Case 347 (2020) Movie Script

- Carol, you ready?
I want you to close your eyes
and take some slow
deep breaths for me.
- I don't like
the camera, Dr. T.
- No, I know you don't,
but I need a visual
record of your case
so that I can show it to
my colleagues, remember?
Come on now, close
your eyes for me.
There you go.
It's okay.
I'm gonna count
backwards from five.
And I want you to remember
you're in a safe place.
Five, clear everything
from your mind
except the sound of my voice.
Four, with each breath,
allow your mind to clear
and let go of your thoughts.
Three, and you feel
the weight of your body
on the chair beneath you.
Two, you're in your car now.
You can feel the seat's
cushion beneath your body.
One, you're driving
down a desert highway.
It's dark, and there are
no other cars in sight.
Your husband's there.
He's asleep in the
passenger seat next to you.
I want you to look
outside of the car
and tell me what you see.
- It's dark.
It's a long dark road.
And there's a light ahead.
- Okay, what kind of light?
- It's coming from the sky.
It's really bright.
- Are you still driving?
- Okay, the light is
getting bigger now,
it's closer, it's
getting closer now.
- Breathe, keep breathing,
just listen to my voice.
- It's coming straight at us,
it's blinding, I can't see.
- Try to describe
it, you can see.
- I'm gonna pull over now.
Dan, wake up.
Dan, wake up!
No, I don't know what's
happening right now.
What is going on?
Everything, I don't know,
the light, it's all around
us, they're everywhere!
I don't know!
This is not happening!
I don't know,
something is wrong!
This can't be happening,
this isn't real,
we have to get out of here!
Dan, wake up!
Oh my god, where
did you go, Dan?
Where did you go?
Oh my god!
Get them off of us!
- I'm Dr. Mia Jansen.
This is day one and
the fist video log
for my clinical
psychology research grant
from California University.
This video journal will
serve as both my notes
on upcoming case findings,
as well as supporting
for my research analysis
by both myself, Cal U,
and my fellow peers
for later evaluation.
The intention of my research
is to investigate, interview,
and as often as possible,
record individuals
who claim to have
experienced encounters
with phenomenon relating
to extraterrestrials.
Commonly, UFO sightings,
alien visitations,
and in my opinion,
most importantly,
alleged alien abductions.
I will attempt to formulate
a strong scientific theory
behind this ongoing mass
psychological phenomenon
of alien-related self-deception
that have spanned
decades, if not longer.
So, with the help of
filmmakers Charlie Cera
and Rex McDunn, we aim to create
an accompanying documentary
with the hopes of
compiling footage
that paints a clear narrative
of the potential connections
of these shared delusions
that affect possibly
millions of people
in the United States alone.
Basically, if we can find
common personality traits,
disorders, traumas, or even
experience-based threads
as to the potential sources
of these shared psychosis,
we can begin to explain
the similarities
of their common beliefs
of varied alien exposures.
And if we can do that,
we can hopefully help a
lot of sick individuals
and the people who love them.
- All right, camera is
speeding, sound is speeding.
- Okay, and action?
All right, Rex, I don't think
we need me in this shot here.
All right, Mia, why don't
you start the documentary off
by telling us where we're
going and what we're doing?
- Okay.
We are driving out to one of
the meccas of UFO insanity
to document some
of the many areas.
- Stop.
- What?
- I don't think UFO
insanity is the right way
to start this documentary
or a way to paint your
research-based analysis
about this, so,
serious, restart.
- We are leaving Los
Angeles, California,
and heading to
Roswell, New Mexico.
Roswell has been a mecca
for UFO and alien
encounter conspiracists
since an alleged UFO
crash coverup in 1947.
This will be a great
place for us to start
our investigation of subjects
who subscribe to these beliefs.
And if we're lucky, we'll
get to interview some locals
with personal
experiences of their own.
- Sounded
good to me, Rex?
- Sound good.
- All right.
- Just checking
out the infrared.
Looks pretty good, man,
you wanna take a look?
- No.
- How you
feeling up there?
You look a little tired.
Wanna try and find a hotel soon?
- Yeah.
You getting all this?
- Yeah, yep.
Just getting some B-roll.
- Listen man, Mia wants us
to stop at her father's house
on the way to
Roswell, all right?
This guy was a total UFO nut.
He's the entire reason that
we're doing this project,
he's probably the entire reason
that she's doing her study.
So, before she mentions it,
before we get there especially,
I just wanna give
you a heads-up.
Tread lightly, all right?
- Copy that.
- So, all right.
Do you want anything
from the rest area?
- Just some
candy or something.
The hell is that?
- It's the aliens!
- Jesus
fucking Christ, dude.
- What
are you staring at?
- Not quite sure,
look at this right here.
There's like a circle,
a perfect circle,
a ring, you see that?
- Yeah, I see it.
- What is that?
- I don't
know, fireworks?
- Do you hear
fireworks going off?
- It's
pretty far away.
- I've never seen anything
like that from fireworks.
- I don't know.
It's just a giant
ring, I guess, man.
I don't know, it's just smoke.
- Huh.
- Well, I need some
money for the vending machine.
- Wow, feels
so weird being here.
- Get this light
going when we walk in.
- Wait, lemme
just put the light on.
- Yeah, Rex, do you
wanna set up the other camera,
and just start
getting some B-roll?
Mia, do you wanna come back
and tell us where we are
and what we're doing here?
- Where do you want
me, like in the middle?
- Yeah, that's
good, just up in there.
Okay, go ahead.
- Okay.
This was actually
my dad's house.
I guess, technically
my house now.
But yeah, I haven't
been back here in years.
Yeah, it doesn't
seem like it changed much.
- And the pictures
on the mantle, is that you?
- Yeah.
My parents.
- Tell us about 'em.
- My mom passed away
when I was five.
She had cancer.
That's when my
father moved us here.
- And your dad?
- He's dead, at least
I'm pretty sure he is.
- Yeah, tell
the story for context.
- He had a study; if there
was anything useful to us,
it would be in there.
Shit, it's locked.
Okay, one sec.
- Got
that camera going?
- Good ol' Dad.
- Oh shit.
- Holy shit.
- Wow.
- Jesus.
That is some real serial
killer shit right there.
This is crazy.
- Yeah, he was obsessed
with his clients' cases
and his conspiracy theories,
but I never saw him like this.
Where do we even start?
Look at this.
Okay, so, it would take us
a week to go over all this,
but there's actually a
goldmine of material here.
Names, locations, photographs,
and a myriad of theories
behind each reported abduction
within a 200-square-mile
radius of this house.
There's even a list of relatives
of all the reported abductees.
I mean, if a fraction of
these leads pan out for us,
we've literally got
everything we need right here.
Guys, this is .
- I don't know, man.
Honestly, I'm a little
freaked out by this.
- What's crazy is
just how much stuff there is.
- None of this
bothers you, dude?
- I mean, it's
all movie makeup and props,
none of it's real.
- I don't know, Mia's father
clearly spent a lot of time
organizing and
cataloging all this stuff
that he felt was
evidence to something.
- Yeah, his own
paranoid delusions,
and for us, the perfect map
into this whole alien hysteria.
- I don't know, none of
this feels hysterical to me.
This feels organized,
it feels calculated.
- Okay, let's listen
to one of these tapes
and show you organized
and calculated.
Dr. Thomas Jansen,
September 10, 2002.
After leaving a
patient's house today,
I felt very strongly as
if I were being followed.
I'm not sure yet by whom, but
I need to be more careful.
I don't feel safe.
- The last few
years he was alive,
he'd call me to give
me constant warnings
of what was happening,
to tell me to stay
away from this house
and to never come back home.
- Oh, great.
- Look, Charlie, you
remember how it was
when we were together.
I mean, he always thought
he was being followed
and that his life was in danger.
He'd call from payphones and
only stay on for 30 seconds
at a time to avoid being traced.
They gave him a psych
leave from his job.
A psych leave.
Does that sound sane to you?
- I mean, what if he
was being followed?
- Mia, on the
tape, he said doctor.
- Yeah, I told
you, he was a professor
at the University of New Mexico.
- Yeah, but
then he also said patient.
- He was a psychiatrist,
but he got his
license taken away,
and then he was teaching
until his obsession
got him fired from that too.
Look, my dad is the
exact type of person
this entire project is about.
What drives someone to such
lengths to become so paranoid
and to wanna believe
any of this, to need to?
It's insanity.
- What did he teach?
- Abnormal psychology.
Apple doesn't fall far.
- I'm sorry, but what exactly
happened to your father?
- He called me
almost two years ago.
Said he was giving up,
that maybe he could save me
if he sacrificed himself.
He said he tried to figure
out another way, but couldn't.
He told me he loved
me, said goodbye,
and reminded me to
never come back.
- I'm sorry, Mia.
Guys, let's just
take a break, huh?
- We saw this yesterday.
- Wait, you saw that?
- Well,
something like it.
- No, we saw exactly this.
- Where?
- When we
stopped on the way.
We talked about coming here.
- Extraterrestrial
Highway 375.
Rod Taylor.
- Hello?
- Hi, I'm looking
for a Rod Taylor.
- Who's this?
- My name
is Dr. Mia Jansen.
Is this Rod?
- What do you want?
- I got your number from
my father, Dr. Tom Jansen.
I'm doing a
documentary and study.
- You're Tom's daughter?
- That's right.
- This is Rod,
what can I do for you?
- Great, Rod, I'm
calling about a photograph
I think you may have taken.
It looks like a ring
of smoke in the sky.
Can you tell me
anything about it?
- Yeah, I
took it all right,
and I can tell you
quite a bit about it.
- Oh, that's fantastic.
Would it be possible for
us to talk for a bit?
- I could
show you instead.
- Great, that'd be great.
- Someone's
waving a light up there.
- Yeah, I see 'em.
It's too far away for me
to get a zoom in on it.
- It's a pickup truck.
- That's them.
- See, these
guys both have guns on 'em.
- Bro, dude, fuck this.
- I'm turning around.
- Wait, hold on.
- Mia?
- Yeah, hi.
- Bring out a lantern, Gary.
It might seem a little awkward,
but can I see your
driver's license?
- Sure.
- I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Well hello, Dr. Mia
Jansen, daughter of Tom.
Follow us, it's right up ahead.
- Great, thanks.
- Okay, this is clearly
where we get murdered.
You guys saw what happened
in Deliverance, right?
- I think we're okay,
I think these
conspiracy theory-types
are always a little on edge.
- Yeah, I'm a
little on edge now myself.
- Yeah, no shit.
- Hey Gary, set that
time lapse on 15 seconds,
I don't wanna miss anything
tonight, all right?
- Copy.
- Thank you again
for meeting with us.
- Absolutely.
Your dad's a straight
shooter, and I respect him,
he knows what the hell's
really going on out here.
- Sure.
- This documentary
study that you're doing,
are you trying to
really bust things open,
or you just wanna
talk to some crazies?
- I think we're just
asking some questions,
seeing where that takes us.
- All right, that's
fair enough, okay.
You sure are smart,
like your dad.
Okay, Gary, dial the brightness
down on those monitors,
'cause you got another
camera shooting,
I don't want it to just blow out
where she can't see anything.
- Copy that.
- Thank you, buddy.
- So, why don't you tell
us about this photograph,
and also why you
wanted to meet us here
in the desert, in the
middle of the night?
- You don't know where you are?
Oh my god, this is
the famous ET Highway!
That is the infamous
Medlin Mailbox,
the most photographed
mailbox in the world.
- And what's the significance?
- It's the only landmark on
this highway for 40 miles,
this is the mecca, the
hotbed of ET activity.
Thousands of people
travel here a year.
Why, ask me why.
- Why?
- That is Area 51.
Look at that, we have a
third-quarter harvest moon,
it's a special moon,
it's a special night.
This is the demarcation,
it's the line in the sand.
This is where we
watch from, right?
Illegal over there, right?
And right up there, that's
where I took that photo.
And you're here.
Area 51.
- Great, why don't we--
- Let's get on it!
Ride shotgun, how about that?
- Yeah?
- Young lady wants to know
if you've ever been evaluated
for post-traumatic stress.
We're not crazy, doc.
Well, not like that.
- And what are you hoping to
capture out here with all this?
- Anything out of the ordinary,
and there's a hell of a lot
out of the ordinary out.
Holy shit.
- What was that?
- Well, this is an
active missile test site,
like White Sands.
- White Sands?
- Oh, come on.
Where they set off the
first nuke in the '40s,
and hundreds of others
before the test ban.
Come on.
The fireworks?
That's what I think
attracted them.
- I see, and are we
at a safe distance?
- Rod, check out the monitor.
- Are you recording?
- Roger that.
- What is it, a plane?
- It's a no-fly
zone, sweetheart,
and whatever that is
is flying in very high.
- Could it be a satellite?
- Planes and satellites
don't have the ability
to stop in midair!
Look at that!
- Okay.
- And they don't
have the ability to disappear!
Planes and satellites
don't disappear!
- Then where did it go?
- It just went.
And when it did, I bet it left
a ring of smoke in the air,
just like the photo I took.
- So what?
A UFO then?
- Yes, a UFO then!
And now you've seen one too!
Welcome to the crazy club.
Gary will get you a hat
and a book of matches.
- We got it!
- We got it!
- Okay, so,
there's aircrafts
leaving marks in the sky
because they're
moving at such a speed
that they're what, singeing
the air molecules around them?
- It's an explanation from
two conspiracy theorists
that spend their spare time
in the middle of the desert,
filming the night sky.
- Yeah, a couple
conspiracy theorists,
which both happen
to be ex-military,
one of which has an
aerospace engineering degree,
specializing in
space navigation.
- Yeah, also two textbook
examples of PTSD.
I mean, both these
men experienced
heavy military
combat situations.
Now, they're clearly
transferring wartime stress
and enemy paranoia to a new
enemy that doesn't even exist.
It's a collective
imaginary threat.
- That blip on the
radar was not imaginary,
and neither was the sonic
boom, which we all heard.
I mean, come on, Charlie.
If there is life
forms out there,
and they're traveling to Earth,
they're not using a
'68 Chevy with a 350.
They're using magnets,
or fusion, like Rod
said, or nuclear.
- Rex, we're talking
about Area 51, right?
This is the most top-secret,
most guarded air force base
in the world.
- Anyone who caught a glimpse
of of the U-2 spy plane
back in the day, or
the stealth bomber,
reported seeing
UFOs in the desert.
- Exactly.
So, Rod could be out
there recording our own
experimental technology.
- Yeah.
Or aliens.
- All right,
let's not get insane
with conspiracy
theories, all right?
Our job is to stick to filming.
- Okay.
- No, Charlie's right, we have
to focus on the psychology
and the facts behind these
beliefs, and their psychosis.
Not the conspiracies themselves
behind the underlying disorders.
- 100%.
So, with that said, what's next?
- Why don't we talk to
some of these people
who reported being abducted?
Maybe one of them would be
willing to go on record.
- That's a great idea.
- Yep.
Thank you again for
letting us film you.
Could you please give us
your name for the record?
- Bernie Stanton.
- And Bernie, can you tell
us about your encounter?
- You mean the first one?
- Yeah, the first one.
- I was in White Sands,
I'm camping.
So, me and my girl,
romantic, quiet.
I got up in the middle of the
night and felt really sick.
Came on all of a sudden.
I felt like my skin was on fire.
And everything around
me was vibrating.
So, I was completely
and I stumbled outside
the tent for air.
The last thing I remember
is this light all around.
It was so bright.
- And then what happened?
- Wake up in an oil field
outside San Antonio, Texas,
600 miles away.
No one saw or heard from me
in three years, three days.
Felt like three years.
- And you have no
recollection of what happened
over that time, nothing?
- No.
Not at first.
Not until the nightmares came.
Then I saw what happened.
What they did to me.
- And what
did they do exactly?
- You ever seen a frog getting
dissected in science class?
- And I'm assuming you told
the authorities about this?
- Of course, I told
anybody who'd listen.
- And?
- What do you think?
My girl left me, my
parents disowned me.
My friends, like everyone else,
think I lost my goddamn mind.
- And Bernie,
did you have an traumas
or problems before
this incident?
- I saw a therapist, doc.
I went down that why
you so crazy path.
But the fact always remained:
I was perfectly fine
before the grays got me.
- The grays?
- Yeah.
Big eyes, thin, gray?
Fucking grays.
- I see, and you
told the doctors
specifically about the grays?
- You bet your ass I did,
but nobody believed me.
Not until I got a
call from Dr. Jansen.
Your old man believed me.
He sent me to see a specialist
in Albuquerque for scans.
- My father sent you for scans?
- Yeah.
See that?
They found a piece of
metal in my fucking head.
But no explanation
how it got there.
Said I should have brain damage
or something like that in there.
I don't know.
Maybe I do.
What do you think?
- That's really
not my expertise,
but thank you, this
was very helpful.
- Seriously, just look
at this list alone,
the amount of names on here?
- And the notes on these
patients are incredible.
Everything Bernie said, he
had already told to my father
almost word for word.
- Well, what do you
think the next move is?
Do you wanna keep going
through these lists,
find another Bernie,
do more testimonials?
- What about White Sands?
- It is the second
time it's come up.
- I mean, we should probably
see it for ourselves, right?
- Yeah, honestly,
worst case scenario,
we get some really good B-roll
to support the Bernie
and Rod interviews.
- Campgrounds?
- Camping White Sands.
- Yeah!
- Alone in the
dark, looking for aliens.
- What's the worst
that could happen?
- I don't know.
- Yo, if I were you, I'd stay
the hell outta White Sands.
- Yeah, and why's that?
- Consider it a
friendly warning.
- Oh, thanks
a lot, friend.
- In fact, I'd end this
whole little investigation
you're doing, head
back to California
before somebody gets hurt.
- Listen man, we really
appreciate your concern.
Now, why don't you
kindly fuck off?
- You wanna get outta
here while you can.
Trust me on that.
- What the hell was that?
- Locals being locals, I guess.
- Fuck that guy.
- No, seriously, fuck that guy.
Honestly, wish she'd forget.
- Let's actually get this
lens away from the fire
so we don't get any flare.
- Yeah, copy that.
All right.
Well, let's just
try to be diligent
about keeping the
lens clean over here.
- Oh my god, yeah, I'll put
UV filters on all the lenses,
that oughta keep
all the sand out.
- All right, perfect.
- Well, let's just
shut this light down
and see if we can catch
some UFOs.
Hey Mia, I'll help
you with that.
- It's okay.
- More?
- I'm freezing!
- Guys, we have six
hours until sunrise,
we're gonna be out
of wood in two.
- Well, what can
I say, I'm not rugged.
- That
is absolutely true.
- Hey!
Who wants the wine?
- I do!
- I think there's another
bottle in the front seat.
- I'm on it.
- Really?
- If we're
gonna stay out here
waiting for some UFO to show up,
we might as well have some fun.
- All right.
- Here we go, all
right, here we go, ready?
And do the little.
- Okay wait, start again.
You got this.
- I got it, ready?
'Cause we're falling apart
- All
right, hold on, wait!
- Charlie!
- I wanna film it!
- Rex finally
got it right!
- Whoa, what do you mean
finally got it right?
- You know what I'm saying.
- Unbelievable, man, the abuse!
- Come
on, let me get it.
Come on, make it good one.
Make it a good one!
- I will
make it a good one.
Here we go, count me in, please.
- Okay.
One, a-two, a-three, a-go.
'Cause we're falling apart
just like in the start
Come out now
You make it so hard
just to fall back down
Come out now
We're falling apart
like in the start
Come out now
- What?
- Oh my god, I
just saw something!
I saw something right there!
Right there in the
dune, right there!
- Here, hold
the camera, come on.
- Wait, I'm not
staying here alone.
It was right here.
- Rex, do
you see anything?
- No, I
don't see anything.
- Mia, do
you think your eyes
were playing tricks on you?
- No, it was right here,
I saw it, plain as day.
- Why do
you keep saying it?
- Wait.
Put the light down here?
There's footprints.
- I told you.
- Whoa.
Dude, they just end.
- How
do they just end?
- What the fuck?
- Mia, do you think it could've
been the guy from the diner?
- No.
- If it was the
guy from the diner.
- It wasn't the
guy from the diner.
- Maybe we should just
get the fuck outta here.
- Don't gotta
tell me twice, man.
Fuck this.
- Mia, why don't you try to
tell us what you think you saw?
- I told you.
I saw the silhouette of
something standing on that dune.
- And it definitely
couldn't have been the guy
who told us not to come out
here in the first place?
- And by the way,
how did that guy know
that we were from California,
and that we're out here
investigating something?
- He either
overheard us talking,
or he saw Mia's Cal U shirt,
or he saw the license
plate on the car.
- Guys, it wasn't the
guy from the diner, okay?
It just wasn't him.
- Why do you keep saying it?
- Yeah, right?
- I don't know.
The person just
seemed really thin,
like a really thin man
or woman, I don't know.
- Well, what
was it wearing?
- I didn't see any clothes.
- So, you think you
saw a naked thin woman
in the middle of White Sands?
- No.
- Listen, it was a
glimpse over a campfire
in the middle of the
night after a ton of wine.
You could've saw anything.
- Yeah,
anything that leaves
footprints in the sand?
I think we had an
alien sighting.
I'm serious.
- Whoa,
did you see that?
- See what?
- There was girl
on the side of the road
over there.
- Shut up.
- No, I'm
being dead serious.
- Oh, do you
think we should go back
and check on her?
- Of course.
- Oh my god.
This isn't the worst
idea ever or anything.
- What side of
the road was she on?
- She was over
there on the shoulder.
- You sure?
- Yeah, positive.
- Where do you
think you saw her?
- She was
standing right there.
- I don't see
anything, Charlie.
- Me neither.
- Guys,
I know what I saw.
- Okay, look.
I propose that we turn
ourselves back around
and head back the
way we were going.
This is too crazy.
- Yeah, I agree with Rex.
Come on, Charlie.
Let's go.
Come on.
- I saw a girl, guys.
- Look, maybe we're
all just tired right now.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Yeah.
Or maybe some weird-ass
shit's going on around here,
and guys don't wanna admit it.
- Rex, why don't we turn
the camera off, okay?
Let's just take a
break from all this
and talk about something else.
Why don't we just
change the subject,
and I don't know, talk
about something fun?
- All right.
- Okay.
- Wait!
- What?
- There she is.
- Charlie,
that's impossible.
We're going 50 miles an hour
in the opposite direction.
- Dude, that's her.
- Rex, can you see that?
- Yeah, I see her, but
that can't be the same girl.
The hell is she doing?
Oh, she looks fucking weird.
- Are you okay?
- Can I come in?
- What did she say?
- I don't know,
this is not right.
- Charlie, I
don't like this, bro.
- Where are your parents?
Are you all alone?
- Can I come in?
- What is she saying?
- Charlie.
- Dude, this is not right.
- Hey, little
girl, are you okay out there?
- Can I come in?
- What are you
doing, holy shit!
Did you see her face?
- Rex, check on Mia.
- Shit.
- Hey, Mia!
- Mia, you okay?
Dude, she's not--
- I think
she passed out.
Hey, Mia!
Here you go, buddy.
- Thank you.
- And here you go.
How you feeling?
- I'm good, thanks.
- I've never seen
anybody faint before.
- Yeah, well, I've
never fainted before.
- Well, what the
hell happened back there?
- Everything in my body
was telling me we were,
I don't know.
- Well, I do know.
In danger.
- I admit, the girl on the
side of the road was creepy.
- Yeah, that's
what I've been saying.
- What do you think?
- I mean, we could just
be freaking ourselves out.
Technically speaking, SPD,
shared psychological delusion,
basically that we've
become so paranoid
because we're now on the
mindset of these topics
and these cases, it's like
telling some ghost stories
in the middle of the night,
and then all of a sudden,
everyone starts hearing
and seeing things.
It's like a shared
induced fear, basically.
- Are you serious?
That girl was real,
we all saw her.
What about what you
saw back at the dunes?
Come on, Charlie.
- Yeah, the girl on the
side of the road was weird.
- Yeah, she was weird.
Everything about her was weird.
The way she looked,
the way she acted,
where she was in the
middle of the night.
- Okay, fine, but how weird?
Alien weird?
And honestly, I don't know
what Mia saw back there,
if anything.
- Okay.
What about the footprints?
- Rex, the footprints
could've been days old,
the wind could've
blown them away.
What we saw was
what was left of it.
It's exactly like Mia said.
We're out there,
alone, in the dark,
our minds start
playing tricks on us.
- Okay.
Look, I didn't
wanna bring this up,
but honestly, it's
been freaking me out.
When were at Mia's dad's house,
I saw a photograph of a girl
that looked exactly
like the girl
we just saw on the
side of the road.
- Exactly?
- Exactly.
- Okay, then I think we
should go check it out.
Let's go back.
- Great, thank you.
- Let's go back.
- Here.
- BEK, black-eyed
kid, Highway 545.
BEK, black-eyed kid,
Alamogordo, New Mexico.
BEK, black-eyed
kid, Sonora, Mexico.
BEKs, or black-eyed kids,
have been reported
and photographed
mostly in the southwest
region of the United States
since the early 1990s.
In every case, they appear calm
and in need of some
sort of assistance.
On some occasions, very
young BEKs have shown up
at people's doorsteps,
asking to come in.
These BEKs are not human,
at least not 100% human.
- Asking to come
in, not 100% human.
- This has to be a hoax.
Locals trying to
get people going,
sell museum tickets in Roswell,
get conspiracy theorists
out to White Sands.
- So, what do you think, it's
an amusement park out there?
Mia, for God's sake,
we saw this!
This is real!
- What, why would
someone be at the door?
- Does
anybody know we're here?
- No.
- Maybe
it's a neighbor?
- Yeah, or maybe not.
- Wait, Charlie.
- Oh, you're gonna love this.
- Is it a fucking BEK?
- Grab a camera.
- Wait, Charlie.
- I'm guessing
it's not a wild coincidence
that you're here, unless you
guys just moved in next door.
- Charlie, listen to me.
- How the fuck
do you know my name?
The fuck you guys doing here?
And why the fuck has
he been following us?
- All right, I know.
- You wanna get
that outta my face?
- I know this looks bad,
and I would react exactly
the same way you are
if I were in your position,
but actually, I'm on your side.
- I didn't
know we were on a side.
- You are now.
- Okay, who are
you, and what do you want?
- My name is Dr. Gustaf Berchum,
and actually, we've met before,
Mia, you were quite young.
I was the oncologist treating
your mother, do you remember?
I was younger too, of course.
This is my son, Siggy.
And I am so sorry
for your meeting
under such undesirable
- Oh, you mean
when he threatened us?
- My utmost apologies, please,
it was a desperate ploy
from a desperate man.
- A ploy for what?
- There's a safe in
your father's office.
I would very much like
for you to open it.
The combination is 32-27--
- 27-32-18.
- Is it 27-32-18.
- And what's inside?
- Please.
May we come in?
I have so much I have
to explain to you.
- We're here to help.
- You're all being very
cautious, that's good.
You should be.
- Charlie?
Here you go.
- Oh, thank you so much.
You have grown into such
a beautiful young woman.
You look so much your
mother, do you know that?
- Okay, why don't
we get started?
Gustaf, who are the
people in these files?
- Are your cameras,
are they ready to go?
- I'm rolling.
- Why do you want
us to film this?
- What you're setting out to do,
what you have already
gotten yourself into,
it's bigger than anything
you could possibly imagine.
But it's all of the
utmost importance.
And as I said, we're
on the same side.
- What's so important, and
what side do we have in common
with a cancer specialist?
- Was a cancer specialist.
- And what are you now?
- A seeker of truth,
and you will become an
exposer of that truth
if we can succeed.
- And what are we
exposing, exactly?
- Since you have been here,
have you seen many things
that you cannot explain?
- Perhaps difficult
to explain, yes.
- I believe, as did your father,
that you, just by being here,
are in great danger.
And honestly, I don't know if
there's any way to avoid that.
So, we have to do
something different,
we have to do something drastic,
we have to face the danger.
- What danger are
you talking about?
- If I try to show you something
that is far more than you
could've bargained for,
would you be willing
to see through?
- Yes, of course.
- Well then, let's
get started, shall we?
- Okay, first I need
to know something,
how did you know we were here,
and how do you know
Charlie's name?
- Siggy installed
cameras and audio
throughout this entire house.
At your father's
request, naturally.
Often, there are signs
leading up to an abduction.
Most of them don't
pay any attention.
Sometimes, these
signs are so subtle,
most people wouldn't
even notice.
- And
what are these signs?
- The obvious ones?
Crop circles, smoke
rings in the sky,
encounter with BEKs,
craft sightings,
animals behaving strangely,
paranormal-like activity,
animal mutilations,
and sometimes, it's all of
these things in succession.
For argument's sake,
why would an intelligent
entity show these signs,
give warnings, what
would be the point?
- We don't know.
But the important
thing right now
is that we have to prove that
it is actually happening.
- Yeah.
I don't know what to make
of some of what we've seen
or heard on this trip.
Most of it can be
explained away,
but some, not so easily.
And so far, there
are now tangible
psychological connections
behind the cases of the
believers we've seen,
which brings us on
to our next case.
There's a family that
Gustaf wants us to meet.
We'll document them
around the clock
in order to uncover what
might be going on there,
whatever they might
be experiencing.
I mean, this is ultimately
what we came out here to do,
right, fully submerse ourselves.
But I do wanna be mindful
of not being swayed
into seeing through
Gustaf's eyes.
He is a true believer,
and a whole case unto himself.
So, I guess we'll just head
down tomorrow to this ranch
near the border of
New Mexico and Mexico,
and we'll see what
we can get, right?
Okay, let's go to bed.
Okay, I guess this is it.
Rex, you got it?
- Yeah.
- I want everyone
to follow my lead.
This family has just
suffered a tremendous loss,
and they're still under a
great deal of stress, okay?
Now, they have
allowed us to document
what's been happening here,
and they very dearly
want someone to help them
get to the bottom of it, okay?
Having said that, be
mindful, all right?
- Got it.
- Oh, and listen, I
think we should hold off
on bringing any
equipment in right away.
As a matter of fact, why don't
we just shut everything down?
Yeah, let's do that for now.
- Shut her down.
- And rolling
and speeding.
- I'm rolling.
- Thank you so much
for having us here,
and for allowing
us to film this.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
- Do you really think
you can help explain
what's been going
on around here?
- There's nothing going on.
Just some kids
playing some pranks.
- Our entire chicken
coop being slaughtered,
that circle in the field,
Dad died like that?
Kids' pranks?
- We don't need some
strangers in our house
filming our business.
- She's right, they should go.
- Just be quiet, please, okay?
You're embarrassing me.
- Some of us still have
some work to do around here.
- Then go do it.
- I'm so sorry.
- Okay, please don't apologize.
To be honest with you,
I don't know if we'll be
able to explain anything
that might help you,
but we are here,
and we would very
much like to try.
- All right, where do we start?
- I suppose at the beginning.
- So, about a month
ago, my dad woke up
in the middle of the
night, ran out here,
ran back to the
house, woke me up,
and was talking
about this field.
He said that there was
something out here,
he wanted to show me
markings or something.
- Did you see them?
- No, I thought he was
just having a bad dream,
and walked him back to his room.
The next morning, I
couldn't find him,
so I walk out here,
and there he is,
just laying in the
middle of the field.
And it looked like it
had been burned flat.
All of our crops were gone.
- What prompted him to go
outside in the first place?
- I asked him that, and he said
that he heard a humming sound.
Like a vibration all
around the house.
- And no one else heard it?
- Did your father
see anything else,
anything that could
explain the burnt field?
- I woke him up, and I
brought him back in the house,
and to be honest, he really
wasn't making any sense
at that point; he
just kept mumbling
about bright lights, and
my mom, and thin men.
- And your mother,
where is she now?
- She passed away
when I was young.
- I understand how
difficult that must've been.
- Did your father
say anything else
when you got him back
inside the house?
- He got so sick
the next morning,
we couldn't get anything
else out of him.
- Sick?
Sick how?
What happened?
- His skin turned red
and began to bubble
up like a bad burn.
The next morning, all
his hair fell out,
and then he began to bleed
from his nose and his ears.
He passed away two
days after that.
- Oh, I am so sorry
for your loss.
Siggy, I want you to get
a soil sample as well.
What is it, what?
- The EPA and the CDC
already checked everything.
- The EPA and the CDC were here?
- Yeah, they came by right after
we took Dad to the hospital.
They said that they
sent over some guys
to make sure
everything was safe.
- And what did they say?
- They said everything was okay.
- These levels aren't toxic now,
but I'd stay out of this area.
- Well, why would
they say it was okay?
- Sigmund?
- I'd like to set
up audio and visual,
and set up multiple cameras
in this area specifically,
that way, I can monitor
frequencies in the waves.
I'd also like to canvas
the inside of the house.
- Would it be all right
if we set up cameras
inside your house?
- Yeah, sure, everywhere?
- I think that
would be best, yes.
- Okay, whatever you
guys think will help.
- Okay, thank you.
- So, we had about 20
or so chickens in here.
My grandmother used to sell eggs
to the local market on Thursdays
to just, I don't know,
keep herself busy.
But I come out here one
morning a few weeks ago,
and they were all dead,
except not just dead.
It was like they were chopped
up into little pieces,
except that there was no blood.
Just the pieces.
- Did you
call the police?
- No, my grandmother
didn't want to.
She said that we'd had
enough fuss around here.
I guess she's old-fashioned,
doesn't really like
too much going on,
and I don't think
she's really been okay
since my dad died, losing a son,
I don't think any of
us have been okay.
- That's perfectly normal.
- I did take pictures, though.
It just didn't seem possible.
And we didn't even hear
anything from the house.
I butchered chickens
before, doctor.
It's never quiet or clean.
- When did you decide
to call Dr. Berchum?
- Three days ago.
Things have just been
getting weirder and weirder,
and I told you what
my grandmother said.
- What did she say?
- She came into my room in
the middle of the night,
and she grabbed my
arm, and she said,
"It's happening again.
"I think the thin men are coming
to take you away from us."
I know it's crazy, it's
just some old Mexican woman
with a bunch of superstitions
and folklore in her head,
but the look in her eyes,
it just really scared me.
And then she started to cry,
and I've never seen that
woman cry in my entire life.
So, I went on the internet,
and I found a book.
The Theories of the Unexplained:
The Grays, the Thin Men,
by Dr. Gustaf Berchum.
Thin men.
That's just like
Papa and Abuela said.
I mean, what does
that even all mean?
- Well, it's complicated.
- Do you think we could
talk to grandmother
about what she said?
- I mean, I could ask
her, but I doubt it.
She's not really too keen
on you guys being here.
- Yeah, I'm guessing that's
the general consensus.
- Yeah.
She'll warm up, but
it's probably best
if I just get you guys
settled for the night.
- Of course.
- All right, so, we're
just gonna watch your step.
- All right, I'm gonna give
you the abridged version.
Did you know that
2,300 people go missing
every single day in the
United States alone?
It's pretty
staggering, isn't it?
That's almost 900,000
people every year.
- How is that possible?
- In his work, your
father began to discover
that he had patients
who had similarities,
some of which were blackouts,
gaps of lost time.
Sometimes, these
people were even,
they were reported as
missing at least once
at some point in their lives.
And no one could ever
remember where they were
during these gaps.
Now, through his therapy,
many were eventually able
to process their memories,
and they could remember
a series of signs
leading up to their experiences.
And some of his patients were
not only affected emotionally;
many of them were
physically ill.
Now, people who
claim to have had
a close-proximity UFO encounter,
they had actual physical signs.
And some of them had severe
or very rare cancers,
which of course is
the way that our paths
started to cross.
- My mother.
Wait, are you saying
my father thought
she had a UFO encounter?
- No, I'm saying your
father was certain of it,
and her cancer was the
rarest I'd ever come across
in my career.
Now, Thomas cautiously told me
what he thought about the
origin of her condition.
And then after a while, we
started sharing our casework,
and we started coming
up with parallels,
and we were trying to
come up with theories.
- What were those theories?
- Your father felt that he had
found a distinct connection,
a pattern of
multi-generational experiences.
Family cases.
And these patterns always led
to the same eventual conclusion.
- Which was what?
- Ultimately, a missing person.
I believe, and I am
certain that your father
would agree with me,
someone from this family
is going to be taken,
and with the extreme amount
of evidence we have here,
I don't think they'll
be coming back.
- Got everything set up.
Multiple cameras covering
all the angles in the house,
one running outside
covering the exterior.
- Very good, Sig, thank you.
- I'll show you where to plug in
if wanna download
the raw footage.
- Yeah, thanks, man.
- Yeah, listen, it's
been a long night.
I think we all should
try to get some sleep.
- Thank you so much.
- Charlie.
- Got the camera.
- What's going on?
- We don't know.
Are you okay?
- What's happening?
- I think she just
had a really bad nosebleed.
- Oh my god, okay, everybody,
let me just, please.
Okay, how you doing?
Are you losing a bit
of blood here, sweetie?
Do you feel dizzy?
- I don't know,
maybe, I don't know.
- Okay, Siggy, could
you run downstairs
and bring up some orange juice?
- Yes.
- Hey, should
we be filming this?
- Here, bring the light in
closer, okay, so I can see.
And what I wanna do is I
wanna pull the towel away
just so I can see what
we have here, okay?
Very slow.
- Okay, all right, honey,
all right, head forward.
Put a little pressure.
Okay, you're gonna be all right.
Now, what I wanna do is, very
slowly, get you to your feet,
and we're gonna take you
to the hospital, okay?
Yeah, listen, you lost
a bit of blood here,
they might need to
cauterize your nose.
But we don't know, but it's
better safe than sorry, okay?
All right.
All right, everybody, out of
the room right now, please.
Just give us a minute.
Everything's fine,
sweetie, don't panic.
Here, let's get up real slow.
Just hold on to me, real slow.
That's a girl.
- How is she?
- Oh, she's fine,
she'll be okay now.
- What did they say?
- Well, it could be that
her nosebleed was brought on
by severe false
labor contractions.
- Contractions?
- Sofia had a miscarriage.
- Oh my god, I'm so sorry,
I didn't realize
she was pregnant.
- Well, neither did she.
Apparently, it's only
about two months along.
- Is that uncommon?
- Not terribly, but she told me
that she has not had sexual
relations in over five months.
And there's something else.
She has bruises, prints,
on her arms and legs.
Yeah, I think it might be best
if you were to speak
to her about her ordeal
after she's had a
little rest, of course,
instead of me.
- Of course, yes.
- Listen, I'm
tired, everybody's,
let's go back to the
motel, get a little rest
before we head
back to the ranch.
Is that good?
- Yes, thank you so much.
- Sure, I'll see you there.
- All
right, thanks Gustaf.
- Do you think someone
could be hurting her?
Like Alex?
- I don't know.
I think we should
check Siggy's footage
on the surveillance
cameras at least,
see if that comes
up with anything.
- Yeah.
- All right, this is it.
- What are we looking at?
- Oh.
- That distortion.
Again, we'll just
watch it again.
See that?
- How are all
the security cameras
having distortions
at the same time?
- Do you think it's
some sort of interference
with the wireless signal?
- I mean, it's something.
- The timing is curious.
- You wanna see curious?
Tell me what you see.
- It looks like he's
being held down.
- That's exactly what I said.
- Okay, you guys ready?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure
you're up for this?
- Yeah, I don't think I
can be laying down anymore.
I guess I'm staying put.
- Probably for the best.
Sofia, the camera
Siggy installed
shows that your nose
didn't start bleeding
until after you woke up.
So, do you remember
anything about last night,
why you may have woken
up screaming like that?
- No.
Actually, that's funny,
I just remembered something
just now, after you asked.
I was having a dream.
- A dream?
- Yeah, I was laying in our
field, and I couldn't move,
and there were these deer
standing up all around me,
like six or seven of them.
All of them, they're
just staring at me.
So strange.
They're just staring
and nothing else,
but I was terrified.
And I remember I
tried to scream,
but I realized my
mouth wouldn't work.
That's weird, isn't it?
And then I remember this warm
liquid pouring over my body,
and then I realized
it was my own blood,
and the next thing
I remember is Abuela
covering me in a towel,
saying I was okay.
- Sofia, you also apparently
had a miscarriage.
- No!
We're not going
to speak about it.
- Stop it, Abuela, it's okay.
- What is she saying?
- No, Sofia.
I promised you.
- Okay, should we stop?
- Yeah, thank
you, I'm so sorry.
- No, of course.
You get some rest.
- Thank you, Mia.
- Of course.
You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
So, Gustaf, Sofia talked
about a strange dream
she had last night.
She saw a group of deer
standing above her.
- Yeah, I've heard
of that before.
Deer, owls.
It may be a way for the brain
to try to translate something
that's just too overwhelming.
Or it may be a way that
they try to make our brains
forget about something
that actually happened.
- Okay, so you
absolutely believe
Sofia was visited by
something, or someone,
from another world last night?
- Well, signs are this clear,
and happening at
such a rapid pace?
I mean, at this point, I
think we all probably were.
- How?
If this was really going on,
how wouldn't anyone
know about this?
With all the technology
the government has,
you would think that--
- Well, what if they do?
- They why wouldn't they do
something about it, or tell us?
- Well, what if they can't
do anything about it?
What if they're completely
powerless against it?
- Our entire government,
an entire global
community, powerless?
- Look, if a comet
were on its way
to obliterate the earth,
and all the news media
got out there and they warned
the whole world about it,
can you imagine
what kind of chaos,
right up to the final
impact, can you imagine?
- Yeah, a total
anarchy, I'm guessing.
- You're right, absolutely.
And if that comet were
10, 20, or 30 years away,
do you tell people about it?
Do you warn society about it,
or do you watch your society
and your financial institutions
just completely fall apart?
And people going every
day and every year,
knowing that the
clock is ticking down
on life as we know it,
not to mention the
religious implications.
Or do you just go along
with the status quo,
knowing that there's
absolutely nothing you can do
to affect the final outcome?
- Gustaf, you're implying
that people, or things,
from another planet
are here to what?
Take over?
- All I'm saying is I believe.
I personally deserve the
right to know the truth,
either way, and I believe
everybody else has
that same right.
What do you think?
- Okay, if Sofia
has some memory,
or at least what seemed
like a dream to her,
Alejandro might have some recall
of what happened
last night as well,
how he felt while his sister
was screaming bloody murder
right down the hall, as
he laid still in his bed,
seemingly trapped, while the
rest of us just ran to her.
'Kay, do you wanna
check the barn?
It's super dark out.
Okay, Sofia told us
he'd be out here.
Where the hell is he?
Alex, I just wanna
ask you something.
Do you see him up there?
- Uh-uh.
- Where the hell is he?
- Oh, shit!
- What?
- Alex was
standing right here.
- What do you mean, where?
- He was right here.
What the fuck?
How the fuck did he get
all the way over there?
- Charlie, there's
no way you saw him here.
- He was here a
second ago, I'm telling you.
- What is he doing?
- He's trying to
scratch the back of his head,
do you see that?
Just like Sofia.
- Shit.
We have to go back in, come on.
This is insane, okay?
There's no way you saw him here.
- What the
fuck is going on?
- Okay, I told
Gustaf about Sofia
scratching at the
back of her neck,
and also how weird Alex
was acting with us.
Gustaf seemed really concerned.
I wanna check the back
of Alex's head tonight
while he's sleeping.
- What?
That is terrible
idea, for the record.
- I can't
argue with that, Mia.
- If there's some
physical evidence
that we can actually point to,
to prove or disprove
what Gustaf is saying,
we have to do it, right?
- What, like an
implant, like Bernie?
- A secondary case
with a foreign object
supporting some kind
of narrative, yes.
- This is
beyond invasion of privacy
we're talking about here, guys.
Not to mention that
Alex will never let us
use this footage
without his permission.
- Look, are you
guys with me or not?
Okay, good.
Tonight then.
- Dude, tell me you're
not thinking about doing this.
Guys, again, this
is a very bad idea.
- All right, listen.
Are we really gonna
find something,
or probably get kicked
outta this house
in the middle of the night?
- Yeah,
well, fucking both.
- What is it, what?
Oh my god.
Get in here.
- What the fuck?
- Wait, did you hear that?
- Dude, we shouldn't
be in here, man, fuck this.
- Get closer.
- No fucking way, man.
- Gimme the camera.
- The start.
- Oh my god.
Wait, what did he just say?
- Come out now.
- How would he
know we sang that?
- Your father is here.
- What about my father?
What about my father, Alex?
Oh my god.
- Be afraid.
- Okay guys,
we've seen enough.
- Did you hear that?
We are right in the
middle of something,
maybe something
historically important.
You guys really wanna leave now?
- Yeah.
Listen, what's happening
here is real, okay?
I don't have any
doubt of that anymore.
Now, I know you have
an invested interest
to try to find out what
happened to your father,
or something to
prove to yourself,
but I honestly believe we
need to put as many miles
between us and this
place as possible, okay?
Now, everything I care
about is in this room,
and no story and no
amount of footage
is worth having anyone
get killed over.
- You're right.
It's not worth it.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Yeah.
I really don't know what to say.
- Just say
whatever's on your mind
while it's still fresh.
- Okay.
We're packing up the car
and heading back to LA.
Neither my thesis nor our
documentary are conclusive,
much less from a
psychology standpoint.
But overall, I do think
we've captured evidence
of something else entirely.
I'm not sure what we do with
this or where we go from here,
but we don't feel
safe here anymore.
Too many unexplainable things
have happened on this trip,
and Charlie, Rex, and myself,
we've decided to
go home for now.
Everyone else in the
house is still sleeping,
so I guess we'll just call them
from the road
tomorrow to explain.
I just feel like I'm
letting everyone down,
especially Sofia.
She's more afraid
than we are right now,
and we're just running off.
- All right,
let's just cut it
and call it a night, right?
- Okay.
That's not good.
- What?
Dude, please don't tell me
this car's not starting.
- Shit.
Oh, Jesus.
- Is that fucking cut?
- Who the
fuck would've done this?
- Wait, is
everything okay?
- No, everything is
definitely not okay.
- Shit.
- What the fuck
are we gonna do now?
- I'm worried everything
has progressed here
further than is within
our ability to intervene.
I would advise for
all of us to leave,
but I honestly think it's
too late now, even for that.
Sigmund has captured
surveillance camera video
and footage of Alejandro
transmitting cryptic messages,
clearly not of his own volition.
And last night,
I discovered a bump on my neck,
near the posterior scalene,
and with Sigmund's help, I
cut into the soft tissue,
and there was a small
metal object inside.
I attempted to remove it,
but it had remarkably
rooted its way up
into my temporal bone, and
actually begins to retreat
when I get too close to it.
I cannot even emphasize
how disturbing this is.
And with everything
that we have seen here,
and with Alejandro, I don't
even know if we're in control
of our own actions, or if we
can even trust our own thoughts
to actually perceive
reality at this point.
I hope someone will see this,
and that you will allow this
video to at the very least
serve as a warning as to
what has happened to us.
- Did you
disable our car?
- Dude, what are
you talking about?
No, we didn't.
- Then who did?
- I don't know, man,
chill the fuck out.
- Yeah, fuck you man.
- Fuck you!
- Maybe you
disabled the car, Charlie.
- No, I did not!
- How do you know that for sure?
- What does that mean, and
what are you guys doing here
filming right now?
- Wait, what's going on?
- I'm sorry we woke you, Sofia,
we're just trying
to figure out--
- It's fine, what's
happening, why are we yelling?
- All right, everybody,
just can we sit down,
and we can discuss this?
- If you have something to
say, Gustaf, just say it.
- All right, fine.
Siggy was awake, he was
watching the security cameras,
and he saw you walk
into Alex's room,
and we were just
filming a warning video.
- A warning video?
- What's
wrong with Alex?
- All right, I for one am done
listening to this bullshit,
and I'm not sticking
around any longer.
- Shh, do you hear that?
- I don't hear anything.
- Shh, do you hear it?
- What's going on?
- It's probably
just a breaker,
lemme get a flashlight.
- Hold on, nobody move!
- Oh, what is that?
- Listen!
- All right,
my camera's back up.
- He's not breathing!
- Someone call 911!
- I don't
have any signal!
- Me neither, Charlie?
- I don't either.
- It's too late; he's gone.
- Jesus Christ.
Well I need you on the scene
That girl is all you need
- They're here.
- Abuela?
- Sofia, wait!
Oh my god!
- Jesus.
- Sofia, wait!
- Stay here!
Oh, shit.
- Sofia.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah, what the
hell's going on, man?
- I have no fucking clue.
- Stay here.
- Christ, did you
guys fucking see that?
- See what?
- There was just
something up there,
you guys didn't see that?
- Sofia!
- Stay,
Mia, stay here!
- Charlie, stop!
Listen, Charlie,
take this camera
and look at the fucking footage.
You didn't see what
I just did, please!
- All right.
- Sofia!
- All
right, stay here.
- Charlie!
Oh my god, Rex,
what's happening?
Tell me what's happening!
Oh my god, Charlie!
Charlie, wait, Rex, we gotta go!
Rex, oh my god, Rex,
where are you, Rex?
Wait, Charlie!
Charlie, oh my god, Charlie, no!
Oh my god!
Oh my god, what's happening?
Oh my god, I'm losing
my fucking mind.
What the fuck?
Oh my god.
Where are you?
Oh my god!
- Mia?
I'm gonna film this session
for our record of your case.
For the record, this is Mia
Jansen, patient number 347.
Mia, could you tell me one
more time, in your own words,
about your experience?
- The footage.
Charlie filmed everything.
The truth.
- What was that?
Could you speak up a little?
What happened to your friends
that went missing, Mia?
You mentioned Charlie.
Charlie Cera, right?
Where is he?
- They took him.
Took all of them.
They're coming for everyone.
Who took him, Mia?
Who's coming?
- No.
Not coming, they're not coming.
They're already here!