Casshern (2004) Movie Script

After fifty years of bitter warfare
the Greater Eastern Federation
has defeated the European Union
and taken control
of almost all of the Eurasian continent.
But frequent acts of terrorism
have occurred in response to
the all-out discrimination
and oppression of the government,
which espouses a policy of racial superiority.
Conflict in Zone Seven
has been particularly intense.
The authorities decided on a major expansion
in military might to resolve the situation
and many youg men were sent again to war.
Im honoured to present
the results of my research today
to this forum of the Health Ministry
of the Greater Eastern Federation.
As you know,
our nation is, with ever increasing momentum,
establishing a co-prosperity sphere in Eurasia.
But the speed of our victory
should not hinder us
from yet further advances.
The first matter we need to consider
is that of our nation's medical care.
Radiation, industrial waste,
germs caused by chemical warfare.
Environmental diseases caused thereby
are a serious threat
affecting 60% of our population.
The frequency of sudden mutations
in the human body is particularly desperate
and current medicine is incapable
of providing treatment.
l wish to present a finding
l have made in this area.
l refer to what l call neo-cells.
Following many long years of research
l discovered that these highly distinctive cells
can be found in a certain small ethnic group.
They are able to metamorphose into any cell
and are the source of all human cells.
All the internal organs,
skin, bones, nerves, nails, hair,
by cultivating and manipulating these cells,
we will be able to produce all the organs
we need whenever we need them.
We will thus be free to create spare parts
for human beings,
and with no risk of tissue rejection
caused by transplanting.
This is truly the medical technology
we have been awaiting so long.
What are the prospects
for its practical application?
immediate, with the appropriate facilities.
Our clone technology is years ahead of yours!
It's just empty theory!
Father, do you want to hear any more of this?!
Certainly it's only theory at present,
but if you grant me the research facilities
and the financing that l need,
we will be able to save
the whole of our population.
You yourselves, your children,
your parents,
and your wives.
When the war's over, let's get married!
Was it really to see this that we fought the war?
Fifty years of interminable struggle,
and too exhausted to rebuild our society.
I read your paper:
Regenerative therapies employing neo-cells.
Truly the technology of our dreams,
if it's really possible.
Its definitely possible.
If you are able to continue your research.
Professor Azunma!
Those thick-headed officials in the Ministry
of Health won't support your research.
Indeed, they can't support it.
That's because in our country
the term original human is itself taboo.
Excuse me for not introducing myself.
Im Kaorun Naito of Nikko Hairai Inc.
On the request of a particular individual,
we've already built a laboratory
to undertake your research
based on your paper.
What are you talking about?
The military has begun to take an interest.
General Kamijo?
If you wish, you may set up a laboratory at
Army Headquarters as early as tomorrow.
I hear your wife is unwell.
What are you trying to say?
Let's work together
to realise our dreams!
Azunma Residence
Dr Kozunki, move slightly to the right.
That's fine!
Maybe place a hand on her shoulder?
That'll be fine.
Smile, please.
Are you determined to go?
With your mother ill?
And what about Lunna?
l can't stay here
while my friends are fighting.
Are you so set against becoming a doctor?
Its my duty to my country.
Youve no idea what war is like.
It can't be worse than cowardice
Let's not argue today!
Its OK, Mother.
Go ahead, please.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Thank you.
excuse me
I have to get my new lab ready.
One Year Later
Zone Seven, The Front Line
Shoot, shoot!
Kill her!
Do it or I'll kill you!
Hang on a little longer. I'll find a cure for you.
Greater Eastern Federation, Army Headquarters
Culture lab.
One moment, please.
Dr Kozunki is in the lobby.
Bring him in.
In here?
That's right.
Right away.
What imposing security!
Sorry to have called you here all of a sudden.
Is Lunna with you?
She's waiting in the lobby.
Midori suddenly said she wanted
to have a meal with us all.
Sounds like a good idea
to get together after so long.
I'm sure she must get lonely.
Has it been a year already?
Lunna is having a hard time because of Tetsunya.
Still no word from him?
Not to me, at least.
He went to war to spite me.
Sons always try to overtake their fathers.
He feels contempt for me.
I punt work before family
but I still can't even cure my own wife.
But isn't the neo-cell treatment
Nearly ready?
So this is it? It's incredible what youve done!
Is it usable?
So soldiers wounded in battle will be able to
have new replacement organs.
Youll punt me out of a job: my research on
protective armour is going to be redundant.
It's far from complete.
But there's no time left.
Is Midori that ill?
She's almost blind.
She's still working, though.
The palisade layer
is being selectively destroyed,
and it's become slightly darker.
Perhaps it's because
of the poor state of nutrition.
How about the fourth variety?
Here they are.
The fourth variety is...
Did you hear something?
No, I didn't.
I think someone just arrived.
I'm sorry. Would you go and see?
I'm home.
Will it be in time?
Shouldnt you be by her side?
I'll get ready in time!
I'm so glad youre home safe!
We must thank God!
Have you seen Lunna yet?
I'll see her soon.
You must. She's waited so long.
I'm so forgetful!
Lunna and Kozunki are coming around tonight.
It'll be such a surprise!
Ikegami-san, Ikegami-san!
What's wrong? dead!
Sergeant Tetsunya Azunma died in battle
on the afternoon of September 1 6.
With true dedication, Sergeant Azama
fulfilled his duties to the end
and died a truly heroic soldier's death.
He has been posthumously promoted
to the rank of second lieutenant.
He will be buried tomorrow morning.
Sergeant Azunma's funeral
will be performed by the Army.
His family will be able to see him tonight only.
Please prepare yourselves immediately.
I left you once
because of my own carelessness
From childhood I failed to notice that there was
something so important so close,
I thought that time was unlimited.
I know it's too late now
but I'll never leave your side again.
His body's on the way here.
The state funeral will take place tomorrow.
Does Midori know?
She's been told.
Malfunction in the culture room!
Processor problems. Cause unknown!
It's no good! The osmosis tank isn't responding!
We'll have to shunt down the vacuum feed!
What's happened?
What on earth is that?
The culture fluid is transforming!
What is it?
The neo-cells...
It's the neo-cells!
Organs are recombining.
You mean they're regenerating?
Professor, what's going on?
What the...?
What is it?
Code 206, 206!
It's me, Naito!
Hurry, for God's sake!
Professor, let's go, quickly!
Open up!
We're still in here! Open the door!
They're coming...
Who ordered the alert?
Mr Naito did...
That idiot!
They've escaped through the sewers.
See where they lead.
Wait a moment!
Forget about here! Set up an outside barrier!
Who said we take orders from you?
The General entrusted the running of this project
entirely to me.
Soldiers like you should just follow my orders.
All of you, get outside!
Get me HQ.
My daughters in there!
We'll go with you.
Suit yourself!
Has something happened?
Naito here. I'm coming in.
I'll report when I arrive.
They're escaping in a car with a hostage.
Seal off Eurasia Zone Three!
Where's Midori?
Hold on, Ikegami!
Hold on!
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?
Tetsunya is dead.
I don't want to come back, Father!
Don't do it!
Kozunki, give me a hand.
This is impossible!
Get out through that door.
Look after Tetsunya.
It's your father!
Kozunki, defective humans will be eradicated.
You mustnt die.
Hold on!
Don't die.
Don't die.
What have you...
What have you done?
Agitators are still at large in Eurasia Zone Three.
They are highly contaminated.
Please report their presence.
Let's see your ID.
I beg your pardon, sir. Please pass.
They may be heading for Zone Seven.
Kozunki Residence
This is a prototype of the body armour
I developed.
It's not perfect, but it's designed to shield
the soldier from all external threats
and allow him to attack rapidly.
Tetsuya's muscles are now so overdeveloped
that his skin may be unable to withstand
the pressure and may rip apart.
We must find some way of containing
the internal pressure.
Youll die if you stay here!
You hated the war so munch.
It's so absurd that people
should be killing each other.
When will it all end?
How many will die before it ends?
Will peace ever come?
We're alive!
We are unmistakably alive.
But men made no attempt to recognise this.
Far from it, they used every brutal means
at their disposal to destroy us.
As if they had the right to judge.
As if they deserved such a right.
Is there superiority and inferiority in living?
Is there superiority and inferiority
with regard to the poignancy of life?
Is there superiority and inferiority
in the glorification of a single life?
Absolutely not!
But man placed us on the scales of judgment.
If they claim this as their right,
then we will claim our rights too!
We can possess these rights!
We'll build a kingdom here.
As our lives dictate.
As our wills dictate and
where our hopes and aspirations lead us.
As a new species reigning over death,
we Neoroids vow
to exterminate mankind.
We are the Neoroids.
Surrender to us.
Are plans in place for the next offensive?
Two divisions are standing by for the attack
on the two cities of Hatena and Gort.
Intelligence reports three scientists in Gort
and eight in Hatena.
Roboticians, armour specialists
and nuclear physicists.
Just what we need for our new factory.
How is building work progressing?
Right. Bring me those scientists.
Let them contribute to the prosperity
of our kingdom.
It's nothing.
Reports just in indicate that
Neoroids have abducted military scientists
and are forcing them to work
on the production of robots.
The Army has therefore decided to step up
security to protect not only government officials
but also chemists, biologists and physicists.
That's as munch as I can do for now.
Even an imperfect protective suit should stop
Tetsuyas body from bursting apart.
Father, father!
Is this the armour expert Dr Kozunki?
He's coming with us.
Puny human.
The fate lying in store for you
is just too cruel.
there must be some meaning to it all.
There must be some meaning.
You should know what it is.
I'm sorry.
Never look back
Tetsunya, get up.
Get up!
Tetsunya, wake up!
Who are you?
Why are you alive?
Get lost!
Go away!
Go away, freaks!
Are your neo-cells still not ready?
I can't afford to wait.
What use are you if you can't deliver?
No more excuses
Youre as self-seeking as ever.
All you think about is yourselves.
How dare you!
Youre just old farts saving your own skins.
You may be the general's son but you can't
get away with speaking like that.
Can you not see the threat posed by
the Neoroids before your very eyes?
Yet to see that this country is ruled by people
whose sole concern is to extend their lives
I find this unforgivable.
suppose you realise what you're saying
Of course.
From this moment the Greater Eastern
Federation is under my command.
I'm afraid the era of government
by brain-dead old fogies is over.
Satisfied, now?
Commander Kamijo.
Let me introduce
Professor Azunma.
So youre the father of the Neoroids?
Why were you so thoughtless?
It's strange, isn't it?
I thought youd be pleased.
I didn't create them.
I told you I have no idea how they came to life.
Professor, it's too late to get yourself off the hook
by feigning ignorance.
Neoroids are growing more powerful by the day.
Unless we can tell the Army soon what their
weaknesses are and how they can be attacked,
our own lives may be in danger.
Continue with your research.
In return, the Army will take it on themselves
to find your wife.
The condition though is that you accept
that Neoroids are your creation.
There's nothing for you to object to.
Your time has come at last.
Why do people fight?
Who did this?
We're hurt, so we hurt in turn.
We're killed, so we kill in turn.
The same thing over and over again.
I can see it.
What can I do?
What can you see?
Now see
Now I can accept it...
And now, my own father killed...
What should I do at a time like this?
What should I do?
It's fine now...
If it were just a matter of getting a gun
and killing someone...
I will.
If this anguish would but disappear...
Should I fight, too?
Stop it!
Stop talking nonsense.
But you fought?
It's my duty to my country.
You wanted to go to war.
Youve no idea what war is like...
You must escape.
What are you saying?
If you stay with me
Youll be killed.
I'm to be alone again?
Don't leave me!
I'm to be alone again?
Don't leave me!
Lunna, listen.
You saw it too.
What humans do to non-humans.
I don't mind what form you take.
Youre still human.
Youre kind and considerate.
I'm no longer human.
Youre all I've got, Tetsunya.
You mustnt die.
Hold on!
Keep going
Beloved compatriots of the Greater Eastern
Federation. I have sad news.
Several days ago, my father, Mataichiro Kamijo
was injured in a dastardly attack
by anti-government terrorists.
Thankfully his life isn't in danger
but he is unable to continue his duties
as head of state.
Yesterday, following a decision by the cabinet
I, Mikio Kamijo, have been appointed
to succeed him in office.
Over here.
His name's Flender.
He doesn't normally take to strangers.
It's a polluntion disease.
All I can do is provide first-aid.
Sit down.
You can take what little medicine I have.
We must bunild the ideal,
the most hunmane society
the world has ever seen.
I hope we'll at last get a decent nation this time.
But what were you two doing ount there?
The contamination is so bad
that no ordinary person counld stand it.
Unless they're on the run for some reason.
What's your name?
Tetsunya, eh?
I had a son your age.
Youn munst have seen that load of runbble.
Many, many people were killed.
There's almost nothing left.
What's unp then?
Don't let ountsiders in!
It's too risky.
What's so risky?
He may be a spy.
So you expect me to be suspicious again.
Tetsunya, since ancient times in this country,
people have believed in a protective deity
named Casshern.
Maybe that's why we lived without conflict
and in harmony for so long.
But one day that all changed.
It started off with a trivial dispute
with the country next to us.
Senseless fighting gave rise to rage.
Suspicion chilled our spirits.
Distrusting everyone,
we attacked our neighbouring country
on the pretext of self-defence.
It seems that Casshern gave up on us.
Our enemy then invaded us.
Can they be humans?
Let's go.
Don't do it!
Why are you attacking these people?
What's it to you as a deserter?
It should be all over here by now.
Not yet. There are still terrorists everywhere.
These people aren't terrorists.
I don't care.
Soldiers just follow orders.
I wouldnt blame you if you shoot.
Like you heard, I used to be one of them.
I'm one of those who deprived you of everything.
Can you save this place?
So that's him.
How dare you...
Who are you?
So you think you can escape?
Youn bastards!
I'm going to
massacre every single one of you!
Request permission to dock.
Permission granted.
Promise me one thing.
If you win,
you'll spare these people.
Fair enough.
My name is Barashin.
And mine is...
Our strong nation forged through pain
inspires and protects.
Long shall she remain.
Then will come wisdom and deep, silent faith.
May the dreams of our fathers
flourish by our glad sacrifice.
Rejoice in our duty. 'Tis all that need suffice.
Dear countrymen
of the Greater Eastern Federation...
That's correct.
Get them ready as soon as you can.
The professor will soon be bringing the samples.
Are my neo-cells ready, yet?
General Kamijo...
We are now faced with a very difficult situation.
We munst fight the Neoroids,
and the struggle against the terrorists
is growing ever fiercer.
Youn are sacrificing your sons,
brothers and families
and the anguish of those left behind
is beyond measure.
I fully understand your pain.
As you know
my own mother was another victim of terrorism.
She was taken hostage by terrorists
in Zone Seven,
tortured and then killed.
I despised my father for not coming to
her rescue by negotiating her release.
But casualties are inevitable in war.
Youve no right to be alive!
It's because of you and your kind
that my own family is...
Historical change
is inevitably accompanied by pain.
But human wisdom finds a solution.
Revenge for my daughter...
Feel the pain
for yourself!
I don't wish to deny the truth.
I gave myself up to the pain.
I have tried to live as a good soldier
and as a good person
entirely for the sake of our honour and justice.
People of our nation!
Opening our eyes again, let us reconsider
who our real enemy is.
I see it now.
At last, I see it too.
So that's what it's about!
We munst consider
what the real enemy is that we munst confront.
I wish you to conceive in your minds once again
the ideal nation that we aim to achieve.
Its over now.
I forgive you.
All forgiven.
I hope
you're at peace now.
Didn't we win the war?
If so, why are so many of our soldiers still dying?
Amidst the rubble of our cities
within the memories of mankind
let us once again
envisage in our hearts and minds
the image of our ideal state.
Herein will lie our true victory.
Where are you going, Professor Azunma?
It's all over.
I'll decide that.
If we use these Neoroids,
research will surely advance more smoothly.
In a short time.
Let's realise our dreams for neo-cells
through research on lightning.
What's going on?
What are you trying to do?
An innocent young lady like yourself
might not understand
But for people like us
born at the bottom of society
this is the only way we can live in this world.
That's so, isn't it, Professor Azunma?
There's no going back.
This is where I was born.
I should therefore perhaps call you Father.
But my hatred is as profound
as a child's love for its parents.
Although this hatred gnaws at me
and attempts to destroy me
I can never set it free.
This is because I was born in hatred
and raised in hatred.
In short, hatred is humanity itself.
Youn had one other son.
A son named Tetsunya born of his kind
and warm-hearted mother Midori.
But Tetsunya will today be reborn for real
as my younger brother.
Well, let me hear the truth.
If I can just...
get into the liquid...
What a farce!
I didn't know...
that it was all a trick.
Please believe me.
It's so cruel...
...get into the liquid...
If we get a second chance at life
why are we living with such intensity?
I'll keep you company until the end.
Thank you.
Do you want to see your mother?
I'm sure you know why I'm calling.
I expect you're up to your old tricks.
Your coup d'etat is over.
It's on the news.
I've had the blame punt on you
for creating the Neoroids.
Youn and that Professor Azunma.
There's nowhere for you to return to.
I don't intend to return.
Certainly not to such a miserable father as you.
Midori is sleeping.
What have you done to her?
What have you done?
Midori is only sleeping.
In a paradise of dreams.
A paradise?
A place without conflict
where everyone lives together in harmony.
The world I promised her.
Man is never content with his lot.
Striving merely to live.
Countless people have died.
Wishing merely to live in peace
with their loved ones.
Countless people have died!
A world built on the assumption
that fighting is necessary to live.
That's the world in which humans live today.
I will destroy this world
and create a new life-affirming world.
A paradise.
People with the same aspirations as you
are dying.
But did a single one of them listen to us?
While we were making our way to this castle,
was there anyone who came to our aid?
Who listened to our desire merely to live?
Midori was the only one.
Midori and no-one else.
You abducted her.
It was Mother who saved us!
That's a lie!
Whatever are you fighting for?
Will your struggle be over
once you've destroyed us?
Will people then be able to lead lives in peace?
Do you really think
you will be able to live in such a world?
Someone like you reborn in non-human form?
A futile dream!
For so long as they remain human.
Do you really think that a world in which humans
can live happily will ever emerge?
Human history and religion prove it.
What does good mean to you?
What is evil?
Fight on my side!
Let's recreate this world together!
Youre the only ally left to me.
Never forget!
Youre no longer a human yourself.
Can I have been wrong?
Did I just fight so as to have no regrets?
I fought so that the sadness
would never be repeated.
But did I really just do it for my own
Just as he said,
I don't know who was right and who was wrong.
One can feel hatred.
But one's enemy feels the same way.
When you realise this,
you're left impotent.
No individual is always right,
and no individual is always wrong.
We munst all search together
for the path to co-existence.
Don't give up!
Bring the fighting to an end!
I still can't see it.
Any of what you say you saw.
Is this proof of being alive?
Is this what living means?
What have you done?
What have you done?
We did nothing.
But hatred just bears forth more hatred.
Is that not just too sad?
Youn surely weren't born in this world to hate.
Those who have died so far
would surely not want any more hatred.
How can you be so kind to people?
I'm sure you can, too.
Forgive me.
This is the last time I'll leave you alone.
Where's Midori?
Target the enemy headquarters!
But your son's inside.
I don't care. Fire!
I too have tried to rule the nation
in my own manner.
Prepare to fire again.
That's enough!
Surely that's enough.
They may be Neoroids to you.
But inside they're human.
I'll tell you something.
Just as she says, you're plain human beings.
Eurasia, Zone Seven.
One of the rebel tribe who were massacred
in one of our clean-up operations.
Unfortunately, your creator, Azunma
established the theory for creating new-cells
but his research failed.
But we did find out about
the existence of original humans.
Yes, the race that lies
at the origin of all human beings.
That's right.
I'm reluctant to admit it, but studies have shown
that you in Zone Seven belong to this race.
Naito then began to provide the corpses of
prisoners on your side to conduct experiments.
It should have been possible
to create neo-cells in this way.
But the research couldnt be completed.
There weren't enough bodies to experiment on.
So they came up with the idea of
getting hold of bodies to experiment on
as a matter of government policy.
In other words, you were ordinary human beings
who were carved up into little pieces
for the benefit of industry
and to extend my father's life.
It's like a bad joke.
Our nation started to go crazy
to realise the absurd goal of extending life.
Your justifications are meaningless.
It's a sad business.
Youve been reborn merely to hate.
Simply to hate human beings.
And without even knowing
that you are yourselves human.
I'm not a contemptible human being like you!
It's odious that vermin such as you
are our ancestors.
Youve been created by our race,
and you'll now have your reckoning!
My daughters foe...feel the pain.
I can't see anything.
I can see nothing.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
To my and Midori's house.
I know you hate me,
so I won't ask you to come with us.
But your mother's different.
She needs medical treatment.
Mother's dead.
But you came back to life.
Have you seen nothing?
Have you no idea of how many people have
suffered and died due to us being reborn?
Are you telling me I was wrong?
That's not it!
It's not enough for just one person to be happy.
Youn think that's justification
for letting someone you love die?
Anybody who has loved someone deeply
and accepts the responsibilities involved
would agree with me.
Don't stand in the way
of my and Midori's happiness.
What are you doing?
Give her to me.
Give her back!
I won't.
Do you know what it is to love someone?
She'll soon come back to life.
I wasn't able to stop the fighting.
Not only that
but I averted my gaze from all suffering.
Why, oh, why,
why was I born?
Why, oh, why,
why was I reborn?
Get away!
This isn't the real me.
I can't help what I'm doing.
I want to let you
forget the hatred,
to forget everything.
I want to make a new beginning.
Let's end the hatred here.
I didn't want to cause more pain
but it came to this all over again.
But you'll never have to feel lonely again.
From now on I'll be with you always.
Just the two of us from now on.
Now at last I understand.
We harm something through our very existence.
That's what living is all about.
It's about harming something or other.
We needed to be tolerant to one another.
Tolerant of the fact that
we live together in the same world.
Those who presume to judge!
Youn err.
We do more than just exist:
we have the strength to dream of living together.
It may start from something small,
it may even seem impossible.
But this is where we munst start from.
But it really isn't that hard.
That's the child born of Lunna and me.
Directed by Kazunaki Kiriya