Catching Faith 2 The Homecoming (2019) Movie Script

Now, my heart,
it beats for You
My Lord
Now, my heart,
it beats for You
My Lord
Now, my heart,
it beats for You
My Lord
Now, my heart,
it beats for You
My Lord
Now, my heart,
it beats for You
My Lord
Hey, John?
JOHN: Yeah?
They offered me the job
at WaterStep Design.
-That is great news!
-I know!
Mom, eat your dinner.
LORETTA: Who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
I am so proud of you.
I know.
It's an amazing opportunity
for me.
Walt, what is that woman
doing in our house?
I can't believe
they gave me the job
over all those kids
who applied.
Loretta. Loretta, I'm John.
I'm your son-in-law.
It's okay.
Just eat your peas.
-I am not surprised at all.
What are you talking about?
Besides, it might be
kind of nice
to get some time
away from your mom.
It's okay.
[ Exhales sharply ]
This chicken is overcooked.
I just want to go home.
-You are home, Mom.
-[ Exhales sharply ]
My home's a lot nicer
than this place.
-So, when do you start?
-Next week.
-[ Cellphone rings ]
It's Beau.
Hey, honey.
Any update?
Hey, Mom.
-Is Dad there?
-[ Cellphone rings ]
-No, it's Ravyn.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
Can you guys hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you, kiddo.
What's up?
I have something
to tell you guys.
-Mom, am I on speakerphone?
-Yeah, he can hear you.
Put me on speakerphone.
I'm engaged!
-Wait, what?
You're engaged!
Ravyn's engaged.
-I can't hear you guys. Um...
-Beau, your sister's engaged.
-Can Dad hear me? Mom?
-ALEXA: Yeah. I can hear you.
JOHN: She's on the phone
with Ravyn.
It's official.
They terminated my contract.
I'm never gonna play again.
Oh, Beau, I'm so sorry.
RAVYN: Did you guys hear me?
So it's over?
No, it's not over.
I'm getting married.
No, yes, you are!
Who are you marrying?
-RAVYN: I'm coming home!
-BEAU: I'm coming home.
[ Cellphones beep ]
Who are you?
[ Exhales slowly ]
I got her to settle down.
-Thank you, honey.
-What's this?
I started this
when Ravyn was five.
JOHN: Our little girl
is getting married.
I know.
I can't believe it.
And we haven't even
met the guy.
And Beau -- I --
I can't believe that.
What are we gonna do?
I mean, what are the odds
that this would happen
at the same time?
And I've been wanting to plan
this wedding
since Ravyn was born.
-JOHN: Plan it?
JOHN: Uh, your mom's
a full-time job.
You just got
your dream career.
I can plan Ravyn's wedding
and take care of my mother.
Well, maybe it's time
for a full-time caregiver.
Okay, part-time.
We've been over this
a million times.
I'm not gonna have a stranger
take care of my mother.
Let's get a wedding planner.
I'm not gonna have a stranger
plan my daughter's wedding.
Well, babe, if you try to do it
all, you're gonna miss it all.
I am not gonna miss
one moment.
I just don't think
that you can do all of this
and be in the moment.
You have to let go
of something.
Okay, Thursday, 9:00 a.m.
I'm sorry,
can you repeat the address?
I'm stuck!
I'm stuck!
Got it.
Thank you so much.
I'll see you then.
Mom, hold still.
Oh, you're not wearing
any makeup, Alexa.
Mom, stop.
[ Chuckles ]
You look tired.
You need some more rest.
[ Inhales sharply ]
-It's too tight.
-I'm sorry.
Oh, you never
tie it right anyway.
It should be
left over right.
What are you putting
my shoes on for, anyway?
I'm going to bed.
It's -- It's bedtime.
It's morning, Mom.
You just woke up, and we are
going to have breakfast.
[ Slap ]
I don't want my shoes on!
Mom, are you okay?
Grandma, what are you doing
beating up on my mom?
[ Gasps ]
My favorite football star!
How's my favorite grandma?
Oh, better.
That was fast.
Yeah, well, there's no need
to prolong the inevitable.
Is Grandma getting worse?
How about we all go
grab some breakfast, yeah?
I'm sorry, son.
I didn't catch your name.
[ Laughing ]
Here you go, Mom.
You like that.
Thanks, Mom.
We're gonna get
a second opinion.
That was my third.
There's nothing they can do.
It's blown.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Do not give up.
I didn't give up.
They let me off the team.
You think
this was my choice?
Mom, what am I gonna do now?
Isn't it gorgeous?
Wow, it's gorgeous.
So who gave it to you?
So I was thinking we could
get married in your backyard
under the arch
that you and Dad did.
-Wouldn't that be so special?
-Do you still have it?
-Yeah, I think so.
I'll ask your dad.
What, no love for your brother?
[ Laughs ]
Ravyn, who...
RAVYN: Look!
[ Chuckles ]
Look at this.
I know.
I'm so sorry, Beau.
I swear I felt it too
when you got hurt.
Ravyn, seriously,
who are you marrying?
You didn't tell Mom?
You know?
I don't know
how to tell you this.
Wait till you hear
who it is.
-It's Nathan Adams.
It just happened.
-Nathan Adams?
My best friend
from high school, Mom.
-You don't remember?
-Jezi's son Nathan?
Hey, look who I found
taking a stroll on the street.
What did I miss?
Look, Dad! I'm engaged.
[ Laughs ]
Hi, I'm Brent.
You interviewed with my partner.
-It's nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Things have really changed.
Does everyone sit together?
We believe creativity
is fostered by shared energy.
That's why we donate
10% of our profits
to provide clean water
for the world.
Looking forward to see how you
contribute to the culture here.
Well, thank you.
And thank you for taking
a chance on an old lady like me.
[ Cellphone rings ]
-I'm sorry.
-Don't apologize.
-Do you need to get it?
We just dock your pay
for each personal call.
I'm so sorry.
That was a joke.
Let me show you to your desk.
Right here.
This is your desk.
Can I see your designs?
-Uh, we're all digital here.
Do you have this layout
on a thumb drive?
Um, well, I showed this
sketchbook at my interviews.
Yeah, and we loved them.
Do you think you can have those
e-mailed to everyone by lunch?
Oh, wait!
So where's my computer?
Everyone brings their own.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
My daughter is getting married
to my ex-best-friend's son.
I mean, no wonder
they didn't tell me.
I already know him.
And they were keeping it
a secret from me.
So, my son lost his career,
my mother keeps running away,
my daughter's getting married,
and I literally just started
my dream job.
I mean, it's a lot.
And I have to be in-laws
with that woman?
[ Sighs ] And all John can
say is, "Live in the moment."
JAEL: Sometimes husbands can be
so good at minimizing things,
even when they don't mean to.
I am sure
he did not mean that.
Ugh, whoever came up
with that expression
lived in the middle of nowhere
with no husband or kids or job
or a parent to care for.
Or a grocery list.
Jael, may I please grab my phone
so I can Google
who came up with the expression
"Live in the moment"?
No, phones stay in the basket.
But didn't God come up with that
"live in the moment" thing?
I think it's a Jesus saying.
You know what? Let's do it
the old-fashioned way.
The Bible is better
than Google, right?
I'll do it.
And God is the author of time.
Well, yeah,
'cause he lives beyond time.
So, how do we do it
in real time?
He provides opportunity
for us to ask for help.
You could hire help.
JAEL: Maybe it's time
to start thinking about
some nursing-home options?
What if something
happens to her?
No, I promised myself I wouldn't
put her in a nursing home
after I missed the death
of my father.
Well, Philippians 4:19 says,
"And my God will meet all
your needs according to
His glorious riches
in Christ Jesus."
If I had glorious riches,
I'd have a maid.
-[ Laughter ]
-A chef, a gardener.
A personal chauffeur,
a nanny,
and a personal assistant.
It's God's glorious riches.
-Well, maybe He should share.
He does!
In fact, this week's study
asks the question,
"What am I doing here?"
God wants to provide
for so much more
than just our physical needs.
He wants us to know that
He sees us right where we are.
He loves us so much.
And he just wants
to fill our hearts.
You know, when we left Elijah,
he was on the mountain
of the Lord
with the promise
that God would pass by.
There was a great wind,
but God was not in the wind.
There was a fire,
but God was not in that fire.
There was even an earthquake,
but God wasn't
in the earthquake.
God was in the gentle whisper.
He said to Elijah,
"What are you doing here?"
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
There are directions.
Well, it says
to color in our tree
for the season
that we're in right now.
It's September,
so obviously it's fall.
Okay, yes, true.
But it means the season of life
that we are in.
So spring is a time
of learning, opportunity,
and fresh thought.
Summer is a time of rewards,
celebration, and fulfillment.
Now, that is really the time
to celebrate
because everything is blooming.
Fall, or autumn,
is a time of change,
recognition of mistakes,
and even sometimes
the death of dreams.
Winter is a time of
hibernation or literal death,
but it's a time
that allows us to slow down
and reflect
on what we've been through
and also prepare
for the next season.
What if I don't know
what season I'm in?
Well, that's okay.
That's what we're here
to find out, right?
Can I just hire someone
to do this activity for me?
[ Laughter ]
That's not living
in the moment, Alexa.
I love fall, so I was
automatically drawn
to the oranges and browns,
and then I realized I really am
in a season of change.
I don't know
what's coming next,
but I do know that leaves
are falling off my tree
and new buds
are yet to be visible.
Anyone else?
Well, my tree needs
no explanation.
[ Laughter ]
My life is brimming
with activity and life.
Everything is blooming,
I'm blooming.
[ Laughter ]
It's true.
So, ladies,
why don't we take this week
and just reflect on our trees
and think about the question,
"What am I doing here?"
Emily, would you mind
to close us in prayer?
EMILY: Absolutely.
God, grant us the serenity
to accept the things
we cannot change,
the courage to change
the things we can,
and the wisdom
to know the difference.
Thank you, Lord.
JAEL: Hope you all have
a great week.
Jessica, thank you again
for hosting.
You are so welcome.
You guys can just leave
everything on the table.
-Can you talk for a second?
It's such a privilege
to care for your mom.
Not everyone gets to.
It became really exhausting
when I was caring for
my grandmother before she died,
and this is a daycare
that I used.
It's a really great place.
They play lots of games.
My grandmother loved it.
Just when I needed
some time off.
When's the last time
you had an afternoon off?
I don't know.
It's been a while.
Want to know my secret
to fitting it all in?
-I don't.
[ Chuckles ]
Please give yourself permission
to take a day off.
-Will you think about it?
-I'll think about it.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
[ Down-tempo
electric-guitar music plays ]
All my pain
I bring it all
I bring it all to You
All my heartache
I bring it all
I bring it all to You
You know something, Coach?
I practically left school
on a float
when we won the championship.
You always did have
a good head for the game.
More importantly,
you played with heart.
And that's not something
you can teach.
I got to tell you,
it's been a fun time
watching you play on TV,
You made
this old coach proud.
Look at me now.
I'm ruined.
Beau, you're not ruined
unless you give up.
You thought about my offer?
Beau, look out there.
Tell me what you see.
All I can see is the past.
Could be your future.
I didn't even
go to school here.
Our kids
got a lot of potential.
I think we can make winners
of them together.
In fact, I think you and I'd
make a pretty good team.
No disrespect, Coach.
It just seems like
kind of a letdown
after you've played
college ball,
get drafted by the pros.
Yeah, I get that.
It's a pretty big detour.
But I've found throughout life
that sometimes
the little side streets,
those are the ones that give you
the greatest adventures.
Coaching teenagers doesn't
exactly sound like an adventure.
You might be surprised.
'Cause, you see, Beau,
at the end of your life...'s not your accomplishments
that matter.
It's the people
you spent time with.
Well, you think about
that offer.
ALEXA: I didn't even have time
to go shopping!
Babe, you have
so many clothes.
Yeah, but it's our
daughter's engagement party.
You buy a new dress.
Well, it was
really short notice.
Yeah, what's up with that?
I feel completely
left out of everything.
Well, I think it's nice
that Paul and Jezi
are putting this on.
But I want to be involved
in planning these things.
Did I wear this
at the last company outing?
Um, I-I don't know.
You're gonna be beautiful
in anything you put on.
I just don't want Jezi
to look better than me!
I'm the mother of the bride!
It is not a competition.
Yes, it is,
and I don't want Jezi to win.
Look, they're gonna be
our in-laws.
Can we let the past go
so we can enjoy this?
Well, I would have liked
to enjoy this
had I been invited to help
with my own daughter's party!
I'm gonna go help your mom
get ready
so you can wrap up...
...this -- whatever this is.
Oh, it's so good
to see you again.
Loretta, you look absolutely
stunning this evening.
[ Whispering ] I'm so sorry.
I heard she went cuckoo.
-Let's go get some punch.
-Where's the cake?!
-Stay. Stay.
Wait until you see
how beautiful this is.
You're gonna love it.
Isn't this exciting?
Our kids
are getting married.
Yeah, well,
it was definitely a shock.
Oh, yes.
Nathan went for shock and awe
with his proposal.
I videoed the whole thing.
Did Ravyn show you?
Wait, you were there?
It's okay.
I can send you the video.
This is Clara Conover.
This must be the mother
of the bride.
I see Ravyn all over you.
We just adore Ravyn.
Did you notice
that we incorporated
all of her favorite colors
in this evening?
You videoed the engagement?
Well, yes, I mean, you know
that Paul and I moved
to be closer to Nathan,
so we did not miss anything --
I know you moved, Jezi, but I
didn't know that you were --
And guess what. Now we'll be
moving to a lovely house
right near
where he's stationed.
I just love your daughter.
It will be so much fun
to work with her again
to plan the wedding.
We were even thinking
this could be the perfect place
to hold the reception.
-I don't --
-Ravyn told me all about
what you're going through
with your mother.
I cannot even imagine
the stress you must be under.
But you don't have to
worry about anything
because Clara and I,
we're gonna plan
the whole wedding,
and you'll just
get to sit back and enjoy it.
I don't think --
I've been tracking the current
trending colors
and wedding themes.
And we'll want to come up
with the perfect hashtag
that the guests can use
so we can easily curate
all of the photos
from the big day.
-Who is this?
-I'm Clar--
Senator Anderson came!
I'll introduce you.
Hello, Senator!
Thank you so much
for coming to my party!
-This is Clara Conover.
-CLARA: Hi. Nice to meet you.
She decorated this with me.
-Thank you.
I think
this goes without saying --
Will you be my best man?
I'd be honored.
Philippians 4:13
has really helped me
get through
some rough times.
When I first enlisted,
this really helped me out.
I think we both need
shields of strength right now.
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone.
I really would like to
thank you all for coming out
to help us celebrate this joyous
engagement party celebration.
My wife, Jezi,
and I are thrilled
to introduce to you our son,
Ensign Nathan Adams,
and his lovely fiance,
Ravyn Taylor.
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
[ Whispering ] John!
John! Hey!
[ Normal voice ] She reminds me
of Cinderella's evil stepmother.
JOHN: Oh, my gosh.
Okay, you got to let this go.
No, she is trying
to lure her in.
And the moment
she marries her son,
she is going to force her
to be a servant in her home.
And those two little dots
over there, you see those?
They're gonna become
her little stepsisters.
-All right. I'll give you that.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Yeah, in a fantasy world.
But in reality, she used to be
your best friend.
-Once upon a time.
-That's clever.
-That was good.
-That's clever.
How are your parents
taking all this?
I should've told them sooner.
-Why did you wait so long?
-There was never a right time.
You know her expectations
are so high.
Hey, it's not you.
It's your mother.
[ Laughs ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
You don't speak Spanish,
'cause I don't speak Spanish!
-Oh, my -- your mom.
-Your mom.
-Oh, Mother! God! Mom!
-Okay, okay. No.
-JOHN: Ah...
[ People gasping ]
This cake is delicious.
We don't want people to see us.
-ALEXA: Shh!
-Where did you get this?
Mom, people are gonna tell...
Want some?
I am so sorry, honey.
I just...
You need to fix
this hair of yours.
Oh, this is bad.
I want more cake.
[ Chuckles ]
Jezi didn't even ask me.
She just told me.
I think you just
misunderstood her.
No, she's taking over
the whole wedding.
-She's really getting worse.
-Yeah. Right?
We have to remember
to put those locks on the doors.
To keep her out?
To keep her in.
What are you talking about?
Did you hear what I just said
about Jezi?
She's gonna help,
and you need to accept it.
No, no.
She is taking over.
Her and her evil little
sidekick, Clara C-- whatever.
-Where are you going?
What are you doing?
My whole family's sleeping!
Did you move
into my neighborhood?
Yes, I had to rent this house
so I could be close
to plan Ravyn's wedding.
No, you are not planning
this wedding!
This is my daughter.
I am doing this.
I've been dreaming about this
my whole life.
You have two daughters,
and you'll get your chance!
You'll get your chance!
This is my chance.
You're the mother of the groom,
not the bride!
Do you understand me?
You're not taking this
away from me.
Do you hear me?
Yeah, I think the whole
neighborhood just heard you.
Then it's settled.
Take those off.
It's ridiculous.
Honey, what are you doing?
It's 2:00 in the morning.
I know.
Just give me
a few more minutes
and I'll go to bed.
You have to get up for work
pretty early.
No, I'm working
from home tomorrow.
And I-I want to do both
at the same time.
I like that
wedding-cake design best.
$5,000 for a wedding dress?
Is that what they cost nowadays?
Alexa, we have to talk about
the budget for this wedding.
We are not discussing that
in the middle of the night.
Well, when is a good time
to discuss it?
Okay, honey, I'm coming to bed.
You drew a wedding cake
on your work design.
[ Grunting ]
[ Groaning ]
Come on!
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Whistle blows ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
I can't believe
it's Beau Taylor.
You're shorter in person.
You put your team
on the map, man.
Coach Z had us watch
all your games as a reference.
All right,
give him some space.
Move back, you guys.
It is an honor to meet you.
I-I've looked up to you
since I was in middle school.
I-I followed
your college career.
I watched all your games.
All right, all right.
Why don't y'all head back
to practice?
Don't get all excited.
I'm just here to see
how things are going.
I just can't believe you guys
are out on the field already.
Oh, yeah.
We get out here early.
97 -- That's Jeremy.
That's our team captain.
I would have ran that play
a little bit better.
Well, why don't you stick around
and help us out?
I'm just here to watch
right now, Coach.
All right.
Good seeing you.
Oh, hi.
-Good morning.
Isn't it beautiful?
Were you up all night?
Yeah, I have so much to do.
I'm just getting started.
-Mom, this isn't really...
-It's okay.
I can do it all.
And you and your grandmother
are still my priority.
Okay. Well, we'll show it
to Clara later.
Jezi has my wedding book
full of ideas at her house.
We can put it together.
Yeah, I think I know
what's best for you.
Besides, we don't need them,
You and I
are gonna do this together.
And I'm gonna make you
the most beautiful bride ever.
That's really sweet, Mom,
but it's not really my style.
Okay, nonsense.
This is the best style.
I would know.
I'm a professional designer.
I'm stuck!
I'm stuck!
Coach is not gonna let this go.
Can you imagine me,
Beau Taylor,
being the assistant coach
of the Cougars?
Well, let's go talk about it
by Grandpa's tree, okay?
All right. I've been
out on the field all day.
I'll catch up with you.
So this is the house.
-Wow, it's beautiful.
-And that's the kitchen.
Just go in there, Clara.
You cannot barge into my house
whenever you want!
Yes, but the thing is, I really
need to get measurements.
Measurements for what?
We just had this convers--
Just pretend I'm not here.
I knew I should have installed
those locks.
Are those your ideas
for the wedding?
Jezi, what did we just talk
about, literally last night?
-You want to plan the wedding.
But we just have some ideas
to add to your ideas.
...this tiara!
What do you think about it
for the bridesmaids?
They're awful.
I got you one too!
I -- mm...
That makes you look
so youthful.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Do you remember when we planted
this tree for Grandpa?
It's always so peaceful
out here.
Maybe it was a mistake,
bringing the wedding home.
I forgot how controlling
she can be.
It's bad enough having to live
at home with the 'rents.
It's just such a small town.
Could I even be happy here
being assistant coach?
I mean, it's my big day, and I
don't have a say in it at all.
It's my life. I didn't even get
a say in what happened to me.
She hasn't even asked me
what I want.
I don't even know
what I want anymore.
I know what I want.
I just don't think
she'll let me have it.
I had what I wanted.
We should get what we want.
You're talking about
some silly wedding.
I'm talking about
the rest of my life.
Beau, my wedding's not silly.
It's important to me.
I'm sorry.
I just thought you were coming
out here to listen to me.
That's because everything's
always about you.
Why don't you go do something
for someone else
and teach those kids
some football?
I better go back inside
and make sure
they haven't
changed anything else.
Stop pulling my hair!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
You guys!
Stop fighting over my day.
We don't need your help.
-My mom!
-Oh, the tiara!
[ Sighs ]
Mom, you really need
to stop running away.
Running away?
Walt called me.
He needs his lunch.
Mom, he's gone.
He's been dead for a while now.
-Let's go.
Are we going to a party?
Well, I don't think you should
wear your hair like that.
You must be starving.
Put a comb through it, maybe.
I'll make you your favorite.
How would you know
what my favorite is?
Let's take a look
at our households.
Imagine your life
like a kingdom.
What is the present condition
of your castle?
Who lives in your castle?
Is there any conflict?
Who lives in the castle tower?
Is anyone trapped up there?
Is your drawbridge up
or is it down?
This was daunting.
Oh, come on.
Are you kidding me?
I could do your castle with
my eyes closed. [ Chuckles ]
Am I that open of a book?
My castle is cramped.
I'm closing the drawbridge.
I think I need to open
my drawbridge.
I never let my kids have
their friends over anymore.
Literally closing the kingdom.
[ Laughter ]
There's -- See that?
T-That's a dragon.
-Did you name it Jezi?
-That's Jezi.
-[ Laughs ]
Well, I just don't want
my kids' friends
to tell their parents
how messy my house is.
-It's bad.
Well, my husband wants to move
our castle to Florida.
-Oh, my gosh.
Yes, and we're battling
'cause there's no way
I'm gonna take our kids
away from their school
or their friends.
I'm so sorry, Emily.
That's really hard.
Well, I think my castle is quite
the opposite of most of yours.
We took my daughter
to college last weekend,
and my castle is feeling empty
and sad and lonely
and way too quiet.
Enjoy the quiet days.
Well, you guys are welcome
to come and babysit
at my crazy castle anytime.
-It's okay.
-No, no, no, I'm good.
-No, seriously, anytime.
-Kingdom. Anytime.
-It is cleaner than mine, so...
[ Laughter ]
Ravyn, what about this one?
[ Gasps ] This one would look
gorgeous on your figure.
No. I want something
simple and vintage.
I want to be different.
There's nothing wrong
with being different.
Thank you, Grandma.
I think this one
fits your vision.
Yeah, but that dress
is gonna accentuate your hips.
Do you know what would
look gorgeous on your figure?
This dress.
No, Jezi, this one.
What about this blue one?
No, Ravyn,
blue is not your color.
I think I have a suggestion.
Ravyn, come with me.
RAVYN: Okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
These are all Callie Teins.
They're one-of-a-kind.
Let's just not touch
any of them, okay?
-Isn't she gorgeous?
-She is.
I have been waiting
my whole life for this moment.
I mean, it's beautiful,
but it's kind of big,
and it's not really
what I wanted.
No, but you look gorgeous,
You look like a princess.
Yeah, you look like
my princess.
Our princess.
No, my princess.
Where's your mother?
You look perfect
in this dress.
[ Gasps ]
Oh, my gosh.
Mom, stop.
I'm stuck!
I'm stuck!
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Mom.
Oh, it's ripping.
It's ripping.
It's ripping!
I want to keep shopping.
No, Mom, you're done shopping
for today.
Alexa, don't worry.
I'll pay for Ravyn's dress.
-Mom, let's go.
-[ Cellphone rings ]
Oh. Hi, honey!
How are you?
NATHAN: Hey, Mom.
Are you with Ravyn?
Jezi, give me my phone.
Hi, baby.
I miss you.
When are they letting you
come here?
Well, love, that's actually
what I called to tell you.
I think you better sit down.
Oh, actually,
I literally can't. [ Chuckles ]
[ Marching band music playing ]
[ Music stops ]
[ Players grunting ]
[ Whistles blow ]
What, Coach,
a play-action fake?
That's so old-school.
You guys got to line 'em up
better than that.
Everybody saw that coming.
Hey, armchair quarterback.
Either shut it or get over here.
Well, somebody's got to
coach this team.
What's up, Coach?
You're gonna come this way. You
got to kick this guy this way.
You've got to hug this
right side, all right?
You got this?
You can do this.
You can do this. All right?
"Cougars" on three.
One, two, three!
[ Chanting ] Be aggressive!
B-E aggressive!
B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!
Be aggressive!
B-E aggressive!
[ Cheers and applause ]
He's clear, he's clear.
He's got it.
He's got it. He's got it.
[ Crowd cheering ]
Wow, it feels good
to win again!
-Thank you, Beau.
-Ah, the kids did it.
Well, it was
under your guidance, buddy.
Well, we did it.
COACH Z: It's good to have you
back on the team, kid.
I tell you what, Coach.
It's good to be back
on a team.
Yeah. Yeah!
[ Laughter ]
We got you good, man!
JOHN: Hey.
What's wrong?
Is this her dress?
You guys got her dress?
Babe! This is huge.
Everything I've read in those
magazines that you gave me
that you didn't think I was
reading, but I-I did read them,
said that this is the biggest
part of every wedding,
and you guys nailed it.
I bet this is so exciting
for the two of you.
Or upsetting.
Are you -- Are you upset?
Is this 'cause
our baby's getting married?
I know, I know.
I feel the same way, too, right?
That's what this is.
But this is a new step.
This is another step in
a new direction in our lives.
And, oh, man, I just --
I bet this is beautiful.
This isn't Ravyn's dress.
Is -- Is this your dress?
Things aren't going
the way I planned.
Well, whose --
whose dress is it?
Oh, boy, I don't like
this piece of paper.
I don't like this piece of paper
at all, to be honest.
It's mistyped.
They wrote this wrong.
-This is mistyped.
-BEAU: Mom!
We got to talk to them
about this.
-This is...
You guys are looking at
the new assistant coach
of the Cougars!
Don't worry.
Like, this is a good thing.
I needed this.
I-I have purpose again.
[ Voice breaking ] Nathan's
being deployed.
We have six weeks
to get married.
[ Sobs ]
We're at Walt's offices.
This is gonna be
so much fun.
This place comes
highly recommended.
And they play games.
I think this morning,
it's bingo.
-You love bingo!
-I do?
ALEXA: I'll be back at 4:00 p.m.
sharp to pick you up.
-Okay, Mom?
-No. I want to stay with you.
It's going to be fun, Mom.
I promise I won't make a fuss.
I'll be good.
-Why can't I just stay with you?
-Hey, y'all. Come on in.
Welcome to Seasons.
You know what?
This is your lucky day.
It's Bingo Monday!
You must be Loretta Gomez.
Hi. I'm Geraldine.
I'm so happy you're here!
Don't leave me.
I won't be difficult anymore.
I promise.
Okay, you're gonna have
so much fun.
It'll be so much fun,
you won't want to leave.
Nobody can take care of me
like you.
Here we go.
Have a great day.
I promise
I'm gonna be back, Mom.
You just landed
the DuBose account.
This will be a fast turnaround.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Hey, Beau.
I'm at work.
I can't be on the phone.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, Mom, I'm fine.
My first official game as
Coach T is Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.
It's really important to me.
Put it on your calendar.
Yes, of course.
I'll be there.
[ Plastic balls rattling ]
I remember being seven!
Don't you?
Call my husband!
It's clear
I'm in the wrong building.
All righty.
I sure will do that.
Just a minute. Let's see
if we can't get you a bingo.
Oh, I see some--
Did you get it?
Wha-- O-71.
Are we having fun yet?!
[ Plastic balls rattling ]
[ Vibrating ]
-GERALDINE: Alexa Taylor?
Honey, your mother ran away.
Do you know where
she might have gone?
I'm on my way.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Come on, everyone.
Think-tank time.
I'm here. You're okay.
You're okay.
[ Seat belts click ]
That was...the worst experience
of my life.
You're being a bit dramatic,
don't you think?
[ Chuckles softly ]
How could you leave me
in a place like that?
It was a one-time thing.
I'm really busy.
I can't just leave you home
That's ridiculous.
I'm a grown woman!
Leave me home alone.
[ Chuckles ]
What are you so busy doing,
I never had any problem
getting everything done
when I was your age.
What you need
is better management skills.
I'm doing the best I can.
[ Chuckles ]
Of course you are, dear.
I'm sorry, Mom.
What are you sorry about?
I'm just...
I'm just tired.
I have so much going on.
I have Beau.
I have Ravyn --
She's getting married.
-I have work. I just...
-[ Gasps ]
-It's a lot.
-Who are you?
Who are you?
Let me out of this car.
We're going home.
I need help.
John was right.
I can't do it.
Nobody can.
Wonder Woman is just a character
in a movie.
I know, but I didn't
want to miss anything,
and now I feel like I'm missing
-Classic case of FOMO.
-What is FOMO?
-The Fear of Missing Out.
That's exactly
how I've been feeling.
I just didn't know
how to put it into words.
Wow. You learn something new
every day.
I feel like that all the time.
Well, how can we not with this
thing in our hands, right?
I mean, we can't be
constantly connected
and disconnected
at the same time.
It's impossible.
The worst thing about FOMO
is that if we're experiencing
the fear of missing out
on something else,
that means that we aren't
trusting that God has us
exactly where
we're supposed to be.
That's so true.
My name is Alexa Taylor,
and I need help.
-Hi, Alexa!
-Hi, Alexa!
-[ Laughter ]
-That felt good.
I feel like a ton of bricks
just fell off my shoulders.
-Lay it on us.
-What do you need?
-You guys are busy, too.
You were the first one
on my doorstep
when my kid broke his leg.
-Yeah, but that was different.
This is what we do
for each other.
[ Laughter ]
Now I have five weeks
to plan my daughter's wedding.
My mom got kicked out
of daycare.
So sorry.
And I spent $5,500 out
of my daughter's wedding budget.
And I thought my days of going
to high school football games
was over,
and I have to do that again.
And I can't keep watching Jezi
just swoop in and save the day.
I love your mom.
She cracks me up.
I'll take Fridays.
That would be great.
Thank you.
I also need help on Wednesday
so that I can go register
for gifts with Ravyn.
-I got you.
-Thank you.
Know what?
I can do that.
-Count me in.
Thank you, girls.
[ Laughs ]
Well, today, we get to look
at our life paths,
and we get to answer the
question, "What am I known for?"
The Bible says that King Ahab
did far more evil
in the eyes of the Lord
than his father.
So we have the chance to do
better or worse
than our parents did.
Great. So now I have to admit
I'm just like my father.
Is that a bad thing?
Well, I mean, there's a reason
why none of you have met him.
Well, we get to look at our past
in order to change our future.
So turn to page 29.
We're gonna use the stones
as memory markers.
So think of significant events
in your life
and place them on the stones.
It could be a childhood move,
the death of a parent,
job success,
or...the birth of a child.
[ Laughter ]
Then we're gonna place
a bird sticker
on anywhere in our path
where we thrived.
We'll then place a tree sticker
in places of growth,
and then we'll use the stars
to mark places
that might still be unresolved.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
Beau's injury.
It's a big stone
I haven't had time to deal with.
And my dad's death is a glaring
stone that I can't get over
because my mom
is constantly talking about him
like he's still alive.
And Ravyn not telling me
about Nathan --
That stings the most.
I really don't want to deal
with the stone
of being like my father.
And wouldn't it be nice
if we didn't have to
carry that around anymore?
All right.
Everybody listen up.
You want to show them that play
we talked about?
All right.
So this is what we're gonna do.
Robbie, you're gonna throw
to Kevin here.
Tyler, you're gonna run route,
hook right, left, then right --
Hey, we've never run
that play before.
This is what I was thinking.
Do you want to win
the championship?
No disrespect, Beau Taylor,
but I know my team
better than you.
And I know football
a lot better than you.
Look, I'm just trying to --
Hey, who here has played
professional football?
I'm the captain of this team.
And I'm the coach of this team.
All right, all right.
Let's settle down.
Jeremy, we're gonna run
Beau's play.
It's his call.
The rest of you,
let's all hit the weight room.
Can you believe
that he's questioning me?
Beau, leadership is more
than just dictating.
We're the coaches.
We know what's best.
I didn't dictate to you boys
when you won your championship.
I listened to your ideas.
Yeah. And I was right then,
and I'm right now.
We're teaching these kids
to be leaders.
That's our real purpose here.
It's not about being right.
It's about winning, Coach,
and I know how to win.
Yes, you do.
What do you win
when you lose these kids' trust?
I've already lost everything.
I don't care
about those kids' trust.
Well, to be a good leader,
you're gonna need their trust.
Jeremy was right.
You need to coach
to their strengths.
Yeah. Trust me.
They need new plays.
No. You need more experience
as a coach.
What am I even doing here?
This is high school football.
Who cares?
You know what matters?
Millions of people watching you.
I don't care
about these peewee players
or this small town
in the middle of nowhere.
I made something of myself.
And I didn't want to be
small-time like you, Coach.
Beau... keep living in the past,
you're never gonna have
a future.
Why don't you just stop
being nice to me and let me go?
Well...wherever you go,
I sure hope you find
what you're looking for.
I'll see you.
[ Grunting ]
Come on.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
laughter ]
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Crowd cheering,
bell clanging ]
[ Music continues ]
"Rachel has experienced
the favor of her husband.
She and Joseph are given
extra honor and protection
and shown favor by traveling
last in the household caravan.
They are provided extra time
of escape
in the event of an attack.
This also puts Rachel..."
[ Music continues ]
It takes two hands. I got this.
[ Laughter ]
All right.
And twist.
We need twisties.
[ Laughter ]
Are you eating the party favors?
No. Unh-unh.
Are you?
-Don't eat the party favors!
-JAEL: I would not do that.
Wait! Aah!
[ Laughter ]
[ Music continues ]
Did you do this?
I think Jael did.
JOHN: I think this means we have
the night to ourselves.
You need to take
your medication.
Get that out of my face.
The sooner you take
your medication,
the sooner I can go make you
[ Sighs ]
Hey, Mom, time to go.
Oh, my God.
Why aren't you dressed?
I don't have anything scheduled
for Tuesday.
Well, it's Monday.
We have an appointment
to register for gifts
and sample food
at the catering company.
I thought that was on Wednesday.
I don't have anyone scheduled
for Mom today.
Alexa, it's fine.
These things happen
all the time.
I'll take care of Ravyn.
Just give me a few seconds.
I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay, but hurry.
[ Crowd cheering,
drums playing ]
[ Up-tempo march plays ]
All right! Everybody listen up!
This is why you show up
in August.
This is why you practice.
This is why you sweat.
This is why you hurt.
Today is your day.
Leave everything out there,
all right?
I want nothing on the sidelines.
Leave everything out there.
All right. You ready?
Let's go get 'em!
Come on!
Come on!
Jeremy, Jeremy! Hold the line!
Give it your all!
Go! Go!
All right, Coach.
[ Crowd cheering,
band playing fanfare ]
Hi. Are you the Taylor party?
-Yes, we are.
-We are.
-WOMAN: Right this way.
Mom, do not touch the cakes.
This table is a taste of Italy.
Here is Asian Infusion,
and here is our Mexican Fiesta.
You're free to taste everything.
Oh, no, no.
I'm -- I'm sorry,
but Mexican Fiesta doesn't
really go with this wedding.
Where's your French cuisine?
I don't have French cuisine.
I'm sorry.
But we could whip something up
for you.
Actually, I think
the Mexican cuisine is perfect
for a backyard wedding.
-Don't you think?
-Really, Alexa?
Then why don't we just throw
some hot dogs
and a burger on a grill and have
a big old barbecue wedding?
Okay. Let's do it.
Let's make barbecue.
We have some lovely cake samples
over here.
[ Crowd cheering,
drums playing ]
-So, I was thinking Italian.
But, Ravyn, French cuisine
is so elegant.
I agree with you,
but my mom made the best lasagna
growing up.
It's one of my favorite
childhood memories.
So I would love to have that
at my wedding.
I love that you love my lasagna,
You know, I can make you that
for your wedding if you want.
We will not be having homemade
food at my son's wedding.
[ Whispering ]
I'm gonna make it for you.
-Thank you.
-Oh. No.
Where's Loretta?
[ Crowd cheering,
bell clanging ]
-[ Thud ]
[ Whistles blowing,
cheering stops ]
Yeah. Go check him out.
Check him out.
Ref, he's leg-whipping him!
Come on!
Get in the game!
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
All right, guys. It's all right.
Have a seat. Have a seat.
[ Sighs ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctly
on P.A. ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
What happened?
You got hit really hard.
Came out of nowhere.
[ Groans ]
-You take it easy.
-Is it bad?
I don't know,
but the nurse is gonna come in
and tell us more about it
in a little bit, okay?
Jeremy, look.
I'm sorry.
I feel like this is my fault.
I pushed you guys way too hard.
The team can't win without me.
They definitely can't win
without your leadership.
Jeremy Lane?
My name is Cindy Ware.
I'm one of the E.R.
nurse practitioners.
I work with Dr. Hawkins.
I'm here to talk to you
about your knee.
Got some good news.
It's a sprain.
[ Exhales deeply ]
You're gonna be off of your knee
for at least two weeks,
on crutches, okay?
Gonna have to keep the knee
wrapped, elevated, iced.
And I'm assuming the team has
a trainer.
-You'll work with the trainer.
They'll rehab your knee.
Then you'll follow up
with an orthopedic doctor, okay?
Any questions for me?
Thank you.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
I'm not gonna sit on a bench and
watch everyone play without me.
Jeremy...listen to me.
When I was in high school,
I got in some trouble.
I had to sit out a couple games.
It was hard.
I wanted to quit.
But Coach Z, he wouldn't let me.
He still won't let me.
So, no matter how hard it is,
you're gonna recover,
and you're gonna get
back out on the field and play.
Remember --
You're a part of this team.
Thanks, Coach.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
I got to go.
I'll check on you
in a little bit, okay?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
What's going on?
Grandma fell.
Is she okay?
I don't know.
I brought you some stuff
I was gonna give you.
She had significant head trauma
from the fall.
Her skull was fractured, and the
internal hemorrhage in her brain
caused her to stop breathing,
and...we just couldn't save her.
I'm so sorry.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
-It's all right, sweetie.
- Oh, my beloved
I have wept for you
The pain and the heartache
You've been walking through
I see your troubles
Breaking you down
You're looking for something
You still haven't found
Take heart
I have overcome
Come and rest here
Inside my love
[ Sniffs, sighs ]
Oh, my Father...
[ Voice breaking ]
This all seems so silly now.
[ Sobs ]
Long have I waited
For your eyes to see
My love is here
Oh, to make you new
Open your heart
To this love I have for you
In my heart
Love burns like a fire
For you
My beloved, my desire
- Run to me
Run to me
My love will save you
Run to me
Run to me
How's it going?
The flowers were thoughtful.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Do you have the designs ready
for the DuBose estate?
-It was due yesterday.
-Brent, I haven't had the time.
This isn't working out.
Even when you're here,
you're not here.
I hate to do this, Alexa, but
I'm gonna have to let you go.
Get me Christopher DuBose
on the phone.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
Maybe this is all for the best.
I've never been fired before.
I didn't mean it like that.
I just meant there's a lot
going on and...
and we got to plan this funeral.
Yeah. I'm not ready to deal
with that right now.
Well, we have to deal with it.
No. We're planning
a wedding right now.
I'll plan the funeral --
Stop saying "funeral."
Well, stop saying "okay."
Then what do you want me to say?
This isn't just happening
to you.
Okay. I've taken care of
your mom for a long time, too.
My daughter is getting married
I work a full-time job,
and I have been nothing
but supportive of you.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
I feel like my whole life
is just supporting you.
Look. I love supporting you,
but I need some support back.
I-I lost her, too.
I just wish
we could have said goodbye.
[ Doorbell rings ]
[ Doorbell rings, door opens ]
This is not a good time, Jezi.
[ Door closes ]
I am so sorry for your loss.
I have been up all night
thinking about it.
I should have been
paying attention.
I feel partly responsible.
-[ Laughs ]
-What's so funny?
It's incredible how you can make
my mother's death all about you.
You guys, Nathan and I
have been up all night talking.
We decided to take the pressure
off of everyone and elope.
-Absolutely not!
-No, you are not eloping.
We're united on this.
Not my only son.
Not my only daughter.
This is my decision.
I knew it. Nathan would
never agree to this.
This was our decision.
Do you have Clara Cono--
What's her name?
-Can you call her?
We are having a wedding
in my backyard in a month, okay?
I'm not losing this, too.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
I can't take this anymore, Kels.
No one's listening to me.
-I want to elope!
Ravyn, I just drove all night to
start my maid-of-honor duties.
I know.
Don't worry.
My mother won't let me.
Neither will my
soon-to-be mother-in-law.
You know, I've had pushback
on every idea I have had
for my own wedding.
She's so controlling,
and all they do is fight.
They never stop fighting,
and nobody asks me what I want.
Ravyn, what do you want?
I don't even know anymore, Kels.
That's what I'm here for.
I know. I just wish my mom
would say that to me.
I understand,
but have you told her?
I just want her to be happy,
you know?
By giving up your own happiness
on your wedding day?
Ravyn, it's okay
to want what you want.
'Cause deep down, I'm sure your
mother wants you to be happy.
But she can't make you happy
if you don't tell her
what you want.
That's true.
I can see it all in my mind.
We can string lights
on these lights here.
Do you want to elope?
Because if you do, then do it.
You know me.
I don't want to elope.
That's what I thought.
[ Both laugh ]
The chairs for the ceremony
can go there,
and the arch can go there.
Does that sound okay, Ravyn?
I actually like that.
Let's put the reception
and dancing over there.
How come no one
is recording this?
-Jezi, get your phone out!
-Oh! Right, right, right.
We need to be putting this
on the social.
You know what I wish?
I wish we would have trimmed
that tree.
CLARA: Don't --
I can work with that I have.
Now, point me to the direction
of the kitchen
so I can scope it out
for the caterer.
Beau told me you were here.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Oh, thank you.
You're such a sweet neighbor.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Gasps ]
Who passed away?
My mother.
I'm so sorry.
She seemed fine
at the engagement party.
Mom, I want to have the wedding
and the funeral together.
I think that we should
discuss this.
There's nothing to discuss.
Okay. We can at least,
you know, talk about it.
I want to honor my grandmother's
life at my wedding.
Okay, honey.
Are you sure that this is
what you want?
I just thought
she would be there, you know?
I know.
Me too.
This way, she is.
Do I get a say in this at all?
I love you.
Love you.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
[ Insects chirping ]
Please. Just one last time
as the Taylors.
It's -- I know it's dorky,
but I want to -- Yeah.
I get one thing.
I get one thing.
And I want to squeeze tight.
[ Laughter ]
I love you guys.
I love being a Taylor.
We'll miss you, kiddo.
[ Voice breaking ]
I'm gonna miss being a Taylor.
I'm gonna miss you.
Sorry to break this up,
but I've got to go get Nathan.
[ Chuckles ]
-Excuse me.
-All right.
Drive safe.
I love you guys.
-ALEXA: We love you.
-JOHN: We love you.
[ Music continues ]
[ Engine humming ]
[ Wood cracking ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
-[ Engine shuts off ]
-Oh, my God.
[ Birds chirping ]
What happened?
It was supposed to go
the other way!
You did not say that, ma'am.
You should have been
more specific.
Why would I want it
to fall here?
Why did you want it to fall
at all?!
I was trying to help your mother
trim the trees!
Jezi, are you out of your mind?
Why would you do this
without talking to me first?
I wanted to surprise you!
Well, we are very surprised.
Now, this is Instagram-worthy.
This was really important to me!
And now it's ruined.
I'm sorry!
I have to call Nathan.
[ Whimpering ] No.
Oh, you!
[ Exhales sharply ]
Sorry for the inconvenience.
[ Sighs ]
I ruined everything.
Well, let's not be so dramatic.
Alexa, I know
that I can be dramatic,
but I think this qualifies
as drama.
I destroyed something
that was important to Ravyn.
This is probably the worst thing
that could have happened.
Nathan's gonna kill me.
Paul's gonna kill me.
Would you just kill me first?
Jezi, I was being sarcastic.
Everyone's okay.
It's just an arch.
Thank goodness no one got hurt.
No one died.
But he could.
He's getting deployed.
He's going, and I...
I can't go with him.
I...I can't keep him safe
I'm so sorry, Jezi.
But I am very proud
that my future son-in-law
is serving our country.
I never wanted him to join
the Navy.
I want him home with me.
Of course you do.
But he is making a home
of his own now.
I'm not ready to accept that
I mean, I don't think
we're ever ready.
No one gave us a handbook
on how to raise these kids,
let alone instructions
on how to let them go.
But I don't have to let him go.
I'm too busy planning a wedding.
If you're too busy, you're gonna
miss every single moment
that you have with him
right now.
That's true.
I just had to get
this stupid tree down.
[ Chuckles softly ]
...I am the queen of avoidance.
I know that.
I am so sorry for the way
I treated you
when our sons
were in high school.
I was a rotten friend.
I was jealous of you
because you had the courage
to do the right thing.
And now I've just been trying
to pretend
like nothing ever happened.
But really...I've just been
trying to win you back.
By one-upping me
with my own daughter?
Is that what you think
that I've been doing?
Yeah. That's exactly
what you were doing.
I've been trying to prove to you
that I could be a good friend
to you again.
By paying for everything?
No. By helping Ravyn,
I was trying to help you.
Oh, my gosh.
I really made a mess
of everything.
Alexa, I am so sorry
for everything.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
You were right, honey.
That dress is perfect for you.
Thanks, Mom.
You know, I always thought I
was being a better mother to you
than my mom was to me.
And it turns out
I'm just following
in some of her footsteps.
You know, I'm still really upset
with myself
that you were afraid to tell me
who you were marrying.
I don't want you to be afraid
to tell me anything, okay?
I know, Mom.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you
about Nathan.
I really didn't mean for it
to go that long.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
You think mother-daughter
relationships are hard?
Marriage is even harder.
[ Laughs ]
But it's also beautiful.
And when things get hard,
I want you to be able to talk
to me about it, okay?
I know.
I know.
I need to start this next season
of my life
saying exactly what I think.
Always be honest with Nathan.
Even about the little things,
because nothing stays little
So, I talked to Nathan,
and we both agree
that you should have
Grandma's wedding ring --
if you want it.
Mom, I thought it was tradition
for you to wear it
now that she's gone.
Yeah. Well, we're breaking old
patterns one stone at a time.
Thank you, Mom.
I would be so honored.
Now you have something old.
Te amo.
Te amo.
[ Knock on door ]
Come in.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
You look gorgeous.
Got you something blue.
Can I join you ladies?
Ravyn...I want to lend this
to you.
It belonged
to Nathan's grandmother.
She carried it down the aisle,
I carried it down the aisle,
and now you can carry on
the tradition.
Thank you, Jezi.
And now you have
something borrowed.
I'll see you out there.
-See you there.
So, are you ready?
Are you ready?
There's a constant thread
Who is ever ready
for this moment?
Keeps pulling me along
And it's never broken yet
No matter how it's stretched
Awaken my soul to the beat
of your heart
To the beat of your heart
Keep pulling me close
to where you are
To where you are
Who gives this woman
to marry this man?
Her mother and I do.
[ Music continues ]
We're gathered here today
in front of each other
and in front of God
to witness the marriage of
Ravyn Taylor and Nathan Adams.
But before we begin,
let's spend a moment and honor
the life of Loretta Gomez.
Who has the urn?
Ravyn, who's got the urn?
-Do you have it?
[ Murmuring ]
Oh! Mm.
[ Whispering ]
I got it. Okay.
I got it.
I have it!
I have it --
Oh, goodness.
I have it!
Ooh. Ooh.
[ Music continues ]
Keep pulling me close
to where you are
To where you are
Oh, awaken my soul to the beat
of your heart
To the beat of your heart
Keep pulling me close
to where you are
Goodbye, Mom.
To where you are
Our loss is heaven's gain.
We'll see you again soon.
Awaken my soul to the beat
of your heart
Pulling me close
to where you are
Awaken my soul
to the beat of your heart
Pulling me close
to where you are
Let's get you married.
Oh, oh
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Nathan, you may kiss your bride.
[ Music continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
We pulled this off...
and I have no idea how.
Clara Conover.
[ Laughing ]
Alexa, you have a gorgeous eye
for design.
Oh, thank you.
Well, she should be
an interior designer.
You're welcome to join my team
any time you want.
That was slick.
[ Whispering ]
I think I got a job.
I think you did get a job.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
Well, what do you think, Beau?
You ready to take the next step?
I'm not getting married
for a long time, Coach.
One thing at a time here.
I was talking about football.
So, you must have heard
about my offer.
I was actually talking about
next season.
What are you talking about?
I was waiting for the right time
to tell you.
Not at my sister's wedding.
Okay. No.
Now you got to tell me.
I got an offer
to be an assistant coach
with the possibility of becoming
a head coach.
That's great, son!
Doesn't seem like
such a big detour now, does it?
Sure doesn't.
But I'm not gonna take it.
Beau, as much as I'd love
to have you around,
you really need to take the time
to think this one through.
I mean, you were right.
Coaching a high school program
is fun, but, man,
it's not near as glamorous
as a big-time college program.
I don't know about that.
This wise old man told me
one time,
"It's not about
your accomplishments.
It's about who you spend
your time with."
Okay. Let's go easy
on who you're calling old.
Wait a minute.
You'd be willing to help out
our little program here
and turn down
a big-time college?
I say let the adventure
How are you guys doing?
We're doing great now.
Why don't parents get
a honeymoon after the wedding?
We do all the work.
It should be their gift to us.
We did pay for this, after all.
What do we get?
Don't go there, ladies.
Yeah. A little too young
to be grandparents.
Oh, don't worry.
They have to be together
to have kids.
-[ Cheers and applause ]
To think of Ravyn all alone
in that big house.
Well, actually, she decided
to move in with us
until Nathan gets back.
Oh, you're lucky.
You get to keep your daughter
a little bit longer.
Well, don't worry.
Christmas is right around
the corner,
and John and I would love it
if your family would join us
for the holidays.
[ Exhales deeply ] I am
so glad we're friends again.
Yeah. And, uh, you really don't
have to wait that long.
We bought the house next door!
[ Up-tempo music plays ]
Oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Came with the herd,
the beasts who ride the road
Kings of our kingdom
Ready to break in, break out,
and break away
Right until we lose them
Carry the scars around
like trophy maps
Of where we've been
Packing our bootstraps
and treasure maps
And heading down the road
You'd better run
Chasing the sun
around the globe
And we go, we go, we go
We go prouder
than you'll ever know
And if you can't run
You'd better bring out
the big guns
'Cause we run, we run, we run,
we run only with the wild ones
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
There'll be a time
for tricks and trap-me-downs
Pulling us under
We can go spinning, reeling
And wondering just how long
we've been there
Now we have found the cry of
hounds across the county line
Following ryegrass
and jackal tracks
Until the stars are sleeping
and sleeping and clouds again
Hosts of sparrows
in the sky now
You'd better run
Chasing the sun
around the globe
And we go, we go, we go
We go prouder
than you'll ever know
And if you can't run
You'd better bring out
the big guns
'Cause we run, we run, we run,
we run only with the wild ones
Runnin' with the wild ones
Runnin' with the wild ones
Runnin' with the wild ones
We run, we run, we run,
we run, oh, we run
Runnin' with the wild ones
Runnin' with the wild ones
Runnin' with the wild ones
We run, we run, we run,
we run, oh, we run
We run, we run, we run,
we run, oh, we run
Hosts of sparrows
flying high now
High now
Bye now
You'd better run
Chasing the sun
around the globe
And we go, we go, we go, we go
prouder than you'll ever know
And if you can't run,
you can't run
You'd better bring out
the big guns
'Cause we run, we run, we run,
we run only with the wild ones