Castle Falls (2021) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[waves crashing]
[tense music]
That's good.
All right, three rounds.
I wanna finish, but don't
leave it up to me.
Bombs away
- It's too late
- [typewriter clacking]
I can't blame
tomorrow for today
Without them
It's too much
We can walk alone
without a crutch
The steel in your eyes
[men grunting]
Melts when you cry
[men grunting]
I don't have the time
I don't have the will
To make you mine
[birds chirping]
[door slams]
[men grunting]
[man] Time.
Vince is in the office.
[Vince] We got a lot of
talented guys coming up.
Young guys.
Potential's all I
got to work with.
This ain't news, Mike.
[Mike] Vince, come on, please
just get me a fight, right?
170, 185, flippin'
205 if I have to.
You... you got submitted
in your last three fights.
- [groans]
- None of my sponsors are gonna touch you.
Okay, look.
I shouldn't have let you fight
injured. Some of that's on me.
Yeah, well don't worry about
that 'cause I got the surgery
and the shoulder feels good, right?
I'm ready to get back in there,
come on Vince, please, please!
Mike, you're a friend.
But I'm trying to
run a business.
You're a sparring partner.
[Mike] Oh, I'm a
sparring partner, am I?
Not a contender.
You don't have the
killer instinct.
I can't make you into something you're not.
I'm sorry, it's over.
I came here because you
sold me on this gym.
I came here 'cause of you.
Remember that?
And now you're just gonna
turn around and say,
that's it, you're finished?
It's a young man's game.
You know this.
Right, don't do this to me.
Okay, you got a lotta good,
talented fighters here, yeah?
Good talent, but they haven't
got what I've got, right?
They don't have the experience,
they don't have the
knowledge of the game.
Vince, I'm begging you, please.
Mike, I don't know what else to
say, I'm sorry.
Right, you let me fight for it
then, right now.
- Mike...
- No, you give me one last shot.
Right, you owe me.
I'll fight your
golden boy out there,
right now, today, let's do it.
[Vince] He's six weeks out
from a fight,
and you're not even in shape.
Yeah, well he's not
gonna have an excuse
when I kick the crap out of him
then, is he?
Come on, Vince.
One last shot.
I fight him right
now, and if I win?
You put me on the next card.
If he wins, then fine, fine.
I'm done, I'll walk away.
[whispers] You're fucking nuts.
[rock music]
Save me now
Save me now from
all your questions why
Okay I did it, he's done.
- [men grunting]
- [music continues]
[fighter spits, chuckles]
[men breathing heavily]
Now you're gone
While I'm fine
- [men grunting]
- [bones crunching]
You belong in
heaven all the time
If I cry
It's not for you
Nothing that you
said to me was true
The steel in your eyes
Melts when you cry
[heartbeat thudding]
[Vince] You don't have
the killer instinct.
It's over.
It's over.
It's over.
[cars whooshing]
[dog barking]
[plane engine roars]
I'm gonna have to get a guard
dog now that you're leaving.
We are gonna miss you.
I'll hold onto that deposit,
and we'll just call that
the last three months' rent.
You're a good man, Phil.
I really appreciate everything
you've done for me.
See you around, Phil.
[Phil] You keep
your head up, huh?
Don't worry about
me, Phil, I'm good.
Hey Mike, when's
your next fight?
[Mike] Come here, lads.
Think maybe you guys
should take over, don't you?
- Thank you.
- There you go.
- [boy] Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Stay out of trouble.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- [door slams]
- [sighs]
[engine rumbles]
It's a young man's game.
[upbeat rock music]
My bottle's all gone
My woman is too
My mind was lost
Then I fell upon you
And all at once felt like
the chains were lifted
All at once it felt like so
much time had passed
I'm giving up on
everything before her
I'm giving up on all of that
'Cause baby you are
My new thing
My eyes could not see
My heart felt
nothing but pain
My world was all but over
Into my life she came
And all at once it felt like
the chains were lifted
All at once it felt like so
much time had passed
I've given up on
everything before her
I've given up on all of that
'Cause baby you'll be
Oh baby you are, yeah
Just stuck inside this dream
Oh baby you are
My new thing
- [train rattling]
- [train whistle blowing]
[Mike coughs]
[siren wailing in distance]
[clears throat, sniffs]
[typewriter clacking]
Skills, degrees?
[Mike] Did a bit of construction
back in the UK,
in between fights.
Other than that, though...
Oh, here we go, you're in luck.
Oh yeah, what have you got?
They've been at it a week,
but there's a couple days left.
What is it, construction?
Not exactly construction,
but it's close.
[Mike sighs]
[truck rumbles]
[people chattering]
[Mike] All right, buddy?
I'm here for the, uh, you know,
the construction.
You a temp worker?
Yeah, Wades, Mike Wades.
[man] Yeah, here ya are.
All right man,
just head up there.
[Mike] Cheers, man.
[typewriter clacking]
You guys are here because some
bigwig down at city hall
said I don't get a contract
unless I fulfill
some local hiring
mandate bullshit.
You guys aren't on my roster,
so if you ever wanna
see a paycheck,
don't lose your time card.
Now, everything you see
in here has gotta go.
If it's not supporting
something, rip it down.
If you got a question about
something, come find me.
Can't find me?
Rip it down.
While you're doing that,
demolition crew will be placing explosives
on the first, fourth,
and eighth floors,
so stay out of there.
Elevators are coming out
tomorrow, which reminds me,
the freight elevator
goes until five.
Use it till then.
After that, take the stairs.
The power's on until we're
finished, any questions?
[metal crashing]
[equipment beeping]
[train whistle blows]
[metal crashing]
Wade, Diaz, grab a sledgehammer.
Windows indoors, start from the
top and work your way down.
[dog barking]
[TV playing indistinctly]
[Ericson] Hey.
- Hey, Dad.
- How you feeling, sweetheart?
[Emily] Better.
A little tired.
[Ericson] Do you need anything?
I'm good, I'm good.
Here, have some water.
- Okay.
- [Emily sighs]
- Everything okay?
- [Ericson] Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Wanna watch some
more of that movie,
before I gotta go to work?
We always watch this.
[Ericson] Yeah, but it's funny.
Used to like it as a kid.
Come on.
All right.
Here we go, movie time.
[movie playing indistinctly]
Good morning, sir.
- Hey, Emily.
- Hi.
Mr. Ericson, do you mind if
I speak with you for a moment?
Yeah, we're just
watching a movie.
Just give me a second? I just...
This is funny.
[man in movie]
Your teeth are so bad
whenever people wanna say hi
to you in the hallway
they wanna punch
you out of despair!
[people shouting in movie]
You just get some sleep.
- [button clicks]
- [movie stops]
[door shuts]
I'm sorry, Mr. Ericson, but...
this is gonna be my last
visit until I get paid.
Well, I'm waiting for the check
from the insurance company.
Once I get it, you'll
get your money.
[woman] I'm just, I am so sorry.
But I cannot come back here
until I get my money.
[phone ringing]
Okay, that's them.
Hold on a second.
Yeah, hello.
One second.
We'll work it out, don't worry.
It'll be fine.
Yeah, one second, one second.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
Okay, what do you
mean it's not covered?
[man over phone]
Your policy only covers
a portion of the treatments
with insurance money.
Yeah, but that's what her
doctor recommended.
He said she's strong enough to
accept the transplant.
She can't do any
more chemotherapy.
She's very sick now.
[man] Yes, but because of
how they do this procedure,
we have to classify
it as experimental.
Your policy only covers
the first 50,000 dollars.
Okay, so, uh,
how much is it gonna cost?
What do I have to pay?
Well, your portion of the bill
would be approximately
400,000 dollars.
Mr. Ericson, are
you still there?
But, there's gotta be
something else, right?
Like, my house isn't
even worth that much.
There's gotta be like
a supplemental policy
or something, right?
Mr. Ericson, I'm really sorry,
but this is
the policy you have.
[somber music]
Okay, thanks.
I'll figure something out.
[plane engine roars]
[typewriter clacking]
[buzzer blares]
Come on, take me back
to my block, huh?
[guard] Lando,
got your ticket to east block.
Some people over there wanna
have a word with you.
[tense music]
Fuck you, man.
This is bullshit.
I wanna talk to Ericson, you hear me?
Forget Ericson.
His daughter has cancer.
He's gonna be busy
with her funeral.
You'll be dealing with me now.
[machinery whirring]
You owe Damien Glass some money.
Look, I don't want no problems.
I ain't got nothin'
to do with that.
[Lando screams]
Where's your fucking money?
- [men grunting]
- [intense music]
[man shouting]
[alarm blaring]
Hey, hey, break it up!
- [taser crackles]
- [Lando screams]
[metal crashing]
[wind whistling]
[apple crunching]
Mayor's gonna speak.
How do you know that?
I was just down there.
[foreman] Wade, Diaz!
What the hell
are you guys doing?
Nothin', we ain't doin' nothin'.
Yeah, no shit.
Listen, all the metal,
copper, aluminum, needs to be
separated. This is important.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it, we
got it, no problem.
And somebody took some
fruit off of a spread
we set up for the mayor.
You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that, would ya?
Oh by the way, I didn't get
a chance to say before,
but I really appreciate
the opportunity.
You know, I really needed this.
Then get to it.
We ain't paying you
two to dick around.
[Mike sighs]
How much fruit can
a mayor eat, huh?
[mayor] I've heard it said
the Castle Heights hospital
is a reflection of
the neighborhood.
But to see it in
its current state of decay,
and to equate it with the people
of this community,
is to do them a
great disservice.
[scattered applause]
I too was born inside the
segregated walls of this building,
but we're not here
to dwell on the past.
Not when there's work to be
done for our future.
[crowd applauds]
It's with that work in mind
that I stand before you today
and humbly ask
for your support, as
I run for reelection.
[mayor continues on TV] The
city of Birmingham is partnering
with some of the finest
businesses in the world,
to create a new commercial
district right here.
We ain't going anywhere.
We're here
to better ourselves.
We're here to better
Birmingham, Alabama.
This Sunday, the Castle falls!
- [handcuffs clank]
- Hey, guard.
Let me talk to the lieutenant.
Hey, you hear me?
Let me talk to Ericson!
Hey, let me talk to Ericson!
[door shuts]
You better have something
real important to tell me.
I got a proposition for you.
Move me back to south block.
They gonna kill me if you don't.
I'm sorry, I don't make
deals with inmates.
Take it up with the warden.
You know I can't trust
nobody else in here.
I need you to hear me out.
- Okay, we're done here.
- Look, it's money in it for you.
I'm talking a lot of money.
I'm trying to help you out.
You got a family, don't you?
Don't talk about my family.
You got a daughter, right?
I know you wanna help
your daughter out, right?
Don't you fucking mention my daughter!
Don't you talk about my fucking daughter!
[Lando] Get the fuck off of me.
Shut the fuck up,
motherfucker, shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
You don't talk about my family,
you understand?, I'm telling you.
[Ericson] Don't
mention my family!
[eerie music]
[guard] I just found out.
Why would Ericson move him
back to south block?
What's he give a shit?
Didn't think he would, based on
how their little powwow played out.
So why move him, then?
Unless he's getting paid off,
and that was all a show for the camera.
Ericson never struck me
as the bribe-able type.
[guard] Never can tell.
You know, he's the only reason
Lando ain't dead
in the first place.
And I hear that he needs a lot of
money for his daughter's surgery.
Something like 400 grand.
He's getting paid by Lando?
That's my money payin' him.
Who's got my outside line?
Time to let my brother loose.
Ericson wants to pull strings?
Let's pull some fuckin' strings.
[guard] Let's pull some strings.
I'll be back, and
don't forget me.
- [buzzer blares]
- Hey, Deacon.
We got a problem.
[crickets chirping]
[muffled rock music]
Come on.
So how'd it go?
Tested 90 percent pure.
Saved 50 grand, too.
Your brother needs to
upgrade his suppliers.
You gonna tell him they were
outbid by some Mexicans?
You see, my brother...
[woman] Mm-hm?
He's a victim of
his own ideology.
Me, on the other hand...
Only thing I care about
is money and power.
He just called.
Little problem we
gotta take care of.
We're getting rich, baby.
- [train whistle blows]
- [train rattling]
[birds chirping]
[typewriter clacks]
[truck rumbles]
- [jackhammers rattling]
- [metal crashing]
- [tense music]
- [machines whirring]
[woman on radio]
The president spoke today
with France's prime minister
after the incident.
In other news, a New
Jersey case is now...
[jackhammers rattling]
[woman continues
indistinctly on radio]
[Lando gasping]
You wanna make a deal, Lando?
Start talking.
Tell me everything.
Look, Damian's moving dope up
and down the highway,
and maybe he's getting tipped
at checkpoints, I don't know.
But he started making detours
through the hospital park,
and he and everybody knows
the park belong to me.
So you stole his money and
now he wants you dead?
Shoot that, plus his money back.
[Ericson] How much?
Three million, cash.
If I can't get it,
I want something for it.
Move me back to south block.
All right, done.
Where's the money now?
Castle Falls Hospital.
- [jackhammers rattling]
- [indistinct radio chatter]
Now we're turning it
over to our weather.
We have some low
clouds around today.
Expect clouds to thin out...
- [radio beeps]
- Hey, Deacon.
Think I know where your
brother's money is.
[machinery rumbling]
[whistle blows]
There ya are.
- [Mike sighs]
- [George] 'Sup?
You know, I used to
live here, you know?
You used to live here?
I thought it was a hospital.
Mm, children's
residential center.
This floor and the seventh,
in the tower, yeah.
It was kinda like an orphanage
for kids whose parents died,
or went to jail.
Not my mom, though, no. She, uh,
she just worked all
the time, never home,
so judge decided it
was better for me
to spend more time here than,
you know, by myself.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I had no idea that
they could do that.
[chuckles] Neither did she.
This place was kinda
like a spot for kids
who were waiting to
get into foster care,
but really it was for the kids
that got kicked out.
Two years, yep.
You know, I could go home on the weekends,
but those kids did not like that.
Mexican kid with a deal?
Used to beat my ass
every chance they got.
[somber music]
[indistinct chattering]
Fuck this place.
I would've knocked
it down for free.
- I'm Mike.
- George.
- How you doing?
- Good.
Yeah, they were saying
the elevators are out.
Keeps you fit though, right?
I guess.
So what's up with you, man?
What's up with that accent,
where you from?
Me, I'm from Birmingham.
You know, the one in
the UK, the original.
- [chuckles]
- What the hell are you doing over here?
I've been asking myself the same
thing, to be honest.
You ever hear of Paramount Gym?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
the MMA... the MMA gym.
The one in Atlanta
with all the champions.
That's the one, I
trained there, yeah.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I've seen you before, man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I knew you looked familiar, man, yeah!
- [chuckles]
- You... I saw your fight
- at the convention center, dude.
- You saw me fight?
Yeah, you knocked the
hell outta the guy,
the mean ugly guy
with the mohawk.
Oh that guy, yeah, yeah, real nice
piece of work. You saw that fight?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Knocked him out with a spin kick, right?
- Yeah, I remember.
[Mike] Oh man.
I can't believe
you saw that fight.
[somber music]
[men grunting]
[music continues]
[no audio]
[no audio]
[no audio]
[music continues]
[Vince] He got ya.
[Mike] I got it.
[train horn blares]
Not a contender.
[train horn blares]
[typewriter clacking]
[indistinct chattering]
[engines rumbling]
I, I can feel the energy
You're not gonna
get rid of me
You know, I'm starting
to like this stuff.
No you don't, since when?
Since you play it all the time.
You know, but I prefer the classics.
Biggie, Tupac, they
were, you know, poets.
I don't understand what these new
guys are saying half the time.
Don't worry, I'll teach you.
- This is one of my favorites.
- Oh yeah?
I'm ready for ya
I need you on my team
Put your lips to mine
Call me when I want you
and I feel like it's time
Take a rest tonight
- You're the only reason I...
- [Emily] Dad!
Oh shit, I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
Can you, uh,
can you ask Leah to come
over this afternoon?
'Cause I gotta do some stuff
with work, you know?
- I may be late.
- I can be at home one night by myself.
Yeah, but she wanted to see you,
and I [indistinct].
- Okay, I will.
- All right.
- [music continues]
- Whoa.
Just the way she
used to make it.
I miss Mom so much.
Yeah, yeah, you
make me go crazy
- Yeah.
- You make me go crazy
Yeah, I miss her too.
I'm ready for your love
You got to feel my love
She'd be so proud of you.
You make me go crazy
You make me go crazy
- I'm ready for ya
- Like it?
- It's good.
- I need you on my team
Everything's gonna
be fine, don't worry.
Call me when I want you
and I feel like it's time
[metal scraping]
[George] So what are
you doing after this?
[Mike] I don't know, man.
Try and get in somewhere, I guess.
Depends who's hiring.
What, you got something?
I just meant like, today.
A bunch of us are gonna go down to the
bar and watch this place come down on TV.
[Mike] Oh yeah, sure man.
Sorry, I thought you meant you
had a lead on a job or something.
- [George] I mean, actually I might.
- [Mike] Yeah?
It seems legit, just didn't know
if you'd be interested, you know?
[Mike] Hey listen, mate.
If the money's real, I'm interested.
Dump everything down
the elevator shaft.
They're rigging charges
in the compactor.
[eerie music]
[glass tinkles]
They're behind schedule.
There's 12 floors,
100 plus rooms.
The longer they take,
the less time we have.
Leave it to my brother to wait
till the last possible minute.
- [radio beeps]
- Everybody sit tight.
We'll go in when they clear out.
- I hate playing up this family shit.
- I know.
It's bad enough I gotta
clear up his mistakes.
Fuck my brother.
- Hmm.
- That money's ours.
I love it when you're selfish.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
We're done here.
We'll clear out once they set the charges.
That means hard out by two PM,
so let's pick up the pace.
[Mike grunting] Okay, come on.
What's the catch?
It's in Alaska.
Oh, no shit.
Yeah. What? Come on
man, it could be fun.
Alaska, though?
Yeah, yeah.
You know what it is?
- They got beautiful women in Alaska, man.
- Yeah, sure.
They got moose and shit, too.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Have you ever even seen a moose?
Hell no, but that's
why I wanna go.
- [Mike] I bet you do.
- Yeah.
Get some of that moose meat,
and then you give it to one of
those Eskimo chicks.
Then she loves you forever.
They do... they do
the Eskimo thing.
I don't know, I don't know,
we should check it out.
- I mean, it's worth checking out.
- [both chuckling]
- All right, ready?
- Yeah.
Three, two, one, go.
- [thudding]
- [both chuckle]
[Mike] Woo-hoo.
No, but it's gonna be
a good opportunity, really.
A lotta good money here, man.
Lotta money to be
made in Alaska.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[marching band music]
[sledgehammer thudding]
So what about you
man, you got any kids?
No, man. What about you?
[George] Yeah, two of 'em.
But they're at school right now,
so their mom won't care if I
go have a drink at this party.
It's time to get outta here.
Hey man, you comin'?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
comin', comin'.
- Yeah, let's go man.
- Yeah.
- What's wrong?
- Nothin'.
Let's go.
All right, gentlemen,
say your goodbyes.
That's all she wrote.
It's time to go.
Good, keep moving.
Keep moving.
Wade, Diaz, let's go!
- [music continues]
- [indistinct chattering]
Thank you, it's a
pleasure to meet you.
[helicopter whirring]
It's beer 30, gentlemen.
Enjoy yourselves.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on guys, you wanna get
left here and get blown up?
Some of us have
families to get home to.
Not all of us have
appointments with bar stools.
[music continues]
[birds chirping]
[dog barking]
[phone ringing]
Babysitter's here.
My brother sends his regards.
You have some big shoes to fill.
He was a visionary.
Yeah, well he'll be glad to know
that you were here today
to help me right this wrong.
The spirit of what he created
is alive and well
in this very room.
Three million dollars,
in a building that's gonna be
dust inside three hours.
We don't know where it is.
We don't have time
to go looking for it.
We're looking for the man that
betrayed this family.
Put my brother's life in danger.
Follow the guard,
find the money.
[watch beeping]
[Emily speaking indistinctly]
What the hell are you doing?
[Emily speaking indistinctly]
[rap music playing]
Like your opinions [indistinct].
Like, actually, yeah...
[continues indistinctly]
- Kinda like him.
- Yeah.
But they have good songs, too.
I would listen to emo music.
That stuff is
sometimes really funny.
[Emily] Yeah.
The rap is better there.
- [Ericson] Bye, guys.
- [Emily] Bye.
- Bye, Dad.
- [Ericson] All right, see you soon.
But yeah, I think
this one's good.
Yeah, play that jam.
[marching band playing]
Good to see ya.
How are ya, okay, how are ya?
Look at this here.
We're gonna have lots of
activity over here.
This is all gonna come down.
We'll have a nice big
civic center here.
It won't even matter, because we're
not gonna do what you did last time.
I'm not doing that man, I'm not.
I'm telling you, man,
you and all the shots.
It was your idea.
- Hey, George.
- Yeah?
I think I'm gonna
pass on that drink.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah man, I'm tired.
Don't act like you got something
better to do, man.
Come on, we're all gonna go.
Everybody's gonna have a good time.
- Ah, shit.
- What?
- I left my jacket.
- Oh, forget the jacket.
I can't forget my jacket,
the punch card's inside my jacket pocket.
I've gotta go back and get it.
Are you serious? Wait, wait, wait, we'll
all go with you. We'll all go with you.
No, don't make a
big thing out of it.
- [man] Hey, what's the hold up?
- [man 2] What're you waiting for?
[man] Punch out already!
Listen to me, get the beers,
and I know where the jacket is.
- I'll see you in a minute.
- You sure?
[Mike] Yeah man,
I'm good. I'm good.
[marching band music continues]
Be careful.
[mayor on radio] ...heard it
said the Castle Heights Hospital
is a reflection of
the neighborhood.
But to equate it with the
people of this neighborhood...
- [siren wailing]
- [music continues]
[helicopter whirring]
[man on speaker]
Attention. Clear the area.
We have 90 minutes till
detonation, clear the area.
Attention. Clear the area.
We have 90 minutes 'til
detonation, clear the area.
Attention. Clear the area.
- [helicopter whirring]
- [music continues]
- [bell dings]
- [timer beeping]
[Mike panting]
- [radio beeps]
- He's goin' in.
[Ericson grunts]
[music continues]
[helicopter whirring]
[brakes hissing]
Can I help you?
Asbestos disposal.
Yeah, I don't think so.
We're locked up, guys.
I mean, this place is gonna
be toast at five.
Are you sure you got
the right building?
Sure as eggs is eggs.
All right, well,
let me check first.
Mmm, uh-uh.
[James] Oops, give me the keys.
Right there on my hip, sir.
Just, please.
Why don't you find a comfy place
for our friend here?
[guard] Okay.
[Deacon] All right guys,
we gotta get inside.
Back the truck up.
Get in.
What, do you see
my hands right now?
They took my keys.
What do you want me to do?
[truck beeping]
Somebody pop this trunk!
[guard] Hey, wait a minute.
I know you.
Yeah, you used to dance
over at Frisky's on
Route 22, didn't you?
- [truck beeping]
- Just get everything prepped,
100 percent.
I'm right, ain't I? [chuckles]
I couldn't forget a scar like
that, sweetheart.
[gunfire rattling]
[body thuds]
He recognized you.
What was I supposed to do?
All right.
Help me out.
[Mike panting]
Yes! [grunts]
Fuck, yes, come on!
[helicopter whirring]
[watch beeping]
[muffled marching band
continues playing]
[Ericson panting]
[eerie music]
Did you see where he went in?
Over there.
He's headed for the lobby.
All right, go check around back.
Manny, go with him.
Everybody else, with me.
Let's go get this guy.
- [helicopter whirring]
- [marching band playing patriotic music]
This is the fun part.
There's no elevators.
We got nothing.
[Deacon] Fuck it,
pick a floor and search it.
The money's here somewhere.
[James] So is the guard.
All right, James.
Take the back stairs.
Caleb, circle the building.
Nobody gets out.
Duke, you stay here.
You see something,
you put it on the radio.
Eyes and ears open, guys.
Kat and Eddie, you're with me.
Let's move.
[wind whistling]
[footsteps tapping]
[crowbar thudding]
[siren wailing in distance]
[crowbar thudding]
[suspenseful music]
Spread out, find the money.
Everybody, now.
[tense music]
Damn it.
[Deacon] Get over here,
let me know if you see something.
Move, move!
[pipe clatters]
- [intense music]
- Wait, did you hear that?
Eighth floor, now.
What the hell?
[Deacon] Go!
[marching band
playing in distance]
What's going on?
Search this floor.
We're gonna take the ninth.
- [gun cocks]
- Yo, you know the whole building's
wired with explosives, right?
Yeah, boss.
[helicopter whirring]
[suspenseful music]
[glass tinkles]
- [marching band music continues]
- [helicopter whirring]
What happened?
He got the money.
Oh, your brother's
gonna be pissed.
It's gotta be in here.
- [music continues]
- [helicopter whirring]
- [Kat yells]
- [sledgehammer thudding]
- [radio beeps]
- Everybody listen up.
Nothing changes.
Spread out, nobody leaves
until we find it.
Copy that.
- [helicopter whirring]
- [music continues]
[Caleb over radio] Got him,
he's down by the trash room.
On my way.
Go, go, go, we got him, outside.
[marching band music ends]
You got the wrong guy.
I don't know who you guys are
looking for, but I'm not him.
[Caleb] Shut the fuck up!
We caught this rat lurking.
[Kat] What are you doing lurking
around here after hours?
Get the fuck up.
I work here, I'm
part of the crew.
I left my punch card
inside, that's it.
Oh, well looky here.
Hmm. Where's the fucking money?
I don't know
anything about that.
I don't know anything
about any money.
Caleb, who is he?
[Caleb] Never seen him before.
Where's Ericson?
He ain't with the guard.
This guy's a nobody.
He knows something, don't ya,
ain't that right?
I don't know anything, man.
Just let me go, please,
just let me outta here.
Come on, man.
I got a better idea.
[George gasping]
[George grunting]
- [blow thudding]
- [George grunting]
[gun fires]
- No!
- [Deacon] There.
- [Kat] Eighth floor.
- Yeah, go.
Take front, I'll cut him off.
Go get him.
Take the trash room,
I'll get the lobby.
[eerie music]
[Mike sobbing]
[grunts] Fuck!
- [radio beeps]
- On eighth.
[suspenseful music]
[Mike grunting]
[both grunting]
[intense music]
Come on, then.
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[music continues]
[Manny screams]
[body thuds]
[tense music]
[James panting]
- [intense music]
- [both grunting]
Hi there.
[men grunting]
- [radio beeps]
- We got the motherfucker.
He killed Manny.
- [radio beeps]
- Bring him down here, alive please.
[Kat] Make this easy.
Tell us where the
fuckin' money is.
Yeah, maybe we'll let you go.
[Kat chuckles]
Spoiler alert, maybe we don't.
Okay, okay, okay, just... just...
just calm down, all right?
I can take you there,
I can take you to the money, but...
- [Kat yelps]
- [Mike grunting]
[gunfire rattles]
Fuck, are you trying to
blow this place up?
Get your fucking hands off me.
Don't ever touch me again.
[Mike yells]
[Mike groaning]
[metal creaking]
Take it easy, cowboy.
- [radio beeps]
- I don't see him.
There's nothin' down here
but a bunch of damn dynamite.
I'll go check the back way.
- [grunts]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
I'm with the demo team, okay?
I work here.
Where's the money?
- What money?
- Bullshit!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
listen, listen, listen,
I left my punch card in my
jacket upstairs, all right?
I came back here to get it.
I'm not with these guys, okay?
They killed my friend,
and they're trying to kill...
So you know what they'll do
if they find us.
Stay cool, all right?
Okay, we're gettin' out of here.
[both grunting]
Stop it, stop it!
[both grunting]
[intense music]
- [gun fires]
- [bullet casing clatters]
- [radio beeps]
- I got 'em.
Trash room.
Okay. [grunts]
- Hey, hey, take it easy.
- Hey, don't move.
Look, you hit the dynamite,
you'll bring this
whole place down.
He ain't lying,
mate, look around.
Back up, back the fuck up!
Be real smart about this, kid.
- What did I just say?
- [Mike] Now listen to me, listen,
just put the gun
down, all right?
You got us, no one's
going anywhere.
Somebody hurry down to
the trash room, quick.
[intense music]
[gun firing]
I'm gonna need some help.
[men grunting]
[Mike panting]
- [intense music]
- [both grunting]
They'll be here any second!
- [gun fires]
- Are you crazy?
Am I the only one that gets how
dynamite works around here?
Thank you, thank you, it's a
pleasure to meet you, sir, all right.
[both panting]
[siren wailing in distance]
[Ericson panting]
I got him.
Two guys, back staircase.
I'll cover the outside.
[Ericson panting]
- [helicopter whirring]
- [tense music]
Block all the exits.
Nobody gets out 'til we've got the money.
Get up there!
Deacon, I think I got
a concussion or something.
I look like I give a fuck?
Get your ass up there!
[helicopter whirring]
Listen up, both of you!
I'm gonna give you one chance to
get out of this alive.
Trust me on that.
You throw the money down,
we leave,
you can leave.
Gonna count to three.
Then this offer goes away.
[intense music]
- [gun fires]
- [James] Hey, don't shoot me, asshole.
[Mike grunting]
This fucking guy.
[guns firing]
[Mike grunting]
- [gun cocks]
- [Kat] Miss me?
Where's the fucking money?
- [intense music]
- [gunfire rattling]
Make a deal.
Tell me where the fucking money is,
and I'll hold your hand when you die.
[Ericson] Hey!
[Kat grunts]
[gun firing]
[marching band
playing upbeat music]
200 meters away, Mr. Mayor,
just to be safe.
[body splatters]
[helicopter whirring]
[gun clatters]
[Deacon screams]
They never leave this shit hole.
We bury them here.
[Caleb] Holy shit.
Let's go.
Okay, let's go.
They know we're here.
Hey, hey, I'm on your side.
I don't remember asking for your
help, mate.
Wanna tell me
where the money is?
- What money?
- You know what I'm talking about.
Hey, cut the bullshit!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're bleeding.
You're bleeding.
All right?
Come on, in here.
Come on!
[timer beeping]
[Mike] So, who are these guys?
Paramilitary group.
Call themselves
the Five Families.
The guy with the tattoo
on his neck is Deacon Glass.
He runs things for
his brother in prison.
So how do you fit into this?
I'm a guard there.
Glass tried to kill
this other inmate,
a drug dealer by the name
of Lando Collins.
Claims Collins stole
a bunch of his money.
Stashed it in here somewhere.
Okay, so you just
figured you'd come here
and take it, is that it?
- Is that why you're here?
- Yeah, something like that.
What about you?
Like I said, I just work here.
We're heading down to nine.
[Ericson] Look, you're not
getting out of here alone,
and I'm not leaving
without the money.
So cut the shit,
tell me where it is.
Fuck you, mate, right?
Buy a ticket and get in line.
No one's forcing you
to be here, are they?
All right, asshole.
What's the plan,
how are we getting out of here?
Does it look like I got a plan?
Haven't thought that
far ahead, okay?
Can't remember the reason I'm
in this shit in the first place.
[Ericson sighs]
One of 'em's hurt.
[James] Where the
fuck is he, then?
[Caleb] Hey are we losing?
'Cause it really feels
like we're losing.
And isn't this damn building
gonna blow up soon?
Shut up!
[Caleb] See, why you gotta talk
to me like that, James?
How do you feel about
killing somebody?
'Cause us getting out of here's
pretty goddamn dependent on it.
Pretty sure I already
did kill someone.
Kicked some bloke down
the elevator shaft.
Can't find 'em anywhere.
There's too many
places to hide in here.
What do you want me
to tell you, man?
They're sitting on my money,
they've got it!
You need to find
them! Fucking go, now!
- [radio beeps]
- Let's go.
Fuck 'em, if they wanna play
hide and seek, then let 'em.
We need to get the
hell outta here.
Let's go.
Kiss my ass, old
man, I'm leaving.
You're not gonna get very far
with that attitude.
- I need a gun.
- Hey wait, wait, wait.
[marching band
playing upbeat music]
[both grunting]
[Mike shouts]
[Ericson groaning]
Hey, what'd I tell...
- [gun clicks]
- Fuck!
- Put it down!
- Shoot him.
- Don't do it, I'll kill you!
- I said shoot him!
[guns firing]
[Ericson panting]
Maybe I should hold onto that.
- Move!
- [gun fires]
You hold it.
Ah, ah, ah, hey.
Come on, we need to move.
No, they followed you here,
didn't they, these guys?
They came here
because of you, right?
Look, we gotta get moving.
No, I want you to tell me
what you're really doing here.
We don't have time
for this shit.
I wanna know now!
You tell me!
My daughter's very sick,
blood cancer, she's dying.
Now there's one way to save her.
Either I'm leaving here with
enough money to pay for it,
or I'm staying here so
my life insurance will.
That's hers.
[somber music]
[Deacon over radio]
Who fired those shots?
[Ericson whispers] Shit.
I said, who fired those shots?
- [radio beeps]
- [Mike over radio] Can you hear me?
That guy you killed down there,
he was an innocent man.
Now you're gonna pay for that.
So if you want your money,
it's up here with me,
so come and fucking
get it, asshole!
[radio clatters]
Can we go now?
Jesus Christ.
How about a heads up next time
you do something stupid?
Yeah, all right, heads up.
Look, you're gonna
get us both killed.
Look, are you coming or not?
[helicopter whirring]
What's your daughter's name?
[Ericson sighs]
[Mike] Yeah,
you just make sure she gets it.
[watch beeping]
20 minutes.
Let's get out of here alive.
[marching band
playing upbeat music]
What's going on?
You know I used to live here.
I was there, I thought
it was awesome.
You, I saw your fight!
[Mike sighs]
You know I had 41
professional fights?
41 fights, and I can
count on one hand
the amount of times
somebody's recognized me.
They killed my friend.
All right.
If you don't get out of here
now, we're both gonna be dead.
Okay? Let's go.
Come on.
- [music continues]
- [indistinct chattering]
[helicopter whirring]
[timer beeping]
How you doing, son?
[tense music]
[Deacon] You gotta
be kidding me.
They're headed back down.
Take the back, split up, go!
Jesus, how'd you plan
to carry all this?
I don't make plans.
One second.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, sweetheart.
Where are you, still working?
[Ericson over phone]
Yeah, you okay sweetheart?
I'm fine.
[Ericson] I'm, you know,
I'm in the middle of something.
I just, I gotta go
okay, I love you.
Wait, can Leah
stay over tonight?
[Emily over phone] We were
thinking to order Chinese.
Do you want anything?
Um, okay.
[Ericson] Order me everything.
Okay, I love you, I gotta go.
You sound weird, Dad.
I'm fine, honey, okay?
Love you very much, I'll see you
soon, all right?
- Bye.
- [phone beeps]
You know what?
I think I have got a plan.
Why do I have a bad
feeling about this?
Here, all right.
So this is what I'm thinking.
We throw the bags down there,
and then we climb
down the shaft.
How do you know
they're not down there?
I don't, okay, it's
a high risk plan.
[tense music]
- [gun firing]
- Jesus!
- [Ericson] Goddamn it.
- Shit.
[gun fires]
I don't think you
understand how plans work.
Then you've got a plan, have ya?
There's a roof off
the sixth floor.
- We can get down from there.
- [watch beeping]
Shit, 10 minutes.
Shit, let's go!
[Mike] There's a roof off the
sixth floor, now he tells me.
[intense music]
- They're on six.
- Fuck, they're heading for the roof.
Head for the roof, go, go!
Can get out from there.
- [guns firing]
- [Ericson grunts]
[Mike] Shit!
[guns firing]
- Go!
- You go!
Go on, I'll cover you!
[guns firing]
Go on, move!
[guns firing]
Shit, it's locked!
We got 'em. Cut 'em off down
the back stairs, go now!
[guns firing]
[siren blaring]
Come on, let's go!
[guns firing]
[Ericson] Come on.
We have four minutes, come on!
You go, just go!
[guns firing]
You got someone
waiting for you, right?
Just get her the money, go!
[Ericson grunts]
[guns firing]
What's the matter?
Outta ammo?
[tense music]
[Ericson groaning]
You wanna tell me who you are
before I kill you?
Maybe we'll just wait
till the whole place blows.
You may as well
give me my money.
Might as well.
- [grunts]
- Fuck.
[both grunting]
[intense music]
[gun fires]
[Deacon screams]
[both grunting]
- [bones crunch]
- [groaning]
[Ericson panting]
- [helicopter whirring]
- [siren blaring]
[both grunting]
[music continues]
You guys ready to see this?
[crowd cheering]
- [both grunting]
- [siren wailing]
[intense music]
[guns firing]
[timer beeping]
[both grunting]
It's over.
[heartbeat thumping]
[Vince] You don't have
the killer instinct.
It's over.
[Mike screaming]
- [intense music]
- [siren blaring]
[Ericson panting]
We got less than
30 seconds, guys.
[crowd cheering]
[both grunting]
- [siren blaring]
- [both grunting]
[tense music]
[crowd cheering]
[detonator beeps]
[gun firing]
[Mike groans]
[engine rumbles]
[music continues]
All right, all right. 10!
[brakes hiss]
Damn it.
[Deacon laughs]
[truck beeping]
[crowd] Seven!
[horn honking]
- Jump, jump!
- [crowd] Five!
[Deacon laughs]
[crowd] Three, two...
- [Deacon laughs]
- [detonator beeps]
[charges booming]
[building rumbling]
[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[truck rumbling]
- [door opens]
- [wind rushing]
Ericson, by the way.
Thanks, man.
What a fuckin' day.
Yeah, it was a
pretty messed up day.
[plane engine roars]
[dog barking]
[person on TV speaking Spanish]
[door opens]
[birds chirping]
[train whistle blows]
[somber music]
[engine rumbles]
[emotional music]
[buzzer blares]
[ominous music]
Get up.
What is this?
[Lando] And one more thing,
I want Damien Glass.
[indistinct chattering]
[helicopter whirring]
What's going on?
Come on.
What's going on?
All right, leave him.
Hey, what is this?
- [Damien] I didn't do nothin'.
- Shh.
- Wasn't me.
- [Lando] Shh.
Welcome to south
block, motherfucker.
[blow thuds]
[intense rock music]
Bombs away
It's too late
I can't blame
tomorrow for today
When out there
Is too much
You can't walk alone
without a crutch
The steel in your eyes
Melts when you cry
I don't have the time
I don't have the will
to make you smile
Save me now
Save me now from
all your questions
Now you're gone
But I'm fine
'Cause you belonged
in heaven all this time
And if I cry
It's not for you
'Cause nothing that you
said to me was true
The steel in your eyes
Melts when you cry
I don't have the time
And I don't have the will
to make you smile
Save me now
Save me now from all your
questions why
Feeling heavy like a stone
Sinking deeper like no one
I don't have the time
And I don't have the will
to make you smile
Save me now
Save me now from all
your questions why
[music continues]
[somber music]