Case of Kondana (2024) Movie Script

Oh God!
Bash him up!
Let go of me, please!
Oh God!
Oh God!
Oh no!
Let go of me!
I made a mistake, Boss
Please spare me!
I wasn't in my senses when I fired
I will never repeat my mistake!
Please forgive me!
I've been with you all these years
Boss, please don't!
You had the nerve to take me down
even after being with me all these years?
Please, Boss!
How much?
-Rs. 90
Here you go..
Come on, son
Asha, take Saroja for a scan
-Okay, ma'am
Greetings, ma'am
How are you, Basanth?
Why wouldn't he be well?
Like I told you, Raju
We don't have the facility here
to treat him
Outside at a private hospital, you can get
the treatment done for around 10 to 12 lakhs
I know a doctor
His name is Rathnakar Shetty
He could probably do it for less
For perhaps Rs. 5 lakh
I've told him everything about Basanth
You go meet him, okay?
Don't delay, okay?
-Okay, ma'am
Worry not, everything will be alright
Okay, ma'am
Are you in hurry or something?
No, sir
What's the rush?
Take it easy, drive slow!
Now that's more like it!
Nice and relaxed,
maintain this pace
Oh my.. Eyes on the road,
and keep driving..
Oh.. Keep driving nice and easy
Oh no, my phone..
-Careful, sir
Did you just crash into her?
-Don't know, sir!
What kind of a crap cop are you!
Lady, can't you watch out?
Lady, I hope you're not hurt!
Get up!
Get up, slowly!
What's the matter?
Help her sit there
-Okay, sir
Come over, lady
Hoysala 3 calling control room
Control receiving
There's been a murder inside a house
in Vinobha Nagar, Raghavendra Layout
Opposite to Iyengar bakery
Okay, received
Will inform the local police station
Okay, over
Have a seat
Not a single evidence at the crime scene
No clue whatsoever
on who's behind this
The crime pattern seems to be similar
From the weapons they are using
and their execution style
it appears to be similar
to the notorious Dandupalya gang
Even with all these killings
How many are involved
Who are they exactly
and where did they come from
We have no clue
But they are very smart
Up to now, all the serial killings
that have taken place
Not only in Karnataka
Even neighboring states
Collect all those files
Check each and every file
Check every bit of it
And find out if there's anything
which will help our case
Okay, ma'am
Last night, when the city was sound asleep
Even the watchful police
were in a deep sleep mode
Yet another serial killing extravaganza
in the high-profile GK Colony!
So many killings in the city
What is the police doing?
At such a time,
the police are sitting in the station
and robbers, killers
are in full action
Even after all these murders,
the police care only about kickbacks
The police, who are answerable, are tight-lipped
and mouths shut, and that's the truth!
When will the police wake up to the lives lost?
- Ms. Lakshmi..
Don't you get how stressed I am?
If you don't take the situation
into control immediately
my next action
will be very tough
Sir, I'm on it
I will get to the bottom of it
And I will update you
as early as possible
Yeah, you should
I am in Delhi now, Lakshmi
I am answerable to central command over here
Don't put our police department to shame!
Get hold of the things
before the city gets into panic mode
Put aside other cases for now
This case is on the top priority now
Got it?
-We need to visit the crime spot
And collect CCTV footage
Uh.. Okay, sir
You come there directly
-Okay, sir
You sit
I'll go meet ma'am
-Okay, sir
Uh.. Wilson
When are you going to settle
the balance for your posting?
Sir, I'll arrange the cash shortly!
Got people breathing down my neck;
I've gotta pay out everyone's cut
Copy that, sir!
I get it perfectly
Get the cash ready
I'll come collect it myself
Got you, sir! Cash only!
Where were you when the incident
happened yesterday night?
Ma'am, me and my son
had gone to my mother's place
Did anyone suspicious
come by your home recently before?
Like someone asking for
ashram donations or something..
No, ma'am
Mahender, where is the damn footage?
Sorry, ma'am
I'll go collect it now
Hmm, it's like a broken record with you!
-Ma'am, calling from the DC's office
-The meeting is arranged for 11 o'clock
Yeah, I'll be there in one hour
Here you go, ma'am
New joinee, huh?
Yes, ma'am
Put him on day duty
-Okay, ma'am
Ma'am, do you want to meet him?
No, I'll talk to him later
What's that ruckus outside?
Ma'am, nothing
I'll deal with it myself
-Thank you, ma'am
Teja, there are folks who saw your gang
and Cena's gang firing shots, got that?
Anyone seen it?
Bring them here
Don't use gunfire as an excuse
to rough up my guys
Or I'll hack off your hands!
Watch your tongue!
It's okay, sit down
-Thank you, sir
Are you the new joinee?
-Yes, sir
Sir, what's the noise over there?
It's a routine with them!
Yesterday, we questioned a guy and
they've showed up asking about him
We explained, they're now using force
Know your damn place!
Don't you dare wag your tail here!
Are you trying to scare me?
Tell that fellow inside who laid
a hand on my men to step out..
..I'm not leaving, sir
You think this is your father's home or what?
Mind your tone, sir!
What have we done?
Our guy's done no wrong,
why beat him?
We want to him be released
Give him to us
If the inspector finds out,
you'll be in trouble
He's the inspector for you guys,
not for me
I want him, that's it!
He's making it clear
He hit by mistake
What can be done now?
What if I hit you by mistake,
will you be quiet?
-How dare you!
-Come at me!
How dare you talk like that!
Back off!
-Keep the rowdiness out of here
Take him!
-I'll throw you behind bars!
Wilson, stop it!
Do you realize what you're doing?
Who asked you to come here?
-Are you out of your senses?
Why did you interfere?
You heard what he was saying?
Wearing uniform doesn't mean
you can do anything!
Damn you!
-Sir, you can't be talking like this
You're supporting him?
A beating is what they need!
Listen, try to control your anger!
Stop it, sir!
Know your limits!
Skip the rough stuff, okay?
You will lose your uniform!
-Got it, sir!
Stop, Wilson!
Listen to me, damn it!
How dare he lay a hand on me!
Get his details!
-Okay, Boss
I'll bloody show him who I really am
Stop right there!
You think you are some big shot?
Why'd you go picking a fight
with those rowdy guys?
They're just troublemakers!
Don't try them!
Is this why you became a cop?
Ey! I screaming my throat out over there!
And you act as if nothing's going on!
You think you are some biggie?
Thanks to Subash's call to Mahender,
you got off easy
Else you'd have been sent packing
on your very first workday
Can you please shut up, Dad!
Always repeating the same thing!
For what he said, I would've
roughed him with all I've got!
Stick to your job
and don't get too heroic!
You're only an SI!
Bloody rascal!
-Cut out the hi!
You're a biggie now, aren't you?
Give me a cigarette
I went out of my way to get you this job
and you're messing around?
You're going overboard!
Are you out of your senses or what?
Is that how you talk to a higher-up?
One minute
First off, he's just some petty rowdy!
Comes around the station creating a scene
and I can't stand to watch his drama, Subash!
We've got to be careful around them
We cops need safety too!
it's our deal to live here
among this very people
and work under the same inspector
You're taking his side too, seriously?
Stop it, man!
Do you know how tough
it is to deal with Mahender?
Hold off on the muscle flexing
until you've sorted the money, okay?
I'll sort it out
Once my car sells, I'll have
the money to sort things out
I'm not going anywhere!
Order two teas
You're really good at this!
Come on
Hey, just hear me!
How many times do I tell you?
Yes, it's raining season
It's all cracked, fill it first
You can do the painting later
just get this done first!
Damn it!
You rascal!
Today evening at 4, Salman's bringing
potential buyers to check out the house
You'll be home, right?
Try not to talk too much with them
let me handle the talking, alright?
Catch you later
Jamuna, is the masala ready?
Just finishing it up!
Hey listen!
Call up Setji and see what he says
My phone..
Where is the phone?
Hello, greetings, Setji
This is Raju speaking
Raju who?
Setji, it's me Raju,
the pani puri guy
Yes, Raju, tell me!
Setji, my child's health
is not in good condition
And we're in need of some money
for his treatment..
Well, how much do you want?
Setji, the doctor said we need
around 5 lakhs for the treatment
Oh, Rs. 5 lakh?
-Yes, Setji
Okay, do one thing
Come the day after tomorrow
Okay, Setji
Alright, you sure you'll
arrange the money, Setji?
Yeah, I'll arrange the money
Come the day after tomorrow
Okay, Setji, I'll come
He asked me to collect
the money in two days
Take it easy!
The door won't get your anger
What's with the anger now..
I've been calling you since afternoon
But you won't pick upwhy?
You don't have the least bit
of responsibility, do you?
My brother is on the search for a groom for me
Once you are done
with your responsibilities
you can come home, ask for my hand in marriage,
they'll consent and we can get married
Wilson, you won't even make the effort
to ask my brother for my hand in marriage?
Like hell you will!
You want me to come over and ask your
brother for your hand in marriage?
That's it, yeah?
Cool, I'll do it tomorrow!
You've been saying the same thing
since three years
If you get angry, it's gonna
be tough for me, you know?
Do one thing now..
Quit with the scolding, alright?
Your workplace, your dignity on the line!
Don't you touch me!
Easy now! Don't get angry..
Come closer
Hear this
Greetings, sir
-Greetings, sir
Sir, ma'am told us
that the house is on sale
so we're here to take a look
Come on in
Thanks, but we'll pass on coming inside
We're here for the land
Guys, take a good look
We've got to let ma'am know if
you're really into this land or not
No flip-flopping afterwards, okay?
The deal's a winner
Seal it immediately, okay?
Okay, go on
This location is spot-on for your hotel
Don't miss
Don't you worry, it'll take just two days
to flatten the house using JCB
Worry not
-Cool with that
But get us a better deal, Salman
Hello, ma'am..
Yes, Salman, one second
First, get the traffic clearance
I'll sign it later
Yes, tell me, Salman
Ma'am, I've briefed the party
on the conditions
and they're on board
They'll be consulting the lawyer
with the papers tomorrow
We'll go with it,
as you say!
Uh.. But I'll need time until
the 18th of this month to shift
We can start with the procedures after that
Uh.. Is it, ma'am?
Okay, ma'am, no problem
Whenever you say, we'll start the procedures
No problem with that
Okay, bye
Deal sorted, finally!
Sir, keep watching, in a year
there'll be a big hotel here
See you, sir, thank you
'Who's behind the twin murder that
has the entire city gripped in fear?'
ACP Lakshmi has reached the spot of the murder
Let's ask her and gather more details
-Who informed the media?
We're dealing with enough pressure already
Ma'am, one moment, please..
Ma'am, who is behind these killings..
-Ma'am, upstairs
Ma'am, upstairs
The victims of the murder are
an IT employee and his wife
Their daughter who had gone
out of town for a competition
returned only to find her parents dead
Are there any other entrances to this house?
There's a small gate at the back, ma'am
Ma'am, I suspect the same gang is behind this
There's one more dead body in the room, ma'am
Where is that new joinee..
Wilson's on the morning shift, ma'am
Ma'am, they are from TamilNadu
They came here 2-3 months ago
They don't have any relatives as such
We're making arrangements for the
girl to be taken to a remand home
Ma'am, it's not the work of a gang;
it's one person behind these killings
Which station are you posted at?
Good, Wilson
I've been watching you for many years
You're a really good guy
But I don't approve of this marriage
Think practically, Wilson
What answer can I give to my people?
When our people face trouble
or have religious queries
they come to me
I won't preach one thing and then do
something that will bring me shame!
Sir, what's the shame in this?
Caste is no longer..
Wilson, no more discussion on this
I have come to this position
after a lot of struggle
Love is great in the first days of marriage
but only later do you see the reality
To me, my religion,
my people, my community..
Excuse me
Uh.. Wilson!
Why did you throw away the cigarette just now?
Patience kicks in only when
you've got a cigarette, doesn't it?
Thank God, you do that much right, at least!
Just got here, why the anger?
What else do you expect?
My brother was talking seriously with you
and you didn't say a single thing?
Why'd you come first of all?
To ask for his hand in marriage, right?
You get on my case if I'm quiet!
But your brother's all about that caste talk
I'm caught in the middle..
-Doesn't mean you just walk away
Listen, Wilson
If this is the deal,
our marriage isn't happening!
Chill, our marriage is a done deal!
Listen, Wilson
Have control over your anger
I'll somehow talk my brother
into another meet
Another meet?
Don't test my patience
Come talk to my brother, that's it!
Wilson, let's go
Whao, wait a sec!
You noticed me,
but no moment for a face-to-face?
Before you go,
let's chat a bit
Come on, sir, don't worry
Send him our way for a chat
I got this, I'll handle it cool
Bro, sir's coming, unreal!
Please come, sir!
I'm keeping it polite
Let's not get into it here
Just leave!
Should we deal the FIR first
or the girl first?
How was it?
Big deal!
"You are..
You are the soft melody in my heart"
"In the dialogue of your gestures
beauty finds its beginning"
"The grandeur of stars"
"You mirror it's garland of twinkles
It's so beautiful"
"You are..
You are the soft melody in my heart"
"This emotional journey
Is a meditation on passion"
"I will live this life
of mine for your sake"
"This emotional journey
Is a meditation on passion"
'Within my heart,
you're the only safe haven'
"Thousands.. Of tender waves embrace me,
an ocean in your arms"
"You're the shadow that brings
life into my world"
"Thousands... Of new lives you have given me"
The little one's health is not well
Get one more of this medicine
And one more of this capsule too
Give it
Take this cash
Pay off that pending debt
and be done with it
Nah, it won't work like that
Take it back
I'll figure..
Just shut up and..
And then..
Darling daughter!
Food's ready
Got it, Dad
In the police job,
it's routine to deal with such cases
Don't let it get to you, come on!
You'll be damned for four days
Given all this headache,
was selling the house necessary?
You damn well could've waited
until the case was over
You never heed my advice
You just do what you do
You just want to stick with this house
That's it, right?
Dad, just because you're emotionally connected,
doesn't mean we stay here forever
Memories ruin peace
You need to understand
Come on, I've got wishes too
I'm done living in this house!
Peace comes from how we live
Homes change,
memories don't
One day, it'll make sense to you
Hey, why so late?
Come on
-Nothing, sir
Greetings, ma'am
Had a job at Ramesh's on the next street
He wouldn't stop talking,
and now I'm late
Any updates on your house sale?
Have any buyers come around?
Do the job, will you?
The dining table's not quite in its old spot,
what made you move it?
Vastu reason?
Nothing to do with Vastu
It didn't feel right for eating comfortably
So got it leveled
Peace is important, you know!
Sir, if Manja doesn't show up,
let me know
I've got guys who can do the job
Yes, ma'am
Check with the victims' homes about
recent gas refills prior to the murders
Sure, ma'am
What happened, ma'am?
They are the only ones we
overlooked during our investigation
They know houses inside out
Upon entering, they go
all the way up to the kitchen
Despite their infrequent visits,
only every 2-3 months
they are close with the
household members
Yes, ma'am
What if the criminal we are looking for
is actually a gas delivery guy?
You're right, ma'am
Hello, Setji,
this is Raju speaking
Yes, tell me, Raju
Setji, I had talked to you
about needing money
Well, Raju..
-Did you manage to arrange the money?
I'm not in town;
currently, I'm in Pune
You do one thing
I'll meet you after 20 days
Okay, I'll busy
I'll call you later
What's the update?
To the crime spots in Kengeri,
Bommasandra, Jalahalli, Yeswanthpur
a mini tempo with vehicle number KA 41 D 7476
is seen delivering gas
To the crime spots in Banashankari,
Kathriguppe, Chamarajpet, KR Market
another tempo with vehicle number KA 03 E3231
is seen delivering gas
KA 05 EN 5171 mini tempo covers the
rest of the spots for gas deliveries
However, all the gas deliveries are traced
back to the same source, Dhanya Gas Agency
Ma'am, in every victim's home,
there's been a recent gas refill
So, note down all the vehicle numbers
Yes, ma'am
And collect the details of the gas agency
Okay, ma'am
I think we are getting close
Hey Basanth..
Hey son!
Open your eyes, son
What happened?
H-Hello, listen..
Where are you?
I'm at the cart
What's got you so scared?
Basanth.. Basanth..
Basanth is not breathing
What happened to Basanth?
He's not even opening his eyes
He's got no sight at all
He's got no sight at all?
Do one thing
Don't get scared
Bring Basanth straight to the cart
We'll go to the hospital from here
Okay, I'm getting him now
Okay, come fast
Wilson, where are you?
On my way back home
It's urgent, come to the station
Okay, sir
I'll be right there!
Hurry up
Yes, sir
Hello, who is speaking?
Hello, Doctor, this is Raju speaking
Tell me, Raju
Ma'am, my kid's health
has suddenly declined
I have no idea what to do
Shall I get him over
to the hospital right away?
What happened to him?
No idea, ma'am
He's having difficulty to breathe
And Jamuna was saying
he's got no sight at all
Don't fear
Bring him over to the hospital
Okay, ma'am, I'll bring him over
right away
Don't delay
Okay, ma'am
Are you okay?
Open the door, sir!
Come on, sir
Sit down for a while
Come on, sit
Have some water, sir
Thank you
You are bleeding, sir
I'll wipe it
No thanks There's bandage in the car,
can you go get it?
Yes, sir
Thank you
Sir, don't make me feel awkward
Hey, no problem, keep it
Keep it, man!
No worries
Thank you
Where did it go?
Where the hell is the money?
What, sir?
Where's the damn money?
Which money, sir?
Where the hell is the money
that was in the car?
Sir, I don't have any money
Don't you lie,
or I'll break your teeth!
Sir! Sir, please!
Hey, stay put!
Sir, I don't have any money
Ey! Back off!
-How dare you steal!
Sir, I don't have it
Sir, please..
Sir, I'm helpless
My child's health is in a very bad condition
I need money to take him
to the hospital
Doesn't mean you can bloody steal!
I'm helpless, sir
I made a mistake!
But I need the money, sir
You! What are you doing?
Give me the money
I need the money, sir
Give me the money, damn it!
I need the money, sir
Wake up
I said wake up!
Who's the manager here?
-It's him, sir
It's me, sir
Come with us,
we've got some work
Check the movements of vehicle KA 41 D7476
on the 22nd of last week
Okay, sir
Track the dates when vehicle KA 03 E3231
was on delivery runs
How many drivers in total?
6 drivers
Did the same guy go to all the locations?
-Yes, sir, one guy covers this whole area
Check where vehicle KA 05 TN 5171 was on the 18th
Check it immediately
Has everyone's ID been verified?
I have no idea about that, sir
Take that out,
what's that below?
Yes, sir, I'll take it out
Is taking out a simple file
too much for you?
I'll get you that, sir
Hey, stop the car
I said stop
Yes, sir
Go back
Who are you?
I came to eat Pani Puri, sir
Where did the Pani Puri guy go?
H-He went to get water, sir
He's been gone for a while,
hasn't returned yet
Ask him to close up when he comes
Ask him to shut everything down
Okay, sir
Given the chance, he'd keep
the business going until morning
Okay, sir
I'll tell him when he comes
Get going
H-He went to get water, sir
Turn around
Okay, sir
Come on, turn around
Sir, there's no number plate on the car
Turn off the beacon
I said turn off the beacon
No more bloody mercy, Deva
The new SI lives in Venkateshnagar
Stay there and keep me
posted on his movements
Gunda is gathering men
At the perfect moment,
we'll finish him off
Listen, where are you?
Did you verify and take details?
Yes, sir
Sir, we've reached Ramsandara 2nd block
We've got info; suspect's coming here
We're keeping a watchful eye
Attention all units in Ramsandara vicinity,
converge at the 2nd block right away
I repeat
Attention all units in Ramsandara vicinity,
converge at the 2nd block right away
Where is Muruga?
Don't know, bro
Tell him if the money doesn't
make it to my place by morning
he'll be dead!
Okay, bro
Sir, suspect found
I have eyes on the suspect
Shall I make the move?
Prabhu, handle it carefully
Chances are he's carrying a weapon
Proceed with caution
We are on the way
Okay, sir
Catch him!
Hey, stop!
Get him, run!
You! Stop!
-Catch him!
I said stop running
Stop running!
Catch him!
You go that way
-Okay, sir
He's not here
Did you get him?
No, sir
Sorry, sir
Lost Selvam
He got away!
Come on, Prabhu! Seriously?
You know how important a case this is?
And you've let him escape,
of all people!
He is the main suspect!
I'm coming now
Charlie speaking
Charlie speaking
Block all the roads around Ramsandra
Make sure to check every vehicle
The main suspect has escaped
Control calling
Control calling..
Message received, over, sir
Check post established at Hoskerehalli, over, sir!
Hey, stop!
Checking, huh?
Hey, stop right there!
It's a hospital emergency, sir
Okay, get going
-Oh, Subash..
Great timing, you're here!
They're really hassling me! Get going
But, the checking..
-I'll handle it, get going
Clear the way!
-Yes, sir!
Move it!
-Yes, sir
Greetings, sir
Hey David!
-What brings you to this area, sir?
What's with the checking here?
Nothing much, sir
A suspect got away
So we've got this barricade up
Did that red car which just went by
pass the checking?
We are checking all the vehicles
before letting them proceed
What happened, sir?
Alright, clear the barricade
Open it up, right now
-Okay, sir
Get going, come on
You know, the murder and
robbery case suspect escaped
and the department's giving us a hard time!
But you're roaming around
without a care!
I'm feeling a bit unwell
I thought as much!
Mandara has been asking
why you haven't been visiting us
She wants you to visit
Damn this phone!
Tell me!
I had to leave unexpectedly
for an emergency
Call me if anything, okay?
Lying's my only escape!
Why do you look strange?
Any problem?
No, nothing of that sort
Then why are you acting
like you're drunk?
Slowly, man!
Wait, you're carrying petrol
in the car back here?
For what?
My bike had run out of fuel
So carrying petrol for it
This much fuel, seriously?
Come on, man!
Why are you sweating so much?
Did you quit smoking or what?
Got it now!
No, nothing like that
Pull over to the side
S-Should I pull over here?
I've parked over there, pull over
Let's have a quick smoke and go
No, I don't want to smoke
Get off, I'll leave
Good luck with that!
Pull over, I say!
A quick smoke will help you relax!
Wilson, you were wanting
to sell your car, right?
Yes, I need to sell it
Mr. Bhaskar..
That's Mr. Subash from our department, right?
Exactly, sir
Yes, sir, that's him!
What's he doing?
Let me know, I have connections
interested in buying, I'll set you up
I'll let you know
Wilson, regarding the money you owe Mahender
No need to worry
I'll arrange it for you
Don't you worry
I can't bear to see you like this
Please leave first
I'll take care of it
Okay, right?
'You look a little strange
Any problem?'
'Uh, no, nothing like that'
Let's make a call
Hey, step on it!
Get going
No sign of him yet
He'll come
No missing him today
Wait till he comes
Control calling patrolling party
Send backup to
Ramsandra AR colony immediately!
The suspect has been found
Hey stop!
Hey you!
This stupid network won't connect!
Gunda, can't connect the call to boss
Selvam is being chased by the police
You come quickly
Damn it!
Don't you get it?
Okay, bro
Let both of come later
-Okay, bro
Bro, the police attacked Selvam
near Venkateshnagar
Come on, get on your bikes!
Let's go, guys
-Hurry up
Go go!
-Start the bike, quick!
Hurry up!
Go go!
Ride fast!
Go go!
-Come on, quick!
Ma'am, he's inside
'The number you are calling
is currently switched off'
What's all this?
Who is he?
Hey, I'm asking you!
Speak up
What's all this?
S-Subash, I didn't do it on purpose
I didn't kill him
Subash, I had a crash with my car
Right beside, there was a pani puri shop
My hand was bleeding
I asked him to fetch cotton from my car
You know, the cash I owed Mahender?
I had it in the dashboard
I had it arranged, Subash
he flipped that cash
You killed him for that?
-No, Subash!
I didn't kill him, I swear!
Subash, the cash was with him
I snatched it from him
he fought to grab it back
In the heat of it all,
I pushed him
He hit a rock, and
started bleeding..
Not my mistake, Subash, not mine at all!
If my father finds out, I'm done for!
Don't panic
They don't have no one to care
-I know the local inspector around here
Subash, please help me..
-I'll make sure this doesn't become a case
Subash, please..
I didn't kill him, trust me!
-I'll handle this, don't worry
Please, Subash..
-Okay, Wilson!
Subash, I'm telling you,
I didn't kill him!
Okay, got it!
What are they doing here?
Sir, try calling ma'am
She's not picking!
-No answer, sir!
Come on, let's see
Don't, ma'am!
Leave me!
Spare me the gun!
I'm ready to surrender
Produce me in a court if you want
Ma'am, please don't!
Spare me!
I'll confess everything
Please don't do this
Ma'am, please don't!
Ma'am, please don't!
Ma'am, don't!
Keep this off the record
Get the body cleared
Sir.. Sir..
What is this, sir?
Sir, please listen to me
-Who is this fellow?
You guessed it right
Here is the dead body
Sir, he's the one who killed him
Sir, I didn't kill him!
-Admit it!
-Hey, stop it!
Thyagaraj, he's my friend
He's from our department
-Subash, please..
He killed him by mistake
Yes, sir, there's no mistake on my part
No matter what, a crime is still a crime
I didn't commit the crime, sir!
Sir, I didn't!
-I knew he..
I knew it he had done something wrong
when I saw him near the shop
Mr. Thyagaraj!
Keep quiet
You're trying to school me?
I told you, stay out of this
I'll take of everything, you just leave
Sir, at least we need
to inform the station
Sir, please don't! Subash, explain to them!
Sir, I beg you!
Put your phone back, I say!
Please, sir!
Put your phone back, I'm telling you!
Am I not clear to you?
You didn't see anything
-Sir, please..
You don't know anything
Get going!
-Sir, I swear..
..I didn't kill him
-Leave this place!
I'll handle everything
-Sir, please..
Sir, you're a senior officer
As a senior officer,
how can you back a killer?
I didn't kill him, sir, please!
-Shut up!
Please listen to me, sir!
-Mr. Thyagaraj..
What's wrong with you?
Why are you making
a big deal out of this?
Does this area fall under
your station's limits?
No, sir
No, right?
Get on with your job!
Hey! Take him
Sir, forget them
Call ma'am
Ey! Don't think you're clever!
Sir, I just asked him to call ma'am
-Shut up, I say!
Please, sir.. Don't call
Sir, please! I'll lose my job!
Sir, please..
-Let go!
Sir, please!
-Let go of him!
Sir, please don't call her
-Sir, why did you hit him?
How dare you lay a hand on me!
Where is Selva?
Where is the police?
Where is Selva?
Brother, wait!
Lakshmi took out your younger brother!
You clear, I clear, everybody clear
You clear, I clear, everybody clear
Sir, please let go!
-Leave him!
Back off!
-Sir, please!
We are the police!
-I didn't kill him, sir
-Back off!
Constable, what do you think of yourself?
Let go!
-You also come to the station
You can't take him to the station,
I won't let you, leave him
Just back off from this, okay, sir?
Please, sir!
-Take him to the station
Sir, please!
Ey! How dare you push me!
-Sir, please!
Let go of him!
-Please hear me, I didn't kill him!
You killed him!
-He did not!
Don't school me!
Let go of him, I say!
-Back off!
You let go of him, damn it!
Let go!
I know you killed him
-Back off, sir!
How dare you lay your hand on me!
Why are you supporting him, sir?
Sir, listen to me!
Sir, we are police..
Sir, one minute..
Thyagaraj, just stop it!
Or you will face the consequences
Subash, don't!
Sir, please don't!
Sir! Sir!
Highway patrol 4
Come on line, over
Highway patrol 4
Come on line, over
Highway patrol 4 answering
Hoysala 003
Vehicle number KA 01G 5454
Is not responding
It's been tracked to Kondana
Get to the location immediately
and report back on the situation
Okay, over
Switch off the beacon
Go check the vehicle
-Yes, sir
I'll go ahead and check
-Okay, sir
It'll take a lot of time
to complete the procedures
I need your signature on this
Where is Raju?
H-His phone is switched off, ma'am
I'll go look for him
Where will you go look
for him at this late hour?
Stay here
Yes, ma'am
While on duty
Three of our policemen
Were brutally killed
They were the assets of our department
The ones we've lost
were not just our colleagues
They were someone's friend
Someone's father
For everyone involved in this case,
this is no longer professional
It's personal now
The ones behind the
ruthless deaths of our men
At any cost
Should not escape from us
No matter how hard the killer tries
he can't have gone barely
beyond 30 kilometers from here
So check every connecting roads
CCTV footages
Also flash the message
in all the frequencies
Drop strict checking points on every road
Collect the autopsy report
of the unidentified body
Find out age and height
Check for any matches
with the recent missing cases
And I need all this information
within three hours
Got it?
Yes, ma'am
It's going to be a long night for all of us
I want that bastard behind
the bars before morning
So put in all efforts
And find him
'So check every connecting roads'
'CCTV footages'
'Collect the autopsy report
of the unidentified body'
'Find out age and height'
While my younger brother's
ashes are still warm
I want Lakshmi bloody dead
Mr. Thyagaraj paused his vehicle to
enquire about a maroon-coloured car
Based on his information, my father
enquired about a maroon-colored car
He went to Kondana from here
and rang me three times
He lost network there
And also died there
They crossed the Ramsandra limit
following a car
I think they must have seen something
There are three different routes
to Kondana from here
But only Hoysala Road
connects all the missing links
So among three roads
We'll take only Hoysala road
for consideration
Yes, ma'am
Who's on duty?
Damn it!
Who's taking care here?
-Who's it at this late hour?
Hey you! Pull up the CCTV footage
I've got to see the CCTV footage,
so pull it up, damn it!
O-Okay, sir
Where's the CCTV footage stored?
Sir, it's inside,
come with me
Pull it out
Sir, come on
Come on, show me
Which date, sir?
Show me yesterday's
Yesterday's footage, sir?
Sir, time?
Show me full day's footage
-Okay, sir
Who's on duty at the reception?
Sir, someone's come
-Go check
Greetings, sir
Are you the receptionist here?
-Yes, sir
Show me the CCTV footage
Sir, one of your officers is already here
He's inside
Our officer?
-Yes, sir
-I'll show you, he's inside
Sir, he was right here
Sir, he's taken away the hard disk
Yes, sir
Shashank, I was at Jnanabharathi Lodge
Did you happen to come by and take the
hard disk containing the CCTV footage?
No, sir, we haven't collected
any CCTV footage from our end
No, sir
'Hoysala Road'
Mr. Thyagaraj pulled over,
and inquired about a maroon-colored car
This amulet suggests that the
unidentified body is likely that of a North Indian
From the drag marks, it looks like
he died from a harsh blow to the head
Dear, w-where are you?
Why, what happened?
I am getting really scared, dear
Why, what happened?
Someone is pelting stones
at our house
I am really scared
Wait, seriously? Are they
pelting stones at our house?
Okay, listen to me
You've got the doors locked,
haven't you?
Yes, they're locked
Okay, don't panic
I'll be there in 10 minutes
Okay, make it quick
I'm coming quickly, don't panic
Walkie 1 calling control room
Walkie 1 calling control room
Control room receiving
Vasanthnagar, 9th cross
Someone pelting stones at my house
Urgent, dispatch patrol vehicle
Sir, I'm sending the nearest
patrol vehicle right away
Until they arrive, make sure
she doesn't open any doors!
Over and out
Okay, roger
What car model is this mirror from?
This mirror looks like it's from an i10 car
So we're looking for a maroon-coloured i10 car
with a missing left-side mirror
and a damaged headlight
This car is our main lead
Ask the forensic department to come over
Inform the control room
-Yes, ma'am
Put up strict checkpoints on every road!
Have a team comb every inch within
a 100-meter radius around this area
Yes, ma'am
In my view, this is the first crime spot
-Yes, ma'am
Keep me posted
-Sure, ma'am
Some time ago, one of your police officers came
and took the hard disk along
I need to see the CCTV footage
One of your officers
and left with the hard disk
I've been asked to come
to the station tomorrow
To collect the hard disk
How much longer?
-It'll take at least another half an hour
Hello, ma'am
Ma'am, this is Prabhu speaking
Ma'am, on my visit to collect
CCTV footage and hard disk
they claim someone from our department
has already picked it up!
Checked with our folks;
they deny anyone picking it up
Can't make sense of what's happening
There is information about stoning at
your house, and you're still here?
You see, I had to collect this report..
I'll take care of the report
You go address the incident at your house
Come on, sir!
Don't forget the report
-Don't worry, sir, I'll fetch it
Make it quick; the report
needs to be at the station!
Sure, sir, you take care
Sir, careful!
Pause it
Sir, you are?
You didn't see him going?
How will you carry out your duty
like that, with your ears plugged?
He had to head back to the station
You're being called inside
Are they, sir?
Ma'am, located the suspect's car on the
opposite road to RK Petrol Bunk in LR Nagar
but the number plate is missing
Zoom closer
Zoom it
Ma'am, but the suspect is not very clear
Next frame
Next frame
Was I called?
Wait, wait, wait!
Zoom closer
Next frame
So he must be a Christian
Don't you have a charger around here?
We don't have it here
Send this information out to all immediately!
Seal off all entries and exits
to LR Nagar
Okay, ma'am
Okay, ma'am
Control calling, send extra backup to LR Nagar
Check every vehicle entering and leaving
Jnanabharti and Ramsandra areas!
Suspect's vehicle seen on CCTV, across the
road from RK petrol station in LR Nagar
Search team, get there ASAP!
Control calling KC Palya PS
Maroon i10, single headlight, single side-mirror,
no visible number plate, I repeat
I repeat Control calling KC Palya PS
Conduct an immediate search
of the surrounding area, over
Mister, has the autopsy report arrived?
Not yet, ma'am
Wilson is fetching it
What is the use of you all being here?
I want it in 10 minutes
Or else you are gone
Okay, ma'am
Immediately shut down all
entry and exit points to LR Nagar
Alpha team, come on line
Give me an update on your status
Alpha team
Come in, Alpha team
Maroon i10 vehicle seen entering LR Nagar, 9th block,
opposite RK Petrol Bunk
At 9th block Rayanna Circle,
split directions on MPT road
Control room, come in
The maroon car that entered LR Nagar has gone missing,
start an immediate search operation, over
Come in, control calling
All units be alert
Everyone stay alert
The car hasn't crossed 9th block
Take into custody anyone found suspicious
Ma'am, we searched LR Nagar thoroughly
but couldn't locate the target car anywhere
Sure about one thing, though
The car hasn't gone beyond 9th block
What was his name?
Where did he work?
He used to sell pani puri
On Hoysala Road
What was his age?
Since when is he missing?
Since last night
I understand your situation
But we're not getting our
hands on him, Mahender!
-Why so late?
There's one thing I just can't figure out!
One moment the car enters a block,
and the next, it's gone!
And to wrap it up, someone
made off with the CCTV footage
Leaving us with unanswered questions
He's keeping a close watch on us
who could he be?
Before you got the post-mortem report,
I met the victim's wife
I said I met the victim's wife
Alright, forget that
Do one thing first
Drop that lady off at her house
Don't stand gawking here
Go do your work first
Get going
-Yes, sir
I will drop you till home
It'll take some time to complete the body's procedure
It'll be done in the morning
No, sir
my husband has never wished
anything bad to anyone until today
He hasn't caused any trouble to anybody, sir
He was only trying to save his kid, sir
My kid stopped breathing in the hospital, sir
That murderer not only killed my husband
but my kid also son
You don't worry, sir
I'll sit out, sir
But sir, search and
bring that killer at once
I want to see him once
I want to look him in the eye and
ask him why did he do this to my life
I'll sit out, sir
I'll sit out, sir
"The lines I scribbled
Of my own story"
"Feels like it's tearing me apart"
"In the hellhole of this silence"
"A one word has sunken deep"
"The path I walked, was it right?"
"What happens next, after all this?"
"Fixing my missteps"
"Once again I'll walk a new path"
"Oh tear drop"
"Why do you
Trespass the eyelid?"
"To the city of Karma"
"Every pathway lies right here"
"To the handgun of time"
"A hunt for revenge has
become the medicine"
My son is in serious condition
I need money to take him
to a hospital
"An unacquainted beginning"
"Is getting ready to meet the end of its life"
"A suppressed pain of the past has arisen"
"A joy-slaying sound has emerged!"
"The moon sleeps on rain's pyre"
"The sky turned a shade of red"
"Won't an evening devoid of dreams end"
"And won't dawn break again?"
"The path I walked, was it right?"
"What happens next, after all this?"
"Fixing my missteps"
"Once again I'll walk a new path"
"This silence
Why is it?"
"Screaming and tormenting"
"To the city of Karma"
"Every pathway lies right here"
What brings you here
at this late hour?
What happened?
Something wrong with Dad?
Tell me, how else am I supposed to know?
Come on, tell me, dear
Please, tell me
I have no idea what I am doing
But I never thought I'd do wrong..
And bring tears to people...
Look at me
Don't cry
Tell me what happened exactly
Come on
What's this wound?
What happened, Wilson?
What was his age?
Has the autopsy report arrived?
Not yet, ma'am
Wilson is fetching it
Ma'am, on my visit to collect
CCTV footage and hard disk
they claim someone from our department
has already picked it up!
There's one thing I just can't figure out!
One moment the car enters a block,
and the next, it's gone!
Ma'am, we searched LR Nagar thoroughly
but couldn't locate the target car anywhere
Sure about one thing, though
The car hasn't gone beyond 9th block
He's keeping a close watch on us
who could he be?
So he must be a Christian
Get up
Give me new joinee Wilson's contact number
Okay, ma'am
Where is he now?
He's mostly on patrol duty, ma'am
Ma'am, do we go ahead
and take him into custody?
He should be wiped off
our police records
What do you mean?
He deserves to suffer the same hell,
pain and agony our men went through
Tell me, ma'am, where do we execute it?
The blaze that ravaged in Kondana
shall meet its end in Kondana itself!
And we will keep this off the record
The burden of so many dreams
falling apart in just three days
Is haunting me, son!
Do you have no other choice
but to surrender?
Where are you?
I'm on Bannappa Road
it's urgent, come quickly!
Park your bike to the side and join me
Okay, sir
Hop in
Where to, sir?
-I'll tell you on the way
Ma'am, please listen to me..
Ma'am, one minute..
Ma'am, please listen to me..
Ma'am, hear me out..
Sir, please let me explain
Ma'am, give me a sec.. Oh no!
Sir! Sir!
Sir, please hear me out
Sir, I accept my mistake..
Ma'am, please give me
a chance to explain..
Ma'am, please, hear me out!
Teja! This is none of your business
Just go back!
None of your business either,
leave her and just go!
Bash them up!
-Him them hard!
Go at them!
-Spare no one!
Don't spare anyone!
Strike harder!
Finish them!
Take them out!
Sorry, ma'am
You bloody!
Hack him down!
Stab him!
Take him down!
Hack him!
Finish him!
Stab him!
Grab him!
Hack him!
I'm not selling the house, Salman
Okay, ma'am