper level.
There are some things,
but nothing serious.
Would you carry our baby?
If you'll be surrogate mother?
- You ask me that on a squash court?
- At least let me think about it.
Yes, I'll carry your baby.
Here you go.
Hey, nice!
- You think?
I've got a question.
Would you like to come
traveling with us?
Sjors and I were going to go together,
and you don't know us all that well... I can imagine you're not interested.
But since you want to travel too...
So you are going?
- Yes.
Because Sjors said you weren't.
That it had fallen through.
It's a...
...long term thing...
Making an inventory, you know.
Yes, okay, cool.
We have these in red too.
Soon people with prosthetics
will be quicker than normal people.
Normal... I mean, people with legs.
And is that fair?
Or will the Paralympics
become the serious Olympics?
I wouldn't know.
What's the status of our trip?
The status?
- Yes.
I don't know.
- No?
Because Cas says our trip
has been canceled.
I never told him that.
- What did you tell him?
Just that it would be difficult.
With my job and
especially with a baby.
What if we go now?
Say in three weeks, for half a year?
It's not funny. I mean it.
We've saved up enough.
Let's just go. We'll just do it.
That's not possible with my job.
Have you ever asked?
Calm down.
- You haven't even asked once!
I just don't really need to go anymore.
It feels like a side step.
You've done so much round-the-world tripping.
- No! I'm happy with what I've got.
With my job. And with you.
- Then why do you want children?
That's a side step too.
- No, it's the next step.
That doesn't make any sense.
- You want kids too.
Of course.
- Well then!
Then we'll go when Mia's pregnant.
You want me to carry your baby
for nine months...
...while you and your boyfriend
laze about on tropical beaches?
If you put it that way
it does sound kind of bad.
Then we'll just postpone the whole child.
- Pep! You're not 14.
Sjors, sometimes you're
just no fun anymore.
What about Cas?
Isn't it time for him to move out?
What does Cas have to do with anything?
- Yes, what has he got to do with this?
Anyone want a beer?
You okay?
Hey, what's wrong?
It's all right.
Cas, look at me.
Look at me.
Breathe like a horse, okay?
Will you get a glass of water?
That's better.
What happened?
The interview was
such a fucking nightmare.
Oh, it can't be that bad.
Did they say anything?
- No, but it was obvious.
Hey, it's all right.
I'm just going for a walk.
Sorry, GUYS-
What was that?
He sent an open application
to Vice. For an internship.
Horse breath for that?
That's devaluation, horse breath
for a part-time job. Come on!
It used to be exactly like that with you.
- It wasn't.
For your exams, for introduction week,
for that dead rabbit you found.
All horse breath.
All horse breath, Pep.
He isn't here.
- Already made it.
Do you have plans?
- No.
I wouldn't do that.
Garlic sauce and cigarettes.
Ah, an egg! I want one of those.
We're out.
- Have mine.
No, it's covered in Tabasco.
Only you can eat that, Pep.
Have mine.
It's not like you've got eggs benedict.
- What?
Guys, I don't feel so good.
I don't want this egg anymore.
I just made that!
Then take it out, scrape off the Tabasco
and cover it in chimchi.
Or whatever it's called.
- What are you talking about?
That pretentious food chitchat.
Chitchat? What about your Twin Peaks-ing
and your 80s music crap?
Ever since Cas is here,
I've come in second place.
I've come in second place for years.
- It's the truth.
You're a cunt-dick, Sjors.
A what?
- A cunt-dick.
A cunt-dick?
Don't take this the wrong way...
...but I think it's time for you to go.
Okay, sure...
Now? Or...
- Tonight is fine.
Ah, cool. Thanks.
I don't want you to...
It was just getting...
- No, no.
I understand.
Thanks for letting me stay.
See you soon?
It was good, right?
- It was...
...super, really.
Can I borrow your computer again tomorrow?
- Sure.
I promise to get a new one this week.
- That's okay. No rush.
Let's go to the house again.
Wow, this has been a long time.
- Four years.
You know, I was convinced
you were in love with Cas.
I thought so too. At first.
I don't know. I think
he was more of a project.
A Project?
Yes, maybe that's how I work.
Maybe I enjoy helping people.
People who need help.
Soon we'll have kids.
That'll really be a project.
Was I a project too?
Am I a project?
No, of course not.
I'm just a project.
If I'm honest...
There hasn't been an iconic
new font since Helvetica.
Oh, what about Sabon?
- Yes.
...and no.
Pep, they're about to do the speeches.
I'm buying a ticket.
When my invoice has been paid,
I'm booking everything.
I'm going to make that trip.
That's what I want.
And our child?
That's what I want.
- Yes...
If you were to meet me now...
...would you fall in love with me?
- Of course.
I don't know.
Maybe not.
Sjors, you coming?
Sorry I'm late.
You probably expected that.
Yes. Here.
Do you have time for a coffee?
Don't feel obliged.
It's mine.
- Nice.
Did you ever see Cas again?
- No.
Are you all ready?
- Think so.
I got my shots yesterday.
So no typhoid or hepatitis for me.
I hope you have the time of your life.