Castello Cavalcanti (2013) Movie Script

Avasanti la molte miglia in citt! Avasanti!
Goddam... Goddammit, sonofbitch!
Son of a bitch! It wasn't my fault,
the steering wheel was screwed on backwards!
Otherwise I've never been bringed up
the rear in the first place
but sliping and sliding for the last 150 miles
plus there's a slow leak in the rear left tire.
Ah... screw it.
- Acciavolo.
E uno, e due, e tre!
- Avanti!
- Avanti!
Come on! It's totalled, fellas!
Completamente finito!
Fatale calamiti disaster catastrofica!
Stick it back in the garage
where it belongs!
Give me a shard of the local hooch.
When's the next bus?
- 20 minutes.
- Got it.
Barkeep, can you place a call
to a sissy for me, please.
- Grand Hotel Americano, collect
from Jake Cavalcanti. - Si
I'd strangled that little twerp, by the way!
My mechanic, it's actually my brother in law,
gosh, screwed the
steering wheel on backwards!
Where am I?
- Castello Cavalcanti
- What?
I think my ancestors might've came from here
- Si, si, Cavalcanti
- Cavalcanti - Cavalcanti
Ciao! Ciao, ciao!
You're my ancestors, I think.
Ciao, ciao. We're ancestors.
What are you? The old man of the place?
He is your great-great-grand uncle.
Great-great-grand uncle Michelangelo?
Son of a bitch, I've seen
pictures of this old man.
Great-great-grand uncle Michelangelo,
I know you.
He's the one that stayed behind.
- Bravo
- Bravo, bravo
In a way I'm glad I crashed,
it's a warning for me.
I could've got killed, you know
like that coop of chickens over there.
Tarred, feathered and spitroasted...
- Telefono, signore
- Excuse me
Sweetie? I crashed.
Yeah, I know.
Well, it could've been a hell of a lot worse.
I'm in my ancestor's village actually if
you can believe it. Castello Cavalcanti.
No, I'm serious.
Yeah, I know. Don't bother me with
that right know, I just crashed.
Listen, could you put Gus on?
Yeah, I know.
Gosh, you son of a bitch, you screwed
the steering wheel on backwards.
I crashed! Damn it, you son of a bitch.
I'm fine, obviously.
Stop crying.
I understand,
I understand.
Plus there's a slow leak in the rear left tire but I guess
it doesn't matter anymore since the car's totalled
No, it's ok.
I'll take the bus.
Yeah, I know, it's ok.
Don't worry,
it's just a race car.
So long, pal.
Oh, shit, here's my bus.
That wasn't 20 minutes
- What do I owe you?
- Niente
- Niente, niente
- I can't accept that
- Niente!
- Niente
- Niente
- Niente, niente.
Tell him I'll catch the next one.
Va nel prossimo.
You know what? Can I get a little plate
of spaghetti or something?
- Paolo.
- Just a little bowl.
- Spaghetti.
- Spaghetti.
- Ha fame.
- Ci mezzi citt minuti.
- Spaghetti.
Thank you