Catch a Christmas Star (2013) Movie Script

Nikki's Christmas album,
"Mistletoe Over Manhattan."
Take one.

(NIKKI SINGING) Till ringing,
singing on its way
The world revolved
from night to day
A voice, a chime,
a chance sublime..
So, the album artwork's in.
Let me see, let me see,
let me see.
What do you think, Carmine?
Is our Nikki golden?
More like Nikki platinum.
Let's hope so, because
that's why she's a star.

I hear the bells.
I hear the bells
I hear the bells.
On Christmas day.

Sophie, Jackson, hurry up!
We're going to be late!
Can we listen to Christmas
songs on the way to Grandma's?
Yeah, if I can find my keys,
that's a definite possibility.
Thank you.
What's burning?
Oh, man!
No, no, no, no, no!
Oh! Come on
Close the oven!
What was it supposed to be?
That was supposed to be
sweet potato casserole.
Don't worry.
I like them better
out of the can anyway.
Put them in the bag.
I'm ready.
What are you wearing, buddy?

All right, guys.

Are you okay?
Yeah, why?
I know today's hard for you.
Grandpa said holidays
are especially difficult
for people coping
with long-term grief.
That's why you're so sad.
Well, what does your
Grandpa know?
He is a psychiatrist.
Not mine.
Do you think Mom's with us?
Like an angel?
I know she is.
I know she's watching over
you and Jackson all the time.
And you too.
And me too.
Hey, you should take this
inside for me, okay?
You got it?

Why's it got to be so hard?
Hey, Grandma!
Hey, Grandpa!
Hey, Jackson!
Hey, buddy.
Can I watch T.V.?
Yup, go on.
Hey, Sophie!
Hey, Sophie.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh, hi, sweetheart.
I think I got everything
on your list.
Great. We're almost
ready for dinner.
Just in time to
carve the turkey.
Oh, all right.
Hey, Chris, can you grab
another chair for the table?
I think we're gonna need it.
Yeah. You got it.
Ladies and gentleman,
If you will please rise for
our National Anthem.
Here to honour America is
international recording
artist, Nikki.
Oh, say can you see
Did I miss the kick-off?
How about a hello?
Sorry, Mom, I was just
getting to that part.
What up, little man?
Hi, Uncle Jason.
Hey, gimme that.
I'm bigger than you are.
Guys, please, Nikki is singing.
were so gallantly
And the rocket's
red glare..
Did you tell your dad?
He doesn't know who she is.
How do you know?
Because he's old.
Chris, your daughter
thinks you're too old
to know who Nikki is.
Well, she's right.
We didn't have music
in the dark ages.
Sophie wishes she was Nikki.
I do not!
But, she is my favorite singer.
Everyone loves her.
That's more true than you know.
and the home
of the brave
Right, Chris?
I should go help Shelley
get the table ready.
Why is that a big deal?
It's not.
What's a big deal?
The pop singer?
Oh, yes, well
she was
Dinner is ready!
Let's eat!
But the game's about to start.
Nothing ever happens
'til the fourth quarter.
Let's go.
Um, I just wanna
wash my hands.
Okay, sweetie, make it quick.
And mute the T.V.
I don't want to hear
grunting during dinner.
Nikki, you have a new
Christmas album coming out.
Can you tell us about it?
Well, it's a mix of some
traditional favorites
and a few new originals.
So, we can expect to see a
lot of you this holiday season?
I have a few T.V.
appearances scheduled,
and a live concert
on Christmas Eve.
You also have a CD
release party on Tuesday.
Yeah, I'm doing a meet and
greet at Sleep Jive Records
in Manhattan, so anyone in
the area should come out.
You're definitely treating
the folks in the tri-state
area this year.
Well, I'm from there so
it's good to be home
for the holidays.
Thanks a lot, Nikki.
Yeah, thank you.
Her new album Mistletoe Over
Manhattan drops on Tuesday.
Believe me, you're
gonna wanna add it
to your holiday collection.
Kick-off is next after a
word from our sponsors.
I hope everyone has
room for dessert.
I know I can make space for
some homemade pumpkin pie.
And by the way, mom, I love
your Thanksgiving decorations.
I love the holidays, so sue me.
Your mother uses Thanksgiving
to make plans for Christmas.
Now, be nice.
I give thanks.
And notice, I haven't
put the tree up yet.
But, now that we're
talking about it,
what are the plans
for Christmas?
Oh, um
Nikki's having her
concert on Christmas eve.
Maybe we can go to that?
Uh, no, you need to be
asleep so Santa can
drop off your presents,
Okay, what's the big
secret about Nikki?
Then why does everyone get
all weird when her name
is mentioned?
Nobody gets weird.
Dad and Uncle Jason are.
Okay, I'll tell ya.
Nikki used to go to
high school with us.
Wow, you and dad know her?
She's from around here?
Wow, this is so cool!
Well, we were all
kinda close back then,
but especially your dad.
They were like high
school sweethearts.
Baseball All-star,
head cheerleader,
crazy in love.
No way!
Dad dated a celebrity?
Wait, not exactly.
She wasn't famous back then.
What happened?
Uh graduation.
End of story.
Not exactly.
She wanted your dad to move
to Los Angeles, but
But, it didn't work out.
Why not?
It's complicated,
In my personal opinion,
he didn't want to
live in her shadow.
That is absolutely not true.
So, you conveniently broke up
right when your baseball career
was ending and her singing
career was taking off?
We grew apart. Okay?
It just wasn't meant to be.
You know, when I think about it,
it was kinda like your last
twenty relationships.
Do not judge me
because I am selective.
Is that what we're
calling it now?
When was the last time
you spoke to her?
That was before you
were born, sweetheart.
You know, I think that's enough
reminiscing for now, huh?
Did mom know about this?
Mmhmm. Your mom had
her first love, too.
Just the mere mention of
Damian Matthews made her giddy.
You know, both your parents
had their own heartbreaks before
they fell in love
with each other.
That's how life works.
Full of lessons.
It's what makes the
heart grow stronger.
And on that note, why
don't we clear the table.
Do you think
Nikki remembers dad?
I don't see how
she could forget.
I mean, they were each
other's first loves, and
this part, it's a secret, so
I think your dad still
carries a torch for her.
How does he do that?
Oh, buddy.
One day you'll find out.
Believe me.

All right Ready?
And dunk.
That is so good.
These may be the best ever.
I think you're right.
That's Nikki.
She has a new Christmas album.
Well, that kitchen's not
going to clean itself.
boxes in the attic.
Christmas cheer
Hang each treasure
on the tree,
the night is
almost here
Uncle Jason said that
she was your first love.
We went to high school together.
Uncle Jason said
you still love her.
Well, your Uncle Jason is
a man-child who knows
nothing about love.
So, you loved her.
I did.
You know, everyone
has their first love.
She was mine.
Did she love you?
I I'd like to think so.
See, falling in love, it's
it's confusing and exciting
all at the same time.
One day, in the
very distant future,
you'll fall in love too.
You'll see.
I think love's the best thing
that can happen to a person.
Well, it is.
And I was lucky enough
to find it twice.
How young were you?
Like, when does love start?
Well, it's different
for everyone.
For me, I was fifteen.
A group of us went
to the movies,
so I decided to do something
crazy to show her how I felt.
Well, it took all my courage,
but half way into the movie,
I reached over and
I held her hand.
And what happened?
She didn't let go.
I don't even remember
the rest of the movie.
I just, I held her
hand and I smiled.
Holding a boy's hand in a movie?
I'd rather eat popcorn.
bells, jingle bells.
Laughing all the way in a
one-horse open sleigh
Did Nikki have such a
beautiful voice back then?
Everything about
Nikki was beautiful.

Am I late for school?!
What do you want?
I have a plan.
What are you talking about?
Operation date for dad.
Who wants to date dad?
You're crazy.
I'm serious.
Dad said they loved
each other once.
Maybe they can again.
Nikki's like the biggest
star in the world.
How are we even
going to meet her?
She's having a CD
signing in Manhattan.
We can meet her there.
Dad would never go.
Dad won't, but we are.
I did some research and found
the easiest way to Manhattan.
It's in another state.
Really, Jackson?
It's just over the bridge.
But, there's just one thing.
I only have twenty dollars.
Could you break your piggy bank?
I'm saving for a new skateboard.
You know Santa
can bring you that.
Think about dad.
It's been five years
since mom died,
and he needs to find love again,
'cause he's not
getting any younger.
We'll stop by the mall
and you can see Santa.
Ask him for the skateboard.
But I don't want to lie to dad.
There will be no lying.
Look After dad drops
us off at school,
we'll walk over
to this bus stop.
We'll take the bus down,
and we see Nikki by noon,
then we take the bus back.
What's the money for?
We need to buy a CD, and just
in case we need to catch a cab.
By my calculations, we
should be back by three.
Dad will never know.
Good plan.
Let's get dad a girlfriend.

I don't think your calculations
included all these people.
Whoa, little miss,
where you going?
To see Nikki.
And so are all these people.
I'm sorry, you're going to have
to go to the end of the line.
No, sweetie, the
end of the line.
I'm guessing we're not going
to have time to see Santa today.

What if we don't meet her?
We will.
How do you know?
It's already two o'clock and
we have an hour to see her
and get back home.
Because it's meant to be.
Nikki broke up with her
boyfriend just in time
to date dad.
That's destiny at work.
You're right.
Come on, let's go chase destiny.
Our mother's inside, we just
came out to pay the meter.
Our mother's going to freak out
if we don't hurry back inside.
Hi. Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
There you go.
Thank you so much.
There she is.
She is really pretty.
Merry Christmas.
Do you know what
you're going to say?
No idea.
Better think of something,
we're next.
Hey, what are your names?
Maybe they don't speak English.
Bonjourno, little people.
Est ce que tu have a name?
Stop it.
You want me to sign your CD's?
Want me to take a
picture of this incredibly
awkward moment?
I don't have a camera.
Ugh. That happened to me
too when I met Babs.
Don't worry you'll cry,
but life goes on.
Don't listen to him.
Here you go, here are your CD's.
Merry Christmas,
thanks for coming out.
So, we've got I think we've
got to move this to tomorrow.
My name is Sophie Marshall!
My dad is Chris Marshall!
He was your high
school sweetheart,
and I think he still carries
a porch for you! Or, torch.
I don't know what that means!
Bet you weren't expecting that.
Um I know Chris.
I remember.
Tell him I said hi.
And Merry Christmas.
who is Chris Marshall?
Go get them.
Just go.
On it.
I'm so stupid.
She thinks I'm crazy.
It's okay, don't cry.
I just wanted dad to have
someone to love this Christmas.
I hate that he's so alone.
There you are.
Let's go!
No, no, no!
Stay, stay, stay!
Sophie Marshall!
Sophie, please stop, please!
Kids, listen very closely.
These are skinny jeans.
They are not meant
for sprinting.
We're sorry.
We didn't mean to hurt anybody.
The only thing hurt
is my fragile ego.
Clearly these spinning classes
are not helping my stamina.
Okay, come on.
Someone wants to
have a chat with you.
Nikki will be out in a moment.
Help yourselves,
this isn't Oliver Twist.
Hello again.
Please, keep eating.
That won't be a problem.
Um, Carmine, why don't
you go get us all
some fresh hot chocolate?
Sorry about him.
He's a little
sarcastic sometimes,
but he means well.
Sophie, right?
You look so much like
your dad, it's weird.
Does he know you guys are here?
Not exactly.
What about your mom?
She died five years ago.
I'm so sorry.
I lost my mom when
I was young too.
You said you
wanted to talk to us.
I wanted to make sure you guys
had a safe way to get home.
We're taking the bus home.
Let me have my
driver take you guys.
It's better.
Thank you so much for
coming and seeing me.
Please tell your
dad I said hello?
You're my favorite singer.
Awe, thank you.
I really appreciate that.
You have such a beautiful voice.
My dad said everything
about you is beautiful.
When did he say that?
Yeah, hi. I'm calling to
check and see if two of
your students missed the bus?
Sophie and Jackson Marshall.
I'm sorry, but that's
impossible. Okay
Hey, are you guys okay?
Come here
Look, you two have some
explaining to do, okay?
Where were you?
Dad, before you freak out
It was my fault.
I made Jackson skip school
and go to Manhattan.
You what?
Why would you go to
Manhattan? Huh?
To see me.
Hey, Nikki.
I gave them a ride home. It's my
fault they're late, I'm sorry.
No, I mean,
it's just a surprise.
We were never in danger.
I can explain.
Just, Sophie, stop.
All right, you two are
both grounded for life.
That's fair, dad.
We'll just go clean our rooms.
Thanks for the ride,
Nikki, and the CD.
Yeah, it was so
awesome meeting you.
You guys are welcome and it
was good meeting you too.
I can't believe it's been so
long since I've seen you.
How are you?
Oh, I'm good.
So, you have a nice house.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
You know I I try.
'Cause you know
It's comfortable.
It, uh, keeps the
rain out, you know,
like they say.
Hey, oh, are you
Do you want a cookie?
'Cause I mean, I have cookies.
I mean, we have milk too.
You could dunk it, or
No thanks.
No that was stupid.
So, the kids tell me that
you're a teacher and a coach.
Yeah for Lane High School.
That's great,
they're lucky to have you.
You were always good in school.
Yeah, so much so,
I'm still there.
So, I mean, you're a singer.
I mean, they pay you.
They do.
I heard you won a Golden Globe.
Yeah, well, a Grammy, yeah
I had a couple of lucky years.
So, do you
Do you have like a trophy
case you put those in, or
No, I just put them on a shelf.
Oh, if you're looking, I got
a great deal at Ikea for one.
Not for me, for the school,
of course.
But I put it together.
Good tip.
So, um, I should go.
Oh, right, okay.
Um maybe you should
be easy on the kids.
Life is a long time
to be grounded for.
Yeah, well, I think in this case
the punishment fits the crime.
It was really good to
see you again, Chris.
You too.
It's really great to see you.
After all these years,
you're still exactly the same.
Okay. Bye.
Dad, she's your first love
and all you can talk
about is a trophy case.
You don't understand the
levels of anxiety, okay?
I did a better job!
What did you say to her?
That you think everything
about her is beautiful.
I mean that, that's good.
I set you up.
You still have a chance.
All right.
Come on, do better than Ikea!
Hey-hey! Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, wait, wait!
I, I'm sorry. I wasn't
myself back there.
I kind of suspected
at milk and cookies.
Oh, God
Um, look, you just
You really caught me off guard.
Can we just start over again?
All right.
Um, would you like to
get coffee with me,
or maybe even dinner?
Um, it's kind of
tough right now.
Yeah. I get it.
No, no, it's just that
I have rehearsals
for my Christmas Eve concert.
But I could do
tomorrow if you can.
You want to have dinner?
Are you free?
Uh I've got, I've
got a basketball game.
Well, I could come to the game
and we can grab a
bite afterwards.
You wanna come watch my game?
Yeah, why not?
We're awful.
I mean, no one
comes to our games.
Well, then it sounds like
you could use some support.
And we could use
the time to catch up.
It'd be nice.
Um, I'll call you
with the details then.
I left my number on Sophie's CD.
I can't wait.
Me, too.
I'm just so excited
to meet this guy.
I haven't seen you this
rattled since the Grammy's.
Oh, I'm not rattled.
Maybe a little.
Well, just be sure to
tell him why we're late.
Well, first of all
there's no 'we' in this.
And second of all, I'm
sure he'll understand
that I had radio interviews
that just went long.
And we had to try on
everything in your closet.
Well, I needed something
that blended in.
Girl, fit in?
We are in the suburbs.
People here wear mom
jeans and sneakers.
You're wearing designer
Italian pumps.
Which I very much like
This place looks smaller
than I remember.
It's not.
Your world just got bigger.
Tough one, guys.
You played hard.
I'm proud of you.
All right?
Just let it go.
Okay, boys?
What the
And you've been noticed.
Was that your high
school sweetheart?
That's not him.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I was distracted.
I don't care!
You won't believe who's here!
I mean, it has to be her.
If not, it's the best
look-a-like I've ever seen.
Nikki. I realize you may
no know who that is,
but let me assure you,
she's a big deal!
Would it be weird
if I asked her out?
Uh, yeah.
'Cause she's here to see me.
Don't lie.
I'm not lying.
We were friends in high school.
Like, just friends,
or good friends?
Good friends.
Good friends you make out with?
Maybe more?
No comment.
There he is.
You are one smitten kitten.
Honey, I totally understand
the school girl crush.
Why'd you guys break up?
Oh, he left me.
How are you?
It's good to see you.
You made it.
Uh, yeah.
I was worried that you might
That I'd flake?
Never. I'm sorry I
was running late.
I must have missed the game.
No, it's probably
good that you did.
Oh, this is Carmine,
my assistant.
I just had to deal with some
work in the car on the way.
That's good.
Nice to meet you.
Au chante.
Um, so you still want
to grab some dinner?
That is so sweet.
I can't though, I have
some plans tonight with
You were talking to Nikki.
Yeah. Yeah, I was.
I would love dinner.
I was thinking Bodies.
That place is still open?
Of course.
Best cheeseburgers in town.
Oh, I know.
My truck's over here.
Burger with a side of charm.
Who could resist?
Tell me everything tomorrow.
Is he for real?

This place brings back
so many memories.
Yeah. We had some
good times here, huh.
Remember when you and Jason had
that contest to see who could
eat the most burgers?
No, no-no the challenge
was to see who could eat
a full bad boy burger and fries.
Oh, right!
The bad boy burger.
It was just a big slab
of meat between the bun.
All to get your name on a wall.
Hey, it was a big honor.
Oh, yeah?
Where's the wall now, huh?
I noticed you didn't
get one tonight.
Yeah, well, come on,
now I gotta worry about
high cholesterol and diabetes.
When I was sixteen those were
just answers on a health quiz.
So, this isn't a popular
hangout anymore?
Well, that's probably a
good thing anyway, right?
Rumor is you're kind of
a big deal around here.
I don't know, people think
you have this perfect life,
but it's definitely not true.
Looks pretty good to me.
Okay, come on,
give me an example.
Paparazzi, for instance.
I mean, they're
everywhere these days,
and heaven forbid if
you eat a big lunch
suddenly you're pregnant.
If you're not pregnant,
you're fat.
No matter what the pictures are
everywhere and on the internet,
they're there forever.
Yeah, I'm not gonna lie,
that would suck.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
the fans are amazing.
I mean, when you have a song
that can really touch somebody,
it's kind of cool.
I'm proud of you, Nikki.
No, I mean it.
You did what you set out to do.
Not a lot of people
can say that.
Well, uh
I'd say you've been
recognized, though.
I guess we should probably go.
Excuse us.
So, where are the kids tonight?
Oh, they're with
their grandparents.
They usually watch
them on game nights.
I was sorry to hear about Kate.
I met her a few times
back in high school.
She seemed like a sweet girl.
Yeah, she was.
She grew into an
incredible woman too.
I bet she did.
If you don't mind me asking,
how did she die?
Um it was a
car accident.
It was the night
before Thanksgiving,
and Kate as always went out
to get some last minute stuff.
And on her way home she
hit some black ice
That was it.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I think the hardest
part was telling the kids.
They were they
were just toddlers.
It's gotta take a lot
of strength to come
through something like that.
The kids, they forced me up.
You know, I think the
holidays are still the hardest.
Kate, she just
She knew how to make
them really special.
I'm glad you found a
great life, Chris.
So, what about you?
I mean, you've got quite
a list of famous beaus.
No, I don't.
Uh, yeah.
I googled you.
Oh, did you now?
And you believe everything
you read on the internet?
The internet doesn't lie.
No, never.
It's all true.
Uh, the truth is the
record label just set
most of that stuff up.
I mean, I'm friends with them
all, but it's hardly romantic.
Including the Henry Williams?
No, Henry and I were
actually an item.
Well, I mean, I understand
the attraction.
Not many guys can battle
mutant spiders four times,
and live to talk about it.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, Henry wasn't
the best actor,
but I don't know, I was looking
for a little stability,
I guess.
But, end of the day,
my need for normalcy
and his love of publicity
didn't really mesh.
So, thanks for bringing
me around back?
Yeah, it's fancy.
Back doors and kitchens.
Oh, the glamorous life.
So, uh, thanks for tonight.
You have a good night.
Um I have to know something.
Why did you leave?
What are you talking about?
When I got signed, you came
out for the celebration,
everyone was having a good
time, you just disappeared.
I'm surprised you even
noticed I was gone.
Chris, I didn't
intentionally ignore you.
I thought you supported me.
Well, I did.
That's why I left.
Look, all your dreams
were coming true,
and I was just in the way.
What, so you just vanish?
Come on.
Look, you barely talked
to me while I was there.
My baseball career was over.
You know, my arm was in a sling,
and I just, I realized
You deserve more.
You always knew what you wanted.
And I was
I was just lost.
Things could have
been different.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I'd be lying to you if I
said I didn't regret it,
but it worked out.
I mean, look at how
successful you are.
I just want what's
best for you, Nik.
That's all.
Maybe you should trust that
I know what's best for me.
Wait, let me get that for you
No problem.

I wish we could just
hold on to this moment.
I missed you so much.
I would invite you up, but
No. It's too soon.
I know.

Saturday, dinner.
My treat.
I won't take no for an answer.
Then I won't say no.

Morning, Soph.
Anything interesting?
Actually, yes.
Your favorite singer appears
to have a new boyfriend.
A mystery man.
You have some explaining to do.
What could possibly
be so urgent?
How come I had to find
out from TMZ you
and Nikki played kissey
face last night?
I know this is you.
I know your car anywhere.
Where did they get that picture?
You can't even see my face.
True, they don't have
your identity yet.
I stress yet, because
these people are good.
They brought down Tiger Woods.
Oh How many people do you
think have seen this picture?
Only anyone awake
in the free world.
It's everywhere, Nik.
Everyone wants to know
who this new guy is.
Gossip has a shelf
life of five minutes.
Not when it's this good.
Oh, look who it is.
Good morning.
JC, I thought the label
wasn't sending anyone today.
They do when pictures like this
hit the press like wildfire.
So, I had a date.
It's no big deal.
Who is he? And why
weren't we even told?
He's just a friend
from high school.
Is he married?
Got kids?
Criminal record?
Widow, yes, teacher
and not that I know of.
A widower.
Well, you know what?
That could work for us.
Don't be morbid.
Nikki, you have a
carefully crafter image,
and we have a Christmas
eve concert we're trying
to sell out.
You need the public on our side.
On our side?
Yes, on our side.
Look, you just broke up
with America's golden boy.
Your focus has to be
on selling the album.
Christmas is just
a few days away,
so we've got a small,
small window to do it in.
But, I'm telling you
that this Christmas album,
this is the label's
last ditch effort
to see if you're
worth keeping at all.
If you want to keep your career,
then I suggest you
follow directions.
No scandals, no new loves,
no former flames during
the holiday season.
What do you want me to do?
That's my girl.
Look, they're probably going
to ask you about this
on the Sunrise Brew.
The label thinks it's best
you downplay the whole thing,
say you bumped into
some old friend,
we'll pay somebody to
validate the story later.
I'm sorry to interrupt
the pep talk,
but Henry called.
He wants to see you.
Now, that's a relationship
that the label can support.
The two of you working things
out over the holiday season.
The public will love that.
It's in the best interest
of both of your careers.
For you to be a couple.
Look, I have to talk to Chris.
I have to tell him
what's going on.
No, just stick with the plan.
I invited him to
dinner on Saturday.
Fine. I'll set things up.
And you can explain
it to him then.
It's for the best.
I'm sorry, Nikki.
Comes with the job.
You really care about him.
Who do you think my
first album was about?
I never thought
I'd see him again,
and then after last night all
these feelings came rushing back
and I realized
I'm stupid.
Chris deserves someone who's
going to be there for him.
I can't even stay in
one place hardly a week.
What are you going
to say to him?
Forgive me?
You know, for what it's
worth, I've never seen you
as happy as you were last night.
I've loved him my whole life.
Then don't let him go.
Who cares what the label says.
They've dictated your
life for too long.
Ready to sing?
Let's just get
through this, okay?
I've already spoken
with Henry's PR team,
you're having dinner
with him tonight.
So, if they ask you
anything about it
just say you're
working things out.
Come on, let's go.

And now singing
"I've Heard the Bells on
Christmas Day" is Nikki.

I heard the bells
on Christmas day
Their old familiar
carols play
And wild and sweet,
the words repeat
Of peace on earth,
goodwill to men
And thought how as
the day had come,
The belfries of
all Christendom
Had rolled along
the unbroken song
Of peace on earth,
good will
To men
I hear the bells.
I hear the bells
I hear the bells.
On Christmas day.
'Til ringing,
singing on its way,
the world revolved
from night to day
A voice, a chime,
a chance sublime,
Of peace on earth,
goodwill to man

I hear the bells.
I hear the bells
I hear the bells.
On Christmas day.

Oh, Nikki, that was just
absolutely amazing.
Uh, your voice is
absolutely angelic.
Oh, thank you so much.
Okay, we are gonna talk about
your CD brand new CD
in just a moment but first
we need to talk about
something that has
everybody buzzing.
About these news
pictures of you.
I gotta ask this question,
who's this mystery man?
And, uh, did he play a role
perhaps in this recent breakup
with Henry Williams?
He's actually my high
school sweetheart.
Oh, I see.
Well, it certainly looks like
you're perhaps rekindling
an old flame?
I feel good about
where it's going.
We'll see.
But back to my Christmas album
Of course, of course.
So it is called
"Mistletoe Over Manhattan".
It is available in
stores right now.
Go out and get yourself a copy.
It's a fantastic, fantastic CD.
Thank you so much for
joining us today, Nikki.
Thank you.
And I want to wish you
happy, happy holidays.
Thank you.
Happy holidays.
Thank you so much. Thank
you for joining us as well.
We'll see you back
here tomorrow.
Sorry, JC.
I, uh, I want control
over my life.
You can cancel
dinner with Henry.
This isn't going
to go over well.
I don't care.

Dad come on!
Hurry up! Dad!
Get off my property,
I'm calling the police.
Dad, you're famous!
No, I'm not.
Then why are those guys
trying to interview us
and trying to take
pictures of me?
Look, I don't want either of
you talking to those people.
Got it? You stay
away from them.
The phone keeps ringing.
Who's calling?
Access Hollywood?
E Television, and US Weekly.
Everyone else I'm
too old to know.
That must have been some kiss.
Everyone thinks you're
Nikki's boyfriend.
Are you gonna get married??
That'd be so awesome.
Whoa Guys, sit down.
This is ridiculous.
I Guys, I haven't even talked
to Nikki since last night.
So, just call her.
Yeah, dad.
Everyone knows the guy
should call the girl.
Well it's just a
phone call, right?
You make them everyday.

A little privacy, please?
But, what if you need coaching?
I think I can handle
a phone call.

Hey, how are you?
Ah Uh It's been
an interesting day
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make
your life crazy.
Yeah, yeah, it's the paparazzi.
Kinda creepy.
They're parked outside
my house right now.
Um, just don't talk to them
and try to keep your distance.
I honestly didn't expect
all this attention.
I hope it didn't change
your mind about Saturday.
No, I'm good.
I made reservations
at Brialdo's.
Do you know it?
Yeah, um, it's kind of a famous
five-star restaurant, right?
Yeah, can you meet
me there at seven?
I think if we walk in
together it'll cause
too much commotion.
Absolutely, I'm good.
I'll be there.
Oh uh, Carmine just walked in,
sorry I have to cut it short.
No, you're busy,
it's no problem.
Look, um, before you go, I
just I just wanted to let
you know that I caught
your performance today.
It was absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.
Um I'll talk
to you later.
You got it.
Someone is drunk with love!
Is it that obvious?
Uh, look in the mirror, girl?
Listen, I wanted to say that
I'm really proud of you
for standing up for
yourself today.
Thank you.
I think it's the first time
I've ever put anything
in front of my career.
Speaking of your career
JC just called.
Uh oh.
Okay, so the label is absolutely
loving this reunited sweetheart
story that you're doing.
Uh huh. They leaked pictures of
you and Chris from high school.
Where did they get
my yearbook pictures?
Girl They have more
sources than the CIA.
The point is is everyone
is loving this.
Your album is
climbing the charts,
people are asking
for interviews left,
right and centre.
They're dubbing this: a
pop star holiday fairytale.
Wow, I really didn't
expect all this.
And every single
network is calling,
because they want you to help
them ring in the new year.
That hasn't happened in a while.
Girl, it is happening.
I'm sorry, did someone die?
Why aren't you celebrating?
Come on, let's do a
little happy dance.
Sh-sh-shake it.
Shake it, shake it, shake it.
No, it's just that last
time my career took off,
Chris left.
I just don't want history
to repeat itself.
Oh, Nikki, come on.
That's not going to happen.
No, I'm serious.
The whole celebrity,
publicity thing it just,
it complicates matters.
I mean, I just want Chris
to know that that's
not the real me.
Right, but you know the
best thing about love?
Well, it's that
you can't see it.
You can only feel it.
So, tell him what's up.
No. I mean, what am
I supposed to do?
Just blurt out I'm
madly in love with you
and have been my entire life?
Yeah. Why not?
That's what I would do.
'Cause I'll sound
like a crazy person!
You know how every year we
watch that movie Love Actually,
and that really hot guy
says that Christmas
is a time for truth?
Well, if you can't tell someone
you love them at Christmas,
when can you?

Oh, good, you brought clothes.
Dad's wardrobe is hideous.
Yeah, you got that right.
Every suit that he owns is
stained and double-breasted.
Hey, man.
Thanks for bringing
some clothes.
Apparently, my daughter thinks
my wardrobe is embarrassing.
Yeah, no, we all do.
Am I that bad?
Absolutely. Yes.
But it's not your fault.
You haven't had a real date,
since what? Maybe 2002?
What do you think?
That suit has swag.
I Swag?
This girl, this
girl knows fashion.
Seriously? Why don't you just go
order us a pizza? Huh, Soph?
This is it, hm?
All right.
What's this?
That's Lady Killer.
Just dab a little,
watch 'em fall.
All right
So how's Nikki?
The same.
She's beautiful,
charming, funny.
She's a dream.
Yeah, you and Nikki always
had a special connection.
How many of her songs do
you think are about you?
I don't know.
Are you serious?
Well, you can't get over someone
if you're always seeing
their face, and hearing
their voice everywhere.
I listened to her first album
and let's just say your
heartbreak, it's platinum.
I don't know.
Maybe this is all wrong.
The paparazzi,
they're such a nuisance.
You know, I can't even let
the kids ride the bus anymore.
And I don't know,
I'm just not comfortable
with all this attention.
I know.
That'll go away once they
realize how boring you are.
Just focus on Nikki.
I mean, her coming
back into your life,
that's pure kismet.
Is that your word of the day?
Maybe. But you
know I'm right.
You can't tell me that
it's not destiny.
I don't know.
I guess it just feels
more like an awakening.
Well, let her.
Let her wake all of you up then.
I guess you're right.
Whoa what are
you doing with that?
It's winter.
I need a jacket.
Are you going into matrix?
No, you're going
to borrow my coat.
Look, the first rule of fashion,
nothing upgrades a man's
sex-appeal like a
nice dress coat.
Who told you that?
Every girl I've ever dated.
All right.
Hi, um, reservation
for two for Nikki.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, excuse me, that
seat's taken. Thanks.
Don't worry about it.
Nikki just left the hotel.
You're Chris Marshall, right?
I'm JC Sylvestor from
the record company.
It's nice to finally
meet you, man.
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't
know she invited you.
She didn't, but I made the
reservation and honestly,
I just came by to thank you.
Oh. Okay
You know, this whole
thing you got going on
with Nikki is fantastic.
I mean, the public
is just eating it up.
Let's be honest, who wouldn't
sympathize with a widower?
No disrespect.
I mean, let's just say you
have reignited her career.
Well, that wasn't my intention.
Doesn't really matter.
Listen, here's a little
something for you.
Uh What's this?
Let's just call it a token
of the record company's
Dinner's on us.
Ah, I'm gonna go.
Listen, you should know
that when you leave tonight,
there's probably gonna be some
paparazzi out there waiting
to take your picture,
blah, blah, blah.
If you could, let's
just turn on the charm.
You know, it serves both of
our interests for Nikki
to stay at number 1.
And another idea would be,
we could arrange a little
outing; you, the family, Nikki.
Excuse me?
You know, ice skating,
Central Park,
enjoying the holiday season.
The public are
going to love that.
How would they know?
How will they know?
Listen, a few phone calls
to the right people and the
paparazzi will be all over it.
You don't have to worry,
they keep
My kids aren't available for
photographs of any kind.
Do you understand?
Yeah, I understand completely.
Listen, enjoy your
dinner and if you could,
let's just keep this little
meeting between the two of us.
I mean, we don't need
to ruffle any feathers.
Have a good night.

You beat me here.
Hey. Wow.
How are you?
You look a little flushed.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just, um
Life gets stranger
by the minute.
Yeah, welcome to my world.
Thank you.
It's bizarre.
That's for sure.
Well, luckily I have you to
bring a little normalcy to it.
Come on.
No, really.
I'm so happy.
Thank you.
I mean, it's just
like old times.
I guess it really is.
Do you remember our first date?
Yeah, of course.
Mike's Sub Shop.
You know, they played
those 80's videos.
You couldn't stop talking
about "Take On Me".
Still the greatest
video of all time.
The, uh, sketch
animation was awesome,
and it does tell
quite the love story.
Well, yeah, I mean, guy
leaves a racing comic strip
for love in the physical world.
I'd say that's romance.
I mean, I think it's evidence
that no matter how different
your worlds may be,
love can still connect you.
Well then, to the
great 80's band.
Ah Ha, and their still
relevant music video.
So, Chris
There's something
that I want to say.
You still have their album.
I'm serious.
Look, I know that we've both
been through a lot of things
in our lives, and our worlds
are very different now.
But, if our feelings are still
there I was hoping that
Hang on.
Are you asking me to go steady?
What you think?
I mean
What do you say?
You want to give it a try?
I don't know, I mean,
is it possible?
I mean, can we
make all this work?
I'm not saying there won't
be challenges, but
I think we should give it a try.
Well, then okay.
I, uh, I smudged your lipstick.
Oh, and it's a very
pretty colour on you.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me?
I thought I saw
Nikki sitting here.
Uh, yeah
Yeah, you did. Um, she just
went to the ladies room.
Oh, of course.
Forgive me, I'm Henry.
Williams, yeah.
I've seen your movies.
Always good to meet a fan.
Have a seat.
Um, does Nikki know you're here.
We've been playing phone tag.
You may have heard
that we recently
went through a slight breakup.
Really? Because I thought it
was more of a solid breakup.
Not quite.
You see, Nikki and I understand
each other's worlds.
It's only a matter of time that
we get pulled back together.
Is Is that why you're here?
That, and to congratulate
her on her success.
Her Christmas
album is number one.
It should be.
It's great.
I'm sure it is. I just didn't
think she could pull it off
so soon after our break.
But I must say rekindling the
old flame was a brilliant move.
Was that her,
or the label's idea?
What do you mean?
The PR move.
The public ate it up
like a fairytale sundae.
She was in danger
of being D-listed,
her label was on the
verge of dropping her.
She proved everyone wrong
and that's what makes us
so right for each other.
We know how to stay on top.
Ultimate power couple.
Henry, what are you doing here?
Hello, darling.
No, wait
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
This was a bad idea.
I gotta go.
Good meeting you.
You like an autograph
before you leave?
Maybe a picture.
Stop it, Henry.
What? Most people do.
Look, I didn't invite him.
I don't know why
he's here, I swear.
No, I get it, Nikki.
Emotions sell records, okay,
but mine aren't for sale.
No, what are you talking about?
Oh, come on, your label
is paying for this dinner.
Your movie star
boyfriend shows up,
the paparazzi are outside.
No. No, they're not.
And they wanted me to dismiss
you on national television,
I didn't do it.
Oh, really?
Is that why some guy named JC
thanked me with this envelope?
Look my life isn't
a song, Nikki.
It can't be produced.
Now that he's out of the
picture, shall we have dinner?
Leave me alone, Henry.

Chris, please!
Please, this is all
just a huge mix-up.
All I wanted was to have a
romantic dinner with you.
I promise, it's
Come here
Look, you know me,
probably better than
anyone else ever has.
Everything I said
in there was true.
You have to know that.
I do know you, Nikki.
And I know your ambition.
Okay, you're famous,
and you can handle,
maybe even enjoy this
whole media circus,
but it doesn't work for me,
and it definitely doesn't
work for my kids.
It's not always like this.
The point is your teenage
dream is now your reality.
It just I'm sorry,
but it isn't mine.
It's not fair.
Just because baseball didn't
work out for you doesn't mean
you can keep punishing me
because my life worked out.
My life worked out just fine.
I've got two kids
that I love very much.
Yeah, I coach basketball,
I spend my weekends
buried in laundry.
I know.
It's not a rock star life,
but I'm proud of it.
Excuse me, please.


Sophie, what are you doing up?
You should be in bed.
I couldn't sleep.
How was your date with Nikki?
All right
I'm sorry, sweetie,
that things with Nikki,
they're just not
going to work out.
I like her.
You only like Nikki,
because she's famous.
No, dad, because
she makes you happy.
Oh, honey
Come here, sit down.
Sweetheart, people like Nikki,
okay they belong to the world.
She's it's too
much of a risk.
One day she might just decide
that I'm not good
enough and take off.
For you, it's all
just fun and games,
but for me, I mean,
it's my heart.
It's our family on the line.
You're an idiot.
Excuse me?
You are!
She already gave you her heart.
You're the one running away.
I'm protecting us.
From what??
From everything.
From publicity,
from movie stars,
from record labels.
I don't get that.
Well, you don't have to.
Sophie, the point is
our family is better off.
You love her, I know you do.
How do you know that?
Girls know these things, okay?
She feels it, too.
That's why she came back,
even after you left her.
Unless you really don't love
her and you're just pretending.
I never said that.
Then tell her!
Girls need to hear it.
All right All right,
you're twelve years old,
we shouldn't be
having this conversation.
Dad, it's not hard
just give in to love,
take a chance.
Like you did when
you were fifteen.
Yeah, well, I'm not
fifteen anymore, Sophie.
I have a lot of
things to consider.
Look, your ideas, your fantasies
about love are very charming,
but they're also
very unrealistic.
One day you're gonna wake up
and you'll understand all this.
You really know how
to break a heart.
What's that?
Well, I thought we should
finish decorating the tree.
Look, if Santa's
gonna stop here,
we need to put on
our best face, right?
Look, Soph, I know
you're sore that things
didn't work out with Nikki.
Hey, it's almost Christmas.
Can't we at least
try and be happy?
Is Nikki coming over to help?
Enough about Nikki, okay?
Well, she just pulled up.
Hey, Jackson.
Hey, sweetie.
Aww, I missed you guys.
Come on you guys,
let her walk in, huh?
We're decorating,
do you want to help?
Um, I wish I could.
I'm just here to
drop something off.
Why don't you guys grab the
rest of the decorations
from the closet, huh?
I'm sorry to just stop by.
I didn't think anyone
would be home.
Yeah, well, it's
Christmas vacation.
Right Um I was just
gonna leave this at the door,
but you know, I have this
concert tomorrow night and
thought maybe you and the kids
and everyone might want to go.
Um, I know the kids
would love to, but
we've got plans.
Family stuff.
In case you change your mind.
Have a merry Christmas.
I'm sorry.
About last night.
You gotta know, you
mean more to me than
you could possibly imagine.
But, you and I I'm sorry,
but I just can't take the risk.
You know,
people always ask me if
fame has changed me,
and the truth is it hasn't.
I've always known who
I was going into this.
Who I am.
Fame just changed
everyone around me.
You know, some
cling and some run.
At the end of the day, I'm just
Nikki Crandon from New Jersey.
A girl who writes and sings
songs that sometimes people
just happen to hear and like.
And my passion has blessed me
with a lot of great fortune,
which I'm truly grateful for.
But I realized it can
never buy me what I need.
Or want.
Which is what I got from you.

When you took my hand
in that dark theatre
you really took my heart.
I could never love anyone else
the way I've always
loved you, Chris.
You were always the one.
Now you're just the
one who got away.

I'm so sorry.
I just wanted you to have
someone to love this Christmas.
Hey come on.
I do have someone to love.
I have you, baby girl.
Come here.

the bells on Christmas day,
their old familiar
carols play
And wild and sweet,
the words repeat
Of peace on earth,
good will to men
I thought how as the
day had come the bell
The belfries of
all Christendom
Had rolled along
the unbroken song,
of peace on earth,
Nik! You were sparkling!
I'm smelling Grammy's.
Why aren't you smiling?
Girls, just take five.
What's up?
Did you see anyone?
No, I I checked those seats.
Look what I found.
What is it, Sophie's?
No, it belonged to Kate.
Wow I didn't even
know she was a fan.
Well, she used to listen
to that CD all the time
when you weren't around.
She was afraid that
it would upset you.
I've never really
listened to it.
Kate said Nikki wrote the
soundtrack of her life,
because all of her
songs are about love.
And the time for love is now.
She would always say that.
That's because it was
her favorite lyric.
Track twelve.
You know what's funny?
When Kate and I were
dancing at our wedding,
I was so nervous.
I remember.
Etta James, right?
At Last.
I mean, I can't dance
to save my life.
Two left feet would
be an understatement.
But, Kate she just,
she leaned into me,
she whispered, she said,
"don't think just
listen to the song."
Kate always knew how
to get through to me.
Do you still have
the tickets Nikki
gave us for her concert tonight?
Well, it started an hour ago,
so I figured it
wouldn't make sense.
No. No, it makes sense.
It makes perfect sense.
Come on
Mark! Kids!
Come on

Angels we have
heard on high,
sweetly singing
o'er the plains
And the mountains in reply,
echoing the joyous strains
In excelsis deo.
Thank you.
Come on, guys.
I gotta get back there.
Where are you going?
Just take your seats, okay?
Come on, dad.
It's almost over.
It's not over yet, sweetheart.
Go, go!
Excuse, me, hi.
Can I borrow your hat
and your jacket?
In excelsis deo.

In excelsis deo.
In excelsis deo.
In excelsis deo.
Deo In excelsis deo.
In excelsis deo.
In excelsis deo
This last one I wrote for
someone that I was missing
on Christmas.
Uh, sometimes life
just gets in the way.
It's called Christmas Star.

Find the boxes
in the attic,
filled with
Christmas cheer
Hang each treasure
on the tree,
the night is
almost here
There's the little
drummer boy,
the magi and
the King
Each one holds a memory,
you're there in everything
And I sing, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells,
laughing all the way in
a one-horse open sleigh
Silent Night,
Holy Night,
all is calm,
and all is bright
There's the
perfect seashell,
you found walking
on the sand
I still can feel the moment
when I took it from your hand
There's the little angel,
from I can't remember when,
wondering if I'll ever
hold you in my arms again
Your picture in the silver
frame that always made me cry
Now, it's scratched
and tarnished,
but still sparkles
in the light
Painted wooden soldiers,
shiny red and black,
each one wishing secretly
that you'd come marching back
Twinkle, twinkle
Christmas star,
how I wonder
where you are
Somewhere in the winter
sky come back to me
Memories from long ago,
wonder if you even know
Wish I may, wish I might,
wishing you were here tonight
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Laughing all the way in
a one-horse open sleigh
Silent night,
holy night
All is calm,
and all is bright
We just shine so bright.
We just shine so bright
Girl, that was
Sweetie, are you crying?
Nik, here
Oh boy
Hi, Merry Christmas,
everyone. Um
My name is Chris Marshall.
Um, look, you don't get many
second chances in life, okay?
I know that all too well.
And Nikki, if you can hear me,
I just want to apologize
Nik Nik.
When my wonderful kids,
they brought you back to me,
I my heart soared.
I felt alive again.
And then I got scared, you know,
and I started thinking too much.
Sometimes you just
gotta listen to the song.
Nikki, you're my song.

I love you.
I love you.
All my life.
You go, girl.
Uh, you wanna go steady?
I thought you'd never ask.
I guess there's an encore, huh?
I'll meet you back stage.
Uh, Chris Marshall, everyone.
The love of my life.
I definitely didn't
expect this tonight,
but I got an early
Christmas gift,
and um, Sophie, Jackson,
thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
One, two three, four!