Case 30 (2023) Movie Script

Is that how it happened, sir?
I'm not saying exactly that.
It's one of the possibilities.
He's showing us crime in
a new point of view, sir.
I think this investigation is
going to be interesting Murthy sir.
This is your Case 30, right sir?
-Murthy sir...
-Did you find her details?
-No, sir. Still enquiring.
Hand me the gloves.
She seems innocent.
Why did he kill her?
She's not just innocent.
She's beautiful too, sir.
She might have rejected a
love proposal from some guy...
And... he just killed her.
How can you say that?
Imagination, sir.
-Murthy sir...
-Only imagination won't help us.
You need intelligence along with it.
Leave your creativity aside
and go enquire the neighbours.
Ok, sir.
-One more thing...
Did you enquire who
informed about this murder?
-Naidu is working on it, sir.
-Ask him to come to meet me.
-Who's he?
The one who informed us, sir.
-What's your name?
-Bhaskar, sir.
-Where do you stay?
-Right next door.
How did you come to
know about the murder?
Today is my daughter's birthday.
My daughter was inviting all the
neighbours for the party.
That's when she saw the murder and came
to me, scared. And I informed the police.
-What time is that?
-Around 6:30 - 7, sir.
-What's the murdered girl's name?
-Swetha, sir.
how long did you know her?
We are not that close.
We are just neighbours.
Who does she live with?
Like parents, family members...
We don't know such details, but...
-A guy used to live in with her.
-Who's he?
-No idea, sir.
-Ok, Bhaskar. You can leave now.
Our constable will collect
the details from you.
Ok, sir.
Who might be that guy, sir?
We need to find that out.
Naidu, the clues team has her mobile.
-I want the call list from it.
-Ok, sir.
Forensic and postmortem reports...
By tomorrow.
-Sure, sir.
-Send them with Naidu.
Ok, sir.
Come home tomorrow afternoon with
all the information collected.
-Ok, sir.
-Remember this, Naidu.
-No clue should be left out.
-Ok, sir.
-Namasthe, sir.
-Good afternoon, Naidu.
Come in.
-Want some coffee?
-No, sir. It's lunchtime, right?
What are the case updates?
Did you find the man
who lived with Swetha?
Yes, sir. His name is Siril.
-No... Siril. Siril.
God's own.
-Go on.
-He works for an IT company, sir.
But he's not showing up from the
last 15 days at the office, sir.
I enquired his staff and colleagues, sir.
He's no leave. But they don't know why.
Family and friends?
He's from Chennai, sir.
Father is a businessman.
Mother is a housewife.
Bloody rich and he's the only son.
And about his friends...
He used to be close with two girls, sir.
If he's from Chennai,
what is he doing here?
That's... He's been here
since his college days, sir.
Not bad.
You got a lot of information
in so less time, Naidu.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, there is a twist here.
At the office, Siril gave a different
address from Swetha's address.
They are not same.
What's there to wait for? Let's go.
-Is this it?
-Yes, sir.
Don't know if he's home or not!
-What's your name?
-What's your name?
My name is Siril. Whom do you want?
Is this how you treat your guests?
Sorry. Please come in.
-The house looks nice, right Naidu?
-Yeah, sir. This is a costly area too.
-So only the rich live here.
-Correct, sir.
-How are you related to Swetha?
You didn't hear it?
Or didn't understand it?
How are you related to Swetha?
We are in a relation
from three years, sir.
It's been two days since Swetha
got murdered. Where were you?
I got back from a trip with
friends two days back, sir.
The trip is two days ago.
Why did you take a leave for 15 days?
I'm talking to you.
Hey! I'm talking to you.
Can't you hear?
I got engaged with another
girl ten days ago, sir.
Enjoyment with one and
engagement with another.
Actually, me and Swetha are in a
relation from three years, sir.
But we are never happy.
We fought all the time.
She doubted me for nothing.
So I chose happiness in the
match my parents arranged for me.
I got engaged ten days back, sir.
That's why I'm on leave.
-Did Swetha know about this?
-No, sir.
It would have created a huge problem.
I'm trying to avoid her and
get her uninterested in me.
But this happened suddenly.
If I get involved in this case
now, my wedding will break, sir.
That's why I wasn't there.
-How did this happen?
-I have no idea about the murder, sir.
-Today morning...
-I'm asking about the engagement.
-Went good, sir.
Siril, sir.
What is your would-be's name?
Meera Joseph, sir.
Enquire with this information.
We'll see if everything matches.
-Ok, sir.
You are the primary
suspect in this case.
You have to respond to us at all times.
You have to have our permission
even to travel. Got it?
Yes, sir.
If the information is
correct, it'll be ok.
If something has to go wrong...
I'll teach you a lesson.
-What's the case status, Arjun?
-Investigation in progress, sir.
No clues at the murder spot.
A background check is going on for now.
We are waiting for forensic
and postmortem reports, sir.
So, any results in the background check?
Actually, we need to get the
details of Swetha's parents, sir.
But we found her boyfriend
details and I just met him too.
Good! What is he saying?
The information he gave sounds genuine.
But not yet confirmed.
So we just started further enquiry, sir.
-With the information, we got from Siril.
As a girl got murdered,
handle the case sensibly.
-Ok, sir.
-You know it, right?
Even if the girl is wrong,
everyone will support only them.
And one more thing.
Try to close it as soon as possible.
-Yes, sir.
-Handle it very carefully.
Ok, sir.
-Do you need to do this?
-I liked it. Not just that...
I set a reminder at
the time we first met.
No matter where you are
and how busy you are...
It will remind me of you.
Hello, sir.
Are you still thinking about the case?
Look at the time.
Treating the watch with
love is not enough, sir.
Look at it sometimes.
At least then you'll think about
a person who thinks about you.
-Not like that. Actually...
If you keep thinking without
eating or sleeping...
It really gets me scared
about your health.
I know how much you
care about your duty.
Also, think about people who love
you, Arjun.
Also, you are being too
intelligent these days.
You forgot about romance at all.
I have to make you stay at
home and treat you for that.
What treatment?
Wanna see?
Close your eyes.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, sir.
-Morning. Where's the file I gave you.
-In it, sir.
Ok, sit - sit.
-Later! Go sit there.
-Sir, please sir.
-How can you prank in a police dress?
-Let me go for this time, sir!
-Hey, Prasad.
-Good morning, sir.
Get him in.
-Come on.
-What's the case?
He's checking vehicle
papers on road, sir.
-Have you gone mad?
-It's just a prank, sir. Understand.
-Prank in a police dress! You...
-Sorry, sir. Will never repeat it.
-Take his details and make him wait.
-If someone comes for him, send them to me.
-Ok, sir.
-Good morning, sir.
-Naidu, get me a strong tea.
Srinu, a strong tea for sir.
What's with this new habit, sir?
-My head is aching, Naidu.
-A peg will help that.
That's the one which gave me
the ache in the first place.
-Is it?
-Naidu sir... Just a minute.
They made an accident under
influence of alcohol, sir.
-Is it?
-Yes, sir.
-Both of them are drunk?
-Yes, sir.
-How's the one they hit?
-In the hospital, sir.
-Get them in.
-Ok, sir.
Namasthe, sir.
-Who are they?
-Drunk and drive, sir.
They hit an old man under
influence of alcohol, sir.
What's his condition?
Out of danger, sir.
But he's still in the hospital.
-Did they come to surrender?
-As if!
The public caught them running,
thrashed them, and got them here.
-Who's driving the vehicle?
-Me, sir.
Have you no sense?
-Sir, listen to me...
-Step back!
He's in love with a
girl for two years, sir.
But she got married
to someone else, sir.
He got drunk in that pain.
That's it, sir.
I beg you, sir. A case will create
problems at his house, sir. Please, sir.
I beg you, sir. Please, sir. x2
-She got married, right?
-Yes, sir.
Whatever it is... She got married.
-Move on! Understand?
-Yes, sir.
-Don't repeat this again.
-Ok, sir.
-Is that clear?
-Yes, sir.
Did you register a FIR?
No yet, sir. Shall I?
You have to pay every penny that goes
into the recovery of that old man.
Ok, sir.
If anything goes wrong...
You'll be done.
-Take their details and send them away.
-Ok, sir.
-Get lost.
-[both]: Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Naidu, I asked you to enquire
about Swetha's parents, right?
-Did you?
-Yes, sir.
I've been on it for two
days, but found nothing, sir.
-Call Siril to the station once.
-Ok, sir.
Why are you that scared?
Did you watch a horror movie?
-Nothing like that.
-Seems like you are lost in thought.
I said nothing, right?
Then what are you doing here
with sir calling for you?
Is it? I didn't hear.
Ok, go talk to him. He seems irritated.
Yeah, I will.
-Come in.
-I've been calling for you.
-I didn't hear it, sir.
They say you are dull from the morning.
You are not going our for deliveries too.
What's the problem?
-No problem, sir.
-Then why are you not going?
-Hey, I'm talking to you!
-Sorry, sir.
Do you have your brain or you
delivered that somewhere else?
-Sir, I need five days of leave.
-Is that enough?
-Sir, it's about my health, sir.
Can't do five days, Abhi.
You know how busy we are here.
1 or 2 days I can manage.
5 days I can't.
Please try to understand, sir.
Ok, you can go. But you are not
getting paid for these five days.
I can't even work and ask for money.
How can I not work and ask, sir?
-I don't want money. Leave will do.
-Ok, go.
Don't stay for five days.
If you feel better, just come back.
-Thank you, sir.
They won't work but they want leaves!
-Did you file the FIR?
-Done, sir.
-Got them, sir.
-Enquiry in the surroundings?
-Done with that too, sir.
You've increased your speed these days.
Hello, sir.
-You look better than the other day.
-It's the wedding shine, sir.
-Sir, did you call for me?
-Swetha's parents...
-Sorry, sir.
-Is that a new mobile?
Yes, sir.
Looks like blood marks on the cover!
-No, sir. That's a paint mark...
-Ok ok.
Don't be tensed.
I called you to ask
about Swetha's parents.
-Where do they stay?
-I know nothing about them, sir.
You said you are in a three
year relationship with her, right?
You never got time to
talk about her parents?
No, sir.
Do you think you can just slide,
because sir looks like a boy next door?
Listen from my experience.
He's very dangerous.
Don't make him turn into that.
Just say what happened.
And stay in one piece.
Don't scare him, Naidu. Let him think.
I used to ask her about the same, sir.
She said she fought with them
and they left her alone, sir.
Every time I take this topic, she
used to feel angry and irritated, sir.
So I stopped to.
-What about her relatives and friends?
-No idea, sir.
Friends... She used to tell
me about her school, sir.
-And about her Princy too.
-Which school?
-I think Saint Patrick's sir.
-Saint Patrick!
-The one in Gopalapatnam?
-Yesh, sir.
Saint Patrick!
This is too much, sir.
She left this school seven years ago.
Do you think they'll remember her?
We can't leave any clue
unturned, Naidu.
Right, sir.
-Excuse me.
-We need to meet the Principal.
-And you are?
-Need to talk about my son's admission.
-But this is not the time!
-But we need to.
-Ok, fine. Come along with me.
Thank you.
-Tell me.
-I'm Arjun... From the Crime branch.
She said that it's about admission!
I said so because you'll be
scared of a sudden police visit.
Ok, tell me. How can I help you?
She studied here seven years ago.
Yeah, right. Swetha.
She studied here.
Maybe she's a clever student.
So madam remembered her.
Not just her.
Everyone here is a clever student.
Not about everyone.
We just need to...
We need some information about her.
She's from Vijayawada.
She had been here from
2nd standard onwards.
She used to be a very good
student, in studies.
But her mindset is completely different.
She used to be in a trance all the time.
Never used to talk or
play with the other kids.
She used to be her own world.
She wants what is her's.
No one is allowed to take it from her.
She used to get hyper.
Used to scream in her dreams.
And cry. It used to be
so hard to control her.
To be clear, she used to behave madly.
We told her father everything.
He got a psychiatrist treat her.
They said it's a psychological disorder.
Every month she used
to attend sessions.
They got her treated
for around six months.
Once her schooling got completed...
Her father took her away to Vijayawada.
We don't know where and how she is.
Actually, someone killed Swetha.
We have no clues at all!
We haven't got any information
about her parents too.
This school is the only lead we've got.
We are here with a hope
about her parents' details.
We only know that they
are from Vijayawada.
But we have no other details.
The doctor who treated
her was here once.
I think he gave me a card.
One second.
Here it is.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-God bless!
What are you thinking about, sir?
About what the Principal said?
Naidu, what do you feel
from what she said?
It felt like a Korean web series, sir.
Didn't understand a bit.
Do you think it is true, sir?
It's interesting to hear,
but tough to believe.
But we have to. Because...
We have no clues or evidence
about Swetha's murder.
I too feel the same, sir.
No one knowing anything
about her parents...
There's no one who knew her around.
Most importantly,
a girl with a psychological disorder...
Being in a living relation with a boy.
I'm getting a lot of doubts
seeing all this, sir.
Don't get tensed, Naidu.
If we go meet the doctor the
Principal told us about...
You'll get a clarity.
You are in a position to
get your doubts cleared in this case.
I'm in a position to clear them.
We'll get a clarity at some point.
And it will be soon.
Have it, sir. It'll get cold.
So you'll just decide.
You won't think about me, right?
It's my mistake to believe
in a girl like you.
Now I'm the one who's saying this...
I don't want a girl
with this mindset. Bye!
-Yes, sir. But not now.
-What's the problem?
-We are in a relationship for 4 years, sir.
She went home after
college and changed a lot.
She says she can't hurt her father.
If I ask her for answers,
she fights with me.
Didn't she know it all these years, sir?
They'll use us until they want.
After that they'll go
for foreign matches.
I started hating girls with
this one experience, sir.
Sir, make it fast.
The party will be over
by the time we get there.
Do we need all this right now?
-You look so handsome in this dress.
-Is it?
I have to say that.
You look very nice in this red saree.
You look like an apple.
Sir is in a romantic mood.
You are looking so romantic...
How can the mood be different?
You know one thing?
I want to eat an apple right now.
Me too!
I loved it, Arjun.
Sleeping on your chest...
So close to you.
I love this moment of being with you.
Baby, tell me this...
Suppose... Let's just say...
If I get seperated from you...
What will you do?
What's with that doubt?
Are you planning to leave me?
How can even think of that!
So close... So happy...
This has to go on for a lifetime.
I'll be with you. I'll be within you.
What happened, sir?
Want to have some water?
Let's go.
Is everything ok, sir?
-Hello, sir.
-Hi, Arjun. Did you reach Vijayawada?
Yes, sir. I'll meet the
psychiatrist and update you.
This case should be closed
before the media highlights it.
Sure, sir.
I'll close it before that happens.
-All the best.
-Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir. How may I help you?
-Need to meet Dr. Prashanth.
-Do you have an appointment, sir?
Tell them it's the police.
Ok, sir. Just a minute.
Two policemen are here to meet you.
-Send them inside.
-Ok, sir.
As a doctor, I aim to cure
every patient of mine.
That is my only motive.
We cure many clients and that is
where our success rate goes high.
But the only regret I have
in my overall practice is...
Because she was not
responding to the treatment.
After that, I came to know that
she ran away from her home.
She really needed the treatment.
She's in need of it.
But, mentally she was not stable.
And she used to fight with
her father about this a lot.
I feel very bad learning
about what happened to her.
we have a few doubts about Swetha.
We also need some information about her.
Sure, please go ahead.
According to the information
her school Principal gave us...
We got to know that she
never talked to anyone.
Not used to play with friends.
Used to scream in her sleep.
And even behave like a mad person.
Swetha is really young back then.
It's common at that age, but...
The Principal is very clear
that it is a disorder.
What's your view on it?
Swetha case is really different
from the other cases I deal with.
This is called Tyrannical sadism.
-Basically in cases like these...
They'll have a childish mentality.
For example, what they want
needs to be only with them.
What they want should only be with them.
So for example,
if a little girl has a doll with her...
If you take that doll away from
her, how will she react?
-She'll cry until you give it back.
But in cases like these,
they will even kill the other person.
Like a psycho killer?
Not exactly psychoism.
In psychoism, they'll be parallelly
happy that they've killed them.
But in cases like Swetha's...
They'll be at peace after killing them.
It is more about satisfaction.
We started medication when
she's seven years old.
And she was responding well.
-But slowly, she declined.
About this,
she even fought a lot with her daddy.
But, things were not improving.
So according to what you just said...
If someone hurts the person with
this disorder, they'll harm them.
Or else, they won't.
Exactly. Not just that.
With diseases like these...
Spending time with them...
Pampering them...
With spending time, there are chances.
There have been miracles as well.
Can you give me her parents' details?
I know that they stayed in
Vijayawada until last year.
But recently I got to know
they are in Amaravathi.
-Any contact details?
-Note down the number.
-Ok, sir.
-98 21...
12 12.
Thank you! We'll meet you
if we need more information.
Yes, sir. Of course.
Nice meeting you.
-My pleasure.
-Thank you, sir.
What, Naidu? It seems like your
doubts are getting cleared.
-You seem energetic.
-Not at all, sir.
We are searching 24/7, just for a clue.
But everyone narrates a different story.
Do they think we are
policemen or producers, sir?
I don't know if any of it is true...
But where does this case start
and where is it going to, sir?
-What's our next step, sir?
-To Swetha's father.
I feel like the same story
will be repeated, sir.
-What do you mean?
-Nothing, sir.
About Swetha...
Siril, Principal, doctor...
Everyone has the same feeling.
And now...
I feel like his father will
also say the same, sir.
What are you thinking about, sir?
A girl is brutally murdered.
One more murder within the week.
These murders are scaring
girl into their houses.
What made them kill her so brutally?
Whatever it is...
The muderer is still unknown.
Even the police are
not talking about this.
Devika, with cameraman Prakash.
There is a girl's dead body at
Thotlakonda near Vishakapatnam.
The villagers informed
the police about this.
The police say that she can
be between 20 - 23 years old.
This case is handed over to Crime
Branch officer Arjun Baradwaj.
ACP Ajay Chowdary said so.
-As soon as possible...
They broke her spine. Cut her tongue.
They killed her after a brutal rape.
They even raped her after she died.
Imagine the kind of pain she
went through for around four hours...
Don't leave those bastards.
A car details got recorded in
the CCTV in the surroundings.
Do you have any information on that?
The car belongs to a
Pharma company owner's son.
One week back he went to Goa
with three of his friends.
Maybe they did this while returning back.
Arjun, one of their
numbers got switched on.
The location got traced to HSR
venture near Vijayawada highway.
Forget Goa... I'll show them
how a real party feels like.
Call Rishav and make the technical
team tracing their mobile signals.
Any calls to those numbers
should be recorded.
And one more thing...
This operation shouldn't
leak into media.
How could you play a game
with all this tension!
Why to get tensed?
No one knows our location other than us.
Dude, a squad is here.
-The police are here.
-Damn it!
Hey! Have you gone mad?
Can't you understand my situation?
Happy birthday, Arjun.
Damn it!
The only festival I celebrate in the
entire year with so much happiness...
Is your birthday.
I don't know how you
feel when I wish you.
But I feel really happy.
But all that happiness has gone away.
-No, you made it go away.
-I'll never disturb you...
-Who's that?
Yes. And you?
I'm Arjun. Crime branch, Vizag.
What do you want with me?
I'm here to talk about your
daughter, Swetha.
Come in.
Please sit.
Tell me. What do you
want to talk about her?
Sorry to say this. Swetha died.
She got killed by someone.
Want some coffee?
-Who is he?
-He's Arjun.
Here to talk about Swetha.
We got no clues at all,
regarding this case.
I'm here in search of more information.
What case?
If you don't mind... Let's talk outside.
It's better to keep a few
things silent from our family.
But one day, the mother needs to
know that her daughter died, right?
The mother has to be alive to know
that her daughter died, right?
Swetha's mother died
when she was little.
For Swetha's sake, I got married again.
I later got to realize that,
that was the biggest mistake I ever did.
Swetha grew angry with me.
She never talked to me.
Used to stay alone in her room.
She got really disturbed.
Her mental condition
started changing by the day.
I got scared for her...
So I joined her in the Vizag school.
Even there...
her behaviour stayed the same.
I got her treated by a psychiatrist.
No luck! And then...
I got her back home.
Only then I came to know that...
She got used to drugs.
My wife and Swetha used
to fight all the time.
One day...
Swetha tried to kill my wife.
I stopped her.
Then she ran away from home.
I tried a lot to locate her.
But today...
I have no idea such a
news is coming for me!
I'm sorry!
So you have no idea where
Swetha is all these days.
No. She used to meet no one.
Used to not talk to anyone.
She never even went out.
Then how did she get the drugs?
A boy used to come
meet her now and then.
Can you give me any details
about how he looks and stuff?
I don't know who he is...
But he looks like...
-Sir, the doctor.
-You are...
-I'm his wife.
-He's out of danger.
But due to the injury to the
head, blood clotted in his brain.
Nothing to worry about. We did the surgery.
He might take at least 5
- 8 days to get conscious.
-Ok, sir.
-Take good care of him.
-One more thing.
If he takes any tension,
there are 80% chances for brain death.
So please take care of him.
We'll shift him to the room in two hours.
You can go see him then.
-Sir, please!
You just heard what the doctor said.
She's already dead,
but is still managing to kill us.
She's the badluck in our lives.
Please leave, sir. Let us be.
Sorry. Naidu, come...
-Did you find the van details?
Yes, sir. It's a courier vehicle.
The driver is drunk, sir.
-We took him into custody, sir.
-Follow up on patient's condition.
-Keep me updated.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, can we say our
goodbye to this case now?
How can you close the door on my face!
I shouldn't get in or what?
-Of course, that is why.
-Please understand.
The situation you called for is correct.
But the situation
I'm in is different.
That's why I shouted.
-I'm sorry.
-Oh, is it?
-Ok? Open the door.
Why should I? I won't.
I called you to wish you with
love, but you shouted at me!
-I'm not opening the door.
-God! Please!
My cutie...
You are opening the door now.
Once I get in,
you'll hug me tight and wish me.
-How's the idea?
-Very bad.
Hear this out. I won't open the door.
I'll just go sleep.
You'll stay out all night.
This is your punishment. Good night.
Hey, stop!
-Are you opening the door or not?
Ok. I thought of surprising
you with something.
So I can't do anything now.
What is it?
Open the door, I'll tell you.
Ok, say that you are sorry.
Sorry! Ok? Open the door.
Wait! x3
Close your eyes...
-How long?
-Now... See!
I thought of surprising you.
But you surprised me!
Love you.
Let's go.
It's your favorite.
Happy birthday, Arjun.
I feel happy being with you, Arjun.
But you are always working.
Forgetting all the tensions...
When will we spend a whole day?
Wait... What is the surprise
you are talking about?
-Let's go out tomorrow.
-Is it!
Let's go!
Hello, sir!
-What happened, sir?
-We need to release those four kids.
They are kids of big shots.
So there is a lot of pressure.
We have to escape them and replace
them with other criminals...
And should divert the
case is what they say.
-Don't know what to do.
-What else, sir? Let them go.
You know how brutally
they have killed her...
Working hard to catch them and
letting go of them due to pressure...
This is common in our
department, right sir?
If we leave them directly, we have to
face problems with the media and the public.
-We have to plan something for that.
-What plan?
Scene reconstruction.
Is this where you raped her?
Please let me go.
Please don't hurt me.
Why did you cut her tongue?
She called me names.
So I cut her tongue.
Did you rape her even after she died?
She died when we raped her.
Then they both did.
Veda, unlock the handcuffs.
-Do it, Veda.
We can't do anything if
we miss them now, sir.
What are you looking at?
Shoot before their breath rate increases.
Or else, they'll call it an encounter.
Rishav, check.
I don't care if it's a man or a woman.
The same justice goes for everyone.
Police encountered the four boys
who got arrested in Kavya's case.
They went to the spot early this
morning for scene reconstruction.
There the boys tried
to attack the police.
So for self-protection,
the police killed them on spot.
The public is very happy
with what the police did.
So how's the situation, Arjun?
Those who scold are scolding and
those you praise are praising.
Media is busy covering all of them.
Why did you call me urgently, sir?
I'm transferring you to
Vijayawada for ten days.
You are the main lead
in the encounter batch.
I got orders to keep you away
until things get sorted here.
It should be one month.
But Nitya can't stay without you, right?
So just ten days.
Let's see how she reacts
for these ten days, sir.
I'll talk to her.
When are you planning on getting married?
Next month, sir.
Oh, that's great. So you'll be on
leave by the time you come back.
-Anyways, advanced happy married life.
-Thank you, sir.
So, what's next?
-Going to pick Nitya.
-Oh, then go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
Hello! Where are you?
Right here.
-What's the late?
-I forgot to tell you...
Ask them to send a copy of their
postmortem reports to the commissioner's office.
-Ok, sir.
-Where are you now?
-Here to pick Nitya.
-Is she there with you?
Yeah. You give her the
good news yourself.
-Ajay sir.
Hi, brother. How are you doing?
-I'm good. You?
What is the good news
Arjun is talking about?
Did he got promoted?
I transferred him to
Vijayawada for ten days.
-Transfer? What for?
-Encounter effect.
Can't help. Just ten days, right?
You say it so easily, brother. Ten days!
This month 8th is Chintus birthday.
You have to come.
I'm hurt. Bye!
-hey, how can you just disconnect?
-Forget about it.
-Are you going?
Should have said no, right?
Then they'll fire me.
Let them. It's for the best.
That mobile is better than me.
It stays with you 24/7.
That's how my job is, madam.
I'll be there.
Let's go. Come on... Fast!
-Hello, Arjun.
-When did this happen?
Exact time is not known.
The housekeeping found him so.
-What are his details?
-He's Gokul Pandey.
-The local drug supplier?
We almost got him once.
-And this is how we got him now.
-Any information?
-Not yet.
-Did you enquire the hotel manager?
The manager changed shift.
I asked them to call
the night shift manager.
A very small knife is used.
Like a mini knife inside a nail cutter.
Maybe he's still angry by then.
He sliced his face too.
Sir, the manager is here.
-Hello, sir.
-What's your name?
-Venkat, sir.
-When did he check in?
-Yesterday morning, sir.
-Is he alone, or...
-He's alone, sir.
-CCTV footage?
The cameras are not
working from one week.
We've complained to the technician, sir.
He's just delaying.
Did anyone come into his room?
Visitors do come to visit the
ones who stay in the rooms, sir.
-We don't observe everyone.
-Thank you, sir.
-Call the clues team.
Ok. Come.
-Any clues?
-Just this one clue, sir.
Seems like a ladies handbag handle, sir.
Sir, tell me.
I'm at the Allipuram murder spot.
Ok, sir.
-What does he say?
He said to hand the case over to
you, as I'm leaving for Vijayawada.
-When are you starting?
I know, Nitya.
You'll miss me for these ten days.
But you know what? I'll miss you more.
-Hello, sir. What's up?
-This is not a WhatsApp call!
So funny. Did you start?
Yeah. What are you doing?
-I'm also starting?
-Where to?
Today is Chintu's birthday, right?
Did you forget?
You don't even remember me when on duty.
-These are nothing.
-I really forgot!
Won't you be there when I come back?
You'll be here at 3 or 4 AM.
I'll be back by then and
would have slept too.
Did you buy any gift?
I liked nothing off-line.
So I ordered online.
Ok, take care. Drive safely.
-You too. Love you. Bye!
-Love you too. Bye!
-So I ordered online.
-It's a courier vehicle.
The driver is drunk.
Naidu, a courier boy is there at the
house before Swetha got murdered.
-Get him and we can get any information.
Enquiry every courier office
in and around that area.
-I want him.
-Ok, sir.
Please come, sir.
-What happened, sir?
-How long is Abhi working here?
Two years, sir.
-On what reason he's on leave?
-Health reasons, sir.
He doesn't even deliver the previous
deliveries properly, sir.
-Hi, brother.
-Health ok?
-All good. Is sir in there?
Yeah. He's talking to the policemen.
-Why are they here?
-No idea, brother.
-Do you know his house address?
-No, sir.
I don't know much about him.
Abhi is here, sir.
-He's getting away, sir.
-Hey, stop!
Sir, he might die, sir!
He'll die even if he doesn't answer.
Hey, why don't you just talk?
-I don't know anything, sir.
-No use in hitting him!
This is your last chance. Speak out!
I'll shoot you like a dog. Speak out!
-I didn't kill her, sir.
-You said you know nothing, right?
-Only the gun made you talk, is it?
-Tell me, who did it?
It's raining that day,
so I started the deliveries late, sir.
I heard some noise from in there.
So I went on to see what it is.
A man is dragging a girl.
He saw me there.
He warned me that he'll drag me into
that murder if I open my mouth, sir.
That's why I ran away from you.
Is this him?
No, sir. He looks like a sadist, sir.
-Can you recognize him?
-Yes, sir.
-Call the sketch artist.
-Ok, sir.
Sir, this is him!
It feels like I've seen
him somewhere, sir.
He has a tattoo that says
'A', here on his arm, sir.
Naidu, he's the one who got
drunk and hit the old man.
Yeah, it's him, sir.
-Get his details.
-Get the details of drunk and drive cases.
-Date, sir.
-One second, sir.
-Is this it, sir?
-Yeah, keep it so.
Sir, he gave us the wrong address, sir.
But we traced an address with
his mobile number network.
I'm sending you those details, sir.
Ok, sir.
Who the hell are you?
What are you searching for?
You did a mistake. You have no idea that
I will come and you did a huge mistake.
Police! You are right.
I know you'll come.
But not this fast.
I'll kill you and correct my mistake.
-Why did you kill her?
-It's not me who killed Swetha.
-I'm not asking about Swetha.
-I don't know who Nitya is.
-Don't act smart.
Swetha told me everything.
How can she? She's dead, right?
You only know about her death.
But only I know how she died.
-Nitya? Nitya?
-Hey, who are you man?
-I'm talking to you.
-Hey, who are you?
What the hell is happening here?
Where's Nitya?
Nitya? Who's Nitya?
Don't play with me. Where is she?
Why I'm playing with you?
And how dare you come into my
house without my permission?
Get out.
She shared a location to here and
talked to me on a video call too.
I asked her to leave,
but something happened by then.
And I've heard your bloody voice too.
You are very clear.
Then where is she now?
With whom and in what position?
-Go ask her.
-Hey! What are you talking about?
Fact. I'm talking facts.
What happened here?
-Hello! Do you need any help?
I don't know what happened?
My car suddenly stalled.
Shall I take a look?
-Yes, please.
-Open the bonnet once.
Yeah - Yeah.
The problem seems huge.
We can't get a mechanic at this time.
Where are you coming from?
Coming back from a function in Araku.
And this happened.
There's no signal to call my friends.
We won't get any mechanics
at this time here.
My house is right here. You can
come with me if you are ok with it.
It's ok, I'll call my friends.
This route is not safe at this time.
A girl being alone here is not good.
Don't worry. You can trust me.
Ok, I'll come.
Please come.
-Please come.
-Thank you!
Nice house.
Do you stay alone?
No, I've been fighting for
freedom since three years.
-With whom?
-With my girlfriend.
-Oh, live-in!
Where is she?
This afternoon, she said she's going out.
Maybe she's not back yet.
-Oh, ok.
-One second.
Hey, here is a towel.
You can get changed in that room.
No, I'm comfortable in this.
You might catch a fever. Go change.
-What are you doing?
-Do you know how to make coffee?
-I know just that.
-Thank you!
The coffee is really nice.
No formalities.
If it's really nice, I'm happy.
-It's really nice.
-Thank you!
We met a long time ago,
but we don't know each others' names.
-By the way, I'm Siril.
-I'm Nitya.
-What do you do?
-One second.
-Yeah yeah.
-Huh, what?
As you are checking the message right
away, I thought it's your boyfriend.
Nice try.
But it's not him.
I have to message or
call him all the time.
He's always busy with his work.
To keep it short, his work is his lover.
-What does he do?
-He is a...
Hey, when did you come?
-Who is she?
-Who is she!
-Hey, listen...
I'm coming back from a client meeting
and found her car stalled in the rain.
As that place is not that
safe, I got her home.
-Why did you give her my dress?
-Her dress got wet.
-So? How can you give her my dress?
-God! Please don't get angry.
Is everything ok?
-Yeah, why do you ask?
-She seems a little angry.
No, she's just tired from the shopping.
-You sit. I'll just come.
Swetha, did you find my charger?
Swetha, it's not right to
get serious for everything.
Oh! So I'm not right.
She's here, right?
Make her do the right things.
Swetha, please!
It's nothing like you think it is.
She's alone on road and at the
same time that area seemed shady.
She'll leave in the morning.
Please don't make an issue out of it.
I'm going for a client meeting in
Banglore. I won't be back for two days.
At least this one night
she'll be with you.
Hope you understand.
Ashish is here. I'll leave. Take care.
I hope everything is fine.
Yeah yeah,
she's just tired from the shopping.
The main reason is that I'm
going to Banglore for a meeting.
So she's a little angry with me.
Right now? In this rain?
We can't leave projects
because of rain, right?
Stay in this room and you can
leave once the rain stops.
Feel at home, ok?
-Ok, thank you so much.
-Take care.
-And you have a safe journey.
-Thank you! Bye.
Hi! I'm Nitya.
You seem a little dull. Is your health ok?
Oh, I get it now. Is it about Siril?
He went to Banglore, right?
You might be missing him.
Siril is a nice guy.
You are lucky to have found him.
My boyfriend is always busy.
Let's do something. Give me Siril.
I'll give you my boyfriend.
What happened?
I have some work.
Oh! So he's online!
-Where are you?
-You prove that you are a policeman.
How can you observe
with so much speed?
As you said, I'm a policeman.
That's ok, where are you?
Long story. I'm coming back
from Charan's birthday party.
And my car broke down.
Full rain. And I'm alone on the road.
I got really scared.
A person helped me and
got me to his home.
Who's that person?
How can you trust a stranger?
Hello, sir! Don't panic.
It's not like that.
A couple stays here. Just like us.
But the girl seems a little mad.
Forget about them.
When will you be here?
Hey, what are you looking at?
Move to the side.
Keep the camera stable and move aside.
Move the bag.
-What happened, Arjun?
-Move it, Nitya.
Damn! Nitya... Nitya...
Leave from there, at once.
-What happened, Arjun?
-Nitya, listen to me.
Leave from there. I said, leave now!
Ok ok, I'm leaving.
You want me to give you my boyfriend?
Did you like him so much?
Why did it disconnect?
[switched off tone]
Damn it!
Damn it!
Please! Please leave me.
If I let you go now...
You'll somehow take my Siril away.
I was just joking. Please leave me.
Today it's a joke.
Tomorrow you'll get serious. God!
It's scary. I shouldn't let you go.
I shouldn't let you go.
I shouldn't let you go.
For a mad reason...
How did you stab her so brutally!
Mad reason? Yeah, it's a mad reason.
She talked as if she knew
about my lover more than I do.
I got mad and so I stabbed her.
-You'll stab just because you got angry?
-Will you stab!
-What the hell!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You stabbed Nitya with this hand, right?
Do you feel pain? Huh?
Imagine the pain Nitya went through!
-Where is Nitya?
-Hit me all you want.
You might even hit me to death.
But I'm not telling you.
So the one who killed Swetha...
Then die!
I have a gun in my hand.
I have you to shoot at.
But do you know why I
didn't shoot you yet?
There's something what I don't know...
and what you do.
-What's that?
-I'll tell you! x2
Swetha called me that day.
Hey, get up!
-Hello! Hello, Adarsh.
-This is Swetha.
-Tell me.
Adarsh... I stabbed a girl.
I'm scared as hell!
What are you talking about, Swetha?
Yeah... She said she wants my boyfriend!
That's why... That is why I
stabbed her with all my anger.
What if the police find out?
And arrest me! I'm scared, Adarsh.
-Please come here, fast.
-Where are you?
-At home. Please come fast, Adarsh.
-Ok ok, I'm coming.
Ok, ok fine.
Adarsh, here you are!
I'm really scared, Adarsh.
What is this, Swetha?
She... She wants my boyfriend, Adarsh.
That's why I stabbed her. But...
But I don't know what to do, Adarsh!
Ok ok... Listen. You go out.
But Adarsh...
Just relax!
I'll take care of this.
You get out of here!
-What happened?
-She's still alive.
What to do now?
It'll create a problem, right?
So I killed her completely.
I'm very scared, Adarsh.
I can't process anything.
Hey... Tension only
enlarges the problem.
Don't panic. Just relax!
We have to dispose the body.
I'll take care of that.
Take a dose and cool off. Ok?
Do you have a plastic
cover to pack the body?
It's in the storeroom. I'll go get it.
Hey... Stop!
-Who the hell are you?
-Courier boy.
Did you see everything?
If you ever talk about this murder...
I'll drag you into it.
Ok, let's click a selfie.
Look there.
One more!
For my sake.
Thank you!
Hey, courier...
If you talk about this...
You know, right?
Your pictures with me will be leaked. Go!
What did you do with Nitya's dead body?
I got scared that she will haunt me.
So I've burnt her and threw
the ashes in the ocean.
So... It's Adarsh who've killed Swetha!
You heard it right, Arjun.
If we would have not sent
Nitya alone that night...
You both would have been happy today.
I might be one of the
reasons for her death.
We even asked her to go
on the next morning...
But she convinced us that she
want to see you and started.
I took Nitya away and made
this case personal to you.
I'm really sorry for your personal loss!
I understand what you are going through.
And... you did the right thing.
With Swetha and Adarsh alive,
there will be more girls in danger.
And our department is aware that Adarsh is
a hitlist candidate in a drug deal case.
No one is at a loss
because of their deaths.
You got a clue that
Adarsh had a link with...
...Pandey's murder at the
hotel and Swetha's murder.
You tried to arrest him
and he attacked you.
With no other way out, you shot him. Write
the same thing in a letter and hand me.
-But, sir.
-Don't think of anything else, Arjun.
Your Case 30... is closed.
-This place is really beautiful, Arjun.
Do you know the moment a girl forgets
herself and be really happy, Arjun?
When she's with the man she likes.
Like every story ends...
Every life ends too.
Then we'll be left
with only our memories.
So, life might end.
But love never does.
Our love is forever, Arjun!
Somewhere I found you from the sky...
Thought you to be my side.
Somewhere I found you
shade for a while...
Now I miss it kills me alive.
Please don't tear me in pieces...
I wanna be alive...
I miss those ocean eyes.
It kills me alive...
[phone rings]
-Arjun, we got a new case.
Can you come to the office once?