Catch Hell (2014) Movie Script

And I could
never tell as a kid
What that
window door went to
Only told to stay away
I almost had
an accident at age six
When I found
the key in the attic
It's okay, girl. I'll be back.
Is the only sense I've left
Mr. Pearce, it appears you
are going to miss your flight.
Yeah, I'm sorry, man.
I'm just finishing up.
I'll be right out.
Get the fuck out of here.
Don't fix my smile
Life is long enough
Mr. Pearce!
Don't fix my smile
Would you mind
taking a picture with me?
Yeah, yeah.
My daughter's
going to freak out.
Just a sec.
Would you mind
taking a picture of us?
We will put this flesh
into the ground again
Don't fix my smile
Flight number 24 from Houston,
your baggage will
be on carousel one.
Mr. Pearce?
You from around here?
I heard you guys
have been having some
rough weather lately.
Heavy winds.
Have a good night,
Mr. Pearce.
You too.
Hi. I'm checking in.
Mr. Brown.
We have you on
the fifth floor,
room 539,
our most special suite.
I think you'll find it
very LA.
Uh, Mr. Brown,
if you need anything at all,
my name's Rhonda and I'm
down here late most nights
and I can take care of you.
Um, elevators are on your left.
I love you on
the Howard Stern.
Thanks, brother.
Oh, shit.
Hi, Mr. Brown.
It's Rhonda from downstairs.
How's the room?
Um, it's good.
I knew you'd like it.
Mr. Brown, there is
a foreign man down here
waiting for you.
He seems a little agitated.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
Hey, Tim?
Oh, good to meet you, man.
I love your work.
Thank you.
Big fan.
So glad you agreed to
do this so last minute, man.
You are the perfect Vaxy.
Cool, man.
Obviously this movie
is very important to me,
you know?
Excuse me.
Regan, do you think we
could get a picture with you?
Yeah, I'm in a meeting,
but if you wait a second...
Come along, girls.
Let's move along. Move it.
Dude, dude, dude, dude...
Let's move it!
No, no, no, no. They're okay.
They're okay.
Yeah, come on.
We'll take a photo real quick.
You mind, Tim?
No, no, no, no.
So, how do you
like Shreveport?
I like it. It's cool.
- I just got here, but...
- A little bit closer.
Okay, good.
Okay, okay.
Thanks, Regan.
Nice meeting you.
Mr. Pearce...
You want me to post up?
I don't think so, man.
I think I'm good.
All right, if you need me,
I'll be right there.
Now, I don't pretend to know
anything about your process,
but I like to do
a ton of rehearsals.
Just get in the room,
the two of us, man, and...
Uh-oh! Look who's
in Shreveport!
Regan, glad you finally made it.
Tony Cunningham! I'm the guy
who writes the fucking cheque,
yours too.
What do you think?
Of Tim here.
Huh? He's a genius!
Huh? And Timmy, am I right?
Huh? You love this kid?
This kid's a star
and we're going to be
the ones to remind him.
Look how ripped Pearce is.
All right,
don't let me interrupt.
You guys do your thing.
We'll meet back here 7:30,
get us some nice steaks,
find us some pussy.
How's that sound?!
Look who's in Shreveport!
Hey, Schiff, it's Regan.
I'm freaking out
a little, man.
Can you give me
a call back as soon as you can?
Okay, bye.
Front desk.
Hey, there's no
internet in my room.
Yeah, the internet's been
down for a couple days now.
Okay. Is it
going to come back on?
Uh, they're working on it.
I'll let you know if it does.
Okay, thank you.
- Yo, Schiff, Schiff, it's Reagan.
- Yo, man, what's up?
Hey, man, this is going
to be a fucking mess, dude.
I am totally regretting
taking this job.
I just sat down with the
director and, Schiff, dude,
this guy is a fucking moron.
Maybe a nice guy,
but, you know,
he's just not a director.
And this fucking Tony guy,
have you met him?
What the hell happened
to my career, man?
Hey, I hear you.
Try to calm down.
Just tell me
what the issues are.
How's the room?
The room? Who cares
about the room, man?
Look, I'm sorry. The fact is
this isn't a long shoot
and chances are no one's
even going to see it.
Well, then why
the fuck am I doing it?
You know why.
Did we hear back
on the Cameron movie?
As a matter of fact,
I caught Avi earlier today.
He's still a fan, man,
but he thinks you're a little
old for the way they're going.
They want to play
this a bit younger.
And we've had this
discussion many times before.
You know what we need
is that game changer
that's going to get you
back on those studio lists.
It's just a matter of time.
It's gonna happen.
You have to trust
and be patient.
Hang in there, man.
Better days ahead.
To Flashpoints!
Oh, fuck.
- Hello, this is the front desk.
- Someone's here to pick you up.
Could have used you yesterday.
Are you guys from...
Flashpoints, yup.
They didn't tell me
they moved up my pickup time.
Tell him we want to get going.
Uh, they want to get you going
a little early, I guess.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Pearce.
I'm Mike.
I'm Junior.
I'm in production.
So, you're a PA?
Yeah. They just want
me to come along
and make sure
everything goes good.
Man, I couldn't sleep
for shit last night.
Always happens the first
night in a new place.
Yeah, it's got to be tough,
being on the road.
Hey, man, can we
put on some music or...
Yeah. What do you like?
Hip hop, R'n'B...
Flow like water
down the drain
Can't hold me down,
I'm off the chain
Can't phase me, bro,
I'm focused man
Flyer than a bird,
flyer than a plane
Graduated when evaluated
Can't tell me,
Bitch I made it
High as shit,
not even faded
Compared to me,
they overrated
So, you guys from around here?
I actually live
down in New Orleans,
but I come up here for work.
How about you?
You ever heard of
Atchafalaya Basin?
It's kind of like... swampland.
That's cool.
Like, gators and shit?
This is pretty
far out here, huh?
I don't think
I'm going to make it back
for that one o'clock rehearsal.
I should let
the production office know.
Shit, I don't have the number.
Hey, Junior, you got it?
Here, I'll dial it in for you.
Don't get it wrong, dude,
they can't do what I do
Can't be like me,
you can try all you want
That's funny.
Can I have my phone back?
Dude, give me my fucking phone.
Young and reckless,
like Johnny Manziel
It's gone.
Nigger music.
- Out the van now.
- Come on, let's go.
What the fuck is going on?
What the fuck is going on?!
Hey, p-people are
going to be looking for me.
What do you guys want? Money?
I will make the call to
my business manager right now.
I'll him to wire you
whatever you want.
You could have it tonight.
Oh, boy, you can do that?
I swear, man, I can
get you anything you want.
I promise you,
I could get you...
at least a million dollars
and no one will
ever know this happened.
I don't want your fucking money.
Pretty boy.
Why are you
doing this to me?
I'm Diana's husband.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Oh, you'll remember.
I'll make sure we remember...
I didn't do
what you think I did!
I don't know any Diana!
Are you listening to me?!
I don't know her!
What are you doing with that?
These are bolt cutters.
They'd cut through anything.
They'd cut you
free of them chains
or snap through
your bones like twigs.
But I'm gon' use 'em to
chop off something a lot softer.
Oh, no, no...
I'm gon' take something
from you now, boy!
No, no!
No, no, no!
No, no!
Mike, I got it.
What are you doing?
I'm gon' cut his
fucking balls off!
Oh, you don't
wanna do that, Mike.
He'll bleed to death
right there on the floor.
I thought you wanted to keep
him alive for a little while.
Get the fuck off me!
Junior, hand me
that gator thumper.
Which one?
The big 'UN,
right there! Get it!
Fuck. What the fuck is that?
Now you ain't never gonna
touch what ain't yours again.
Thought you was dead.
You ain't moved in a day.
Here, take this.
Take it.
Don't-don't spit it.
Go on, swallow it down now.
If you don't,
pain's gonna
kill you 'fore he does.
It's just an Oxy.
You made it.
You remember her yet?
No, man, I swear.
I've been really
fucked up the past few years.
There's so much shit I don't...
Dark hair, 5'6,
worked on your movie!
In wardrobe?
Even if I did
do anything with her,
I would have had no
idea she was married, man.
I wouldn't do that.
I would never knowingly
fuck another guy's wife!
Oh, yeah?
What's your password?
You know, man,
you work together
with somebody
on a movie set
for a couple months,
you don't know
their whole life.
You don't erase your shit, huh?
"Okay, sexy,
just tell him you're out with
your girlfriends." Tell who?
I don't even know when
I would have written that, man.
"Last night was insane.
I want more."
That's not what it sounds like.
"That was the best..."
Who's that?
It's that actress...
buck naked.
You know the one.
He used to date her.
Look, there's another.
Now, I have seen
her in something.
Oh... lookie here.
What's that one?
It's him...
naked like a "B."
Hey, what's your
computer password?
How do you spell it?!
Come on.
Get some. It's good.
I don't want any, bro.
It's good.
It smells like shit.
Come on,
get you a couple.
No, thank you.
You should at least
get another Oxy in you,
maybe some water.
Come on. Go ahead.
What the fuck
are you doing?!
You feedin' him?!
He don't need nothing!
You were right.
They lookin' for you.
About 100 missed calls,
"Regan, it's Caroline.
Where are you? Butch said
you left with a friend
before your pickup time.
Please get back to me."
Well, I'll be...
You really are
something special.
Or maybe all the attention's
'cause, see, what we did,
while you was
having some quiet time,
we're sending them
pretty pictures
from your cell phone
out to a couple big websites.
Junior knows 'em all.
He is a halfwit,
but one half knows
computer shit somehow.
Anyway, they loved 'em.
Look at this. It's everywhere:
Radar Online, TMZ, Perez Hilton,
even CNN, Huffington Post.
"Another celebrity
cell phone hacked."
Hey, they saying it was
his cell phone got hacked.
They don't think it was him.
Well, get on his
Twitter and tell 'em that way.
He got one.
You twitter, faggot?
Don't worry, I'll make sure
you get the credit.
Time to feed the gators!
Mike, get in here!
Look, come check it out.
We got us a tree shaker!
"Pearce tweets
responsibility for photo leaks.
Tells Hollywood Jews
to go fuck themselves."
I added that.
Why do you even fucking
care about doing this shit?
Why don't you just kill me?
Oh, not yet.
First, I'm gon'
destroy you,
the way you did me.
I'm gon' take your life
and reputation from you,
humiliate your ass publically,
make sure the world thinks
you're the biggest
piece of shit on the planet.
Then I'm gon' kill you.
You gon' die
knowing you hated.
I mean, it's working so far!
They think you lost it!
Saying you committed
public suicide.
Guess it won't be a surprise
when you turn up dead.
But first,
I wrote you a little something
for your outgoing
cell phone message.
It's a kind of, um...
And you gon' read it
and you gon' make me believe it.
Or I'm gon' split you...
and watch you die slow.
Nobody talks like this.
Come on, man,
you can do better than that.
I'm fucked anyway.
You wanna make
'em think I'm crazy,
let's get fucking crazy.
This shit is weak.
Junior, give me
that fucking phone.
Hey, hey, hey!
I'm not as dumb as you think.
What is it?
Go on.
Yo, this is Regan.
Don't bother calling
this number anymore.
I'm out. Basically,
fuck you to everybody.
Especially the Jews,
for all the sins you
committed against the world.
Praise be to Allah.
I die an enlightened man.
You workin'
for me now, boy.
A major Hollywood scandal
unfolding this afternoon.
Actor Regan Pearce,
best known for the Oscar
winning ensemble drama Volume
and the hit dark comedy
Crimes Against Us,
allegedly posting naked
photos of his famous exes
last last night
on the internet.
Then today, Pearce
took to his Twitter feed,
claiming responsibility
for the leaks,
and then later, unleashing
an anti-Semitic tirade
against Hollywood.
Now, Pearce is
no stranger to bad press.
He has a minor arrest record,
including a DUI,
destruction of property,
and most recently
concluded an extended stay
at a Montana rehab facility,
where it appeared that
his life was back on track
and he was back to work.
But today's behaviour
indicates a meltdown
of Sheen-like proportions.
Pearce, who was in
Shreveport, Louisiana,
to start filming his
new movie Flashpoints,
has not reported for work
and has not been
seen since Wednesday.
Pearce's publicist Nicole Perna
issuing this statement
just moments ago:
"The person responsible
for these actions and comments
is not the Regan Pearce
his family and friends know.
We hope to be in
contact with him shortly
to get him the help
that he needs."
You done real good
with that message.
You should be an actor.
But now you gon'
tell me a real story.
Of course you'd be a cop.
I work in security now.
Got dismissed from the force
about a year and a half ago.
Don't you want to know why?
Got me on a heavy domestic.
They took my badge.
I did a year.
Lost my house.
Can't see my kids no more.
And almost everyone I knew
turned they backs on me.
And that's all
because of the story
you gon' tell me right now.
Story of the first time
you fucked my wife.
You hearin' me, boy?
I want every detail!
Each and every
thing you did to her
and every thing she did to you.
You hearin' me, faggot?!
Fucking pussy.
I do got to say,
they always got you
in some pictures
with some pretty-ass bitches.
God damn, look at this one.
I'll be you
said some things.
Hey, I gotta ask,
What was it like
working with Clint Eastwood?
Now, he's the shit.
That's a real fucking man.
Fucking pussy.
Yeah, it's been a good run.
I mean,
don't get me wrong,
it fucking sucks that
it's got to end this way,
but overall,
I've been a lucky man.
I've had pretty much
every experience
I ever wanted to.
Yeah, think I'm good.
Hey, Mike.
Let me tell you that story.
So, I gave her
a ride home from work, right?
She wanted me to see
this kitten she was keeping,
she found behind her
hotel a couple days before.
We talked, hung out,
had a few drinks.
And then she starts telling me
about her scumbag of a husband.
This motherfucker's
one of those
domineering, egotistical,
fucking pieces of shit
with a perpetual need
to just eviscerate others
so he feels better
about himself.
You know, like,
to compensate
for his shortcomings.
I just listened, man.
She cried.
I wanted to
hold her, so I did.
She said I made
her feel like a woman.
Then she lead me
to the bedroom
and started
going down on me.
I was surprised,
but I didn't stop her.
After awhile,
she straddles me,
pulls her panties to the side,
put me inside her.
It was amazing...
for both of us.
When we finished
a couple hours later,
she told me I made
her come four times.
And then she laughed
when she told me
that you never had once.
I guess your tiny
rent-a-cop dick
ever could
get the job done.
Kill me.
Not yet.
...ain't... done!
Here they are, Mike.
I got two of 'em.
Be back day after tomorrow,
finish this up.
I just totally
lost my shit in there.
Hope he makes it
till I get back.
Don't you fucking go getting
soft and sweet on me, boy.
Man up!
Save that gas in the gennie.
come here.
You done real good
so far, Junior.
I love you.
You a good nephew.
It's 'bout to be lunch.
She came up in here. She was
trying to fill up her belly
before she hibernating.
I just saved your life.
Now, a gator jaws snap shut
'bout 2000 pounds of force,
but once you up on it like this,
it ain't got
no muscle for opening.
Even one hand'll do.
You welcome.
I never seen 'em come
all the way up inside before.
Probably smelled
all that blood in here,
heard you moaning,
thrashing around,
figured she could
get in on an easy meal.
Best we get you
up off the floor.
All right...
There you go.
All right, get comfy.
Hey, now, she a pretty
little bitch, ain't she?
Yeah, he breathin'.
I seen it.
No, he's still right there
on the floor where you left him.
All right, then.
Hey, Mike.
See you tomorrow.
You won't ever bring me down
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me down
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me
I can't escape
From the disdain
Your heart, your pain
Your drama is lame
I won't chastise
Even when you think you can
Bring me down
Already had my life
turned upside down
I ride a downward
spiral round and round
But I keep flying
I keep fighting
You won't ever bring me down
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me
You can't bring me down
Already had my life
turned upside down
I ride a downward
spiral round and round
But I keep flying
I keep fighting
You won't ever bring me down
You won't ever bring me down
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me down
Down, down, down, down, down
You won't ever bring me down
What'd you
come up or something?
Yeah, I guess I did.
Mm-hmm, yeah, okay.
Been through
the other way anyway.
Hey, Junior...
What is it?
I gotta piss
so fucking bad, man.
Can you hold it?
Until when?
Don't make me
piss on myself again.
That's really fucked up.
Okay, I guess
I'm-a unhook you, but...
you gotta keep those
hands in them cuffs, okay?
All right, careful
on that-that hand there.
Come on, I'm-a get you up.
Oh, let's go
get you drained.
I can't walk, bro.
My feet are tied together.
I'm not going to run.
My legs are fucked
and I don't even know
where the fuck we are.
Okay, all right.
I know what I'm-a do.
I'm-a hold this
bungee end like a tether.
And if you run,
I'm-a snap you down, okay?
Come on.
Toilet's behind that wall.
Don't even think about it.
I don't want to
have to hurt you extra.
All right, now,
I'm-a stay out here.
You go on
and do your business.
You all right in there?
Come on,
let's get you going.
That's Mike.
He's checking in.
I got to answer
that mobile phone.
Get you on the cot.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, Mike.
Everything's great.
Then why the fuck
didn't you pick up the phone,
you fucking crackhead?
I went for it,
but it went quiet.
What's he doing?
Same as before,
when you left.
I got this, Mike.
All right then.
Between now and when I get back,
that phone rings,
best you pick up
or I'll have two piles of shit
to deal with.
I'll do it.
What's he going
to do to me?
I mean,
how's this supposed to end?
What's the plan?
You're okay with just
letting him kill me?
'Cause you seem
like a good dude.
Thank you.
I ain't
running this thing.
Yo, he called me up,
said he had a job.
You supposed to help out family.
Even though he don't
come 'round there
too much no more,
he's still my uncle.
So, you can live with that?
Your uncle's fucking nuts, man.
His wife never
told me she was married,
and the truth is
I barely touched her.
How do you know he's not
planning on killing you too?
You think he gives
a fuck about you?
You're the only witness.
What if he tries to
frame you for this shit?
The guy's a fucking psycho.
I don't really feel
like talking no more.
I think it's best
we get some sleep.
And how about
this Regan Pearce?
This guy is making
Charlie Sheen
look like Tom Hanks.
Have you seen his Twitter feed?
Oh, you filthy perverts.
Well, needless to say,
the two ladies in the
photographs are very upset.
And from what I understand,
Regan's rabbi is furious.
God damn, it's a shiny day!
You don't look so good, bro.
Sun might do you some good.
Yo, I figure if
I chain you to that cot,
I could set you in the doorway.
Sun'll bounce on you real nice.
Okay, let's get you going.
Let me know
if you get too hot.
I'll help you off
with your shirt.
Put some sun cream on you.
Yeah, I'm right here, Mike.
That's good, Junior.
I'm just checking in.
Everything's sweet.
When do you think
you're getting back in?
Soon as I get off work.
I told you, it's my alibi.
Well, what's my alibi, Mike?
You don't need one, baby boy.
Figure I'll get there
about 1:30 in the morning or so
and we'll finish this thing up.
So, 1:30,
I'll see you then.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry just
showing up like this.
You are not supposed to be here.
I understand. Wait.
Just hear me out
and I promise I'll go.
Just give me two minutes.
I'm telling you,
I feel different.
Diana, I am not
a violent man anymore.
That part of me is gone.
Diana, you know I
would never hurt my boys.
I'll think about it.
can you grab her for me?
Hey, honey.
Yo, yo, Junior, Junior.
I got a headache, dude.
You know, I really
love your movies.
It feel kind of silly
talking about it, seeing...
the situation we in,
but I do, I love 'em.
What was the name
of that one you was in,
that nasty one,
with all them high school
kids that's fucking each other?
What was it, Up Against Us?
Crimes Against Us.
Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, we watched that one
a whole mess of times
back in high school.
And some of my friends
even took to
dressing like you in it.
Yeah, people
still love that one.
That's 'cause you were
such a badass in it.
You were so fuckin' cool.
You were the man in that one.
I guess that probably
wasn't too hard
for you though, right?
You know, I gotta say,
you look real young
for your age.
You must take real good...
like, real good
care of yourself.
I guess so.
I mean, I kind of have to.
It's like part of the job
in a way, you know?
I'm definitely not
perfect about it, but...
How about you, Junior?
You look pretty... fit.
You work out?
Yeah, I do mostly
body weight stuff.
Well, it's working.
You look good.
Man, stop that.
the entertainment world
was rocked by
nude celebrity photos,
anti-Semitic comments,
and the behaviour of an actor
that seemed to be
on a downward spiral.
But new information
could change all of that.
Early this morning,
investigators went
into the hotel room
in Shreveport, Louisiana
that Pearce was staying at
and found all of
his belongings inside.
Hotel surveillance video shows
Pearce getting into a van
that was not sent by
the production of Flashpoints,
a movie he was set
to start filming today.
Also, late last night,
Pearce changing his outgoing
voicemail greeting to this... everybody,
especially all the Jews
for all the sins you
committed against the world.
Praise be to Allah.
I die an enlightened man.
Now, at first, it was thoughtnthat
this was just another sign
of a young actor
at the end of his rope.
However, it was discovered
that Pearce is actually
quoting dialogue verbatim
from his 2003 movie
To Carry or Kill,
the Iraq war drama,
in which he plays
a US soldier abducted
and held captive
by Muslim extremists.
And especially the Jews
for all the sins you
committed against the world.
Praise be to Allah.
I die an enlightened man.
Also in the recording,
you can hear Pearce
call out the name "Kristy,"
which happens to be his
character's name in the film.
Now, whether or not
this is some sort of code
or perhaps a suicide threat,
remains to be seen.
One thing is for certain,
police investigators are
still looking for that van,
and more importantly,
they want to know the
whereabouts of Regan Pearce.
This your first
time eating gator?
Yeah, actually.
A lot of people get...
a little turned off by the idea.
Nah, not me.
I'll try anything once.
How do you like it?
It's really fucking good.
Can you taste the crappie?
No, I said it's good.
A crappie of fish.
I put crappie of fish
in there.
See, there's, uh...
There's white crappie
and there's black crappie,
and I put the black crappie
in mine 'cause it's...
It's tenderer.
You got a nice smile.
Thank you, Junior.
Well, you know what I mean.
You got them nice... know, Hollywood teeth.
You got a girlfriend, Junior?
How 'bout you?
Just ended something.
I don't know.
I'm thinking maybe it's time
for something different.
You want some more?
Yes, please.
Hey, can I "axe" you
something weird?
Go ahead.
You ever try it on with a dude?
Hey, I've heard
if you get me drunk enough,
I'm down for whatever.
I got some whiskey.
You mind if I do a little pop?
No, go ahead, man.
this is good.
What up with that cup, man?
Don't worry
about it, man.
We don't need a cup.
We can just drink
from the bottle.
You can pour it
for me.
How's that?
It's working already,
and I can
feel something.
It's weird.
My heart's beating all fast.
There go
them Hollywood teeth again.
You gon' make me do something.
Am I?
All right, cut...
Get off me.
I just...
I can't, man.
I just, um...
Junior, man...
Dude, I'm just freaking out.
I'm fucking desperate.
You've been real good to me,
and I didn't mean
to upset you.
It don't matter.
I roofied your stew.
I just got to wait a little bit
and I can get at you
all night.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
My head is
totally spinning.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, my God.
My head is just so...
Oh, my fucking head
is spinning.
I'm going to kill that boy.
this is Uncle Michael.
You are a piece of shit!
Answer the fucking phone!
You are not a good nephew.
Fuck you!
Answer the phone!
Reginald Hester Jr...
Motherfucker, boy!
Goddamn it.
What do you want?
Junior here?
You hear from him?
he ain't nobody's thing.
He ain't call you?
That boy never got no phone.
The road's flooded.
I'm taking Jesse's boat.
Jesse on a pumper,
he knock you
for turning me over.
This will jar your preserves.
Get back in the fucking house,
I'm going to hold you up
for the ass right here
and watch Jesse lick on you.
I'm-a bring it right back.
You ain't taking our shit.
Show up out of nowhere,
lay your hands on me
like I'm your old lady.
You ain't about
to shoot straight, you junkie.
I was deer hunting
at nine months pregnant.
No wonder Junior
ain't worth a shit.
Don't make me do it, Michael.
I'm gon' draw a bead.
Let's see
what you got, Corinne!
I'll draw a bead!
All right, then.
All right,
You in here, faggot?
I hope to hell you is.
I seen Junior
down by the swamp.
You done him pretty good.
I know you...
You come up a whopper.
You just come on out.
Be a real shame
expiring in the shitter.
He outside.
I got you.
Yeah, Mike.
You got me.
So, at what point did you
realize, "I'm going to live"?
You'd think it would have been
when Mike was gone.
Uh, dead.
But, uh,
I thought,
"Yeah, they were gone,
"but there was a good chance
I was going to die there
with them."
At that point I still had
the drugs in my system,
a roofie, and I was
pretty destroyed physically.
I knew Mike
had arrived by boat
and I would have gone straight
out there for it,
but I couldn't move very fast.
I knew there were alligators
out there.
Um, and so, I thought I'd wait
until the next morning,
and that's what I did.
Okay, so then,
you get in the boat,
you set out,
and then miraculously,
fisherman actually see you
or they hear you?
It's hard for me
to remember exactly
what transpired
during the rescue.
I know that they told me
that I was, uh, yelling...
Incoherently when
they heard me,
and then by the time
they got out to the boat
I was in
that I was dead weight.
I was just out.
I was taken
to the hospital,
and the doctor there told me
that if I had arrived
even two hours later than I did,
I would have been in a coma
or dead.
Let's go back.
In those quiet hours,
in those days
that were long and terrifying,
what did you think about
the most?
It became clear to me
in a life sense
how I could have been
a better person
up until this point,
and I would say
to myself repeatedly
that if I were lucky enough
to survive this,
that I would be.
I'd be a better human being.
And that an awareness
of some kind, uh...
That led me to believe
that maybe, um,
some of my choices and actions
had led me to this point,
or were in some way responsible
for the situation I was in.
That's a big admission.
And I thought about my mom
a lot.
How has this change manifested
in your life so far?
Just a taste
Just a taste
Just a taste
Hey, Pearce.
How you feeling?
Good, man.
Just resting,
getting my strength back.
I got my tooth fixed.
Oh, good.
Well, listen.
We need to talk about
a couple of things.
Yeah, your 20/20 interview
was the most-watched show
Thursday night.
Your interview had more viewers
than the
Lance Armstrong confession.
I've been getting calls
about it non-stop.
People can't get enough
of this story.
And you know how crazy
this business is;
you got the offer on the
Cameron movie this morning.
I thought you said
it was cast.
You said they were
going younger.
Yeah, well,
all I can tell you is that
when the overnights
on 20/20 came in,
you got a lot younger.
This is the game-changer
we've been talking about.
It's crazy.
It's a crazy business, man.
Everybody wants a meeting.
It's your choice
if you want to sit it out
or you want to go for it.
But they will move on
to something else.
That's how this goes,
and I know you, Reagan.
And I will say this:
ill-gotten gains
can be made good.
It just depends on what you do
once they're received.
That a girl.
Let's go.
How'd I arrive
in a place like this
Red right hand
as the alligator kiss
Head turns white
and my face is green
But my feet are still moving
if you know what I mean
Dancing, dancing
dancing, dancing
He says to me
to shake around
And don't stop
till you hit the ground
And I know that it's not
how you thought it would be
No whips no chains
just dancing, dancing, dancing
Dancing, dancing
dancing, dancing
Satan, Satan
Satan, Satan, Satan
Satan, Satan
Said dance, all right