Cassidy Way (2016) Movie Script

Bang bang, bang bang!
Bang bang!
Ferris, you're
supposed to be dead!
Hey hey, Jamison, Ferris.
Come on boys, take
it easy, would you?
He's being stupid!
What did I tell you
about using that word?
We don't call each other
names in this family, do we?
No sir.
All right.
- You're supposed
to say special.
Now play nice together
or you're not gonna
play together at all.
Yes sir.
All right, let's play fair.
- Okay but when I shoot
you, you go down like this.
Bang bang!
Oh, you got me.
Who wants iced tea?
I'm thirsty, let's go kids!
Come on.
Jamison where's your brother?
I don't know.
He was right here.
He went that way.
Ferris, wait!
- Hey, you're on
private property.
Hands where I can see them.
He's got a gun!
Ferris, no!
- Yeah well, I've had
enough wild nights
to last me a few lifetimes.
And they'll be around
for three or four more,
you know what I mean?
I think I do.
Not yet, sweetie.
Look, when I started this band
it was all about the music.
Now it seems to be
just one huge party
sort of blended together.
You doing anything tonight?
Um, I don't know.
- Well, have you
seen my trailer?
- We're just warming
them up for you.
- Um Trent, we
need you on stage.
- All right, sorry
to spoil the party.
Got a date.
Well thank you very much.
I'm Gina Alexander.
All right guys that's a wrap.
Start loading the gear.
Is she serious?
The accent was definitely fake.
- He's really from
Australia, I Googled it.
Well his accent's still fake.
Hey, Collin, Mitch, wait up.
Oh, Trent.
Oh I love your accent!
let's go to Vegas and elope,
you big Australian man.
- I can't believe that you
guys are actually jealous.
Yeah right.
- Hey Collin,
can I take a look?
- My favorite interview
was Concrete Dumptruck.
That guy was sick.
- Yeah I wanna know who names
their kid Concrete Dumptruck.
They should be in prison.
- Hey, when you dumped
the footage on the drive
did you look through
the other interviews?
You were gonna do it, you
said you wanted to take notes.
But, um.
Oh my God.
My entire film.
What are you talking about?
- Everything except the
interview with Trent is gone.
No, let me see this.
Oh I am so screwed.
Uh, it's not a big deal.
We can go back and reshoot it.
No, they all left.
This is the last show.
Hi there folks.
I'm here live on the scene
of Gina Alexander's
rock documentary,
where she has managed to delete
almost her entire
footage, every interview.
Gina, tell us how you feel.
Yeah, okay, there
you have it folks.
Another great moment brought
to you by Mitchell J. Pretti,
you can catch more of my
highlights on my YouTube channel.
You're Connor's boy, right?
You from Saxlow?
Where's your father?
You know he tried to blow up
one of our trucks last week.
Everybody says he's gone crazy.
Leave us alone.
- We're gonna take this property
one way or another, boy.
I'll turn this whole
town against you!
Donald Connors.
I think we need to talk.
- I needed that
footage to graduate.
It was only like 10 or 12 of
some of the coolest interviews
of some of the most awesome
bands still alive today.
- Hey, Gina, don't
feel bad about it okay?
I remember when I was 12,
I lost all my footage.
Will you just shut up?
What mile marker are we at?
- Get off at the next exit, we
can stay at my mom's tonight.
- No, I just wanna
get back okay?
- We're all exhausted,
and I'm starving.
I know a great pub up ahead.
I'm not hungry.
Then have a drink.
Welcome to Kern County.
Home of, nothing.
Hey, 10 bucks says the average
sum total of front teeth
in this bar is two point five.
Dude, this isn't Virginia.
Just saying.
All right, let's do this.
- Come on Gina, turn
that frown upside down.
We're getting drunk.
First round on me.
Hold on big guy.
This you?
Sure don't look like you.
I get that a lot.
War changes a man.
Okay, maybe we are in Virginia.
Come on.
Thank you.
In Virginia, if I
divorce my wife,
is she still my mom
or am I an orphan?
Being an orphan must suck.
Dammit Mitch.
- I'm gonna go clean off
some of the past 10 hours.
She's an orphan.
And you are an idiot.
How did I not know this?
I've known her
longer than you have.
- Maybe you should talk less
and listen a little more.
- Do you know who belongs
to that black SUV?
They just came in.
So where'd you take her?
I took her to Hardee's.
- That girl lets you
take her anywhere.
How long you guys
been going out?
Four days?
That's a record for you.
It is.
How've you been Mr. Connors?
I haven't seen you in a while.
Whisky, bourbon.
- So it would have
been a crime not to.
When they came over,
and it was like...
I look stupid.
No, you look great.
Finish your story.
No no, it was stupid.
Just, it was dumb.
Mitch Pretti.
If I had only known makeup was
all it took to shut you up,
I would have worn it years ago.
No you wouldn't have.
Guys, can we get the check?
These guys are creeping me out.
- But you, you're the one
that wanted to come here.
Yeah, I know.
I'll be in the car.
- So, two brews
and a pina colada.
This was his.
Yeah, right.
It's been a while, Connors.
Hear you're still holding out.
Look, Donald.
Saxlow was willing to push
her offer up to $600,000.
They won't buy any of us
out until you sign on.
Not my problem.
- Dammit Donald, you're not
the only one affected by this.
The bank's about
to take my house.
Pete, he hasn't worked
in seven months.
They killed my son, John.
You think they should
have my land too?
It was an accident.
It was just an accident.
Do yourself and
your family a favor
and take the money.
You can start over.
Did they put you up to this?
- I've never seen 'em
before in my life.
Hey, it's been 10 years, Donald.
Just move on.
- Could you move on
if it was your son?
And you see his
killers every day?
Could you?
What just happened?
- Probably just
fighting over you.
Shut up.
- Let's finish these
beers and get out of here.
All right, cheers.
Do you remember what happened
last time I was here?
- You mean
when my mom started
playing her Joni
Mitchell records
and telling us stories
about LA in the '70s
while forcing you to
model my dad's old clothes
around the living room?
Let's not do that again.
I'll do my best.
Oh, Mitch!
Hi Mom.
What are you doing here?
Come in, come in.
So happy to see you, hi, hi.
- Hey, you remember
Collin, right?
- Of course I do,
how could I forget?
You look just like
my ex-husband Morty.
Good to see you.
And you must be Gina.
Mitch tells me that
you are making a movie.
We were.
We are.
- So guess what guys,
I'm so happy you're here.
I have The Princess Diaries.
- Actually Mom, we're just
hoping to crash for the night.
- Mitch, are you sure your
friends don't wanna play Boggle?
And if not, I have those
Joni Mitchell records.
Do you remember this?
Oh, I remember.
- It's been a long
day, really long day.
We'll catch up in
the morning, okay?
Oh okay, my sweet, sweet boy.
Thanks Mom.
Oh, I'm so happy you're here.
Me too.
Okay, let me take your bags.
Everything's upstairs
that you'll need.
Come on guys!
- Goodnight, so
nice to meet you.
Are you sure that you guys don't
want some milk and cookies?
We're fine Mom.
But I do have Ben & Jerry's.
I'm glad you're here, sweetie.
You guys, sorry about my mom.
It's amazing she
survived the '70s.
I love your mom.
That's so cute.
I didn't realize you had such
a crush on Richard Greico.
- Yeah, it was
kind of a big deal.
Exactly the same.
It's weird.
- Guys, don't touch
anything, okay?
Just, nothing.
Yeah my mom made me do that.
There's seven of them.
Why don't you do some for us?
- No, no guys, I'm gonna
go get ready for bed.
Come on, Danny in Grease.
- You sleep in my room, I'm
gonna sleep in the guest room.
Funny boy, come on.
- Look guys, it's
not funny, okay?
- Camera out of the face,
this isn't TMZ, goodnight.
We were only teasing.
He's sensitive.
I will sleep on the floor.
I'll take that.
You awake?
Now I am.
What's up?
I can't sleep.
Think about The Notebook.
- Shut up, that's
my favorite movie.
Yeah, I know.
- You can come up
here if you want.
The floor must not
be that comfortable.
So you can take advantage of me?
Fine, stay down there.
- Shh, I'm trying to
think about The Notebook.
So this is what a
mattress feels like.
What's wrong?
You still thinking
about the footage?
It's a frikkin' disaster.
- You don't think Steven
Spielberg ever made mistakes?
Look, when we get back to LA,
I will help you shoot that
other project you wanted to do.
You're really sweet to me.
Shh, whoa.
I don't wanna ruin my
bad boy image, you know?
People talk.
I, uh...
What the fuck have you done?
10 years now.
10 years I've been telling
you people to stay away,
but you keep coming back.
You fucking murdered my son!
You keep harassing my family.
You know, there comes a time
when a man can't
take it anymore.
When a man is no
longer responsible
for his actions to
protect what's his.
A man has his limits!
- Do you have any idea
who you're messing with?
You're already dead.
Now you untie me now,
or they'll just keep
sending more people
until your entire
family is dead.
Why are you doing this to us?
What did we do to you?
- You think it was
something you did?
You're not even a
blip on our radar.
You're nothing!
You hear me?
You're nothing.
You're just in the way!
My son wasn't nothing!
Sooner or later,
we're not even gonna
have to do anything!
The whole town has
turned against you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
No, no, fuck you.
You miserable bastard, fuck you!
He was my son,
and you shot him
down like a dog!
You know,
the good book says
an eye for an eye.
But you and I,
we're gonna start with a hand.
- My mom has one of the
best-kept plant collections
in Southern California.
Well that is a stretch.
Kern County, definitely.
Now listen, I know your
diet is terrible at school,
so while I have you here,
you are going to eat.
- Why do you use bottled
water on your plants?
Habit, I guess.
Doesn't that get expensive?
- Well, with all the
contamination from the fracking,
I'd rather spend the money.
What contamination?
- See, we have veins of Shell
gas and oil beneath the town.
And Mitch was just a
teenager when Saxlow came in
and started fracking the ground.
Problem was, it caused
severe environmental damage,
and that included contamination
to our water supply.
They began buying
up all the property
and trying to get everybody
out before they could be sued.
- Are they trying
to buy you out too?
I mean, they haven't found
any poisons here, yet.
So I just do the bottled water
as a precautionary measure.
But, you know, the other people,
their water, undrinkable.
They say it is so poisonous
that it can cause damage to
your central nervous system,
make you paranoid and crazy.
I don't know much about that.
- Too focused on Richard
Greico and karaoke, huh?
I hate you so much right now.
- So there were
protests as well,
and some turned violent.
There was even a young boy
who they accidentally shot,
and they used that as a
platform to end the violence,
but, oh, this is a poor town.
And so, after a while,
people saw the money
that they were offering
as some sort of savior.
So money made people forget
that they killed that young boy.
- How could they get away
with something like that?
I'll tell you how.
a lot of reporters and
lawyers came into town,
and they started
asking questions.
Saxlow spent millions of
dollars cleaning up their mess.
But you know, in court, it's
not who's right who wins,
it's who has the most money.
Where did the shooting happen?
- Oh, just up the
hill right here!
I think there's part of an old
bunker or something up there.
No one's been up there in years.
But you know what?
Someone should make
a movie about that.
You wanna graduate, don't you?
No way, are you kidding me?
This is it.
I agree, this is it.
It's a good idea, right?
Thanks, Mrs. Pretti.
Okay, everybody eat.
I'm excited, go.
I'm sorry.
You're such a gentlewoman.
- What happened to
helping me shoot a new film?
Didn't mean today.
What is that?
Is that blood?
I think it says something.
I sav yav?
It says I saw you.
- Do you think it was
that guy from last night?
Oh my God.
We should go to the police.
Mitch, what are you doing?
That's disgusting!
It's corn syrup!
It was a joke!
Load the gear.
We're leaving, Mitch.
Clean it off.
No sense of humor.
Careful with the camera.
- Hope there's nothing
expensive in there.
Let's go.
Oh shit.
Your mom is so cute.
I love her.
- Hey, she wants
to come with us.
Sandwiches and waters.
Mom, we're fine.
- No, you're gonna
be starving later.
Please take it, thank you.
Thanks Mrs. Pretti.
Oh you're welcome.
Oh, so happy to see you.
Bye Mom!
So happy happy happy.
Drive, please.
Love you, you be safe okay?
We will.
You guys be safe okay?
Okay, bye!
Love you!
- Lord have
mercy on that woman.
She's gonna be the end of me.
Yeah, looks like we're
gonna be walking from here.
- You realize if we
go past this point,
it's illegal.
- No more than
killing a little boy.
I think this road should
take us right to it.
Why not, let's go.
You guys sure you got it all?
Yes your highness.
Let's go.
- My prison name
will be C killer.
You know the good news is that
here we can still get our
degrees on the inside, so.
Will you guys just come on?
Did I do something
to make you angry?
We should get a move on.
Wait, check that out.
- Come on Mitch, it's
getting old dude.
No, seriously.
All right.
This place is crazy.
Get a shot of this.
Get those too.
Mitch, get some wild sound.
Think anybody can see us?
Let's see.
Hey, get a closeup, okay?
Woo, you like that?
Very funny.
- What, if you're gonna
make me be up here
I might as well have some fun.
Hey guys?
I think I found a way in.
Well come on, what are you
waiting for, Christmas?
Guys, I'm not sure about this.
Let's just turn around.
- After you made us hike
all the way up here?
Yeah I don't know man,
maybe she's right.
- Look, you're never
gonna make good films
if you're afraid to
take a few risks, okay?
And you, don't be a pussy.
Don't be a little
pussy, let's go.
Let's do this.
Let's make this quick.
Creepy bunker, here we come.
Need help?
Ladies last.
- There are probably
100 people watching us
with those cameras right now.
If they care so much,
then why would they leave
a giant hole in the gate?
- Yeah, and a security system
older than the dinosaurs.
You okay?
Hey, are you mad at me?
You've been acting weird
ever since last night.
- This isn't the time and
place to talk about this.
What happened last night?
Oh come on, in my bed?
You offered, man.
You guys had sex in my bed?
How am I ever gonna
sleep in there again?
I'm gonna have to burn it.
Real classy.
- Oh yeah, well I'm
not the one who had sex
in somebody else's bed.
Hang on, I'm stuck.
Hey, hey.
Get a shot of this.
This place looks abandoned.
- Hey, what do you
think they did in here?
- I'll tell you what
they didn't do in here.
They didn't have sex in here.
Yeah, nice, Mitch.
Um, look, I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
I just, you know,
I have trouble getting
close to people is all.
- I'm just glad I'm
getting this all on camera.
Pretty cool, right?
It looks like these
guys are in collusion
with the local county to give
'em a kickback of the profits
if Saxlow can get all the land.
- That's a really
good find, Mitch.
Thank you.
What was that?
Oh shit!
Come on!
There's another door over here!
Here, hold this.
There's a lock on it.
Here, use this.
You got it.
Hurry up, come on.
What now?
What are you serious?
Look at this shit.
You have any better ideas?
Dude just climb it!
Feel free to help me anytime.
All right.
Hurry up!
Come on.
You all right?
Yeah, come on.
Let's go!
Mr. Kane?
They're getting away.
That's okay, let them go.
They took some files.
- Those kids
from last night?
So you know who they are?
- Just some kids
I saw at the bar.
- Your usefulness to
us has come to an end.
Wait, what?
No, no!
I'll find them.
You've already failed.
- Donald's screwed
up in the head,
he won't listen to reason.
- Saxlow doesn't pay
you for mistakes.
We pay you for action.
Now Mr. Grey has been
missing for days.
We need to get to
the bottom of this,
and you already know too much.
No, please!
Did we lose 'em?
- Yeah, they're gone,
I don't see them.
Shit, okay, gotta breathe.
- That's the last
time I ever listen
to one of your
dumbass ideas again.
My dumb ideas?
This was your fucking
idea to come up here.
You kidding me?
Both of you shut up.
Shut up.
We're all in this together,
let's just figure
a way out of here.
- Gina, I say we
forget about this film,
we go back to LA right now.
- Great idea, how
do we get back?
It's over there somewhere.
Hey, check your phone,
see if the GPS is working.
Maybe we can find a good route.
Oh damn.
Yeah, it's dead.
Of course.
Oh my gosh.
I think you need stitches.
It's fine.
- You have an
audience, you know.
What the hell is your problem?
- I've just noticed
this habit of yours
to lure men into bed
and then toss 'em aside.
- That was three years ago,
and if I remember right,
you were the one that
did the manipulating.
- Wait, what are we
talking about here?
- Do you wanna tell
him, or should I?
You had sex with him too?
- Yeah, to her credit,
she only found out
that we're friends
about two weeks ago.
Wow, okay.
Believe me, she was well on
her way to ditching you too.
Shut up Mitch.
- I'm just looking
out for you man.
Shut the fuck up, man.
- Why don't you shut
the fuck up, ass?
You lost?
- Yeah, we're
looking for our car.
All right, follow me.
You're gonna follow Justin
Bieber's evil twin up here?
- What else are we gonna
do, it's getting dark.
- She probably wants
to sleep with him too.
This is not a good idea.
This isn't over yet.
Oh whatever, dude.
What are you doing out here?
- I
should ask you that.
We were on a hike.
Making a documentary.
Our house is close by.
My dad can give you
a ride to your car.
I found 'em lost in the hills.
- Sorry, we just need
to get back to our car.
- I told 'em Dad
could give 'em a ride.
Oh, he'd be happy to.
And he'll be home any minute.
That needs attention.
It's just a scratch really.
Let me take care of it.
It's no trouble, come with me.
And you can all put your
things on the back porch.
Thank you.
Take this.
This is a nasty cut.
That should be good for now.
Thank you.
Make yourselves at home.
It's not often we
get any visitors.
Oh, let me go get some snacks.
Can you move over?
Who are they?
- None of your
business, dillweed.
I found them.
You found them?
Excuse my brother.
He's a dillweed.
How do you do?
- Jesus,
they're not royalty.
It's polite.
And Gina.
What are you wearing?
- Go to your room and
put on something decent.
What if your father
were to come home?
- Do you guys have an
extra outlet I could use
to charge my iPhone?
- You know actually
Mom, I can take him.
Come with me, mister handsome.
Why thank you.
- Don't
let them bore you.
Let's go.
Thank you.
She was being paranoid.
It's fine.
- Oh, all we have
here is well water.
- My husband should
be home any moment.
Wow, your muscles are strong.
How old are you?
- All right, you can plug
your phone in over there.
Ah, right.
Mom wants me to change.
- Thanks for letting
me use the outlet.
I like all your stuffed animals.
- You know, we don't
really get many visitors.
Especially not
handsome ones like you.
Don't worry, I'll be quiet.
Is that your husband?
You make an adorable couple.
Oh, we're not.
No, just friends.
- Do you have
an older son as well?
- No, these are
our only children.
Oh, Ferris, my oldest,
was killed many years ago.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
My parents died
when I was young.
Well if you'll excuse me,
I am going to finish
preparing supper.
So what's it like?
What's what like?
Not having parents.
- Well I lived with
my uncle, he was nice.
But you should be grateful
you have both your
parents with you.
Sometimes I wish I
didn't have parents.
Why would you say that?
Well, just not my dad.
He never lets me do anything.
- Kelsey,
your father's home!
It's that guy from last night.
What are they doing here?
- These lovely folks need
a ride back to their car
because Jamison found them
lost behind the house.
We were hiking.
- I guess I should have
been expecting you.
Hey Dad.
Hey guys.
- Sure, I could give you
a ride back to your car.
But you must be hungry,
why don't you stay and
join us for dinner?
Great, well that's wonderful.
Kids, go wash up.
Mary, I'll help
you in the kitchen.
I am not going in there.
Are you kidding me?
This is the perfect subject
for your documentary,
Watch Movies and Series Free!
locals affected by the fracking.
That guy is a total freak.
He barely said anything.
Tell him.
That's the guy from last
night, the guy from the pub.
- The guy that
bashed the other guy.
- Yes, I know, which makes
it an even better story.
You guys, this is a
much better documentary
than the band stuff.
This could be award winning.
Thanks for backing me up.
- I guess we're both
full of surprises.
Thanks for dinner.
This food looks amazing.
Thank you dear.
Eat up.
So what's wrong with your car?
We just got turned around
when we were on our hike.
Mm, it's so good.
Excuse me.
Mr. Connors?
Sorry to bother you sir.
Is there a problem?
- Yes sir, there was a report
of three college students
that went missing, we
were just wondering
if maybe you'd seen
anything unusual.
- No, it's been pretty
quiet around here.
Yes sir.
Well there were three of them
and they were last
seen in this area.
Well I'll keep my eyes open.
Along with the other one
that also went missing.
Yes, a Mr. Grey,
Mr. Arthur Grey from
Saxlow Industries.
He also went missing.
- No, I don't know
anything about that either.
my family's just sitting down
to dinner, so if you'll...
I'm sorry to bother you, sir.
All right, good night.
Stay safe.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
He's got them.
- Who was
at the door, honey?
Bible salesman.
They never quit, do they?
So where did you say
you're from again, dear?
Los Angeles.
Big city.
That's so exciting.
Um, I'm not feeling well.
Would you like some water?
No, thank you.
- Can I get
you something else?
Some milk?
Really, I'm okay.
- I think I should take
them to their car now.
So soon?
It's dark out.
Thank you again for dinner.
- Certainly,
you take care now.
- Nice meeting all
of you, goodbye.
- Why don't you boys
ride in the back,
we'll let the young
lady ride up front.
It was nice meeting you, okay?
You too.
See you soon.
Yeah, have fun.
Coming, coming.
- Where'd your friend get
that nasty cut on his leg?
- He slipped on
some jagged rocks.
- You think they'll
be okay back there?
- We parked on a dirt
road near a gate.
It said Saxlow.
I know, I know where that is.
Now where did I put that,
oh there.
Now I think we're ready.
He's looking right at me.
We'll be at the truck soon.
Why am I...?
Oh, you just relax.
- My face feels like
it was smashed in.
Where's Collin?
Oh, he's fine.
Can I see him?
You'll see him soon enough.
You've been in a
horrible accident.
Just relax, honey.
What is this?
- Oh, that's just
a heart monitor.
The hospital told
us to put it on
until the ambulance arrives.
Relax honey.
You don't go riling her up.
Hey, get lost Mom.
You get some rest.
- Do you know how I
can get this thing off?
Does it hurt?
- Just help me get
it off, please.
No, I'm not allowed.
What are you doing?
I need to find my friends.
Okay, look, if I help you,
will you promise to stay
and hang out for a while?
I'll even forgive you.
Forgive me for what?
- For being part of
Saxlow Industries.
What are you talking about?
Just take me to my friends.
No no, not yet.
Yes, now.
What the fuck?
- I'm sorry, look, I
can't let you leave.
Give me that.
I'm sorry, okay, it's not...
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
Why am I tied up?
Gina, Mitch!
- You can yell all you want
but they can't hear you.
Is this yours?
- No, we found
that in the bunker.
Is that when you cut your leg?
Not on jagged rocks.
He told me you'd come.
What are you talking about?
No no no no no, no more lies.
I know who you are
and why you're here.
- We got lost, we
couldn't find our car.
- Do you think I'm
a fucking idiot?
You work for them!
Who is them?
This is a mistake, all right?
If you let me go...
I've been letting you
people go for 10 years!
You trespass on my property,
you intimidate my children,
you lie, you lie
right to my face.
That is not us!
You're a little fucking liar!
- Listen, this is
just a mistake.
All right, now listen to me.
- Now listen to me,
this is very important.
I want you to pay attention.
I need for you to
understand this.
Stop fucking with my family!
- I didn't wanna do this,
but you left me no choice.
Let my friends go.
This was all my idea,
I made them do it.
It had nothing to do with them.
I thought this was all just
a big misunderstanding.
Please let them go.
- Goodness, you're a
little hero, aren't you?
Now hold still.
I know, I know, but listen,
it's going to purify
you from the inside out.
All right?
Hello mister handsome.
Mama says your ribs are broken.
The ambulance is coming to
take you away real soon, okay?
Where the hell am I?
- You're back with
me, silly boy.
We just made love in this
room a little bit ago.
What are you talking about?
Why am I here?
Daddy says it's necessary.
Your dad's a fucking asshole!
- Don't say that about
your future father-in-law.
- Soon as your better
we're gonna get married.
- What the fuck are
you talking about?
I know, I can't wait either.
It's gonna be soon though.
Shh, baby it's okay.
It's all right.
- No no no, get the
fuck off the bed!
Ow, fuck!
You know,
I thought maybe we could
fool around for a little bit.
Where are my friends?
- You're never gonna get
out of here, you know.
Not without my help anyways.
What are you looking for?
Do you think I'm beautiful?
Most boys do.
Yeah, I could see that.
- You know, Daddy doesn't
like me seeing boys.
Is that better?
You don't have to fight.
Shit, fuck.
Get the fuck out of here.
- Please, get back in bed
please, or my dad's gonna kill me.
Not my problem.
You leave, I'll scream.
- Then go ahead and
scream, you little bitch.
There's my boy.
Untie me.
I won't get angry
with you again.
My face itches.
I'll scratch it for you.
Never mind.
Is that my profile?
Oh yeah, I sent you a request.
What's wrong with you people?
Take me to Collin, please.
I just need to know he's okay.
You were really hoping we
could be friends, weren't you?
Jamison, bring...
Dammit Jamison!
Can you do something
right for once, just once?
Now go help your sister and
bring her down to the basement!
Come on boy!
What the hell did you do?
He tried to leave.
Will you help me get him to Dad?
No, Dad wants her first.
Let's go.
Throw that one on the tarp,
and then get over here
and help me get this
one up on the table.
What are you doing to her?
Come on, boy.
This is stupid.
- What did I tell you
about using that word?
Don't you ever use
that word again!
Now help me carry him.
Come on, grab that side.
- I will kill you
when I get out of here.
I don't think so.
Tape his mouth shut.
Just do it!
I am.
Oh just give me that.
Look, go get that one
and put her in the chair.
Just pick her up Jamison!
I can't!
- Oh my God, can
you do anything?
Take these and strap
her in from the back.
I need your help.
- Fine, fine,
Jamison, go with her.
I'll do this.
Lots of work.
Lots of work left to do.
Work to do.
Where is he?
There he is, let's go.
Come on, grab his foot.
Grab his foot!
We don't have to do this.
I said do it.
Grab his foot.
Let's go!
Good, good, good.
Yeah, bring that one and
put him in the corner here.
Dammit, get him up.
Good, bring him over here.
Put him in the corner here.
Stand him up for me, hold him.
Hey kid, can you hear me?
I wanna ask you a question.
- How did you like
fucking my daughter?
You murder my son and then
you defile my little girl?
What is wrong with you people?
- Mitch, what did
they do to you?
No no no, you did this to him.
This is your fault,
and I hate you for it!
You're a fucking psycho!
Your son brought us here!
- No no no, you're
lying, you're lying,
see your pretty little boyfriend
here, he already confessed!
I'm so sorry.
I should have listened.
- Do you know what
you people are?
You are parasites!
You just take and take and take
until all I have left is hate!
Hand me that screwdriver.
Give me the screwdriver.
No not that one,
the big, this one.
Now pay attention.
And you pay attention
too, you pay attention.
Pay attention.
Stop, please.
Let him go, it's all
my fucking fault.
Are you paying attention?
- Whatever we did,
it's my fault.
Kill me.
Kill you?
Oh, your turn is gonna come.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to make sure none of you
people ever come back!
Do you like watching this?
Do you like watching me
take your friend's life
piece by piece, 'cause
that's what you did to me.
You took my life,
bit by bit by bit.
Please, whatever you want.
Whatever I want?
Do you know what I want?
I want my son back!
I can't lose him.
I love him.
Jamison, lift him up!
Get over there and lift him up!
- No, no.
I'm gonna show you love.
There's love!
All right, go take the
slack out of his chain.
Go take him out.
No, Collin.
- I don't think we
need this anymore.
- We were just
trying to make a film.
We wanted to show people...
Lift him up.
No Collin, no.
- All
right, take him off.
No, no.
- Come here and pull this
table out of the way.
Come here, I wanna
show you something.
Running down his leg and all
the way into the lower leg
is the popliteal artery.
If you cut that and you
have your subject elevated,
he'll bleed out in
just a few minutes.
- How do you know they're
not telling the truth?
- Don't ever you
question me, boy!
Pay attention.
Right here.
Right there, open it up.
And here, same thing.
Right here.
Dress this body,
and put the limbs
in that garbage can,
and then move the table
back to where it was.
And then I want her
up on the table.
Have that done
before I get back.
Yeah, we got blood.
Doesn't matter.
Mr. Kane said they're all here.
Finish the job.
- You're just your
dad's little tool.
Hey fuck you!
Fuck my dad.
If he's such an asshole,
why do you listen to him?
He doesn't even see you anymore.
I can tell by the
way he looks at you.
All he sees is disappointment.
- Well you're
gonna be dead soon,
so it doesn't matter
what you think.
Well you'll still always
know what he really feels.
Mitch, you're alive?
Stay the fuck away from me.
- Look, we'll tell the
police it was all your dad.
You know what you're
doing is wrong.
No no no, no.
No, what you did was wrong.
You're the one who came here.
You're the one who
made my dad angry.
This is your fault!
- You could still have
a normal life someday.
I said shut up!
You think your life is normal?
I'm just as normal as you,
why can't you see that?
- It's only a matter of
time before you're caught.
- You are never gonna see
the light of day again.
I'm gonna die out here.
No Mitch,
you're gonna be
just fine, trust me.
- I'm sorry about what
I said the other day.
about you being an orphan.
Let's just get out of here.
My mom.
Oh God, my mom.
Can you please tell her
that I'm sorry that I never...
Mitch no!
We're gonna be okay, Mitch.
Mitch, come on.
Mitch, no.
No, Mitch, no.
Why are you crying?
Please, stop crying.
- Your dad will never
be proud of you,
no matter what you do.
Came from the basement.
Son of a...
Son of a bitch!
What happened?
Dad, I'm sorry.
Where's the girl?
They came down here.
I was doing everything you said.
She hit me and left, I
did everything you said.
You're fucking worthless!
- If you'd
like to make a call,
please hang up and try again.
Oh no, no no no no!
I knew I shouldn't have left
those kids alone with you.
That was stupid!
Let me go!
- No, that's not
part of that plan.
You are not going anywhere.
You know, this is
all your fault.
But now, you and the shadow gang
are not gonna bother me anymore!
It wasn't us.
We were just trying to
make a film for school.
- That warm feeling you're
experiencing right now?
That's your brain shutting down.
I think my son Ferris must
have felt that same feeling.
Get away.
Oh for God's sake.
Have some fucking dignity.
Oh you're so precious.
You just don't wanna give up.
Well, it's your time now.
Say goodnight.
God, Mom.
Stop it.
It hurts.
What is it?
What happened?
I need an ambulance.
I need an ambulance now.
Cassidy Way and
Crown Valley Road.
I don't know, it's two people,
it doesn't look
like an accident.
I need an ambulance now.
One of them is alive.
One of them is alive, hurry!
Help me.